VN of the Month September 2015 - Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers

Yet again a month with just four classical visual novel releases and zero masterpieces. Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers wins just because of it's higher quality compared to rivals. Clephas saw no winner here. Micchi does not mind playing moege Ren’ai Phase and nukige Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.

1. IS2 Love and Purge IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>2 ラブ アンド パージ [150903] MAGES. GAME
Set several days after the "World Purge" chapter, Infinite Stratos 2 has players developing relationships with the IS heroines as Ichika Orimura. "Braveheart Points" signify Ichika's manhood, and will fluctuate depending on choices made during conversations, with endings changing as a result of the final value.
In addition to chatting it up, Ichika can give the heroines a massage to deepen their bonds and increase Braveheart Points. Techniques involve tapping and rubbing properly, though, so you can mess up and fail, losing points as a result.
Anime Spin-Off

2. Saki Zenkoku-hen 咲-Saki-全国編 [150917] Kaga Create Co.
An adaptation of the sequel to the Saki anime, Saki Zenkoku-hen. It depicts the trials of the Kiyosumi High School mahjong team in the Tokyo National Tournament.
Anime Spin-Off

3. Hime-sama Love Life! 姫様LOVEライフ! [150918] Princess Sugar 1 2
Due to his father’s work, Yahiro began living together with his imouto Io. Walking home after wrapping up the enrollment procedure at their new school, they noticed a large truck stopped outside of their house. Since they had already moved everything in, they wondered what it was doing there. They found the door unlocked and nervously went upstairs worried that there might be a burglar. Instead they found a girl pushing a giant piano with all her might… while in her underwear. They stood dumbfounded at the absurd sight. Why was there a half-naked girl in their house? Soon she noticed them and yelled at them to get out. A few minutes later, she came out in a beautiful dress.
“I am deeply sorry for my earlier actions. My name is Ruria Fondina. I have come here to live with you as family.”
She was a princess from a certain island nation. That was only the beginning as many other princesses showed up at their door one by one!
There are English reviews

4. Sangoku Hime 4 ~Tenka Ryouran Tenmei no Koi Emaki~ 三極姫4 ~天下繚乱 天命の恋絵巻~ [150918] Gesen 18 1
Countless man-made and natural disasters have driven people mad and the continent into chaos. In the midst of the Yellow Turban rebellion, a few brave warriors declared their desires to take supremacy over the nation. Akito is a young man, wandering in search of his purpose in life. Only he has a mysterious ability – a kind heart unbefitting of these troubled times.

5. Seikishi Melty ☆ Lovers 聖騎士Melty☆Lovers [150918] Akabei Soft3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
In Ederant, the greatest honour regardless of gender is becoming a knight. Till enrolled in the knight-training school Equites and must find a partner for the knight examination. He met the smart but naive Sefi, the motivated cool beauty Frey, the mysterious gun-toting Lil, and the foreign giant sword-wielding Canon. His pure admiration of knights would soon change into a greater wish due to these girls with the same aspirations.
There are English reviews

6. Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面 [150924] Aquaplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The only thing I can remember is coming to in the middle of an unfamiliar snowscape. Where that was or how I got there, I don't know. I couldn't even remember my own name. The memories just wouldn't come.
I only had a moment, left at a loss, to ponder what to do — but fate seemed intent on furthering my misery as a giant, insect-like monster burst from the snow and ice to attack me.
Naturally, I ran like hell. The creature cornered me anyway.
That's when SHE appeared, as if from nowhere — the beautiful, mysterious girl who saved my life.
She told me her name was Kuon. A beautiful, mysterious girl...
...with a tail and ears like a beast's.
RPG is localized and has English reviews

7. Ren'ai Phase 恋愛フェイズ [150925] Giga 1 
Yaegaki Jun has plenty of male friends around, but when it comes to girls, he has none. He’s also never had a girlfriend. With Christmas approaching, one of his internet friends asks him if he really plans to spend Christmas alone, without even trying to get a girlfriend. Jun had never really bothered with the idea until his friend mentioned it to him. Maybe he should just spend his entire life without bothering to find one.
But then again, does he really want to spend the rest of his life like this? Never even daring to take a step forward in an attempt to change it? His friend’s words managed to spark a change in his beliefs.
“Alright! I’ll try to find a girlfriend before Christmas Eve!”
And with those words, he begins his search for love…
There is an English review

8. Valet ☆ Style -Loyalty of Valet- ばれっと☆すたいる -Loyalty of valet- [150925] CroixSoft 1
There are two kinds of students at the prestigious Konoe Gakuen: the children of wealthy families (masters) and those who study hard to become the best butlers (valets). Their school life is one full of grace and dignity. Kazuma, an extremely poor guy who constantly works part-time jobs, was thrust into this different lifestyle after it was discovered that he was actually part of a noble family. He even had his own personal butler. Surrounded by valets and ojou-samas, what kind of encounters lie ahead for him?
There is an English review

1. Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. 僕と恋するポンコツアクマ。 [150925] Smile 1 2 3
Ren’s virginity is in danger! His childhood friend Riria was frantically trying to pull down his pants and begging to touch his dick. The truth is that she’s actually a succubus and was embarrassed not having any sexual experience at her age.
He was suddenly pushed into the school’s special dormitory. It was a girls’ dormitory full of ponkotsu (affectionately useless) demons: Yuu, the yuki-onna who was extremely sensitive to the cold; Arle, the mummy girl who is uncomfortable with tightness and loves the feeling of freedom; Emiri, the hopeless angel who has no sense of modesty and who is also his step sister; and, Miyabi, the witch who passionately develops a love drug to bring happiness to the world. The dormitory was built to rehabilitate them and since he was mistakenly moved there, he was assigned as an assistant to watch over them. His happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.
Nukige has English reviews

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