VN of the Month December 2008 - 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~

428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ is VN of the Month. But since it's translated already, will review Eien no Owari ni . micchi focuses mostly on gameplay visual novels, but there are lots of comments to enjoy.

1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ 428 〜封鎖された渋谷で〜 [081204] Chunsoft 1 2 3 4 5 6

A present-day story about a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a freelance writer, and a cat mascot character who are brought together by bizarre events with worldwide implications in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya.
The narrative is presented using a combination of scrolling text and live action video sequences, also contains a bonus chapter courtesy of TYPE-MOON.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

2. Yosuga no Sora ヨスガノソラ [081205] Sphere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Two twins - Haruka and Sora, his younger sister, are going back to grandfather's house.
They visited this house many times when they were kids and they still remember it. A while ago, they lost their parents in a car accident and they decided to move and live at their grandfather's house.... Nao, their old friend, Ryouhei, his classmate, Akira, a miko at a neighboring shrine, and Kazuha, Akira's close friend, welcome them.
Nothing is changed. His good old memories and silent atmosphere heal his sadness.... However, his peaceful life gradually changes.... A secret promise made long time ago. A lost treasure. A real reason for moving to the town. Real feelings. The story now starts under the summer sun...
Game is localized and has English reviews.

3. Dungeon Crusaderz 2 ~Eigou no Rakudo~ ダンジョンクルセイダーズ2~永劫の楽土~ [081219] Atelier Kaguya 1 2 3

There is a city called Glaciest at the northern edge of the continent. The city is famous for a mysterious phenomenon in which people's dream realizes and a crystallized dream called Evil Ice Stone. Glaciest is always full of people who come to see the stone or to investigate the phenomenon. Also, there is a rumor that a lot of treasures are hidden inside a tower, Horn of Revelia, and the top of the tower is connected to a promised land, Eternal Paradise. Allion is a member of a special group that is organized to mediate wars between countries. One day, he and his company are ordered to visit Glaciest. With different purposes in their minds, their adventure now starts....
There are English reviews for this RPG

4. Minna no Uta ミンナノウタ [081219] Meromero Cute

Takuto is a university student and lives a boring life. His parents were a famous musician and a music producer, but they passed away several years ago. Since then, Chika, his older sister, runs the company.... But one day, Takuto receives a call from Chika, "I'll need to declare bankruptcy!!!" Like this, his life changes completely and he starts working as a music producer. Will he be able to save the company...?
Light comedy about music. Scenario is worthy, but not interesting to read, and endings are often not really happy. Protagonist is pretty bad and an amateur. Heroines do not have good enough personalities to captivate.

5. Eien no Owari ni 永遠の終わりに [081226] Tama-Soft

There is a high school that will be closed down soon - one day, Keisuke transfers to that very specific school. On his first day, he visits the newspaper club, but Ryo, the club's leader, acts very coldly towards him. He soon finds out that the club has been doing nothing due to lack of club members. For some reason, the members are also very distant from each other...
He gets interested in their strange relationship and decides to join the club. After joining, the atmosphere of the club gradually changes and their new relationship is established. However, he accidentally gets to know the reason why the members used to be distant to each other. It happened just when he transferred to the school...
Reviewing it blindly.

6. Hoshiuta ほしうた [081226] Frontwing 1 2 3 4

In a rural hot spring town, a grandmother lives with two children, an older boy and a younger girl.
As the boy has no relatives, the grandmother tells him "I have a favour to ask, grow up so that you can make our lives comfortable".
But it was only an idea, while life continued.
After that, several years passed...
After passing an exam, he entered a new school.
Having achieved the highest grades of anyone, the grandmother was overjoyed, but she suddenly died.
He hadn't finished her favour.
About a year later, it's the start of the summer holidays. A "lying girl" appears, and his surroundings start to become noisy...
There are English reviews.

7. Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de 君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘で [081226] Leaf 1 2 3

Beigel finds a girl lying unconsciously at the desert. Her name is Rinon. According to her, she came from the edge of the world to stop the God's clock...
RPG. There is an English review.

8. Maple Colors 2 [081226] Apricot

Soujiro gets involved in an accident on his first day at school and he is transferred to a class full of problem students. Also, all students in his class will get suspension from school due to him... However, if they win the school sports festival, the penalty will be cancelled. Like this, Soujiro and his classmates decide to unite... No, no. The story doesn't go that easy.... There are a lot of problem students in his class... No one likes the words, "cooperation", "team spirit", and "friendship". However, they need to stick together to win the festival!? Soujiro works hard to achieve their goal...
An ordinary school SOL game with focus on atmosphere. Scenario flow is the same as prequel - persuading friends to avoid a catastrophe. It feels more like a fandisc than a sequel. Mobile RPG view and mini-games don't really help. There are some elements inherited from Ayakashi, but game can't boast anything but atmosphere.

9. Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ 真・恋姫†無双~乙女繚乱☆三国志演義~ [081226] BaseSon 1 2 3

Timeslip!? Kazuto is sent to the other world one night when he is sleeping back in his own world... He wakes to find himself in the Koihime Musou universe.
The adventure continues in this alternate version of the classic Chinese historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".
Shin Koihime † Musou has all the characters from Koihime † Musou as well as new ones that make their first appearance in this game for a total of more than 50 characters.
Strategy. There is an English review.

10. Meri☆Chri ~Juu Nen Buri no White Christmas~ メリ☆クリ ~10年ぶりのホワイトクリスマス~ [081228] Whirlpool

Touma Shinya has always been indifferent toward the Christmas holiday nor does he believe that Santa exists for the past ten years. However, his resolution is put to the test when he notices a strange girl trying to find the mother of a lost child. Because he witnessed her magically henshin into a Santa outfit plus give an early present in an attempt to cheer the child up, he is now a potentially dangerous target to Santa society. Luckily for him, he manages to escape her terrifying wrath with his speedy legs.
Later while visiting his neighbors, the Seiya’s, he recounts his experience and to his surprise, they were taking his ludicrous-sounding story seriously. It was at that moment when the crazy Santa girl enters through the window and demands to know why the Seiya’s were not delivering gifts to children as they were assigned to do. Because of their actions, the “snow of happiness” has not fallen for over ten years. Shinya now realizes with great disbelief that his neighbors are Santa’s as well. And so marks the beginning of a skeptic becoming a “Santa’s helper” for the goal of spreading the Christmas cheer.
Light comedy with a different crisis in helping Santa in each individual route. Volume is rather small, a half-price game. Just a balanced work that aims to create feeling of warmth.


1. Days of Memories ~Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Fuyu~ Days of Memories 〜世界で一番熱い冬〜 [081201] SNK Playmore 1
The protagonist is a third year kendo student who is energetic and reckless. He has to decide who he wants to spend his Christmas party with this year.
Console Exclusive

2. Real Rode [081204] HuneX
Nina is a high school student. Like other girls, she is interested in fashion and enjoys dating with her boyfriend Naoya.
But she also has a secret - Nina is a closet otaku who loves to play video games. Her favourite game is Real Rode, a game that she knows very well from completing it several times.
One day when playing in her room, Nina is drawn into the game itself. When she wakes up she finds herself in the story she knows so well, but she is also disappointed to realize that she is not the heroine of the story. And as times passes, she notices even more inconsistencies in the world around her......

3. Futanari Kanon-chan ふたなりカノンちゃん [081205] Delta 1
Kanon is a normal student with cute eyes and beautiful long hair. She is very popular among male students. She is, however, has a secret.... Yes, she is a futanari girl! Involving her friends and teachers, her strange school life goes on....

4. Gakuen Club Triangle ~Seifuku to Shojo to Amai Kaori~ 学園クラブトライアングル~制服と処女と甘い香り~ [081205] Maika
Jin is a head of a detective group and solves various problems asked by female students every day. Like this, he becomes close with a lot of pretty girls, but they never allow him to have an affair with other girls.... Well, will he be able to live a happy school life without being detected...?

5. Hakiwasure Aikoukai はきわすれ愛好会 [081205] Sol-fa-soft
Three girls get excited, while conversing about their no-panties experience. They decide to go out without panties and expose themselves.
Their activities range from trying out skirts in various places to taking off bathing suits on the beach and showing off to the boys in the park.
Doujin Nukige

6. Hitozuma o Ecchi de Kudoku Houhou 人妻をえっちで口説く方法 [081205] Lilith Soft
The protagonist of this story is in love with Kiyomi, the mother of one of his friends. In other words, he's in love with a woman who is married with children. His passion turns into a sexual drive, and he attacks her in a frenzy! What methods will he use to seduce and woo her!?
Miyo, the self-styled elder sister of the protagonist, appears on the scene to erotically harass him. Her plan is to take his virginity! She throws the relationship between the protagonist and Kiyomi into disorder, both as a supporter of their love and as an erotic assailant!

7. Shakkin Bunny no Nakadashi Hanjouki 借金バニーの中出し繁盛記 [081205] Gekidan Kinmirai
Ayumi is a hard luck girl. One day, her father suddenly died and she starts working at a brothel to pay off the debt he left. All girls at the brothel wear a bunny costume and sexually entertain customers. In addition to hard and erotic work, her boss's maniacal sex training awaits her. It also affects her school life...? Well, will she be able to live a happy life someday...?

8. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite その花びらにくちづけを 唇とキスで呟いて [081205] Fuguriya 1 2
Sweet, cute and erotic love comedy between two girls!
Nanami's love affair with one of the school's idols, Yuna remains a secret. But they're having trouble concealing their true feelings from everyone!
Doujin Girls Love Nukige

9. Guren no Shugo Tenshi Falna ~Injuu no Kokuin~ 紅蓮の守護天使ファルナ ~淫獣の刻印~ [081206] Parthenon -Zero-
Main character is a high class demon Asimov who is trying to conquer the world. Guren's guardian angel Fala fights day and night to prevent it. Fala must be turned into sex slave for the sake of a grander ambition.
Doujin Nukige

10. Lovecha. Full Anime Shokkan Game Osawari Chikan Densha らぶちゃ。フルアニメ触感ゲーム おさわり痴漢電車 [081206] Applemint
Manami is on her way home from school. When she's on the train, someone suddenly slides their hand into her panties.
She was never molested on the train before...
She is too embarrassed to call out, and the situation begins to escalate.
Doujin Nukige

11. Yuri no Hana Ren'ai Jijou ~Tousaku Shita Pure Love Story~ 百合の花恋愛事情~倒錯したピュア・ラブストーリー~ [081206] Shining Star Lily’s
Mizuha is a popular student in a girls school, but she wants some change in monotonous life. One day she argues with her fan Nina, and that leads to kissing and then romantic relations. Then one day teacher nicknamed as "Queen" approaches the girls and introduces them into the world of humiliation.
Doujin Nukige

12. Bamboo Blade ~Fukushuu no Houkago~ バンブーブレイド~復讐の放課後~ [081207] SABER FISH
This is a novel adventure game based on the series, "Bamboo Blade."
The main character decides to revenge against Kendo Club who took Tamaki away.
His vengeful thoughts turn into desire and starts violating other female members of the club.
Doujin Nukige

13. Koyoi Santa wa Machikado de. 今宵サンタは街角で。 [081210] Aihara Mahiro
A Christmas-themed VN containing four episodes:
1. "Good night, Santa"
2. "Santa's Promise"
3. "Santa Call"
4. "Santa Caught a Cold"

14. Scapegrace 困り者 [081211] Knumonmaster
Old Japan about 1610:
Goro is a scapegrace. When his father forces him to go with him to Edo he does not know that he will not see his family in a long time. Goro has to grow up.

15. Bichiku Oyako Chijoku Rankou Kareshi no Mae de Kegasarete...... 美畜母娘恥辱乱交 彼氏の前で穢されて…… [081212] MorningStar
Yuka decides to seek a sugar daddy to earn money to buy a present for her boyfriend on the condition that she only masturbates before the man.
Her boyfriend, Masato go to the spot to make a protest but Yuka is raped by Shuzo, her sugar daddy before her boyfriend's eyes.
Shuzo takes her photographs and threatens her. And this incident involves even Kaoruko, Yuka's mother.

16. Custom Sister ~Orechin no Iinari~ かすたむ☆しすたぁ~おれチンのいいなり~ [081212] KISS-MA
Seiya and Yukine finally start to go out after being friends since childhood. While they were shy about it first and had their doubts, their relationship quickly turned into a passionate one and led them explore their sexuality to the fullest... Which even included Amane, older sister of Yukine later on...
Custom Sister ~Orechin no Iinari~ allows you to customize Yukine's appearance before you start the game.

17. Hindo no Yakata 牝奴の館 [081212] Black Package Try
Sousuke is from a rich family and well provided for. But he loses interest in money all of a sudden. At the same time, he takes part in a sex slave exhibition party and gets interested in it. He, however, trains girls too severely and ruins them.... One day, Hitomi, a freelance journalist, visits Sousuke's house. Yes, she tries to disclose what's happening at his house. But Sousuke decides to train her next....

18. Hitozuma Onsen 2 ~Kozukuri Onsen Ryojou~ 人妻温泉2~子作り温泉旅情~ [081212] Gyuunyuu Soft
Jun is now with Akira's mother, Misako.
A year later, while he begins to think about the marriage, Misako brings up an idea of going to a hot spring for 3 days.
However, at the meeting spot on the departure day, he finds both Misako and Akemi waiting...
Doujin Nukige

19. Kiss yori Amakute Fukai Mono キスより甘くて深いもの [081212] Cyon
Are you happy now? Do you have someone to kiss? Have you ever been kissed? Have you ever kissed? I really like to kiss. Yuki loves to kiss. She not only kisses but also... has a boyfriend, but she has sex with someone else.
One day, when she is having sex with her father, her younger sister sees them and says, "I wanna do it!" She is confused what to do... Not to mention her ex-boyfriend forcibly tries to have sex with her and her current boyfriend gets jealous. Her happy school life gradually breaks down...

20. Koibito wa Yawachichi Onee-san Hoken'i ~Tomecha Dame yo? Watashi ga Suki nara Ninshin Sasete~ 恋人はやわちちお姉さん保険医~止めちゃダメよ?私が好きなら妊娠させて♪~ [081212] Norn
The protagonist, Souichi, is a plain and sickly school boy.
Chitose is the nurse at his school's infirmary. She's also an old acquaintance of his, and Souichi is in love with her.
One day, both of his his parents are suddenly appointed to work overseas. Chitose agrees to become his guardian, and they start living together!
The two of them become lovers, and a new life filled with sexual indulgence and child making begins.

21. Kowareru Kokoro ~Reizoku Choukyou~ 犯ワレルココロ~隷属調教~ [081212] Tail Skid
A naked girl appears in front of Shuji... When he is confused what to do, he hears his mother's voice. "Do whatever you want to her..."
A scream of pleasure resounds through the room...

22. Mei Shoujo 姪少女 [081212] Tanuki Soft
The main character lives a vacant life. But one day, his sister calls and asks him to take care of her daughters, Aya and Saya, at his house because they just enter school near his house. Like this, he starts living with two girls. However, it is impossible for him to stop his sexual desire...

23. Soushinjutsu 3 操心術3 [081212] Studio Jaren 1
Takaki lives a peaceful school life. There is also his cousin, Haruki, at his school. She is a teacher of biology. One day, Haruki tells Takaki and Rei, his classmate, to assist her experiment. However, the experiment fails and Takaki accidentally gets a special power that he can control other's mind. At the same time, an odd group is formed. Nobody knows what they do, but there is a rumor that participants can become happy. Also, participants are all female students. Saori tries to disclose the secret and she meets Takaki along the way.... Accident, necessity, control, compulsion, and....

24. Sukumizu x Otome = Koigokoro すくみず×乙女=恋心 [081212] ALL-TiME
"I'll become a teacher!" Misao starts working at school he graduated from. He works hard and gradually gets used to his school life. One day, he is offered to take in charge of a coach of the swimming club. He accepts the offer and starts giving lessons to the students. Several weeks later, two students suddenly tell him that they love him at the same time. As a matter of fact, he really loves sukumizu (school swimsuits)...

25. Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na 1 nichi 皇涼子のBitchな1日 [081212] CODEPINK
On the surface, Ryoko Sumeragi seems to be a dedicated teacher at a private academy, but in reality she's a nymphomaniac who loves to have as much sex as possible, from morning till night!
Ryoko starts her day by doing naughty things with her brother Akito, who she likes to tease, then it's off to school, where she'll probably fool around with her male colleagues, or even get into some more serious "trouble" all over the school, with students or other teachers.

26. Watashi no Karada de Tsugunaimasu ~Niizuma Michiko no Baai~ 私の身体で償います~新妻美智子の場合~ [081212] Heat-Soft
One day, Shinichiro is hit by a car and gets badly injured. Michiko, the driver, sincerely apologizes him, so he thinks about forgiving her. But she says, "Please don't tell my husband about this...." "Well, is she just trying to protect herself...?" He tells her to give him a blowjob if she wants to be forgiven. She says no at first, but she obeys him. His demand gradually gets bolder and he finally rapes her...

27. Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ クリムゾン・エンパイア ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ [081213] QuinRose
The heroine is a head maid who has sworn absolute loyalty to Edvard, a prince, and would do anything to assist him to the throne.
There are 2 princes who are fighting for the throne, Edvard and Justin. But because Justin's mother was of a lower rank, Edvard has more of a right to the throne. Therefore, Justin plots to assassin Edvard to get to the throne. The problem though, is that every time he sends an assassin, the heroine would defeat the assassins.

28. Saimin no Kyoushitsu 催眠ノ教室 [081213] Dieselmine
"With the art of hypnotism, you can bent your friends and acquaintances to your will!"
This is the slogan for a suspicious looking ring in a mail order catalog. The protagonist takes note and decides to buy it.
He reads the instruction booklet during class. It says:
"However, the effect lasts only for one day, and only once."
As he ponders on what to do, his eye falls on his English teacher.
He decides to go for it, and tells her she's suddenly extremely sleepy. She promptly falls asleep. As the classroom becomes restless, the protagonist awakens to a new sexual desire.
...With this thing, he could do a lot of things he never dreamed of...
What will happen next?

29. Hakudaku Innyuu Chart ~Seieki Chuusha Lesson~ 白濁淫乳カルテ~精液注射レッスン~ [081215] Courreges Ace
A big-breasted nurse comes to a hospital as a trainee, and a blonde twin-tailed genius loli girl doctor is dispatched there from city center.
But director of this place deals in human trafficking for politicians' entertainment, and very soon sex slave training begins.
Doujin Nukige

30. Christmas Color クリスマス・カラー [081215] +tics
The heroine wends up working part-time at the restaurant run by her cousin during the season of Christmas. It’s the story of the 3 busy yet fun days spent while surrounded by her overprotective cousin and the ill-tempered cook…

31. Hitozuma Gui ~Manbiki G-man Chijoku Nikki~ 人妻喰い~万引きGメン恥辱日記~ [081216] Guilty
Yuichi was fired because he slept with a secretary to the company president. Several month later, he was fired again from another company because he shagged a customer who was a housewife. One day, he meets Mansaku, his cousin, and Mansaku takes him to a supermarket. Mansaku now works there as a shop security guard to catch shoplifters and he offers Yuichi to work there in place of him. Yuichi tells Mansaku that he wants to think about it for a while. Before leaving, when he walks around the supermarket, he meets Midori, a housewife living nearby. He can feel his evil desire gradually arouses....

32. Battle Four [081218] Tsugihagi Project
Every day is the same, peaceful day as before.
It had always been and would always be, or so one thinks.
There comes...... a distortion that engulfs everything.
The unexpected death of one's parents.
How to possibly survive from now on......
A letter arrives at the height of grief.
It's an invitation to "Battle Four".
When you have nothing to lose and money is everything, would you put your fate in a game?
The winner receives a lifetime of wealth.
The very words sets the heart trembling.
Doujin Boys Love

33. Power Pro Kun Pocket 11 パワプロクンポケット11[081218] Konami
New baseball team runs in the championship this year, and main character joins the draft. But after two months of training he receives a mysterious parcel with an old lamp inside. Rubbing the lamp results in demon appearance who asks to name three wishes to come true. Protagonist wishes for huge annual salary, getting to the higher league this year and winning a prestigious prize in two years. However, because of a curse inability to reach either of these goals would result in death, so struggle for success and life begins.
Console Exclusive

34. Be, Betsu ni Anta no Tame ni Oshiete Agerun Ja Nain Dakara ne! べ、別にあんたの為に教えてあげるんじゃないんだからね! [081219] Swan
Hiroto failed university entrance exams. When he is down, two girls visit him all of a sudden. They are Tsukushi and Yui. They are sisters and hired as Hiroto's home tutors. He is encouraged to study hard again. Tsukushi and Yui, however, gradually fall in love with him and their battle for Hiroto now breaks out....

35. Chichi Ninja Revolution ~Kanojo-tachi o Choukyou Seyo~ 乳忍者レボリューション ~彼女たちを調教せよ~ [081219] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft
The main character is a public officer. One day, he is suddenly transferred to the international information department. He doesn't know why, but he is ordered to take part in honey trap practice as a practice partner. Also, he gets to know that Akira, his cousin, is kidnapped by their enemy. He is given a new order and starts working on it....

36. Chikan Sharyou Sangousha ~Midousujisen~ 痴漢車両3号車~御常筋線~ [081219] Matsuri Kikaku
Akihiro is a white-collar worker and lives a boring life. One day, he finds a website that features about train molestation. It seems they enjoy train molestation in a group. He is shocked to know that, but his sexual desire gradually arises.... He sends an email and tells them he wants to join them. The website is, however, closed when he visits on the next day.... He doesn't know what's happening.... A while later, he receives a reply from the group and it says, "If you want to join us, do train molestation by yourself. We'll, of course, help you." He decides to do train molestation as they instruct....

37. Dark Elf Pregnant ダークエルフ・プレグナント [081219] Norn
One day, the main character of our story decided to summon a demon on a whim. The demon who appeared turned out to be a cute little girl.
He was blown away by her and ended up being turned into her servant!
He is immediately told that his first job is to have sex and bear her a child! Told it's necessary in order to go back to the world of magic, our main character quickly agrees!
A stupid but sexy main character and a tyrannical demon girl and a masochistic slave elf with giant breasts make up this funny and sexy child bearing story!

38. Gakuen Saimin Reido -Sakki made, Daikirai Datta Hazu na no ni- 学園催眠隷奴~さっきまで、大嫌いだったはずなのに~ [081219] Silky's
Futoshi is fat, smelly, and ugly, so he is teased and bullied by other students. But one day, he receives a parcel from his father who is an inventor. He opens it and finds a cell phone. According to his letter, he can hypnotize anyone using the cell phone. He is doubtful at first, but he visits a woman, Sayuri, who lives next door and tries it.... Yes, it works perfectly. He now plans to take revenge on the students who tease and bully him....

39. Gakuin Seikatsu no Shiori ~Sensei ga Midare o Tadashimasu~ 学淫性活の栞 ~先生が乱れを正します~ [081219] Morning
Tomoki is a PE teacher. He has a crooked sexual desire and is disliked by all students. One day, he takes charge of the student's discipline. "Great! I'll punish bad students!" On his first day as a teacher in charge of the student's discipline, Nao comes late to school. Since then, Tomoki persistently finds fault with her.... Mayu, Nao's close friend, tries to stop him, but....

40. Hakudaku Miko ~Lolita Miko Shimai Inraku Choukyou~ 白濁巫女~ロリータ巫女姉妹淫落調教~ [081219] Pumpkin
At one village, "Prayer festival" was held once a year.
However, it was a festival in name only. It was, in fact, a wild feast of sexual assaults by men of carnal desire.
The player began giving the special training to the young girl, Karen Miyashita, so that she would become their sacrificial victim. She was on the receiving-end of the repeated such acts.
The items and the reactions will change according to your SELECTION with our "Chokyo simulation" feature.
It is all up to you to decide what type of Chokyo you like to perform.
Doujin Nukige

41. Joyful 女医ふる [081219] Juice
"Teacher!" Yui calls and smiles at me in a friendly way since I saved her when she was being molested on the train a few weeks ago. I always try to control my libido, but it's really hard. One day, Yui slips off the top of the stairs. I try to catch her, but we both fall down on the floor.... "Are you alright...?" I hear a beautiful voice.... Yes, it's Ayano, a sick-room doctor. She is very popular among male students because she's got big breasts, an hourglass waist, and a beautiful body shape.... Yui and Ayano.... They gradually change my life.... Also, Ayano sometimes speaks to me purposefully. A small mystery. What's Ayano's intention...?

42. Koibito = Love x Sex 恋人=らぶ×せっくす [081219] Amagami Dou
Sweet love & sex between lovers!
The protagonist starts going out with a girl in his class, Rikka.
However, she is self-willed, loses her temper easily and acts big.
So their physical relation hardly advances.
The protagonist makes up his mind and invites her to his room...
Doujin Nukige

43. Koitsuma Biyori ~Yukino-san wa Hitozuma Kanrinin~ 恋妻びより~由希乃さんは人妻管理人~ [081219] TinkerBell
Takuma Yanase is a university student. One day, the factory the main character's father runs suddenly goes bankrupt. He can't pay a rent for his apartment anymore and decides to leave the apartment. "Well, I need to look for somewhere to live at first...." When he is at a loss what to do, a woman talks to him, "Are you looking for a place to live? Let me introduce an apartment. I'm actually a caretaker of my apartment." The apartment is very old, but he feels happy..., a strange feeling....

44. Mahou Shoujo Ai San 魔法少女アイ参 [081219] Colors
Ai and Akitoshi lose a battle against Sin and Megu, their friend, is kidnapped by him. They try to find her, but she is still missing.... One day, Yukari, Akitoshi's friend, appears in front of him and the story gradually goes forward....

45. Manbiki Hitozuma no Yawahada Nikukei ni Shosu!! ~Manzoku Suru made Hansei Shimase~n~万引き人妻の柔肌 肉刑に処す!!~満足するまで反省しませ~ん~ [081219] Pin-Point
Main character begins part-time work in a supermarket. As a measure against frequent shoplifting, a legendary shoplifter is employed, and protagonist is assigned as assistant. Protagonist falls in love at first sight with a married woman, and to his joy woman is caught red-handed at shoplifting. Woman gets intensely humiliated as a punishment. But she comes every day and continues stealing attempts as if she craves for more and more punishment...
Doujin Nukige

46. Mare Mare Mare メアメアメア [081219] Mana
One night, a succubus appears in front of the main character, but she is a rookie succubus and doesn't know anything. Also, when he touches her, her knees crumble under herself. However, she still tries to draw energy from him. He sympathizes with her and decides to give her sex lessons. His younger sister and her younger sister succubus also join them and their succubus life begins...

47. M.E.s -Doukyuusei Maid Choukyou- M.E.s. -同級生メイド調教- [081219] Ceres
Juichi is from a rich family. One day, he plans to have his personal maids and chooses seven target girls. He soon gets their secrets and makes them his sex slaves. The girls get mad at him at first, but they gradually feel happy to obey his orders....

48. Musumaker むすめーかー [081219] Digital Cute 1
Itsuki is a university student. One day, his father suddenly dies and he takes over an orphanage his father once ran. There live various girls in difficult circumstances. The orphanage looks normal at first sight, but it is actually a brothel. He needs to train and make them sex slaves to pay off the debt his father left. His new life as their "father" and "trainer" now begins....

49. Niizuma to Yuukaihan ~Netori Haramase Keikaku~ 新妻と誘拐犯 ~寝取り孕ませ計画~ [081219] Guilty+
Shunsuke failed university entrance exams six consecutive times. He lives alone and does nothing now. One day, he falls down due to malnutrition. He tries to go to hospital, but he faints at the entrance of the hospital. While everybody ignores him, a girl saves him. Her name is Mizuho. She works at the hospital. He soon falls in love with her and visits the hospital to see her every day. But one day, she disappears all of a sudden. There is a rumor that she elopes with someone. He is shocked.... Several days later, a miracle, however, happens to him. Shunsuke meets Mizuho on the road. "What a coincidence. We are born to be together...." But there is one thing that interrupts them. It's Takashi, Mizuho's husband. "What should I do...?" He finally decides to kidnap Mizuho and brings her to his room. Like this, his "newly married life" starts....

50. Ookami Tokidoki Santa おおかみときどきさんた [081219] Kirue
Santa comes before Christmas and destroys the house! Main heroine and wolf boy need some crisis management!
Doujin Otomege

51. Oto☆Puri ~Koiseyo! Otome Ouji-sama♪ Dokidoki Wedding Bell~ オト☆プリ~恋せよ!乙女王子様♪ドキドキウェディングベル~ [081219] Shakunage
Not very careful with money and used to an extravagant lifestyle, Rui's mother has thrown them into terrible debt. To fix this, she has decided that he will be marrying one of four girls, each from a wealthy influential family. Unfortunately, they are all currently going to a girls' boarding school. Fortunately, Rui has an appearance very much resembling a girl and his mother has already taken the liberty of getting him a uniform. He quickly ends up discovering that the girls he is fated to marry one of are all part of the same group that have been chosen by the school to behave and dress as Princes, idols for the rest of the student body to fawn over. And ends up becoming their maid.

52. Semen Security 2009 ザーメンセキュリティ2009 [081219] C.C Clock Up
One day, when Tasuba turns on his PC, a lot of virus mails arrive and a PC monitor suddenly flashes. A while later, it disappears and a pretty girl comes out of the monitor. According to her, her name is Meira and she comes from his PC mail software. Due to his virus mails, the PC is now unworkable. To get rid of them, he needs to shower his semen to her.... Like this, his semen vaccine life with her and other virus-infected girls starts....

53. Sweet Pool sweet pool[スウィート プール] [081219] Nitro+Chiral 1 2
After yet another long stay in the hospital, Sakiyama Youji hoped that things would finally get back to normal. But shortly after returning to school, his world begins to change — and no one seems to notice.
Bizarre symptoms plague his body, and vivid hallucinations of blood and flesh stalk his every waking moment. At the same time, two fellow students — the stoic Tetsuo and the notorious troublemaker Zenya — begin to take an intense and inexplicable interest in him.
What are Tetsuo and Zenya after? Are his hallucinations really nothing more? Everyone seems to know more than they’re letting on — but by trying to put the pieces together, Youji may be sowing the seeds of his doom.
Boys Love

54. Yubisaki Annainin Shirudaku Settai Okawari Sanhaime ~Inwaku, Seikan Kaihatsu Esute Hen~ 指先案内人 汁だく接待おかわり三杯目 ~淫惑、性感開発エステ編~ [081219] Waffle
Nero is still on the run. One day, he rapes a woman. Her name is Erika and she runs a beauty salon. "Oh, I can have sex with a lot of beautiful women if I take advantage of her salon." He pretends to be a beauty salon worker and leads women to the world of sensuality....

55. Ane to Imo あねといも [081220] ATS
This is a short story about two sisters who are in love with each other.
Elder sister cannot refuse the favors that her sadistic younger sister asks her.
Younger sister's friends join the party and the situation becomes like an orgy.
Doujin Nukige

56. Hop☆Step ホップ☆ステップ [081220] Dear Gourmand
Members of drama club work hard every day to prepare for yearly competition. Will performance be a success? Will love be found? Everything depends on choices maid.
Doujin Otomege

57. My Sister, My Strength [081221] Z-Projects
A fan story for Kana: Little Sister, continuing the game after the Ending 1 ('The First Farewell').
EVN Fandisc

58. Lilith-Izm03 ~If Story Hen~ LILITH-IZM03~IFストーリー編~ [081222] Lilith Soft
The theme is "story of WHAT IF"!!
Lilith / Pixy has gathered "what if" stories of "Kangoku Senkan (Inescapable Battleship)" and "The Group Sex Club."
You can see another development or ending with this collection!
The Group Sex Club: Maki and Shiori Edition
"What if Maki and Shiori are attacked by the evil desire in the future where the hero is gone?"
The Group Sex Club: Tomomi Edition
"What if Tomomi, designated as a shrine maiden, could live through the gangbang?"
The Group Sex Club: Chiaki Edition
"Sister's ending. What if the brother tries to make up with the sister?"
The Group Sex Club: Aiko Edition
"What if Teacher Aiko, designated as a shrine maiden, visits the school to see a doctor?"
Kangoku Senkan
"What if Bohgan has finished the perverted brainwashing of Rieri and Naomi, completed the mission and was to marry Rieri?"

59. eX=psY-Progress [081223] 6COLORS
What is happening!?
I should have been a boy!
But I became a girl!
Since that day, his body comes and goes between two genders.
A hilarious transsexual comic in school.
Doujin Nukige

60. Ikusame Kari Dai 1 Shou ~Toraware Ryoujoku no Tifa & Aerith~ 戦女狩り第1章~囚われ陵辱のティファ&エアリス~ [081223] Kyoubou Joucho Tai
Tifa gets captured by enemies during the battle with Shinra. She is shown previously captured Aries humiliation, and then it's Tifa's turn.
Doujin Nukige

61. Shijimi Shounen no Shuuitsu na Shi シジミ少年の秀逸な死 [081223] Nightmare Syndrome
A classmate killed himself less than two months ago, kicking off an inexplicable chain reaction of suicides that gradually decimates your class, including the teacher. Several days later, the school announces that class of remaining students will be temporarily suspended, kept at home where they might be safer than on campus.
“Then today’s the day to die,”
Pronounces your childhood friend. In school, on a violently rainy day, in a remote village of past days inching along in its modernization.

62. Boku to Iu Mono ぼくというモノ [081224] 1010
Main character and Sae are close friends. Today they go to play hide-and-seek in the park. It's a dark story of one day.

63. EVE [081224] F.I.A's Sanctuary
It is the night of Christmas Eve. Edmund is sitting alone on a bench, waiting for the one he made a promise with.

64. Ruina ~Haito no Monogatari~ Ruina ~廃都の物語~ [081224] Dannbouru no Kamisama
It's a fantasy world where orthodox religion dominates. Main character finds a mysterious cave entrance near the town and starts exploring the cave. He can fight alone or find allies in its depths.

65. Watashi no Tonakai わたしのトナカイ [081224] Aya no Kuni
Nina is a female Santa Claus, and her dear partner for work is the deer named Kai.
With the support of Kai, even while experiencing loneliness after the death of her grandfather, for the sake of scattering the ‘powder of wishes’ on Christmas, Nina spenr her days endeavoring herself into work at the sacred grounds.
On a day like that, suddenly, a naked young man appeared before Nina.
"I seem to have become a human."
Of all things, it was Kai who had gained the appearance of a human. However, since he isn’t able to fly in that form Nina is unable to do her job even though Christmas was already as near as 2 days later.
Well then, what should Nina do…?
Doujin Otomege

66. Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ 暁の護衛~プリンシパルたちの休日~ [081225] Syangrila 1 2 3 4
This is a fan disc of Akatsuki no Goei, featuring six short stories. The game includes a Reika & Kyouka story, Tsuki story, Aya story, Moe story, Tae story, and an Anzu story focusing on Kaito's past that is unlocked after the previous five are completed.

67. Macross F ~Rinkan Kangoku no Riiminsen~ マク○スF~輪姦監獄の離移民船~ [081225] SABER FISH
A Macross Frontier fan-fiction nukige!
While waiting for Galaxy to be saved from the shock of Bajura a rumor starts to go around about the Galactic Fairy with a SMS member.
The main character sees a face of the Galactic Fairy he had never seen and asks her not to change anything for the sake of her fans, but he is rejected. After hearing that, he snaps and sexually assaults her, riding her rough and pushing her body to the limit through hard sex.
After knowing the pleasure of having one of the girls, he becomes a slave to his lust and sets his sights on other girls he can abuse.
Doujin Nukige

68. SkyFish X'mas Present SkyFish X'mas ぷれぜんと [081225] SkyFish
Fandisc presents three layers of content:
1. Talk between characters from SkyFish past works
2. Erotic scene for heroine ranked first in popularity vote
3. New work Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ introduction.

69. Tentacle Master ~Kyou Yoku no Shihaisha Sebun~ Tentacle Master ~狂欲の支配者セブン~ [081225] Parthenon -Zero-
Main character is the tentacle master with the highest level rank 7. He only gets poor requests lately, but finally there is a request to train a princess girl Ellis into a first-class sex slave within a week.

70. Akai Ito DS 赤い糸DS [081225] Alchemist
Based on the hit cell phone novel by Mei.
A legend claims that lovers are tied by a red thread that can't be severed or tangled no matter what. Mei is a high school student who longs for the handsome Atsushi, and she believes the red thread of destiny has them connected. However, many obstacles will stand in their way, such as drugs, suicide and abuse. Will Mei and Atsushi live a happy ending?
Console Exclusive

71. Boku Dake no Nikuyoku Figure ~Hakudaku no Cosplayer~ ボクだけの肉欲人形 ~白濁のコスプレイヤー~ [081226] Cowper
Michitaka is an otaku. He is a member of the Visual Art (VA) Club. One day, a girl talks to him. Her name is Satsuki. It seems she is interested in anime, manga, game, and cosplay. He falls in love with her at first sight and asks her to join the VA Club. She finally joins the club, but he feels jealous with her because she is liked by other club members. When he is down, he receives a mail with a photo. It is a photo of Satsuki having sex.... Michitaka feels betrayed and gets mad. His love towards her gradually goes outrageous and he plans to rape her at an upcoming cosplay event....

72. Chijoku Koukyuu ~Kegasareta Ouzoku~ 恥辱皇宮~穢された王族~ [081226] Gracious
There is a small country at the edge of the continent called Alcberde. Big countries around it are now at war, but Alcberde is protected by Veldor, a neighboring country, and people in Alcberde live a peaceful life. But one day, Kainz Heiz, the biggest country in the area, invades Veldor all of a sudden and easily occupy the country. Kain, the first prince of Veldor, heads for Alcberde with conspiracy in mind....

73. Flash of the Blade [081226] Holocaust Beach
Flash of the Blade is set in sixteenth century Florentia, and takes place during the week of Carnival. You will decide the fate of Pietro diBiaggo, a disgraced swordsman who fights to restore the honor of his family name...
Who are his allies and who are his foes? Depending on your choices, they may switch sides but you will eventually unravel the intrigue surrounding Pietro, unless you send him to an early grave first.

74. Gakkou Mizugi ~Semen Pool de Oyoidara~ 学・校・水・着~ザーメンプールで泳いだら~ [081226] Valkyria
Because of a certain experience, the protagonist has an abnormal attachment to swimsuits.
He ends up raping a girl in a swimsuit! He is arrested, but gets released the same day.
The reason behind that is a dark syndicate who need his powers...
The man becomes a dark sexual trainer, and to fulfill his mission as well as satisfy his lust he rapes, tortures and ejaculates over the girls from a reputable swimming club.
He repaints their blue swimsuits white, and they moan feebly as they lie covered in his semen!
Women who don't wear school swimsuits are worthless!
Will the girls be buried beneath the cocks of the men abusing them? Or will they drown in a pool of semen before that happens? The choice is yours.

75. Itazura Mahjong 悪戯麻雀 [081226] Interheart
Katsuhiko is a white-collar worker and enjoys train molestation every day. One day, when he is on the train, he falls asleep and forgets to get off at his station. "This is the end of the line...." He wakes up and gets off.... There is, however, no wicket. He looks around and finds a gate. When he goes inside, there is a house with a sign "Mahjong Parlor".... As if led by an unknown power, he enters it....

76. Palais de Carnaval [081226] Kogado Studio
Princess Filia disguises herself to sneak into the festival and has a lot of fun there. From tomorrow boring court life begins again.
However, the next morning it's again the day of the festival. The repeating time loop gives a lot of opportunities to get to know all interesting persons and possibly even approach the mystery of phenomenon.

77. Shinseiki Ijitte Princess Next 3 ~Mazoku Hime Labis Kourin~ 新世紀いじってプリンセスNEXT3~魔族姫ラビス降臨~ [081226] Vitamin
Sin and Toto visit Tyron to take part in the cease-fire ceremony. Everything goes well and the war between Tyron and Caseri ends. But Labis, princess of Caseri, falls in love with Sin. Like this, another war between Toto and Labis begins now....

78. Shoukan no Emily 娼館のエミリー [081226] Teardrop
Four years and two months have passed since the war of humans and demons has begun. It started with a group of sorcerers opening a portal to another world. But humanity acquires foreign technology and moves steadily towards reconquering its land. Behind the scenes prostitutes heal hearts of warriors and extend comforting techniques with the use of new technology allowing to grow a third breast and the like. Main character is a mercenary who opens a door and sees such a prostitute asking for shelter.

79. Zenra de Enkaigei o Saserareta Tsuma 全裸で宴会芸をさせられた妻 [081226] S Soft
A talentless designer named Tanaka is the lead character of this story.
He brings his wife along to a party of a company he works with in construction and engineering, but knowing he's a man who can't turn anything work-related down, the men of that company ask that his wife become the party's entertainment.
Doujin Nukige

80. Zettai Fukujuu ~Houkago no Boku wa Goshujin-sama~ 絶対服従 ~放課後の僕はご主人様~ [081226] Teardrop
Main character is a sociable young man who helps porn writer Hitomi living next door and thus has a lot of free time. This time Hitomi invites him not to do cleaning or shopping, but to broaden horizons of her imagination with the help of an invited girl Suzuka. Suzuka dreams of becoming a protagonist of a porn novel and being trained accordingly.

81. Zettai Nakadashi Keihou! -Nakadashi Shinaito Jinrui Metsubou!?- ぜったい中出し警報!-中出ししないと人類滅亡!?- [081226] Softhouse-Seal
The main character is Shouichi, whose father is a scientist. One day, he visits his father's laboratory and accidentally drinks a liquid. The liquid he drinks is a newly-invented virus. It emits strong poison when touches the air. Also, you'll sexually excited once infected. To cure it, you'll need to mix it with a female's body fluid. Shouichi explains it to his father and a group of specialists is formed to deal with it...
On the next day, when he goes to school, Jody, a beautiful girl, is there. Also, Maiko, a transfer student, and Hanna, Jody's younger sister, join them and they start having sex... Actually, they are secret agents. Motoka, his childhood friend, also takes part in it and an exciting battle breaks out...!

82. Akui no Keshin ~Denshi Umare no Goukan Oni~ 悪意の化身~電子生まれの強姦鬼~ [081227] elle-murakami
A strange feeling that has been written onto the world of the internet.
As the news is slowly piled up, it begins to take on its own will and becomes a living being with the ability to enter the real world.
With countless points of hatred within it, it begins to plan revenge from with in the sea of the internet. It has selected 20 "men enemies":
- A female train conductor with a warped sense of feminism
- An adulterous wife who has lost her chastity and now prowls for men
- An idol singer who makes fun of her fans behind their backs
and more.... 20 total characters!
You can't forgive these female who use and deceive men as their way or life!
Doujin Nukige

83. Biribiri Panic Lolikko Kunoichi Midara Ninpouchou ビリビリパニック ロリっ娘くのいち 淫ら忍法帖 [081227] Shining Star
The time is Japan's Edo era - an age where the culture of the towns people flourished.
The events of the tragic event of 2 years ago have been forgotten and Sakura and the others sing of "Taihei no yo."
However, a new incident is about to unfold... Lee suddenly goes missing! Also Sakura and Momo feel that the magistrate who hid the details of the criminals two years ago has a big plan in action.
The two girls fall into the plot and once again the doors of the Edo era are opened to the darkness of sexual assault.
Doujin Nukige

84. Magical Change Haruna-chan ~Mahou no Candy wa Tottemo H na Koi no Aji!~ まじかる☆ちぇんじ はるなちゃん ~魔法のキャンディーはとってもHな恋の味!~ [081227] Magical Girl
A big breasted young girl, Haruna confessed her love to her tutor. He was her idol.
However, the young man's type was a small framed girl.
The broken hearted Haruna wondered around the city.
A mysterious fortuneteller approached her, and handed her some candies from the beautiful bottle.
"Those are magic candies. Your wish will come true, although it is up to you to believe it or not."
Still doubtful, but Haruna ate the candies. Then, she turned into a small young girl.
She looked exactly like the girl in the heroine in Musashi's favorite Anime!
Now, can she be the ideal young girl for the young man with the help from the magic candy? Or is she going to use her great assets (big boobs) to lure him into her?
A brother-complex, love-struck and highly sexual Musashi's sister Mizuru also gets into the action. A love and sex story are about to begin.
Doujin Nukige

85. The Fucking Question [081227] Mugenjohncel
A parody of the demo included in the current build of ren'py. Short, nicely drawn, and extremely offensive. Not for those with tender sensibilities.

86. Twinkle ☆ Crusaders - Miracle Disc ティンクル☆くるせいだーす ミラクルディスク [081227] Lillian 1 2
Fandisc to Twinkle ☆ Crusaders (Twinkle ☆ Crusaders).
The game is a side story staged at an onsen with no relation to the main plot and does not feature any battle scene. Contain a Harem Ending and Amylina Route.

87. Onna Kishi Sofia vs Nikuyoku no Orc ~Chijoku no Ishukan Tougijou~ 女騎士ソフィアvs肉欲のオーク~恥辱の異種姦闘技場~ [081227] Squeeze All
Sophia battled monsters heroically to save her prince, but underestimates her final enemy: an Orc with a massive special gift. Now the poison of the lovebeast will seep into her pleasured body.
Doujin Nukige

88. Geheime Basis [081228] Fusyro
Main character lives a normal college student life and goes to part-time job. Depending on his choices during the day he can opt out for romantic relations either with Keiichiro or with Nishikori.
Doujin Boys Love

89. Invisible Desire [081228] PROJECT.S
Ichimaru becomes a subject of the 12th Division experiment. He visits Hitsugaya room at night to test acquired abilities.
Doujin Boys Love

90. Owari Yuki 終雪 [081228] S+COURT
The heroine lost her memory when she was a child so she doesn't know anything about her childhood. She was invited to come back to her childhood home by her aunt.
Doujin Otomege

91. Prince Panic DX [081228] Leda
Main heroine is still in training to become a maid of Alstroemeria Castle. DX version increases number of characters for capture to seven and includes bonus content.
Doujin Otomege Fandisc

92. Risei Houkai りせいほうかい [081228] Meiousei Presents
Moonburg is destroyed by a sudden attack in one night.
On the day of the destruction a feast of humiliation recurs in the castle.
Doujin Nukige

93. Sword World 2.0 Ike! Ken no Sekai de Boukensha ソード・ワールド2.0 行け!剣の世界で冒険者 [081228] Ejimaadaa Kenkyuusho
Game provides Sword World 2.0 tabletop experience in the form of a game scenario.
In episode 1 "Requiem for Battle" main character is unable to buy a map of an unexplored dungeon, so he goes to an already explored by veteran adventurer dungeon in hope to find leftover or concealed treasure.

94. The Second Reproduction Queen of Darkness 暗黑女王外传 the Second Reproduction [081228] Heterodoxy 1 2 3 4
Christina was the third princess of Almenan, and born in the era of war against the Demons. Having the status of a “Champion”, Christina had countless battle victories upon her shoulders and was feared by the Demon race.
Being the most successful of her three sisters, her mother the queen sent her on a secret mission to assassinate the Demon Lord Gardis in return for his ruthless annihilation of the Kingdom of Crofts.
Obeying her mother’s orders for the sake of her kingdom, Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Demon Lord’s head, and to bring peace to the land. But they soon discover the Demon Lord and his people are not as ruthless as they have been told all their life.
Doujin Otomege

95. Toki-Hako -Time Capsule- 時函 -Time Capsule- [081228] Ray [rei]
A summer vacation day. Main heroine digs up a time capsule buried as a child with two friends. Surprisingly, there is also a fourth person belongings inside the capsule, and none of the three friends have any recollections of that person. They start investigation to find out the shocking truth.
Doujin Otomege

96. Yukiwarisou 雪割草 [081228] Tatewaki
Muromachi period. Main heroine is a daughter of a small rank samurai. She visits autumn festival at Inari Shrine and meets a mysterious person wearing a fox mask. Next day messenger from the left minister arrives and demands protagonists' departure to Kyoto to become left minister's wife and serve the princess. Family decides to accept the favor. But story only begins to unfold around her.
Doujin Otomege

97. Chibi Kagura no Bouken ちび神楽のぼうけん [081228] Pajamas Soft
Fandisc is dedicated to Kagura who has the leading role as chibi character in yonkoma episodic story featuring over 50 CG images.

98. Prism Ark Minimini Fandisk "Spring Has Come" プリズム・アーク ミニミニファンディスク『すぷりんぐ・はず・かむ!』 [081228] Pajamas Soft
A silly after-story with Kagura and Hayaway's sex.
Of course the original picture is "Tetsuya Ohno"!!

99. Kaidou ni Kisu 灰瞳に機す [081229] Ocha Midori
Main character meets a mysterious girl Hiro at a ryokan and gradually becomes friends with her. Every day passes with joy, but eventually it's time to say "goodbye". The time to choose between two paths has come.

100. Memory Load. メモリーロード。 [081229] Teireikai Game Club
Man character wakes up with amnesia. Two girls are around him. Gradually pieces of memories start to collect together. And when truth is revealed, there is an important choice to make.

101. BrownLover~Kasshoku no Koibito~ BrownLover~褐色の恋人~ [081229] sec44
Girl with brown skin is trapped in a small room. She is going to experience lots a lots of love from her oppressor this day.
Doujin Nukige

102. Gakkou de Atta Koii Hanashi 学校であった恋い話 [081229] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari
A parody of the Apathy series that combines the saga's traditional horror and murder with romance elements.

103. Adazakura 徒咲昏 -アダザクラ― [081229] NonLinear
Spring. That meeting season.
Well, the season of promise.
"I'll wait here always."
Promises to be fulfilled.
Our friends were reunited.
Then a bizarre murder occurred.

104. Ane x Osa あね×おさ [081229] Schwarz Lanzenreiter
Because of an accident a year ago, the main character Yuuki developed a mistrust of women. Fortunately, it was actually a misunderstanding that was cleared up by Sakuya, so that Yuuki could get together with his childhood friend Eri. But as a price for her help, Yuuki was forced to have sex with Sakuya.
Ever since then, while trying to be Eri's lover, he's also been forced to continue his relationship with Sakuya...
Doujin Nukige

105. Catastrophe [081229] Hyperiyon
Main character finds himself without memory in an inorganic enclose d room with unstable furniture and no door. There is a girl nearby who says "Glad to meet you". What's going on? Is there a way out of this 20 cubic meters space?

106. Doki Doki☆Halloween Night! ドキドキ☆Halloween Night! [081229] Kisekiya
That is the dream of sweet love that a Halloween night shows you...
You, whom became the newest member of the Millefiore Famiglia.
Your days have been busy, yet fulfilling, when spent with your wonderful comrades.
On the night of Halloween, an informal party is held where the "White Spell" members and the "Black Spell" members gather.
Maybe this is just your chance to get closer to the gentleman you've had your eye on...
Doujin Otomege

107. Eien no SO no Moto ni 永遠のSOの下に [081229] NonLinear
A mock dating sim game.

108. En☆Sama ~Koi no Endless Summer~ エン☆サマ~恋のエンドレスサマー~ [081229] O.M.D
Tajima x Hanai fanfic.
Boys Love Doujin

109. Hitozuma Senshi Feria 人妻戦士フェリア [081229] Will Tame
Planet "Glassques" is in war with space life form "Rays" for many years. But Rays aim to conquer the Earth this time, so female warrior Feria from Glassques flies to help defend the Earth. On the scheduled day Rays don't show up focusing on Glassques instead. Feria can not return home, so she starts living a normal life, falls in love and even gives birth do a daughter. And then the signal of new threat arrives again after so many years. Mother and daughter need to fight or be tortured to death by Ray beasts.
Doujin Nukige

110. Inugamizukai to Shounen 犬神使いと少年 [081229] Katsudou Mangaya
So many sakura petals fly during the opening ceremony. Main character meets a mysterious boy under sakura tree and then experiences a visage of a hanged girl. Is it illusion, dream or some kind of reality?

111. Junketsu no Sophia ~Yami no Seieki o Seijun Naru Elf no Chitsu Ana ni~ 純潔のソフィア ~闇の精液を清純なるエルフの膣穴に~ [081229] Parthenon
An evil shade gradually invades peaceful country.
Demons and their king are awaken from the seal that was casted upon them 1000 years ago.
Sophia, a child of elf, together with Tanya decided to form a group with humans to fight with this invasion.
An evil king Galdo (a main character controlled by yourself) tries to make every human under his control by taking Sophia's body with evil pleasure.
Doujin Nukige

112. Maiden Panic! [081229] Vallel
Maiden Panic! is a yuri VN where the player takes control of Hinoka, the student council president of an all-girls school. She and her classmates will live some hilarious situations while taking care of the school.
Girls Love Doujin

113. Otona wa Mou Neru Jikan 大人はもう寝る時間 [081229] X-BangBang
Four people have been playing together since small age. But Mari starts going to school, so group can't get together. But they gather together to observe a meteor shower and decide to gather every night waiting for new mystery. The story of four curious children begins now.
Doujin Nukige

114. Shojokan Hatsutaiken o Ryoujoku Sareta Otome-tachi 処女姦 初体験を陵辱された乙女たち [081229] MorningStar
In Tokyo disease "XUM" with no cure starts to spread rapidly. Main character decides that he is infected. Internet rumors say that "XUM" is actually a curse that is lifted upon violating three virgin girls. Protagonist finds three virgin girls, but continues to violate them even after their virginity loss, just in case.

115. Songs of Araiah [081229] Team BG
Jason runs away from his home in search of an elusive mansion beyond the forest at the base of a mountain. He seeks its sole resident, a lady believed able to grant any wish. However, she isn't one to deal out favors for free. Is Jason willing to pay the price, even if it's eternal servitude? And what secrets and histories does the mysterious lady possess?

116. Tenkuu no Hanayome Erabi 天空の花嫁選び [081229] Inspire
Main character is invited to millionaire house and suggested to choose a wife from the three beautiful girls living in this place. There is so little time to prepare for the most important decision of his life.
Doujin Nukige

117. This Will Never End [081229] Soft Circle Courreges
Aya is drowned in lust, so she does not even come out anymore. Mikage spends day in the mansion masturbating like crazy. The two girls are alienated by this world due to peculiarity in their bodies. Ejaculation becomes the main aim of their lives.
Doujin Nukige

118. Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha Alter とつげき!人間戦車 ALTeR [081229] Yakiniku Banzai! 1
Human Tanks - ALTeR is the second installment of the War of the Human Tanks series, and sequel to War of the Human Tanks. This time you assume command of the enemy of the first game, the Royal Army, and fight back for all you hold dear!
War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks.
Following the events of the first War of the Human Tanks, the land of Japon is in chaos, with the embers of the war between the Kingdom of Japon and the Empire of Japon still burning bright, as new factions emerge onto the battlefield.
Assume control of Alter Matsuyukishiro and lead the Matsuyukishiro Company of the Royal Army on a mission to eliminate a traitor to the Kingdom. But not all is as it seems in this war. When the guns fall silent, is tragedy all that awaits?

119. Tousei Nikki Winter 桐青日記winter [081229] RE:
A collection of short stories dealing with baseball practice, Valentine day, New year's Eve etc told from the viewpoint of four characters from Big Windup!

120. Zodiac -Kouhen- ZODIAC-後編- [081229] ACT-ZERO
This year spring Erimo Kiyoshi and his family moved to the Mi-jo Island
School life without any problems , mediocre life that friends are in its own way
But since he came to the Island, he often see a daydream
Suddenly you will not have anyone in town and school, the only thing there is......You
While it is not now what it is, but Kiyoshi spend every day without stopping to care.
Early summer one day, Kiyoshi meets a girl a silver-haired red eye called " Minamitsume spiral " .
Also in the real world and even in the world of dreams .
From that day, surrounding from Kiyoshi transformed

121. Asappara kara Hatsujou Kazoku 朝っぱらから発情家族 [081230] Sol-fa-soft
Takumi was taken over to the Takamuras' home due to some circumstances. On the first morning, Touko and her twin daughters suddenly start seducing him.
Doujin Nukige

122. Critical Bad End [081230] Yuukyuu Shinden
The town is destroyed by the invasion of Despire and people are in an abyss of despair.
There is a last hope; Angels, who fight against the force.
But Angels lose one by one and are violated.
What awaits them is a bad end without recovery.
CG image collection with short stories featuring Magical Angel Misuki.
Doujin Nukige

123. Hitozuma no Himitsu Aya no Jouji 人妻の秘蜜 アヤの情事 [081230] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Aya is beloved and kind wife. Main character finds a link to the AV video with a woman looking exactly like Aya. But it can't be his deaf wife. Still, an investigation is needed.
Doujin Nukige

124. Idol Yukiho no Wan-chan Panic! アイドル雪歩のワンちゃんパニック! [081230] Fluorite
Idol Yukiho runs away from a dog and gets abducted by a UFO. Moreover, she is merged with the dog during teleportation. She gets cute dog ears, but also beast estrus. Main character is her producer who needs to promote her as idol with dog ears and also deal with her intimate problem.
Doujin Nukige

125. Imouto Pet ~Premo~ 妹ペット~premo~ [081230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Your father left his family when you were young, just after your three younger sisters were born. Able to take care of yourself your mother left you alone while she cared for your younger sisters. Now your mother has died leaving your estranged father the only person who can take care of your sisters but he's overwhelmed with work so he asks you to take care of them instead.
The park, the playground, the elementary school. You search for places around town where you can 'play' with your sisters who love you so much. Because what better way to reconnect with your loving little sister than through sex!
Doujin Nukige

126. Niizuma wa Tifa に~づまHAティファ [081230] Fan-na
A doujin game featuring Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII.
The protagonist fell in love with Tifa in the popular game.
When he was about to finish the game for the 100th time, the display started to glow and Tifa came out from it!
She had lost all her memory. And so he said: "I'm Cloud, and you are my wife!"
A bittersweet and hardcore newly-wedded life with the protagonist and Tifa started!
Doujin Nukige

127. Pudding Pudding Shake プリンプリンしぇーく [081230] PHASE
Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, there were two very beautiful princesses.
Rent is a servant to these two. He tries to do his best to pay his debt, but the job is very hard.
Because these princesses are.. naughty more than a bit.
Doujin Nukige

128. Senjou no SOS 戦場のSOS [081230] Nijigen no Fuefuki
S.O.S brigade members take part in the battlefield and control tanks, assault soldiers and anti-tank units. If they are defeated, humiliation awaits them from enemy forces.

129. Shiro Ren Actress Again 白濁レン Actress Again [081230] PERCEPTRON
Ren's days in captivity are not over yet. Second part of Ren humiliation adventure.
Doujin Nukige

130. Studio e.go! Ryoujoku Kaisou Shuu スタエゴ陵辱回想集 [081230] Sheemaya
Fan created additional violation scenes for Natsu Kagura.
Doujin Nukige

131. Aradono Ecchi na Kami Shibai あらどのえっちなかみしばい [081230] Katsuma Gokurakudou
Dungeon Fighter Online world. Main character meets a girl there and starts dating her.
Doujin Nukige

132. Watashi ni Saku Hana o Mite Kare wa Waratta [Seishin≠Genjitsu] 私に咲く華を見て彼は笑った 【精神≠現実】 [081231] NeOres
What's the "Truth"? Is there anything absolute in this world? If you're tired of abstract answers, welcome to this world of thought, reality and science. This is a philosophical story with horror elements told from one boy's and one girl's perspective during later half of Showa period.

133. Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Seiyoku no Kyoushitsu 2 人妻女教師 性欲の教室2 [081231] Mocking Soft
This is an adventure game where the hero sexually dominates his milf teachers. A great item for those who are into wives and married women, senseis, mamas, mature women, big asses, and big breasts!
Enjoy two characters: serious and gentle teacher, Misuzu and the strict public health teacher, Aya.
Doujin Nukige

134. Kyuuketsuki Quiz de Nogarero Ryouri! きゅうけつクイズで逃れろ料理! [081231] Tabun Osoraku Kitto
A quiz game on Tabun Osoraku Kitto's games. It stars Ai-chan from Kyuuketsuki no Yomichi and Sayuri from the Ryouri series.

135. Okatai Ojou-sama Kyoushi wa Kyonyuu Tsuma ~Fuufu no Akashi ni Anata no Seishi de Haramasenasai~ お堅いお嬢さま教師は巨乳妻~夫婦の証にあなたの精子で孕ませなさいっ~ [081231] Norn
A student named Kyosuke has been dating a teacher named Miss Marina, whom everyone calls 'the tight-ass princess.'
One day her parents inform her that if she doesn't marry someone she won't inherit her parent's home and fortune. They even said they would disown her!
Kyosuke proposes and encourages her to marry him right away.
She is moved by his proposal and becomes his wife, and he starts to ask her to have his child.
This is just the beginning of her days of indulging in hot and sticky baby making

136. Shoujo Kanyuu 少女姦遊 [081231] Kagura Dou
On a holiday, when I was walking around to shake off sleepiness
I found a girl masturbating in the grass.
And my reaction was...
This is the circle's 5th digital novel.
A lot of naughty thing including training, violating, gangbanging the pretty girl.
Please watch the girl becoming more and more sexy.
Doujin Nukige

137. Suzumiya Haruhi no Sounan 涼宮ハルヒの遭難 [0812] Kasugachou
One day Haruhi with friends go out to the sea for fishing. But no fish is caught on the shore, so Haruhi rents a boat. Weather changes, and boat drifts to an isolated island where strange things happen.

138. 180 Degrees [0812] Pixæl Works
You play as a college student, going to visit his long-distance female friend after five years since meeting each other. However, things don't seem to go well with the two of you...

139. Dating Sim [0812] Pixæl Works
You play as a guy who is conflicted between fantasy and reality, and tries to get a girlfriend. There are three girls and three endings. Who will you end up with?

140. Koro v Love ~xshitai Hodo Aishiteru~ ころvらぶ~×シタイホドアイシテル~ [0812] Gemini Works
Main heroine is a death applicant. She wishes to get killed by a person she loves. Six types of endings are prepared.

141. Mousou Kyoushitsu 妄想教室 [0812] RAPESEED
Main character is an ordinary student. Boring days keep flying by. One day after school a child who claims to be a teacher offers to give a lesson. The topic of the lesson is "death".

142. Oku-sama Uchuu おくさま宇宙 [0812] Haraiso Marionettes
The protagonist works at a liquor store, delivering booze to the customers. He is attracted to alcohol.
On the address of delivery, he meets three beautiful women.
It is the first act in a grand love attack by the beauties.

143. Seijo ni Akaki Kuchizuke o 聖女に紅き口付けを [08] Think-a ltd.
Seira was confessed to by Keisuke, her childhood friend,
On the way back home, Seira saw Keisuke with a beautiful young man, and is seized by a strange deja vu.
That night, she went to the park again due to an invite, and again met a young man.
The young man kissed Seira on the neck, and she felt a curious feeling of euphoria…
The next day, Seira could no longer be out in the sun.
Seira closed the curtains, and could not leave the house.
Father Kamishima told her she was being targeted by a vampire…

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