Ouka Sengoku! ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ 桜花センゴク!~信長ちゃんの恋して野望!?~ [Apricot]

Foreword: When I face Sengoku feminization in anime I facepalm and look away, but this setting was not as frequent back in the past, so it fascinates me to try and find that one source that impressed followers so much.
Mitsuhide is an extremely poor ‘student ronin’ who gets by via part-time jobs. One day, he receives an enrollment letter to Sengoku Gakuen and readily accepts it. On his first day, a girl named Nobunaga points her sword at him: “How dare you show your face to me, I’m gonna cut your head off!”. Fearful for his life, he explains that he’s not the real Akechi Mitsuhide, but that their names are just the same by coincidence. One by one, he meets girls with the name of other famous generals, such as Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, who all mistaken him for the actual Mitsuhide.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gEnYFRQbAtQs5j5GLk8wnbq0

Character Design rating: 8/10
Protagonist rating: 7/10
Story rating: 7/10
Game quality: 8/10
Overall rating: 7/10
If you're still here, you're here for historical parody and cute girls, and I just can't give higher scores for such genre even though it must be the most hilarious historical parody I encountered. There are battles and even some kind of conflict, but for the most part it's done in a comedy manner. It's not wise to expect a serious story or romance game either. Moreover, some dip into Japanese history is necessary to understand at least historic figures behind heroines and protagonist.
Game is divided into 11 episodes with common route taking 5-6 episodes, by the end of 7th episode flag is set, then there are 3 episodes of individual route, plus one ecchi epilogue with H scenes split is one for end of individual route and two for skippable epilogue. And I like this clear structure a lot for this lack of H content and taking it away in the skippable appendix with ability to choose option to return to main menu instead before it. 
Game has six different individual routes, and those routes can vary from total war to spokon, plus girls personalities are absolutely different. Game has Nobunaga in the title, and Nobunaga route has the most serious development, tension and impactful ending out of all. But at the same time it leaves a somewhat bad aftertaste, so it's nice to progress with the heroine of your liking (Shingen!) next and enjoy a light different development. But here is where repetitions of scenes kick in, and some stories felt plain bad for me. So the longer you go, the more tiredness accumulates, and it's best to skip heroines you don't like (Mouri!)
So Ouka Sengoku is a surprisingly decent game with really good parody, comedy and so much cuteness that it can rival some moege even without tilting into H. Moe, chuni, action, SOL are mixed well in here. I don't have flaws section this time, because I don't see any taking genre in account. Moreover, high variability of routes and heroines allows for everyone to enjoy only favorite parts and safely skip the rest. That's a great recipe for a game done with talent and not pretending to be epic.

Common Route p1
Common Route p2
Common Route p3
Common Route p4
Common Route p5
Common Route p6
Common Route p7
Common Route p8
Common Route p9
Common Route p10
Common Route p11
Common Route p12
Common Route p13
Common Route p14
Common Route p15
Common Route p16
Common Route p17
Common Route p18
Common Route p19
Common Route p20
Common Route p21
Common Route p22
Common Route p23
Common Route p24
Common Route p25
Nobunaga End p1
Nobunaga End p2
Nobunaga End p3
Nobunaga End p4
Nobunaga End p5
Nobunaga End p6
Nobunaga End p7
Nobunaga End p8
Nobunaga End p9
Nobunaga End p10
Nobunaga End p11
Nobunaga End p12
Nobunaga End p13
Nobunaga End p14
Nobunaga End p15
Nobunaga End p16
Nobunaga End p17
Nobunaga End p18
Nobunaga End p19
Nobunaga End p20
Nobunaga End p21
Nobunaga End p22
Kinoshita End p1
Kinoshita End p2
Kinoshita End p3
Kinoshita End p4
Kinoshita End p5
Kinoshita End p6
Kinoshita End p7
Kinoshita End p8
Kinoshita End p9
Kinoshita End p10
Kinoshita End p11
Kinoshita End p12
Kinoshita End p13
Masamune End p1
Masamune End p2
Masamune End p3
Masamune End p4
Masamune End p5
Masamune End p6
Masamune End p7
Masamune End p8
Masamune End p9
Masamune End p10
Masamune End p11
Masamune End p12
Masamune End p13
Masamune End p14
Shingen End p1
Shingen End p2
Shingen End p3
Shingen End p4
Shingen End p5
Shingen End p6
Shingen End p7
Shingen End p8
Shingen End p9
Shingen End p10
Shingen End p11
Shingen End p12
Shingen End p13
Shingen End p14
Shingen End p15
Shingen End p16
Shingen End p17
Shingen End p18
Shingen End p19
Shingen End p20
Shingen End p21
Uesugi End p1
Uesugi End p2
Uesugi End p3
Uesugi End p4
Uesugi End p5
Uesugi End p6
Uesugi End p7
Uesugi End p8
Uesugi End p9
Uesugi End p10
Uesugi End p11
Uesugi End p12
Uesugi End p13
Uesugi End p14
Uesugi End p15
Uesugi End p16
Uesugi End p17
Uesugi End p18
Uesugi End p19
Mouri End p1
Mouri End p2
Mouri End p3
Mouri End p4
Mouri End p5
Mouri End p6
Mouri End p7
Mouri End p8
Mouri End p9
Mouri End p10
Mouri End p11
Mouri End p12
Mouri End p13
Mouri End p14
Mouri End p15
Mouri End p16
Mouri End p17
Mouri End p18
Mouri End p19
Mouri End p20
Mouri End p21
Mouri End p22
Mouri End p23

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