VN of the Month March 2017 - Haruru Minamo ni!

Haruru Minamo ni! is VN of the Month, let's also give credit to Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou . Clephas has the same winner. Micchi kinda likes everything - Suisou Ginka no Istoria, TRINOLINE, Natsuiro Kokoro Log ~Happy Summer~, Koinosu☆Ichacolize .

1. Amanatsu Adolesence 甘夏アドゥレセンス [170324] Confiture Soft 1 
At Kazamitou Gakuen, students are free to do as they choose and the light music club which Akira is part of is actually the most ‘free’ rock band! Following the motto of enjoying everything in the world, he partook in the club activities as a bass player with guitarist Ryou and vocalist Natsu. That was until the club was disbanded after setting the auditorium on fire with a flame-throwing guitar.
Akira was put into the science club and remained melancholic even while being comforted by his classmate Amane. However, when he returned home, he was greeted with the sight of a beautiful and naked silver-haired girl. Sasha is a Russian girl who will be staying at his place due to his parents’ arrangements. Together with the former light music club members, Sasha and Amane, he works towards the upcoming Amanatsu Music Fest and the Russian rock festival Вторжение.
There is an English review

2. Full Kiss フルキス [170324] Giga
Masaharu started at his new school hopeful of getting a girlfriend. A year later, his dream appeared to have been merely a delusion. However, the falling cherry blossoms signal the beginning of a new year and perhaps, a chance for his dream to finally come true.
Another Kiss series moege.

3. Haruru Minamo ni! はるるみなもに! [170324] Clochette 1 2 3 4
The seaside town of Tamatsue is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Even though it is undergoing modernization via re-development of the coastal area, there is still a feel of a small town in the mountain side. There are two shrines in the town, dedicated to the ‘god of the mountains’ and the ‘god of the sea’, but while the former has a ‘living goddess’ who they are proud of, there is no enshrined deity for the latter. Thus, they invited a new god to take its place. However, the ‘living goddess’ who appeared was rather useless and couldn’t fulfill the roles required of her!
The older brother of the ‘god of the mountains’, Tatsuki, was asked for help by the new goddess, who also became his classmate. While he supported her in her divine training, many other gods descended on the town. It seems that they all had an interest in him...?
There are English reviews

4. Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou 働くオタクの恋愛事情 [170324] Akabei Soft3 1 
Tetsuya works hard as a taxi driver, and enjoys anime, manga and games during his private time. While he is satisfied with his current situation, he can’t help but feel a bit lonely not having anyone around with whom to share his hobbies.
One day, he picked up a female passenger and noticed that she had a keychain of a character from an old anime he loved. They chatted happily about anime during the ride and she gave him a business card when she got off. She worked at the anime song bar Blue Comet, a place where otaku like him can gather and chat in a relaxed atmosphere. He was somewhat interested and decided to pay it a visit. Meeting others who have the same hobbies as him, his daily life began to gradually change.
There is an English review

5. Kamidanomi Shisugite Ore no Mirai ga Yabai. 神頼みしすぎて俺の未来がヤバい。 [170324] Hulotte 1 2
Hajime is just like any normal guy who wants to fall in love, except that he collects charms from shrines all over the country with the hopes of becoming popular. The self-proclaimed goddess of marriage Urara suddenly appeared before him and told him that if he didn’t find his fated partner within a year, then he will remain a virgin for his entire life! His future had become very unstable because some of the charms which he had collected were actually real. Just like eating too many sweets would lead to a stomachache, his obsession with charms of marriage had resulted in the opposite effect.
He was eager to get a girlfriend and avoid a solitary life, but he didn’t want to put in much effort to do so. Fortunately for him, Urara showed him three girls who were potential partners and also taught him how to tell how close their fate is to him. It is similar to the idea of the red string, except it is displayed as a number instead, and the goal is to reduce the number to zero.
The prime minister’s daughter Nanami, popular idol Suzuna, and Japan’s greatest detective Yukari. All three of them have their own eccentricities. Thus begins his relationship with girls whom he had previously no ties with.
There is an English review

6. Noroi no Maken ni Yamitsuki Otome 呪いの魔剣に闇憑き乙女 [170324] SofthouseChara 1
A long time ago, the continent was peaceful until a black mist enveloped the kingdom, making ill all those who touched it. The citizens believed that it was the work of a demon lord and became scared to leave their own homes. When the beautiful princess also fell ill, the king beseeched someone to defeat the demon lord in exchange for a reward. One young man offered to do it in exchange for the princess’ hand in marriage. Together with his friends, he defeated the demon lord, who vowed to be resurrected one day to get his revenge. The young man returned to the cheers of the people who called him the ‘hero’.
Claire greatly admires the hero who saved the world and thus, started on the path of the adventurer. However, there is not much work available for novices like her, so she does part-time at Len’s magic item shop. One day, she came upon an old magic sword in the shop. When she picked it up out of curiosity and swung it around, a dark glow emanated from it and a demon beast came out! While she was able to stave it off, the beast escaped from the shop. Not only that, but the sword had cast a curse upon her. With the help of the former adventurer Len, Claire embarks on a life-risking journey to drive back the darkness and rid the sword’s curse.

7. Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody 想いを捧げる乙女のメロディー [170324] ensemble 1 
Misaki is an aspiring pianist studying abroad in Germany, with the dream of someday playing the piano that his late father had built. One day, he received a call from his older sister Shiori who was the music teacher at Lilie Girls’ School. She told him that the lone piano that was entrusted to the school would be donated to the museum at the end of the year and asked him if he would take over as the music teacher while she goes on maternity leave. Presented with the opportunity to fulfill his dream, he decided to accept the position and returned to Japan.
When he arrived at the school, he discovered that only students at the school have the chance of playing the piano, and only if they are selected to perform on it during the school festival. Thus, he must attend as a student while serving as a teacher. Of course, that means that he must dress as a girl. While he was afraid of the consequences if his secret got out, his desire to take advantage of this final chance made for an easy decision. And so begins his new life as a cross-dressing teacher and student.
There is an English review

8. Suisou Ginka no Istoria 水葬銀貨のイストリア [170324] Uguisu Kagura 1 2
The “City of Water”, Amemadoi, was built on a man-made island and boasts a beautiful and gorgeous cityscape. The lone wolf Eishi and his bizarre imouto Yuura and polite and kind childhood friend Sayo each have their own problems, as is the case with the hero-admiring kouhai Yurugi and cool Kukuri, who he found stuffed in a trash can in an alleyway. Various events and expectations were waiting ahead for these individuals with wounded hearts, such as playing concentration with the club room on the line, playing old maid with a girl who had been cast off, making up for what has been lost while watching the fireworks with fascination.
Despite his disposition, Eishi vowed to bring a happy end for everyone. One where everyone would be able to smile. He would do it in his own way, working hard to attain an uncertain goal. This is the beginning of a story about growing up in a city where tears have been lost.
There is an English review

9. Office de Sasou Ecchi na Kanojo オフィスで誘うエッチな彼女 [170324] Hearts 1
Touma started his career at the Saint Laird company fresh out of school. There he met the beautiful and caring senpai Mai, who is quick to get jobs done. However, he soon found out that she is actually quite the slacker away from work. Although she warned him to keep it a secret, their relationship soon became one where they would talk about anything.
One day, Mai came over to his room to drink with him, and ended up in just her underwear in a drunken state. Tempted by her words and actions, he ended up having sex with her. The next morning, she bashfully dismissed the events of the previous night and left without saying another word.
Starting from that day, Touma’s life began to change rapidly. His relationship with his stylish boss Shinobu deepened as their workload together increased. When everything was completed, he was assaulted by her and they had intense sex together. Meanwhile, he had caught the attention of a high schooler Mikoto who works at a family-run lunch shop which he favours. What will become of his relationships with these attractive women?
There is an English review

10. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu -Death or Kiss- Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 -DEATH OR KISS- [170330] MAGES. GAME 1
It follows an original story that differs from the original light novel series and the anime.
In its original story, the Ruler Election has spun off a beauty contest, giving the winner a treasure that promises the recipient great luck and a powerful advantage to achieving the throne.
Except, the prize isn't what it seems, and, taking on its "Death Curse", Subaru must use his power to return from the dead to solve the mystery, build the trusts with the girls, receive the "kiss of a beautiful girl" and break the curse to escape death.
Candidates for a relationship with Subaru are Emilia, Rem, Ram, Felt, Beatrice, Crusch, Priscilla and Anastasia.
Anime Spin-Off

11. Trinoline トリノライン [170331] minori 1 2 3
One hot, midsummer's day, Shun Nanami's sister drowned to death. It's a memory he will never forget, which has become lodged forevermore in his heart. He decides from then on to live in her stead, to make up for the life she never got to lead.
Time passes, his agonizing childhood behind him, and he currently spends his days attending school like always. Then, another sultry summer comes around, reminding him ever-so-slightly of his sister once again...
Just then, he hears a piano's melody far off in the distance--a tune she always adored. He follows this music to its source, only to find his sister standing there.
"Please take care of me from now on, Onii-chan."
His little sister passed away long ago, but now, an android who looks exactly like her has appeared before him, "TRINO."
There are English reviews


1. Natsuiro Kokoro Log ~Happy Summer~ ナツイロココロログ~Happy Summer~ [170324] Hearts
This is the fandisc for Natsuiro Kokoro Log, featuring after stories for each of the four heroines, as well as harem routes for both the real and virtual worlds. It takes place one year after the original game as the computer research club members head to a training camp and end up helping out at a traditional Japanese café.

2. Chaos;Child Love Chu☆Chu!! カオスチャイルド らぶchu☆chu!! [170330] MAGES. GAME 1
Love Chu Chu!! is set in October 2015 in Shibuya, Tokyo, and takes place after Chaos;Child's true ending.
Bizarre events referred to as the "Reincarnation of the New Generation of Madness" take place, but do not interest the protagonist Miyashiro Takuru, the president of the school newspaper club; instead, he wants to focus on "real-life activities" and spending time with girls.
In Love Chu Chu!! the story is affected by player choices: by regularly uses the "Yes/No Trigger" system, in which they fill in "yes/no" questionnaires in the in-game magazine Cool Cat Press, which causes the story to branch depending on the player's answers.

3. Koinosu ☆ Ichacolize こいのす☆イチャコライズ [170331] eRONDO 1
Koinosu ☆ Ichacolize is all about building a ‘love nest’ where you can be lovey-dovey with your ideal girlfriend. After choosing your heroine and deciding on your name (default is Masakage) at the beginning, the game branches off into three separate routes which all take place in the same setting (your apartment), although with different story backgrounds. Ichika is a servile waitress who catches your eye at a café that you frequent. Sachi is a petite girl who you used to play with and with whom you were entrusted on days when she attends a cram school nearby. Natsume is the imouto of your next door neighbour who temporarily lives there when her older sister studies abroad.
Nukige has an English impression

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