VN of the Month September 2009 - Natsu no Ame

I feel that I can safely call Natsu no Ame VN of the Month. Sorairo I'm also taking up for review, because I don't want to choose between the two. Lastly, there's Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. that I remember as a nice short atmospheric game. Micchi was of pretty much the same opinion except for Natsu no Ame since it was difficult to except an overwhelming masterpiece from a new brand.

1. Kokuhaku こくはく [090914] Sound Wing 1 
Main character is your typical super popular guy, and all the girls are in love with him.
There is an English review

2. Jigoku Shoujo Mioyosuga 地獄少女 澪縁 [090917] Compile Heart 1 2
Somewhere in the vast sea of the Internet, there's a website that can only be accessed at midnight. Rumor states that if grudge is posted there, Hell Girl will appear and drag offender to inferno. All we know about this girl is that she lives with her equally enigmatic grandmother and that three straw dolls accompany her.
Anime spin-off

3. Tears to Tiara Gaiden -Avalon no Nazo-ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ外伝 -アヴァロンの謎- [090917] Aquaplus 1 
Avalon no Nazo, the sequel of Tears to Tiara takes place right after the defeat of the Erin and Albion kingdoms. The two new kings in Avalon city are planning a carnival to celebrate the end of strife and that peace has finally came.
Busy with preparations, people have missed the signs of unrest in the air. When Arawn, the demon king woke up to find his room covered in strange vines, it was too late, the whole city has started mutating.
SRPG with an English review

4. Angel Navigate [090918] Aries 1 
Souta is back to his hometown after an interval of several years. He and his younger sister, Koharu, start living at Hinako's, their childhood friend's, house. On his first day at a new school, he met a girl and soon falls in love with her. Souta isn't actually good at talking with girls, so a friend of his introduces him to a website called Angel Navigate, where people talk about love. Souta decides to visit the website anonymously...
Common route is too short, half an hour or so, and individual routes aren't much bigger - two hours on average. After characters meet in real world, all internet dating setting goes to trash bin. Dialogues aren't interesting, so I believe I can safely condemn it as moege.

5. Distance Distance -ディスタンス- [090918] Silksoft 1
"Can you become a coach of the track and field club?" Taka gets interested in the offer. That accident ruined his hopeful school life and future.... He has been doing rehabilitation hard, so it is really a great offer. Even if his position changes, he is glad to engage in the track and field again. He decides to accept the offer with hope in mind, but various troubles happen...
The good thing is that four heroines train as a team, so other heroines do not disappear suddenly. Protagonist is serious. Each heroine has a different story and ending. But game lacks refinement, and quality is below average.

6. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet. [090918] minori 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
In the near future, an ominous red star suddenly appears in the sky. Its presence is about to bring about the extinction of all life on Earth. The unified government proposes an evacuation project to take all of mankind into space, but in order to make the seemingly impossible project a reality, 'felixes' are brought into the world. Engineered to be highly intelligent with perpetual youth and longevity, the genetically modified superhuman felixes stand as humanity's only hope for survival.
Sion, the most gifted of the felixes, has been kept in a research facility built on a solitary island for the past hundred years. Her sole purpose, saving all of humanity. Ryou Haruna, a soldier from the Earth's unified government is sent to watch over Sion, who desperately seeks freedom from the military that's imprisoning her. Earth's last love story is about to begin.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

7. Hime x Hime 姫×姫(ヒメヒメ) [090918] Etoiles
There is a famous school where rich boys and girls belong to. The school has a traditional custom that a girl called princess governs the school. The main character accidentally enters the school though he is just an average student. But he can't move to a school dormitory because of some troubles, so he starts living at Saki's, the current princess, room. Saki is selfish and he works as her tool. He doesn't like his school life at first, but he gradually gets attracted to Saki...
Princess school setting is a thick red line for me. Even assassination line is taken directly from Shield 9. Personalities are rather bright, so can be ok for those who like such setting.

8. Koibumi Romantica 恋文ロマンチカ [090918] ChuableSoft 1
Here's our young man, Yuge Fumito.
"I'll become a writer!" he vows to himself, and rides a train to the magnificent city of Tokyo!
He comes to a publishing office with a self-made novel in his hand and knocks on the door, but the world doesn't go so easy on him as to take him for real.
Fooled by a wicked bunch, he finds himself penniless and homeless.
Moreover, his vital work (still unpublished, however) would become a failure.
Despaired and rain-struck, there the young man kneels.
Then an umbrella is softly handed to him. As he looks up, his eyes meet those of a female student, worried for him--
With a few workings of fortune, the young man begins his school life at a respectable writer's.
Under the same roof with the beautiful sisters, he's running around the city with the editor girl, getting invited to a party by a British consul's daughter, followed by his childhood girl friend from his home town, getting literary advice from a cat that can speak, and so on--
The young man meets new people, gathering life experience.
Among the above, there is a piece of advice the cat had told him:
"Love, schoolboy. Fall in love, be loved, pine with love, make love the sole source for your script--"
The young man lets "love" which he had never pondered on before, take over his mind.
Will you be able to become a brilliant writer?
And will the love between you and that girl you can't stop thinking about succeed?…
Live the days of romantic emotions, and reach out for your dreams and love!
There is an English review.

9. L.i.n.k. -Kimyou na Unmei ni Tsunagareta Monotachi no Chi to Namida no Uta-L.i.n.k. -奇妙な運命に繋がれた者達の、血と涙の謡(うた)。 [090918] SGP Software
There are witches in the world. They have special power like an old magic. But the word "witch" means "assassination" in the modern world. Witches establish their own organization and run a business to secretly assassinate people. Shion has power to "curse people dead". He receives a job offer, completes it, gets a reward and goes back home. He just repeats the same day.... But one day, he just goes home on a different route and meets a girl called Ai along the way. They become friends, but this is just a beginning of ruin.... They, however, decide to walk together to step out of their boring life...
Serious atmosphere is hurt by lack of explanation. Instead, same story is shown from different characters perspective... which still does not explain much. A lot of confusing stuff combined with low overall quality in every field.

10. Momoiro Guardian ももいろガーディアン [090918] Alice Soft
One day, Takuma's mother says to him, "You'll be the Maou when your next birthday comes." Though he doesn't believe it at all, a girl suddenly appears in front of him to hunt him down and another girl tries to save him. These girls also transfer to his school and start living at his house...
Alice Soft H tilt is so big that I had to block their last title as nukige. In this case it's claimed to be an absurdist comedy which is of course a shallow low-price story-less opportunistic nukige. Tsundere flag is the only thing that can make someone play this game.

11. Sorairo そらいろ [090918] NekoNeko Soft 1 
You start off as Kenji, a pretty ordinary kid (yes you start off as a kid) who’s visiting his aunt during the holidays with his father. There, he meets his cousin Ai, a quiet girl who is just one year younger than him. They were left together in the house so they went out to the nearby sea to play.
But because Ai was so quiet, Kenji decided to play alone in the sea while Ai looked at him from the beach. Going back home, Ai lied to her mother that they had fun together. This continued right up till the end of the summer holidays.
Feeling really guilty, Kenji decided to be more friendly towards her. The next year, he took the initiative and played with her. Another year passes by and he came over to her town for the holidays. They are already extremely good friends and look forward to each others company.
Then the bombshell was dropped. Their parents were getting married. But they were still young and didn’t really understand what was happening. The only thing they knew was that they are now siblings. Kenji now stays in the same town as Ai and lives together with her. New neighbors, new friends and new adventures await.
There is an English review.

12. Hapitora -Happy Transportation- はぴとら-HappyTransportation- [090925] Bloom Handle
The protagonist Tio, who lives on a small island, runs an air transportation company. He lost his parents when he was still young, so he has been working hard with the help of other workers. One day, he decides to temporarily leave the island to learn how to fly an aircraft. But when he comes back to the island a while later, he finds there is only one worker, Aina. His company is about to go bankrupt. Raica, his childhood friend, knows it and says she will join the company, but she is actually a very clumsy girl. Will Tio be able to get through this crisis?
Let's rebuild family business and create harem - yay... Text power is weak, so there's just not enough persuasiveness or excitement.

13. Mahou Shoujo no Taisetsu na Koto. 魔法少女の大切なこと。 [090925] Meromero Cute
The main character is an average student (except for his pretty appearance). He has moved to a school on the island to look for his missing mother. But an upside-down chapel that appears in the sky at night, evil shadows generated by the chapel and various mysterious happenings keep bugging people on the island. He inevitably gets involved in this trouble and he transforms into a magical girl (?) when he faces one of the shadows. Days later, he hears the fact that his mother is actually a magical girl. Like this, his battle life against the shadows starts...
Perverted hermaphrodite protagonist and loli magical girls make a basis for a solid story (NOT).

14. Natsu no Ame 夏ノ雨 [090925] CUBE 1 2 3 4
The plot of Natsu no Ame revolves around Sousuke, a soccer loving idiot who spends his days practicing with his two friends, Takeda and Midori for the day when he is allowed to return to the soccer club he was forced to resign from.
The story begins with Sousuke recalling a memory from his past where he pondered what qualifies as a first love, thinking about a young girl he teased almost to the point of tears as a child. Upon snapping back to the present Sousuke is made aware of a beautiful girl busy with her cellphone. After knocking her out of the way of on oncoming motorcycle he finds that he had also sent her cellphone into the river.
Being the nice guy protagonist that he is Sousuke then goes into the river to find her cellphone, however when he gives up and she tries to help him out he ends up pulling her in as well. First impressions aside he then finds out she wanted to know where his school was as she had just transferred in. Undaunted by his earlier screwups Sousuke decides to be a man and instead takes her on a tour of the town before finally dropping her off at school. In the end it seems he managed a favorable impression afterall!
Upon returning home he finds the very same girl in his home… where his mother informs him that she is his long lost half sister!
There are English reviews

15. Nega0 ~Negative Zero~ ネガゼロ~Negative Zero~ [090925] Eternal
The world is made of an indefinite thing, recognition. Each person's recognition is linked to a huge congregated recognition which decides the situation of the world, according to a girl in a laptop PC who came from the future. The action to forcibly apply a recognition to the world and distort the fact is called "magic".
To believe in magic is required to use magic. Distorted facts will cause a big contradiction to the world and the world will get frozen some day. If the number of girls who can use magic increases, the world will be in trouble.
"That's why I don't want you to believe in dreams. Please be a debugger and save the world!"

16. Signal Heart [090925] Purple Software 1 2 3
One day, the protagonist's house is suddenly destroyed by a fire. Since he has nowhere to live, he moves to a school dormitory. But a dormitory for male students is full, so he is forced to live at a dormitory for female students as a caretaker. Days later, the school decides to pull down the male dormitory and construct a new one since the old one is in pretty bad shape, especially compared to the female dorm, which also has more room but less students using it. However the new dormitory will only be ready after everyone has graduated, which leads to an uproar among the male dorm members. The school chairman then ask both male and female dorm to have a battle at the upcoming school festival. The one who earns more sales is the winner, if the males win they get to exchange dorms with the females. Because he lives in the female dormitory, our protagonist gets involved in this battle on the girls side...
There is an English review

17. Tropical KissトロピカルKISS [090925] Twinkle
Kaito left his hometown with a dream to be a big man. But he doesn't have any clear ideas, so he just lazily lives every day. It's no good. Kaito decides to work at a newly opened resort facility called "A LO HA". But he meets various girls he had relationships before there...
Charage with some humor. All girls are in love and fight for protagonist confessing to him at the same time. Hello, harem. Individual routes are rather normal and quality is high, so it mends prologue stupidity to an extent.

18. Moe Moe Niji Taisen (Ryaku) 2 [chu~♪] 萌え萌え2次大戦(略)2[chu~♪] [090925] SystemSoft Alpha
Second coming of steel maidens during World War II.


1. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Akuma no Satsujin Koukai 金田一少年の事件簿 悪魔の殺人航海 [090917] Creative Core 1 2 
The game puts you in a role of Hajime Kindaichi who finds himself on a luxury liner named Luna entangled in a murder mystery. 
Console exclusive, only including it because of missable review.

2. Princess Party Camellia Princess Party Camellia ~プリンセスパーティーカメリア~ [090918] Circus
This is a fan disc of Princess Party, featuring some short stories.

3. Pri ☆ Sara - Dokidoki x Love Love W Fandiskプリ☆さら~ドキドキ×らぶらぶWファンディスク~ [090918] Atelier Kaguya
Fandisc of Prima Stella and Sarasara Sasara.
Contains extra scenarios that did not made it into the main game, a harem route for both games, a Miyabi after story and a Mahiru route.

4. W. L. O. Sekai Ren'ai Kikou L.L.S. -Love Love Show-W.L.O. 世界恋愛機構 L.L.S. -LOVE LOVE SHOW- [090924] Akabei Soft2 1 
This fandisc features erotic scenes with 6 heroines, including 10 sub characters and offers alternate stories.

5. Haruka na Sora ハルカナソラ [090925] Sphere 1 2
Haruka na Sora is the fandisc of Yosuga no Sora, it contains the routes of Kozue, Yahiro and Sora (Sequel to her YNS route) plus short scenarios such as karaoke route and the characters omake.

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