VN of the Month September 2008 - Sumaga

Sumaga is the only masterpiece, but it's not really a Nitroplus game in spirit, so I'd rather review game from KeroQ sister brand Makura Supreme Candy

1. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Cosplay, Hajimemashita♥ 乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました♥ [080925] Vridge Inc. 1

"You know, cosplay is really good!" When Haruka, Yuuto, and Shina are at a cafe, they meet Rio, Shina's old friend and Rio invites them to take part in a cosplay event. "Well, I'll take part in it." "It should be fun!" "How about you, Haruka?" Haruka seems to hesitate to answer. At that moment, Yuuto notices that she stares at a pamphlet of the event...
Anime Spin-Off

2. AliveZ [080926] Alice Soft 1 2 3

Fifteen years ago, a mysterious shrine suddenly appeared. It emitted an evil air and people were transformed one after another.... Yin, a group of evil people, and Yang, a group of people who has an opposite nature to Yin. The story takes place in the midst of slaughter happened in the town....
Game feels outdated. Structure is simple. There is no normal romance depiction. There's little explanation for those who did not play AmbivalenZ 14 years before. Everything is painted black and white. It's boring no matter how you look at it.

3. Inumimi Berserk イヌミミバーサク [080926] Chise

Urato has a younger sister, Yuro. One day, dog-ear-like objects suddenly appear on her head and she refuses to go to school. He somehow takes her to school by using the carrot and the stick. However, when they get home, they find their house being destroyed and in rubble. When they are at a loss at what to do, a woman suddenly attacks them. Just when they are about to get killed, Hazumi, Yuro's classmate, saves them. Why do they get involved in a battle...?
First half is funny, but the second is terrible. There is a big number of H events for a non-nukige game. Scenario has next to zero change for in different routes. In the end it's just a fetishist moege with cute nekomimi and inumimi girls.

4. Kurukuru Fanatic くるくる・ファナティック [080926] Chien 1 2 3 4

What!? Am I dead yet!? The cause of my death was probably a heavy blow on my back..., not sure. What I know now is I once died, but came back to life. However, I'll die again if I don't find the cause of my death in five days. "Well, good luck. I don't think you make it...," Fanuru, an angel who raised me from the dead, says to me. Anyway, I'll just do it! I have reliable friends, Wazuka, Matsuri, and Otogiri. I can do it! What? What is it...? Do you have something shining...? You're not the one who killed me, are you...?
There are English reviews. I don't favor yandere, but can't block them either.

5. Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights ~Hikari no Otome-tachi~ 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ~光の乙女たち~ [080926] Triangle

"In Roa, Metzer was fighting against the leader of Goddess Imperial Guard, Queen Tearna, while on the terrestrial world Falke and Silva used the granted power to fight against the organization called『Hakubara』(White Rose).
One day, Metzer has detected the reaction from the new Seireiseki (Holy Tear Stone) and went to the surface world to determine its value. However, when he arrived, in front of Metzer is the a girl who had already picked up the stone.
'Does this thing belong to you?'
The girl's name is Ayahime Kurumi. She is a student of Kokusaikyoudou school. Kurumi sense the 'evil' within Metzer and decided to prevent him from getting the stone. At the same time, Seireiseki entered into Kurumi. Power flowed through Kurumi's body from her womb and transformed her into a warrior. However, Kurumi was still inexperienced and while she was in a dire situation, Symphonic Sugar appeared to rescue her.
After Kurumi joined Hakubara, Ruruka, Symphonic Sugar, and Elixir Rose combined their knowledge and power together and developed 'LEMM' , a multi-purpose combat system. Kurumi who received Tearna's power from Seireiseki and LEMM system was born as the 9th Mahou Senshi (Magical Warrior) 'Lemmtear Theta' and began her fight against Metzer.
On the other side, Metzer planed to corrupt Lemmtear Theta with sexual means as well as sexually train her in order to capture her and use her for his scheme.
Can Metzer corrupt the new warrior, Lemmtear Theta, and the Hakubara members and use them to fulfill his ambition?"

6. Shin Genre Esudere!! 新ジャンル えすでれっ!! [080926] Kur-Mar-Ter

The main character moves to a boarding high school. However, the school he enters is a girls' high school!!! It seems the school recently became coed, but there are no boys yet. His new school life now starts surrounded by a little bit sadistic girls....
Protagonist loves tsundere more than rice, so it becomes a sado-maso adventure of a boy in a tsundere girl school. Also a borderline nukige with the big number of H scenes.

7. Sumaga スマガ [080926] Nitroplus 1 2 3

The protagonist regains his consciousness to find himself falling down from the sky. As he realizes that he doesn't know why he's here, even more that he doesn't remember anything at all, three girls flying on brooms appear in front of him. Shortly after as he keeps falling he witnesses a tragic battle between these girls calling themselves Etoile and the monsters they call Zodiac take place.
Then he dies... and wakes up in front of a TV, that has "Kamisama" (God) written on it, with a little girl inside. She asks him "Do you want to be reborn?"...
There are English reviews. Will include it in the end of year poll, but don't feel like playing some rebirth loop mindscrew game right now.

8. Supreme Candy ~Oudou ni wa Oudoutaru Riyuu ga Arun Desu!~ しゅぷれ~むキャンディ~王道には王道たる理由があるんです!~ [080926] Makura 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Tonami Yuu is a somewhat awkward adolescent who keeps a certain distance between himself and others because of a traumatic incident that occurred when he was a child. One day he chances upon a jar of candy labelled 'Supreme Candy', a miraculous treat that allows him to change his physical age. Using this opportunity, he transforms himself into a child and enters the neighboring school's playground, where high school girls of his age play innocently with children. Yuu believes he has finally found something that will let him get close to other people again...
There are English reviews. But I want to see in what way Makura differs from KeroQ, so going to sample it.

9. Toppara ~Zashikiwarashi no Hanashi~ とっぱら~ざしきわらしのはなし~ [080926] Caramel Box 1 2 3 4 5

The player takes the role of Itsukaichi Keiji, a teenager that lives by himself in the town of Tokieda, with his closest living relative being his grandfather, an author and researcher of the paranormal. Our protagonist has the peculiar ability to recognize supernatural beings with ease as well as the ability to see ghosts and other entities not visible to normal humans. Due to a complicated set of circumstances, Keiji has a strong hatred for ghosts and phantoms (also known as youkai), blaming them for the problems in his life.
Keiji's life has taken a bit of a downturn since the death of his parents, and is generally seen as a loner that makes little effort to interact with others. His life suddenly changes direction when a kage-onna by the name of Mikage appears in his house one day, claiming that she is bound to him and that she will be keeping him company.
Mikage's appearance is only the beginning, as our protagonist crosses paths with eight heroines in total as he discovers love, learns why things are the way they are and grows to accept his reality.
There are English reviews.

10. Twinkle ☆ Crusaders ティンクル☆くるせいだーす [080926] Lillian 1 2 3 4 5 6

Sakura Shin is a hard-luck high school student. One day, he becomes the student council president of Ryuusei Academy, a position which he thought is given free meals from the cafeteria, as he has been raised in a poor family and is in need of money. But his job as president includes getting rid of mazoku (denizens of hell) that appear in his town as well. Also, he is informed that his father was the former Maou (king of demons) and he is supposed to succeed to his position. He has to fight against mazoku as the president but he is the Maou. Well, will he be able to keep it a secret and enjoy his school life?
There are English reviews.

11. You! Apron Chakuyou 要! エプロン着用 [080926] Highsox

Kazuto is a high school freshman. He is a little bit timid and indecisive, but he wants to change himself. However, his decision disappears soon. He is forced to join a club by his old friend.... He is forced to become a class president.... His older sister, a teacher of his school, excessively takes care of him.... He feels depressed, but he tries to stay positive. However, he'll soon find the truth of his school life....
Long common part is followed by fast development individual routes.
Content is school that loves festivals, so it ends with a grand festival (hero is not apron maniac, so title is inappropriate). Heroines are nice and varied with only Satomi route lacking in power. Lots of bully heroines, so good if you like tsundere. Still game lacks polish and overall quality to be called a masterpiece.


1. Gakuen Love Fu-Shi-Gi ~Honey Bitter na Koigokoro~ 学園 恋 不・思・議~ハニィビタァなコイゴコロ~ [080901] ROYCE;
"Dad decided to go on a overseas business trip".
From these words, my dizzying school life begins!
The boys boarding school with exceeding standards "Eiurei? Academy" started accepting female students because of a student shortage.
And so I entered this school that my dad's friend is at by myself.
I met some handsome youths for the first time at this vast academy.
A bittersweet and heart-wrenching slightly ecchi love story starts with these men of various characters.
Doujin Otomege

2. Maruo-sensei no Nayami Soudan 丸尾先生の悩み相談 [080903] Gorioshi Kyoudai
Main character comes to doctor to discuss his troubles and depending on choices faces one of seven endings.
Doujin Boys Love

3. ThisArmor Kaisetsu 5 Shuunen Kinen Game ThisArmor開設5周年記念ゲーム [080904] ThisArmor
A short game to commemorate ThisArmor's fifth anniversary.
An erotic romance between sempai and kouhai.
Doujin Boys Love

4. Osawagase! Kaitou Cure Flowne おさわがせっ!怪盗キュアフローネ [080905] Karen Soft
There is a famous thief group, Cureflone. The members are White Flone and Black Flone and they fly around the town in search of a precious stone called Pure Stone every night. Shoutaro is a private detective and he tries to catch them using a robot he invented. Also, Dr. Chan takes part in a battle for the Pure Stone.... An exciting three way fight now breaks out!

5. Cold Sleep [080906] ThunderSonia
Main heroine is picked unconscious by the cult and brought up as exorcist. But now five years later she does not remember the cult and just lives as an exorcist. One day she meets a boy and experiences a mysterious headache, so she decides to learn more about her past.
Doujin Otomege Fandisc

6. Inma no Fuuin ~Zekkai no Kotou ni Kodaibunmei no Dai Injuu no Sugata o Mita!!~ 淫魔の封印 ~絶海の孤島に古代文明の大淫獣の姿を見た!!~ [080906] CARYO
Across a vast expanse of ocean lies a solitary island that time forgot...
A forbidden land where descendants of an ancient civilization dwell along with fearsome hypersexual monsters!!
The sex-hungry monsters on this solitary island just happen to have been wanting to use a human woman to breed, and the island is teeming with these monsters!!
The target of the deviant monsters is naturally the heroine's womb!!
Doujin Nukige

7. Life School [080906] Studio Akadou
Split your sides laughing, cry your heart out, lose something, gain something new, think of something dear to you.
This is the school of life, and it's about to go in session.

8. Mugiten! むぎテン! [080907] CREO software
Summer vacation. Main character sees a girl on a roadside and can't forget her. He approaches her and asks to stay in her house even though he has no reason. This way a new season of his life begins.

9. Hoshizora no Comic Garden 星空のコミックガーデン [080909] Affect
Airi is a university student. She enjoys her school life, but she has something else in mind. Yes, she wants to be a manga artist. Ryou, her old friend, knows it and tells her to go for it. Airi makes up her mind and starts working as an assistant to a famous manga artist. However, her parents learn about it and they are opposed to it. So Airi starts living with Ryou's friends at Ryou's house...

10. Shien no Hitsugi 紫園の棺 [080909] RandomWork
In order to search for a friend who disappeared three years ago, Chihiro and her friends go to a village that isn't shown on any map - Kasumi village. However...

11. Kehen II 刻痕II [080909] Angels Blue Digital Entertainment
Main character finds himself trapped inside a city district with many different people. Love and hate, belief and morality, conspiracy and hope - everything knit together in a complex set of human nature emotions in pressing circumstances.
Chinese Doujin

12. 6nin no Onna Kyoushi 6人の女教師 [080912] Black Package
I'm now on winter holiday. I plan to go travelling and playing with friends... I'll never study! But one day, my mother sends me on an errand and I come to a prestige high school where my aunt works as the school president. "Well, I don't like her.... Ok, I'll just complete my errand soon and go buying a new CD." I didn't even know if a tragedy would happen inside the school...

13. Ano Ko wa H na Shousetsuka あの娘はHな小説家 [080912] Moe Hina
Akihiko is an editor. One day, he takes in charge of a rookie writer, Shizuka. She is good at writing erotic novels and is popular on the internet. However, she is now in a slump and can't concentrate on her work. She tells him that she wants to experience various sex techniques to improve her novel writing. Akihiko is confused to hear that, but they finally sleep together....

14. Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume- 比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~連理の夢~ [080912] SandalDash
Despite keeping the saga title, this game stars a different protagonist in another country.
Our dear boy, Soujo, would serve the youngest of the three princes, Keika, while admiring his brother Byuken who was special enough to be close friends with their lord. A year would peacefully pass, as Soujo would grow more and more attached to Keika, until suddenly the king summoned his three sons to make an announcement – Instead of the elder brother Syoyo succeeding the throne as had been planned, the brothers are to do a battle royal amongst themselves with the winner receiving inheritance to the throne as the prize!
Suffice to say, Keika being quite a pacifist isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea and chooses to stay out of it after making an agreement to ignore their father’s order with his brothers. However, unluckily for him his elder brothers are more than happy at the idea of breaking the promise and using this chance to get rid of Keika, thanks to the other being ”daddy’s” favorite…
Boys Love

15. Princess Body ~Netorareta Oujo no Haramase Chijou プリンセス・ボディ~寝取られた王女の孕ませ痴情 [080912] MorningStar
The knight of the guard Herriam repeatedly dates the fourth princess Arin in a quiet church. But this time they are ambushed by mercenary Sirocco who violates Arin right in front of the lover. Will Herriam live in shame or avenge offenders?

16. Uruwashi no Dorei Hime Tiaris ~Nikuyoku no Jutai Settai~ 麗しの奴隷姫ティアリス~肉欲の受胎接待~ [080912] Cybele
Xizaroff is a King of Deyan who like to devise a stratagem and pillage.
One day, beautiful Queen Tiaris from Louse, a small country comes to ask for the financial support.
Xizaroff proposes a congress which gathers kings from several countries and demand Tiaris to entertain them using her body.

17. Doukan Haruhi Burst 動姦ハルヒバースト [080916] Mousou Web
A collection of short erotic animated scenes with Haruhi as lover.
Doujin Nukige

18. Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ 薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚 [080918] Otomate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
The Bakumatsu period, a gap between the past splendour of the Shogunate era and the modern glamor of the Meiji period, is one of the most violent and intriguing places to start a romance.
Chizuru Yukimura has set off for Kyoto to find her missing father, but accidentally gets herself wrapped up in the intrigues of the Shinsengumi, a group of warriors who defends the fading powers of the shogunate.
The men in Shinsengumi are not merely fighting Emperor Meiji's forces and the strange demons, they are also hiding a terrible secret. They are hiding something among them.

19. Ayashi no Miya 妖ノ宮 [080919] Kogado Studio
Ayashi no Miya is a princess whose father met an untimely end. In the game’s world, humans and demons lived somewhat side-by-side… that was until the king’s death. The king had 4 trusted generals; in the wake of his death these generals started to drift apart and had conflicts arising from differing interests. Just because the king managed to establish his kingdom so that humans and demons lived together it didn't mean all of the generals liked it, and in the middle is the Ayashi no Miya; she has no power, no authority or influence, but she’s the daughter of the previous king and she’s half-demon. In other words, she’s an excellent political tool.

20. Chokotto! Fandisc ちょこっと!ファンディスク [080919] Cotton Soft
Fandisc contains is a bonus story for heroine Yukako for Natsumegu and also short episodes with heroines of Nagisa no and Reconquista.

21. Eldora Lyon to Meikyuu no Shuujin エルドラ リヨンと迷宮の囚人 [080919] Blue One
Lyon, son of Lord Gilbert, is in love with Marco. Marco finally accepts his feelings, but the pair gets interrupted and ridiculed by cousin George. Then mysterious middle-aged man appears and captures cousin Klaus. Will there ever be private time for these two people?
Doujin Boys Love

22. Himemiko Sengetsu 姫巫女・繊月 [080919] Yukari
Here comes summer.... I lost my older sister several years ago. My partner asks me, "Do you think of her...?" I'll never forget it. I can't forget it. She was everything to me because she always protected me from cruel reality. "I don't need to remember it." Yes, there is no need to remember because I still remember everything. "Let's go, Richard." I have to understand the meaning of fight. I don't know yet, but I only fight....

23. Injuu Souki ~ Aka no Oukoku 淫獣争記~紅の王国 [080919] Goku-Fero
There is a continent. It is divided into four countries and they peacefully coexist. But one day, one of the countries suffers from a mysterious phenomenon all of a sudden.... People living there disappear one by one and in one case, one hundred people go missing at the same time. What's going on there? Jennifer, the princess, starts investigating it....

24. Metamorphose ~Henyou! Henshin! Daihentai!?~ めたもるふぉ~ぜ ~変容!変身!大変態!?~ [080919] Re:verse
* People who can transform aren't always heroes!
The protagonist has the ability to transform. As for the use of the transformation...
Transform into other people and do whatever you like! Put the blame on others!
To undo the transformation you have to have sex! You have to assault women to return to your own self!
Transform into other people to commit crimes? Is it okay to frame others for it? This is a comical adventure game about transformation and rape, with a new sensation to it.
* Use your transformation ability at will to sexually assault three sisters!
* Features smooth erotic animation made with AfterEffects.

25. Nurse Shimai no Yoru no Gangu wa Boku! ナース姉妹の夜の玩具はボク! [080919] Heat-Soft
Masato is now in hospital. Nurses think he is unconscious and they often play with his dick. However, he is totally conscious. He just can't move. The nurses who always play with his dick are Nozomi and Yui, beautiful sisters. He wants to say no, but he can't. One day, he decides to run away from the hospital. However, he hears Nozomi talking to herself.... It seems she uses his body to cure her younger sister's androphobia. Masato is in love with Yui, so he changes his mind and stays in the hospital...

26. Tsuugaku Sharyou ni Hisomu Chikan Mania 通学車両に潜む痴漢マニア [080919] SCREEN
Main character notices a beautiful girl and follows her to the train car. Her timid gestures seem to invite him for the hunt.
Doujin Nukige

27. Yuumi no Roshutsukyou Densetsu 優美の露出狂伝説 [080919] Will Tame
Main heroine is an exhibitionist. Once she reads a book about it, she can no longer control her habits. It starts with light exposure at empty areas, continues as masturbation in the classroom and eventually oversteps all the barriers of public morale.
Doujin Nukige

28. Onna Senshi no Kutsujoku -Ishu Kan Renzoku Koubi no Ki- 女戦士の屈辱 -異種姦連続交尾の記- [080920] Dieselmine
Dragon Quest III Female Warriors were challenging various monsters. However, they ended up being defeated!
All familiar monsters had no hesitation of showing their abnormal sexual desire, and attacked the female warriors.
How did the monsters manage to attack these tough warriors?
The female warriors were under repeated attacks by the relentless monsters; with tentacles, with stones, with elephant-nose-like creature.
Doujin Nukige

29. DOAX2 ~Inyoku no Vacance Shima~ D○AX2~淫欲のバカンス島~ [080921] SABER FISH
This is a "Group Attack" novel adventure game based on "DOAX2 (Dead or Alive Extreme2)" Game.
Zack won with DOA again. He was hoping to get along with Niki and to spend a great life together. However, Zack was troubled as he had too much sexual desire. He could not bring himself to approach his girlfriend, Niki, just to satisfy his sexual urge!
Because there's no love by doing so! He thought about the participants of DOA; Kasumi, Ayane and Hitomi. He attacked and humiliated Kasumi and Ayane then. But they escaped when the island sank. Hitomi did great in replace of Lei Fang. Zack decided to invite all three of them.
Doujin Nukige

30. Kankin Shoujo ~Nama Sounyuu Jigoku~ 姦禁少女~生挿入地獄~ [080921] Courreges Ace
Animated story about a girl being forced into prostitution and violated each day and night.
Doujin Nukige

31. Riapsed Erised ~Lost Arcadia~ 절망희 1부 ~잃어버린 낙원~ [080923] Team Basilisk
The girl who calls herself Riapse. By her hand the world is destroyed. But story does not stop here. It only begins. The story of despair and desire after losing the paradise. 
Korean Doujin

32. Switch - Fluch oder Segen Switch - Fluch oder Segen [080923] RosaArts
When Tomoya Okazaki fell in the hot spring of his family he didn't know that this would be the end of his normal life.
Due to a curse he is now forced to make a decision: Boy or girl? Switching back or deliverance from the curse of his family? The choice is up to you.
German Doujin

33. Dreams of the Skies [080925] IDHAS Studios
The story is about a one-winged angel on his quest to restore his other wing.

34. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji - Death or Survival 逆境無頼カイジ Death or Survival [080925] Compile Heart
Itou Kaiji is a bum who steals car emblems and slashes tires on a regular basis. However, one day, this routine changes when a man in a trench coat pays him a visit. The man reveals himself as Endou, a debt collector, who has come to claim an unpaid loan of 300,000 yen, which Kaiji had previously co-signed with his co-worker, Furuhata Takeshi.
Because of Takeshi's disappearance, Kaiji is left with an overwhelming balance, but is given the chance to gamble against other bankrupt bums aboard a boat — each gambler is loaned additional money, giving them a chance to pay their dues or become in even deeper debt.
Kaiji accepts the challenge in hopes of repaying the compounded debt of 3,850,000 yen and, with luck, winning additional cash...
Console Exclusive

35. Minzoku Injou 民族淫嬢 [080925] Akatsuki Works Black 1 2
Izanagi has a special ability. That is a poison.... He can send a woman into a trance by kissing and making her drink his saliva. Using this ability, he's got a girlfriend who is from a rich family. One day, a big event called the World Cultural Exchange Expo takes place. His girlfriend's father tells him to send all girls who take part in it into a trance and offer them to him. It's a big chance for him to ingratiate himself with him.... Izanagi rapes girls one after another for his secret ambition....

36. True Fortune トゥルーフォーチュン [080925] Enterbrain! 1
I had a dream. A dream I had many times before. A sad parting dream.... "I'll give you these cards." "Oh, beautiful cards. Thank you." She was my best friend... I was very sad... but I still remember her last words. "Well, when you get older, these cards will be useful. Don't lose them!" "Ok, I'll surely keep them!" An alarm clock rings and I wake up. "Oh, where did I put those cards? Well, maybe here...." They are called True Fortune Cards and each card has a face of a boy. She still doesn't know that the boys she will meet in the near future have the same faces written on the cards...

37. Ane wa Kyoushi de Shinjin Maid ~Lovely Haramase Seikatsu!~ 姉は教師で新人メイド~ラブラブ孕ませ性活!~ [080926] Swanmania
Tomoki and Nanami, his older sister, start living at their father's friend house since their parents have gone abroad on business. However, his house is a huge mansion. Nanami says, "I wanna work as a housemaid for his kindness." and starts working there. Sawa, a housemaid, teaches Nanami everything required as a housemaid including erotic things...?

38. Cosscos! ~Anatagonomi no Cosplay H Shite Ageru~ こっすこす! ~あなた好みのコスプレHしてあげる~ [080926] Clock Up team Anise
Yuu is an university student. He looks outwardly normal, but he loves cosplay. His dream is to get a girlfriend and to enjoy doing H-cosplay with her. One day, when he wakes up, he finds two beautiful girls giving him a blowjob.... He doesn't know their names.... He doesn't remember their faces.... "Who are they...?" He asks them their names and one of them says, "Arte. My name is Arte." and the other girl says, "I'm Toria." "Well, listen. we are magic girls from a magic world." "What? Magic girls...?" "Hey, can you hear me?" Like this, Yuu starts living together with them....

39. D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~ D.C. Girl’s Symphony~ダ・カーポ~ガールズ シンフォニー [080926] Sanctuary
On Hatsune Island the cherry blossoms bloom year-round without withering.
On that island lives Kojou Shio, a high school student. Her parents are abroad on business, so she lives with her step-brother, Takaaki.
One day, twin brothers, Ryouhei and Kouhei, and their older brother, Aoi, transfer to her school. All girl students are excited to see their handsome faces. So is Shio, but her first impression towards Ryouhei is very bad. Their school life starts like this... A while later, Shio decides to hire a home tutor. However, the home tutor is Kei, an older brother of Ryouhei, Kouhei, and Aoi....

40. Doki Doki Rooming Doki Doki る~みんぐ [080926] Gash
One day, the main character receives a letter from his aunt. She is a caretaker of an apartment building and the letter says, "I've got badly injured, so please work as a caretaker for two weeks as a replacement for me." When he reads it, he doesn't want to accept it, but the letter also says, "There lives a lot of pretty girls and they'll be waiting for you." He finally accepts it and comes to the apartment.... However, the apartment building is very old. "It doesn't matter! Pretty girls must be waiting for me!"

41. Dress Wizard! ドレス・ウィザード! [080926] Tryset
Shirou is a high school student and lives at a school dormitory. He enjoys his life there with Yoriko, Aoi, Haru, etc. One day, he meets a monster and a soldier girl called the Blue Empress on his way home. He gets involved in their battle and gets badly injured. When the Blue Empress tries to cure him, a bright light surrounds them and they lose consciousness. When Shirou regains his consciousness, he finds Aoi lying beside him. Shirou and Aoi come back to their dormitory and he is told that Aoi and Haru are the Dress Wizards and fight against monsters for world peace. He is also told that he has a special magic power. Several days later, a monster appears and they fight against it. "If I have a special magic power like they said, I must do it!" Haru gives him an item and Shirou finally transforms himself into the Walser...

42. Haramase King 孕ませ王 [080926] Frill
There is a kingdom that has two princes. One of them is Cliff, an older brother, and he is liked by citizens. On the other hand, Yuri, a younger brother, is a debauchee and is disliked by everyone. Every citizen thinks Cliff will take over the throne, but Yuri knows that there are some rules regarding throne succession handed over for generations. It says, "The one who makes a princess of a neighboring country pregnant becomes the next king." Yuri now takes actions for the king...

43. Immoral Empire [080926] Oyama Dennou Giken
Holy City Eruku, an eden of holy maidens.
On the much-awaited day of Queen Sophia's coronation, a sudden and tragic trap is sprung.
An ADV about the tentacle assault of holy maidens.
Part of the original fantasy series "the Legend of the Deep".
Doujin Nukige

44. Inraku no Ketsuzoku ~Kindan no Jubaku~ 淫落の血族~禁断の呪縛~ [080926] Rose Tiara 1
Hayato is a high school student and lives at his school's dormitory. One day, he hears about his father's death and comes back to his hometown, his mother, sisters and aunt are waiting for him, for a long time ago.
But he don't feel comfortable, he has every nigth a erotic strange dream with all his family members, and because of that he wanna rush out from that place, but his mother stop him and forced to stay, they tell him that he must inherit the herency and traditions and became the head of the family...

45. Kichiku Otoko wa Masochist ~Kyuukyoku Higyaku Shikou~ 鬼畜男はマゾヒスト~究極被虐嗜好~ [080926] elle-murakami
Main character is a masochist who masturbates every day. One day he finds a bag in a classroom and a cellphone in it belonging to a popular honor student Marina. Phone contains girl's naked photos. He invents a plan to involve submissive Marina and bully girl Saya into an eternal paradise of S and M.
Doujin Nukige

46. Mama Goto ママごと [080926] Trance Soft
Tetsuya's father is dead.... His father recently got remarried to Hazuki and Tetsuya is in love with her. "I'll live with her from today...." One day, a girl moves to a house next to his house. Her name is Yuka and she is actually Tetsuya's mother. Like this, Tetsuya starts living with two mothers....

47. Okaa-san wa Ore Senyou! ~Anata no Hajimete o... Okaa-san ga Moratte A-ge-ru~ お母さんは俺専用!~あなたの初めてを…母さんが貰ってア・ゲ・ル~ [080926] Willow Soft
Kousei flunk from university entrance exam. Prep-school did not do much help because he does not like to study to begin with. He is living alone trying to be independent and works few days a week to support his financial needs. But such work only make him nothing more than a half-NEET.
Yuiko, the youthfully energetic mother of Kousei, always come to pay him a visit to help in household chores and give moral support. Just like a good mother she is, she's concerned with her son's status so Yuiko hired a personal tutor to help Kousei enter a university. He is bewildered at first that Yuiko hired her own self. Yayoi, a co-worker of Yuiko in the same tutoring company, is also hired in of.
Now begins the tutorial... but seems like Kousei wants to "learn" something else as well.

48. Onsoku Hishou Sonic Mercedes ~Futago Heroine Choukyou Shirei!~ 音速飛翔ソニックメルセデス~双子ヒロイン調教指令!~ [080926] Lune
The Ars Magna, an evil group, ravages around the world to get the Elemental Core, a secret treasure. However, there are two heroines who fight against them! They are twin sisters, Sonic Mercedes and Sonic Gisele. They transform themselves using the power of the Elemental Core and beat all their enemies up. One day, Max, the main character, and Tesla, his partner, are ordered to get the Elemental Core. "Get it within a week! If you fail, you'll lose your lives!" They don't know what to do, but they are given a homunculus called Mattel. Mattel has the Elemental Core inside his body and its battle power is higher than Mercedes and Gisele. Max successfully takes one of the twins hostage and tries to get the Elemental Core out of her. However, he can't make it. It is said that the Elemental Core belongs to people who have pure souls. "If that's true, I can get it out of her by dirtying her soul...."

49. Period Sweet Drops ピリオド sweet drops [080926] Littlewitch
In this fandisc for Period you can play new stories with all the main game's girls as well as Arisa, Hatsumi and Chitose, who didn't have their own stories in Period. Also, various fan materials are included.

50. Peropero Sasete ~Mimikko Maid Hatsujouki~ ペロペロさせて~みみっこメイド発情期~ [080926]
The main character has a bitter tongue, but he is actually kind in heart. One day, he finds some animals being in trouble. He can't leave them like that and helps them. Several days later, the animals he saved the other day suddenly visit his house. In his amazement he can only ask "Why maid uniform? Oh, how did you become human...?"
He tries to refuse, but he finally allows them to stay at his house. At first, he doesn't know what to do and just gives them simple requests. However, his requests gradually get bolder and bolder....

51. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! G.P. FD Pia▼キャロットへようこそ!!G.P. FD [080926] Cocktail Soft
This is a fan disc of Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! featuring Hina, Miu, and Aoi. It also includes original wallpapers.

52. Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~ ロイヤルズ~愛しの王子さま~ [080926] Tiaramode 1
Once upon a time our heroine, Himemiya Nagisa, remembers meeting and exchanging rings with the ”Prince of the white roses” after accidentally getting separated from her parents during a festival.
Still treasuring and always carrying with her said ring with the white rose she received, she accidentally drops it while onboard the ship heading for where her father lives outside of Japan.
Falling overboard when trying to catch the ring before it drops into the sea, what will await her when she regains consciousness on an unfamiliar island…?

53. Ryoujoku Hitozuma Club 凌辱人妻倶楽部 [080926] Strikes
Main character works as instructor at a membership fitness club "JOY", but his clients are all old women. However, his colleague Mizuho has young beautiful women as customers. Eventually Mizoho gives up and agrees to give three of her clients to protagonist. And he enthusiastically starts their training.

54. Touki Reijou Asuka Saihuu Shou Owarinaki Oyako Shujuu Kaizou Sanran Jigoku 闘姫隷嬢アスカ最終章 終わりなき母娘主従改造産卵地獄 [080926] MorningStar
Asuka managed to hold out and keep her mind intact as she faces Girudea’s ministrations, but he has a new plan in mind to break her spirit once and for all. Tentacles, futa, egg-laying, and boundless expressions of pleasure await in this hot conclusion to Asuka’s final defeat!

55. Tsuma Kai - Tsuma Gai - 妻買い -ツマガイ- [080926] Blue Topaz
Seiji used to work as a servant at Sakuya's house, but he was suddenly fired. Several years later, he gets rich and comes back to Sakuya's house to financially help her family.... He tells her to marry him and....

56. X-Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~ X Change Alternative2-キミノヒトミニウツルキミ- [080926] Crowd
Yuki is a high school student. One day, his mind and his female friend's mind suddenly exchange because of a strange machine invented by his friend. Yuki is totally confused with a female body... On the other hand, he enjoys erotic things only women can experience... Like this, his school life as a girl begins...

57. Haramasete Seiryuu-kun! ~Jinginaki Onna no Tatakai~ 孕ませて青龍君!~仁義なき女の闘い~ [080927] Lilith Soft
It seems that everyone is fighting over the main character Seiryu-kun's genes!! They've even made a competition out of it! However, little do they know of the suspicious plot behind the whole situation. In any case this is a crazy school love comedy adventure! An adventure of an upperclassman and her friend trying to be impregnated!

58. Moribito no Uta モリビトノウタ [080927] sec44
You drifted into another world. It was a different world; the world that did not belong to humans. The part of your memory was gone when you woke up in the new world.
This is an original digital novel about your interactions with Moribito people.
We have introduced, for the first time, the ADV system allowing you to select one of the two stories.
When you were consumed with the thought of being lost, would you attack the girl then, or ...?
Doujin Nukige

59. Gabyouden 餓猫伝 [080928] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta
Humanity advances into space, builds new civilizations and attracts attention of aliens.
Girl Eko suddenly speaks to girl Kinu and announces that aliens start to invade the planet, but to oppose them girls need to perform a synchronized special attack to target limited wavelength. Will life on the planet persist in the end?

60. Adamas Zero II [080928] MNJ
A parody game featuring Gun*am SEED DESTINY.
Features the coupling of Ne* and Kira, and Asl*n and Kira.
What destiny awaits the three?
This is the final volume of the novel adventure!
Doujin Boys Love

61. Good-by to You グッバイトゥユー [080928] Sawayama Software
Main character is a part-time detective. There is enough confidence in own powers, but case evolves in an unexpected and dangerous direction, so safety is no longer guaranteed.

62. Hitozuma Swapping Game 人妻スワッピングゲーム [080928] Tamamo Studio
Two young wives play a "king says" game and end up being swapped out for each other.
Okuda Hiroyuki and Shimamoto Shohei have been close friends ever since high school.
One day, Shohei asks Hiroyuki how he feels about swapping his wife for Shohei's own.
Hiroyuki refuses at first, but Shohei's wife Kumi manages to get him interested after all.
However, Hiroyuki's wife Utana is diligent and proper, and she does not care about the idea at all.
Because Hiroyuki knows she is weak to alcohol, he drives her drunk and plays a king says game with her, gradually heightening the erotic atmosphere...
Doujin Nukige

63. Myway na Kimi Mywayなキミ [080928] Eroge Honpo
I became a private detective after quitting my previous job, a police officer. However, I haven't received any job offers yet. I wanna become a great detective like my father.... However, I couldn't expect I would get involved in that happening. My life.... My girlfriend, Chigusa. It started when I met my younger sister, Mai, for the first time in ten years....

64. Tsuma Kyoushi 妻教師 [080930] STARWORKS
Tomomi always has her students best interests in mind. She is a wife who has a strict attitude when she is in the classroom. The main character is very proud of her as his wife... but she neglects making efforts on their relationship and instead spends all her time on her students.
Trying to help with their home and school problems, Tomomi tries to guide her students that appear to want to drop out of school. However, that ambition feeds into her students endless lust for her.
Doujin Nukige

65. Hadaka no Okurimono 裸のおくりもの [0809] Monbahara
"Naked Gift" is a fancy nampa adventure game where main character goes to different locations in the city and talks to various people to find himself a company.
Doujin Boys Love

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