VN of the Month October 1998 - Psyclone

September 29, 2017
Psyclone is the only masterpiece of the month.

luv wave / ラブ・ウェーヴ [C's Ware]

September 27, 2017
Foreword: C's Ware produced so many good works that I inevitably had to observe each work very thoroughly. luv wave with its 3D half-naked girl on the cover looked more like a 3D adult movie than a cyberpunk game. Who knew then that it would be one of my favorite games.

VN of the Month September 1998 - With You ~Mitsumete Itai~

September 25, 2017
With You ~Mitsumete Itai~ is the only masterpiece of the month.

VN of the Month August 1998 - Shiokaze no Memory

September 24, 2017
There aren't masterpieces this month, but my personal favorite is Shiokaze no Memory, it's short, nice and has a distinctive individuality.

VN of the Month July 1998 - luv wave

September 23, 2017
Kisetsu o Dakishimete and luv wave are masterpieces of the month, but luv wave is my absolute favorite.

DiaboLiQuE / -デアボリカ- [Alice Soft]

September 21, 2017
Foreword: I don't believe Alice Soft - they can only make eroge and bakage. But this game was highly praised overseas. Who knows, maybe it's the game that can overcome my aversion.

VN of the Month June 1998 - One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~

September 19, 2017
Cross Tantei Monogatari ~Motsureta Nanatsu no Labyrinth~Double Cast and One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ are the masterpieces of the month, but One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ is the clear winner here.

VN of the Month May 1998 - Diabolique

September 17, 2017
Diabolique and Hajimari no Kisetsu ~Izakaya Fuyu Monogatari~ are the masterpieces of the month, but Diabolique is a product of much bigger scale and thus is VN of the Month.

VN of the Month April 1998 - Love Escalator

September 15, 2017
Love EscalatorKojin Kyouju: La Leçon Particulière and First Kiss☆Story are the masterpieces of the month, but Love Escalator is a more accessible and original story.

VN of the Month March 1998 - EVE: The Lost One

September 13, 2017
EVE: The Lost One is the only masterpiece of the month.

Canaan ~Yakusoku no Chi~ カナン ~約束の地~ [Four-Nine]

September 11, 2017
Foreword: The culmination of the series and the biggest jewel Four-Nine ever produced. I'm late with the review since I wanted to finish video playthrough first.

VN of the Month February 1998 - Doukoku Soshite...

September 07, 2017
Doukoku Soshite... is the only masterpiece of the month and thus is VN of the Month.

VN of the Month January 1998 - Machi

September 05, 2017
There are no masterpieces this month. My subjective choice for VN of the Month January 1998 is Machi - maybe it's the impact of 428 sequel. I've very difficult history with Divi-Dead as both times I tried it I fell asleep. No true ending is worth such boring gameplay. And I just can't appreciate dating SIMs without impact on story to evaluate Sentimental Graffiti properly.

VN of the Year 1997 - Canaan ~Yakusoku no Chi~

September 03, 2017
What a tiresome year. First Windows year had too many obscure games with tiny bits of information to get. Crude graphics, bland plotlines, typical dating sim gameplay. But all in due time.

VN of the Month December 1997 - Rougetsu Toshi

September 01, 2017
Rougetsu Toshi is the only masterpiece of the month.
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