VN of the Month August 1998 - Shiokaze no Memory

There aren't masterpieces this month, but my personal favorite is Shiokaze no Memory, it's short, nice and has a distinctive individuality.

1. Homura no Matsuri 火焔祭 [980801] Sorciere
Freelance writer Kengo Sakuraba visits a lonesome hot spring town. The four sisters who manage the inn welcome him warmly. However, there is something strange in this town. What exactly is hidden there?
Another game resembling Kizuato of Leaf. Each scenario is short (30 minutes) and despite game features multi-scenario... different scenarios are actually the same with a different character ending. General impression is that content is too thin and there is nothing to gain from it.

2. Ano Ko Doko no Ko あのこどこのこ [980806] HAMSTER Corporation 1
Anokodokonoko is a dating simulation board game released by Success in 1998 that features 2 main game mode:
- Story mode: Only one player game. In this mode there is a strong element of simulation. The hero (the player) has the purpose of meeting with the girl, and make her fall in love with him, the game in this mode features different events.
- Party mode: This mode can be played by up to 4 human players. This mode is more focused in the board game style but without squares and dices, since the game is also playable in the story mode game maps and is a sort of a competition between the human characters to win and know who between them got more friends or dates with the different girls.
A boarding game even without any story. Nothing to discuss, really.

3. Pleasure Circuit プレジャーサーキット [980806] ISF
An elder couple that gained an enormous wealth through biotechnology illegally artificially created several children who don't grow.
However couple's trusted secretary desired such children for herself, so she kidnapped and confined them to a basement.
Industry's first Shota game as developers proclaim it. The type of artificial children is customizable, so can be both loli and shota. There are strategic card fights and 8 stages of sexual training.

4. e'tude prologue ~Yureugoku Kokoro no Katachi~ e'tude prologue ~揺れ動く心のかたち~ [980807] Takuyo 1 2
A coastal town called "South Aose".
Surrounded by the sea and mountains, a place like anywhere where lots of nature still remains.
Two normal high school students go to school in that town.
The special winter of the 3rd year of school. The students worry about their future paths and the loves they can't be honest about.
With many thoughts in their hearts, the final season starts now...
What do you desire? Where will you go?
What is the shape of a girl or boy's trembling heart?
The time when the two protagonists meet again, that is when their story starts to move once more.
The feature of the game is that we can play either for male or female of the former lovers couple. This way we can see both sides of the story and get to understand their feelings better. Overall there are 12 characters for capture. There are also SIM elements and minigames.

5. Kizuna き・ず・な [980807] Actress
There are two same class high school student heroes to select viewpoint from the start. Each of them encounters sex slave situation, but with different approaches towards it.
Even though there is zapping system, there's little influence of one heroine towards the other heroine route. Basically both heroes routes are devil routes varying in degree of darkness.

6. Ochita Tenshi ga Utau Uta 堕ちた天使が詩う歌 [980807] Pias 1
The story starts off in a modern world and you, the player, are in school and the school nurse asks you to investigate a murder.
There is an English review of this game.

7. Shiokaze no Memory しおかぜのメモリー [980807] Mesa 1
This is a pure love AVG, which is about a guy and six girls in a drama club.
Masahiko Mikage, advisor to the drama club, and six girls set out to an inn for a 3-day summer training exercise.
Masahiko's never been to the place, but he feels as if he's been here before. He also gets extremely interested in the folklore behind the "Divorce Rock..."
How is he related to this place...!? Aren't you curious...?
System is quite simple as we choose one of several locations and advance relationship with some girl. Burning love level is required to get girl's ending. I love it how each girl has kansai dialect in different refinement stages. Girls go from different backgrounds, but that's not fully utilized. There are still ninja and rich girl patterns. Only one girl's story actually has meaning for the main story and the mystery of Divorce Rock. One playthrough takes about two hours.

7. Full House ~Joyuu Monogatari~ フルハウス ~女優物語~ [980807] Starfish
You are stage director hired to rebuild a troupe. Raise actresses, set up repetitions and performances to make theater popular again.
Another SIM.

8. Izayoi 十六夜 [980808] JAST Co., Ltd.
Kusanagi Yorokuya comes from an ancient family. He transfers to another school to locate spiritual abnormality that broke through the barrier and also to investigate night school "seven wonders".
One of the last JAST games with its traditional gameplay during daytime. We go around town and campus during the day to gather info. And at night we move inside school with the partner of our choice. School night usually features a battle with some spirit and since the balance is very bad you'll definitely die in the Prologue for the first few tries. There are strict limitation for events density and order so several playthoroughs are needed, but the game lacks the appeal to go through the battles more than once.

9. Eden [980814] Forester 1
An expedition was sent to the moon, to explore mysterious ancient ruins that were discovered there. Your name is Glenn, and you are the head of this expedition, consisting of several men and the lovely girl Erin. But a terrible accident occurs, and you are morphed into an alien creature. Now your whole essence is nothing but lust, and raping Erin is all you can think about. But not all is simple. Since your former friends don't recognize you, they will kill you on sight. You must choose your path cleverly to avoid getting killed and to attain your monstrous goal.
Eden is often remembered when presenting good examples of 3D visual novel and main challenger of Illusion in polygons games. First title is low on content and eroticism. There are also unpleasant death scenes and bad endings.

10. Sumomo Hakusho~Anata to Itsumade mo すもも白書〜あなたといつまでも [980814] Desire 1
"Sumomo Hakusho" is comprised of a Adventure game component, whereas the main character is in the Art Club (Pottery dept.) preparing for the upcoming Culture and Arts Festival for the school. During that time, he can attend to school life, and in the after-school hours, he has a choice of going to different places in the school and help out different girls. Of course dating them goes next...and endings are pretty much of the standard storyline.
Game has an English review.

11. Summer Album SUMMER ALBUM [980816] Stage-nana

A doujin of "White Album" that revolves around Morikawa Yuki
No info.

12. Umibe de Riichi! 海辺でリーチ! [980820] MYCOM
Kaitto Asari, captain of the Mahjong Club, is enjoying his summer vacations in a training camp he was asked to participate in. However, there are also five cute girls in the camp! Will Kaito become closer to them thanks to mahjong?
Playing mahjong on the beach with girls in swimsuits - that's enough to make a game! Several mahjong modes are possible to choose from. And lots of fanservice ensues since it's a non-eroge work.

13. Hoshi no Sasayaki 星のささやき [980827] Janis
Yutaka Inoue is a 3rd grade high school student attending Astronomy club. He goes on a trip with his best friends in hope of reinvigorating the sealed corners of his childhood memory.
Game synopsis is very similar to graduation trip 98 and follows the same pattern - there's even same gender love branch as well. The trip only takes 4 days so events are packed tightly. This time there's more conversation and more bakage moments.

13. The King Of Fighters: Kyo ザ·キング·オブ·ファイターズ 京 [980827] SNK Playmore 1 2 3 4 5 6
Taking place in between KoF '96 and '97, the plot details Kyo's research into his family bloodlines and his connection to the Orochi power. Along the way, he trains to become more powerful, recruits allies for the tournament, and constantly fights against that annoying bastard Iori.
There are many English reviews.

14. College Terra Story カレッジテラストーリー [980828] Uran 1 2
The story picks up off where HighSchool Terra Story ended. You are, again, Keisuke from the first game and you are now attending college. Keisuke is intrigued with a pop idol rock star named Hiromi, who also happens to attend the same university as he does. The six girls from the first game(Misa, Rina, Mimi, Aki, Chiho and Mao) are also back and you can continue their love stories from where they left off from the first game if you choose to do so.
There is an English review of the game. And releasing it just two months after prequel already tells a lot.

15. Fall Love Story [980828] Outlaw 1
You are a normal student going to school with divorced parents. One day there is a school play and the play is going to be Snow White.And the love story goes on as you meet three different girls all of which have different characteristic, lifestyle, and etc.
There is an English review.

16. Kanshasai 浣謝祭 [980828] Manbou Goya
Hero owes his mysterious grandfather who supported him for 20 years. To return the favor old man asks him to train a girl. But hero could not even imagine that the girl would be his best friend Yurika.
I did not expect anything good from a game that comes between Enema and Enema 2 and I was right... it's a SM training SIM... and at that point I lost any interest in this game.

17. Kazeiro no Romance 風色のロマンス [980828] Logg
Protagonist is injured in a motorbike accident and is taken care of by his childhood friend for two weeks.
One guy, one girl and 16 squares of emotion to choose on answer. It's mostly just daily routine with a events. Such experimental emotions system did not help the sales that remained poor.

18. Muzan ~Ketsuniku no Ikenie~ 無惨 ~血肉の生け贄~ [980828] Harvest
Fifteen women have been gathered for different reasons in the residence of the famous mistress Elizabeth. However Elizabeth has lured them for no other purpose than sacrifice them in a ritual to gain immortality.
Les SM insult dark game. It exists only for H scenes and finishes in an hour.

19. Ori 檻 [980828] MBS Truth
There is a mysterious game store. Even though it's only games that are sold there, those feel so real...
Just your usual MBS Truth HCG game without any glimpse of story.

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