VN of the Month January 2017 - Silverio Trinity

Can't see anything decent enough except for Silverio Trinity . So did Clephas . Micchi lays hopes on Hoshikoi*Tinkle , Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata and even Aikagi .

1. New Dangan Ronpa V3 Minna no Koroshiai Shingakki NEWダンガンロンパV3 みんなのコロシアイ新学期 [170112] Spike Chunsoft 1 2 3 4 5 6
Like the title "New" implies, the game has a completely different storyline, characters and environment than the first three games (the "Hope's Peak Academy" storyline ends with an anime series), with only the series' mascot Monokuma returning. The game features a new killing game called the New Killing School Life. The new setting is called Gifted Inmates Academy or the Prison School for the Gifted. The Academy (and hotel) is in a garden surrounded by a cage. It's implied that the story is set in the future.
The overall theme is mentioned to be "psycho cool", unlike the "psycho pop" and "psycho tropical" themes of the first two games. The visual style will have a "cool adult-like image" and the Class Trials will have "high-speed reasoning action". While the storyline and the sixteen new characters are different, the gameplay is similar to the earlier games, including exploration, talking with other characters and the Class Trials. It will have notable additions and improvements, though, like the possibility to use your own lies to defeat opponents during the trials.
Detective has English reviews

2. New Game! -The Challenge Stage!- [170126] MAGES. GAME 1 2
The Challenge Stage is a training adventure game based on the popular anime. The player is Suzukaze Aoba, who is tasked with creating add-on downloadable content for a hurriedly decided RPG epic.
During Training Parts, your more experienced co-workers teach you and you learn skills. Your training parameters will change depending on which co-workers teach you.
The story will advance during Adventure Parts. You’ll be able to enjoy conversations with your co-workers and friends, and your friendships can change based on your responses. In the second half of the game, you can enjoy the individual episodes of the co-workers you became friends with in the previous parts, as well as trigger character routes.
Anime Spin-Off

3. Aikagi アイカギ [170127] Azarashi Soft 1
It was the last winter of his school life and with entrance exams and graduation edging closer, Nozomu didn’t know what to do. He was told to become independent, but he couldn’t find a suitable place to live by himself. His childhood friend Shiori couldn’t stand watching him in his current state and suggested that he live with her. While he thought that it wouldn’t really make him independent, his parents readily agreed to the idea. Before he knew it, they were living together under the same roof.
Their cohabitation was only to last one month. Since it’s only for a short period and she’s his childhood friend, he thought that nothing wrong will happen. However, living together with Shiori revealed to him a side which he hadn’t seen before, and he began to see her as a woman. Where will their relationship end up now that he had begun to have feelings for her?
There is an English impression

4. Fu'un to Kou'un to Koi Uranai no Tarot 不運と幸運と恋占いのタロット [170127] Campus
Ten years ago, a fortune teller warned Kouta that the month of June ten years later will be unluckiest month of his life. The only way he could avoid the misfortune would be to find a lover who would share her good luck with him. He did not wish to fall in love with a stranger just to escape bad luck, so he entered the fated month and was besieged by numerous misfortunes. His childhood friend Akane, who’s training to be a fortune teller, offered to be his lover since she’s not a stranger. Not even the tarot cards can predict where their complex relationship will go.
Again kinetic single heroine cheap romance series

5. Hoshi Koi * Twinkle 星恋*ティンクル [170127] Cabbage Soft 1 2 3
The port town of Nagisa has a nostalgic ambience. It is the only place where the star Nagi can be seen. The townspeople hold the “Starry Sky Festival” every December to worship their guardian star. However, it doesn’t concern Kei, who moved to the town with his sickly imouto Soraha. It was more important to him to get used to his new life.
At first, they faced a series of troubles, but Soraha’s health gradually got better thanks to the clean air in the town. He was able to make friends at his new school and adjusted to living in a rural town with few inconveniences, even without their parents around. However, there was one odd rule that he had to abide by: he must not let the existence of Nagi be known to outsiders.
One day, he has a mysterious encounter with a girl who had the same name as the star, Nagi. This is a love story between humans and the stars.
There are an English reviews

6. Kami-sama no Game -Kankinsareta 6nin no Danjo- 神様のゲーム -監禁された6人の男女- [170127] Xuse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Kazuma suddenly found himself trapped in an unfamiliar room with 5 women: his cousin Kokoro, her classmate Moe, the daughter of a noble family Kotoko, medical school student Mitsuki and the married wife Yuriko. They were all confused as to why they were there, and a light appeared above them and started to sing:
"Who will die and who will live~♪ The dirty humans will survive~♪
Come now, let’s betray one another~♪ God’s game has begun~♪"
The self-proclaimed “God” playfully asked them if they would like to play a game. Of course, they didn’t want any part of it and just wanted to go home. In response to their refusals, “God” sliced off their arms and opened up a large hole in the stomach of those that made a cheeky remark. Panic ensued until everything was reversed in an instant. Having found out first-hand the powers of “God”, they had no choice but to participate. It was a death game with absurd rules that could change at the whim of “God”. Will they kill or help each other in order to survive?
There are English reviews

7. Kanojo to Ore no Lovely Day 彼女と俺の恋愛日常 [170127] Parasol 1 
Shou is a talented painter who is a scholarship student at Sakuranomori Gakuen. However, shortly after entering the school, he was fascinated with figures and became addicted to building them. As a result, he didn’t complete any works of art and the school told him that they would revoke his scholarship unless he wins the upcoming competition.
When his parents found out about this, they put him in the dormitory without any figure-building tools to make him concentrate on painting. All he could think about was to hurry home so that he could build a satisfactory creation for Hobby Festival, so he had no choice but to participate in the competition.
Up until now, Shou had painted objects and people as he would see them. While he was very talented in doing so, his way of painting changed after he experienced building figures. The most important thing in any creation is love for the character! There’s no point in having the model just sit there; he must know her personality, her mannerisms, her way of thinking, her secrets…. He couldn’t start painting until he knew everything about her, so he began to observe her and got to know her worries along the way.
Will he be able to win the competition and what will happen with their relationship?
There is an English review

8. Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me キミの瞳にヒットミー [170127] Giga 1
Akira was the only member of the classic literature club, which was in danger of disbanding. As the deadline for recruiting new members approached, the student council president Hotori approached him with a suggestion for how to save the club. She told him that he would get the full details in the club room.
When he entered the room, there were four girls there. However, they were not interested in joining his club, but rather they wanted to create their own! They had gathered there to take over the club room after the literature club folded.
Hotori suggested that he get the girls to join the literature club. Will he be able to convince them or will the club be taken over?
There is an English impression

9. Lamune 2 ラムネ2 [170127] NekoNeko Soft
A summer tale begins in a rural seaside town. The burning sun, the sounds of the cicadas, pure white beaches and the blue sea and skies as far as the eye can see. One would expect that something will happen, but at the same time it feels like surely nothing will. And so this summer begins just like every one before it.
Niche game for nekoneko fans or those who remember atmospheric Lamune from 2004. Volume is rather small, there are a lot of sound problems, and story does not really go anywhere preferring to focus just on atmosphere.

10. Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata 人気声優のつくりかた [170127] MintCUBE 1 2 3
The mid-sized voice actor agency Production Bloom is always short on staff. Keito is an old friend of the manager Kaname, who asked him to help out part-time with the collection of scripts from the sound production company. As he wandered the premises, he met some seiyuus who all had their own worries. This is another side of the voice acting world that is not well known, told from the viewpoint of the seiyuus themselves.
There are English reviews

11. Silverio Trinity シルヴァリオトリニティ [170127] light 1 2 3 4
Situated on the eastern border of the military nation of Adler is the historic city of Praga. It remains a powderkeg despite the official ceasefire between the three nations fighting over the territory and its resources, each of whom was completely different militarily, economically and religiously. There is a constant hidden power struggle which threatens the temporary balance and peace.
To break the tense and stagnant situation, the leader of Adler’s “Virgo” corps, Gilbert Harves, assembled all the "Esperanto" (Astral users) to create an experimental platoon. Among those chosen was Ashley Horizon, who had once been saved by the hero Christopher Valzelide and who will now be tasked with saving others.
There are English reviews

12. Dear My Abyss [170131] Berial
One day Subaru receive a weird book from an anonymous sender, the book has a putrid smell and is sealed. With it a message stating that she should never read it and that it’s impossible to dispose of it, even by burning or cutting it to bits
Rather than being disgusted or afraid Subaru think of it as a good way to pass time and decide to show it off to Misuka and Kazumi. They decide to try burning it off but not before Subaru read a bit of it.
A few days later strange things start to happen, the nice teacher who was Kazumi’s only ally disappear, strange people appear all around town looking for a book and a transfer student immediately take an interest in Subaru.


1. AstralAir no Shiroki Towa Finale -Shiroki Hoshi no Yume- アストラエアの白き永遠Finale-白き星の夢- [170127] Favorite 1
The town of Tsukigasaki has entered its third year of winter.
Showing the seasons no mind, the snow only continues to fall.
Gently, swaying in the air, as it descends downwards.
That snow, which never had reached the ground, now does.
The cityscape, once bleak, is now a blanket of glistening white.
Just as no single snowflake is identical to another,
each and every set of footprints on this snow-laden path are different from one another.
No path can ever be retraced, for by the time you've looked to your back, those footprints will but all have melted away.
As though a beckoning light, signalling that the road we know of as time is one that goes only forward.
Yet, even from the base of Yggdrasil each branch is visible,
so maybe too, it might be possible to pave new roads, new realities.
Countless snow-laden paths lay stretched out before both human and faerie alike, and among those many happy endings they must choose one which they truly desire.
Now, let us journey forth, in search of those white crystals that bear testament to eternity––––

2. Real Eroge Situation! リアルエロゲシチュエーション! [170127] Jitaku Studio 1 
Shinobu has feelings for his classmate Kanna, but she isn’t good with otaku like him. So he decided to give up his hobby to get closer to her. A year later, he received a letter from her asking him to come to the classroom by himself after school. He was full of both nervousness and anticipation having been suddenly called by a girl who he had feelings for, but when he entered the room, another classmate Ayame was waiting for him there instead. She’s one of the most popular girls in the school, not only for her cheerful and friendly personality, but also for her voluptuous chest. And she was masturbating against his desk.
“Sorry for using Kanna’s name to call you out here.
I didn’t think you’d come otherwise.
I love you! I fell in love with you at first sight...
and I’ll definitely make you crazy for me too!”
After the sudden confession, she went after him daily with extreme and ecchi ways. This triggered a move by his osananajimi Yuri, who was infatuated with him. Furthermore, even Kanna herself declared her love for him. His springtime of youth has come, full of real eroge-like situations and plenty of sex!
Nukige listed for the sake of an opening

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