VN of the Month June 2011 - Dengeki Stryker

I'm not fan of shounens, but Dengeki Stryker is fun enough to be VN of the Month. Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi is another masterpiece with a thrilling sophisticated concept. Micchi also favors the latter one, plus a delayed fandisc and Rewrite that I consider a huge fake.

1. Natsuyuki ~Summer Snow~ 夏雪 ~summer_snow~ [110603] Silver Bullet 1 2 
When he was a child, Katsu had an argument with his parents one summer and ran off to an address he found on a New Year’s greeting card. It was in this rural village of Takaragi that he met a girl named Natsuki, who treated him like a blood-related little brother. But then her parents died in an accident and she was taken in by his family. However, she decided to remain in Takaragi instead against the advice of all the adults that wouldn’t let a young girl like her live alone.
Every summer since that day, Katsu returns to Takaragi to visit Natsuki. They swim in the sea together, catch insects together, play with fireworks together. As the years pass, the bond between them turns into love.
There are English reviews

2. Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo キミとボクとエデンの林檎 [110610] Alma 1 2 
One winter day as he was walking home after school, Ryuusei was suddenly pushed into a black car. Inside he meet his cousin Runa who looks just like him for the first time in 3 years. Runa is the heiress of the wealthy Kaburaki family and attends the prestigious Shirotae Girls’ School and is highly respected by all students. She had been chosen to be the ‘prince’ in the upcoming play, but she lost her voice and wanted him to take her place. Will he taste the fruits of love in this forbidden garden?
There are English reviews

3. Sengoku Hime 3 ~Tenka o Kirisaku Hikari to Kage~ 戦極姫3~天下を切り裂く光と影~ [110617] Gesen 18 1 2 3
The third installment of the Sengoku SLG series, with even more female commanders at your disposal. You can actually have them all under your command via the "persuasion event". Obviously, the goal is to unite the country by defeating all those get in your way.
TBS has an English review.

4. Aneiro アネイロ [110624] Alcot Honey Comb
Kou returns to Japan after a few years overseas to attend school and reunite with his older sister Kaoruko and osananajimi Ena. They are overjoyed that he is back together with them. Little did he know that they are quite well-known at school: Kaoruko as the Jeanne d’Arc Scientist and Ena as the Emerald-Eyed Witch. There’s a huge commotion now with him around and the student council leader Sayaka declares that she will disband any club that doesn’t have anything to show by the end of the month. This puts Kaoruko’s science club and Ena’s astro-divination club in danger. Of course, they come and ask Kou to help them!
Poor scenario with boring routes, scarce humor and even unsatisfactory H element.

5. Cafe Sourire [110624] CUFFS 1 2 3 4
Every summer vacation, while everyone is playing at the beaches or going camping in the mountains, Shinichi has a bored look on his face. Even though his father is getting remarried and he ended up living together with his older brother and childhood friend, it doesn’t trigger any excitement in his heart. However, this summer is different. Helping out at his father’s Cafe Sourire with his meddlesome friends, will it help him regain that ‘something’ that he had forgotten?
‘Sourire’ means ‘smile’ in French and that’s what this heartful love ADV wants you to do with its slice of life depiction of working at a cafe during summer vacation.
There are English reviews.

6. Dengeki Stryker 電激ストライカー [110624] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 
Yamato has a great sense of justice and aspires to be a hero. He always tried to protect his childhood friend Haruna when she’s being bullied, but he always got beat down instead. One day, Haruna was going to move away and wanted to say goodbye to him. However, he despaired that he was never able to protect her once in the end.
He met an old man called the ‘Memory Collector’, who could grant any wish in exchange for one’s memories. Yamato wished to become a Stryker, the hero from a manga he loved. Several years later, some people with superpowers called the Balbora Empire appeared in the city Haruna was living in. The police and army were powerless in stopping them, but one warrior showed up and beat them with one kick. He was the hero of the manga Dengeki Stryker.
Game is localized and has English reviews

7. Fluorite Memories フローライトメモリーズ いつかきっと、約束の場所で [110624] Rabbit
Kazuya’s parents passed away due to illness when he was small and he and his imouto Minatsu were taken in by his father’s acquaintance and they now live in the rural town of Sadogashima. His heart aches when he is lonely and he often goes to a pond in the forest to cry, while clutching a momento from his mother, “tears of a firefly”.
One night, he saved a firefly that was ensnared by a spider’s web. The next day at the pond, a girl suddenly appeared and they watched the fireflies together. As they spent more days playing together, he began to feel happier as he watched her always have a smile on her face. Then one day when he asked her to play together again, she turned downcast and said that she couldn’t. He intended to give the “tears of a firefly” to her as a present, but she never showed up at the pond after that day.
Time passed and he had gotten used to living in the town. In the beginning of summer, a girl named Mikoto transferred into his 2nd-year class. All the guys were excited at having such a pretty girl join their class, but Kazuya was the most surprised… because she was the girl that he had met at the firefly pond.
Another rural story with mystery element. First half fares adequately, but later on quality drops substantially making it unmemorable.

8. Happy Factory はっぴぃふぁくとりー [110624] Grand Cru classe
Nanahouka Gakuen was built as a test facility to solve problems with the escalator system that is a commonplace. Yuu’s normal school life turns upside down when the school board chairman declares that there isn’t enough happiness in the school and forms the Happy Factory Club (HFC). He is forced into the club so that he can enjoy a happy adolescence.

9. Hyper→Highspeed→Genius [110624] Windmill 1 2 3
There are some people called ‘genius’ in this world who possess special abilities (Gift) and are responsible for protecting the world. There are three schools specially-designed to train them: Satsuki Gakuen, Saint July Academy and Minazuki Gakuen. One day, a hidden treasure ‘Noah’ which amplifies the abilities of its holder was discovered. Since whoever gained control of Noah would be able to rule the world, it was decided that the three schools merge together as Hazuki Gakuen and an election held to decide on who will become the world council leader. Kyuushirou wishes to gain control in order to change the world to his liking and makes a contract with the demon Mephisto. With his powers he would be able to persuade, cajole and control the election candidates, but what he actually wants is… love!
There are English impressions

10. Lovely x Cation [110624] Akatsuki Works Hibiki 1 2 3 4
The protagonist lives alone in an apartment owned by his uncle and lives a carefree school life. One spring day, his uncle can’t stand seeing him confining himself in his room any more and tells him to go out and find love while he is still young. However, he doesn’t have any experience with girls nor does he have anyone that he’s interested in.
SIM has English reviews

11. Nadeshiko Drip なでしこドリップ [110624] Apricot Plum
It’s been three years since Takumi returned to his hometown and he decides to visit the local cafe for a cup of coffee that he loved. However, the cafe was in decrepit shape and his cousin Miu now is the manager!? She gets him and her friends to help out. At first, he wanted to get out, but soon he decides to help make it into his dream cafe, redesigning the decor, menu and even the waitress outfits by hand.
Opportunistic harem moege.

12. Nemureru Hana wa Haru o Matsu. -spring come- 眠れる花は春をまつ。 -spring come- [110624] 130cm
In the far away town of Tenshou-mura, Kazuma, the son of the famous Tendou zaibatsu, lives a life of misfortune. It has been 38 times that he had been kidnapped for ransom; most recently, he was saved by their household maid Youko. His imouto Ichika and another maid Kiko are worried for him and forbade him from leaving the house. However, he doesn’t want to cause problems for them and tries to find a way to get rid of, or at least lessen, his ill luck. By chance, he met a girl who is a zashikiwarashi.
An overkill trying to dwell on Oni Uta success, so it becomes an unrealistic story with ugly graphics and abominable protagonist

13. Rewrite [110624] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia.
Tennouji Kotarou lives here. He's a high school student who has the ability to rewrite his own body; he can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. He investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school.
There are English reviews

14. Shojo to Maou to Tactics 処女と魔王とタクティクス [110624] Chariot 1 
This fantasy SRPG is the debut title from Chariot. Tatsuya doesn’t have many redeeming qualities other than being earnest. One day, the soul of a maou went into his body and willingly turned into a guy who loves to pick fights. Then while he was dealing with some delinquents from the neighbouring town, he was suddenly summoned to another world. In front of him was the new maou, Elis, who begged him to save the demon race from the angels. He gladly agrees to, in exchange for her virginity.

15. Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi すきま桜とうその都会 [110624] Propeller 1 2 3
In the midst of winter, two siblings strive to keep warmth in the snow. Under circumstances, Yuuma and Sakura escaped from home to seek refuge in the city, only to be spurned with harsh reality. In the moment of utmost direness they found a branch blossomed with Sakura petals, and it led them to a wonderland…Sakurano, the town under a giant Sakura tree where only liars may enter.
Sakurano is a mysterious town filled with strange phenomena, other than everywhere filled with sakura petals, it is always the season of Spring in Sakurano. The town has districts resembling the “outside world”, can still contact the outside world, but is not influenced by anything of the “outside”. Of which the most peculiar rumour of Sakurano is of the legend of a god who has created Sakurano: That those who asks will have their “lies” turned into “truths”.
There are English reviews.

16. Yukioni-ya Onsen-ki 雪鬼屋温泉記 [110624] SofthouseChara 1
Sakichi’s parents told him that their inheritance is his only if he can run the onsen ryokan for 3 years without any problems. Even though he doesn’t have any experience running one, he is used to them since he used to live in one. He recruits several of his friends to help him with his business. It is not as easy task as there are mountains of problems to overcome, from unruly guests and sabotage from other inns, to severe weather and even fairies. However, the biggest problem is… he won’t have any time to play with girls! Will he be able to successfully acquire his task without sacrificing his love life?


1. Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling Steins;Gate 比翼恋理のだーりん [110616] Nitroplus 1 2 3
After repeated D-mail experiments, Okarin jumps to a world where 3% shift in world line was to be expected. And before he knew it, Kurisu as well as the rest of the members have been gathered and amidst preparations for a banquet.
In this world, a new gadget had been created but the group is facing some troubles. They can’t afford to pay the electricity bill due to running too many experiments. Let’s see what this new gadget can do for us…
The concept for this game is a love comedy with some sweet romance scenes and where 99% of the world is science but 1% is composed of … fantasies?!

2. Maikaze no Melt -Where Leads to Feeling Destination- 舞風のメルト -Where leads to feeling destination- [110624] Whirlpool 1
This is the fandisk for Suzukaze no Melt. In addition to after stories for the 5 main heroines, a new heroine is introduced (the goddess Kureha) and there will be a harem route as well. Of course subcharacters also have their time in the spotlight with Yui, Fuu, Haruna, Reona and Mina all getting mini stories.

3. Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! Afterstory もっと 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! アフターストーリー [110624] Candy Soft 1
Fandisc containing an individual after story for each heroine, except for the twins who share it. Also includes a very short bonus harem route.

4. Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.2 マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ クロニクルズ02 [110624] Age 1
The second entry in the Chronicles sidestories series. Includes a continuation of the "The Day After" scenario featured in Chronicles 01, "Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles:Aspiration" (a story set in The Euro Front), a special episode of Radio Total Eclipse, and other bonus material.

5. Stellar ☆ Theater Encore Stellar ☆ Theater Encore [110624] Rosebleu
This is the fandisk for Rosebleu’s first title, Stellar☆Theater, focusing on the imouto Satsuki. With the ‘Sora’ events resolved, Daichi returned to his normal life with his osananajimi and newly added bishoujos. However, his imouto Satsuki still hasn’t given up on her dream to be his bride. The four zodiac girls also left, but then another one appeared: Mashiro of the Cancer Zodiac. She is touched by Satsuki’s deep love for her brother and helps her achieve her dream.

6. euphoria [110624] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
When he came to, he found himself in a white room that he didn't recognize...
Takatou Keisuke was locked in a white, closed room with six other women: his childhood friend Hokari Kanae, class rep. Andou Miyako, junior Makiba Rika, English teacher Aoi Natsuki, same-year student Byakuya Rinne, and classmate Manaka Nemu. All of them were confused by this abnormal situation, when a "mysterious voice" suddenly announced to them:
"The game will now begin."
Keisuke must become an "Unlocker" and select one of the women as a "Keyhole", then perform a specified act with her in order to "open the lock" so that they can all escape from the white rooms.
One of the girls went into a frenzy over the irrational, extreme and immoral contents of those acts, lashing out at the "mysterious voice". The lights suddenly went out and all the girls shrieked out of fear. When the lights came back on, the first thing Keisuke and the others saw was the rebellious girl from earlier, restrained to a torture device.
"Withdrawal from the game will result in death." - the mysterious voice announced.
Electric current began to run through the torture device the moment after the voice stopped speaking. The girl's eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she went incontinent, defecating and urinating herself. The women cried and shouted, clearly disturbed by what was happening before them.
Keisuke, on the other hand, found himself inexplicably aroused by what was happening to the said girl. For he kept a dark secret. A taste for sexual assault and destructive urges against women... it was an abominable desire of his that he wanted to keep only to himself.
Unfortunately for Keisuke, his classmate Nemu saw right through him this time around. And a cunning woman that she is, she won't skip this opportunity to start using this new-found information so that she can blackmail him and ultimately, make him submit to her.
"This is a kiss to seal our deal." - she said when she suddenly sealed his lips.
Despite being surprised by her unexpected actions, Keisuke resolved himself to only violate the other women as the means of escaping from the white rooms in order to protect his childhood friend Kanae. Will Keisuke be able to escape unharmed and return to his normal life? Or will his very desires consume him...? It remains to be seen.
Nukige, but localized one and even with an opening 

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