VN of the Month May 2012 - Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete

There are no masterpieces this month. I feel deep aversion towards flight clubs, but if I was forced to choose among these variants, Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete would still win by the sheer quality. It's also backed by Zen while Micchi prefers Supipara and Shiawase Kazoku-bu

1. Supipara すぴぱら [120518] minori 1 2 3 4 5 6 
The protagonist, Sanada Yukinari, has returned to his hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura City, for the first time in seven years, and is greeted by his older cousin, Narumi Sakura (complete with maid outfit). He wanted to live in peace, but his life at the academy placed on the coastlands becomes bustling and brilliant while surrounded by a lineup of members with booming personalities like Amano Hotaru, the sharp tongued, half-Japanese beauty, and Alice Kamishiro, the lazy witch who loves modern-science and mail-orders.
Eventually, Yukinari is coaxed into joining the action committee for the academy's traditional beauty contest by his close friend. He interacts with the heroines participating in this contest who are cute but each have an idiosyncrasy or two. Fun events (with their own difficulties) pop up again and again. Your story with "her" about smiles, peace, passion, and love, all while borrowing the power of a witch, is about to begin!
There are English reviews.

2. Fortuna Rhapsody [120525] Symphony 1
In the town of Hazama-chou, legends about a goddess have been passed down through generations and there was a shrine dedicated to her. Returning home one night, Kouhei saw a winged girl descend from the sky at the seaside. It was late and she seemed to have taken a liking to him, so he brought her to his osananajimi Kiyo’s house. Later he found out that the girl Fey had lost her memories and he ended up taking care of her. Even though she didn’t appear to be from this world, she was readily accepted by everyone and joined him at his school.
There is an English review

3. Ibuki no Kiseki ~Kohaku no Omoide no Naka de Seirei wa Yume o Miru~ イブキノキセキ ~琥珀の思い出の中で精霊は夢を見る~ [120525] Milk Crown
Hiroki met a mysterious girl named Ibuki by the large tree on a hill behind the school. She had saved him when he was about to fall from a branch. They became close friends and soon had feelings for each other. One day, his family was forced to move due to a large-scale urban redevelopment plan. After settling down in his new home, he attempted to find Ibuki, but was unsuccessful.
Many years passed by and he had forgotten about the events from his childhood. Having returned back to his hometown, he accompanied his childhood friends Ichino and Mikan on a visit to places from his childhood. The large tree was no longer on the site of his old school which was now demolished. He wondered if it was chopped down. The next day, the tree stood once again on the hill. Sitting on a branch waiting for him was Ibuki.
I doubt it's possible to play it without lolicon affinity

4. Kamigakari Cross Heart! 神がかりクロスハート! [120525] Windmill 1 2 3 
It’s been ten years since Shougo had seen his childhood friend Anzu in the rural town of Amamisaki. Her body has rounded out nicely, with her chest being quite large. But why was she naked in the ofuro with him!? “See, your wish has come true, hasn’t it?” It was a mysterious puppy by her side that said that. The puppy was a divine messenger that can bestow divine power on the someone so that their wish can be fulfilled. Shougo was quite confused, but before he could figure it all out, his classmate Koneko and cousin Hijiri also have their own divine messenger.
There are English reviews

5. Kessen! Otome-tachi no Senjou 3 ~Dengeki Sakusen! Senka wa Ace no Na no Moto ni~ 決戦!乙女たちの戦場3 ~電撃作戦!戦果はエースの名のもとに~ [120525] Gesen 18 1 
After the end of the second World War, a scientific experiment by the leading post-war nation went terribly wrong, annihilating most of the country. With the world balance suddenly in tatters, countries once again began to fight each other for supremacy. Out of this new war emerged three nations: the Republic of Japan, the Howell Kingdom and the Schwarzwald Empire.
Strategy with an English impression

6. Koiimo Sweet ☆ Days 恋妹SWEET☆DAYS [120525] Parasol 1 2
Yamato looks like a typical guy, but being surrounded by one older sister and two little sisters, he greatly loves his sisters a lot. One day, his older sister Azusa informed that he will be transferring to a girl's boarding school as part of a test case for coeducation initiative. He also has to help the school board chairman's daughter Yurika with various duties. Reluctantly he heads to school and waiting there was his little sisters Aoi and Akane who lived apart from him, as well as his childhood friend Ena who’s like family to him. His little sisters shower him with pent-up love, having not seen their older brother for so long.
There are English reviews

7. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete この大空に、翼をひろげて [120525] Pulltop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Aoi returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets, having lost his direction in life. On the hill lined with windmills, he met a wheelchair-ridden girl Kotori and watched the gliders overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in tow, they resurrect the soaring club in order to fulfill a childhood dream: to fly on a glider.
Game is localized and has English reviews

8. Sakura No Reply 桜ノーリプライ [120525] Onomatope* 1 2 3
When Ichigo was small, he lived with his grandmother on a small island surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Due to his parent’s work, he moved away, leaving behind his sickly imouto Minto and close friends. He did not have any plans for his future, but then he was chosen to be part of a student exchange with their sister school. So he returned to the island and reunited with his now grown-up imouto and childhood friends. On this small island where the sakura do not bloom, will the hope and love in their hearts blossom?
There are English reviews

9. Shiawase Kazoku-bu しあわせ家族部 [120525] Purple Software 1 2
Kazuki transferred to Amanogawa Gakuen in the middle of the school year. His childhood friend Honoha invited him to the unofficial ‘family club’ where the members pretend to be a family. In addition to the club leader Ougi and imouto-like kouhai Runa, they are soon joined by a robot Misora, the student council leader Mikage, his classmate Yuuki and energetic kouhai Suzu. For Kazuki, who had lost his family at a young age, he did not understand at first the meaning of family nor the purpose of the club, but he felt at ease with kind people at his side. Gradually after spending more and more time with them, they become precious to him, just like ‘family’.
There are English reviews

10. Sora to Kumo to Kimi no Koi 青空と雲と彼女の恋 [120525] Klein
A few days into the new school year, Takayuki gazed at the clouds in the sky from his favourite spot on the roof and drifted off to sleep. When he woke up, he noticed a boy about to confess to a girl. Unable to leave, he ended up watching as the boy was quickly turned down by the girl, who he recognized as the new transfer student known as the ‘one with the steel skirt’ since no one has been able to win her love. However, she turned to him and kissed him to his utmost surprise.
Commonplace scenario, boring conversations and unmemorable heroines don't leave this game a chance.


1. Oshiete Ecchi na Recipe -Anata to Watashi no Ama~i Seikatsu!- おしえてエッチなレシピ -アナタとワタシのあま~いせいかつ!- [120525] Hiyoko Soft Momogumi 1
The protagonist, Sakura is cool and there was an actual goal in the story. Namely to revive the cake shop Aurora that is on the verge of going bankrupt after Sakura’s teacher in patisseries died to a sickness while he was out of country working. In the end he was too busy to even attend her funeral and all so in a sense it’s a way of paying back for what she did for him.
That is, at the start.
Sakura may be missing a few screws in his head but he’s still a very talented patissier. Invited back to Japan by his junior, Rui from back in school. He started working at the cake shop Aurora 
Nukige, but with an English review

2. Katsute Arishi Hi かつてありし陽 [120509] Check&Stripe
In a world full of violence, nations have lost their meaning and a group of geniuses created the ‘World Commonwealth’ with the goal of uniting the entire world in the name of peace. It’s been seven years since they began taking over each country and Japan was the first, falling in roughly half a year. Kazuya was one of the few survivors of the battle. He fled with his osananajimi Setsuka and sided with the rebels against the Commonwealth. Then he heard about a rumour that there was a school for captives established on the Commonwealth’s floating base Aegis Zeus. While not sure if it was true or not, he made his way there with the aid of the rebels, with the aim of bringing back the good old days.
Doujin, but there is an opening

3. J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~ J.Q.V 人類救済部 ~With love from isotope~ [120519] Studio Beast 1 2 3 4 
Mankind has vanished.
Uninhabited town, uninhabited school, uninhabited classroom.
In this world where no other humans exist Shimaji meets a young girl.
And from this girl flows words that don't fit this world
"I will make a club"
A club to save mankind.
But in this world where humanity doesn't exist anymore, who can be saved?

Doujin, but with English reviews and an opening

4. Yojouhan Princess 四畳半プリンセス [120525] Paraiso
The small European country of Hoegaarden is abundant in resources and rich in history and culture. It has great influence on international affairs despite its size. A poor student Hibiki watches the news about the princess Pecheresse coming on a visit to Japan in place of her sick father. When he was a child, his family was quite prosperous and he had played with her while accompanying his father on a visit to Hoegaarden. It was a very precious memory to him, even if she had forgotten about him. Then when he was about to leave for his part-time job, standing there was the princess. “It’s been a long time, Hibiki. I’ve come to fulfill our promise.”
Nukige, but with an opening.

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