VN of the Month June 2013 - Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~

Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ is my choice for the month with another great titles being Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. and Futagoza no Paradox . Clephas backed the last one back then and also Natsukumo Yururu which is too loli to even consider for me. Micchi throws four more colorful titles in.

1. Rou-Kyuu-Bu! Himitsu no Otoshimono ロウきゅーぶ! ひみつのおとしもの [130620] Vridge Inc.
Continuation of basketball team struggle.
Anime Spin-Off

2. Bunny Black 3 [130621] SofthouseChara 1 2 3
After marrying the maou, the adventurer Darks became a maou himself. One day, while he was doing his job as a maou, an observer Macdo came from the demon world. She deemed his abilities to be insufficient and ordered him to build a town to prove himself. It was an arduous task, but with the help of his numerous wives, daughters and other girls, and his deep desire to do it for them, he was determined to get the job done. But with attacks from resistance forces and scheming from the heavens, will he be able to succeed?
RPG has English reviews

3. Date A Live: Rinne Utopia デート・ア・ライブ 凛祢ユートピア [130627] Compile Heart 1 
Thirty years ago a strange phenomena called a "spacequake" devastated the center of Eurasia, claiming the lives of at least 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on an irregular basis. Itsuka Shido, a seemingly ordinary high schooler comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spacequake and learns from his sister Kotori she is one of the "Spirits" who are the real cause of the spacequakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the world. He also learns that Kotori is the captain of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits' powers thus stopping them from being a threat to mankind. However, there is a catch: to seal a Spirit, he must make her fall in love with him and kiss her.
Anime Spin-Off

4. Akabanzu ~Real na Sekai de Boku ga Kimi ni Dekiru Koto~ あかばんず~リアルな世界で僕が君にできること~ [130628] Bonbon Company 1 
Kenta was a normal guy until he was introduced to the popular MMO Alpha. Since then, he’s been totally addicted to it, glued to the game except when he is sleeping (at school). The game basically took over every minute of his life. All his friends and classmates, and even his childhood friend, didn’t talk to him any more. However, this didn’t concern him as all he needed were his friends on Alpha, the ‘god players’, who are just as addicted as him.
One day, the GM offered a special mission to the players and he pulled an all-nighter and cleared it. His satisfaction from completing the quest was quickly replaced with despair as a voice told him that he was too addicted to the game and his character was deleted. The fruits of 3000 game hours had been wiped out in an instant and he felt as if his soul had left him.
Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared before him. She introduced herself as a civil servant and that he will be enrolled in a rehabilitation program for people addicted to MMOs. Of course, he was angry that his precious character had been deleted, so she told him that if he completed the program, he would be able to get his character back. Immediately, he agreed to join without fully understanding what lies in store for him.
There is an English review

5. Berry's [130628] Sphere 1 2 3
It's almost the summer holidays.
The protagonist, Houkou Hayao, decides that he wants a part time job, and accepts a job interview at the family restaurant, Berry's.
On the same day as the job interview, Hayao has a chance meeting with a certain young lady. That young lady- whose shoulders were trembling in fury- bursts out of the job interview room, and binge eats at Berry's. She drags him around and he ended up hanging around with her for a while, but he never found out what made her so upset. On top of that, when he gets home, he finds out that his younger sister, Yuuka, has found out that he got a job without permission.
On the day of the job, he learns that there is another new employee. It turns out to be the binge-eating girl he met on the day of his interview, and she is introduced as Morikubo Yuna.
A variety of other unique co-workers come to introduce themselves. The petite twins, Satou Haruki and Natsuki. There's Makinosawa Ena, though younger, is fine with bantering and teasing Hayao. Then there's the athletic and energetic Izuno Youko. That is the start of Hayao's hectic, but fun work life.
The summer holidays is just around the corner.
Surrounded by gorgeous girls in uniform, so begins Hayao's summer story.
There are English reviews

6. BRAVA!! [130628] Sweetlight
The previous theater owner had once said that heroines are on the stage. However, now the seats are mostly empty (aside from couples making out in public) and the schedule remains unfilled. Sisters Shizuku and Minamo inherited the theater and wished to bring it back to its glory days as they promised their grandfather on his death bed. They asked their childhood friend Hiroto for help in bringing back the ‘heroines’ on stage. However, the gathered theatrical members are all peculiar in their own ways… Will he be able to successfully lead them to a box office hit?
Light fun youth growth success story. Overall it's a high quality game with nice atmosphere, but that alone without outstanding features is not enough for a masterpiece.

7. Drapeko! ~Onedari Dragon to Oppai Yuusha~ どらぺこ! ~おねだりドラゴンとおっぱい勇者~ [130628] Alice Soft 1 2
Mermaids, ogres, unicorns and other fantastical beings are much stronger than humans and possess abundant knowledge and wisdom. They lend their aid and guidance to human beings, who in turn worship their benefactors. One of the human nations, the Dragon Valley, reached power and prosperity via the blessing of the strongest of the fantastical beings – the dragons.
One day Esto, the prince of the Dragon Valley, had a fateful encounter with a nameless dragon girl. He named her Kuu, and she promised to aid him in time of need in exchange for his help in granting her most important wish. Years later, when coup d’état put an end to Esto's carefree life, Kuu came back to fulfill her promise.
There is an English review

8. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ フレラバ ~Friend to Lover~ [130628] Smee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
The season of cherry blossoms, and a time of new beginnings, new encounters, and new people. For Aoba Kyousuke, this new season marks the start of his second year in high school, and after taking a moment to reflect and looking at the friends around him...All he can find is a dumbass too horny for his own good, and can't get over his strange fetish for lizard-humanoid creatures.
Sure enough, he enjoys hanging out with them, and he wouldn't even think of giving it up, but something feels missing. A precious, valuable part of everyone's adolescence, and something he might just miss out on at this rate...
What is that something? Why, love of course. So upon realizing this, he shouts to the world-
He'll need to give it his all, of course, because he knows that love does not just come to those who wait.
Game is localized and has English reviews

8. Futagoza no Paradox 双子座のパラドクス [130628] Cotton Soft 1 2 3 4
Eiman Gakuen is the only school which has a program to help develop the special abilities of the students. A pair of twins Souji and Souichi attend the school with their childhood friends Natsuki and Haruki, as well as other friends. However, their normal days came to an abrupt end when one day after school, a thunderbolt struck the school and sent Souji, Natsuki, Ao and the entire school itself to another dimension.
There are English reviews

9. Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ 幻創のイデア~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ [130628] 3rdEye 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Seven years ago during the great disaster Naglfar Night, a shift in the Earth’s crust caused the land to be inundated by the sea, washing away the soil and drastically altering the world. A great tear in the crust known as the ‘parallel out’ emitted noxious gases which hardened the skin of humans, causing them to crumble into dust. This spelled the end of tens of thousands of people.
Those that were not affected moved away from the capital, which was ravaged by the disaster, to rebuild. After some time, they created a cure known as AS9 for those who were affected by the noxious gases. This allowed people to move back to the capital. Yuuma is one of those who now live within in the capital, while Akashi is a mysterious boy who lived in an area abandoned after the disaster. Their fated meeting would bring forth many unfortunate events.
There are English reviews

10. Grimoire no Shisho 魔導書の司書 [130628] Astronauts: Alya 1
Magic exists in the world of Grand Esteca. There’s a magic library in the town of Altrium where all books of sorcery are kept. There resides a closely guarded book 30 floors underneath the library: the powerful book of sorcery, Grimoire, within which was sealed the demon who unleashed his fury in a war long ago. However, now he is merely a perverted demon with no dignity whatsoever. The librarian Mihai loves reading books and came upon and became friends with Grimoire. He respected the demon despite his current situation due to his immense magical knowledge. However, one day, someone stole these pages of knowledge from Grimoire and they ended up dispersed in other continents. It might cause a new world war to break out. Concerned about the situation, the sage Maynard ordered Mihai to recover the pages.
There is an English review

11. Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. 君と彼女と彼女の恋。 [130628] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Life is like a staircase. You just gotta keep climbing. Otherwise, if you start to overthink it, you'll have trouble taking the next step.
Shinichi wants nothing more than to lead a quiet life. Though he was once close friends with Miyuki, the most popular girl in school, his desire for normalcy now keeps them from being anything more than classmates.
Everything changes, however, one day on the roof, when the class oddball, Aoi, suddenly tries to kiss him. Miyuki appears just in time to stop her, but afterward, Shinichi feels the urge to bring some light to this friendless girl's eyes. He enlists Miyuki's aid, and thus, a trio is born.
The days pass, and little by little, Aoi learns what it means to be friends. But at the same time, long-dormant feelings awaken in Miyuki's heart. As the distance between her and Shinichi shrinks, the hard-earned bonds the three share begin to fray.
Miyuki or Aoi-when the time comes, which will Shinichi choose?
Game is localized and has English reviews

12. Natsukumo Yururu なつくもゆるる [130628] Sumikko Soft 1 2 3 4
After an outbreak of a new strain of pharyngoconjunctival fever, a group of students at boarding school are ordered to stay within the school facilities for two weeks at the beginning of summer vacation, as the virus may still be residing in their systems.
Touma Shin, one of the students forced to remain at school, soon finds himself cast out of his room in the dead of night over something petty. Wandering around the campus in attempt to calm his nerves, he is suddenly threatened by a mysterious gothloli girl brandishing a shovel.
Now, here's the thing - all of the girls being kept at the school come across as extremely young in terms of both physical appearance and height. What exactly is the meaning behind this? Well, the answer will become clear in due time...
There are English reviews

13. Nosferatu no Omocha☆彡 ノスフェラトゥのオモチャ☆彡 [130628] ICHIGO Fizz 1
Due to the pandemic ‘bloodlust’, 99.9% of the world’s population had become ‘spirit takers’. Hibiki is one of the remaining humans spends every day in fear of the predatory takers. One time he was saved by the Nosferatu, the divine ancestor of the spirit takers. He enrolled in the Ashina First Girl’s School, where the Nosferatu family attends, to pay back their kindness. However, all the students and teachers are takers, so it was an extremely dangerous place for him. The Nosferatu asked him to teach them about love. Then, he found out that his scent and bodily fluids attracted spirit takers and made them excited, and this effect extended even to the Nosferatu. They made him live with them at their dorm in order to ‘protect’ him, but in reality… has he become their toy?
There is an English review

14. Otome wa Karen ni Koi ni Mai! 乙女は可憐に恋に舞いっ! [130628] Klein
During one lunch break, Tomoki dozed off in a corner of the school courtyard and woke up on the lap of a beautiful girl he hadn’t seen before. The next day, the girl Naori joined his class to retake the second year of school which she missed due to illness. Not soon thereafter, his friend Minagi and kouhai Hazuki joined the ‘ruling party’ that Naori revived to keep the over-earnest student council led by her best friend Erika in check. He finds himself unwillingly caught in the middle of all of this.
An ordinary school club story with weak writing and lack of explanation. Only worth playing for particular heroines.

15. Prestar ~Precious Star's Festival~ プレスタ!~Precious☆Star’sフェスティバル~ [130628] Atelier Kaguya Fortissimo FF
Hibikinomori Gakuen is a huge school with a wide variety of specializations, some of them quite different from standard ones. Yoshitaka is in the general education curriculum, but he felt like he had made no precious memories since entering the school. His best friend Suminao jokingly suggested that he be the producer for this year’s Precious☆Star’s Festival (also known as Prestar), the flashy concert which is the focus of the school festival. He was able to get the position with some difficulty, but what surprised him was that all the performers were all-stars: a highly-popular top idol, a world-famous pianist, a pro mangaka/illustrator and a promising Olympian in rhythmic gymnastics. Will he be able to make Prestar a success?
Atelier Kaguya always bears strong nukige tilt, but with enough cuteness poured in they made a moege out of this. Still nothing to boast of.

16. Sensui-bu! せんすいぶ! [130628] Escu:de
In this country where it’s slightly warmer due to global warming, the hottest thing is a new female-only water sport called "sensui", where girls ride torpedo-like high-performance mini-subs called ‘MAV’s and try to knock down their opponents by shooting special water attacks at them. The sensui team at Aosaki Academy doesn’t have enough members nor do they perform well in competitions. However, the club leader Maasa is determined to turn around the fortunes of the school by enlisting a sensui ace Mito to the team. The four girls (Mito, Alice, Maasa, Rikoko) are managed by a male coach, Riku, whose dream of becoming a sensui player was dashed due to the gender restriction. Together, they aim to compete and win the national competition, the Wassergrahl.

17. Zutto Sukishite Takusan Sukishite ずっとすきして たくさんすきして [130628] Onomatope* 1 2 3
Tokito borrows a book from the library about how to make any girl your girlfriend. Stare at them with confidence for 10 seconds, and they will become yours! But will it really work? Can anything be that simple? And who will Tokito choose? He tries it out on every girl he knows, his childhood friends Koharu and Raika, the quiet librarian Serina, the wealthy and beautiful Touma, even the mysterious girl Kokona, whom he only knows online. It really works! Now that Tokito has so many girls hearts, who will he choose to make his girlfriend?
There are English reviews

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