VN of the Month November 2014 - Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou.

Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou. is VN of the Month. Clephas had to agree on Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm , but I hate sports even more and sampling anime based on the game only worsened aggravated bias. Micchi likes both and also Kimi no Tonari de Koi Shiteru , Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria and a fandisc.
1. Hanayamata: Yosakoi Live! ハナヤマタ よさこいLIVE! [141113] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Naru Sekiya is an ordinary 14-year-old middle school girl who likes fairy tales, but is worried about her lack of other interests. She has a chance encounter with a "fairy", a foreign girl practicing dance at night. On a spur of the moment, Naru asks to join her and is introduced to the world of yosakoi dancing. The series' title is a portmanteau (combination) of the first two letters of the girls' first names: HAna, NAru, YAya, MAchi, and TAmi.
Anime Spin-Off

2. Nisekoi: Yomeiri!? ニセコイ ヨメイリ!? [141127] Konami 1 2 3
This romance/adventure game allows the player to interact with the Nisekoi series' heroines, and features a main story route and after stories for Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, Marika and Ruri.
Anime Spin-Off

3. Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm 蒼の彼方のフォーリズム [141128] sprite 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
In a world where flying is as simple as riding a bicycle, there is a popular sport called “Flying Circus.”
The protagonist once had a bright future ahead of him in that field of sports but due to an overwhelming defeat in addition to a certain other reason, he has left that field.
However, he meets the transfer student Kurashina Asuka and regains his passion as he teaches her how to fly.
With his situation changed, he participates once again in the Flying Circus. Just how high will he be able to fly this time with Asuka at his side?
This is a love story about the two who met while soaring in the skies, and the friends surrounding them.
There are English reviews

4. Harukaze Sensation! 春風センセーション! [141128] Windmill Oasis
The human world has friendly relations with both the barren demon world and the lushly-forested spirit world. This spring, the demon king’s third son, Touma, came to study abroad at Shikikaze Gakuen in the human world. It was his first time in another world and he was excited to gain more experience for the future. Shortly thereafter, a student from the spirit world, Haruka, asked him to be her husband. Now, a spring breeze is blowing through the human world.
It's a moege under disguise of a charage.

5. Hen Koi ≒ Kuro Rekishi 変恋≒黒歴史 [141128] Akane Soft
There has always been a great rivalry between the manga research club and the literature club at Oujou Gakuen. No one knows how long this rivalry has lasted, but their quarrels are famous at the school, especially during the culture festival. However, there was a shocking incident this year. The manga research club’s secret journal which is always hidden from view and never leaves the club room somehow ended up in the hands of the literature club! If this became public, then they might have to close their booth at the culture festival, or even worse, the club might be disbanded.
Hiroyuki heard about this incident from his friend Satoshi from the manga research club, but he did not think it concerned him. That was until he learned that it contained the delusional writings (black history) which they had written together in the past. He would do anything to get it back. If the contents became known, then his school life will be ruined!
He was sent to infiltrate the literature club. Even though he didn’t see eye-to-eye with the literature club’s deputy leader Juri due to a previous accident, he was somehow able to join the club. He found it in total disarray since they were finalizing the preparations for the culture festival on a short notice. They probably would have normally been a bit more guarded, but now wasn’t the time to worry about such small things. He helped the members with their preparations to get closer to them, as he investigated the whereabouts of the journal.
If you wondered why this game has no English reviews, it's because of the Hen word in the title, sadly in its worst meaning. With weak text, scenario and individual routes only H emphasis remains.

6. Kimi no Tonari de Koishiteru! キミのとなりで恋してる! [141128] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3
Akito’s parents wed late in life after repeated failed marriage meetings. They both passed away a few years ago due to illness. In their last words, they lamented not having found their love while they were young. Now the track and field club’s manager at Keisen Academy, a sudden decision was forced upon him. His grandmother Chiyo was worried about her grandson’s future after his parent’s failed marriage and tearfully appealed to him to find a bride while she’s still alive. If he was unable to do so within a week, then he would be forced to marry whomever she chooses.
There are English reviews

7. Koi Suru Kanojo no Bukiyou na Butai 恋する彼女の不器用な舞台 [141128] CUBE 1 2
The students at Hayakubo Academy are all excited about the upcoming culture festival. However, the clubs with not many members have a problem on their hands: if they don’t complete the task that the student council assigned them for the festival, then their club will be disbanded.
For the literary club which Ichigo was part of, they must prove that they deserve a club room and funds by selling 100 copies of their latest work. His childhood friend Mayuu, who used to be a famous actress, was worried about losing a place to call her own, while his underclassmen and writer Sena had no desire to join another club. However, they had only sold 35 copies at the last festival and they couldn’t see how they could meet their goal with only the three of them in the club.
The leader of the 2-member drama club, Momoka, came to them and offered them with a solution. Their club would be disbanded if they didn’t put on a great play at the culture festival, so she asked them to write a script for them and also to take part in the play. She also wanted Mayuu to return to the stage. Will the literature club and drama club successfully complete their tasks?
There are English reviews

8. Otome ga Kanaderu Koi no Aria 乙女が奏でる恋のアリア [141128] ensemble 1
Tsukasa is a sopranista-in-training, a male who can sing in the same vocal range as a female soprano. He had been studying overseas for the past year and came back to Japan a month early for vacation to surprise his parents. However, they were gone for a trip and were having the house fully renovated while away, so he ended up without a place to stay. After deciding to live alone for the month, he met a girl named Ayaka by chance when she heard him sing at the park. She told him that she had been looking for someone who could sing like him and wanted him to come to her school to sing at the upcoming festival. Even though he was troubled at the sudden request, he wasn’t able to turn her down and ended up at Shinou Academy, a European-style girls’ school.
“W-Wait! D-Didn’t I tell you I’m a boy?”
“But with your looks and voice…”
His complaints fell on deaf ears and after being dressed up in girls’ clothes, he was surprised when he looked in the mirror. Tsukasa agreed to attend Miou Academy for the month as a girl, Izumi, and star as a ‘diva’ at the Shinou Festival one month later.
There is an English review

9. Venus Blood -Hypno- VenusBlood -HYPNO- [141128] Dual Tail 1 2 3 4 5
Back in ancient times, the Holy Land of Helvetia flourished as the throne of the goddess Elnath. However, the land is now ruled by the demons who had conspired against and successfully defeated the goddess.
The 4 queens who rule over their respective domains have long maintained a pact of non-intervention. However, one day, after receiving reports that the Dark Empress Karvia was engaging in suspicious activity, the other 3 queens simultaneously declared war on her.
Despite being surrounded on all sides by enemies, the Demon Empress Karvia was confident that she would prevail. After all, she had under her command a secret task force unit, one that served her well during the battle for Helvetia against the goddess, and is also the unit that she considers to have been the deciding factor in the war...The 'Black Arme Vapula'.
The unit shrouded in darkness and stricken from history, led by the war hero and our protagonist, Leonhardt...Setting foot onto the stage known as the battlefield once again, the flames of ambition burn brightly within him.

10. Zannen na Ore-tachi no Seishun Jijou. 残念な俺達の青春事情。 [141128] ChuableSoft 1 2
“Greetings, plebs.”
Those poison-laced words said with a sneering smile were transfer student Rinne’s first words… and she immediately regretted saying them. That’s because Yutaka took an immediate interest in her and it was the first step in his quest to make her join the unofficial student council. From that day on, her life changed, for better or for worse.
There is no one in this world who is perfect as we all have our own deficiencies. That’s why it’s important for us to join hands and be together with others.
There are English reviews


1. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-4 真剣で私に恋しなさい!A-4 [141121] Minato Soft 1 2 3
A fandisc featuring routes for Homura and Lin.

2. Bunny Paradise Bani Para ~Koibito Zenin Bani-ka Keikaku~ Bunny Paradise ばにぱら ~恋人全員バニー化計画~ [141128] SkyFish poco
The prestigious girls’ school Usagino Private School is rumoured to be full of cute girls. Shinsuke graduated from a top-tier university and was expected to be the heir of his father’s zaibatsu, which is one of the directors of the school. However, he loves bunny girls more than anyone should. The school’s prestige has taken a hit in recent times and he decided to become a teacher there to help rebuild it and prove his worthiness as the zaibatsu’s successor at the same time. He proclaimed that the cause was a lack of etiquette, shyness and desire to serve among the girls. His perfect plan was to create a "bunny club" at the school and train all the students as bunny girls, who exemplify all these positive traits.
Nukige listed for the sake of an opening

3. ChuSinGura 46+1 Bushi no Kodou ChuSingura 46+1 武士の鼓動 [141128] inre 1 2 3
This is the fandisk for ChuSinGura46+1. Suguha and the 47 ronin were able to thwart the massive plot. However, now he was faced with a new problem: due to a certain event, they all began vying for his love! What will become of him when he’s tempted by all the brave and beautiful ladies across the land?
In addition, there’ll be a shocking revelation about the unexplained ‘empty time’ from the original game. Waiting for them was the Shinsengumi ‘Mibu no Ookami’ (wolves of Mibu)! It seems that they have time-slipped to the late Tokugawa period!

4. Cocoro@Function! NEO ココロ@ファンクション! NEO(Network Enhanced Operation) [141128] Pulltop 1
This is the fandisk for Cocoro@Function!. It includes an after story for Mina and Hijiri, an ‘if’ story for subheroine Chie where Taiyou did not create the CFC, and a full story with Asagao and Bell which follows Asagao’s route in the original game. Some H scenes will also use the motion event movie system from Konosora SP.

5. Dasaku 駄作 [141128] Cyclet 1 2 3 4 5
High school student Haiki Yuuki lives a happy life. Eating lunch on the rooftop, visiting amusement parks, and watching the stars, all with his friends by his side. But when his good friend Alice starts to miss school, she reveals a secret that could change everything...
Nukige has English reviews

6. Hani Tsuma はにつま [141128] Boot Up!
The executive position of Kirishima heavy industries has been passed down through the Akatsuki household for generations. As the only son of the Akatsuki household, Hibiki was obligated to inherit the position under the strict guidance of his father Raiden. Even though there was great hope placed upon his shoulders, he felt that it was only a burden. While he dutifully followed orders as a kid, he grew more rebellious against his father as the years passed. When it was time for him to change schools, he left his home in Tokyo for the far-away city of Nishiro to attend Narumi Gakuen and live at the Akatsuki household’s villa Kagura-tei there.
With the residence’s manager Misato helping him, he spent peaceful days free from interference from his father. However, these peaceful days which he had long yearned for were ruined with the visit of his fiancée Aoi. She decided to come live with him at Kagura-tei so that she can get to know him better before their marriage. He had never heard about having a fiancée and had strong feelings against it. However, he couldn’t just slam the door in her face, so he agreed to live together with her for a little while. In the end, he wasn’t able to escape his father even after leaving far away from home.
However, after meeting Aoi and living together with her, there was a great change in his heart. No longer was he running away every day from his father’s pressure; he had finally found a life where he felt comfortable. Now having understood how he could not escape reality, he resolved to face it head on.
Nukige listed for the sake of an opening

7. Hotarubi no Shoujo 螢火ノ少女 [141128] Jirai Soft
The solitary island of Kyuubi-jima lies in the Sea of Japan. It was named after the legendary nine-tailed fox after a shard of the sesshouseki (killing stone) had reached the island when it died. However, many people left the island to escape from the inauspicious name, and before long the island had its name changed to Hotarubi-jima (light of the fireflies). However, even with its new beautiful name, an ominous shadow still casts over the island.
Natsuki lost his mother when he was born and moved at a young age to Hotarubi-jima when his father remarried, along with his two new imoutos. But his surroundings changed completely after the accidental death of his father. Taking care of three kids was deemed too much for his sickly mother-in-law Kaede, so Natsuki and his youngest sister Tsugumi were taken in by relatives outside of the island, while his other sister Madoka remained on the island as the successor of the Tsukumo household.
Many years later, Madoka suddenly vanished and there were whispers among the islanders that she was spirited away. No one could find her, so she was considered as dead by an accident. News of Madoka’s death reached Natsuki and Tsugumi on the mainland. However, Kaede prohibited their return to the island and they were unable to attend her funeral. A few years after that, Tsugumi suddenly received a letter from Madoka, simply telling them to come to the island. After discussing it with Natsuki, they decided to return to Hotarubi-jima to find out the truth behind the letter. They soon learned about the sad truth and cruel past of their family clan, as well as the secret of the island.
Nukige, but after Tsuisou no Augment curiosity persists. Production team has changed, so it's best not to have any Tsuisou no Augment allusions. Basically, it's a denpa with a lot of fixed bad endings. There's a lot of unexplained mystery everywhere for a short and fragmented story, but nothing worthile for the tremendous amount of effort and endurance needed to reach the True End.

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