VN of the Month May 2015 - Ayakashi Contract

Ayakashi Contract is VN of the Month with Sumire being another masterpiece. Clephas came to this conclusion after exploring all the worthy candidates, and nothing else really strikes the eye. Micchi also feels for lighter titles like PURE×CONNECT and Chuunibyou na Kanojo no Love Equation

1. Hyakugojuunenme no Mahoutsukai 百五十年目の魔法使い [150502] Pink Chuchu 1 
The 150 year old northern capital of Lilac City is home to over 1.9 million people. Katsura returned to this city with his mother Midori after many years and reunited with the three Hoshioki sisters: the dependable Rira, the cool Nadeshiko, and the doting Marika. He transferred into their school, Lilybell Gakuen, then his father explained that their family are magicians who protect Lilac City. However, he must choose one of the Hoshioki girls to serve as an ‘intermediary’ who bestows magic upon him.
There is an English review

2. Cross Ange - Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo tr. クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞tr. [150528] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
An original story of the series with a new protagonist called Naomi and which is divided into 10 chapters. The game follows the beginning of the anime but then drifts into an alternative story. The game consists of two parts: Drama and Action. In Drama, you watch the story and events unfold while pursuing one of the heroines, and in Action, you fight against the DRAGONs and other enemies who come in the way. There is also a mode where you can touch the heroines.
Anime Spin-Off

3. Psycho-Pass Sentaku Naki Koufuku Psycho-Pass サイコパス 選択なき幸福 [150528] UNICO Inc. 1 2 3 4
In the near future technology is developed that allows ones state of mind and personality traits to be quickly quantified and profiled.
All emotion, desire, and social disease are documented and managed by the government for the public good. The quality of each person's life is measured by a single number. That number, which represents how close the mind and soul are to perfection, is known as the Psycho-Pass. The system also calculates a number that represents criminal capacity, known as the Crime Coefficients. This number is the basis of the justice dispensed by the police force. Officers are divided into two groups: Enforcers, who are tasked with the investigation of crimes and the capture of criminals, and Inspectors, who are charged with managing the Enforcers. Enforcers with high Crime Coefficients have proven more effective at understanding the criminal mind. This ability is used by the police department to solve complex and difficult cases. Because they have such high Crime Coefficients, however, they must be monitored all time by the Inspectors, to ensure that none of them actually become criminals. Though each member of the Public Safety Bureau carries their own burdens, they must see that justice is served - in a society where everything is quantified, they have to make sure it all adds up.
What's waiting for them out there..?
Anime Spin-Off

4. Alia's Carnival! Flowering Sky [150529] NanaWind
This is the sequel to Alia's Carnival!. Spring turned to summer at Sakumodai Gakuen, which is home to the future science curriculum and self-governed by students who possess ‘arcane’ abilities. As usual, Ren is giving it his all in his quest for ALIA, enjoying his school life with his group of friends.
One day, a strange girl Inori appeared, proclaiming that she is a messenger from the student council. After that, his surroundings began to gradually change. What kind of story awaits him?
Prequel was not really impressive, so no luck

5. Ayakashi Contract あやかしコントラクト [150529] AXL 1 2 
Due to his parents’ constant work transfers, Yukiya hasn’t been able to make any close friends. This time, he opposed following his parents overseas and decided to live with his uncle’s family in the rural Housenshu-chou and transfer into the school there. After a long train ride, he lost his way in the forest and was helped by a great spirit called the Guardian of the Forest. The next morning, he found the tanuki youkai Shouji by his side, pressing him to fulfill his promised contract of helping solve the spirits’ worries.
Yukiya could see the spirits from then on, causing his first impressions at his new school to be failures. He was viewed as a weird guy who talked with himself, and pushed down the class rep Midori when trying to prevent the spirits’ pranks. As time passed, he adapted to the rural life and gained the friends whom he had wished for: powerless miko Tsumugi, supernatural-sensing Minagi, youkai hunter Haruka, doting cousin Anna, and even the highly responsible Midori.
However, the recent redevelopment in the area have endangered the forest where the spirits are living. Will they be able to protect the forest? This is a heartwarming story about a town where humans and spirits co-exist.
There are English reviews

6. Chuunibyou na Kanojo no Love Equation 中二病な彼女の恋愛方程式 [150529] PeasSoft 1
One day in June nearing the arrival of summer, Ryuuichi transferred into Seishin Gakuen and moved into the former girls’ dormitory Fushigi-sou. He heard that he would be the first male to live there and imagined a new life full of girls. However, when he opened the door, he was greeted with a line-up of peculiar individuals: the complete chuuni Aoi and her self-proclaimed sidekick Momo, the dark witch Mion, and Spica who supposedly came from space. The only normal one out of the bunch was Chisato, but it’s not as if their oddities didn’t have their own charms.
However, his room was unfortunately flooded and he was forced to temporarily sleep on a sofa in the common area. Combined with his aptitude for walking in on girls changing or in the washroom, it seemed that his time there wouldn’t last for long. What will be his destiny living under the same roof with chuuni girls?
There is an English review

7. Koitama 恋魂 [150529] GLace 1
“Be pure, honest, strong-willed and wise!”
Those are the ideals that Aika forced upon the students at the special correctional institute Shindou Gakuen, forbidding love and depriving their freedom in the name of justice. While the ideal sounds great, in reality, the students are completely enslaved by the superhuman-like elite group, “Love Pentagon”.
Ren is flawlessly handsome, extremely sharp and remarkably strong. However, he has one vital flaw: he is weak to girls. He would fall to their charms, be swayed by their tears, and tricked by their lies. The Kedouin family head ordered him to attend Shindou Gakuen to overcome this problem. Will he be able to pass the correctional curriculum and be rewarded with his destined partner, Aika?
There is an English review

8. Love, Vampire Flowers [150529] Cosmic Cute 1 2 3
Nagami Gakuen is a former girls-only boarding school in the outskirts of Nagasaki. Hart is the only boy in the gardening club, joining the flower-loving Kureha, reliable leader Rie and tomboyish Christina. They water the flowers, take care of the greenhouse, transplant the flowers every now and then, and bring flowers and fruits as presents to the adjacent hospital.
The chapel that they call the club room, the gardens and greenhouse, and pretty uniforms were not all that they had inherited from the horticultural classes which were abolished with the introduction of co-education. They also carried on their volunteer activities at the school. Recently, there are rumours of a suspicious person in the school grounds, so they have been tasked with finding and expelling them.
However, Kureha, who had known Hart since she was a small child, asked him if that suspicious person is actually him. That’s because he is secretly a ‘vampire’.
There are English reviews

9. Mousou Complete! 妄想コンプリート! [150529] Insync 1 2 
Seiji sees precognitive dreams from time to time. However, since it’s usually only fragments, he doesn’t pay much attention to them and just lives a normal life. One day, he saw a strange dream in which he was very intimate with a girl who he had never seen before. They were both naked and doing what lovers do. When he awoke the next morning, he was puzzled and wondered if it was a sign from the future. He had never dreamt about someone he had not seen before, so he dismissed it as only a delusion to avoid any weird expectations.
He got dressed, walked to school with his imouto Mari, entered his classroom and greeted his classmates. It was the start to another normal day at school… or so he thought. There was a new transfer student in his class, Erika, and she was the girl in his dreams. While he was still stunned, her gaze fell upon him.
“Ahhhh!!! N-No way… You must be joking…!?”
It seems that a strange love story has suddenly begun, with Seiji squarely in the middle of it.
There are English reviews

10. Natsuiro Recipe なついろレシピ [150529] Pulltop Air 1 2 3
Takefumi lost his mother when he was small, and he hasn’t kept in touch with his father who lives abroad. Unlike his peers, he’s a simple and honest fellow who lives true to himself.
One day, he received a letter addressed to his father from a girl Yuzu who called herself his daughter. Her grandmother had passed away a month ago. She didn’t know how to live by herself and thus, pleaded for his help. Takefumi thought that if he became her guardian, then it would solve many of her problems. Even though he was perplexed at the sudden appearance of an imouto, he did not hesitate a second in helping her.
He headed to the mountain village Shiratama-mura where he was greeted by Yuzu. Just like that, they became siblings. Even though it was awkward at first, their sibling bond gradually deepened as they lived under one roof. Yuzu wished to re-open her grandmother’s restaurant, and together they develop their own true ‘home cooking’.
There are English reviews

11. Pure x Connect ピュア×コネクト [150529] Smee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Hayato has yearned for a heart-throbbing romance for a long time, but instead is bored wasting away time every day. He wishes to fall in love like in an eroge, but everyone around him just makes fun of him for it. But that’s what every guy wants, right? Is it really so wrong to want such a relationship?
In the middle of November, a small chance appeared when he was asked to work part-time at the popular bakery restaurant, La Pivoine. Finding himself in a situation he never imagined being in, he thought to break free of his current norm. He agreed to work there and acquainted himself with the staff: Sora, his childhood friend who has no interest in falling in love; Shiho, the store manager whose lover is her job; Moemi, the moodmaker part-timer who treasures her family over all; Arisa, his underclassman who hasn’t found her ideal partner; and, Ayumi, his cousin who is still early for love.
There are English reviews

12. Re;Lord Dai Ni Shou ~Cologne no Majo to Kuroneko~ Re;Lord 第二章 ~ケルンの魔女と黒猫~ [150529] Escu:de 1
This is the second episode in the Re;Lord series. After freeing Helfault from the witch Erika, Wilfred continued his quest to reclaim Groeson by attacking Cologne, held by the witch Iris. It is a vast tranquil grassy plain with the country’s fifth-largest body of water, the popular tourist spot Bebra Lake, and has a flourishing fishing industry. However, the residents had all been turned into crow familiars, spirits and imps. He didn’t know the motive behind the witch’s actions, but he attacked nevertheless in order to take back his land. At the same time, the military received news of Erika’s defeat to a mere student and dispatched a hunting unit to suppress the witch in Cologne.

13. Rensou Relation 恋想リレーション [150529] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3
"Don't worry, I'll get in somewhere."
That was what I, Sakurazaka Shinnosuke, answered to worriedly asking Ryou.
Results for various entrance examinations were being published. My first choice had ended in an unfortunate result, but I didn't mind that much. Parting with my best friend does feel a bit lonely, but it's not like we'd be parting for good. Instead, let's get our hopes up on making some new acquaintances.
Spring, in other words, the season of love! I'm sure there's a super-cute girl just waiting for my arrival somewhere - probably.
As usual, my positivity knew no bounds.
Despite my positive expectations, the impossible happened. Even after all of the results were published, no letter of admission had found it's way to my hands. Lets see... Could it actually be that...?
"What are you going to do now, onii-chan?" asks my cousin, Yuuko, worriedly. Jjjj, just wa-wait a second. T-th-there's no need to pa-panic. Thinking after relaxing a bit and I'm sure there's some way to somewhere...
As I was about to run for the hills leaving reality behind, there was a call from my homeroom teacher.
"Go take an interview at Amami Gakuin and you might just get lucky."
Amami Gakuin. A popular new school in my hometown Shiroha-chou and one known for being very hard to get in due to countless applicants. Of course with my mental prowess getting in would be hard, to put it mildly. Nonetheless, a special opening for one local of the area seems yet to be filled due to an unexpected vacancy.
Feeling as if the heavens had bestowed a miracle upon him, what will be waiting to come?
Countless imaginations have been set free and know no bounds!
There are English reviews

14. Sumire すみれ [150529] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 3 4 5
There is a mock school on the Internet for those who love galge and eroge, nicknamed “Galge Gakuen”. The protagonist used to be really into it, but now he only logs in as “Ken-chan” to be with his two friends, the self-proclaimed girls’ school student “Pink” and the indecent talk-loving “Tae”. They used to be no more than friends who loved galge, but now their hobbies and conversations extend beyond just that.
One day, a new student entered the school. Since her actions and speech was like a moe character, they gave her the nickname “Moe”. With the cheerful Moe in the mix, their circle of friends had grown to four. However, they were still only online friends. It was frowned upon to ask about their real lives and it was an unspoken rule to not touch this subject.
Then, Ken-chan happened to meet Moe by chance in real life. He pretended that nothing happened in order to protect the relationship that their group had online. But he met her again once more soon thereafter: this time as her home tutor, and she as his new imouto from his father’s remarriage.
This is NekoNekoSoft’s 15th anniversary work, using characters from all their past games as avatars in this game blending reality and imagination. “Ken-chan” is the protagonist from Mizuiro.
There are English reviews


1. Ayakami Shizume ~Shoujo no Ketsudan, Miko no Ketsui~ 妖神鎮め ~少女の決断、御子の決意~ [150529] Cyclet 1 
Midori spots her boyfriend with another woman at the station and follows them to the hill where she gets lost. There she witnesses fight of a huge lizard with a super strong human with the latter taking over. When Midori opens her eyes, she sees her boyfriend Minato and a strange naked woman.
Nukige, but with a curious review saying that game can be played normally

2. Futanari Elf Kairaku Choukyou "Dame! Deruuu! Kore Ijou Dashitakunaiiiiii" ふたなりエルフ快楽調教 「だめっ でるううぅっ これ以上出したくないいいぃぃ」 [150529] Clock Up 1 
Dangerous beast appears on the outskirts of the kingdom. Skillful hunter Frena tries to defeat it and disappears herself. Then princess knight Cecil goes to subdue the monster. Cecil and Frena return to the capital city with their bodies and personalities morphed.
Nukige, but with funny reviews

3. Kouyoku Senki ExS-Tia 光翼戦姫エクスティア [150529] Lusterise 1
One night, Shihou Souma and his childhood friend Katsuragi Marina are walking in a park after school, when human-like monsters suddenly appear. These monsters, seeming to come from another world, start attacking and raping people, to absorb magical power from them. In this chaotic situation, Amakubo Yuri, Souma's school infirmary doctor, shows up and givs ExS-Device to Marina. Using the device Marina transforms into Exstia and fights the monsters.
Nukige with an English review

4. Taimanin Yukikaze 2 対魔忍ユキカゼ2 [150529] Black Lilith 1 2
20XX A.D. Japan is plagued by evil spirits that dwell in the shadows.
The only thing preventing chaos between spirits and humans
is an implicit agreement to "live and let live", but corrupt organisations
make deals with the demons. Crime syndicates go supernatural.
The nation is in decline, and those who walk the path of goodness
don't last long in a society of rampant heresy and sin.
Thus, the government empowers certain individuals to fight fire with fire.
Agents may do evil... against evil... in the name of good. Exorcists with a license to kill.
They are called the Taimanin.
Nukige with English reviews

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