VN of the Month February 2019 - Swallowtail -Ano Hi, Ao o Koete-

I'll only mention Swallowtail -Ano Hi, Ao o Koete- as a worthy game for me. Micchi goes all out with Evenicle 2 , Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration  , SPIRAL!! , Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru and even Aibeya

1. Aibeya  アイベヤ [190222] Azarashi Soft
“Starting from tomorrow, you’ll be staying at Aki’s place”
After Kouta’s mother suddenly said that, he ended up living with his childhood friend Aki. Being together with her all the time, he developed some feelings for her. However, he did not know if it was ‘love’.
“Then, how about we try being lovers?”
A trial period as lovers under the same roof. Are they just childhood friends, or something else…?
Only not blocking it because of PS4 release

2. Boku no Mirai wa, Koi to Kakin to. ~Charge To The Future~  僕の未来は、恋と課金と。~Charge To The Future~ [190222] Sonora 1
Bill yesterday, bill today. charge today, Bill for tomorrow.
Our Protagonist Kyoya Arima is currently struggling to save up with his part-time job at a convenience store. 
Finally however he saves up enough to afford the smartphone he always wanted.
He immediately tries installing various game apps at once from the App Store,
but nearly all the game apps he wanted included in-app purchases,
despite being marked for "Free"
I tried my best to play them these mobile games. But soon enough I realized,
I couldn't experience these mobile games to there for full extent,
or even advance sometimes without paying for micro-transactions
Kyoya, now has no money left from his part-time job after spending it all on his new smartphone.
"Screw it! I'm not paying for any app purchases, and i'll do what ever it takes!
I promise I'll never going pay for any app, I'm going to keep on searching!"
Kyoya say's to himself with a burning spirit.
Kyoya then searches for what it seems like day's and finally finds a social gaming app,
one with no in-app purchases.
--"CUFFS Story"
"CUFFS Story" is a real world RPG game that uses AR technology.
And is currently rapidly gaining popularity.
Kyoya immediately gets absorbed into "CUFFS Story"
Kyoya is drawn to how fun the game is without in-app purchases
After playing for a amount of time Kyoya joins a guild,
And they all eventually decide to host an offline meeting.
At this meeting Kyoya discovers that all his guild members
are from the same school as him.
Connections in-game, turn into real-life connections.
Kyouya's school life is about to change forever---
There is an English review

3. Evenicle 2  イブニクル2 [190222] Alice Soft 1 2
There is an illness spreading through the world called the ‘hero disease’ where using magic will result in early death. People skilled in combat fought with monsters aware of their shortening lifespan. They fought to eliminate as many monsters as possible to protect their families and friends.
In this tragic world appeared a young man, Alex, who was blessed with a legendary healing ability. His body fluids can cure any ailment without physical trauma. He set out to save the girls suffering from the ‘hero disease’.

4. Guildmaster ギルドマスター [190222] Astronauts: Sirius 1
An adventurer's guild "Amakakeru O-Hitsuji" (天駆ける雄羊) operates from a pub in the outskirts. The Guildmaster cum pub owner Neil and his daughter Lusit run the businesses. This guild is now faced with an existential crisis.
The remote town of Dantor is situated on the foothills; it was formerly a massive mining complex run by the dwarves, but with their disappearance the town is now a hotspot for adventurers looking to get rich quick from what is now an enormous underground labyrinth. Amakakeru O-Hitsuji was but one guild which kept the mass of ambitious adventurers in control, but the retirement of capable adventurers and the rapid rise of the formidable rival guild, "Kokuyou no Tora" (黒曜の虎) has contributed to Hitsuji running at a loss in recent times.
Everything came to a head the previous month when the notice revoking the business license was delivered to the struggling guild. The town of Dantor only permits officially licensed guilds to operate so as things stand Hitsuji is on the verge of collapse. To renew the business license, Hitsuji has to produce tangible results within a few months.
During this time of crisis, the leading guild breadwinner, the skilled warrior Edgar, has his strength drained by a mysterious monster whilst exploring and is severely weakened to the point he cannot continue his trade. For the remaining guild members, this disaster is the last straw precipitating their exodus. Edgar remains as the sole registered adventurer of Hitsuji.
At this juncture Lusit offers Edgar the position of new Guildmaster. Lusit's reasoning considers her father's advanced age and the effect of having Edgar with his fame as a skilled warrior take the reins, which would encourage young adventurers to gather at the pub. Edgar, who still had lingering regrets over his career-ending accident, thought about his present physical condition and his desire to pay back the guild which he had grown fond of and decided to take up Lusit's offer to become the new Guildmaster of Amakakeru O-Hitsuji.
And thus, the ex-adventurer Edgar begins his new life as a Guildmaster.

5. Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration はぴねす!2 Sakura Celebration [190222] Windmill Oasis 1 
Let my feelings be conveyed!
The year of the sakura--The one year out of every ten where the cherry blossoms bloom unusually long, in which the annual festivals are celebrated with much grandeur.
With the return of the year of the sakura, various feelings begin to bloom as if they'd been waiting impatiently.
"Seeing my big brother's smiling face for the first time in two years...... This is where I belong after all."
"I know the truth...... That's not his true self. This year for sure, I'll......"
"I wonder if I can really do it...... No, I must do it. I have to regain that relationship."
"My preparations should be more than enough. There's no way I'll let it go that way again......"
"It's been 10 years since I last came to this town, hasn't it? Perhaps I'll be able to see that person. I hope I see him......"
All of these feelings entangle like cherry blossom petals dancing in the wind.
And so begin the many stories......
There is an English impression

6. Nekogami-sama to, Nanatsuboshi -Imouto no Ane-  ネコ神さまと、ななつぼし -妹の姉- [190222] Sweet & Tea 1 2
One day, while Reiji and his sister Erika are out for a walk, Reiji slips on the stone steps of a small shrine, cracks his head, and ends up at death’s door. Fortunately for him, a cat-eared girl named Fuuko appears to save his life. She says she’s a god and that, in order to save him, she put three of the seven fragments of her divine powers into him, and now they’re trapped inside.
If that all wasn’t bad enough, Erika seems to have lost her memories of the accident that nearly took Reiji’s life… and mysteriously enough, she’s sprouted cat ears of her own! Reiji decides to set that problem to the side for the moment, though, because, as it turns out, not only do gods need all their powers, ordinary people don’t do so well with shards of divinity stuck inside their skulls! Unless Reiji and Fuuko can get the fragments out of Reiji and back where they belong, both of them are doomed to die. Thus, the two join forces to extract the fragments!
Unfortunately, step one of most of Fuuko’s brilliant schemes for getting her powers back is: kill Reiji. She can only think of one one way to safely remove them—shocking Reiji’s heart to its very core. The one silver lining to all this is, their school, Mahiro Academy, is soon to go on summer vacation, so they’ve got a lot of free time.
It’s a life-or-death race against the clock for Reiji and Fuuko!
There are English reviews

7. Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru 夢と色でできている [190222] feng
Ai and his childhood friends used to play together as part of the ‘World Defence Club’. But one day, it disbanded and one of the girls changed schools, so they gradually lost touch with one another.
Now the girl who had left, Hiiro, returned and their circle of friends came together once more. However, this time their club name was the ‘Shrine Gate Defence Club’. They give advice to students for relationships, even though they themselves have no experience in romance. As they participate in club activities, they started to think about falling in love too.
Just the usual feng - boring charage that does not stand out in any aspect

8. SPIRAL!!  [190228] Navel 1 2
Chrome is an agent for the Divine Intelligence Agency who had just finished a difficult infiltration mission when he was suddenly called in by his boss for a new task. When he was told that it was concerning the royals, he wondered what dangerous job it would be this time, so he couldn’t believe his ears when he heard what it was.
“Eh? It’s just attending a school…?”
“Correct. They want you to enrol as a student in the human school specified in the file I just gave you. As a human, of course.”
It seems that recently the princess of the God realm was thinking about studying in the human world, so they wanted him to do some investigation in advance. He had hoped to take a much-needed break this summer, but he had no choice but to accept the mission.
There are English reviews

9. Swallowtail -Ano Hi, Ao o Koete- スワローテイル -あの日、青を超えて- [190228] Niko 1
“On the day of the festival, let’s go steal a mask from a stall”
Shou’s girlfriend Yuuna suddenly said those words on the day before the festival. She was the type who would come up with outrageous ideas all the time, but at that time he was particularly looking forward to it. She was a capricious girl who wouldn’t get close to people, but since he was worried about her, he couldn’t just let her be and before he knew, he had fallen in love with her.
“I don’t want a bought mask. I want a stolen one”
He unwillingly went along with her on that fateful day and carried out their plan. But the sight of her running into the crowd was the last he saw of her.
Three years later, Shou had left his hometown to attend university in Tokyo and was now going out with his childhood friend Rie. Even though it’s a busy time for them with seminars having started, he fully enjoys his days studying with her. One month before the start of this year’s festival, he received a message on his phone with no sender.
“On the day of the festival, let’s go steal a mask from a stall”
Their frozen time together has resumed once more…
Time leap game that keeps the tension till the end and is only compromised by vague ending. Might review it if find nothing in more need of attention.


1. Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time-  金色ラブリッチェ-Golden Time- [190222] Saga Planets 1 2 3
This is the fandisc for "Kin'iro Loveriche" with after stories for each of the five heroines. There are also new routes for Ayaka and Caminal.

2. Toshiue Kanojo no Amayaka Dousei 年上彼女のあまやか同棲 [190222] Tokohana
Ryuunosuke started living by himself this summer while preparing for his entrance exams. He saw a woman in the street who was helping a mother and their child, and he was so captivated by her beauty that he also offered his help. They parted ways afterwards, but he found out later that Hinaki was actually the daughter of his next door neighbour and also his senpai at his school of choice.
He was delighted to have someone suiting his tastes so close to him. Moreover, she also became his private tutor to help bring up his grades. It was like a dream and he was motivated to pass his exam, but then one day she suddenly made a surprising request.
“Will you be my boyfriend?”
It was because she wanted a pretend boyfriend due to certain circumstances, but he readily agreed since he already had feelings for her. An older woman that became first his private tutor, and now his girlfriend. Thus begins their exciting and intimate co-habitation life.
Nukige listed for the sake of opening

3. Bukkake! Doshikoring MINUKI Max Acme Shite mo Ii Desu ka? ~Do Eroi Pose Shite Moratte Minuki Bukkake Shitara Otagai Koufun ga Dochakuso Yabai Desu~ BUKKAKE! ドシコリングMINUKIマックスアクメしてもいいですか? ~ドエロいポーズして貰って見抜きぶっかけしたらお互い興奮がドチャクソヤバイです~ [190228] Hending
There are moments when a man does not want anyone to be disturbed. It was one of those moments for our protagonist, Yukiko Mamiya. He has an obsession with 'Bukkake' and it was something he would rather keep to himself.
After having a rather intense session his door bell rings. He quickly goes to answer it and finds his cousin Miyayuki there. In his haste he fails to cover his lower half. But instead of shock, Miyayuki seems to be interested. She watches him closely until he splatters her face with his cum.
From now on he finds his private sessions are now with different women showing him their bodies.
This new masturbation life for Yukiko begins -
Nukige listed for the sake of opening

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