VN of the Month April 2013 - Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa-

Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- is the only thing that stands out in April for me. Clephas featured Windows release of Yaneura no Kanojo . Micchi in addition promotes Hitotsu Tobashi Ren'ai , Unmei Yohou o Oshirase Shimasu and even dating sim LOVELY×CATION2

1. Jansei Gakuen Chrono★Magic 雀聖学園 クロノ★マジック [130418] BOOST ON 
There is a legend in a public magic school that whoever enters an underground warehouse loses consciousness and awakens with time rewinded to the moment of entering the warehouse. Does monster Chrono-san really exist?
Mahjong PSP something

2. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Portable 境界線上のホライゾン PORTABLE [130425] Tenky 1 
In the far future, humans abandon a devastated Earth and travel to outer space. However, due to an unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the populace. In order to find a way to return to outer space, the humans begin reenacting human history according to the Holy Book Testament. But in the year 1413 of the Testament Era, the nations of the pocket dimensions invade and conquer Japan, dividing the territory into feudal fiefdoms and forcing the original inhabitants of Japan to leave. It is now the year 1648 of the Testament Era, the refugees of Japan now live in the city ship Musashi, where it constantly travels around Japan while being watched by the Testament Union, the authority that runs the re-enactment of history. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begins to spread when the Testament stops revealing what happens next after 1648. Taking advantage of this situation, Tori Aoi, head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council, leads his classmates to use this opportunity to regain their homeland.
Anime Spin-Off

3. Guardian ☆ Place ~Do S na Imouto to 3-nin no Yome~ Guardian☆Place ~ドエスな妹と3人の嫁~ [130426] SkyFish
In another world, beings known as ‘guardians’ live in harmony with humans. Since those who have the best guardians have the brightest futures, everyone wishes to have the best guardian. Yuuki doesn’t have any relatives, working part-time day and night just to make enough money to attend school.
One day, a maid who called herself his imouto appeared before him and abducted him into a waiting private jet. There he was greeted by a stern-faced old man on the monitor, who revealed that Yuuki was actually the grandson of the head of the industry leader of the guardian industry, the Ootori Group. After the death of his son a few years ago, he wanted to pass on the Group to Yuuki, since he was the only remaining male relative.
Yuuki was excited at his sudden good luck, however he was told that incompetence would not be tolerated. He was enrolled into the extremely famous guardian school Suzakukou to become a ‘guardian master’, but… isn’t this a girl’s school? Three girls Ouka, Itsuki and Neon all claimed to be his future wife, and they all ended up living together with him at the dormitory. The sharp-tongued imouto maid Aoi was also there, and she told him that in order not to disappoint his grandfather, he should win the school’s upcoming guardian tournament.
These guardians are only featured in the beginning and lose meaning afterwards. Story is fast-paced without explanations, so all those battle, summoning and romance elements become a mess. H tilt is also excessive for me (there is even one case of tentacles).

4. Hitotsu Tobashi Ren'ai ひとつ飛ばし恋愛 [130426] ASa Project 1 2 3 4 
Kazuki returned to his hometown after three years away accompanying his father while he worked in another city. He was excited to reunite with his sisters, osananajimi and buddy, but moreover, he wanted to get a girlfriend! It is the goal of every young boy. Maybe his wish was heard by the heavens, but he met four bishoujos… all of whom were friends of his friends and family!?
There are English reviews

5. Hyakka Ryouran Elixir 百花繚乱エリクシル [130426] AXL 1
The ‘patrolling messengers’ monitored the feudal lords in the kingdom for the emperor. They were orphans who were raised personally by the emperor himself, and only the best of the best were able to be named as one. However, the feudal lords knew that so long as they did not commit any grave crimes, the messengers would not take any action. Moreover, since they were not related to the royal family, they were easily coerced by others’ political strengths.
Bloom had been a messenger for the past 3 years and he finally had been assigned to his own area, but it was in the middle of nowhere. This was because a great noble had bought the lands out of spite after he was reported for illegal gathering of wealth. Nevertheless, he still accepted his position and vowed to do the best for the kingdom.
The area he was to patrol was an idyllic village, with friendly people and a proud princess living in a crumbling castle. At first, he earnestly did his job, increasing the taxes and investigating any secret contact with neighbouring countries, but he gradually he felt like he wanted to live in this town with them. Moreover, he wanted to bring great wealth to the town and revitalize it.
There is an English review

6. Koiseyo!! Imouto Banchou 恋せよ!!妹番長 [130426] Latte 1
After his father’s death, Jin was separated from his 365 imoutos and ended up living overseas. He told them to live ‘strongly’ until he comes back to them. Ten years later, he reunited with his imoutos in Japan… and they are all banchous!? Not only that, but it was said that the strongest imouto will become oniichan’s bride. Could it be that they misunderstood what he said?
There is an English review (luckily, because such setting is the new bottom)

7. Love La Bride ラブらブライド [130426] ChuableSoft 1
Kenji accidentally kissed Misaki and that meant that he had to marry her according to her family’s customs. However, she had no intention of marrying someone who she did not love and moreover, is a commoner. She suggested to live together for 3 months, after which she’ll tell her parents that she tried to live with a commoner, but it was impossible. However, four other girls also ended up living with them: his imouto Nao, osananajimi Hitomi, senpai Haruka, and Misaki’s maid Sasha. Moreover, they’re all pretending to be his fiancée. What will happen in these upcoming 3 months?
There is an English review

8. Lovely x Cation 2 [130426] Hibiki Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 
Spring has come again and the protagonist has moved into a new home by himself after his parents transfered elsewhere for their jobs. Everyone went smoothly until he received a prediction at a shrine which he had come upon: “Go find the one who will become your partner for life. Otherwise, you will live a cruel life”. However, a non-assertive man like him didn’t know anything about love. At such an critical juncture in his life, will he be able to summon up the courage to find himself a girl?
There are English reviews

9. Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ 魔導巧殻 ~闇の月女神は導国で詠う~ [130426] Eushully 1 2 3 4
Melkia empire is one of the five great countries in the middle of the continent, ruled by an emperor and four skilled field marshals. Its east provinces are constantly under attack from an old enemy, Yun Gasol alliance.
When one of the four marshals dies in a battle, enraged emperor sends reinforcements to the region, and being a part of it Weisheit, the protagonist, now have to defend his homeland as a military commander.
RTS has English reviews

10. Nai Mono Nedari wa Mou Oshimai ナイものねだりはもうお姉妹 [130426] Aries
Musashi lives with his older sisters Nanami and Misaki, who often use him to their advantage. Lately he’s been getting closer to his cousins Kazuha and Honoka who live next door. It’s like they’re part of his family, or are they like lovers? Either way, every day is full of happiness. One day, Honoka suddenly confesses to Musashi that she loved him ever since she was born, asking him to become her groom! Suddenly, the delicate balance has been broken and each girl aimed to claim him as their own.
Game's short and scenario non-existent. It's everything you expect of a moege.

11. Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- 少女神域∽少女天獄 -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- [130426] Lass 1 2 3
Shun has always wondered what was on the other side of the stone walls surrounding and beyond the tunnel out of Kaijou-shi ever since he was a child. However, he never ventured out since every time there was an opportunity to do so, he fell ill or there was some family business. After he graduated from Seihoukan Gakuen, he decided right then to leave his hometown.
The next spring, he received a call from his mother, asking him to come back for the Seikousai festival which he had always attended since he was small. His family kept the items for the festival, but this year’s event will be even bigger than normal. His imouto Sana and osananajimi Yuki both had been chosen as the miko for the kagura dance.
As he was returning back to Kaijou-shi on the train, he reflected on why he left his hometown. He had found nothing special on the other side, just the beginning of a new life. However, it felt like he had lost something along the way. Then he could hear his osananajimi’s gentle voice: “Shun-chan, it’s been a while since you’ve been back”. He felt like those words livened his spirits and comforted his heart.
Another controversial work from Lass. World-building is great, and characters are inspiring. What everyone blames is scenario as there is very little explanation for this dark setting, and a lot of elements develop randomly in disjoint till the end. As any mystery work, it's more interesting while mystery lasts. I might review it myself if there is nothing in 2013 in more dire need of a review.

12. Unmei Yohou o Oshirase Shimasu 運命予報をお知らせします [130426] Yonaki Uguisu 1 2 
The ‘red string mail’ is quite a popular good luck charm among the girls at Shimei Gakuen. If one sends an e-mail to a certain address, it would be received by someone else in the school. It was said that the receiver is the fated partner of the sender, and if they ended up together thanks to the ‘red string mail’, then they would be happy together forever.
One day, a request was sent to the executive club to find out the truth behind this rumour. The girls happily obliged and sent out a ‘red string mail’. At the same time, Souichirou decided to run for the school’s general election, not for the school or the students, but to put an end to his boring school life. He then received the ‘red string mail’ from the girls. Not just one, but every single one which was sent by the girls in the executive club went to him. The girls played it off as just a joke and they all continued on with their own lives. It’s just a simple good luck charm after all, isn’t it? But having known who their fated partner is, they couldn’t help but start to have feelings for him.
There are English reviews

13. Yumeiro Alouette! ゆめいろアルエット! [130426] Mana 1 2 3
A long time ago, Kaname had a pendant which could grant any wish, but he has since forgotten what he had wished for. Now he is enjoying a busy student life at Zuichou Gakuen. One day, his osananajimi Yuu ordered him to sneak into the student council room at night to falsify the news club’s budget. However, he was busted by the student council leader Yuzuki herself. Then she said something strange: “Ah I see, you’re the first one”. From that day on, his surroundings began to change. The new transfer student Suzume claimed to be his fiancée, his kouhai Mihane became his imouto, and a maid Kirara came to serve him.
There are English reviews


1. Horobi Kuchiru Sekai ni Tsuioku no Hanataba o ~ present for you ~ 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ [130402] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1
I've decided to throw it all away.
My riches, my standing, my glory - and my beloved family.
I shall leave them all behind, taking my leave of this era.
This is a bouquet of memories in remembrance of a broken, decaying world—
A collection of tales of glorious times to come, and the people who live there—
And the tale of a foolish man who shall travel through time to see them all, driven by a burning wish.
The lives of the women he shall meet are but mayflies in the inexorable flow of time - but how did they live, in those fleeting moments? What did they think of, and what did they try to accomplish?
To me, people's lives are like precious flowers; people spend their lives trying to reach full bloom.
I have tried to infuse these stories with the beauty and vivacity of such flowers - welcome to my nostalgic flower shop.
Doujin has English reviews

2. Tsuisou no Augment 終奏のオーグメント [130419] Jirai Soft 1 
A fandisk of Tsuisou no Augment. Written in different kanji but still read "Tsuisou no Augment".
The game features after stories for each 3 heroines, and routes for Kawashima Hideya's older sister Kawashima Youko, Susonobe Nami's older sister Susonobe Minami, and the Shinigami Augment.

3. Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei 麻呂の患者はガテン系 [130425] Elf 1
Hikomaro works as a doctor. He is also a pervert. One day, Sakimi came to his doctor's office asking about a small pain. Over time he gained her trust and began giving her advice about marriage life, specially about making children. Being the pervert he is he takes advantage of her trust and begins sexually caressing several parts of her body during examinations...
Nukige with an English review

4. Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム [130425] Nitroplus 1 2 3
You followed Okarin through the labyrinth of time and space; now relive the twists and turns of Steins;Gate through the eyes of Kurisu, Suzuha, Daru, and the rest of the Future Gadget Lab members. See how they faced the startling events of the game; hear their thoughts and experience their battles firsthand. This incredible visual novel gives you the rest of the story, with new revelations that will amaze even the most jaded Steins;Gate fan. The drama of Steins;Gate continues. Don't miss it.
Fandisc has English reviews

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