VN of the Month November 2008 - Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow-

With gameplay pieces taken aside, there's nothing else to call a VN of the Month but Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- . Still don't consider it a masterpiece, though. I'm taking Kokorono for review because... don't know why, really. At the very least it poses some mystery for me. Does not look like micchi had a favorite this month either.

1. Zero no Tsukaima -Maigo no Period to Ikusen no Symphony- ゼロの使い魔 迷子の終止符と幾千の交響曲 [081106] Marvelous Interactive

Louise and her friends are taken to a big library. It seems some ghosts often appear these days and they are asked to examine it. However, while they do examination, Louise suddenly disappears. She comes back a while later, but she becomes just a shy girl without heart.... They need to go into books and collect fragments of her broken heart, according to the caretaker. Like this, they decide to enter the book world....
Anime Spin-Off

2. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger ブレイブルーカラミティトリガー [081119] Arc System Works 1 2 3 4

Prior to the events of BlazBlue, humanity was on the verge of extinction from the "Black Beast", a creature of Darkness. The world was saved by six heroes who wielded magic. They helped humanity create "Ars Magus", a fusion of magic and technology, to defeat the Beast.
After the war, the Novus Orbis Librarium (the Library or NOL for short) was created to govern the world with the use of Ars Magus. A great deal of dissent was caused by the Library, partly due to Ars Magus' use in nearly every facet of society, and the widening socioeconomic gap between those who could and couldn't use Ars Magus. This dissent would eventually form years later into The Ikaruga Civil War, when the Ikaruga Union openly rebelled against the Library. After the war, the Library imposed a harsher rule on the world, punishing any rebellion against the Library with the death penalty.
In December A.D. 2199, several years after the Ikaruga Civil War, a branch of the Library was utterly destroyed by an SS-class rebel named "Ragna the Bloodedge" also known as the "Grim Reaper", in an attempt to destroy the entire Library. The Novus Orbis Librarium, hoping to stop him, immediately announced the largest bounty ever, available to anyone who could capture him. Interestingly, Ragna possesses a powerful form of Ars Magus known as the "Azure Grimoire" (Grimoire of the Blue in Japan), also known as the BlazBlue. This led the Librarium, as well as the Ikaruga Union and other fighters, to hunt Ragna not just for his bounty, but also his grimoire.
Game is localized and has English reviews. Fighting.

3. Sengoku Hime ~Senran no Yo ni Honoo Tatsu~ 戦極姫~戦乱の世に焔立つ~ [081120] Gesen 18 1

After a big war, various feudal lords gain power. Hojo, Uesugi, Imagawa, Mouri, Otomo, Oda, Shimazu, Satake, Date, Takeda and so on.... They fight each other and sometimes ally with others to expand territory for one and only goal.... Every feudal lord's ultimate goal is to conquer and unite the country....

4. Colorfull!! カラフル!!~colorfull!!~ [081121] Klein

The main character has come back to his hometown after an interval of several years and he is excited about a new life. One day, he visits a hill by the sea and meets a girl there...
Game has a normal rather long route of over 10 hours, but what absolutely shocks here is that individual routes are like 10 minutes long... And you know what's the feature of this game - it's undressing system. You can choose in what order to undress the girl, so all game budget went to rewriting same CG with different garments over and over, it seems. There's no even moe element here. Just a kusoge.

5. Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- 漆黒のシャルノス -What a beautiful tomorrow- [081121] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

The year is 1905 in the capital of the British Empire, the Engine City London, where the air is so thick with smoke that a mere glimpse of the blue sky is considered a miracle. The protagonist, Mary Clarissa Christie, is a girl living by herself while her mother works abroad. She attends university with her friends, Angelica Derleth and Charlotte Bronte, and lives a peaceful life.
However, through a chance encounter, she finds herself drawn into another side of London- spoken of only as rumors of "Metacreatures" who roam the night and attack people. She forms a contract with a strange man in a black suit, known as 'M', and begins to help him hunt these creatures...
Game is localized and has English reviews.

6. Chaste ☆ Chase! ちぇいすと☆ちぇいすっ! [081128] Fountainhead

Yuu just lives a boring life. But one day, he meets a girl on his way home from school. "Don't you know me? I'm the Land God of this area." She possesses Mana, his childhood friend, and tells him, "I want you to catch my followers. They went downtown to take part in a festival. Of course, I'll give you a reward!"
However, he is totally confused because he doesn't even know their faces. Therefore, she gives him power. Well, will he be able to catch all of them? Also, what will he get from the God as a reward?
Despite Land God heroine, story is nothing special. Basically, it's a moege with a distinctive tilt into H as some fetishes like bloomers, beast ears and some more hardcore ones are exploited.

7. Idol ☆ Revolution あいれぼ~IDOL☆REVOLUTION~ [081128] Siesta

Yuji works for a talent agency. One day, he takes in charge of a new project called the "Idol Revolution". His mission is to train five rookie idols, Misaki, Sayaka, Kana, Momoka, and Ayano. Surrounded by five unique idols, he works hard every day. As he himself grows up as a project leader, the idols gradually fall in love with him....
Work is indeed as simple as it presents itself in synopsis. Idols will attract some minor audience, anyway.

8. Kokorono ココロノ [081128] FlyingShine Black

Just before summer holiday, Ryouta lives an uneventful life. Uneventful days, uneventful life, and uneventful surroundings... However, he still doesn't know he creates a delicate balance.... He still doesn't know what other people think... When Ryouta behaves differently, his uneventful life will end...
Not really sure what to expect, but reviewing this game as my farewell to FlyingShine.

9. Otome Smile オトメスマイル [081128] Atu Works 

Kamiya Yuuki came back to his hometown after being away for five years. There he is reunited with his childhood friend, Hinano.
Since he is still a student, he transfer to a school in the locality for convenience. Sharp glares, hateful attitudes, others fear... all of this are what welcomed him on his first day as a transfer student. Apparently, the school he enrolled is an all-girl school.
Ye-ye, boys are constantly invited to study at all-girls schools by accident, we know that already from so many games. It's a reasonably good romantic comedy work, but I'd not expect a breakthrough. Three of five heroines are tsundere, so protagonist is forced into a weakling state. A mediocre work only for those who like such setting or heroines.

10. Sakaagari Hurricane - Let's Pile Up Our School!! さかあがりハリケーン [081128] Giga

Takumi transfers to a new high school where Yukari, his old friend, goes. He visits the school for preview and meets a girl there. On the next day, when he goes to school, there is that girl in his class. He is appointed class president and ordered to take care of an opinion box. One day, a piece of paper is put in the box and it stimulates his curiosity. From that day, his boring school life gradually changes...
In this plain setting we do what we always do in all school games - prepare for school festival and overcome sudden difficulties on our way. Charage from Giga is almost a guaranteed kusomoege.

11. Sin Kurotoki Iro no Shoujo SIN 黒朱鷺色の少女 [081128] Studio Mebius

One day, Kou meets a demon king... which is a fatal encounter for him. Who can expect a demon king comes to your room? "I'm Cruel. You don't need to know who I am. You'll die soon." Kou can't understand what's going on....
Cruel's magic power devides into two and one goes to her and the other enters Kou's body. "You're now my follower!" On the next day, Cruel suddenly transfers to his class and his new life begins...
Story is super boring despite introducing fantasy elements. Heroines are unattractive. 75% of the game is taken by long same-looking battles as we try to counter some powerful enemy. Battles are redundant, but without them game is super short. Protagonist is useless.

12. Toushin Toshi 3 闘神都市III [081128] Alice Soft 1

Toushin Tournament -- an annual event held in the Toushin Toushi. All contestants are required to register with a beautiful female partner, and the winner of each battle gains the privilege of doing anything they want with the loser's partner (except harming them). The final winner of the tournament earns the title of Toushin, and gets to live freely in the Toushin District of the city with his partner.
Five years ago, Nakuto's father participated in the Toushin Tournament, saying he'll be back when he wins. That was the last Nakuto ever heard of him. Now, having grown up and hoping to discover the fate of his father, Nakuto sets out to enter the tournament his father disappeared in.

13. Zettai Joshi Ryouiki! 絶対女子寮域! [081128] Highsox

Ren lost his foster father.... What he has now is his house full of good memories of life with him. However, he needs to pay inheritance tax to succeed it. To get over this difficult situation, he finally joins a girls' high school that is run by his deceased foster father's close friend after twists and turns.... He is excited to join the school, but what awaits him is female chauvinism school life. He now has one and only hope.... "I just wanna live peacefully...."
As usual, protagonist joins a girls school. So sick of these cliche settings. And of course we dress as a girl, so more trap stupidities to face. Usual silly comedy piece with humor focused on sex.


1. Higan Shinjuu Fractal 悲願心中フラクタル [081103] Pancake
The beginning of Taisho era. The Kashima family mansion burns down with owner, wife and six servants inside. Hard evidence on criminal is not found.
Three years later interviewer girl takes this case personally and starts investigation with new energy.

2. You Are My Home ユア・マイホーム [081103] Utsukiyo
Lockon, Allelujah, and Thielia live in the same orphanage while maintaining delicate relationship. Suddenly a ruthless runaway boy Setsuna joins their company. New story of four people life begins here. Part-time work, house chores, and love, of course, await them!
Doujin Boys Love

3. Shugo Chara! Amu no Niji-iro Chara Change しゅごキャラ! あむのにじいろキャラチェンジ [081106] Konami
It's a raising sim where Amu must develop her relationship with any of the available characters (the Guardians, Ikuto, Utau, Nikaidou and Nagehiko) during three months, with the target of bringing a partner to the "Best Friends Festival".
Console Exclusive

4. Houkago no Manager Hakudaku Rinkan no Ground ni Chitta Shojo Ikenie Saotome Chizuru 放課後のマネージャー 白濁輪姦のグランドに散った処女生贄 早乙女ちずる [081107] MorningStar
Manager of student baseball team gets raped at night. A few days later rapist who is also a pro baseball player comes to volunteer to the team with manager's body as condition. Girl decides to become a sacrifice, but hell is only starting for her.

5. Inchuu Reiki Erenowa 淫蟲隷姫エレノワ [081107] Goku-Fero
Erenowa is a beautiful princess and is liked by every citizen. She is now on vacation just before her marriage. However, Victor, a prince of Grimoire, secretly plans to sexually train her using a parasite...

6. Karen Naru Daraku 可憐なる堕落 [081107] Akiyama Production
The Chinese Federation have captured Karen, and interrogate her to find out the secrets about Zero and the Knights.
However she stubbornly refuses to talk, and the Federation subjects her to gruesome torture.
Doujin Nukige

7. Megami Myuriel wa Kyonyuu na Osanazuma ~Oiya de nakereba Anata no Aka-chan Umasete Kudasai~ 女神ミュリエルは巨乳な幼妻~お嫌でなければ貴方の赤ちゃん産ませてください~ [081107] Norn 1
Kazuto failed to enter university and now does nothing. One day, he climbs up a mountain nearby to enjoy astronomy observation for a bit of relaxation and sees a meteor falls down. He goes to the site and finds three girls there. It seems they don't notice him and he eavesdrops that they are goddesses. They soon find him and get panicked because they'll be confined forever if someone else knows their identity. He decides to hide them at his house for a while, but an angel comes to his house and blames him for knowing their existence. He hears that there is an exception a goddess can tell her identity to her boyfriend and he tells the angel he loves each of them. However, the angel never trusts him and tells him to make baby as a proof. Like this, Kazuto starts living with them....

8. Norukasoruka ~Tanpenshuu~ ノルカソルカ ~短編集~ [081107] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1
A collection of short stories for the game Norukasoruka. It includes a prequel centered in Shiawa and Tengu, origin stories for the Yokai, and an epilogue of sorts.

9. Yuukuri Panic Lolipara! ゆーくりパニック ろりぱら! [081107] Shining Star
The protagonist from Lolipara continues to watch as his younger brother Hiro and his friend Susumu have sex with their girlfriends Ayumi and Reika.
Doujin Nukige

10. To LOVE re! ~Rakuin Abduction~ To LOVEれ! ~烙淫アブダクション~ [081108] Team-Tanabe
Princess Lal* is madly in love with Ri*o, who is her unwilling fiance.
But Haru*a Sai*nji is harboring a secret love for Ri*o as well, though she has hidden it deep inside of her.
Can you capture both of their hearts?
Doujin Nukige

11. Kemonomichi -San- けもの道-参- [081108] Rascou
Magic warriors arrive at the village where they agreed to a request for monster extermination.
But there they find another hardship..
Doujin Nukige

12. Seieki Tairyou Chuunyuu! ~Ore no Kodane wa Biyaku Iri~ 精液大量注入! ~オレの子種は媚薬入り~ [081112] Dieselmine
The day after the protagonist was bullied by a dominant classmate, he finds that suddenly his testicles and penis have grown to enormous proportions!
He rushes to the the infirmary, where he is told they will need a sample of semen. However, he ends up ejaculating an unbelievable amount.
When the nurse sees this, she tells him:
"Why don't you take revenge on the girls who bullied you with your new toy?"
Doujin Nukige

13. Ikamono Tantei -Ikatan- いかもの探偵 -IKATAN- [081113] CyberFront
In this comical mystery adventure, the protagonist will have to interrogate and crossdress to find the truth behind several "squid cases".
Console Exclusive

14. Imouto いもうと [081114] IRON PRIEST
One day, the main character, Ryota, made a bet with the fellow band member, Hideto.
The bet was about who would lose the virginity faster. Yes, it was a very silly contest.
Six months later, the step sister Ririka returned to Japan from America.
Ryota could not conceal the excitement and the confusion about how much she had grown up.
Well, now it looks like Ryota is going to have some unbelievable school summer vacation in his last year in high school.
Doujin Nukige

15. Konna Suteki na Megaphone de Kawaii Ano Ko o Mechakucha ni!! こんなステキなメガホンでかわいいあの子をメチャクチャに!! [081114] Harinezumi Koubou
One day, Minoru's grandfather gives him a megaphone that can make one's desires come true.
His grandfather cautions him to never ever use it for dirty things, but Minoru promptly does exactly that.
His target is Akari, the prettiest girl in his class.
He uses the megaphone's power to unleash his boundless lust on Akari!
Minoru thoroughly assaults every part of Akari's immature body, and she writhes in pleasure!
Her cute, pink voice resounds as she moans in ecstasy!
Saliva drips out of her mouth as she reaches her obscene climax!
Doujin Nukige

16. D.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Otome Sensei no Dokidoki Tokubetsu Jugyou D.C.II Character Collection ~ダ・カーポII~ キャラクターコレクション 音姫先生のどきどき特別授業 [081114] Circus
Extra stories to D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Spring Celebration - about Otome as teacher and about Tsukishima bathroom.

17. Jikan Fuusa 時間封鎖 [081114] ALL-TiME
Shouta lives a boring life. He has no hobbies nor specialties. However, his life gradually changes.... His parents get divorced and he starts living at his neighbor's house. There lives Hana, his classmate, and Rinko, Hana's older sister. He also becomes friends with a pretty girl at school. One day, he hears a voice saying, "I'll give you a power...." and time stops.... Everything is stopped except for him. He doesn't know what's happened, but everything starts moving several minutes later. "Well, I can stop anything I want...?"

18. Kangoku S ~10 Days~ 監獄S ~10DAYS~ [081114] Gyuunyuu Soft
The main character is arrested after trying to sneak up on a girl and take dirty pictures of her.
He is detained for 10 days, but the prison he was taken to turned out to be under the control of two females that appear to be female officers!!
Doujin Nukige

19. Kanjuku Jokyoushi ~ Nikuyoku ni Nureru Wana 姦熟女教師~肉欲に濡れる罠 [081114] Kuro Hina
Takaya is a practice teacher. There is Yumiko, his ex-classroom teacher, at his school. He used to love her when he was a student. Of course, he still loves her.... Yumiko's daughter, Akane, is also a student of the same school and she is popular among male students. One day, Akane suddenly tells him, "I really love you. Do whatever you want to me...."

20. Kimi no Iru Musou 君の居る夢想 [081115] Sakaji Mono
Setsu gets involved with a bad company at class. When he starts an argument with the only childhood friend, the worst personality traits come to surface.
Then a long-haired man appears and criticizes Setsu's point of view. And it helps to escape from reality.
Doujin Boys Love

21. Beach-ku Volley ~Massive to Miniskirt to Sperma~ ビーチ区バレー ~マッシブとミニスカとスペルマ~ [081116] Bonnou Honpo
Under the sun, the couple plays among the waves on the beach.
The healthy tanned girl overflowing with beauty is Hinako and her boyfriend is Kaname.
These two lovebirds are brimming with youthful charm and are the envy of many on the beach!
In Bonno Honpo's 4th Product, this boyish girl and her young looking boyfriend, and a busty secretary fall pray to the lecherous old man.
Enjoy the corruption of this poor sporty girls mind and body!
Doujin Nukige

22. Nora! [081116] Studio Beast
Main character lives all alone in a 6 tatami room in gloom doing nothing but playing games and surfing internet. No real friends and love exist in his life.
On one such day he plans to play online games all day long when a UFO crashes into his apartment. And this encounter changes greatly the depressed owner.

23. The Case of the Missing Bracelet [081117] Marcelo Orlando
The main character is Ichigo Naro, upon arriving at school one morning Nanako (a friend) comes to him with a problem, she has lost her favorite bracelet and she believes it was stolen. Now it is up to him to find out who stole it, if in fact it was stolen at all. The story is pretty simple and the puzzle or mystery may be easy or difficult depending on your deductive ability.

24. Inkou Gakusei 淫行学生 [081118] Studio-Sakura
Main character goes to boring school. One day he stays after classes to try and solve the problem descried in print-outs. But class watchdog girl Miko who has excellent grades stays with him at the classroom this day. Why is she interested in an ordinary lazy guy like him?
Doujin Nukige

25. Taisen Gakuen Touhakuden 大戦学演 董白伝 [081120] Cheris Soft
Guo Jia leaves sister and hometown to join the army and become a warlord. He falls in love with a noble girl from enemy ranks, and story rivaling that of Romeo and Juliet develops on multiple battlefields of the Three Kingdoms period of China history.

26. Rinjin -Neighbor- 隣人 -Neighbor- [081121] Rosalia  1
Sometimes, in life, there are places where the rules of reality just don't apply.
Sometimes it's the one place where you ought to feel safe.
Like your house.
Freelance designer Yuuki Kae has just moved into a new apartment. On her move-in day, she decides to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbor... but something isn't quite right.
Static over the intercom...
A violently rattling doorknob...
And a ghostly pale hand reaching out through the crack in the door...
They said the apartment next to hers wasn't for rent. It was supposed to be empty.
Through a series of strange events, Kae meets Hisamatsu Daigo, a fellow tenant who lives above her on the 3rd floor. Together, they must hunt for clues to solve the mystery...

27. Boku ja Nai Dareka no Ude ni Dakarete Iru Kanojo 僕じゃない誰かの腕に抱かれている彼女 [081121] Will Tame
Girl confesses first to the boy, and they start dating. Classmates, friends, teachers, parents - all oppose these relations and try to separate the children. Envy and betrayal awaits at every corner.
Why reality is so cruel? Is there hope in the end of the way?
Doujin Nukige

28. Chikan Play Densha no Naka de OO ya XX na Koto 痴漢プレイ 電車の中で○○や××なこと [081121] Eroge Honpo
Toru has a girlfriend, Yuu. They keep good relationship and often have sex. But one day, when they are on the crowded train, their sexual desire suddenly explodes and they start having sex.... "It's great! More comfortable than normal sex...." They are gradually addicted to it.... Also, Yuzu, Toru's friend, and Sakura, Yuu's friend, get involved in it and a circle of train sex widens....

29. Kemopani! けもぱにっ! [081121] Puzzlebox
Main character's childhood friend is a class chairman, and she drags the boy to vice-chairman position, so he basically serves and helps her every day. But transfer student Manami with cat ears rivals their positions and behaves chaotically. With a whirlpool of events peaceful days are over.

30. Kenjutsu Kyoushi to Konzen Kozukuri Gasshuku ~Motto Dase! Haramasete Omae no Mono ni Shite Hoshii... 剣術教師と婚前子作り合宿~もっと出せ!孕ませてお前のものにして欲しい…~ [081121] Norn
Our hero, Makoto, is a weak student learning kendo (Japanese fencing).
Makoto and a teacher at his academy, as well as his kendo instructor, Aoi, are secret lovers.
However, when their relationship becomes known to the dojo leader, Aoi's father, he demands that if Makoto loses in the kendo match 2 weeks away, he must break up with Aoi.
In order to give confidence and courage to the fearful Makoto, Aoi arranges for them to stay the night alone together and makes him make love to her!

31. Kyuuryuu no Alfheim 穹窿のアルフヘイム [081121] MorningStar
From the ancient time, the Alfheim Continent has Urad, deep green stone and Scar, purplish red stone. Both act as a catalyst for different magic and they make two kingdom prosper.
When the king of Xicu passed away, King Edeara of Priddat started a war to dominate the whole continent. And Year 665 in Continent calendar, armies from the both side fights over a magic rock quarry in the Xicu territory..

32. Momoiro☆Planet! -Kono Wakusei no Juunin wa Erosugite... Ore no Karada wa Mou Motanai!!-ももいろ☆ぷらねっと!-この惑星の住人はエロすぎて…俺の体はもうもたないッ!!- [081121] Softhouse-Seal
Akira, Fiore, and Yukino are out of the earth and look for somewhere to live. One day, their spaceship lands on a planet that quite looks like the earth. When they at a loss what to do, Natasha and Ereonora appear in front of them. When they tell something to them, Natasha suddenly kisses Akira... Fiore and Yukino are surprised to see that. Natasha also snuggles herself against him, but Fiore shoves Natasha aside... However, they soon find out that physical contact is the most important way of communication on this planet. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do..."

33. My Sweet Home 2 [081121] Mischievous
Main character's mother dies early and father gets in a fatal incident lately. Protagonist graduates from school with the leftover money, but he can't afford university or even dormitory. Father also had adopted daughters of his colleague who died in a joint travel trip. So now adopted daughters who inherited most of father's funds invite protagonist to live together as they want to pay back the time, care and love they got.

34. Shoujo-tachi no Saezuri 少女達のさえずり [081121] Momoiro Gekijou
Shinya likes to masturbate in a school toilet. One day, when he sneaks into a school toilet for girls, he hears someone breathing hard. It's Kouko, his classmate. Also, he sees Rii kissing someone. After school, Rii suddenly says to Shinya, "If you keep what you saw secret, I won't tell anybody that you often sneak into a toilet for girls." Several days later, Satsuki asks Shinya about a relationship between Shinya and Rii. He soon finds out that the girl Rii kissed the other day was Satsuki...

35. Rinjin -Neighbor- 隣人 -Neighbor- [081121] Rosalia
Sometimes, in life, there are places where the rules of reality just don't apply.
Sometimes it's the one place where you ought to feel safe.
Like your house.
Freelance designer Yuuki Kae has just moved into a new apartment. On her move-in day, she decides to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbor... but something isn't quite right.
Static over the intercom...
A violently rattling doorknob...
And a ghostly pale hand reaching out through the crack in the door...
They said the apartment next to hers wasn't for rent. It was supposed to be empty.
Through a series of strange events, Kae meets Hisamatsu Daigo, a fellow tenant who lives above her on the 3rd floor. Together, they must hunt for clues to solve the mystery...

36. Houkago Ryoujoku Seitokai ~M Kaichou no Hakudaku Bukkake Gekokujou~ 放課後凌辱性徒会~M会長の白濁ぶっかけ下克上~ [081122] Kannazuki Seisakusho
Student president Sera is the main character, and he has a secret crush on Ryou, the vice president.
One day Sera finds Ryou's gym suit and can't help but start masturbating.
After getting caught in the act by Ryou, the secretary, and the accountant, Sera becomes the sexual target of three other people. But then through special circumstances the roles are reversed...
Doujin Nukige

37. Inutomo - Aka Inu Kanchi no Tasogare イヌトモ 赤犬カンチの黄昏 [081122] Blue One
Kanchi is getting closer with his seniors, but there is one mystery that keeps bugging him. Is there something that he can do about it?
Doujin Boys Love

38. Marune Iyagi “Tales of Maru” 마루네 이야기 “Tales of Maru” [081122] Team Basilisk
Quiet Korea village. Main character is an aspiring and diligent actor in the theater club. There is also a freshman who goes with the flow and enjoys every moment of life. These two persons going opposing ways participate together in preparation of the play, and opposing objectives start to gradually overlap.

39. Truth and False [081123] Shinen no Niwa
A 34-year-old lawyer is back on stage. Meet different people and get information, then state your case and prove client's innocence. And maybe in the end of the way a new emotion is born.
Doujin Boys Love

40. DISCODE-lo [081124] Soft Circle Courreges
"I'm not really satisfied..... After all, just having a fantasy isn't enough. It is not real."
I want a real, hard penis.
I want hot flowing semen.
I want a strong man with powerful arms.
"DISCODE-lo "is a game, allowing you to become a heroine, lure the men into the sexual temptation at various places, and experience all kinds of sex acts.
Play with the foolish yet cute boys, and enjoy what kind of reactions you get from them.
Doujin Nukige

41. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.19: Rensa Suru Noroi 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.19 連鎖する呪い [081126] WorkJam
Man commits suicide leaving only words "I am cursed". Lover asks Jinguji to investigate this death to find out the true reason of suicide.
Console Exclusive

42. Junjou Romantica -Koi no Dokidoki Daisakusen 純情ロマンチカ ~恋のドキドキ大作戦~ [081127] Marvelous Interactive 1
Usami is a famous novelist. He somehow finishes his novel just in time and he is about to start his next work. At the same time, Misaki is told to control Usami's schedule. "Well, no problem! I'll do it!" Will Misaki be able to successfully control Usami's schedule and make him keep a deadline...?
Boys Love

43. Shi no Homura 紫の焔 [081127] Bmate ★ 1
Our protagonist Takashi Akito is the young heir to a large conglomerate.
He just came back to Japan after graduating from an English university so he can take the ropes but... his father's will is hiding several secrets! What will be of Akito and the men he becomes entangled with...?
Boys Love

44. Monochrome Factor Cross Road モノクローム・ファクター cross road [081127] 5pb. Games 1
Haruno Serina is a 1st year high school student. One day she is saved by some monsters by her upperclassman Asamura Kengo and gets wrapped up in a fight between light and darkness.
Based on the anime 'Monochrome Factor', but with a new original main character and storyline.
Otomege Anime Spin-Off

45. Aido Hentai Choukyou Club 愛奴変態調教倶楽部 [081128] Ail
The main character is interested in abnormal sex. However, there is no one whom he can talk about it, so he just reads abnormal erotic magazines every day.... One day, when he is at school, he accidentally drops the magazines and some girls around him find it. When he is at a loss what to say, they suddenly say, "We are all interested in abnormal sex as well. Can you become our master...?" Like this, he becomes their master and starts abnormal sex life....

46. Chou Gedou Yuusha 超外道勇者 [081128] Nomad
Lux is a knight and he is about to hunt down the devil. Just when he gives the devil the final blow, he suddenly says, "You're pretty as I heard. You just entertain me more...." "What!? What are you doing...?" Like this, he rapes the devil.... The devil says, "Just kill me...!" However, Lux is more cruel than the devil.... "Do you think I'm already satisfied? This is just the beginning...."

47. Extravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~ EXTRAVAGANZA~末路の果てに~ [081128] Black Cyc
This special edition presents Miyaka and Ayaka bad endings and shows as they grow up. 

48. Hara Miko Shimai 孕ら巫女姉妹 [081128] Swanmania
The protagonist, Akira Yamanabe, after graduating from university, set out on a journey by himself. Somewhere along the road of that journey, around an unfamiliar rural area, he accidentally arrives upon a shrine, where he gets possessed by an evil perverted spirit that should have been sealed away. Soon after, dirty thoughts start running wild throughout his mind and in order to exorcise the evil spirit, he asks the local shrine maidens, sisters Hazuki Kagura and Uzuki Kagura, for help, to try and purify it, so as to further prevent it from engaging into any perverted acts...

49. Inugami no Tsuma 犬神ノ妻 [081128] Nanika-Modoki
Sakuya is sent to ask forgiveness from a guardian god due to never ending snowstorm. She is ready to get eaten, but the dog god has different plans on this girl's body.
Doujin Nukige

50. Kansen 3 ~Shuto Houkai~ 姦染3 ~首都崩壊~ [081128] Speed 1
Four years have passed since the terrible events narrated in Kansen 1 and 2, and the terrifying plague which depopulated the Tohoku region of Japan has been reduced to a mere (bad) memory, thanks to drastic quarantine measures coupled with an effective vaccine.
But the Unknown virus is not dead yet and soon, very soon, an unescapable doom will fall upon Wataru Ayase and his family and friends, trapping them inside the "Hell on Earth" madhouse which originally was their home city, Tokyo...

51. Kounai Ecchi Cosplay Kaichou Rinkan Club 校内えっち コスプレ会長 輪姦クラブ [081128] Rose Tiara
Saori is the president of the student council. Her mission is to take part in various club activities and make her school more active.
She has, however, a secret... When she gets attention from other students, she gets sexually excited... Will she be able to complete her mission...?

52. Kyou kara Prince 今日からプリンス [081128] Vitamin
The main character lives in a poor area. He is called the black prince because he resembles the prince of the Supple Kingdom. One day, he is abducted by someone from the Nordia Kingdom. They disguise him as the prince of the Supple Kingdom and send him to the castle of the Supple Kingdom while the king, the queen, and the prince are away. However, the prince comes back to the castle earlier than they expected while the protagonist is also there. After a serious crisis, he successfully manages to exile the real prince.... He enjoys his life there, but he hears the king and the queen are coming back in three weeks. He decides to conciliate three princesses to his side to get through his difficult situation. Like this, he pretends he is the real prince and approaches them....

53. Love Death 3 ~Realtime Lovers~ らぶデス3~Realtime Lovers~ [081128] Teatime 1 2
When Lid regains his consciousness, he finds himself being in an old Western-style house. "Where am I...? Who am I...?" He only remembers his name. He walks around the house and meets three girls. It seems they've lost their memories as well. Like this, Lid starts living with them to look for their memories, past, and fate.... Their names are Lisa, Urara, and Folne. What they remember are two words, "maiden" and "10555". Strangely, when he hears the words, his head starts aching...

54. Magical Jukujo Kamiogi Yoko マジカル熟女・神荻葉子 [081128] Red Zone
Yoko used to be a magical girl. She is, however, now married and lives a peaceful life with her husband and a daughter. But one day, she gets involved in an extraordinary life all of a sudden...

55. Mainichi ga M! 毎日がM! [081128] Atelier Kaguya
The main character starts working at a girls' high school. He gets involved in various accidents on his first day at school and he is finally considered as perverted. However, he has an ability that he can change bitterness to happiness. His masochistic situation life now begins...!

56. Manin Chijo Densha 2 ~Ane to Futago to Hitozuma to~ 満淫痴女電車2~姉とふたごと人妻と~ [081128] Erotica Peach
Main character has a beloved sister, but relations never crossed the taboo line till twin sluts on the train abused him. Now fires of jealousy burn fiercely as three girls compete over Ma-kun!

57. Naisho Shishunki ~Himitsu ni Koisuru Imouto-tachi~ ないしょ思春期 ~ヒミツに恋する妹たち~ [081128] Hamham Soft
My first kiss was with my younger sister-in-law.... I thought about our relationship after we kissed.... However, she told me with tears of joy in her eyes, "Well, it's our secret, right?" Like this, our new relationship begins.... "There'll be no problem if we just keep them secret!"

58. Nekomata ~Kuroneko Hen~ ねこマタ~くろねこ編~ [081128] Sumomo
Riku is a university student. One day, he picks up two stray cats and starts living with them. He enjoys his life with them, but one night, he is hit by a dumper truck and loses his consciousness.
When he wakes up, there are two girls in front of him looking into his face. "We're your cats. Please take care of us with responsibility." Yes, his cats have become humans. Like this, their strange life begins...

59. Oppai no Ouja 48 ~Nani mo Kangaezu Me no Mae no Oppai Zenbu Shabure!~ おっぱいの王者48~何も考えず目の前のおっぱい全部しゃぶれ!~ [081128] OLE-M
The other day, when I was reading an adult book, I thought, "I can tell whose breasts they are by just looking at them. Well, am I a king of oppai?" However, there was no way to prove it.... But one day, I receive a letter and it includes a bunch of free sex tickets! Also, the reverse side of each ticket has the photo of someone's breasts. When I'm confused, a girl, Nil, appears in front of me. According to her, I'm qualified to take part in a game. It seems the tickets aren't fake. My mission is to look for a girl who's got the same breasts printed on the ticket. Like this, my search for oppai begins....

60. Otome 2 堕姫 2 [081128] Riddle Soft
Mikio used to be a great alchemist when he was a kid. However, he now lives a boring life. He just works at his father's company every day.... But one day, his life changes all of a sudden. He is ordered to transfer to a different department that is located at the edge of nowhere....

61. Ren no Koi 恋の恋~れんのこい~ [081128] Mink
Nanase Ren.... I used to love her.... I'll never forget her.... I still remember the day when she moved.... I'm Takeru. I'm a high school student and live a happy life with my classmates. However, I sometimes feel empty.... I still love her, but can do nothing.... But one day, Ren suddenly comes back to my hometown and transfers to my school. I'm really happy and decide to tell her that I still love her. However, what if she doesn't love me...? I don't wanna break our relationship.... I can't.... Finally, I make up my mind to tell her my love....

62. Ryoujoku Celeb Tsuma ~Kutsujoku!! Niku Dorei e no Daraku~ 凌辱セレブ妻 ~屈辱!!肉奴隷への堕落~ [081128] ZION
The main character was fired several days ago. When he walks around the town, he meets a beautiful girl. He then finds out that she is actually the wife of the company president he used to work for. He gets mad and decides to rape her... "I'll just take my revenge on her..." His crooked desire now explodes...

63. Broken Sky [081129] denzil
You lived your whole life around this place and you really like it. But now you have to leave. It's time to say goodbye...

64. Mizutamari Refrain みずたまりrefrain [081129] Himeshibori
This is a game in an adventure style on the theme of wetting the pants.
Enjoy the shameful figures of 2 heroines.
Doujin Nukige

65. Heroines Nightmare Vol.2 ヒロインズナイトメア Vol.2 [081130] Mille Feuille
A new omnibus story where three different fighting heroines are violated by tentacle monsters:
1. Alice -fallen blader- 【Alice -fallen blader-】
2. School Exorcist Akane Mido 【学園退魔師 御堂茜】
3. Female ninja Inouden Satsuki 【くノ一淫舞伝 沙月】

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