VN of the Month August 1999 - Tsui no Sora

There's not much to talk about this month. Tsui no Sora and L no Kisetsu: A piece of memories are the masterpieces of August 1999. My heart is totally with Tsui no Sora.

1. Baito e Ikou! バイトへ行こう! [990805] Bags 1
You as main character, gets a winter vacation that you will not forget. Living somewhere on the world, with your parents on vacation, a period of around 2 weeks of solitude is given to you. During this time you will be able to roam around your area and meet new girls.
Game has an English review.

2. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 3: Seiryuu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken 金田一少年の事件簿 3:青龍伝説殺人事件 [990805] Digital Frontier
In this case Kindaichi & Mijuki go to an island and they are in the Seiryu Hotel and when they are in the reception a murdered happened in the elevator, Kindaichi & Mijuri helped police inspector Kenmochi solving the case. The game featured 4 different cases in the Seiryu Hotel.
The third case of our boy detective. After reading that my attention got completely lost.

3. Kita e. Photo Memories 北へ。Photo Memories [990805] Hudson Soft
This fandisc includes additional content and a sequel story. This story has you returning to Hokkaido in the summer following your special kiss from the White Illumination festival. There are actually eight separate adventures, one for each girl. You start off by selecting the character with whom you'd like to share your upcoming exploits, and when you arrive back at the Hokkaido airport, she greets you. You travel off through Hokkaido, with the girl conversing with you and showing you around. As you travel, you can surprise the girl by taking a picture of her with the snap of a button, and this picture can be saved to the VMU and viewed later in a photo album.
Say no to fandisks.

4. L no Kisetsu: A piece of memories Lの季節 A piece of memories [990805] Tonkin House
Main character works for school newspaper. One morning a student falls unconscious and after that the number of victims of the strange illness increases. The newspaper staff decide to start own investigation and find out what causes the illness.
Despite the synopsis it's a fantasy or rather both fantasy and reality since there are two plot lines with different heroes that move separately in each world, but are heavily connected. Somewhat like in Guity Exodus. Difficulty degree is not high, but to reach the best ending it's important to keep affection level of characters high and for that to use proper lines. There are four main heroines and some sub-heroinies. There are questions to those sub-heroines routes, but main heroines routs are great. There are multiple endings and first playthrough is going to be a bad end, just accept it. There's a lot of animation and just an awesome opening. So it's a high quality galge with a good plot - that alone makes it a masterpiece since most of its competitors settle with ordinary plots and focus only on relations.

5. Pinocchia no Miru Yume ピノッチアのみる夢 [990805] Takara
You can choose between a male and female protagonist, and play as a doll/puppet maker who's about to starve to death on Chirstmas Eve due to the inability to make a "pinocchia", a doll that looks and acts like a real human being (but isn't truly alive), and make enough money to feed yourself. As you slip into unconsciousness, you plead to any higher being that's listening to grant you a pinocchia, willing to give your life in exchange.... and wake up the next morning, with a "new-born" pinocchia in your hands.
A raising SIM. Gender is decided at the age of 5 and one of three personality types is determined at the age of 14. Romancing only allowed in the very end if you raise her/him good. There are 12 different endings (6 for each gender, good/bad for each personality). There are some mind-blowing fantasy events and some minigames to diffuse the raising process.

6. Maria 2: Jutai Kokuchi no Nazo マリア2 受胎告知の謎 [990805] Break 1
The protagonist of the story is Maria Kunitomo, a rookie journalist working for Sakura TV station. One day she follows an interview with a renowned biologist, Dr. Amon, which captures her interest. Later that evening the news report that Dr. Amon has been killed in his laboratory, and his assistant, Jun Kageyama, whom Maria have met during the interview, is the prime suspect. While on a search for the truth behind Amon's murder, she stumbles on a conspiracy of a huge proportions.
It has been two years since the events in Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake, and while the setting is the same as well as some recurring characters, the stories are anything but connected. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, using text-only during dialogue with characters while emphasizing key scenes with voice-acting and pre-rendered CG videos. Aside from direct dialogues in a visual novel style, Maria can use her computer and check emails to gather information. The game features three different endings available during first playthrough, after which the save game can be used to start new game which will open additional scenario routes and unlock two more attainable endings.
Theme is heavier this time, but it becomes a loose combination of mini-games with disappointing text.

7. BMP: Go Go West! BMP・GO GO WEST! [990806] Telluru
A country of women supremacy. 
Takanobu Takami, a high priest monk, went on a journey with a precious scripture that is supposed to contain the secret how to return the power to men. Main heroine who used to be a man in the past, stumbles upon this monk and agrees to accompany him. But the rumor of the threat from the scripture spreads out and travelers are being hunted by aggressive women.
Card battle system is not intuitive and based on roulette, so did not get through it. As characters get lower on hp, they lose clothes.

8. Dawn Slave 2 ~Aka no Setsuna Shiro no Toki~ DAWN*SLAVE2 ~紅の刹那・純白の刻~ [990806] Ume Soft
Our guy's foster father brought him a mother and daughter team to train. He has to make them into fit toys. In his house are also two maids. If he can successfully train the mother and daughter in three months, he might also be able to find a girl to love.
Another training SIM. Russian aristocracy and 1930s years in Manchuria should probably be the appeal points here.

9. Jelly Jelly ~ゼリー~ [990806] Image Craft
Main character is a student council president at school. One day there is an accident with a girl student suddenly collapsing. Jelly jumped out of her claiming that alien invader "Parasitic Rave" started to plant eggs in the girls' dorm for breeding. Main character is chosen to rescue mankind and stand up to the challenge.
Settings of nukige are getting more and more weird. But in the end it's just transparent main character in the dorm. This time graphics are cute and there's a lot of animations used both for H events and eye/mouth moves.

10. Kanojo no Kimochi 彼女のキモチ [990806] Wedding Cake
Main character is a high school student who is good at basketball and who has a girlfriend. But as graduation approaches he gets fatigued of his girlfriend. Older memories call him and he is going to pay a visit to his other acquaintances.
There are three heroines. Hero is difficult to sympathize with. Events are depicted very unrealistically.

11. Maid to Maze ~Anata no Soba ni~ メイドトゥメイズ~あなたのそばに~ [990806] Gesakuza
This country is full of dungeons. Main character is a prince how is suddenly announced that in a year he will need to inherit this kingdom. In order to gain public support he sets off to exploring a dungeon, but appears to be too weak for the task. In order not to look weak he asks a maid who is superior to warriors to accompany him on this task as a bride candidate.
There is a raising SIM part and rpg part with battles and so on.

12. The Hokenshitsu THE保健室 [990806] Logg
In this story, you play as a girl named Mariko. Her best friend is Moe, the one with the large breasts in the picture. Moe has anemia, so Mariko ends up taking her to the infirmary pretty often. Mariko also has a boyfriend, Kenji, who starts to develop feelings for Moe. Mariko decides to get revenge on them. How? Kinky S&M Antics. How else?
At least all the heroines are voiced. 

13. Wangan Dream 湾岸DREAM [990806] Dreams
It's such a nice feeling to cut the wind at full speed. A new youth challenge for the title of fastest racer begins now! 
It's actually the second game to try to merge racing and eroge. And I'm not good at racing.

14. Yuujo Gakuen 遊女学園 [990806] Aqua House
Hero is going to become a priest. Once he breaks a statue of a "God" and the spirit of a girl appears from it. She asks to catch the spirit that dwells in the school building in exchange for lots of earthly pleasures.
Nukige with not so appealing drawing, especially for standing sprites.

15. Furiman Nie Hen 振まん贄編 [990807] Hyperspace
During predecessor rule a riot occurred, and most of the disciples went elsewhere. Main character is the most experienced person among the remaining ones. He takes control and continues study and practices with new vigor.
Game is ridiculously rare and most probably ridiculously shitty.

16. Hajimete no Otsukai ~First Adventure of Little Witch~ はじめてのおつかい ~first adventure of little witch~ [990807] Force
Main character is a black cat Georges who lives with a witch in the forest house. One day master brought a little human girl Apple. 100 years passed and master decided that Apple should see the world. The cat was sent with her to bodyguard and counsel her. And so they set off.
Cat can not talk to the girl so he uses cries and gestures, but he's perfectly understood. There are five stories that take the period of another 10 years. In one of them prince is met and helped so in a sense it might be called a romance story with the prince. Total length is only about two hours. Story lacks integrity since we just wondering around and then it's the end. The feature of this game is that H-events are seen from a point of view of woman.

17. Kaleidoscope ~Mangekyou~ カレイドスコープ ~万華鏡~ [990807] Ange
Shogo decided to spend university summer vacations doing a part-time job. He gets a job in Kodoin family mansion where a doll-like girl with emotions closed to the world lives. Shogo manages to gradually return here to senses and gets involved into a plot to claim family's heritage. At the same time Shogo's girlfriend visits the same mansion as tutor. How will Shogo settle all that?
Multiple endings story (without bad ones). Gameplay is fully decisions driven. And it looks quite stupid that according to the decision events start to happen instantly without any context built up. There is a decadent atmosphere of madness inside the mansion and some disturbing events are happening there.

18. English 淫グリッシュ [990813] Hyperspace
There are about 1500 conversations prepared and recorded. Answer fast and correctly - and you'll both brush up your English skills and get to watch naked beautiful girls.
Pretty much the same style as Inda series, just quiz instead of typing. Game quality is low and system is very poor and non-customizable.

19. Justice Slave ~Hoshi to Nare!! Akusoshiki~ ジャスティス・スレイブ ~星となれ!!悪組織~ [990813] JAST Co., Ltd.
Nishikawa is an apostle of an evil organization. He goes to the pyramids to collect three mysterious keys and conquer the world with their help. Nishikawa gets wounded and his body gets possessed by mental parasite Raul. Together they insult the saint guardian girls who block their way!
Game's a bakage and it's synopsis is really complex. But the contents is rather simple - insult one by one lots of saint guardian girls. It's sad to see the last game of Jast this way

20. Kyouki 2 狂気 2 [990813] Gondola
Mikoshima Reika is a former actress and now a detective assistant. Together with a partner they tail a requested person, but get in a storm, and the car gets stuck. And then they witness a strange house and a family in it worshiping the devil. 
There's a reason this series is called madness, after all. Game is full of multiple bad endings, but the good ending solving all the mysteries is single. The 3D graphics is still horrible, and only still images of it used.

21. Magical Kanan - Magical Fantasy Box まじかるカナン MAGICAL FANTASY BOX [990813] Terios
Among other goodies game includes a quiz and a story mini-game with timed choices "The exciting time bomb".

22. Sakanaya-san さかな屋さん [990813] Mayugeya
It's not shameful. It's beautiful. Little Natsuki-chan entrusts herself fully to the will of the master.
Doujn crap

23. Silence ~Namida o Fuite~ Silence~涙をふいて~ [990815] Circle Mebius
Brother and sister escape their abuser and try to recover from the dark past. They support each other and live a happy life. But eventually a crisis happens in the life of brother...
A free doujin game with forced development

24. Duette Duette~デュエット~ [990815] Stage-nana
A doujin game based on Key's "Kanon", with Sayuri Kurata as main character. Can use the original game's BGM if its disc is played at the same time.
Could not care less for doujin.

25. Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e いつか、重なりあう未来へ [990826] Sony Music Entertainment 1
The 'Vector Rider Series', launched simultaneously, "Shirou Hen" with the male protagonist and "Sayuri Hen" with the female protagonist.
A self-raising style simulation game depicting the main characters first year after entering the military academy.
The system and game balance is a little hard, however the world building is very detailed and the story has many serious developments.
Shirou Hen has gal game and shounen-ai elements. Sayuri Hen has otome and shoujo-ai elements.
Can't get the appeal of raising SIMs.

26. M.E.M. ~Yogosareta Junketsu~ M.E.M. ~汚された純潔~ [990826] Ail
Inside a private hospital, a scientist is transforming females into sex slaves.
A training SIM... again. And from well known perverts Ail. Story is pretty much non-existent here.

27. Boku wa Kohitsuji?! 僕は子羊?! [990827] May-Be Soft
Saint Emanuel Academy is a missionary-based dormitory system high school with the motto "Love for all things". However, it has one dark tradition. Once a year a "carnival festival" is held there. Seven new students are selected as targets and have to do anything the teachers desire. Main character is selected as the last of the seven people. Without knowing that he confesses to his classmate. It depends on the player's choice whether main character has to go through the trap or find love with the classmate in two weeks time.
May-Be Soft has been true to itself and presented yet another nukige. First HCG appears just seconds from the start.

28. In'ei ~Frame no Naka no Tenshi~ 淫影 ~フレームの中の天使~ [990827] Penguin Works
Main character is an up-standing photographer who takes up a job to provide a photo session for a lingerie shop. The three models are all cute girls, and there is also an astonishing shop owner. The sales of a new lingerie shop depend on how much girl charm you can draw with the photos.
A nukige with SIM elements in form of items usage. 

29. Maid Gakuen Kyousoukyoku メイド学園狂騒局 [990827] Ralf
Main character suddenly got a part-time job of personnel manager of four lovely candidates to maids. The goal is to train them into fabulous maids and win the "All Japan Maid Championship" in two months time.
More raising SIMs. At least this time no fancy synopsis.

30. Mujintou Monogatari XXX 無人島物語XXX [990827] Pinpai
Hero has worked in a laboratory on a solitary island for a long time learning how to overcome harsh weather conditions and emergency situations. However, encounter with a woman changes his peaceful life. Everything he believed true turned out to be false due to his memory remodeling. Hero decides to escape the laboratory and regain the true self.
Oh, I already said farewell to the series, but there's another part. So... unlike all the previous games it starts not on an island ... but in the huge two-store laboratory. So you don't even make it to the island from such a huge laboratory. The feature of the game is the time that's always ticking. There are only 30 days given to escape the laboratory. So I see this game as yet another experiment that went in a different direction than main games of the series. 

31. Reijou Caster Mariko 隷嬢キャスター真璃子 [990827] Guilty
Akira Riko is a beautiful newscaster. However, GUIL-TV station is a nest for a huge underground prostitution organization. Its directors feel the need to increase sex appeal of newscasters and that's why they use casters as sex slaves. 
Game is even more hardcore than the hentai anime made after it.

32. Tatakae! Princess たたかえ!プリンセス [990827] Triangle
Hero is a boy who likes inventing just as his genius parents who live abroad. One day a mysterious capsule with a girl inside it falls from the sky. She is a princess of some star in the Universe. In her royal family there's a habit of practice as a servant on other stars, but she failed the first attempt and came to train to the Earth where invasion level was low. Still doubtful, hero allows her to stay with him in the mansion and he's got no complaints with her cooking and cleaning. She even starts to visit the same school as his cousin. Then one day a shady figure shows up at the mansion...
Play time is around 5 hours. The number of episodes is 5. The system and the flow is totally the same as the earlier two works of Triangle - Angel and Cowboy babe. H element is quite high, but it's a gag bakage comedy first of all.

33. Tsui no Sora 終ノ空 [990827] KeroQ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Our guy got waked up by his childhood girl for school. Once they got to their classroom, they found out that a girl classmate jumped from their school roof yesterday. Soon, people started talking about end of the world on day 20th. Some even went crazy, lead by one guy. You get to see the events first through our guy's eyes, then his childhood girl's and two more people.
There are full reviews including mine.

34. Violet Plan ~Kansei no Reijo~ Violet Plan ~陥穽の隷女~ [990827] Rave
Satomi works as a lecturer in a law school. She has a girlfriend among the students. Kazuki offers himself as a partner to Satomi, but is rejected, and his pride suffers greatly. Kazuki lays out numerous traps to insult and shame Satomi. After success, he delivers the same scheme for other girls. That plan gets a name "Violet plan".
SM insulting visual novel. The purpose is to set traps to various girls and enslave them. There are 8 endings altogether. A really plain nukige.

35. WAM [990827] Flying Shine
There are four scenarios linked my the same theme of soaked clothes.
New scenario only opens up after previous one is completed. It's possible to change perspective between characters, but those perspectives often vary only slightly. 

36. X Change 2 [990827] Crowd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Take on the role of Takuya Aihara, the unlucky chemistry student at Miyanomori High School, who has a tendency to get caught in bizarre chemistry accidents that cause him many problems. When a strange chemical turned him into a girl last year, he had a bizarre string of experiences as he learned "how the other gender lived." Now, one year later, he is enjoying his high school life with Asuka, his steady girlfriend. But unhappy days are around the corner, as chemistry club member Chisato uses him as a guinea pig for a new experiment, which changes him into a girl once again! As a girl, he will find himself much more popular than before, but with practically everyone around him (both male and female) yearning to have sex with him.
Meet the old familiar faces, as well as many new characters and erotic plot lines. The shy boy Kouji, whose virginity Takuya took last year on the roof of the school, bides his time waiting for his chance. Then there's Mr. Sano, the teacher known for his interest in his female students, and he's got his eyes set on Takuya. What will he do when he encounters Maiko-chan, a girl whose confusion about men has led her to prefer girls? What about the shy Megumi, who confesses that she's in love with Takuya's male self? And while all this is going on, Takuya's trying to keep his tenuous relationship with Asuka intact, which isn't easy, to say the least. The biggest danger is that the changes to his body will become permanent if he doesn't change back soon -- but how can he find a way to become a man again?
There are many English reviews.

37. Gal Get You!! ぎゃるゲッチュウ!! [990830] Fancy
Main character is the captain of 13 units of "Yakuinba" that are in human trafficking business for three months before Christmas. Get cheaper insult tools and train gals in high quality slaves, making lots of profit.
Basically it's about training girls 6 days out of 7 every week for 3 months. Parameters are dependent on location and means of training. Gross. Free version is SFW while paid one is NSFW.

38. Ningyou no Kizuato 人形の傷跡 [9908] Child Dream 1
It is the end of the year in December.
Asumi has lost complete contact with her elder sister who goes to a graduate school in Tokyo.
Worried for her sister's safety, Asumi travels alone to Tokyo to find her–
but no trace of her could be found. Her sister wasn't in the laboratory where she had been assigned to, nor at her apartment.
Asumi is at loss as for what to do…
What has happened to her sister…?
Asumi is determined to find out.
What she doesn't know, however, is that she is in imminent danger…
and there are frightening facts awaiting her.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

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