VN of the Month February 2007 - Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame

Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame can be called VN of the Month, but I'll decide whether it's a masterpiece or not in the review.

1. Natsumegu ナツメグ [070202] Cotton Soft 1
Atsushi is in his second year of high school. His school is going to get merged with another school after the end of the first period, so this is his "last" summer holiday. He enjoys it spending with his friends. One day, the news comes out that Yukako is going to transfer to another school. He decides to gather his friends, and set up a club to make memories for Yukako...
Heroines are attractive. Common route takes most of the time, and club activities are emphasized. Content is pretty simple, and this normality becomes main feature of the game. Individual routes are very short. It's not a high level story, akin to moege.

2. Primitive Link プリミティブ リンク [070202] Purple Software
Fifteen years ago, "Gate", which is an entrance to another world, appeared in some places on earth. The name of the other world is Landlork. The two worlds started to exchange since then. People of the earth started to get interested in Landlork since people in Landlork can use magic. Haruta, a high school student, visits Landlork as an exchange student. He is taken to Tricia High School, which is a school for magic. Cultural exchange with another world, including exchange with the girls. Everything common to him is new to the girls. On the other hand, Haruta gets to know the power of magic. And there are more first experiences to him...
Scenario in the individual routes ends abruptly at the time when it starts to get interesting. But after normal routes True route opens up that answers couple questions, but a lot more remain obscure. It feels like writer should have just utilized fantasy school setting rather than try to build grand global scheme on top of that. Basically, it's a moege in fantasy setting and pretense for not so successful epic scheme.

3. Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Fuyu~ 収穫の十二月~冬~ [070214] Talestune 1
Tagami, a town of heavy snowfall.
In this village is the commonplace idea of the existence of God.
Due to his parent's situation, Konno Masaki moves into this village.
But on the same day, he is ordered by Shiro, the God of Tagami, to become her husband.
Overwhelmed, Masaki accepts, and on the following day transfers to his new school.
Yuki, the daughter of a family that wields the utmost power in Tagami, falls in love with Masaki on first sight and confesses.
Once again, Masaki accepts.
And so starts a strange relationship between a god and a human, two girls and one guy.
Surrounded by new friends, he experiences days filled with bliss.
However, just as he was becoming accustomed to his new life, Yuki makes a suggestion.
"I want to make a child with you."
With this one line, their lives drastically change.
There is an English review.

4. Zero no Tsukaima -Koakuma to Harukaze no Concerto- ゼロの使い魔 小悪魔と春風の協奏曲 [070215] Marvelous Interactive
Saito is summoned to the another world, and gets involved in "Love" and "Adventure". Staged on Tristheine Magic School, he is teased and loved by Luiz. Luiz has the likeability parameter and dislikeability parameter. If you hang around with other girls, her dislikeability parameter rises. And if it hits the limit, a horrible event happens to you. Keep an eye on them all the time, and have a love-love life with Luiz.
Anime spin-off

5. Hoshitsuguyo ホシツグヨ [070223] Grooming
Yuri Takamura lives in a small country town in Japan with his elder sister. He has a fascination with the stars and aspires to be an astronaut. When the night sky is clear, he ventures off to a secluded spot and watches the sky. Upon one visit, however, he comes across a mysterious girl who sets off a series of events in this small town.
Occasionally met girl in yukata only looks like a classmate, but the atmosphere about her is totally different. First half involves a lot of explanations and mythology linked to constellations origin. Second half is all about rapid development. Both mythology and romance are depicted roughly not leaving much room for motivation. Dialogues are lacking. Final brings epic scale development to this ordinary small town, but it's questionable whether it justifies the ride or not.

6. Kissy Kissy ~Watashi no Tamago~ Kissy Kissy ~わたしのたまご~ [070223] Mini 1
The story centers around Junichi, a student and convenience store clerk. Upon his way back from work, his peaceful life takes a sudden stop as he finds an unconscious girl on the beach. Being the nice guy that he is, Junichi rescues her and brings her to his house. After waking up, the girl draws a blank in her memory. Who she is, where she came from, things that we usually take for granted was lost to her. Still, even with all that she has lost, she has one strong desire. That desire was to stay here, with Junichi.
There is an English review.

7. MP ~Maid promotion master~ えむぴぃ ~Maid promotion master~ [070223] Palette
Riku's job is to deliver the unhappiness to people. One day, he knows that the next delivery is to himself. He gets on the train immediately to escape from the unhappiness, and arrives at a village in the backwoods. He rents an old house along the coast.
When he opens the door, there are maids inside, actually the house is for a hands-on training for new maids. His mission is to train five training maids... wit this, his lewd and comical life with the five girls begins now...
A moege with no scenario writer claiming script authorship. There is basically no story and even protagonist identity remains unknown. There is no drama or conflict. Just constant girl teasing and fighting among themselves over pervert protagonist.

8. Shikigami ~Kikyou no Hana ni Himetaru Omoi~ 式神 ~桔梗の華に秘めたる想い~ [070223] White Cyc
There is a city, which has two different faces. The city is filled with people during day, and a monster called "Hizumi (strain)" appears during night. Tsukasa is "Shade", who protects this world from the monster with his sword. The unescapable fate awaits him....
This exorcist story is thin and has little mystery in it. Atmosphere and world view are ok. Heroines are rather poorly developed. H events are only pure love ones. Card battles soon become tiresome as they can't be skipped and there's always luck element involved (usual battles can be skipped starting with 2nd playthrough). 

9. Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame うつりぎ七恋天気あめ [070223] Caramel Box
There is a school in town. The story of seven mysteries is told among students from generation to generation. Ren is an ordinary student except for the fact that he has a mysterious childhood friend.
Triggered by meeting with a witch, he gets to know a little bit about the mysteries. Ellen, Kazusa, Hana, Miu, and the other girls. The story of seven mysteries and romances starts now...
I'm reviewing it blindly myself.


1. Boku to Kanojo to Gakuen Seikatsu ボクと彼女と学園性活 [070201] Studio-74
One month before summer vacation main character loses virginity with his classmate. With each day girl gets bolder at their meetings in the sports equipment warehouse in the evenings.
Doujin Nukige

2. Uruwashi no Seito Kaichou wa Rinkan Dorei 麗しの生徒会長は輪姦奴隷 [070202] Cybele
Kuroda Yusuke is a student at Sakurato Gakuin. He behaves rudely to anyone, through the influence of his parents. But just because he came of a good line, he and Soma Kanan, the school-council president who is also from a distinguished family, are engaged to be married in the future. But Kanan breaks off her engagement to him because of his glaring immorality. Yusuke hated her of being a goody two shoes at school, but cannot bear to give up her beauty and heavenly body. He rapes her with his cronies. The next day, she swears that she will never succumb to him under any circumstances. It makes him go berserk!! Yusuke and his cronies plans to rape her everyway possible until she changes her mind.

3. Tonari no S Tsuma ~Ijimete Ageru♪~ 隣のS妻~虐めてあげる♪~ [070203] Gyuunyuu Soft
My parents were away on a one-week trip. I am alone at home, till the beautiful woman next door Motomura Keiko came to see after me. My parents asked her to take care of me during their absence. So, I started to live with her at my home for a week. Until then, I had never dreamed that she was such a slut...
Doujin Nukige

4. Master x Master ~xx o Kimeshi Mono~ マスター×マスター ~××を極めし者~ [070204] a.m.
Masturbation master finally found his love, and it was a man. The object of his love can be chosen among five candidates.
Doujin Boys Love

5. OneLove R ~One Love Recover~ おねらぶR ~ONE LOVE Recover~ [070204] VENUS
This is a story of the sisters in next ten years appeared in the previous ONE LOVE.
Their love is about to be a single man.
Forbidden incest sex of a man and his daughter..... sibling sex...... In the immoral, who will you love and who will you dump...?
It is all up to you.
Doujin Nukige

6. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.14: Takusareta Yubiwa 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.14 託された指輪 [070207] WorkJam
A man is killed and the suspect is declared wanted. Victim's daughter has doubts about official version and asks Jinguji to investigate the case.
Consolve Exclusive

7. Drawn To You ~ Art School Romance ~ Drawn To You ~ Art School Romance ~ [070209] Reccasoft
Liany is a freshman in the north Ashburg Institute of Art. Somehow though, her paintings still come out dull. Liana's best friend thinks she knows the answer - so can Liana find something that will inspire her? Or... someone?
EVN Otomege

8. Juurin 蹂躙~じゅうりん~ [070209] Black Package XXX
Yuji robbed an armored car with his partner a few hours ago. It was a perfect planning..., but his partner made a stupid mistake. As a result, they left their car and ran away deep inside a mountain with the money. Yuji shot his partner dead along the way to get all the money. He gets tired after a long run. He finds a house in front of him, and hears some girls talking. He decides to rob the house, and stay there for a while to make another plan, remembering he hasn't slept with girls for a while....

9. Kaseifu Onihei ~ Sennyuu! Miboujin Ikka Nyotai Mamire 家政夫鬼平~潜入!未亡人一家女体まみれ [070209] Kuro Hina
Onihei is a housekeeper, employed mainly by a family without a man, who needs male help. At first sight, it looks like he works hard. But his secret purpose is to get their secrets, and make them his sex slaves....

10. Live x Evil -Nessa no Prometheus- Live x Evil 熱砂のプロメテウス [070209] EDGE
You are a newly recruited Secret Ops member who's sent to a remote desert city to gather information on the activities of a rising terrorist group.
Boys Love

11. Oshiete! Onetei 教えてっ!おねてぃー [070209] Tryset
One day, Toko, Makoto's cousin, starts to live with his family because she starts to work at his high school as a practice teacher. And his parents leave them and go abroad on vacation. Makoto used to play often with Toko when they were children, but he is surprised to see her body. She's become sexy! What will happen to his life with Toko...?

12. Shirudaku Settai Shiru Darake no Machi 汁だく接待 汁だらけの街 [070209] Waffle
Since Nero is wanted for serial rape, he hides himself deep inside a mountain. As always, he rapes a girl every day there. One day, he meets Nukeme, an adult video director, who saw Nero raping a girl the other day. Nukeme offers Nero to appear on an adult video. Nero accepts it, and comes back in town. Nero prepares himself for a rape video. His targets are a nurse, a teacher, a uni student, a married girl and so on. Now he is ready....

13. Adamas Zero [070211]
A parody game featuring Gun*am SEED DESTINY.
Ne*, defeated by Kira and saved by AA. At the same time, Asl*n gets injured and saved by AA.
What destiny awaits the three?
This is a novel adventure!
Doujin Boys Love

14. Despair Witch [070211] Bluewater
Satoru is a wizard who stays in human world for magic training. Here he meets a girl who is a wizard as well and he decides to make her his slave...

15. Happy☆Valentine ハッピー☆バレンタイン [070211] PROJECT.S
Valentine day comes, and Hitsugaya receives a valentine card. But who is the sender?

16. Guy Luke Evolution ~Fabre-tei de Dakishimete~ ガイルクエボリューション~ファブレ邸で抱きしめて~ [070212] GEL Seisaku Iinkai
"Tales of the Abyss" fan game.
Doujin Boys Love

17. Gakkou Nanafushigi 4 学校七不思議 4 [070213] Gin no Ken
One day I got acquainted with a girl in the classroom. Beautiful black hair cover her shoulders, and face shines with bright expression. And above all, she calls me out...
Her name is Mika Saito, and her presence feels unnatural...

18. Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ ハートの国のアリス~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ [070214] QuinRose
Alice is realistic; especially about love. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. For example, an owner of a hat shop is a gangster, and every theme park worker carries a gun; almost all of the people are dangerous.
She somehow starts to enjoy her life there, after she is forced to take a drug which prevents her from returning to her original world. Will she find a way back? Will she fall in love?

19. ~Tifa the Limit~ Final Heaven ~TI○A the LIMIT~ FINAL HEAVEN [070214] M.A.F
Tifa rushes to a scene where she heard a female scream from.
Doujin Nukige

20. Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~ 緋色の欠片 ~あの空の下で~ [070215] Otomate
A fandisc of Hiiro no Kakera 1.
Otomege Fandisc

21. Bodatsu ~Kindan no Shokushu Soukan~ 母奪~禁断の触手相姦~ [070216] Finish!
Main character wakes up with tentacles growing from his body. Mother screams in horror upon entering the room. This situation leads to forbidden incest relations.

22. Kouhou Miko ~Junketsu no Kouiku Shimai~ 肛奉巫女~純潔ノ肛育姉妹~ [070216] Ail
There is the God in this village.... Local legend says people in the village were attacked by outsiders, and ran away deep inside a forest. Just when they were about to be killed by them, the God appeared and beat them up. People adore the God since then, who likes an anus of a virgin girl. Every year, a festival is taken place to offer a virgin girl to the God....

23. Owarinaki Houkago ~Hitozuma Kyoushi Koukai Choukyou~ 終わりなき放課後~人妻教師公開調教~ [070216] Sanmadou Honpo
Don't do it now! Pleeeze!!
Ya bitch!! You don't deserve to even talk to me!!
Lusty studs exploits vulnerability of a sexy female teacher. She is used like a sex toy, and humiliated countless times.
Doujin Nukige

24. Uwaki Tsuma ~Kyonyuu Hitozuma Midare Manshon~ 浮気妻 ~巨乳人妻乱れマンション~ [070216] West Vision
Main character's wife is a planning manager of the boutique's planning department. Employees families live in the same complex. Protagonist gets tempted by president's wife and hopes to get a high management position via her connections. In exchange he needs to satisfy her perverted libido in secret every day. Eventually, housewives in the neighborhood get involved as well...

25. Yuuwaku Ren'ai ~Jitsu wa Kyonyuu de Muchimuchi de~ ゆ~わく恋愛~実は巨乳でムチムチで~ [070216] Swan
Yousuke is sullen and withdrawn since his family moves frequently. He has no close friend. But one day, his life changes dramatically! He finds Yuko's secret beauty, and gives her small advice. Yuko gets happy, and decides to become beautiful for him. Her deeds gradually get bolder and bolder! Mio also gets involved to get Yousuke. What will happen to Yousuke in the end...?

26. Shokushu Injoku ~Gyakukan Tengoku Kairaku Jigoku~ 触手淫辱~虐姦天国・快楽地獄~ [070216] elle-murakami
The genius scientist Saburo Kuroiwa has invented the ultimate in sex toys: "Tentacle."
The tentacle escapes and goes on a wild rampage raping the young women it comes across.
Three different women characters are raped and all are fully voiced so you can hear their cries and screams.
A young aristocratic woman is humiliated as her asshole is expunged and violated. The class president has her holes clogged with semen while in the school gym.
In a gloomy grotto a young girl is impregnated and gives birth!
Doujin Nukige

27. Soudentou no Mimei 送電塔のミメイ [070217] Satomi Shiba 1
A lone maiden with the ability to perceive the eminent future traverses to the abandoned island Haikyo with a single task, to exterminate every Kogori Demon that inhabits the place.
On this island, clad in ambiguity as extensive as the mysterious electric towers erected about the premises, lies a meager population, and these ghastly apparitions, exclusive to the island, birthed from the strong desire of their hosts.
Immediately upon arrival, Mimei met Yato, a man who shares her same goal, albeit for a very different reason. That is, to instead consume these demons. This story tells of how these two parties, borderline foes, yet still companions, passed their days side by side.

28. Deep Princess III [070218] Oyama Dennou Giken
One year after the fall of the holy city of Elk the world has become a huge livestock reproductive farm managed by monsters. But even in this desperate situation princess knight keeps fighting for her country independence. She released numerous slaves, but her luck did not last long and she got into a trap. She is at beasts' mercy now.
Doujin Nukige

29. Chocolate Love [070219] in the air
Main heroine is an ordinary student and calligraphy club member. She loses in lottery and is appointed chairman of physical education committee. On a Valentine day of the second year of high school fate brings her closer to a junior who participates in the same committee. 

30. My Pet Sakura マイペット桜 [070219]
Chapter 3 of My pet series Fate edition.
Rider says that Sakura is going to be the next sacrifice and disappears. Sakura sets off to find Rider, but finds only humiliation and violation.
Doujin Nukige

31. Bonyuu Kangofu ~Inkou Byoushitsu~ 母乳看護婦 ~淫行病室~ [070220] Erojishigumi
I (Yuya) had n affair with my mother in hospital where she works as a nurse....
Doujin Nukige

32. Kemonomichi -Ichi- けもの道-壱- [070220] Rascou
VIP*R-RSR adventure game, featuring Ka**ra and I**ta. Includes 3 new stories.
Doujin Nukige

33. Machi Tsuu ~Unmei no Doukasen~ 街痛 ~運命の導火線~ [070221] Neko no Jimusho
Three protagonists find themselves isolated for three days in Sayama City which exists between fiction and reality. A casual choice can have severe consequences there. What will happen to them?
Doujin Nukige

34. D.Armor's 4 [070222] Arekara4nen
Elf summons a monster to defeat the enemy, but becomes monster's toy herself.
Doujin Nukige

35. Reijou Tantei ~Office Love Jikenbo~ 令嬢探偵 ~オフィスラブ事件慕~ [070222] Tomcat System
From a young age I attended an Escalator style Girls High School.
Even though I was deeply interested in my studies and club activities everyday life was slow and full of boredom.
During those high school days I met a wonderful person.
Kurahashi Yukari... She was like a big sister to me.
She went to the same St Agnes Women's College and learned from lots of interesting books.
They were fun days that I never want to forget. After graduating Yukari started working at a certain company.
In order to chase after her I applied to that same company and got an offer. When I told her her the happy news she replied with a smile.
"But I'm probably going to retire soon."
Surprised I suddenly said,
"But I really thought it would be nice to spend every day working together..."
Saying those words filled with dissatisfaction was a bit selfish of me, but Yukari just smiled kindly and whispered in my ear.
"You should know by now too, how wonderful love is... right?"
When she said that I felt a weird flustered feeling. A love so wonderful that you can just declare it like that, could I feel that way too someday?
But coming back from my study abroad I was struck by some sudden news.
Yukari killed herself!?
There's no way that happened, she was so happy the last time I saw her.
In order to find the truth of the incident I'm going to work at the same company in the same secretary role that she had from today on.

36. Soshite Kono Sora ni Kirameku Kimi no Uta XXX そしてこの宇宙にきらめく君の詩 xxx [070222] Datam Polystar
Lumina’s father has died of some disease and the 2 twins, Edios and Michael have died in battle. One day Lumina goes on a scavenger adventure with Pelmo and opens a Pandora’s box. From there comes out a ghost who takes over Pelmo’s body and tells her that he can revive any people who did not die of natural causes. She doesn’t listen to the full rules of the contract and agrees to revive both Michael and Edios. Unfortunately this causes everyone to forget that she’s the Queen or who she is period. Instead Michael becomes King and Lumina finds herself running around the castle hoping for someone to recognize her face.

37. Ayase-ke no Onna ~Inka no Ketsumyaku~ 綾瀬家のオンナ~淫華の血脈 [070223] Sukaradog
Two sisters Mizuki Ayase and Hinata Ayase have transferred to a rural school. There is a secret about them that they stimulate sexual arousal in men unconsciously. Classmates and teachers become captivated by them. School girls become jealous and start to harass newcomers, and school plunges into chaos.

38. Ayatsuri Haramase Dream Note 操り孕ませDreamNote [070223] UnderMoon
Masaya is a uni student, who works as a home tutor part-time. One day, he receives a parcel. That is a notebook. He frowns when he reads a letter, which is also in the parcel. It says, "If you write a girl's name in the notebook, you'll be able to control her as you like." He thinks it is ridiculous at first, but he decides to give it a try. The name he writes is Yumi, his student.... As a result, it comes true, and he shags with her. "This notebook is proved to be real. I can now have fun with it...."

39. Boku ga Kowashita Ojou-sama 僕ガ壊シタオ嬢サマ [070223] Black Lilith
The girl is mine! She's my girl at last!! Humiliate the pretty girl Rinka in various locations in school! The ending scene may vary at your command choice! She might be pregnant after all!

40. Dain Miko 堕淫巫女 [070223] Utamaro Soft
The main character is the grim reaper, who has been transformed into a crow. He tries to make some Miko his slaves, Mitono, Kana and Marika. But mysterious and erotic accidents happen one after another....

41. Examinator エグザミネイター [070223] Magi White
Masaya lost his parents when he was small. His father was a famous treasure hunter and so is he now. He completes various missions by using "Ooparts", which has a mysterious power, given by his father. Now, he searches inside the cave where "Ooparts" was found, and many "Ooparts" still remains there...

42. Gohoushi ★ Princess ご奉仕★プリンセス [070223] WendyBell
Kazuki is an ordinary uni student. One day, he is taken to another world, which is almost in a ruin. It is necessary to satisfy the God's desire to save the world. There are Fiana, a princess, and Parsley, her follower. Fiana says, "I'll do anything for you to save the world!" It seems they mistakenly think he is the God. And his sex life starts...

43. Haitoku no Gakuen 2 ~Yami o Tsugu Mono~ 背徳の学園2~闇を継ぐ者~ [070223] Liquid
Tatsuya had a serious accident and now lives with some difficulties. He is helped by his old friends, folks, and teachers. However, he is somehow unsatisfied. One day, he has a dream that a girl named Dominik appears and says she will cure his body if he accepts her offer. He accepts it halfjokingly, but it is not just a dream. From the next day, his teachers, classmates, childhood friends, and folks offer him their bodies one after another. He is confused at first, but he gradually gets involved in Dominik's conspiracy....

44. Hakarena Heart ~Ta ga Tame ni Kimi wa Aru?~ はかれなはーと~誰がために君はある?~ [070223] Russell.pure
Yukari is a high school student. One day, a boy appears in front of her when she is on her way home from school. He says, "Give me back the precious stone you stole." She doesn't know what he is talking about. He suddenly holds her tight and says, "Give me your life." She tries to escape from him, and she is scooped by another man who rides a horse astride. He says to her, "Give me back!" She is totally confused, and cries out loud in panic, "What are you doing? I don't have the precious stone!" Since then, her life is changed. There are other men who try to get back the precious stone from her. What will happen to Yukari? What is the precious stone?

45. Himekishi Angelica ~Anata tte, Hontou ni Saitei no Kuzu Da wa!~ 姫騎士アンジェリカ~あなたって、本当に最低の屑だわ!~ [070223] Silky's
El and Chris are lovers. But one day, Chris is chosen to be a princess. They decide to elope, but she doesn't come to the place of the appointment. Instead, some men appear, and beat him up. He is somehow saved, and informed that Chris has become a princess and his father and friends have been killed. He decides to take a revenge on her... Several years later, he catches Angelica, Chris's daughter, and makes her his sex slave. This is just the beginning of his revenge...

46. Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Powered 人妻戦隊アイサイガーPOWERED [070223] Discovery
Six months have passed since Aisaiger destroyed Darakuza. Hikari is a high school student, and wants to be Aisaiger. One day, a PE teacher transforms himself into a monster, and tries to rape Hikari. At that very moment, Aisaiger appears in front of them, and smashes the monster up. A fierce battle against Nekuroia starts now...

47. Inka Gakuen Taisen ~Joshikousei Injoku~ 淫渦学園大戦 ~女子校生淫辱~ [070223] Maika
Yuuga is a high school student. One day, he receives a mysterious email. It says he is the last successor of "Inka Kempo". "Inka Kempo" can gives girls sexual pleasure and control them freely. His boring life suddenly changes....

48. Kurokami Shoujotai Exte! 黒髪少女隊えくすて! [070223] Honey Pot
Five additional stories and one special movie of "Kurokami Shoujotai" are included.

49. Kuruwa ~Yuukyou Kan Yoiyamizakura Dai San Shou~ 廓~遊興館 宵闇櫻 第三章~ [070223] ProjectSAKURA
Yokyokan Yoiyamizakura
The place only VIPs are allowed to enter. It's not just plain sexual pleasure, but they desecrate women into sex slaves.
Doujin Nukige

50. Mahou Shoujo Nayuta 魔法少女ナユタ [070223] Pink Question
At another world. A mysterious disease has been rampant for several years. Some of the sufferers transform themselves into monsters, and attack humans. But one day, there appears a girl, who suffers this mysterious disease but hunts the monsters...

51. Mimi x Mimi! ~Hatsujou Chuuihou~ みみ×みみ!~発情注意報~ [070223] Fukuneko
Girls suddenly acquired different beast ears. And somehow their behavior also becomes animal-like. It's so irresistible! Miya gets cat habits, Natsuki - dog ones. Will peaceful days ever get back?

52. Mirai Fandisc ミライファンディスク [070223] FlyingShine Black
Fandisc for the Crime Rhyme series.
7 short scenarios
1 quiz mini-game
Early playable demo of Crime Rhyme 4
All the previous OP movies
A couple of wallpaper and sounds

53. Oishii Mahou no Tonaekata おいしい魔法のとなえかた。 [070223] C: drive
The world was suddenly fused with the fantasy world for some reason. Several things happened after that such as beating and sealing up the monsters or something like that. Anyway, people use magic today. The main character is a teacher of magic, and he does anything erotic he wants to his students under the guise of teaching magic...

54. Osananajimi to Ama~ku Ecchi ni Sugosu Houhou 幼なじみと甘~くエッチに過ごす方法 [070223] Atelier Kaguya 1
Sousuke has a childhood friend, Asuka. His family often moves due to his father's business. One day, Emily and Kotone, his other two childhood friends, start to live with his family. Emily finds a diary, which Sousuke used to keep when he was a child, and some erotic games they played are written in it. Inspired by it, Asuka, Emily and Kotone start to fight to decide who is the real Sousuke's childhood friend by playing the erotic games they used to play...

55. Pia Jong ぴあ雀 [070223] Cocktail Soft
Mahjong matches continue every night at Pia Carrot employee dormitory. Main character is a beginner who gets defeated instantly. He starts to train seriously and continues to challenge girls.
Card game

56. Rankou Jigoku ~Nukarumi ni Ochiru Onna~ 乱交地獄 ~泥濘に堕ちる女~ [070223] Dark Swan
Main character is an adopted child in a well-off family. But parents get into difficult situation and stop giving money. Protagonist can't last long at part-time jobs, so he just drinks alcohol and smokes all days long with bad friends. When sister Karin reprimands a bad friend, young men get mad and violate her, and then her teacher over and over.

57. Shin Onna Kyoushi Yuuwaku Shinro Shidoushitsu 真・女教師 誘惑進路指導室 [070223] Cattleya
Kousuke has come back to Japan from the medical treatment abroad. He has fully recovered and resumed to study at school. But all his friends have already graduated and he has no friend except three teachers. They know it's a forbidden relationship, but they have sex at a classroom, a gym, and the top of school building....

58. Shoujo Rensa 2 ~Doutei Shounen. Kairaku Choukyou Seme~ 少女連鎖2~童貞少年・快楽調教責め~ [070223] Zero
Main character's training is finished, and he becomes part of this mansion. So mansion owner Mayura invites protagonist's tutor to the mansion, and another round of M training begins by the unusual mansion staff.

59. Tsubomi つ・ぼ・み [070223] Cyon
The main character loves Chika, whom he's known since she was a baby. He studies hard to be a teacher to work at her school, and finally he starts to work there. But on his first day of school, he molests Chika on the train, and is arrested. He tells the school he is innocent, and is told to find a culprit in a week. Will he be able to tell his love to Chika by then...?

60. Tsuma Youji ~Boku wa Hitozuma Kanrinin~ 妻ようじ~ボクは人妻管理人~ [070223] Shiratama 1
Shun graduated from university, but hasn't got a job yet. One day, his grandfather, who is a caretaker of his apartment, gets sick and Shun replaces him. On his first day as a caretaker, he meets beautiful married women, living there. He gradually becomes closer with them and...

61. Neko Kano 猫カノ [070225] Rocket18Icecream
Girl with cat ears is raised in such way that sex is not allowed before marriage. But her tail and ears are so arousing that she breaks this taboo with her boyfriend. From this day she requests to have sex at all kinds of places.
Doujin Nukige

62. The Sight of Autumn [070225] M12
The protagonist finds out at the beginning, that due to a congenital disposition, he will soon turn blind. And who would not be hit hard and collapse by such a cruel fate? The hero of the story locks himself into his room and refuses to leave it. After all, why would anything be interesting, why should one look forward to anything? Up to the point, when he is visited by a beautiful girl named Cindy, who invites him to one last time dream with his eyes open and walk in the world "out there".

63. Mukae ni Kuru Onna no Ko 迎えにくる女の子 [070227] Tabun Osoraku Kitto
A usual breakfast in the morning. Friend comes by to go to school together. He tells a short ghost story about a ghost girl who ways on the way from school to pick up different students.

64. Shokushu Onii-chan to Futanari Imouto 触手お兄ちゃんとフタナリ妹 [070227] Soko ni Hanage Kai
One day, you wake up to find you have become a tentacle man. So naturally you decide to explore the town to find girls to molest with your new appendages.

65. Ukishima ni Meguru Omoi 浮島に巡る想い [070227] Aozora Youchien
Young people live happily on a small island. But one classmate decides to enter an urban university after graduation, and everyone is sad about it. Then one day teacher comes and declares that island will sink in seven days. How will this week pass?

66. A Happy Valentine [0702] ZIGZAG 1
The side story taking place after 40 days and 40 nights of Rain. It's a special day, and Kyrie is trying to celebrate this special day for Yuu.

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