VN of the Month November 2005 - Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo is VN of the Month. Nursery Rhyme and Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ are masterpieces.  For some weird reason I chose Terrible Future for review.

1. Hime Musha 姫武者 [051104] Tomato
Main character is a student who has to babysit three sisters after parents' death. The mysterious beautiful girl trio called "Hime-hime" becomes the talk of the world as they are rumored to prevent the assassinations of government officials every time.
But main character himself becomes that target of attacks of a girl in battle suit. He can't hide his surprise as his sister transforms into Himehime to protect him.
Protagonist appears to come from a powerful clan himself and adopted by Fujiwara family, thus he requires protection as an important person of power. Pressed between lovely sisters and enthralling transfer student, who will he choose?
Scenario is short, heavy and not even H-attractive despite the huge number of H scenes. Battles are arranged in a janken fashion, so it's easy to lose. Heroines love protagonist from the start, so learning that there is no blood connection is all it takes to advance things. Story is largely the same with only ending differ for individual heroine.

2. Fuuraiki 2 風雨来記2 [051110] FOG
In Fuuraiki 2, you play as a reporter traveling through the southern island of Okinawa (the original was based in the far northern Hokkaido region, making for a dramatic change of setting). As you travel through 100 different Okinawa locations, you'll meet a number of female characters who'll of course fall in love with you and so on and so forth.
It's a rare type of the game with locations really presenting in tourist guides. Mechanics is simplified as it's enough to just click at the map now instead of riding the bike. The romance element is improved, especially with the favorable location shift from Hokkaido in prequel to Okinawa. Game can be considered a masterpiece, but for a very narrow number of players and only for PS2.

3. Game ni Natta yo! Dokuro-chan ~Kenkou Shindan Daisakusen~ ゲームになったよ!ドクロちゃん〜健康診断大作戦〜 [051110] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan tells the story of 13-year-old junior high schooler Sakura Kusakabe, who twenty years in the future develops a technology that causes all women to stop physically aging after they reach twelve years old in an attempt to create a "Pedophile's World". However, this act accidentally creates immortality amongst humans, thus offending God. Dokuro Mitsukai, a member of an order of assassin angels that are called Rurutie, has been sent from the future to kill him. Believing that Sakura can be redeemed, Dokuro decides instead to keep Sakura so occupied and distracted that he can never develop the immortality technology. Due to her impulsive nature and super-human strength however, she frequently kills him with her gigantic spiked kanabō (club), Excalibolg, on a moment's impulse, but returns him to life moments later with angelic power, typically reciting her personal chant "Pipiru-piru-piru-pipiru-pi" (which has no meaning at all and is just a habit of hers). Sabato, another assassin of the Rurutie order who uses her feminine wiles along with her electric baton to do her job, is dispatched to complete Dokuro's original mission: Sakura's assassination.
It's possible to pursue romance interest with new cahracters and some well known heroines, but the story is the same for all of them. Game is filled with lots of boring mini-games. Some characters aren't voiced, some CG are rough, lots of animations are reused from the anime. Game is only for fans, but even part of the fans feels betrayed by it.

4. Defcon ☆ One でふこん☆わん [051118] Undel
Hiroshi is a pervert. when he accidentally saw Tetsuko, he fell in love with her, and jumped to her chest. Of course, he got turned down. Angry, he kicked a trash bin, that flew right to head of passing near girl Sora. Luckily, that saved her from a falling down сonstruction beam. Sora is an army maniac from a wealthy family, and she decided to return favor of saving her life to Hiroshi, so she accepted the "mission" that he proposed to her: get him girlfriend, or "woman that let him touch her ass and breasts". After the first step - transporting Hiroshi's all-boys school classroom to the rich all-girls school by helicopters, their hilarious school life starts...
Moege that's fun, but nothing happens.

5. Oose No Mama Ni ★ Goshujin-sama! 仰せのままに★ご主人様! [051118] Ohgetsu
Ousuke is a rich businessman living in a luxury hotel suite. At a fancy party, another wealthy man brags to him about his many maids. He says, "A man who can't deal with maids cannot call himself a high-class man." So Ousuke decides to buy a house and recruit some maids...
Heroines personalities are different and quite developed. Jokes are ok. Game is among the better representatives of its niche genre.

6. Rune Princess ルーンプリンセス [051124] Princess Soft
In this love simulation adventure, ou play as Yuusaku, a student at a Tokyo school who has the strange ability to move objects just by looking at them and make flowers blossom with a mere touch. He hears some weird news: A middle-ages European-style tower has appeared along the Yamanote train line. Taking the train to school, he realized that although it's commute time, there is only one other person on the train with him. This lone young girl turns to Yuusaku and says, "I've been longing to meet you, Mr. Yuusaku."
This is the start of Yuusaku's new school life as he finds himself in the company of 12 "rune princesses" who came from the world of "Neo Thirteen" in search of a hero.
Usual Princess Soft crap with a traditional dozen of heroines in routes of arguable quality.

7. Bukatsu Kikaku 部活規格 [051125] F&C FC01
Kouya Yamamiya is a second year high school prodigy who excels in almost anything he does. He moves back to his hometown with his family and enrolls in Yukinohara High School. There, he reunites with his childhood friend Shizuru Takiguchi, and also befriends clumsy junior Tsubasa Kakedori and strict senior Kuzuha Takamiya.
Kouya soon becomes the target of all the clubs, who desire to use his expertise as a "specialist" to advance their own agendas for the school festival in one month. Divided over whom he should help, he decides to help as many clubs as he can in time for the festival, which attracts the eyes of 14 other girls in various culture and sports clubs. Pressed for time, Kouya gets to work...
F&C games never had depth, but with dense SIM elements they lose even the little auditory they had.

8. Close Up! クローズアップ! [051125] PineSoft
Main character takes up photographer job in hope to be invited to sister's school that promotes arts.
At first he has little motivation with his job, but upon meeting more and more girls he wants to make them even more beautiful and attractive. What kind of romance will he find?
Game feels aged and has quality spikes. Overall content is thin and at times boring.

9. Eshi ~Kakusareta Omoi~ 画師~隠された思い~ [051125] Trust
Taisho era. 
Young painter's works suddenly starts to illuminate, and girls' features on the portrait look as if moving.
At the same time a disturbing shadow shows up around the models...
Story feels half-baked with some girl routes focus on occult and others on suspense. Relations are always both love and hate varying from pure love to humiliation.

10. Himesho! ひめしょ! [051125] Xanadu
Our protagonist Yamada Koharu is told two surprising news at the same time: he's transferring to a former all-girls school and he's actually the heir to the throne, so several princesses from different countries will try to become his queen!
Main part is slapstick comedy with very lively heroines who all love protagonist from the start. Gags are even present in the H scenes. Second half loses much of the momentum, but it's still one of the funniest games.

11. Koimomo 恋もも [051125] Fizz
Kazuki's parents often traveled abroad, so he was raised most of the time with the Tokizawas, distant relatives of his. There he was raised like a son along with Hazuki, the Tokizawa's daughter. However, his peaceful life is about to be shattered when, while he's staying with the Tokizawas during his parents' long business trip, a mysterious girl called Momoka appears and says she will "protect Kazuki's life".
Game starts as a school love comedy, but progresses into something else entirely as incidents start to happen outside taking the whole screen time off the school. Empathy is not felt in the ending, but it's hard to expect much from a half-price work.

12. Mankitsu! ~Comic Cafe e Youkoso!~ まんきつ!~コミックカフェへようこそ!~ [051125] Runrun Soft
The game is about running a manga cafe named "Orange Chiffon".
Your childhood friend's father went out for a long trip and left his only daughter, Yuu, as the manager substitute.
But because Yuu isn't good at managing the cafe, plus there aren't much customers coming to the cafe, you were asked by his father to help run the cafe instead.
Your goal in this game is make the manga cafe prosper.
Some SIM that I don't care about.

13. MoeGaku もえがく [051125] Studio Sagittarius
One day, Kyoka Akira told Tukishima Moe he would study in United States. Although Moe wanted Akira to stay, Moe had poor English skills. Responding to Moe's wish Lulue appeared to help Moe. Using the transformation item given by Megamisama, she must battle against rival magical girls, by chanting in English to cast spells. Unfortunately, Moe's English was poor. However, Emily was willing to train Moe with English. In order for Moe and Akira to study together, Moe must prepare for the final battle taking place 50 days later.
A moege to learn 50 English idioms in 50 days. Visuals are too simplistic to feel moe.

14. Nursery Rhyme [051125] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4
While his parents are away working overseas our protagonist takes this opportunity to visit his childhood friend (and her twin sister). They live with their mother and are located pretty close to the high school he and the twins go to. So, seeing that he'd be living alone otherwise, they decide to have him live with them in the meantime.
There's also a prestigious all-female school nearby; this being the case, several students/teachers live in the same neighborhood as the protagonist's childhood friend; thus the rarely seen male presence begins a bit of an uproar as awkward, hormone-charged interactions begin.
There are English reviews.

15. Princess Serenade プリンセス小夜曲 [051125] Studio Ryokucha
Main character is a prince and a heir to the king. He barely survives in an assassination attempt with the help of a witch girl and finds shelter in the forest.
He spends there several years to recover under guidance of the witch who makes him reborn as an evil prince, but with former gentle personality. Protagonist starts to kidnap princesses, but all four princesses agree to live with him willingly. To cultivate his evil nature he must learn to insult them, but he is so bad at it that girls have to guide him even in that. Will protagonist complete his evil training and have his revenge or just live happily with the princesses instead?
Revenge insult story turns into a slapstick comedy with the slight dip into insult by the end. Genre is still training SIM, so H scenes are inserted at regular intervals.

16. School Festa School Festa-スクールフェスタ- [051125] Roll
Main character is announced by the student council that only top circles will survive and the rest will have to disband due to low activity. Protagonist was going to set a lazy tea drinking for the culture festival, but now changes plan in favor of coffee shop as it's the fastest and easiest way to popularity. No one has any experience for that, so main character asks his childhood friend and another girl to devise the menu and actually cook. Will the circle survive after the festival?
There are different combinations of males + females, but scenario is the same in each case. There's little intrigue with such simple story and clear goal.

17. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo 車輪の国、向日葵の少女 [051125] Akabei Soft2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Early summer.
A society which imposes special "Duties" upon everyone who breaks the law.
The individuals who oversee these criminals' rehabilitation are the "Special Elite"ーa rank the protagonist, Kenichi Morita, hopes to attain. To do that, he must pass his final exam, for which he arrives at a certain country town.
At the school Kenichi attends, he encounters girls bound by various “Duties.” Those obligated "to observe a 12-hour day" are forbidden from being awake for more than 12 hours per day, and those obligated "to remain in infancy" cannot grow up. It is meeting Natsumi Hinata, the girl who "cannot fall in love," that throws him out of gear.
Soon, Kenichi makes a series of odd discoveries… his own grave, erected secretly on a clifftop; his patrimony, hidden deep inside a cavern. Kenichi finds that he must search for his own atonement in this dystopian society. What is the truth behind the Land of the Spinning Wheel? Discover for yourself through Kenichi's eyes!
Game is localized and has English reviews.

18. Terrible Future てりぶるフューチャー [051125] CoreMoreco
Main character Ikki Minakata is a student who aims to become a civil servant to have a stable life. On the summer vacations he is suddenly attacked by a girl who comes from the future to kill him and prevent inventing of the device that put the world to chaos. However, Ikki is protected by an android girl Michelette who also comes from the future to defend Ikki and the future regime.
Protagonist ignores the girls fighting and goes home only to find both girls from future come to his apartment several days later having exhausted their fighting capabilities...
Taking this game up for review just in hope for some SF.

19. Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ 智代アフター ~It’s a Wonderful Life~ [051125] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tomoyo After's story revolves around Okazaki Tomoya and Sakagami Tomoyo. Tomoya has graduated from high school and is now employed as a garbage collector. He and Tomoyo are now seeing each other in a romantic relationship, though Tomoya lives alone in his apartment. One day it is discovered that Tomoyo has a younger half-sister named Mishima Tomo who had been living with her mother, but was recently abandoned. It is eventually decided that Tomo will live in Tomoya's apartment for the time being.
Beside the Adventure part that makes most of the game, Tomoyo After also has RPG elements. In order to complete the game entirely, the player must finish eight of the mini RPGs games called "Dungeons & Takafumis" which are available during certain scenarios as the player continues to play the game.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

20. Yousei-san to Issho ~Tooi Sora no Shita de~ 妖精さんといっしょ~遠い空の下で~ [051125] Warabii House
Main character is an ordinary student who is in distant love relations with his girlfriend. He gets reunited with his childhood friend that he does not remember. The girl is a fairy who comes to this town to fulfill her promise. Which way will protagonist's life turn?
Scenario is really hopelessly thin. There are just three characters in this game, but with such volume it'd be better to get rid of repetitiveness and focus just on one heroine. 

21. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.09: Quito no Yoru 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.09 キトの夜 [051130] WorkJam
Jinguuji meets a South American foreigner at the bar and takes up s job to search for his missing wife.
Series does not need introduction.


1. Sangeki no Yakata ~San Shimai Sanka~ 惨劇の館 ~三姉妹散花~ [051103] Studio Sepia
Picnic in the mountains is interrupted by the sudden rain. Something jumps before the car, and hitting the breaks moves the car to the mountainside. Young people find an old mansion and stay there overnight. But they don't know that host prepares a humiliation feast for them.
Doujin Nukige

2. Dr. Peko Himitsu no Shinryoujo 2 ~Mamori no Himitsu Kaiketsu Shimasu~ Dr.ペコ 秘密の診療所2~まもりの秘密解決いたします~ [051104] Vitamin
Dr. Peko still runs a secret sex counsel clinic. He is now helped by an assistant girl Narimori who is abandoned by the organization. Three new women arrive to the clinic's door.

3. Family Sex ~Kazoku Rankou Nikki~ ファミリーセックス~家族乱交日記~ [051104] Under Lip
Misa lost her parents in an accident and was taken to the family of her uncle. Her wounds only start to heal when uncle comes home drunk and mistakes her body for someone else's. Misa forgives her uncle, and a different life begins from now on.

4. Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger 人妻戦隊アイサイガー [051104] Discovery
Main character is equipment salesman now even though he used to be masked superhero enthusiast as a student. One day he picks up a strange card full of blank cards. These cards turn out to be "Holga Card", a cosmic treasure that grants humans delusions in the form of reality. Magic Star Cluster Darakuza starts invasion to the Earth to find the cards.
Protagonist meets a masked superhero girl who asks him: "Do you believe in heroes?"

5. Inyoku Kyoudai 淫欲姉弟 [051104] Studio-Sakura
Sister is on top as usual. She moans too loudly. Parents are in bad relations and live separately, but it's still a confusing situation if neighbors are taken in account. So, sister, please keep your voice down.
Doujin Nukige

6. Yanezutai no Kimi e 屋根づたいの君へ [051104] Klein
Main character sees a dream about a sad girl in the moonlight. A few days later he notices a similar looking woman on the street. The same night he has a dream again. Girl cries as she is being bullied on the roof. Next day woman approaches him with words "Hey, let's have sex".

7. Tokoyo no Hoshizora 常世の星空 [051105] Team Extra 1
This is how the most selfish girl in the world and the most selfish boy in the world make peace:
Bells in the darkness that ensnare Heaven's silver light inside the inscrutable polyphony of far-off constellations.

8. Abigail [051106] Papillon
Abigail. She's the most popular girl in school. Not in any of the usual ways. She's not the prettiest or the smartest or the richest. She's not a cheerleader and not the class president. But everybody loves her.

9. Issho ni Arukou いっしょにあるこう。 [051106] Green Tea Milk
Ayumi has lost her important person. She joins the secret festival that takes part on the New Year's Eve.

10. Mirugeki 3 Bishoujo Maki Naisho no Taiken みるげき3美少女まき ないしょの体験 [051106] Milky Pearl
Main character is a programmer who hurts his stomach and gets hospitalized. There is a student girl who often comes by and lies on the bed. Protagonist soon realizes that he is attracted to the girl. Eventually, his arousal overwhelms, and...

11. DEVIL meets GIRL LINSEED [051109] Milky Pearl
There is a devil who lives for more than 300 years. He fancies to train shrine maiden's daughter Sana as a sex slave.

12. Quick Click! くいっくCLICK! [051109] Hakutou
Main character can't decide between his stepsister, junior and sempai. Three stories unveil in school setting.

13. Cosplay★Chu コスプレ★チュ [051110] Gyuunyuu Soft
The lead character, you, is a rich boy living in a stately mansion, with a fetish for cosplay. One day, a girl named Koharu confesses her love to me!! So I use her as I like.... Get laid with her with many kinds of costumes on! Uniform, maid, nurse...... The content is hard and deep!
Doujin Nukige

14. Idol/TYPE [051110] ATP Projects
In Idol/TYPE you and your idol, the lesser-known supporting actress Hirae Erishima write letters to each other. At first they were just fan letters. But now, is there something more?

15. Hitozuma Chijoku Hyakkaten 人妻恥辱百貨店 [051111] Stellar
There are two stories. First is about an elevator woman assaulted in the process of changing clothes and then blackmailed. The second one is about Kauzya cheating his girlfriend with his cousin.

16. Hitozuma Swapping Seikatsu 人妻スワッピング生活 [051111] Honki Shiru
Tatsuya has a wife, Chizuru. They used to love each other, love passionately. But, their love gradually becomes colder and colder.... One day, when he is on his way home, he sees Chizuru walking with a man. He stops them, and asks them what's going on. Another man stops their quarrel, and tells them that he is a boss of a swapping club. He gets interested in it, and visits the club room with Chizuru...

17. Ijoku 医辱 [051111] Love Juice
The previous hospital director's son is out for revenge on the current director who drove his father to suicide. Posing as an amnesia victim he works as the hospital janitor and works on the nursing staff up to the top.

18. Itsuwari no Kyoushitsu 偽りの教室 [051111] Dark Side
Having refused going along with his parents' overseas transfer, the protagonist is sent to reside with his cousin and childhood friend, Nakamura Yuuri, who also lives alone due to family circumstances.
"My cousin Yuuri... It's been ten years already since then."
The protagonist arrives at the Nakamura full of anticipation - however what welcomes him is not the bright, cheerful Yuuri of old, but a timid, downcast, albeit beautifully matured girl.
Quietly, Yuuri speaks.
"We'll be attending the same school starting tomorrow, but... Don't tell anyone we'll related."
"We probably shouldn't speak to each other at school, either."
"Otherwise... You'll get bullied as well..."

19. Pakucchau zo!! パクッちゃうぞ!! [051111] Tryset
Main character gets a guard job at the local transportation branch. The senior guard suddenly gets ill, and two female police officers become protagonist's guides, but they are known to always cause all kinds of incidents. Will protagonist become a full-fledge guard?

20. Seraphic Luxion 天衣舞装ルクシオン [051111] Maika Pure
Three beautiful girls gain superpowers of different elements with the the help of mysterious substance of "Penjuram" that triggers with strong human emotions. The power can be refined with sex and especially insults. In search of "Penjuram" power deformed monsters start to appear at the school attacking students.

21. Aki no Sakura no Fantasian 秋のさくらのファンタジアン [051111] Hobby Land Soft 
On the way home from school main character meets a mysterious girl Shizuru and wanders through the imaginary landscape full of cosmos images.

22. Yamiagari ni Muri wa Dame to Iu Koto 病み上がりにムリはダメということ [051113] Hobby Land Soft 
After recovering from food poisoning, Tenji Emperor decides to ignore doctor's instructions and arranges a great party with beer and meat. Emperor faces a big stomach trial.

23. Ore to Imouto no Kankei 俺と妹の姦係 [051114] SCREEN
Sex-with-young-sisternovel with a bunch of animation segments.
Petting young sister sleeping in the bed, sex in bathroom, making sure the dad does not find out what they are doing there, outdoor sex in payphone booth, incest play involving the young sister and dad, gangbang in school, defloration, anal, internal cumshot ...

24. Tokubetsuban ~D no Kajitsu~ Himesama ga Arawareta! 特別版 ~Dの果実~ 姫様があらわれた! [051114] Katei Saien
Female witch and male knight separate from the search party. They won't come back this night as they use this sweet time just for the two of them.
Doujin Nukige

25. Ai no Chikara 愛のチカラ [051118] Silky's
Main character is a medical device salesman. He meets a pure innocent girl patient Karen at the hospital. Overwhelmed by her cheerfulness and gentleness, protagonist can't decrease the distance between him and the girl. But one day he becomes shocked by the photo posted in an adult magazine...

26. Hitotsu ya Monogatari ひとつや物語 [051118] Ein
Kojima Kaoru, a restaurant chef, met with some unfortunate events and lost his home and job. He was found unconscious in front of the Sakakibara estate and was picked up by the human & beast-people living there. He was also offered a position as their chef/housekeeper...
Boys Love

27. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3: Izayoiki 遙かなる時空の中で3 十六夜記 [051122] Koei 
Alternative version of Harutoki 3, contains new endings and new routes for Shirogane and ending for Taira no Tomomori.

28. Onee-san ga Oshiete A-Ge-Ru お姉さんが教えてア・ゲ・ル [051122] Bianca
Main character's sister becomes unbearable. His childhood friend organizes a special study program for his sister with a tutor. This program is much wider than just school education disciplines. Protagonist gets really curious about these special lessons...

29. AM 2:00 ~Neko to Tsukiyo no Buranko~ AM2:00~猫と月夜のブランコ~ [051125] Amanatto
3 guys, 3 totally different situations. Unknown to each they all share one similar trait. That is, a hobby to often visit a certain park during the night to feed a stray cat. What would happen if two of them found out about each others existence…?
Boys Love

30. Anejiru ~Shirakawa San Shimai no Omakase~ 姉汁~白川三姉妹におまかせ~ [051125] Atelier Kaguya
Yuu Shirakawa moves in to his stepfathers house and starts to live with three step-sisters. One day he finds a magic bottle and falls victim to a terrible curse. The only way to break the curse is to fill the bottle with love juice. Living together with beautiful girls while trying to break the curse starts an erotic turn of events in his life.

31. Crime Rhyme 3 クライミライ3 [051125] FlyingShine Black
Main character is torn apart by his feelings for niece and his friends who don't approve it. Soon friends form a new rapist club, and events start to unfold without relation to protagonist's will.

32. Haitoku Shitei Soukan ~Ane no Midara na Yawaniku~ 背徳姉弟相姦~姉の淫らな柔肉~ [051125] Under Lip
Ryota feels sorry for her older sister, Misa. Since their parents died she brought him up by herself. One day, she says to him that she is going to marry a man of wealthy family. Ryota thinks she will marry that man for Ryota entering university. He realizes that she is more than just a sister for him.

33. Hipparikko ~Shimai ga H Battle?!~ ひっぱりっこ~姉妹がHバトル?!~ [051125] Zero
Ten years after the divorce of his parents, the main character returns to his mother's house. There live his two sisters and his mom whom he got separated with because of family circumstances. They have to cohabit once again and...

34. Invisible Sign -Isu- Nemureru Mori Invisible Sign-イス- 眠れる森 [051125] lapin
It is still a story about the mystery of unsolved incident happened 20 years ago having something to do with present suspicious events, but the main difference is in the big number of different endings. There are also new capturable characters with their stories individual resolutions and the possibility to see the true end with the eyes of another protagonist.
Boys Love

35. Mahou Shoujo Sae Vol.1 魔法少女沙枝 Vol.1 [051125] Mille Feuille
Evil magicians from the parallel universe are invading Earth and sucking out the consciousness from humans, and then use it for power. Our magical girl, Kusunoki Sae, is here to stop them! It's not an easy task, because all of her enemies seems to be nothing but perverts!

36. Mono Gokoro, Mono Musume. モノごころ、モノむすめ。 [051125] May-Be Soft
Similar to the protagonist of Henshin!, Hiroaki gains the power of transformation. But unlike Sakagami's power to transform himself into anything, Hiroaki can transform anything into a girl!
He gains this power by opening a strange attachment in his computer. Which suddenly turns his computer into a girl. She tells him that anything he 'Personify' will become his willing servant as well...

37. Nazunagasuki Nazuna to Wakana no Monogatari 薺ヶ好 なずなと若葉の物語 [051125] Nel
Fandisc containing three stories:
1.「-薺ヶ好- 沢渡なずなの一番長い日」
2. 「~わかばの頃~」
3. 「碧ヶ淵&宵待姫 サイドストーリー」

38. Nukunuku -ASUMI- [051125] Kagishippo
Asumi goes out on date with her boyfriend, and ends up in a love hotel. She looks pretty, but so gorgeous when she is naked!
Doujin Nukige

39. Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~ ぴゅあらばフレーバー ~始まりの場所~ [051125] TiramisuVilla
The protagonist was an office lady, but on Christmas day it came out that her company went bankrupt! And even more, it came out that her boyfriend was two-timing her!
It was supposed to be a happy Christmastime, but unluckily she lost both her job and boyfriend in one fell swoop.
With the dawn of a new year she was invited to work at the bar Casina by a friend of hers, and still being uncertain of her future she accepted.
A variety of meetings awaited her there, with the bartender, her former boss, and other regular customers.
"That's right, It's no use thinking about the past. With this new job and new relationships I can find my new self!"
Can she concentrate on passionately working?
Will she devote herself to having wonderful new encounters?
Or maybe... Both?

40. Sensei wa Joou-sama 先生は女王様 [051125] Lilith Soft
By an accident, you have become a sex slave of your teacher Shino who is beautiful and has perfect pair of breasts, and you've had unrequited love for for a long time. She use you as a sex slave and make you cum in many ways: handjob, footjob, titty sex..... One day, a pretty girl student Rinko, carry a grudge against Shino attempts to get him back from Shino.

41. Time Capsule ~Haru~ タイムカプセル ~春~ [051125] Casino
In a depopulated village there happen to be six people of the same age who naturally stick up together. One day they find something behind the shrine and they bury it. They believe that it's a  time capsule that must be recovered at a later age. Seven years later they graduate and return to their home village. The existence of time capsule is almost forgotten...

42. Tokudoku Series - Toubousha Dokujima Nero ~Ritou no Ama Hen~ 得々シリーズ 逃亡者 毒島音露~離島の海女編~ [051125] Waffle
Main character flees from the police and finds an isolated house. Two  delicious sisters greet him. He understands he needs to go further, but the temptation is too big...

43. Wings [051125] Lordcloudx
A short non-branching anime-themed visual novel created with the renpy engine. Features include full-color original artwork and atmospheric sound effects and music. The story is mostly emotional and psychological drama told from the point of view of the only two characters.

44. Ane x Oto ~Maid Kissa Saiwan Hanjou Ki~ 姉×弟~メイド喫茶細腕繁昌記~ [051126] Parthenon
It begun at the end of the summer..... You play a boy named Serizawa Nao whose parents were killed in a car accident not long time ago. Now, my only family is an elder sister Serizawa Saori. Nao and Saori decides to run a Maid Cafe by remodeling a small cafe managed by the parents.
Doujin Nukige

45. Kageriyuku Kyoushitsu 翳りゆく教室 [051126] Marine Heart
Main character is raised by the brother. He looks up to his brother, so after graduating chooses the same school for practice where brother works as a teacher. He starts to get accustomed to it. But one day protagonist becomes boycotted by students of his class over a trivial reason...
Boys Love

46. Kisetsu wa Ma no Tsuku Yume Kibun 季節はマのつく夢気分 [051127] DANDY LION
Short stories of a romance between Yuuri and Conrad. A "Kyo Kara Maoh!" fanfic.
Doujin Boys Love

47. Monochrome [051127] Nostalgic Garden
Main character is a 5th year school student. On a summer day he returns to his grandfather's home. At the station a mysterious boy meets him and proposes to help with carrying heavy baggage...

48. Minarai Majo no Kenkyuu Nisshi 見習い魔女のけんきゅー日誌 [051128] High-Spirit
"What!? For my final examination, I have to do a report on the relationship between magic and sex!?"
Luc is a pure girl training to be a witch. Her final exam is a bit of a tough one for her. Educate her in the arts of magic and sex, and turn her into the girl you prefer!

49. Hare Doki Doki Bunkasai 晴れどきどき文化祭 [0511] EAG
Main character is an ordinary high school student. Culture festival approaches, and he is forced to be its executive committee member. His childhood friend assists him with preparation. It may be an opportunity for him to get along with a previously unreachable classmate. Who will he spend this culture festival with? 

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