VN of the Month December 2005 - Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni

New December brings over 100 titles again. I consider Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni  to be VN of the month, while Yatohime Zankikou and Yume Miru Kusuri are masterpieces. I'll review the first two as well as Dragonia

1. Kino no Tabi II -The Beautiful World- キノの旅 II -the Beautiful World- [051201] Tycoon
Kino travels the world looking for his friend. Game continues to cover material from the light novel series and includes a new scenario "Various stories" written specifically for the game by the original author.
Story is good since it's literature adaptation. The number of puzzles only increased from 12 types to 15 types... and not everyone is ok with such puzzle obsession.

2. Joukyou Kaishi! 状況開始っ! [051206] Kogado Studio
In 1992, the World War began from the conflict between federations of civilism and republicism. It lasted for 13 years.
50 years after the Great War the Cold War is still pending with occasional skirmishes happening.
Zhengzhou, a marine nation located in the east of the world, pumps up its military while remaining hostile to both factions. Eventually it provokes a large-scale backlash. Inside the country the militarization is spread even to the schools. This story takes place in the oldest preparatory school that has a big number of excellent graduates, but even bigger number of war idiots, so students of this school are often called "war fools"...
Story is really short, just 2-3 hours per route. Protagonist does not have weight. The majority of heroines are tsundere. Pretty usual galge, just in military setting that poses some restrictions on flirt etc

3. The Noroi no Game THE 呪いのゲーム [051208] Kogado Studio 1
A horror sound novel that combines narration on-screen with full motion video segments.
Horror sound novels have become a niche genre only for the fans of them.

4. Galzoo Island GALZOOアイランド [051209] Alice Soft 1 2 3
Leo is called a genius in using basic magic spells. But he is still learning the spells for monster capturing and he can't even tame weak monsters yet.One day he meets with a monster girl 'Captain Vanilla' and she teleports him to a mysterious island saying this will help him master his magic.
This island is taken over by Baron Squid and turned it into his personal paradise. Now he is abducting monster girls from all over the world to chose one to be his wife. Confined to this island with the angry humiliated monster girls Leo with his ability to capture monsters decides to trust his mastery in basic spells and lead the monster girls to fight against the squids.
There is enough information in English.

5. Last Song ラストソング [051209] Berkana
Marina is an ordinary girl student with only special ability to play guitar fast. As graduation approaches, boys and girls want to create good memories of their study. They all think of love, but need to give their expectations some form. "Why don't we form a music band?" - someone asked, and everyone agreed happily.
It is unusual, but main heroine is a girl, and three remaining members of the band are also girls. But game goes into a lesbian department only occasionally, there's no girl for the ending.Game feels weak as there is nothing but school and training sessions. Girl's view and a circle of friends are the only attraction points here.

6. Moon Childe [051209] Siesta
What is there for us in future?
What if you could predict the future?
What if you knew in advance what would happen?
Is it possible to avoid the "Worst future" after foreseeing it?
A story of a boy who has the power to see the future.
Main character transfers to the school where diseased patients called "moon child" study. One girl there promises to show the truth behind the "moon child" and the worst variant of hatred and conspiracy unveils. Is it possible to evade this fate? Game is notorious for being the last work by Hisaya Naoki who wrote Moon, One and Kanon. But there are two more writers, so there is a feeling that individual scenarios don't share the same setting. Kanata and Mizuno routes are written by Hisaya Naoki, but it's best not even start other routes since too many things differ - protagonist qualities, concept of curse and "moonchild", heroines presence... too many inconsistencies arise.

7. Sugar Sugar Rune: Koi mo Oshare mo Pick-Up! シュガシュガルーン -恋もおしゃれもピックアップ! [051215] Dimps Corporation 1
Based on Anno Moyoco's Sugar Sugar Rune manga/anime.
In this adventure game you can play as either Vanilla or Chocola competing for the title Queen of the Demon Kingdom by collecting the most hearts of boys they romance. They are helped by a mentor and guardian witch named Rockin Robin. And each has a familiar: Blanca (mouse) and Duke (frog).
Prior to their heading out for the day, you'll have to dress the two as you see fit, your goal being to make them win the hearts of all the boys at school. The game includes over 10 boys, including a few original creations.
Aside from decorating your room you can also gain new clothing and accessories. Each day you make sure the girls are groomed (hair brushing, styling, etc.), stylishly dressed, and well-exercised before sending them off to school. There are different tasks to accomplish which may help you with your mood or with the boys that involve planting or watering flowers or even getting your fortune told.
Little girl SIM... just perfect

8. Blaze of Destiny III -The Tears of the Blue Sea- Blaze of Destiny III -The Tears of the Blue Sea- [051216] Talisman
Alfred is a soldier from the empire of Kias. While on a naval transport they encountered a massive storm and our hero was taken by the sea. Strangely, he saw a vision of a mysterious woman before passing out. When he awoke he found himself on an island where monsters roam freely. There he witnesses the one in his vision being taken by a pack of monsters and he quickly decides to save her and everyone else on this island.
It's mostly an action game.

9. Festa!! -Hyper Girls Pop- [051216] Lass
Our protagonist Takahiro Kuroda returns to his hometown, Mahoroba City, after several years. Much to his surprise, the city is now divided in two districts: Mitsurugi and Kagami. The traffic of people who cross the barrier is strictly regulated. Will Takahiro be able to meet again with his childhood friends, whom he promised to see again, despite the troubles the barrier gives?
We get to choose the side of the town and then become friends with the heroine on the corresponding side. All the initial routes are just one big prologue, after which routes of the main part open up. It can be described as an action story since things quickly turn chaotic with appearance of bloomers girl with a sickle. Game feels fresh while the mystery of the world lasts. It's nice to see Chikami Nanako from 3Days and Ao to Ao no Shizuku as one of the heroines. Her route is layered with bad endings, but with enough patience a way will be found. She actually brings order in this chaotic world and tries to explain things to the reader. The plot is good, but the coating and directorship aren't. 

10. I-ki-na-ri Iinazuke! ~Hime-sama no Okoshiire~ い・き・な・り・許嫁!~姫様のお輿入れ~ [051216] HeartBring
Main character lives alone and spends his days in the company of his childhood friend. One day a girl barges in declaring that she was chosen to be protagonist's bride by the parents long ago. The girl decides to live together for three months and try to reinstall the marriage plans.
Game feels short with random poor tempo conversations, redundant descriptions and instant changes of mornings and evenings. Pretty much everyone loves main character from the start. Too many factors fail resulting in a boring narration.

11. Quilt きると [051216] Clover 1 2 3
There was an island in the middle of beautiful blue waters and this island was really magical.
Takumi came to this island in order to participate in a contest. The contest is about bringing out the true beauty of the girl you have chosen from the island by designing her a dress that will match her perfectly and surpass all the rest.
But to win Takumi also needs to do whatever it takes to increase the girls' natural charm. There are many girls and many designs to chose from, but there is also a lot to do to turn a simple girl into a charming lady...
There are English reviews.

12. Ren'ai Byou 恋愛病 [051216] C-Side
Population starts to decline rapidly due to unknown reasons, and many people lose hope for tomorrow. With time a rumor starts to circulate that people in love have much bigger mortality rate than those who aren't.
Main character loses a bet with a bad friend and confesses to his classmate, and their shy relations start to develop. But with rumors circulating a shadow of death hangs in the air.
Game fails to depict depression properly due to lack of overall quality. The relations are lazy. The actual drama with the rumors starts only in the middle of the game.

13. Yatohime Zankikou 夜刀姫斬鬼行 [051216] Terios 1 2 3 4
A god called Yatonokami who is worshiped by men is now sleeping. Or is he? Somewhere, somewhat, something arose and its manifestations are possessing people and turning them into 'oni'...
You're Nagamine Yuuma, an ordinary student, the one who is woken up by his cute female neighbor friend every morning...
But in truth Yuuma isn't really a normal guy, his body has the power to produce electricity (that he only has some limited control), which made him considered as freak for most of his life. He moved in a new town 3 years ago though, and now he is enjoying that new life a lot, because at last he found friends who aren't bothered by his 'abnormality' -- in fact, his neighbor Sakurako has an obvious crush on him. But he also has weird dreams about... being someone else...
There is an English review ( review is rip with no archive copy, sadly), but I can't pass it myself, so reviewing it.

14. Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni あえかなる世界の終わりに [051222] Caramel Box 1 2
The protagonist, having lost his family because of the faulty A.I. of a machine, makes his living as a professional player of a game called CQ shot.
Suddenly your friend requests you to be a bodyguard for a strange girl who is getting stalked. The protagonist doubt whether or not there actually is a stalker but since the girl seems very afraid, he takes on the job and she starts living with him.
Guess I'll have to review it properly myself.

15. Candy Girl [051222] Le.Chocolat
Main character is a normal office worker , brother or trainer - depending on the choice.But in every path your opponent is a doll with a soul. Can dolls really pursue the same way of life as people?
A particular manufactured doll got popular at that time, thus the result.
Three stories are surprisingly solid, but short. A unique and impactful game.

16. Miraroma ~Miracle Romance Strawberry Scramble~ みらろま ~Miracle Romance Strawberry Scramble~ [051222] Marmalade 1 2
The protagonist is happily living with his parents and his younger sister. One day a nun throngs into their house explaining that he is cursed because of the mirror he accidentally broke a day before. Apparently, the curse put the whole world into danger. The nun insist that he should be monitored 24/7 and will therefore start living in their house. So as to not to be a freeloader, the nun, who happens to be a super rich ojousama, put up a large sum of money which overjoyed and caused his parents to go into a around-the-world trip leaving behind their children. On the very next day, some more girls throng in for the very same reason. The cohabitation to save the world begins as he wave goodbye to peaceful life.
There is an English review.

17. Shinobi Kokoro 忍ココロ [051222] Saru Koubou
The protagonist, Takumi Maeda, is in his second year at Shiranuiouka School. It seemed like it was just a normal school, but it turns out that part of it is a ninja training school!
Scenario is cheap. It's a normal school setting for the most part. There's basically one one heroine, plus two sub-heroines with routes as long as one hour.

18. Yume Miru Kusuri ユメミルクスリ [051222] rúf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
I am just an average student, living an average, colorless life. I study, I work my part-time job, I get through my day just like everyone else, trying not to stand out from the crowd. But suddenly, almost before I realize it, the winds of change have blown into my life. They come in the form of three girls, girls who have been around me for some time, but who I never noticed in this way before. They are most definitely not living a colorless life like everyone else in postmodern Japan. They seem to float above society, strangely unaffected by it. Instinctively I know I should avoid getting involved with them, and yet before I know it, my destiny is bound with theirs. Where will it all lead?
Game is localized and has English reviews.

19. Wasuremono to Otoshimono 忘れものと落とし物 [051225] LANGuex 1 2 3

When I went to the game center, I catch sight of "her", playing that game alone.
I wonder when was it that I fell for her.
There are English reviews.

20. Dragonia ドラゴニア [0512] Hirameki International 1
In ancient Dragonia existed five orbs that could be used to make dragons do one's bidding. However, as time passed, the stories of these orbs faded from collective memory becoming mere legend. However, one day a man appeared and hatched an evil plan to take control of Dragonia using these very orbs. Yet the powers of the orbs could only be harnessed by certain, special individuals. Thus, only another person capable of controlling the orbs can stop the orbs' powers from being abused. But are Ryu, Jamka, Fiana or Tran capable of hunting down and controlling the orbs in time?
Despite having an English version, game lacks some love. Guess I need to review this as well.


1. Power Pro Kun Pocket 8 パワプロクンポケット8 [051201] Konami
Main character works in the cyborg countermeasure room (commonly called CCR) . Cyborgs have infiltrated the Hoppers team and are plotting something. Protagonist becomes a member of the Hoppers to examine the matter closely.
Gameboy exclusive

2. Memories ~Kioku no Subete o...~ MEMORIES ~記憶のすべてを…~ [051202] Sage
In the facility called “Farm” main character is allowed by his father to have one girl who he calls La Nina. Girl's actual name is Make. She is a cheerful girl who very soon becomes protagonist's friend and then lover. But when he tries to ask her about the meaning of "La Nina" name, she suddenly falls in the state of shock and only whispers about her "fate".

3. Nakadashi Teatime ~Meshimase Cream Pie~ 中出しティータイム・召しませクリームパイ [051202] Authoring Heaven
A merry coffee shop during daytime offers special exclusive menu at night called "Cream Pie set". Main character gets to know about this secret and starts to treat waitresses differently.

4. Ni~Zuma wa Sailorfuku ~Darling wa Tanninkyoushi~ に~づまはセーラー服 ~ダーリンは担任教師~ [051202] Puzzlebox
Main character used to be a handsome guy prior to the accident. He is still loved by his childhood friend, and they start to live together. He works at a girls school due to his aunt's invitation. There are three problem, but unique and beautiful students at school. Which girl will he end up with?

5. Shoujo Rensa ~Heart of the Distortion~ 少女連鎖 ~Heart of the distortion~ [051202] Zero
Main character is invited to a mansion as a tutor for a girl. There he is forcibly restrained and deprived of virginity. Gradually, the hidden M nature starts to bloom...

6. Kokuhaku Yuugi 告白遊戯 [051203]
Prototype version of "Koibito Yuugi."
Doujin Boys Love

7. Mesu Dorei no Tane 牝奴隷の種 [051204] PichiPichi Gallery R
A fan-fiction novel of GUNDAM SEED and DESTINY.
The horny babes seduce the crews with their heavenly bodies.
Doujin Nukige

8. Setsunasa ni Hanataba o せつなさに花束を [051207] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
There are two stories.
In the first one main character becomes a member of the High School Residents' Association to participate in the school trip. Five people go on a trip including the chairman, but protagonist is only interested in this special someone.
In the second story main character changes schools to escape from the painful past. But he meets an old acquaintance there as well as a person who revitalizes all the past memories with a new force.
Doujin Boys Love

9. Furin Kazoku ~Goriyou wa Keikakuteki ni~ 不倫家族~誤利用は計画的に~ [051209] Ume Soft
The main protagonist has just married. In the day of the wedding his wife's mother Michiko tells him "why don't you live here", and thus he decide to live with his wife's family which include her Mother, younger sister and elder sister.
A few months have passed and the couple is feeling the pressure of marriage...Michiko and her other 2 daughters Kirara and Sekka decide to help out... a world of immorality is open before the protagonists eyes...

10. Futago Mono Twin Pack 双子モノ Twin Pack [051209] Psycho
Minoru has had better days. Both his parents are dead and he’s been living by himself for some time now. Things soon change as he comes across a video that shows his mother holding him and another child! Soon thereafter, two girls show up claiming to be his twin sister and younger sister respectively. They all decide to live together. Then somehow the teacher and a couple of his female classmates become potential prospects. Now there are two versions of the same plot; Pure and Dark. Pure follows the pure love route while the Dark version goes into S&M and bondage.

11. Gohoushi Bakunyuu Waitress ~Midara na Service~ ご奉仕爆乳ウェイトレス~淫らなサービス~ [051209] Under Lip
Rina is a high school student and her first part time job is a waitress at a coffee shop. Actually that shop is a brothel. She does not know the fact but works hard with her face covered with semen.

12. Mechiku ~Injoku no Shuuyoujo~ 牝畜~淫辱の収容所~ [051209] Black Package Try
Public prisons are overcrowded, so private prisons are called to answer this challenge. There is a new type of prison with 0 a 0% recidivism rate - none of its visitors ever harm society again. It's a concentration camp on an isolated island where prisoners have no rights but to obediently follow any director orders. 

13. Noise NOISE-ノイズ- [051209] Carmine 1
Main character Inu ("dog" in Japanese) was left by his father when he was very young. He was adopted by a sadist couple who gave him daily beatings. One day he suddenly starts to read the thoughts of the old couple and learns that he can be killed any second, so he dares to rebel. He kills both of them and runs away.
From that point and on, he lives the life of a vagabond, stealing food and money to survive - and often raping women as his only enjoyment in life. One day he follows a girl he suspects of having witnessed a rape he committed last night. Following the girl, he eventually reaches a big mansion where he sees the girl together with another girl, entering the mansion. At that point, Inu prepares to leave, when he suddenly senses someone behind him! Some boy asks about purpose and easily defeats protagonist. When Inu regains consciousness, he’s in a mansion room looking much like an office - with the boy who beat him next to him. After some talking between the two of them, a look in a mirror, the showing of a secret diary and secret room, it becomes clear that the two of them are brothers and twins! Boy Kagura Yoshiaki then offers Inu to join the family, but Inu convinces Yoshiaki to let go of that thought, since that would mean that they'd have to tell the rest of the family of some of their father's... more dark secrets, which might break the family or at least, not make them very happy. However, he lets himself be convinced into staying at the mansion, living mainly in the secret room plus the office he was brought into in the first place, watching Yoshiaki and his family from afar. Through his watching, he learns to know Yoshiaki's family and those closest to him.

14. Osu Mesu Time Slip! おすめすたいむすりっぷ! [051209] Beenyan  1
Because of a birthday present from his best friend, Masumi finds himself as the opposite gender in a different time period the day after his birthday. In order to return to his former time and gender, Masumi needs someone that is fully convinced that he is male as his girlfriend.

15. Pascha C++ ぱすちゃC++ [051209] Alice Soft
Fandisc includes over 15 short Pastel Chime stories and a quiz game among other goodies.

16. Ryoujoku Rensa 凌辱連鎖 [051209] Supple Entertainment
School's student council president is a universally respectable leader, but behind the cover he heads underground prostitution organization "bonds" to collect money for father who is school's president.
Different girls with different stories all become victims here.

17. Seidorei Shiiku Manual 性奴隷飼育マニュアル [051209] H Soft
Man demands a girl who does not know yet what pleasure is. Woman brings him a girl to molest on the train.

18. Seiin no Meikyuu 聖淫の迷宮 [051209] Marry Bell
Cremar Kingdom. There are many ruins of prehistoric civilizations that provide treasures for the government. Therefore, the kingdom has a school for adventurers. One particularly successful adventurer found a “forgotten god” at an archaeological site - it was a dark god of "sleepless recklessness". For satisfying his sleep desires god promisses huge power. The finder becomes an instructor in the Royal Adventurer School of Cremar only to lure girls into a trap for the god... 

19. Yakin Jantou Ni 夜勤雀棟・弐 [051209] Mink
This time we will play mahjong with the nurses of “Yakin Byoutou Ni”.
Main character is a patient who is introduced a new service one day. If he wins in mahjong, he can humiliate the loser nurse all the way he wants.
Nukige Card Game

20. Dienst ~Hakoniwa no Mesu Dorei-tachi~ Dienst ~箱庭の雌奴隷達~ [051210] Blame
Main character is invited to a mansion of his never acquainted father. Protagonist receives a condition to train four maids within a week and fulfill certain criteria in order to receive the inheritance.

21. Sakura Biyori 桜日和 [051214] Aozora Youchien
Main character is accepted as a teacher to the school of his dream - the school where he studied with his childhood friends. The students there are as cheerful as ever. But a black shadow aims at the school. Can protagonist protect the students! ?

22. Aoi Sora no Neosphere Doki Doki Adventure Effective E 蒼い空のネオスフィア  どきどきアドベンチャー Effective E [051216] Kuma-san Team
Contains story and mini game of Neosphere of the Deep-Blue Sky.

23. Kiss x 400 Natsukashiki Hibi no Renzoku KISS×400 懐かしき日々の連続 [051216] Winters
Main character lacks contacts with women. He belongs to a certain university circle with a vague purpose.  One day, a female student from the same circle asks him about the first kiss, but he does not remember anything like that. Different girls start to approach him with questions about past relations, but he is unaware of that either. So girls decide to have sex with him and awaken those memories. Is it really possible to get memory back this way?

24. Mome! Chichi Shimai Katei Kyoushi 11nin もめっ!乳姉妹かていきょうし11人 [051216] MBS Truth
Main character is a student who is honest about his desires - he practices voyeurism and eavesdropping targeting the neighboring girls. One day a mysterious meteorite arrives and destroys the house where 11 girls were living. Protagonist suggests his own house as a temporary solution. But just eavesdropping is not enough already. He organizes private tutorship in order to be left with individual girls alone.

25. Nyuu wa SHOCK!! ~Pai o Torimodose!~ 乳はSHOCK!! ~パイを取り戻せ!~ [051216] Studio Ebisu
A Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star parody eroge.

26. Ohime-sama wa Tokkun Chuu!! 2 Uketsugareshi Seinaru Majutsu お姫様は特訓中!!2 受け継がれし性なる魔術 [051216] Lusterise
Monsters start to appear at a peaceful town. Magicians investigate the case and find out that the source of invasion is a dimensional distortion. Princesses with royal power are sent to deal with the situation. They are gifted with powers to control distortions, but need protection on the road, so main character is chosen to accompany them. Elfarina is the princess with the least magical power, so she seeks ways to be useful. She finds a book about sexual magic that raises power, but now she requires a male to undergo a full-scale study course.

27. Underbar Summer Life _Summer Life [051216] Hooksoft
Fandisk to _summer and LikeLife.

28. Vampanera ~Zetsubou no Chikarou~ VAMPANERA ~絶望の地下牢~ [051216] Distortion
The lord of the land lies dead from illness and his wife is chosen to be the successor. Soon into her reign she is told of a demonic text which--with the proper ceremony--can grant the reader immortality. With this she could bring back her husband. There's just one key element that is missing--the blood of a virgin. A "Virgin Hunt" is soon instated and the higher-ups begin looking for the best candidates. Who will be sacrificed to the demons for the "greater good"? Are they tampering with forces beyond their control?

29. Shokuyoku ~Fuuinseki Kaikouhen~ 触欲 ~封淫石邂逅変~ [051216] Pham!
Ishika protects the sealing stone, but the magical hands of tentacle creatures draw closer to her...
Doujin Nukige

30. .fuck dot fuck [051217] Black Rainbow 1 2
Kazuma Takahara, the male protagonist, is an unparalleled computer genius with too much free time on his hands. He plans to infiltrate the servers of four specific mega-corporations and, after some creative hacking, to have fun and virtual sex with the wildly popular female AIs who basically serve their respective corporations as PR staff/testimonials/etc. And later...

31. Mon Puchi モンプチ [051217] Kotama Yuri
You're a genius magician that lives in an out of the way town making medicine and leisurely studying magic.
One day an adventure comes to visit you.
"I want you to look after them for a while."
They say, and leave a half elf child in your care.

32. Juu - Kanki no Otakebi 獣・姦喜の雄叫び -じゅう・かんきのおたけび- [051220] Gyuunyuu Soft
Wild dogs and horses attack beautiful girls! Gangbang, humiliation, urination, anal, impregnation......
Various kinds of beautiful females are violated! (teacher, office assistant, housewife, high-school girl, etc). The way they reacts to sexual humiliation varies from girl to girl.
Doujin Nukige

33. Ma cherie ~Bijo to Yajuu to Mitsumeru Hitomi~ マ シェリ ~美女と野獣と見詰める瞳~ [051220] S Style
This is a story of a stalker Demon Asmodeus based on the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast". It's a pure love, but dark story.

34. Boku no Mama wa Jusei Niku Dorei ~Tomodachi no Hahaoya Choukyou~ ボクのママは受精肉奴隷 ~友達の母親調教~ [051221] Studio-74
A band of brutes lust after a married wife who has a curvy, voluptuous body.
The wife is treated like a dog bitch, degraded and used for sex...
The son of one of the brutes turned men is brought along for the ride,
And what he sees is that the bitch his classmates have been fucking, and turning into an obscene sex toy is no other but his own mother.
And he himself also...

35. Ane Hara Mix 2 姉☆孕みっくす2 [051222] Lilith Soft
Impregnate-older-sister adventure game!
The purpose of this game is to have lots of sex and impregnate the older sister within a week. Like the previous work, the story will not end easily even though you have a good ending (succeeded to impregnate).

36. Chichi Celeb 乳セレブ [051222] West Vision
Seiichi is an ordinary uni student. His father is a famous social dancer in the world and Seiichi has a great ability and experience about social dance even though he doesn't like it. One day, his father tells him to teach social dance to students at his father's dance lesson. He starts it reluctantly but there comes two married women with big breasts. They follow anything Seiichi commands and his dance lesson turns to....

37. Debo no Subako でぼの巣箱 [051222] Studio e.go!
Debo no Subako is a fandisc for three Studio e.go! games. Featuring new stories minigames and fanmaterials for each. Those Games are;
Ama Kagura 天神楽
Jan Kagura 雀神楽
Izumo 0
Castle Fantasia 2: The Sacred War

38. Gibo to Oba ~Soshite Yuujin no Haha~ 義母と叔母~そして友人の母~ [051222] Guilty
The main character's mother eloped with someone in the past, and he can't trust women since then. But he longs for mother's love.... One day, his father gets married to Aiko, and his new life starts. But Aiko's younger sister, Kaori, appears in front of them, and their peaceful life changes gradually. Kaori says to him, "You want to shag with your mother, don't you?", and gives him a blowjob. He is confused, and finds out there is a secret desire deep inside his heart. What does he want from his mother...?

39. Hitozuma OL -Chijoku no Gyoumu Meirei- 人妻OL-恥辱の業務命令- [051222] Guilty+
Main character gets under restructure and seeks reemployment at Apparel Trading Company “Emission Co., Ltd.”. President puts a special entrance condition - to execute special orders on phone's call. Before being accepted to the sales department there needs to be training period in the administration department, and co-worker girls with lesbian ambitions harass protagonist all the time. Then comes the first task from the president - to get a photo of colleagues lesbian activities at night office.

40. Naisho no Yorimichi ナイショのよりみち [051222] Cage
You (the protagonist) are a young man who works from home, and your two younger cousins often come to your house after school. They love you very much.
But summer's coming soon...your cousins, who have been busier with school activities--
"We might not be able to stop by much anymore...", they tell you with lonely faces. This is a very sad turn of events for you.
From then on, the twins come to your place less and less, but you're trying to enjoy your life nonetheless.
But one of them comes to you with a confession of love. Although you were hesitant at first, their sincerity won you over. After that, the one that confessed starts visiting you again, keeping it a secret from everyone else...

41. Natsukashi 夏菓子 ~なつかし~ [051222] Mini
Main character is called by the teacher in summer and asked to persuade girls spending time in the abandoned school building stop whatever they do there. There are all kinds of girls in there putting up individual conditions for retreat. Some want to have a person bullied, others want to practice bold sex experiments. This hot summer vacations won't be easy to forget about.

42. Tennis no Ouji-sama ~Gakuensai no Ouji-sama~ テニスの王子様 ~学園祭の王子様~ [051222] Konami
The Atobe group has decided to sponsor a school festival which involves the local schools’ tennis teams. You are a 14 year old heroine who is in charge of managing a team and the festival. Your duties include arranging activities, and organizing people. You’ll have to get in contact with the members of the team so they can lend a hand, get to know one another, chat with them, and maybe even develop an intimate relationship with one of them…

43. Imouto Rape ~Imouto no Konamaiki na Biniku~ 妹レイプ ~妹の小生意気な媚肉~ [051223] Under Lip
Main character is being bullied by his younger sister. She walks the house in underwear not considering brother a man. Finally he bursts out and half-way insults her. But why does she not actively resist? Was all that teasing on purpose?

44. Misshitsu -Situation Elevator- 密室 -Situation Elevator- [051223] Mugen Kidou
Screams, fearful cries for help...there is no hope in this locked jail...
One day you get stuck in an elevator. There is not only you in the small space, but a pair of sisters, big-boob milf, and...
Doujin Nukige

45. Saishuu Shiken Kujira ~Departures~ 最終試験くじら ~Departures~ [051223] Circus
This is a fandisc of Saishuu Shiken Kujira, which includes some after-stories with the same characters (+YunYun), involving Moe, Nyaaa, and SEX-SEX-SEX!!!

46. Onna Kenja Elena ~Yokoshima Naru Majutsusha no Soukutsu Hen~ 女賢者エレナ ~邪なる魔術者の巣窟編~ [051224] STARWORKS
Elena is an adventurer just finished initial training, but her abilities surpass normal adventurers greatly. She does not need a party of weaklings, so she gets on a journey alone without real experience. Direct monsters attacks are no problem for her, but cunning lures her in a trap...
Doujin Nukige

47. Fuyuiro no Muffler 冬色のマフラー [051226] Makura Cover Soft
This story pictures an innocent girl who a man (lead character) had been in love with since their childhood is humiliated by other men and ends up being married with someone else by force. But she soon began to enjoy sex.......

48. Houkago Dorei-tachi 放課後奴隷達 [051227] AVA
Main character is a physical education teacher of high school. He is caught red-handed while peeping at girls changing room, and bad rumors start to spread all over the school. He sets up a humiliation trap for the two girls responsible of his downfall.

49. Temptation 2 [051228] Parthenon
Makoto Agata is a school physician. As part of psychologic treatment, he studies hypno therapy, and finds that his voice and accent have something unusual which affects the mental state of his patients. There is a girl who often appears at his sickroom, her name is Sayaka Kusumiya...
Doujin Nukige

50. Tokudoku Series - Toubousha Dokujima Nero ~Yawahada no Naka ni Nemure Hen~ 得々シリーズ 逃亡者 毒島音露~柔肌の中に眠れ編~ [051228] Waffle
Main character escapes the remote island and finds refuge in the mountains with beautiful nuns. But the assaulted girls don't grudge for some reason. The plan is to abuse these girls for as long as he pleases and run further.

51. Dual Hearts [051229] Radical Dreamers 2002
You have lived all of your life inside "The Facility", where you hone your special abilities. Jarel tells you of the vicious cruelty that abounds in the outside world, but Lia longs to go back there. Something's not right. Lia shouldn't be here. Can you save Lia from the facility? From yourself?

52. Getsuyoubi no Pan to Gyuunyuu 月曜日のパンと牛乳 [051229] Fusyro Mini
Monday morning looks painful after night's hangover. But the voice of Katsuragi-san is so inspirational that for a moment the headache disappears...
Doujin Boys Love

53. Last Lass ラストラス [051229] ONE'S BRAND
Game pictures a few days of Innocentrea after-story. It's an exciting time since popular voting is to be held in April...
Doujin Otomege Fandisc

54. Shirogaku Misuken Manyuutan ~Kyoto Yoru Genshou~ 白学ミス研漫遊譚~京都夜幻抄~ [051229] AB complex
There is a rumor about ghosts inhabiting the place in Kyoto where school trip stays for the night.
Members of the Mystery Research club try to explore these mysteries.

55. Sister Scheme ~Onee-chan to no Shikata ni Tsuite~ しすたー・すきーむ~お姉ちゃんとのシかたについて~ [051229] M de Pink
Anjou Sakito is a normal high school student. He is in love with the president of the public morals committee, Kusaka Isami, who is also a classmate. His blood related sister Anjou Marine is in love with him though. One day at school she gets horny while talking to Sakito, and she ends up masturbating in the toilet. Later that day Sakito gets a letter containing a picture of this event and instructions he has to follow if he doesn't want the pictures spread. The first instruction is to take a picture of him kissing his sister in front of the school's gates.

56. Tonarizuma Mini Fandisk Featuring Hayakawa Hiromi Kouzu Ryouko 隣り妻ミニファンディスク feauting 早川裕美・国府津涼子 [051229] Caligula Soft
Fandisc features episodes on the sub-heroines of Tonarizuma that did not get much spotlight in the original game.

57. Visukio [051229] Gear Kite
A fan story of Togainu no Chi. The main coupling is Gunji x Akira.
Doujin Boys Love Fandisc

58. Akiba, Moe, Imouto 秋葉、萌え、妹 [051230] Aozora Youchien
Main character is a nerd. He sits at the computer or hangs around Akihabara all days long and seriously can't understand his sister who diligently attends the college. Childhood friend invites him to the university Akiba Circle where members share passion for Akihabara and sisters. This actually may be more fun that sitting at the PC.

59. Black & White [051230] Babel
In this world cat-girls are inferior to people, but only rich persons can afford one. Main character gets a chance to train such cat-girl for a limited time to get a huge reward.
Doujin Nukige

60. Chuppa Chappsu! Okuchi no Koibito ChuッパChaップス! お口の恋人 [051230] Blow Job Junkies
At an early age younger sister makes a promise to make a fellatio whenever protagonist desires, but it's the older sister who imbues main character with the love for fellatio. His days are full of chuppa sounds from morning till night.
Doujin Nukige

61. Demiparadoxia ~ Hookerstic Nanka Hen デミパラドキシア∽フッカスティック 南下編 [051230] Autobahn
Main character finds an inn at a snow mountains. The maid here has a gorgeous body and no recollection that her true identity is Miss Sophia, a former luxury widow.
Doujin Nukige

62. Enmusubi 恋結~えんむすび~ [051230] Haikara Kissa
The hero's father has to go abroad. In the mean time, the hero will be living in a house in a quiet neighborhood. However, the house is too large for a student to live in all by himself, and the hero finds himself at a loss. But then, a petite girl clad in a maid uniform appears at his door.
The girl claims his father has asked her to serve as a live-in maid. However...
Doujin Nukige

63. Ever17 CrossOver Impression [051230] VR Express
Protagonist - the brother of Sara, Hokuto.
The action takes place two months after the events of "Ever17 ~the out of Infinity~".
Life Takeshi returned to it's normal, peaceful course. In a quiet and measured life burst hot summer, however, is not bringing anything new in it.
However, this daily routine collapsed after a strange incident. It all started with the fact that in a nearby street, was found dead of a woman with signs of violent death. The air at the scene soaked unusual smell of rot ... from the decaying corpse. In the chest - a huge hole, and internal organs turned out. Strange murder suddenly roused harmonious life of the city. This event has attracted the attention of Sara, and she decided to conduct their own investigation. "Why do not we organize a duet <Ninja and Detective> !?." This is the phrase Sara identified developments. So, the duo Ninja-Detective got its birth. In the process of searching for them will be new facts of this mysterious case, and then the secret will be revealed. What unites this event from the past and present heroes? ... It was a period of time, slightly changed the course of the boring summer vacation.

64. Eye's Complex [051230] Yuzusoft (Doujin group)
There are lots of lovers around at Christmas, but hero is alone after his third failed sex attempt with the girlfriend just a few hours ago. Everything goes fine half-way till the secret part is uncovered that is followed by manhood shrink. Sayaka calls him to drink together and advises him to wear a blindfold as a solution to his problem with seeing the crotch. Protagonist turns out to be M while Sayaka is an S, so their fun days begin. Once Sayaka brings a guest, and it changes relations between the two.
Doujin Nukige

65. Fukigen na Ane 不機嫌な姉 [051230] Stray Moon
Sister is so beautiful and cool, but at the same really selfish and naughty. When the secret word is murmured, it's the time to become a dog for her.
Doujin Nukige

66. Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Seiyoku no Kyoushitsu 人妻女教師 性欲の教室 [051230] Mocking Soft
This is an adventure game where the lead character Takahiro sexually dominates his teacher Kaori who is recently married. A great item for those who are into married woman, female teacher, milf, big ass, and big breast! The story later a beautiful widow Kyoko, who is the administrative director of the school.
Doujin Nukige

67. Iinchou wa Kesseki Chuu! 委員長は欠席中! [051230] Sol-fa-soft
The class president is off sick today. Like to have masturbation more than anything, she begins to masturbate despite the fever.... In the middle of masturbation, one of her friends comes to the house to see her....
Doujin Nukige

68. Ingoku no Reiki 淫獄の麗姫 [051230] Cybele
The oppressor Cryde, the general of the Kingdom of Mathea have done many bad things by force. He eventually plotted a rebellion, captured the beautiful princess of the kingdom Elena and her female servant Rosette...
Forced masturbation, gangbang, animal sex, conception, etc...... It is the fate worse than death......

69. Jigyaku no Uta Another Birthday 自虐の詩 AnotherBirthday [051230] Katsudou Mangaya
Seven years ago a large number of patients, nurses, doctors and other staff members got killed in a national hospital. The detective who investigated the case found death from a spear. Main character is detective's relative who wants to abandon school to continue investigation. At his class there is a girl who continues to cut her wrists because of the hell she lives in. What will be the consequences of their suffering and battle?

70. Kimi o Kazaru Shiro ~like a snow feather~ 君を飾る白 ~like a snow feather~ [051230] milkcat
What do I desire
What do I wish for
What have I obtained?
I just... only wish for happiness.
Is this for my own sake?
Or for the sake of the one I treasure most?
The answer is like the dancing flakes of the first snowfall held in the palm of your hand,
Their shapes melting away...
The winter of my freshman year of high school.
I lost the person I treasured right before my eyes.
I stayed in my dark room
with nothing to do at all.
When I closed my eyes, I could sense them smiling there again.
What just happened was only a bad dream, I thought.
The door suddenly opened, and someone entered the room.
It was my younger sister, who was living with me.
I'd wanted to be alone.
I didn't want to think about anything anymore.
She spoke to me.
"Calm down, Onii-chan..."
This girl, who wasn't related to me by blood, held me gently.
Her feelings would torment me too.
Everything has become such a mess, I thought to myself...

71. Kodomo no Himitsu こどものひみつ [051230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Kirara and Chinatsu are best friends together in the 5th grade. One day they discover an adult book after school. In it they read about masturbation but they don't understand it. Kirara decides to ask her teacher for an example . . .
Doujin Nukige

72. Mahou Shoujo Kirara to Sarara 魔法少女きららとさらら [051230] Pandadanpa
Two twins wield the power of the gods to protect what they love from the gods themselves.

73. Maria-sama ga Gyakuten ~Etape de l'hiver~ マリア様が逆転~Etape de l'hiver~ [051230] Seventh Heaven Maxion
The continuation of Maria-sama trials brings two new episodes - one for the school festival and another one for Christmas.

74. Oni no Warau Koro 邪ノ嗤フ刻 [051230] Nekomarudou
Main character fights evil every day and searches for his relative. One day he helps to an attacked girl, and shortly after the whole city starts to overflow with evil and people moving upon commands. The key to the tragedy seems to be hidden in the mysterious girl. A red flashback pierces protagonist's mind. The tragedy repeats itself. This time he won't allow to lose everything again.

75. Shinigami Shugyou Hajimemashita. 死神修行はじめました。 [051230] Le.Chocolat de Monoceros
Sorato, a highschooler, wakes up and discovers he is out of his body and there is a strange guy in his room. The guy introduces himself as Ophiel and explains to Sorato that he is a shinigami sent to collect Sorato's soul...since Sorato is actually dead. Sorato freaks out at first, but slowly accepts it.
Ophiel takes Sorato's spirit to the land of dead. But on the way, there is a some kind of skirmish and Sorato loses his memories. When they reach the land of dead, Sorato meets up with an old friend who is receiving training to become a shinigami.
Seeing as he has no place to go, Sorato also chooses to become a shinigami and begins his interesting "training" from an eccentric Shinigami, Clef.....
Boys Love

76. Shiranui ~Mashou no Ingoku~ 不知火~魔性の淫獄~ [051230] Borneo PARA.SITE
Shiranui Mai had been training in practice field back in the mountains. One day, she is attached by a sub-human monster Genan.
She ends up beaten, and humiliated with tentacles. Rape, gangbang, impregnation, childbirth, tentacle!
Doujin Fandisc Nukige

77. Shouyon! Kodomo Challenge しょうよん!コドモ☆ちゃれんじ [051230] Team-Exodus
In the middle of summer vacations main character gets introduced to his two new cute classmates. He gets very inspired to do naughty things to these two girls.
Doujin Lolicon

78. Sora to Kioku no Kanata 空とキオクの彼方 [051230] RIFF*RAFF
Main character has memory loss. A female childhood friend moves in together to reinstall those memories.

79. Wataoma Extra わたおま えくすとら [051230] Blue Devil
Rina and you were not supposed to know each other living in different parallel worlds, but one day ...
Doujin Nukige

80. Kotodama ~The Spiritual Words~ 言霊 ~The Spiritual Words~ [051230] Sorairo Magatama
No info

81. Kyoudai Dousei 兄妹同棲 [051230] Fluorite
Main character's father remarries, so protagonist gets a new mother and sister. First impression of step-sister was a quiet crybaby. But both parents die in a traffic incident, so protagonist has to take care of her, and distance decreases. Is step-sister really an important relative now?

82. Hyouka no Gen'ya 氷花ノ幻夜 [051230] FAKE STAR
Main character returns to the hometown after long absence. He visits his old school and hears voice of important girl there, and then her silhouette shows up. This is a story of a sad love that can't be escaped. And the phantom night begins.

83. Riesz Ryoujokuki リース陵辱記 [051230] Script Origin
Main character is a holy sword knight of the kingdom who now has Roland kingdom princess  Reese in his full control to insult and abuse.

84. Hajimari wa Owari to Tomo ni... Beginning is the End... 始まりは終わりとともに… 
Beginning is the End… [051230] Team Caf
Miki Tachikawa spends happy days with her lover Kazuhiko Kuniyama. But one day girl Mirai comes down from the sky. Her landing creates a crater, but she stays unharmed herself. Mirai comes to break this world!

85. Mia no Ryoujoku Chuukei Nijuuyonji ミーアの陵辱中継24時 [051230] Spirit Guide
Two sisters are going to be insulted in live broadcast for 24 hours straight.

86. Kazoku Rankou ~Prologue~ 家族乱交 ~プロローグ~ [051230] Studio Sunadokei
Mogami family and the Isaka family live next door, and both of them participate in bright and fun orgies. “Prologue” is about parents' newlyweds period before their children are born.

87. Hoshifuru Natsu 星降る夏 [051230] Lagu Soft
Main character becomes interested in sword fighting, so this summer he trains at his father best friend's dojo. It's supposed to be harsh training, but three girls who live at this place make it rather enjoyable. Protagonist never had a girlfriend, so he is often puzzled by the unpredictable behavior of the girls.

88. Mousou Nikki: Joshikousei Hen 妄想にっき 女子高生編 [051230] X-BangBang
Main character is torn apart between demon kid and angel kid. Demon summons erotic delusions where it's possible to do any perversions, and angel dissolves these illusions.

89. My Collection Another Story 2 Reika & Shizuka Hen マイコレクションアナザーストーリー2 麗華&静編 [051230] Winglay Soft
Mother and daughter shrine maidens are complete meat slaves now already. Gang rape, bestiality or public shaming... they never object.

90. Chained Valkyria -Akashiya no Kyouen- Chained Valkyria -赤夜の凶宴- [051230] Gin no Hoshitei
After the recent Sabat, town  Canossa at the foot of Midgar became deserted.
Initially town was under assault of demons, so adventurers were called to pushed them back. After their return governor was found lynched by the angry mob and his residence burned down. The abandoned building became home for ghosts. Then governor's tomb collapsed together with the cliff. Then soil was dug in the wrong place, and river flooded living quarters. Demons showed up in all this chaos. Black fog, red skies, and jet-black moons filled the sky.
Adventurers sent to save this town from demons, got trapped in this nightmarish world.

91. Love Love Amelia-ryou e Youkoso LOVE*LOVEアメリア寮へようこそっ♪ [051230] Spirit Guide 
There are four stories about love of student Leon and teacher Amelia in the Magical Academy. Magic is used to add kinkiness to their erotic play.

92. Cubic 3 [051231] Globule
Main character wakes up with amnesia and wonders aimlessly while meeting different persons. The whole picture forms up only after seeing all the multiple outcomes linked together.

93. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Ura Akiba Hen~ 少女の道草~裏秋葉編~ [051231] Sage
Akihabara is gorgeously decorated, but it also contains darkness for the unaware girls. Numerous events start to happen with the girls there instantly. They participate in obscene cosplay and competitions, get punished for shoplifting or just become targeted in the park.
Doujin Nukige

94. Kubi ga Nai Ko no Hanashi 首がない子の話 [0512] Jewel Box
Main heroine is a fifth grade student. She collects horror stories with her friend, and then they tell stories to each other and cry together. Today friend brings a new story. “Have you ever heard of a child without a neck?”

95. Letter [0512] EGOIST
One Monday morning there was an anonymous love letter in the shoe box. Letters start to be sent every day. Is this a prank or a true feeling?
Doujin Otomege

96. Come, Ye Disconsolate [0512] UNITE Projects
Main character wakes up in a hospital with the whole body in pain. He survived in the accident, but Mitsuki died. What does memory hide?
Doujin Boys Love

97. Endless Sky [0512] Ruten
Fan-fiction fantasy about Tennis no Ouji-sama characters.
Boys Love Doujin

98. Other Side [0512] Hollowings
At the beginning of the war robots were used just for medical and logistical purposes. But as struggle continues, firearms got displaced by electrified weapons better suited for robots. At this time main character makes a scientific breakthrough and develops the latest defensive weapon S.A.D.
Non EN/JP Doujin

99. Prince Maker - Endless [0512] Alfagame
The first attempt to reinstall Princess Maker series with boys as characters. You are allowed to choose background and a boy to nourish in the competition with other seven boys with tutors for the first prize of becoming the king.
Non EN/JP Doujin Otomege

100. Tale in Bliss 快樂的童話 Tale in Bliss [0512] Mela en'coiamin
Princess was rescued from the court by the prince never met before, and they have a wedding. Throughout four chapters they will embrace the joy of happiness, but will also face death and sadness.
Non EN/JP Doujin

101. Tegami 手紙 [0512] P.o.l.c.
Takahiro Watanabe comes home to the countryside a young college student. He leaves a different person altogether.

102. Ikai no Monban 異界の門番 [051231] N.I.P
Early 20th century. Occultism and mysticism have become epidemic while the number of phenomena and incidents that can't be clarified by scientific theory increase.
Main character has to visit an old Western-style mansion of a magician where his brother was last seen. He needs to explore the building and find clues about missing brother there.

103. Kidou Shounen 軌道少年 [051231] BABYLON GAME PROJECT
It's is a story about boys who want to be spaceship pilots in future. Now they do their best to reach their dream.

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