VN of the Month December 2004 - To Heart 2

I believe it's the first time when the number of games in one month exceeds a hundred - 108, to be more precise! And this month can boast of multiple masterpieces - Eigou Kaiki , Sorairo no Shizuku , Peace@Pieces and To Heart 2 . Can't say I'm excited about plotge of the month, so I'm giving the first prize to To Heart 2.

1. D -> A: White [041202] Tonkin House 1
Taking place two months after the events of D→A:BLACK, the player once again takes control of Tōya Shinjō, a "Shinigami" who works together with the angel Yuriel Arlencloyn to guide lost souls called "Creeps" that are lingering in the human realm.
Direct sequel is more interesting gameplay-wise and story-wise, but battles are still not user-friendly. Since battles need to be repeated in future playthroughs, there's little incentive to go on. Branching is super difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with the prequel. Ending conditions are super strict, so just one innocent miss in option can ruin it all. Story is much longer, but only extensively by adding material, not depth.

2. Mahou wa Ameiro? 魔法はあめいろ? [041203] Sirius
Sakutaro, a practice teacher, has a special power. One day, he meets three girls by chance. He knows two of them, but he doesn't know the third one. She suddenly says to him, "Please teach me how to use magic!"
Ordinary moege, as you might have guessed. There is magic, but it only contributes to the setting and entourage. Only sympathy for some heroine can drive to go on after seeing main heroine's route.

3. Futakoi 双恋 [041209] MediaWorks 1
The story begins with Nozomu Futami returning to the town where he was born and raised as a child. He moves in near a shrine which houses a legendary stone that was rumoured to have been the place where twin girls turned into birds. The stone is rumoured to be the cause of an abundance of twin girls who are born in the town. The twins who turned into birds did so because of their love for a man who couldn't choose between them. Shortly after Nozomu enters town he begins to run into the same problems as six pairs of twins fight for his love.
We've already seen Sister Princess 1 and 2 from this company. What can be better than Sister Princess? Twin sisters! Same silly in its absurdity concept. Everyone sticks to the protagonist from the start. I'm just afraid my jaw can go numb from all this sickly sweetness.

4. Sweet and Sweet [041210] Black Package
Main wants to enter a university and become a teacher. He is not sure in his career choice, so he decides to become a tutor for his childhood friend first. In the library he meets a girl standing away from her friends...
Game is neither about scenario, nor it has any charming heroines. That's what happens when nukige producer decides to make something different for a change. Nothing good happens. 

5. Tetsuwan Gacchu! 鉄腕がっちゅ! [041210] Studio Miris
Akemi, Marika and Meimei were live on local radio station as usual when their director assassination occurred. After that the ultimate battle started between contestants to determine the personality of the "new Gachumi".
It's a gameplay oriented game first of all, so need to like gameplay.

6. White Diamond 2 [041215] SystemSoft Alpha
Main character Alberto is the son of the lord in a medieval city Ruenburg. He returns home after studying abroad and finds his native home devastated by monster raids. He learns about the "White Diamond" legend that can help to defeat the monsters and sets on a journey.
It's TRPG first of all, so not sure that it belongs to the visual novel tribe just like as its predecessor. Battle parts is simpler than usual. There are a lot of sub quests devoted to different heroines. There is time limit that really get on one's nerves at times. Any heroine with the highest favorability at the moment of revealing mystery o f White Diamond gets her ending.

7. Eigou Kaiki 永劫回帰 [041217] D.O. 1
Katsuragi Tetsuo, the protagonist, is a highschool student who lives with his older sister Yuri.
Yuri, having originally lived in a foreign country, is a mainstay of the family and make a living by the work of translation at home. 
They have a bedridden sister with no consciousness too. The doctor don't know what's the disease what makes her to stay lying in bed as a beautiful doll. 
Tetsuo have two good friends too, Izumi, his neighbor and childhood friend, and the good-hearted nerd, Seiji. The three had always live in harmony.
The story begins in the town where they live, where bizarre events start to occur. Mutilation murders, cases where someone is killed with a huge blade, are happening. 
Tetsuo thinks himself to be irrelevant to these cases. However, anxiety rising slightly, Yuri starts to be worried about the hero.
Wow, hard-boiled adventure + D.O. + Watanabe scenario + no reviews sounds so good that I can't believe my eyes. Review is a must have here!

8. El Mayflower エルメイフラワー [041217] Alice Soft
The country is under strict control with secret police sniffing around everywhere. All culture activities are forbidden and offenders thrown to prison. One day touch female inspector crashes in youth's place to crack him down. However, she still remains human traits, so the youth starts to get gradually attracted to her.
It's free Alice Soft game and contains only two routes - pure love and mystery ones. Play time is only two hours.

9. Hatenaki Sora はてなきそら [041217] Ankh
Main character is a new doctor. He starts to ask himself what's the true mission of the doctor and struggles to find the answers. However, he soon faces a new test... a girl with intractable disease.
Ankh has a reputation of semi-nukige maker. Unfortunately, this work follows the trend. All kind of nurses, patients and patients' relatives can be captured. But the saddest part is that main heroine route does not really stand out here. Second half has serious development, but not even close to Kana imouto level

10. Shimaima しまいま [041217] Alice Soft 1
Unbeknownst to humans of the world, two succubus siblings live a peaceful existence in Japan. Their lives are forever changed after a fateful encounter with Yuuki Asuma, a uniquely gifted individual who immediately captures the sisters’ hearts and subsequently guides their uncertain future. Will the sisters’ mutual attraction for the same individual strengthen them together or tear them apart? It is a question Yuuki will ultimately decide…
There is an English review.

11 Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori 真説 猟奇の檻 [041217] Caligula Soft 1
There is a string of 14 mysterious dissapearances in a single department store that started about 15 years ago. Police still can't find any clues. So store manager decided to hire a private detective to solve this strange case. He has only 9 days to finish his work.
There is an English review

12. Sorairo no Shizuku そらいろの雫 [041217] Nico
Main character frequents his father's friend researcher place where girl of the same age resides. The young people spend their days merrily till the day parents get lost in an expedition. As time passes protagonist gradually recovers from the shock. He starts to get interested in the new female transfer student. At the same time mysterious events begin to occur around him... 
First lap is reserved for sister-in-law, then for mysterious transfer student, and finally for the even more mysterious homeless person. The contents is juvenile superpower sci-fi battle. It can also be described as a light moege. Volume is a bit small.

13. Soul Link [041217] Navel 1 2 3 4 5 6
Fall, 2045C.E. Aizawa Shuuhei, a second year cadet enrolled in Central Military Academy’s main division, is dispatched to the orbital space station Aries on a training mission. There he reunites with his younger brother, Ryouta, and his childhood friend, Nao, both of whom reside there as cadets enrolled in the preparatory division.
Then a unidentified space ship under the control of Jararacas, a radical terrorist organization, suddenly attacks the Aries and seizes control of the main control room. With all communication lines cut off, Shuuhei and the others have no way to escape; they’re trapped. Trapped in space, 250 miles above the Earth with nowhere to run. In the midst of this desperate situation, the cadets must gather their courage and rise up to take back the Aries. As they do, they draw ever closer to the fearsome truth lurking behind this incident...
Game is localized and has English reviews.

14. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.05: Akai Me no Tora 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.05 アカイメノトラ [041222] WorkJam 1 2 3
Jake receives a job offer from an old female acquaintance, and is asked to investigate a robbery of an underground casino. Things start to get more complicated when a little girl suddenly shows up at the office, as the truth behind the case begins to unfold. 
There are English reviews.

15. Peace@Pieces [041223] Unison Shift 1
Hisato is a temporary homeroom teacher in a wealthy all-girls-school that recently got co-ed. He spends his time brooding over how his life turned this boring until...
The new transfer student accidentally kills him, then revives him and tells him that she is actually a shinigami (god of death) candidate...
And that's only the beginning of his not-so-boring-anymore life...
There is an English review.

16. Hitogata Ruins ひとがたルイン [041224] Studio e.go! 1 2 3
In ancient times, in a feudal land, seven clans battle for supremacy and the royal family's favor. There is a tale of legendary weapons called "Makurium", but their existence is considered that of myth. Perhaps to find a way to cease the warring without bloodshed, the princess decrees that she will marry whoever of the seven clans finds any real proof of these weapons. This of course puts those in power in an uproar as they scramble to find them. However, it just so turns out that our hero stumbles upon such a the shape of a girl?! Well, if getting an audience and proving her worth isn't enough, all the clansmen are rearing to invade one another again.
There are English reviews

17. Juujigen Rippoutai Cipher ~Aoki Tsuki no Suitei~ 十次元立方体サイファー~蒼き月の水底~ [041224] Abel Software
You and other people are part of some study, and you all have to live in a dark two-story mansion with all the windows shut closed with wooden planks.
Abel Software got turned on detective mystery stories. We get a full-scale investigation game with point and click mechanics and collecting and using items. The red route actually has the Kanno genius touch, but the Blue route is much more disappointing even though it deals more with hidden items and lines. It's not really close to EVE series mystery still.

18. Lime Iro Ryuukitan X ~Koi, Oshiete Kudasai.~ らいむいろ流奇譚Ⅹ ~恋、教ヘテクダサイ。~ [041224] Elf 1
It was Meiji 38 (1905), the Russo-Japanese War that had begun since the previous year was getting hard. In this severe circumstance, they reorganized the Raimu Squad. The members of the Raimu Squad were the girls. They were just like other ordinary girls who went to schools and yearned for love, except that they had “Raimu”.
Inukai Tsuyoshiro was a young man who was newly chosen to be the leader of the squad. He was ambitious to fight for Japan.
When the young man met the five girls, the new chapter of “Raimu” began.
There is an English review.

19. Nuigurumer ぬいぐるまー [041224] light 1
This is a world where stuffed animals have hearts, where humans and plushies live in harmony. The Nuigurumer king protects his subjects from the evil Kigurumer, and has an army of human girls who protect the kingdom. However, what will happen when these girls are asked to summon a man from another world to help them in their quest and fight?
There is an English review.

20. To Heart 2 [041228] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5
Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takāki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new accquaintances. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

21. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai ひぐらしのなく頃に解 [041230] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes place during June 1983, at a fictional rural village called Hinamizawa, which has a population of approximately 2000. The main character, Keiichi Maebara, moves to Hinamizawa and befriends his new classmates Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Hojo. Keiichi joins their after-school club activities, which consist mostly of card and board games (and punishment games for the loser, usually him.) Hinamizawa appears to be a normal, peaceful, rural village to Keiichi. However, the tranquility abruptly ends after the annual Watanagashi Festival, a celebration to commemorate and give thanks to the local god, Oyashiro-sama. Keiichi learns that every year for the past four years, one person has been murdered and another has gone missing on the day of the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi himself soon becomes drawn into the strange events surrounding the Watanagashi Festival and Oyashiro-sama. In each story arc, he or one of his friends become paranoid, and a crime is committed. Usually, the crime involves the murder of one of their own friends. While it seems impossible to tell their delusions apart from the mystery of Hinamizawa, slowly the truth is revealed.
There are English reviews.


1. Kiss x Kiss Seirei Gakuen Kiss×Kiss 星鈴学園 [041202] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.
Game's goal is to increase favorability while talking talking to boys and handing them lunch boxes with the final event reserved for the Valentine's Day .

2. Magical Rookie Manisha マジカルルーキー マニーシャ [041202] OPT WORKS
Main character Taro suddenly loses a part-time job right at the beginning of summer vacation, and he can't find a new one. On the street he encounters a tentacle monster, and a magical girl Manisha from another world saves his life. She calls Taro to help her transport all beasts attacking girls back into her world. Can protagonist survive with just 524 yen on his hands?

3. Power Pro Kun Pocket 7 パワプロクンポケット7 [041202] Konami
One day Hanamaru High School Baseball Club where main character belongs, is about to lose in a practice match when a mysterious hero "Red" appears from the electronic bulletin board, and match is won brilliantly. The next day "Red" comes as a transfer student. In addition, other heroes such as blue and yellow appeared, and the Hanamaru High School Baseball Club became a powerful team. But former members, including protagonist, are getting driven away from the main team. They need to take action to regain their robbed baseball club.
Gameboy exclusive

4. Fami☆Resu ファミ☆れす [041203] Sage
Main character hops into family restaurant "Magnolia" to have a midnight snack. The three waitress there behave in a totally unexpected way by taking provocative poses and encouraging flirting. How will it all end?

5. Only One 2 ~Naomi Ai no Inori ga Todoku Toki~ オンリーワン2~なおみ 愛の祈りが届く時~ [041203] Globe
Main character starts to date Naomi girl. After one trivial fight he runs away on a motorcycle in an unstable mental state and loses consciousness as a result of a traffic accident. His spirit leaves the body, but shinigami can't capture it unless Naomi strong love link is cut. Protagonist makes a deal with the Grim Reaper to revive just in order to spoil Naomi's memories thus breaking her free from the past relations. The days of Naomi's humiliation begin.

6. Ryoujoku Gojuusou ~Ingoku e no Izanai...~ 凌辱五重奏~淫獄への誘い…~ [041203] Anim
After nurses humiliation and molester titles Anim presents a new practical work satisfying needs of those having fantasies over office worker ladies. 

7. Sakura Yuki 桜雪 [041203] Puppet
Main character graduates from school already being an experienced agent. He killed terrorists and burned down their hidden lairs. He is only saved from law persecution by his father holding a powerful military position. Protagonist's new mission is to escort some secret cargo. He is irritated by such trivial task, but the convoy gets under resistance attack desperate to obtain the cargo. The box gets damaged and a young non-human male shows up from it. He has no ties with the resistance, so his meaning is now known. How the story unfolds depends on protagonist's actions.
Boys Love

8. Seal Princess ~Ohime-sama wa Fuuinchuu~ シールプリンセス~お姫様は封印中~ [041203] Lusterise
In a fantasy setting world there is a small country sandwiched between great powers. The king is the descendant of an evil king who sealed demon king powers inside his body. The seal has weakened over time, so a ritual is required to strengthen it. The three princesses are the means to perform the ritual and prevent evil king resurrection. They are ready to cooperate and accept any incoming insults.

9. HELPLESS [041205] GLYCO.
Inui is sent unknown data that's linked to many acquaintances from "Prince of Tennis". Inui joins the case as a cooperator at first, but case engulfs him very soon.
Lost memories of the distant past, events of childhood that can not be remembered, important things that should not exist.
Can heroes really get to the truth?
Doujin otomege

10. My Pet Ciel マイペットシエル [041205] MOON GODDESS
4th episode in My pet Tsukihime series. 
She who should have died is alive. Additionally, a mysterious girl comes to the scene for a new development. Ciel decides to play along with Shiki in this betrayal story. 
Doujin Nukige

11. Sprung [041208] Longtail Studios 1
Brett and Becky have been longtime friends for as long as they could remember. They go on a trip to a ski resort owned by Connor. Their feelings for one another made both of them go on the trip together as an attempt to find not only love but promising future opportunities. Brett is hopelessly placed on the bottom of the totem pole, where he has to deal with Elliot and Conor, two well-to-do men who are richer, more charming and more famous than him. Becky's story revolves around her relationship with Brett, Becky was promised a modelling career by Elliot but the price of the contract was a chance to date her. As Brett tries to win the heart of the girls against the two big shots of the resort, Becky is caught in a model rat race against Kiki and Alex while she wonders who does she really love?

12. Aku Chuunyuu -Kimi ni Sasageru Akui no Tamashii- 悪注入-君に捧げる悪意の魂- [041210] Matsuri Kikaku
Main character watches a meteorite fall at night and walks to the collapse spot. But he only finds a gothic girl Lilim at that place. Lilim says that she is a devil who arrives to the human world to  become a full-fledged person. Protagonist can't help the temptation to teach her the obscene side of humanity. But the story takes an unexpected turn as the wings of destiny approach.

13. Bishuu ~Chigyaku no Mesu Dorei~ 美醜 ~恥虐の牝奴隷~ [041210] EXtry
Main heroine is appointed president of a long-established underwear manufacturer “Chris” due to her father's sudden death. Her business partner betrays her, and days of insult training begin. Is it part of a larger conspiracy against the company?

14. Chibi Mama ちびママ [041210] CoreMoreco
You are a horny teenager suddenly surrounded by girls! When your mother died, your father remarried a girl only 2 years older than you, and then he passed away. When he died, your stepmother returned to her childhood form from the shock! You also have a stepsister who lives with you, and you can expect regular visits from your childhood girlfriend, and twin sisters who are your neighbors.

15. Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Reika ~Nyuujoku no Mesu Dorei~ 人妻女教師・麗香~乳辱の雌奴隷~ [041210] Guilty
Murakami Toshiaki had a crush for his beautiful homeroom teacher, Tachibana Reika. As his feelings grow stronger, he musters the courage to hand her a love letter, but it was a mistake. Reika tore up the letter after reading it loud in front of all the class's students. Since then his school life became worse, until one day of his 2nd year, he found Reika masturbating on the school toilet. Taking pictures of the shocking scene with his phone, he begins to threaten Reika with those pictures.

16. Jokutsuma ~Goriyou wa Keikakuteki ni~ 辱妻 ~ご利用は計画的に~ [041210] Love Juice
Main character is one of the best in the world of dark finance. He is merciless to the other party who delays payment. If the opponent is a married woman, she is demanded to pay with her body gradually depriving her of freedom and breaking her mentally suitable only for sex slave life.

17. Mahjong 麻雀 [041210] NekoNeko Soft
As the title implies, the game focuses on Mahjong and was released in celebration NekoNeko's 5th anniversary.
Card Game

18. Miko-san Hosoude Hanjouki Extra 巫女さん細腕繁盛記えくすとら [041210] Studio 
Fan disc includes:
1. Action game "Fight, Kanae-chan!!" 「香奈恵ちゃんFight!!」
2. After-story “Daily life at Kagami Shrine” 「加賀見神社の日常」
3.  Extra H scene collection "Miko's secret" 「巫女さんの内緒」
4. Collection of movies and arranged songs “Green Tea Theater” 「緑茶シアター」
5. Additional scene for Megami-sama ☆ ni Onegai!! 

19. Oku-sama wa Onee-chan!? 奥様はおねえちゃん!? [041210] Tryset
In Oku-sama wa Onee-chan you play as Toshiya, an overly shota-ish high school student, and you find out one day that the onee-san next door (Yukari) that you've had a crush on for a long time is getting married. Later you find out that it's you she is getting married to as part of an arranged marriage between your two families. For most of the game you and Yukari get to know each other better through sex with some side romances with other girls along the way.

20. Onee-san Nakadashi Chikan Ressha お姉さん中出し痴漢列車 [041210] MBS Truth 1
The ‘hero’ of this story has just begun his college years. He’s got a thing for a young professor of his, but he just goes home frustrated on the train every day. One time on his way back, he decides to fool around with one of his fellow train-goers. However, he gets caught by an employee on the train. Does he get in trouble? No! Instead, he’s belittled on his poor technique. Now the main character is under the tutelage of his critic. Will he be more successful with each new target?

21. Onemuri Sister おねむりしすたー [041210] Wanko Soft
The male protagonist suffers from 'unhealthy interest' for his adoptive little sister and starts 'playing' with her body during her sleep.
Who needs to know the rest?

22. Pet Tantei Y's ペット探偵Y’s [041210] Amedeo
17 year old Futaba Yuuka is asked by her grandfather to look out for his pet detective agency as he is away. There to help her is his multi-use robot Barious and her friends.

23. Requiem レクイエム [041210] Clock Up
The key to this story is the "Demon Violin". When the power of this violin is used, do you turn the heroine into your prisoner, or do you overcome the temptation and reach for a happy end?
Moreover do you become a prisoner to the "Demon Violin", and just watch the humiliation take place? What type of story unfolds, is left up to you.

24. Yakin Byoutou San 夜勤病棟・参 [041210] Mink
Sora was lying in front of a hospital. He was seriously injured, and when he was about to die, a nurse, Yagami Yuu, helped him.
He was sent into an emergency ward, and he met a beautiful woman, Mikage Reika. She was a director of the hospital, and she asked him to become a test subject. Because he didn't have any relatives, he accepted it. Then, Yagami Yuu was supposed to take care of him.
Since that day, his fate had changed a lot.

25. Asuka Josou Bishounen Ryoujoku Story 2 あすか♂女装美少年凌辱ストーリー2 [041211] Mocking Soft
A beautiful boy had been spending the days out in a school where girls dominate boys. One day, a girl came to the school. How affable transfer studnet, Urasawa Hina changed the life of the boy? The boy begun to like her as things went on. But she had a secret she hadn't said to anybody.....
Doujin Nukige

26. Imokoi Diary~ 妹恋だいあり~ [041213] Chain-Reaction
Main character meets his female cousin who is a ripe woman already. He can't stop fantasizing about her after reading her diary where she describes her affection towards protagonist. 

27. Probation [041215] Kotama Yuri
The protagonist is a novice adventure white mage who got separated from her party deep in a forest and saved from monsters by some handsome men.
It seems that they have also been separated from some party members and are lacking a healer.
So they decide to cooperate with her to get out of the forest and reunite with their respective party members.
Doujin Otomege

28. Chikan wa Hanzai! 痴漢は犯罪! [041217] Fulltime
Main character is a student council president and the most popular boy at school with his personal fan-club. But his true identity is molester and transvestite. Whenever he sees a cute proud girl, he can go any lengths to crush her will and enslave her. He wears girl clothes and approaches his prey under disguise of cute girl Akira.

29. Dessert Love -Kare to no Hajimari- Dessert Love-彼とのはじまり- [041217] TiramisuVilla
Haruka has been working at a general office for several years and has been living by herself in a small apartment for a pretty long time. However one day her job is changed and now she has to work under Ichijou of the Sales Department. Ever since this happened, she’s been encountering strange people…

30. Gakuen Toukou Shashin ~Hentai Seiheki no Mezame...~ 学園投肛写真~変態性癖の目覚め…~ [041217] Ail
Main character likes reading erotic magazines. He wants to find a partner to shoot photos and send them to the magazines. On one defecation scene page he recognizes a female classmate in one of the actresses. He seems to have found the right partner just now.

31. Gozenreiji no Sanbika 午前零時の讃美歌 [041217] Amagasa Higasa Jimusho
One day main character meets a girl in the underground mall. But when they start dating girl becomes the abuser. Is life of masochism what he desires?
Doujin Nukige

32. Innyuu Kazoku ~Boku to Haha to Ane to Imouto to~ 淫乳家族~僕と母と姉と妹と~ [041217] West Vision
Main character is a spoiled student. After his father's death his mother and three sisters are eager to fulfill any his wishes. It becomes a physical relationship with everyone in the family in no time. His sex habits degenerate as time goes on.

33. Muv-Luv Supplement マブラヴ サプリメント [041217] Age
Muv-Luv Supplement is a Muv-Luv fandisc.
It contains:
* Sakura no Hana ga Saku Mae ni ~Muv-Luv After Episode~, an after story for Sumika's ending in Muv-Luv Extra.
* Muv-Luv Duelist, a spin-off of Muv-Luv featuring the Rumbling Angel trading card game.
* Muv-Luv ~Another Episode Collection~, an assortment of short stories featuring Muv-Luv's various characters.
* Kiminozo Rajio Shucchouban 2 (Kiminozo Radio, part two)
* Muv-Luv Alternative trailer with JAM Project's Asu e no Houkou playing as the theme.
* The short story "Waga Na wa Meiya" (My Name is Meiya) in Supplement introduces two characters who strongly resemble the super robots Grendizer and Raideen.
* Accessories, wallpapers and voice files.

34. Pururun Cafe ぷるるんカフェ [041217] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6
My dad was getting old, so I suppose I should have expected him to eventually collapse like he did the other day. His beloved cafe wouldn't stand his absence while he recovered in bed, though, so I knew my duty - I gave notice at the office job I'd worked since graduating college, and entered the whole new world of cafe management! Cocoa, a girl who worked here part time in the past, has helped me out a lot by coming back to her waitress job while I learn the ropes. We were still just scraping by, until one day my former co-worker Mitsuki stopped by with an offer to work part-time at the cafe as well! Cocoa wasn't too happy, but we needed the help, so I gladly accepted. Little did I know that she wouldn't be the last busty beauty vying for my attention - and that of the customers!
Before I knew it, I found myself surrounded by four of the women most important to me in my life. It's wonderful to have them here, and without their help the cafe would be in shambles - but I could do without the stress caused by dealing with the four of them at once! I'm just lucky they're more than willing to help me relax at the end of a hard day's work...

35. Shinshou Genmukan 真章 幻夢館 [041217] Ciel
Kido is a private detective. One day, he receives a job offer. It is just to guard his client. He once tries to refuse it, but Mei, Kido's partner, tells him to accept it. Kido reluctantly accepts the offer and visits the client's house. There lives Ayano, a daughter of the client, Shibata, a butler, Imada, a janitor, Nozomi, a live-in maid, and Kaoru, Ayano's home tutor. Kido asks Shibata what's his job, but he just gives a vague answer. He doesn't know what to do, but he gradually gets to know the secret of the family....

36. S-TRIPPER [041217] Monoceros
Takeru Hibino was in a sex-only relationship with his boyfriend, Kazuomi and so, leaves him. In order to forget him, Takeru decides to take part in a male-only tour around the world. His best friend, Iida Shinnosuke (who suggested the trip) and his twin brother (with a huge brother-complex), Shinobu, will be tagging along with him. Also, on the tour will be a sports writer, a reclusive writer, an enthusiastic student, a kind doctor and a strange guy who seems to be watching Shinobu. Strange and interesting things happen on the trip. In the end, will Takeru be able to forget about Kazuomi and find new love?
Boys Love

37. Suzumiya Keimu Shoukan 鈴宮刑務娼館 [041217] Alice Soft
In near future private prisons save the overcrowded penitentiary system. They use prisoners' labor as a means of financing. Main character dreams of director's wife, so he comes up with a revolutionary way to earn money - by using female prisoners as prostitutes.

38. Tsumi-Batsu 罪罰-ツミバツ- [041217] Yui Koubou
Kazuhiko lost his parents in an unexpected accident on the way to a family trip, and because of that accident he lost his memory too, having just fragments. 
He was invited by an old friend of his deseased father to live in his house, with his family. And he became like an older brother to Masako, the daughter of that family, one year younger than him. 
The time passes in that house, with him living a peaceful and happy life. But one day, Kazuhiko witnesses something completely unexpected. His old memory starts to gradually come back, and he starts to going mad.

39. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.3 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.3 [041217]
Vol.3 Includes stories №6-8:
6.「お約束満載? 超恋愛シミュレーションの罠!」
7. 「ダイイングメッセージは猫の先っちょ」
8. 「地獄からやってきたマジカルシスタープリンセス」

40. Ura Nyuugaku ~Ineki ni Nureta Kyoukasho~ 裏入学~淫液に濡れた教科書~ [041217] Atelier Kaguya
Main character is a first-class teacher is out of luck. He is commanded by director to retire and take up guidance over three girls who lag behind in studies to pursue their dreams. The aim is to turn them into sex slaves and get them enrolled to a famous school.

41. Koibito Double One コイビト・ダブルワン [041218] Pelpan OMT
"Does brother like small children"? - asks Mio-chan who lives next door and takes a provocative pose.
Doujin Nukige

42. Youma Jutai ~Ingoku no Taimashi~ 妖魔受胎~淫獄の退魔士~ [041220] Black Lilith
A mother and daughter whose job is monster buster ends up gang humiliated by monsters! To impregnate them babies of the monsters, a large tentacle bigger than an arm of the young girl, torn into her tight slit. "Ikei no Mono" gang rape the mom's rich, heavenly body, the two are forced to have "futanari' lesbian sex...... It is a nightmare....

43. Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi 幕末恋華・新選組 [041222] Vridge Inc.
What if there was a lone girl in the Shinsengumi? What will happen? The game follows certain events in Shinsengumi history like the Sumo wrestlers in Osaka, Serizawa's assassination, the raid at the Ikeda-ya and so on.

44. Boku No Natsuyasumi Himitsu Taiken ボクの「なつやすみ」ヒミツたいけん [041222] Complet's
A 3rd installment of "Himitsu Taiken" series.

45. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 3 遙かなる時空の中で3 [041222] Koei  1
One rainy day Nozomi Kasuga and her two friends encounter a strange boy at their high school, who sends them hurtling across time and space to a place in another world called Kyō. This place bears a strong resemblance to Kyoto at the end of the Heian period, where the Minamoto clan (Genji), led by Minamoto no Yoritomo (based on the historical Minamoto no Yoritomo), is at war with the Taira clan (Heike), led by Taira no Kiyomori (based on the historical Taira no Kiyomori). The Heike hope to defeat the Genji by releasing vengeful spirits to disturb the Earth's natural flow of energies and to terrorize the land. The boy that Nozomi met is revealed to be the human form of Hakuryū, the White Dragon God said to protect Kyō, whose powers have greatly weakened due to the presence of the onryō. Nozomi discovers that she has the power to seal the onryō as Hakuryū no Miko, and she allies herself with the Genji in order to seal the onryō, restore Hakuryū's powers, and return home to her own world.

46. Pink Haze 2 [041222] Hanjuku Nora
Main character has been working in a semen clinic for half a year already. Friend's pharmacist deliberately wants his semen. One day another pharmacist comes over and evaluates his sperm as "not that interesting". What's the fate of protagonist and his semen?
Doujin Nukige

47. Erumani 2 えるまにーに [041223] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta
An incomplete sequel to Erumani.

48. Barbaroi [041224] Xuse
The greatest toys in the world are something that cannot be bought, rather, they must be made, crafted if you will.
In Asuka Takamiya's eyes, no other is more suited for the task.
Hauntingly beautiful, with a dark allure; these are tools, gifts, curses, all of which are used to slowly reel in prey, their pain will be Asuka's greatest pleasure...

49. Oyatsu no Jikan おやつのじかん [041224] Studio Ring 1 2
The protagonist is a young pâtissie who wants to become a world class bakery chef. Because of his knowledge of sweets he takes a job as a school nurse at Sweets School, a school where sweets learn everything from sports to cooking. As the school nurse, he uses his knowledge of baking and cooking to take care of them when they become sick or injured often by adding sauces or toppings when they're ill.

50. Ryoujoku Guerilla Gari 2 凌辱ゲリラ狩り2 [041224] Liquid
The stage is a country, where a civil war is taking place. The main character is a member of a guerrilla group, fighting against the government every day. His frustration accumulates day by day due to this endless battles. One day, he meets a soldier of the government army. He often gets money from companies by extortion in the name of protecting from the guerrilla groups. The main character decides to betray his guerrilla group and starts to hang with him. And he sends the girls of his guerrilla group to the soldiers and insult them. What will happen to them in the end?

51. Slow Step ~Hajimete no Ren'ai~ Slow Step~初めての恋愛~ [041224] Image Craft
Main character decides to protect a new transfer student when she gets bullied. A common sense of sympathy overgrowing into love is born on that day. But what about childhood friend and school idol that he is already secretly in love with?

52. Volga Series 1 ~Moteasobareru Onna-tachi~ VOLGA SERIES1 ~弄ばれる女達~ [041224] Tam's
The collection of three stories with the themes of cat ears, female teachers and SF parody:
Anthology Nukige

53. Ningyou no Yume to Mezame 人形の夢と目覚め [041227] Sol-fa-soft
The protagonist moves to a different town during the summer vacation. He is lonely and misses his friends, whom he could play with.
One day, while out exploring the new town, he meets a girl living in a big mansion. She is very sheltered and rarely leaves her home. The two become fast friends, and while playing with each other, they gradually learn what sex is.
Doujin Nukige

54. An☆Devi -ANGEL or DEVIL- えん☆でび -ANGEL or DEVIL- [041229] Haikara Kissa
I am hopeless in real life, playing games in my room all day..... My life has been like that for months since I failed the entrance exams of university...... But, an angel appears to save my life, I comes to live the angel together in my room. 

55. Hime Choukyou Yugami Kitta Ai no Katachi 姫調教歪みきった愛のカタチ [041229] Chinsoft
Princess of some country comes to Japan to attract companies to her country. Genius Japanese trader offers his services to introduce the best companies. As a gratitude for help princess has various gifts to offer.
Doujin Nukige

56. Like Life Hyouko Ban LikeLife 氷庫版 [041229] Hooksoft
In additional to wallpapers and system voices game includes additional mini-scenarios related to original game.

57. Machikado no Boulanger ~Chuumon no Ooi Panya-san~ 街角のブーランジェ~注文の多いパン屋さん~ [041229] F&C FC01
This bakery exists in the suburbs for several generations. It's famous for fresh bread, cute waitresses and especially for accepting custom orders. Main character needs to manage this enterprise while his parents are away on a trip. There is only his cousin and his childhood friend to help him. This is a story depicts three people's relations deepen as they work together under a single roof.

58. Nekomimi Honey Life ネコミミハニィライフ [041229] BornClunkers
One day, the protagonist, Takaki, looks into a pet shop window and sees a catgirl for sale. He instinctively decides to buy her. Thus begins their cohabitation.
Doujin Nukige

59. Toy Tsumechaimashita! TOYつめちゃいましたっ [041229]
Clover Heart's append disk

60. Again ~Sakai no Machikado~ Again~再会の街かど~ [041230] Effort
Main character receives an anonymous letter saying "I want to see you".  According to the mark, the sender is someone who lives in Hakodate, the town of his childhood. There were three girls he was particularly close to. He takes the plane to chase his love.

61. Friends 2 ~Child Fruit~ フレンズ2 ~Child Fruit~ [041230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Sayaka sneaks into her uncle's room at night and starts to cry and kiss. Her sister witnesses the scene and approaches as well. Two elementary school students love their uncle. How long will this punishment last?
Doujin Nukige

62. Fukigen na Imouto 不機嫌な妹 [041230] Stray Moon
Main character is asked to take educational guidance over his relative who does not attend school. The situation unfolds in the way that two young persons share fever this day.
Doujin Nukige

63. Funi-kun no Obenkyou フニ君のお勉強 [041230] Nest.
Main character is the most unhappy student in the world as he never receives Valentine's chocolate.
This year he is desperate to get some. And he gets a bar of chocolate... from a furry kid Funi. The kid likes to study, but he has difficulty washing his head, so he asks protagonist to lend a hand. What will main character do now?
Doujin Boys Love

64. Hanasaku Otome no Tame no Kiyuukyoku 花咲くオトメのための嬉遊曲 [041230] Lover Soul
Baseball bus crashes on the way home. Many people die, and main character loses his feet. His lover is in the woman baseball team and currently recruits members for a new team. Protagonist gets invited to become this team's coach.

65. Isshou ni Ichido Dake Saku Hana no Namae de 一生に一度だけ咲く花の名前で [041230] More More Entertainment
Main character notices the silhouette of a tower in the blue sky. Some call it "Tower of flame heat". At the same time human body evaporation incidents start to occur on the streets. He meets a girl and unwillingly gets involved in a fight among three factions...

66. Lewdness Leccion ~Midara na Maid to Kodoku na Goshujin-sama~ Lewdness Leccion ~淫らなメイドと孤独なご主人様~ [041230] Parthenon
Hentai sim game, feat. an ill-starred beautiful maid. You play a family head of Mido's, happens to take over a young lady Yuki Mana whose father killed himself because of large debts to Mido's.
Defloration, bondage, gangbang, etc.
Voice acted by Aoyama Nagare 
Doujin Nukige

67. May Reason [041230] Soft Circle Courreges
I want to cum inside a swimsuit...and inside of buruma (gym shorts), and inside the hidden creases of school uniforms... I want to masturbate to the underwear that my older sister was just wearing, and I want to do it wearing buruma.
The main character, who can't have sex with his beloved older sister, happened upon an idea...use his sister's clothes instead! His sister in turn accepts his passions -- this is a brother and sister erotic story.
In the end, they end up fulfilling their desires in different places -- just as you might expect.
Doujin Nukige

68. Mimosa ミモザ [041230] in the air
A young man Klein helps girl Mimosa in the forest and takes her to the village. She asks about his destination, and it turns out to be legendary "Death Forest" full of treasures. Mimosa ridicules him for believing in fairy-tales. Villagers distrust stranger, and village swordsman girl Yomi rudely asks him to dispatch early. He regrets helping such a village and intends to leave it...

69. Ryuuguu Gaimu ~Garasu no Naka no Tsubasa~ 流寓街夢~ガラスの中の翼~ [041230] Neco-inco
Sai and his sister, Ifa, grew up in the mountains of Szechuan. Their parents are dead. Ifa's lover, Koan, is a chips and offers to bring both of them to live in Eden. They both arrive in D. Zone as visitors and Sai is adopted by an old man, who teaches him how to be a pickpocket. Ifa is offered a counterfeit chip by a kind stranger, Hayami. She wanted Sai to go into Eden first but he told his sister that she should go ahead and be with her lover.
Ifa promises to earn money and get a chip for Sai when she can. But she disappears and was supposedly executed in a government crackdown on visitors with fake Chips, according to her lover who passed a bloodied chip (supposedly Ifa's) to Sai's guardian eight years ago. Sai goes on a journey (with a partner of your choice) to find Koan and about what really happened to Ifa.....
Doujin Boys Love

70. SchoolxSchool [041230] Arufa to Yukai na Nakama-tachi
Main character is an ordinary high school student living his life casually surrounded by a colorful cast of unique personality friends. The summer sports festival on the sea approaches triggering a complex net of emotions and rivalry.

71. SF: Onee-san Teacher エスエフ おねえさん☆てぃ~ちゃ~ [041230] Fan-na
Akira was struggling with his exams, when an older and busty private instructor, Lumina, can into his life.
His sister like childhood friend also gets involved in his daily routine, of studying and love and sex.
What waits ahead... and a surprising turn of events for the 3 of them?
Doujin Nukige

72. White Lady [041230] Splush Wave
White Lady is a game in which you have to train an elf princess from a far-away land.
Doujin Nukige

73. Asa no Hikari ga Matenakute 朝の光が待てなくて [041230] Conohana
Kosuke is bullied by classmates every day, and stress accumulates. His older sister Mika sympathizes with him very much as she also faces bullying at school. Parents rarely return from work, so Mika offers her body to brother, and the two drown in sexual pleasures. They dream about the time problems disappear, but in reality things become only worse now aggravated by the sense of immorality of incest.

74. Injoku Kissa 淫辱喫茶 [041231] Studio-Sakura
Main character is a family restaurant manager. He invents a plan to insult two co-workers - a clumsy girl and an elegant woman. Will he succeed?
Doujin Nukige

75. Inclusion ~Suishou no Furiko~ Inclusion~水晶の振子~ [0412] Ritz software
New college student Futaba arrives at school one day to find the dead body of a professor--and it seems the professor's death was less than natural. Then Futaba comes into the possession of a crystal belonging to the late professor, and his life takes a turn for the strange and inexplicable....
Doujin Boys Love

76. Moonrise [0412] Kumys
Teacher warns main heroine that Sakura-kun has the same ability to turn feelings into power at night. The only way for her to get to college is to defeat the opponent side at high school. Can teacher be trusted? Which side will she take?
Doujin Otomege

77. Aki no Koi. 秋の恋。 [0412] Shibashiri Koubou
Main character is a student who is requested to inspect different school clubs. Depending on his choice he will end up with one of the persons there.
Doujin Boys Love

78. Haru no Koi. 春の恋。 [0412] Shibashiri Koubou
Main character is a student on a lunch break. He may choose to speak to his acquaintance, eat alone at the cafeteria or eat outside. Depending on that he will end up with one of the persons there.
Doujin Boys Love

79. Kaleidoscope カレイドスコープ [0412] NaGISA
Main heroine has a fun school life with her childhood friend and classmate. Summer vacations approach and they plan to go to the sea together. This story depicts Megumi learn about the preciousness of life and growing up, as well as hope for tomorrow and the courage to go on.

80. Kanrika! カンリカ! [0412] Mujirushi Labo
Five employees in the management section are suddenly informed about restructuring! The only way to save the job is to get to the top in the company!
Doujin Boys Love

81. Kichiku Yuugi "Momo" 鬼畜遊戯「桃」 [0412] C-Space
Become a protagonist who needs needs to raise his subordinate into and a nasty ass slave in 15 days to cover his huge debt. 

82. Madataki まだたき [0412] Action Film Theater
Celeste looks at the peaceful sky. Someday, he will travel to the wide world. But for now the ordinary life is good and full of fascinating encounters. 
Doujin Boys Love

83. Mamushi no Ohime-sama マムシのお姫様 [0412] IRON MAIDEN
The Seigaku Tennis club has won numerous battles in the Kanto tournament to reach the finals. The opponent team is overwhelmingly strong and has the full support of the public. Only a few days left before the grand finale. Main character and his colleagues start their training.
Doujin Boys Love

84. Mari X Ali Tactics ~Ute! Namida no Tsundere Arisu~ まり×ありたくてぃくす ~撃て!涙のツンデレアリス~ [0412] Yaoyorozu-Kobo
Mahjong Club sets a camp to start special training for the summer national tournament. The members decide to hold a strip mahjong competition to tune their skills. 
Doujin Card Game

85. Natsuiro Zensen なついろ前線 [0412] Action Film Theater
No idea, not a single trace of it
Doujin Boys Love

86. Natsu no Koi. 夏の恋。 [0412] Shibashiri Koubou
Main character is a student. He may choose to go to the sea, socialize or rest after part-time job and depending on that reach one of the prepared endings.
Doujin Boys Love

87. Re-Act re-Act -リアクト- [0412] ThisArmor
Main character forgets his gym clothes and bullies his juniors. 
Doujin Boys Love

88. Saeko-san to Issho! 冴子さんといっしょ♪ [0412] Terios
Fandisc contains a mini-scenario devoted to Rindou Saeko heroine.

89. Teikyuu Yuugi - Stories 庭球遊戯 stories [0412] Cookie
There are three stories:
1. Tezuka and Fuji are looking for a mysterious witch Yukimura in an isolated Western-style house
2. What is the sad dream that protagonist sees every night? The search for the destiny prince begins.
3. A genius gets tricked and struggles against the remnants of a married couple. 
Doujin Boys Love

90. Tsukasa no Satisfaction ツカサの☆さてぃすふぁくしょん♪ [0412] Terios
One year after events of Natsuiro ☆ Communication ♪. Main character is visited by Tsukasa suddenly while he prepares to summer with his lover Chinatsu. Tsukasa wants help with practice for the drama club. A long night of trouble begins.

91. Work/Worth ワーク・ワース [0412] Mujirushi Labo
Company management love SIM. Become a president and get along with employees while rebuilding the company.  
Doujin Boys Love

92. Finderd Eyes ファインダードアイズ [0412] Reimonya
In order to regenerate the terrestrial environment degraded by the Third World War, humans migrate to underground cities. The oppressed artificial intelligence society is formed in these unsuitable conditions. But one day people are seen flying in the air. They are called "finders". Their air battle with underground society begins.

93. Half Line Pan 2 [0412] Studio HLR
It's a warm pants story between main character and heroine Mito. It shows the irresistible charm of pants glimpses.

94. Sougetsu Miko Kitan 蒼月巫女奇譚 [0412] Milk House
Shrine maiden protects gates to another world. But as she goes to the settlement of monsters, she is lured in the trap set by tentacle beast.

95. Half Line Pan 2 ~Pantsu Shijou Saikou no Pantsu-ge~ Half Line Pan 2 II ~パンツ史上最高のパンツゲー~ [0412] Studio HLR
Main character returns to this city for the first time in six months. The place he stayed at is under reconstruction, so he has to find an inn. There are six cute girls who live nearby. And they wear the most fabulous pants protagonist ever seen...

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