Terrible Future てりぶるフューチャー [CoreMoreco]

Foreword: I was choosing between a moege and a nakige in November, so just went for the first SF looking work which by chance turned out to be Terrible Future. I wish I chose anything over it, really, like anything.
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2mluk-y9Bg&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9k1HWgnRrjgH1amhusrT-d
Synopsis: Main character Ikki Minakata is a student who aims to become a civil servant to have a stable life. On the summer vacations he is suddenly attacked by a girl who comes from the future to kill him and prevent inventing of the device that put the world to chaos. However, Ikki is protected by an android girl Michelette who also comes from the future to defend Ikki and the future regime.
Protagonist ignores the girls fighting and goes home only to find both girls from future come to his apartment several days later having exhausted their fighting capabilities...
Game type: Acutually, a moege
Character Design rating: 4/10
Protagonist rating: 4/10
Story rating: 4/10
Game quality: 5/10
Overall rating: 4/10

There is one famous plot in moege. Devil girl wants to kill protagonist, but she is stopped by some angel girl. For some weird reason they start to live together with protagonist and usually couple other girls who are usually jealous. This plot is well known and easily recognized. But there is also a fork of this plot that I call "Japanese terminator". It's when some girl comes from future to kill protagonist, but another girl from future comes to protect him. And since it's all Japanese, both terminators are cute and just get to live with protagonist. This fork is more rare, but we've seen it already in Daisy Chain ~Terminator Girl~ and even in Game ni Natta yo! Dokuro-chan ~Kenkou Shindan Daisakusen~ from the same November month. Actually, Terrible Future is an ardent follower of this subgenre.  Tsukune comes from future to kill Ikki. Mislet is an android girl who comes from future to protect Ikki. Madoka is just a childhood friend and a proud bearer of Fujiwara surname. Kuu-chan is imouto.
The whole story is in the synopsis. After first SF minutes we dive in the thickest ugliest moege and never get out of it. There's hardly any development and hardly any ending - we just get to tag along some girl, each time - hopefully - turning the tide so that Ikki does not destroy the Future.

Game's ugly because of horrible character design. All the girls are plump, same face-looking and never wearing a bra. None of them emanates even the glimpse of sympathy. Personalities are not better. Tsukune is just a total genki baka, or rather o-baka. Mislet just plays her senseless android role most of the time. Madoka is Fujiwara, so she poses her nose to every conflict and solves it since no one dares to argue with her. Kuu-chan is our pretty normal (but very plump) imouto.
Humor in this game deserves special attention. Tsukune generates pretty much all of "humor" situations just by barging in and shouting something stupid, as usual. The rest of the "fun" moments are about who has the bigger boobs and how each of them would seduce Ikki.

Another layer of disgust is created by intimacy scenes just in the course of the determining the route. And if getting in the bathroom while girl is taking a shower is pretty much a norm, a friendly BJ or rectal insertion of medicine are so freaking not.
I really wanted to finish the playthrough after the two heroines from future routes, but some Japanese review deliberately asked not to play Madoka route as first since it has some answers to some "puzzle". Well, we only get to know the story behind Osawa who is met in some other routes as well, but the course and the resolution and nothing outstanding or revealing.

I'm definitely too strict to moege, but Terrible Future has no future, and it's terrible, indeed. It was the last nail in the CoreMoreco coffin.

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