VN of the Year 2004 and POLL for EXTRA review

Year 2004 pleasantly surprised me with the number and especially quality of visual novels.
New portion of Visual Novel Openings 2004 with songs.
My list of masterpieces in 2004:

  1. 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~
  2. Akai Ito
  3. Carnival 
  4. Dear My Friend
  5. Eigou Kaiki
  6. Fate/Stay Night
  7. Forest
  8. Paradise Lost
  9. Peace@Pieces
  10. Realize 
  11. Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-
  12. Sorairo no Shizuku
  13. Sorauta
  14. Symphonic Rain 
  15. To Heart 2
  16. Uminomichi 
I rate only Paradise Lost and Realize as 10/10, but the latter one has technical problems with voiced console release, so technical victory is with Paradise Lost.

Again I ask you to choose one of five visual novels for video and review among the following candidates that I consider curious enough:
  1. 3days ~Michiteyuku Toki no Kanata de~
  2. Abandoner - The Severed Dreams 
  3. Peace@Pieces
  4. Sorairo no Shizuku
  5. To Heart 2

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