VN of the Month July 2014 - AstralAir no Shiroki Towa

AstralAir no Shiroki Towa is the only game worth mentioning in July though Clephas also gave a special mention to Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. Micchi adds to the list such nukige'ish games as Change! and Neko Masshigura .
1. Island Days [140703] 0verflow 1
The story follows Makoto Itou who, along with his various female companions, finds himself stranded on a remote island. While awaiting rescue, Makoto and the others must do their best to survive on the island.
The game is split into two main parts, story and battle. The story part follows a typical visual novel structure, in which the protagonist, Makoto, interacts with the various female characters and builds relationships with them. The battle part is a tower defense game, in which Makoto and the girls must protect their food supply from wild animals. As characters lose health while participating in battles, players should be careful to manage who accompanies Makoto into battles. As per many visual novels, the plot can take various courses based on the player's actions, such as who Makoto romantically pursues, or potential deaths among the characters.
There is an English review

2. Chou Kagaku Dasshutsu Story ~Zekkai no Gouka Kyakusen~ 超科学脱出ストーリー ~絶海の豪華客船~ [140709] Intense 1 
Hitomi Akeneno is a 16 year old high school student with a little secret - she has not one, but two psychic powers.
After receiving an invitation, she boards a luxury cruise ship with her friend, Chisono Shio. As soon as she enters a suite room, a loud explosion sounds…and she finds herself stuck, unable to get out. Is this an accident? Or something far more sinister…?
The only way to find out is to escape, with the help of her powers.
Game is localized and has English reviews

3. Corpse Party: BloodDrive コープスパーティー BloodDrive [140724] MAGES. GAME 1 2 3
Set two months after the events of Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, Ayumi Shinozaki had paid the price for her use of black magic and been afflicted with a serious illness. However, she managed to somehow survive with the help of Naomi Nakashima. The grim grimoire, known as the Book of Shadows, now has laid waste to the Shinozaki estate and both the estate and tome vanished, leaving only a plot of land where it once stood.
Before she was hospitalized, an acquaintance of Ayumi's older sister, Hinoe Shinozaki, who belongs to the W.I., the Wiccan Institute, an organization that worshiped spirits. Telling Ayumi to get Book of Shadows back, her trail now leads into the residence once belonged to Makina Shinozaki.
The day after being discharged from the hospital, Ayumi went to visit the estate where Makina Shinozaki resided. However, it was run-down and looked to have been closed for a long time; "NO TRESPASSING" tape was strewn up everywhere, blocking entry. She stared intently at the estate with fierce determination. ...She couldn't afford to let Satoshi and the others be involved this time.
For Ayumi, it was the responsibility of Shinozaki's bloodline. The lone struggle and legacy of her lineage.
Game is localized and has English reviews

4. AstralAir no Shiroki Towa アストラエアの白き永遠 [140725] Favorite 1 2 3 4 5 6
For two years, snow had been falling continuously in the town of Tsukigasaki with spring nowhere in sight. Aside from the snow which never built up, the town was also struck by other abnormal incidents, such as tornadoes, thunderbolts and floods. Riku is an ‘elfin’ who possesses a mysterious ability known as ‘rune’, which he uses to save others. He returned to Tsukigasaki, where he grew up in an orphanage, along with fellow elfins Rinne and Hinata. Their duty was to protect two young sisters, Ochiba and Hazuki, from rune abilities which go out of control, while also keeping the existence of elfins a secret to the public.
When he arrived at the town, a girl in a pure white dress was waiting for him. He used to play with the girl Yuuki when they were small, having snowball fights and making snowmen. To his surprise, she still looked exactly the same as before he left. While she’s sad that the city has since changed a lot, she told him that he still remained the same to her even if he grows up.
There are English reviews

5. G.I.B. Girls in Black G.I.B. ガールズ・イン・ブラック [140725] Whirlpool 1 2
Unbeknownst to the general public, aliens coexist with humans on Earth. They came from various stars, some to enjoy sightseeing, while others deciding to live here. However, thing doesn’t go smoothly all the time and problems arise every now and then. A secret organization exists to solve these alien-caused problems: ‘Men in Black’ (MIB).
One day, an UFO tried to abduct Subaru as he walked home from school. His classmate Yukano saved him from danger and afterwards, he helped her fight off the UFO. Since he witnessed an UFO with his own eyes, she told him that his memory must be wiped. But after some twists and turns, he was brought instead to the headquarters of the MIB, which Yukano was a part of. There he saw many strange aliens and after being given a tour of the facilities, he was enlisted into the MIB. His normal life instantly turned into a supernormal one.
There are English reviews

6. Gigai no Alruna 偽骸のアルルーナ [140725] Debo no Su Seisakusho 1
People enjoy peaceful and rich lives thanks to the protection of the World Tree. However, this peace was shattered by monsters called ghoula which attack and eat humans. Despair filled the world since there was no way to combat this sudden invasion, but they won’t go down without a fight. A self-defence corps was assembled as a last line of defence against the ghoulas. Will joined them not only to protect the townspeople, but to also seek revenge for his family which was taken from him by the ghoulas when he was small.

7. Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai 星織ユメミライ [140725] tone work's 1 2 3 4 5 6
Ryousuke moved back to his hometown of Shionagi, which he had been away from for seven years, and transferred into his new school in the middle of the summer. He reunited with his childhood friend Marika, met the sole astronomy club member Sora and made new friends among his classmates. He joined the event management committee to enjoy his school life even more. Along the way, he noticed the dreams of the girls around him, along with his own desires to be closer to them. On this particular summer day begins a love story that extends towards the future.
Game is localized and has English reviews

8. Love Revenge 恋愛リベンジ [140725] DE@R 1 2 3 4
Yuuki was played around with by his first love, who admitted that she only went out with him as part of a punishment game. Ever since that traumatic break-up, he has had difficulty dealing with girls. Unable to even carry out a normal relationship with his imouto Tatsuki and osananajimi Honoka, he shut himself in his room and only talked with his friends online.
One day, the huge Anderson Corporation bought the whole city of Kouzuki. The small-stature president Riele announced plans to create a ‘love city’ Iris by establishing the “Love Promotion Act” to encourage active love among youths. All students were required to live in a newly constructed hotel-like dormitory with co-ed roommates. There was also a ‘love war event’ started up to further relationships between boys and girls. It was hell on earth for Yuuki, but he decides to aim for a new love with the help of Honoka and his classmate Rin.
There are English reviews

9. Märtopia メルトピア [140725] Side-B
Akito lives with his imouto Yui, who has shut her heart to others following an accident last winter that killed their parents and put him in a coma for more than a week. He decided to use her favourite picture book to bring back a smile to her face. However, even after six long months, he was unable to get her to open up. He fell into despair seeing her as a lifeless doll and was consumed by a darkness. When he woke up, he was in a strange world Märtopia: a world where fairy tale characters reside. He was helped by a ‘bookkeeper’ Alice, and he confronted many crises while he searched for a way back to his world.

10. Neko Masshigura ~Nekomimi Cafe ni Youkoso~ ねこまっしぐら ~ねこみみカフェにようこそ~ [140725] Koneko Soft 1 2
This is the debut title for KonekoSoft, sister company of NekonekoSoft. During summer vacation, the protagonist moved to another town to work at a live-in part-time job at the cat café Masshigura. However, he found out when he arrived that there weren’t any cats there, but rather catgirls! And it’s not a cosplay… the cat ears and tails are real! He thought to himself that this must be paradise.
There are English reviews

11. Shinen no Hitomi wa Koi no Iro 深淵の瞳は恋の色 [140725] Janis
Because of his ancestors, main character Shu is always targeted by mystery.
One day he returns from school and arrives to another world. There he meets three strange girls, and life turns havoc.
Last work of long-standing nukige maker. And this game does not become an exception as the core of the game is competition for protagonist's semen that gives special power to youkai. Throw in some comedy, lots of opportunism and the same development for all routes, and you'll get the picture.

12. Shinsei Mokushiroku ~Death March~ 新世黙示録 ~Death March~ [140725] Xuse
Chikara lived in the Haiyama housing complex in the Tama Hills near Tokyo with his younger sister Suzu and his mother Emi. Suddenly one day, the townspeople and those close to him were turned into zombies and came after him. There were also many unworldly beings and he wondered if the apocalypse had arrived. Was this reality or just a nightmare?
In this RPG, you fight evil enemies with ‘swords’ while running around in a 3D map. There are over 100 ‘swords’ (of which there are 3 types: holy, demonic, heavenly) and each has its own special ability. You can level them up and also combine them to create even stronger swords. Playing the trial will give you a code for a free sword in the full game.


1. Change! ~Ano Ko ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ ちぇ~んじ! ~あの娘になってクンクンペロペロ~ [140725] May-Be Soft 1 2
Yuusuke is a healthy boy who has a dream of switching bodies with the girl he likes so that he can do whatever he wants with her. He would gaze at her breasts and feel them up. He would be free to enter her room as he pleases and sniff her panties. Of course, he could also look down there and check that she’s still a virgin. He greatly wanted such a power, but there was a huge gap between his delusions and reality.
Nowadays, smartphones have surged in popularity, and more than half of those who have cell phones own them. The main thing that spurred this trend was the free calling app ‘Connect’, which Yuusuke also decided to download. By chance, he was the 100 millionth user to register and the operating company sent him a special gift. It was an app that allows him to switch bodies with any girl that installed ‘Connect’ on her smartphone! His dream ability is now in his hands! Let’s make use of full use of this!
Nukige has English reviews

2. Fraternite フラテルニテ [140725] Clock Up 1 2 3 4 5 6
Mio shut herself in her room after being raped by a thug. She met a girl online, Yuka, who wanted to save her since she had experienced a similar past. Upon Yuka’s suggestion, Mio moved to a new town with her family to seek a new beginning. She joined the rather dubious group which Yuka was part of and seemed to be much more cheerful since. Mio’s younger brother Taichi met the beautiful Megumi and felt a slight attraction to her. He found out that she, along with Mio, had joined the group and decided to save them from it.
There are girls who seek salvation from the cruel reality and there are others who wish to save them. However, even though they are both aiming for the same salvation, their feelings do not cross. It is a tragedy borne in the name of ‘salvation’.
Nukige has English reviews

3. Gangsta Arcadia ~Hipparcos no Tenshi~ ギャングスタ・アルカディア ~ヒッパルコスの天使~ [140725] Whitesoft 1 2
This is the fandisc for Gangsta Republica, with Sharka being upgraded from a sub-character to main heroine. Walking the dog, replacing the sliding door, babysitting. It’s another day of ‘bad’ deeds by the Gang Club. However, there is one thing different: his senpai Sharka is doing a ‘homestay’ at his house for various reasons. Even though there are many problems living together, their days are happy ones. But those days are gradually threatened by something unknown to them: “the Angel of Hipparcos”.

4. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete Snow Presents この大空に、翼をひろげて snow presents [140725] Pulltop 1
This is a winter-themed variety pack for Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete, including a mini FD for main heroine Kotori, as well a drama CD of the Soaring Club’s winter camp, a soundtrack with Kotori’s character song and some digital contents, such as binaural system voices and wallpapers. The mini FD focuses on Kotori’s sweet cohabitation with Aoi following her leg surgery and rehab. It’s written in a diary format and features lots of ichaicha and ecchi.

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