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After each my hiatus blog composition changes. This does not really need to be true, but something always happens that forces me to do it. Last time my youtube channel got deleted. This time I'm forced to drop ambition in the basis of this blog to provide descriptions for as many obscure visual novels as possible.

What changes this time is that I will no longer write any descriptions for doujins and nukige with nsfw covers, will not update recently added visual novels for previous years and will not update vndb pages myself with those few leftover descriptions for non-doujin sfw covers visual novels. 

The reason is stated by me in this thread . You can say hi or vote there yourself. Finishing filling in youtube requests, so will return to updating this blog very soon in cut format.

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Scorch said...

I've read some of your Synopsis' for games. Some of them were *so* wrong, it literally didn't represent the gsme in anyway. Your information could affect peoples desires to purchase or read a title because of your midinformation.

Anonymous said...

Keep your head up. VNDB has been a mess for years. Just another community circlejerk by the same handful of people that barely even enjoy the medium anymore. You aren't the only one whos had problems with them.

kivandopulus said...

@Scorch Some of some results to null. I keep hearing of something people did not like. But no examples are ever given, and if I ask for an example, there is always silence. Guess it's another such silence case.

or3con said...

Well doesn't seem like a very friendly community. I say it's better to do your own thing anyways. Wikipedia jp is better resource for me anyways.

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