VN of the Month June 2009 - Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama

I'll call Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama VN of the month, but can't say if it is a masterpiece yet. Same refers to Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi! which I'm reviewing to find out its merit. Micchi doesn't see anything worthwhile this month, but Zen is enthralled by yanderege Oni Uta

1. Juusei to Diamond 銃声とダイヤモンド [090618] SCEI
Onizuka Youichi - the negotiator from New York - has contracted with the Japanese police and is working for Zero Department, which had been newly formed to specialize in hostage negotiation.
However, when another department request investigation of stalker case due to being short-staffed, Onizuka is unaware that it is sign of series of dangerous events soon to follow, where he and his co-workers must struggle hard to keep everyone alive, even that of the criminal.
Basically, it's different detective cases with negotiation drama parts at PSP. Not my cup of tea.

2. Shihen II ~Saitan no Сatastrophe~ 詩篇II~再誕のカタストロフ~ [090619] Gesen 18
20 years have passed.... The country is governed by Felix and every citizen lives a peaceful life. One day, Jan receives a job offer that is to steal a holy sword. Jan soon accepts the offer lured by extraordinary reward. But this is just the beginning of massive disturbance.... As Jan is involved in the wave of fate, he meets five girls, which causes another great social change.... What will happen when it ends...? Shihen 69.... A forbidden power is now released again....

3. ~Pantsu o Miseru Koto, Sore ga...~ Daiuchuu no Hokori ~パンツを見せること、それが……~大宇宙の誇り [090625] Wheel 1 
A meteor struck Mamoru when he was a kid, but he didn't get injured at all. That's why he was called "Miracle Meteor Boy". Seven years later, a beautiful girl surrounded by noble aura suddenly appears in front of Mamoru and he is taken to a strange place. Yes, it's inside a spaceship and there he can see beautiful girls showing their underwears...
"Show the Holy Ball." He doesn't know what she is talking about. According to her, they are from another planet to get the "Holy Ball", which is a key item of succession battle for the throne. To show underwear is also a proof of the royal family and the pride of the grand universe. When they check Mamoru's body, the Holly Ball is found inside his body. As a matter of fact, the meteor which struck him is the Holly Ball. To get it out, Mamoru needs to reach a universally stunning climax. Like this, a battle for the Ball begins...
There is an English review.

4. Kuru Kuru Coeur くるくるくーる [090626] Axis
The protagonist visits his childhood friend Kirara at the prestigious Extraordinary Science Laboratory, or Exlab.
On one of her lab's table lies a mysterious and suspicious-looking device. As the protag activates the machine, it turns out it actually is a mechanism capable of changing the gender of a person!
Unlike most gender change visual novels scenario is not opportunistic, but gender is changed multiple times with different characters. There is no drama, but enough comedy. Result is really rough.

5. Nidozaki! Tartelette 2度咲き!タルトレット [090626] Shiratama
Akito has just returned to Japan after finishing patissier training and goes to a cake shop called October Cherry he frequently visited before. However, he is surprised to see the shop, "Oh, it can't be true...." The shop is totally dilapidated. It seems the previous owner passed away and his daughters are now running the shop. But it doesn't go well and the shop will be closed soon. Akito decides to work with the daughters to pull together October Cherry and save it from closing down..

6. Oni Uta. ~Oni ga Kitarite, Amaesasero to Notamouta.~ 鬼うた。 ~鬼が来たりて、甘えさせろとのたもうた。~ [090626] 130cm
There is a small village located far from the town. The main character is Akito, who lives at a shrine. His current concern is that he has only few friends. He has an older sister, Koharu, who excessively relies on him, and an old friend, Ayako, whom he is in love. One day, he encounters an offering box burglar and is killed by him...
It looks like his life is finished, but Himeka, a demon princess, suddenly appears and saves him. Himeka loses almost all of her power for that and orders him to take care of her for a while. Since Himeka actively approaches Akito, Koharu gets jealous and conflicts with Himeka. Like this, Akito gradually gets involved in an epic battle between Himeka and Koharu...
It's a Yanderege, and it deals with madness a lot. It's rare to see crazy protagonist who mumbles stuff all the time. First bigger half is positive school everyday, but about a third is supernatural and depressing. Suicide is commonplace, and salvation is not prepared for all the heroines.

7. Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ [090626] SkyFish 1 2 3 
Everything starts here...
There is a school where you can learn how to use magic. The main character is Kohaku and his goal is to cure Hinana's poor eyesight. Once he enters the school, he meets various people. On the first day, he successfully soothes a wild spirit during a lesson and a rumor spreads around school, "The new student is strong!" In springtime, there is a regular test at school. It's no exaggeration to say that their future is determined by this test. The test is to complete a variety of missions. New school and new life. Friendship and love. The story goes as Kohaku overcomes various troubles to be a magical knight.
There are English reviews.

8. Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi! りんかねーしょん☆新撰組っ! [090626] Libre
The story takes place in the near future, when monsters frequently appear in the town. Hiromi has just moved to another school because his previous school was closed. The monsters used to be dangerous creatures before, but they are now like crows or stray dogs thanks to high-quality monster exterminators. But one day, Hiromi is suddenly attacked by a monster when he meets Kiku, who has just come to the town from deep inside the mountain. Hiromi and Kiku strangely get a special power during battle and get rid of the monster. After the battle, they meet a group of girls called Shinsengumi. Hiromi and Kiku finally join the group after twists and turns. However, they conflict with another monster buster group called Kaientai, which is an official group. Also, a girl named Hiromi, who is totally the same as his deceased twin sister, appears in front of him. Moreover, they find Monster King sealed up in the basement. Like this, their three-sided fight begins now....
Parody bakage with individual routes tackling different problems arising from previous life. Due to these previous life adventures, time axis gets shifted a lot, and different parallel worlds change rapidly, thus making it difficult for understanding. To make it even worse viewpoint changes constantly. Story has nothing to do with historical Shinsengumi, just using their names. Quite an interesting yet difficult to grasp work overall. I tend to favor such works, so reviewing it.

9. Sabae no Ou Scenario II 蠅声の王 シナリオII [090626] Lost Script
The protagonist's name is Es. He is an official vampire hunter and belongs to an organization called Spook House. Hunting vampires by non-human hunters... Yes, Es is non-human, a sleepless hunter. Through various battles, open up your future!
Heavy gameplay elements game, just as previous ones. Introduction of voicing does not justify the pain.

10. Sakura Sakura さくらさくら [090626] Hiqo Soft 1 2 3
The Dorm Guardian vs. The School Guardian
Inaba Tooru has always dreamed of living a co-ed life. That’s why, when he finally managed to transfer into the renowned Rintoku Academy, he immediately fell head over heels for two Sakuras!
Sakura Nanako’s classes are strict, but at home, she turns into an overbearing mother.
Kirishima Sakura may seem cold and unfriendly, but she is always ready to lend a helping hand as the class representative.
These two girls are outwardly indifferent to Tooru, but put the three of them together and sparks begin to fly.
In the sakura-colored season of spring, two fussy Sakuras have been caught in a light-hearted love triangle.
The Internet Friend vs. The Childhood Friend
"You know how romance games always give the main character that best friend who tells him about the girls? I want to be that guy."
Fuse Naoki, the self-proclaimed best friend, is always ready to tease Tooru about his situation with the two Sakuras.
But, unbeknownst to him, he is one side of yet another light-hearted love triangle.
Nitta Akira has been Naoki's friend since before they could read and write, and is now finally living under the same (dorm) roof as him.
Tachibana Kurumi used to be Naoki's MMO raiding partner, but they were separated before she ever got a chance to meet him in real life or tell him how she felt.
"I understand him better than anyone else."
Akira and Kurumi have Naoki stumped for the first time in his life. And so, Tooru finally gets a chance to see things from the other side.
The curtains rise on this desolate showdown for love.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

11. Stellar ☆ Theater [090626] Rosebleu 1 
Aliens exist for sure. Even a child knows it. The world is protected by a group of aliens with special power. Daichi lives in such a world. He terribly got burned five years ago, but it's all cured and he now lives a peaceful life. But one day, he meets one of the aliens and his life slightly changes...
He is forcibly appointed as to be an examiner of the next protector test. There are also three girls who move to his school to take the test and one of them is his childhood friend. He still doesn't know that there will be a big event, which will change his future, in the not too distant future...
There is an English review.

12. Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama 絶対可憐!お嬢様っ [090626] Sumikko Soft
Kenjiro is lazy and has no job. One day, his mother calls him and tells that she asked his aunt to hire him at her school. However, Kenjiro is a hardcore otaku - he has no social skills to speak of, can't get along with people, and has never dated a girl... When he arrives at the school, he is shocked to find out it's an all-girls' school, and has no idea what he should do!
Luckily he meets up with Nanase, his cousin he used to play together with when they were young. She, however, suddenly says to him, "Are you still an otaku? Don't talk to me at school."
When he is down, he suddenly hears a familiar melody, a BGM from some famous game. He enters the classroom and finds a girl playing the game. She introduces herself as Asuka, and she happens to be the one and only member of the Comic Club....
Opportunism element is quite high, so it soon becomes a variation of harem. A good otaku story with colorful heroines and refreshing ending. I'll actually take a bite of it since Genshiken spirit runs in my veins as well.


1. Majo ni Naru. 魔女になる。[090611] Tamsoft Corporation 1 
Witch's Wish is an adventure game that tells the tale of Vicky, a young witch in training. Vicky wants more than anything to be a witch, but in her town, only rich girls can go to witch school. Her dream seems hopeless until she meets a mysterious girl who shows her how to unlock her remarkable magical powers. Vicky will use her magic to solve puzzles, help out her friends and neighbors, and uncover the mystery of the dark force which threatens to tear the town apart. Will her magic be enough to unite and save her troubled town?
Console exclusive, only including it because of missable review.

2. D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ To You - Side Episodes D.C.II To You ~ダ・カーポII~トゥーユー サイドエピソード [090626] Circus 1 2 3 
A collection of 4 short side stories.
The first one tells about the events of a decade ago, when Yoshiyuki was adopted by Asakura family.
From the second story we'll learn how Yoshiyuki became friends with Wataru and Suginami, and how the Setsugekka trio was formed.
The third story is about a close friendship of Miki and Mahiru, when she was still alive.
The fourth story is an alternate reality, which tells how in one rainy day Sakurai picked up a broken "μ", who was thrown out by heartless owner, and how strongly he became attached to her.


3. Mugen Kairou 2 ~Rasen~ 夢幻廻廊2 ~螺旋~ [090626] Black Cyc 1 2 
One day, Taro falls in love with a girl. Her name is Shiro and she lives in a big house. There also live four sisters. Taro often visits the house to meet Shiro at first, but the sisters propose to him he should live in the house. Like this, he starts living at their house, but what he experiences there is.... Another fantasy causes a whirl of spiral.... Are you happy now...?
Nukige, only including it because of missable reviews

4. Sumaga Special スマガスペシャル [090626] Nitroplus 1 
Sumaga Special mostly focuses over the certain chain of events mentioned in Sumaga which took place eight years ago...
But it also features events after the ending of Sumaga...
Not to mention that it also has two new heroines...

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