VN of the Month October 2012 - Chuuning Lover

Can point out only Chuuning Lover this month, and Chuunibyou topic flourishes with the anime airing. Micchi , on the other hand, has lots of appealing works like Koiiro Marriage , Shukufuku no Kane no Oto wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni , Tsuki ni Yorisou .

1. NOeSIS02 -uka- NOeSIS02-羽化- [121024] cutlass 1  
A continuation of NOeSIS ~Uso o Tsuita Kioku Monogatari~
Doujin, but from rather known series and with kind of English review

2. Kono Bushitsu wa Kitaku Shinai Bu ga Senkyo Shimashita. Portable - Gakuen Dog Ear Hen この部室は帰宅しない部が占拠しました。 ぽーたぶる 学園ドッグ・イヤー編 [121025] BOOST ON
Main character comes to club of going home as usual and finds that all his friends have animal ears and tails. If they don't find hidden spellbooks within two weeks girls will have to stay this way forever.
Light novel spin-off

3. Anata no Koto o Suki to Iwasete あなたの事を好きと言わせて [121026] Praline 1
Kousuke is the only son of the noble Wakamiya family and has lived a life with no worries. His wish for an ordinary school life was shattered when his grandfather suddenly appeared, displeased that Kousuke didn’t have a girlfriend and threw him out of the mansion until he learned how to be dependable to girls. Now living alone in a single detached house with only the bare necessities, he was at a loss at how to fulfill his grandfather’s requirement. He asked his friends at school for their help and their only suggestion was for him to get a girlfriend and naturally he would become more dependable. However, Kousuke did not have any dating experience, so he thought that this would be an impossible task. That’s when the school idol Yukino, having overheard his conversation, asked him if he would like to become pretend-lovers with her.
There is an English impression

4. Chuuning Lover CHU→NING LOVER [121026] Sugar House 1 2 
You missed the first school term of his second year at Academy Shibagami due to an accident during spring break. To avoid being forced to drop out due to attendance, he ended up joining 2-C, the class of problem children. All the other students were chuuni in their own way: a delinquent that claims to be the school’s hero, a cloaked ‘eternal dark end magician’, a rich girl who acts like a ruler, and her android maid.
There are English reviews

5. Hanairo Heptagram 花色ヘプタグラム [121026] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 
Hisaya had been living in Tokyo since leaving his hometown of Goshiki-mura when he was in elementary school. Lately in his dreams, he often saw a young girl who seemed to want him to return to the town. So, he headed back to his hometown since he felt that he was more suited to the rural lifestyle. After reuniting with his childhood friend Tamami, enrolling in the local school and settling into a ryokan managed by Tamami’s parents, he was ready to resume his small town life.
There’s a legend that the local onsen grants special powers to people. One day, he saw a naked Tamami in the onsen, her whole body glowing in a strange light. Then a strange cat being convinced him to sign a contract and he was led to broadcasting room at the school. The school principal Mao explained that this was actually the secret club Heptagram gathered. Lately, there have been many mysterious incidents (arch) happening around town and it was up to the Heptagram members to use their anti-arch powers to solve them. Of course, because he found out about Tamami’s secret, he was recruited into Heptagram to assist the girls.
There are English reviews

6. Koi Iro Marriage 恋色マリアージュ [121026] Marmalade 1 2 3 4 5
Nao works at the Kotoshiro ryokan, which is managed by his grandmother after his parents’ deaths. It’s not a profitable business, but one day he got a loan from the Morikawa group... And also a bride!? Sure, his fiancée Mihono is extremely cute, but both of them are still students. They knew little about love, much less marriage. Their personalities don’t seem to be a good fit and their time together was strained from the start. Under the eyes of his classmates and the ryokan’s staff and guests, will they understand the true meaning of love and marriage?
There are English reviews

7. Otama! ~Otaku Nakama wa Chikkoi Mania~ おたマ!~おたく仲間はちっこいマニア~ [121026] Unison Shift: Accent 1
Hiroaki is an almighty otaku, well versed in everything from anime and manga to games and special effects, and is called ‘sensei‘ by his online friends. One day, they gathered together for an off-kai and he was surprised that most of them were cute little girls! Even though he is good at taking care of others, he doesn’t do so well with girls. But they all adore him and drag him from one otaku shop to another. Will he be able to satisfy their otaku and ero curiosities?
There is an English review

8. Pajama-san Konnichiwa パジャマさんこんにちわ [121026] Emu
As a result of a request from a distant relative, Masato became the manager of the orphanage Yuriorien. He didn’t know that it was located in a remote part in the mountains and began to regret his decision, but he was soon taken in by the warm hospitality of the people in the orphanage. Thinking that it wouldn’t be bad to work in a job where you were needed by others, he began to live with the girls who all had their own peculiarities. At that time, the girls still had not realized the dark side which lied within their hearts.
Art and atmosphere are old-fashioned, so don't expect moe. Story is not bad, but lacks weight and exposition, character description. The process of darkness removal is just too short.

9. Ryuusei no Arcadia 流星のアーカディア [121026] Dandelion 1 2 3 
Due to repeated mis-governance, the central government lost its power and it was instead transferred completely to the hands of the regional schools. This in turn led to a struggle for power among the schools, with the government sending spies to each school with the intention of re-obtaining some of its lost power. There was a particular school which did not strive for power and was on good terms with the government, however it was hiding a large secret. It had the ability to destroy the world. The government found out about this and plotted to take the ‘school’s treasure’. What exactly is this treasure and who is the mysterious transfer student?
There are English reviews

10. Shukufuku no Kane no Oto wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni 祝福の鐘の音は、桜色の風と共に [121026] Studio Ryokucha 1 2 3 4 5 6
Shuuji lived with his musician father Yuuhei, but the family debt had gotten to the point where it was impossible for them to pay it off. They had prepared themselves to run away at a moment’s notice, but one day Shuuji’s grandfather Genzou appeared and wanted him to succeed the Ootori family line. Since the Ootori is a famous family which has great influence in many places, their debt would be fully paid off should he agree to Genzou’s request. Shuuji consented to it, but that was not the end of it. As a successor to the Ootori household, he must have a wife, so it was arranged that he be married to his cousin Maria. Of course, both of them opposed the engagement. Genzou told him that he should find himself a wife instead, but he only has one year to do so, otherwise the engagement will continue as planned. So begins Shuuji’s search for a bride at Minami-Sakuraoka Gakuen.
There are English reviews

11. Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 [121026] Navel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Coming from a prestigious family, that didn't want him, in the financial world, Yuusei had been home-schooled strictly and sheltered all his life. Even though he excelled at everything, it was his dream to live a life of a commoner. One day his chance came and he changed his identity to Asahi and entered Fairy Girl’s School, which specializes in female fashion for the rich. As part of his plan, he became the maid of his classmate Luna and worked at her home Sakura-yashiki. Also living there were a proud exchange student from Switzerland, Ursule, a Yamato Nadeshiko, Mizuho, and his childhood Minato, who had feelings for him and was also the only one who knew his true identity. With her help, will he be able to manage his double life in the school and his new home?
There are English reviews

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