VN of the Month June 1999 - Kanon

The VN of June 1999 is Kanon. Not because it's well known - that's irrelevant. But because I've found a route in it that I totally liked. I'm talking about Mai route, the demon hunter. The main funny part coupled with night school hunt were a cool mix. The three-sided friendship of Mai-Sayuri-Yuuichi was just perfect, because the bonds between the girls were so firm and that they understood each other completely compared to Yuuichi who doubted them often. There are night evil spirits fights, lots of swordplay, cool and always right Mai - what's not to like here? I did not notice forced drama or sleazy relations there. Well, the last hour of Mai route was horrible, because nothing happens apart of childhood memories and desperate attempts to squeeze a tear by endless repeats of the same things. I safely ignored the last hour and thus saved only good memories about Mai route. I'm not going to explore other heroines routes since I'm not ok with their personalities and/or mental health. So hip hip hooray to Kanon, the great devil hunter story or at least so I remember it for. I'm absolutely assured that the main power of Key is in creating very enjoyable drama-free general routes and heroines routes and especially endings fall into being forced nakige.

1. Akogare 憧れ [990604] Foster
The last summer of school life approaches. The building gets empty. Oyukawa Shuichi never took studies seriously, but yesterday he went to an almost empty school with a serious intention. That's because he can finally convey his feelings to the teacher.
All the five heroines are teachers. And since it's Foster, there's not much of a story, just H.

2. Chuu Shite... チューして… [990604] Kur-Mar-Ter
Yup. It means draw one month close to another month.
Why people kiss?
I do not know, but ... I tried it yesterday
Does it tickle?
Yup. My mouth was licked as if it was going to be eaten
Fuwa ...
So, let's try it.
- And that girl pulled her lips towards me and closed her eyes.
ADV with map choice. There are five heroines. It's quite ero tilt. Routes scenarios are bad as if they come from a bad Hollywood movie. It's light themed but leaves an irritated feel.

3. Ikinari Mujintou!? いきなり無人島!? [990604] iMAGE CLUB
Uninhabited island. Blue sky, coral sea and white sand beach. Our ship sunk and we were drifted to it. All we can do is wait for help.
But just waiting is boring. There is even a girl who always wanted to live like this once. Anyway, our uninhabited island life begins.
Mujintou Monogatari fame does not let competitors sleep soundly. Here's another work with survival element reduced to minimum and love element increased shamelessly. The routine is done by command selection and there's a lot of routine early on. The number of game events is small. As for H-events, there's only one per heroine who are five overall. Length is small and the aim "to wait" is not the best motivation. Very ordinary game, though a lively one.

4. Kanon [990604] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Yuuichi Aizawa, a high school student, returns to a town that he last visited 7 years previously to live with his aunt and cousin. For a reason he’s not quite sure of, he can hardly remember anything about his last visit, but initially this doesn’t seem to worry him too much.
The day after he arrives he goes into town where he (literally) bumps into a girl named Ayu Tsukimiya, and Yuuichi’s memories slowly begin to return.
Game is localized and has many reviews.

5. Success 性癖 ~サクセス~ [990604] Hyperspace
Main character is a girls' school dorm administrator. It might be that his wishes and wishes of those five girls come together. 
Another Hyperspace nukige. Same bad system, rough graphics and uneven character designs. The fetish this time is different unusual objects for self-satisfaction.

6. Taisen Mahjong Yarujan 対戦麻雀 やる雀 [990604] Waffle
A strip mahjong against a single opponent (chosen out of many girls) with only handful of dialogue lines between the matches.
This is not really a visual novel. There is no story mode. But girls say just couple lines between the matches - should that really be enough to qualify? Noone cares about mahjong anyway.

7. Yuuhi no Naka de Kimi wa 夕陽の中で君は [990604] Saba 1
The games story starts when YOU the main character, Male, goes into a town for a vacation. During the Vacation wild things started to happen and from it you find the person that you loved for soo long.
There is an English review.

8. Ganrou ~Omoi no Mama ni~ 玩弄 ~思いのままに~ [990611] Optim
Hero wakes up in a hospital after he is hit by a truck on a road. He feels well now and is very interested in nurses garments. Surprisingly, he can now emit sound waves that makes nurses itch with lust.
Nukige. Not sure I can add anything constructive here.

9. Mighty [990611] Hyperspace
Main character arrives to a huge space station on his small space ship and is warmly greeted by five female member crew. But the peace of the station gets disturbed by a tentacle monster attack.
So now Hyperspace is going to defile even SF theme. Game's on same shitty hyperspace engine and is not hookable. I played it once to an end, and it actually seems like it's main character who grows tentacles and attacks girls, or it's just a huge coincidence that after a normal H event there's tentacle entrance on the stage. Game's not voiced, poorly done and really short to care.

10. Shanghai Maid Monogatari 上海侍女物語 [990611] Light Plan
Our guy's father's Will order him to train 5 maids under his secretary's supervision. He has to work them day and night. All 5 maids love him, but will he be able to forget his lost lover (maid shot in street riot) and love them back?
Typical training SIM. It's possible to get to any girl's ending after getting confidence with her over 80 points and watching all her events. 

11. Stay With... ~Karen ga Kureta Kisetsu~ Stay With… ~カレンがくれた季節~ [990611] Tenshindou
Kazuya steals an android girl that was going to be disposed of. In couple days android suddenly starts to move and talk - so they start living together. However, android Karen 's secret is is concealed in the depths of a mysterious organization.
Jeez, synopsis copied entirely from Girl Doll Toy ~Tamashii o Kudasai~ from 1997. Music and drawing are beautiful and full voicing is luxurious. But voice sound level is unstable and story is too short and weak. This work is of very low price segment. 3D backgrounds are used.

12. Lost Mind ~Yuganda Sekai~ LOST MIND ~歪んだ世界~ [990617] Active
You're Mina, a housemaid. You've lost your memory and serve at a household together with other maids. Which is SLG part, as you need to clean up the house, wash etc. trying to keep everything below a certain dirtyness level (100) without exhausting yourself. The other maids aren't necessarily your friends and with lots of woman around there are plenty of chances for yuri action (but it's not limited to that). Needless to say there is also a secret to uncover...
Events vary according to parameters. Player sees the story from the viewpoint of main heroine. Only the ending is going to explain the meaning behind "irregular world" in the title. Game is divided by chapter and chapters names vary by the decisions made, so there is some replay value. So there is some intrigue in the story, but high difficulty level and monotonous gameplay stand in the way.

13. Adam: The Double Factor [990618] C's Ware 1 2 3
Marina and Kojiroh have returned!
Kojiroh's Scenario- A woman, who introduces herself as the President's Secretary, appeared in Kojiroh's office as a client. The woman's request was to have Kojiroh as her boss's bodyguard, whose life is in danger. Kojiroh took the case and went to meet President Ando... And the daughters Mika and Miki. Kojiroh asks Ando why his life is in danger, but Ando refuses to answer... Kojiroh has been dragged into the problem without knowing the reason.
Marina's Scenario- Marina, who has been reinstated with the Cabinet of Investigation, took the case of investigating the successive murders in Japan by Chief Kono's request. As the investigation goes along, Marina finds a sole survivor, who is the daughter of one of the victims, and went to see her. Her name is Yuka. Throughout Marina's investigations, the time to decide to help Yuka or not to will come... All the while serving to protect Yuka...
Game is localized and has English reviews. If everything goes ok, I'll prepare reviews for the full series of Eve games except for the original well known Burst error.

14. Eclipse -Shingetsukan no Musume- エクリプス -新月館の娘- [990618] Front Hook
Main character just graduated from the university and went to work to a flower shop. While delivering a flower bouquet to one very rich household he's requested by the owner to teach his daughter Yuka sex in order for her to become a skillful spy.
Nukige. Of course it does not end with Yuka repeated sessions and grows into intersection with all the women of the house.

15. Fresh! ~Teens Memory~ [990618] Bell-Da 1
You play the role of Narusawa Daisuke who is now living with your grandfather and just got transferred to a new high school and meets new people. From time to time you will switch perspectives from Daisuke to the girls so you can understand what they are thinking and more importantly how they are feeling deep inside their hearts. This means that not only will you make decisions for Daisuke but occasionally for the girls also.
There is an English review of the game.

16. Maid Hakusho メイド白書 [990618] Sweet
All Japan Maid Championship will be held in 3 months and you need to choose your champion out of four candidates and train her into the best maid Japan ever seen.
Aww, another maid SIM. You set maid's schedule and train them in various maid specialties like cleaning and cooking or more exotic ones like dancing and English conversation. But other three rivals are strong and in the nighttime you also need to obstruct other three maids using variety of attacks killing their motivation to compete. This maid obsession is getting kind of nuts.

17. Toriko Jisshaban 虜 実写版 [990618] Toriko
Alternative version of Toriko with real life photos.
Not cool. Nukige. System is the same as in Toriko.                                                                               

18. White Pants ホワイトパンツ [990618] Segue Laboratory
Futaba has just moved to a new place with her brother. Her kitten ran away and Futuaba got lost. She was found out by seller of pants Rika and delivered to the brother. Choices determine in which direction the story goes from there on.
Daaamn, seller of pants Rika again? Well, Rika has grown up quite a lot since last time. The structure basically stays the same - every choice is branching to see different development and ending. Very short stories.

19. You & I [990618] JAST
Hero was absent at school due to traffic incident. Now with a new semester he finally comes to school and starts to feel interest from girls in his class. A new feeling is being born.
There are six girls. All of them are school students, so it is normal school love story. Last galge of JAST.

20. Present Play プレゼントプレイ [990624] Digi Anime
In this game, you pick a costume and an actress, then a story starts. In the beginning, there is only one girl and few costumes. In stories, you can fine two other girls and more costumes. If you make it far enough in a story, you will see an animation of the girl getting rid of her costume.
Kanno Hiroyuki is at the lead, so it's fairly entertaining to try and get girls far in the story, but in the end it's not an integrative work. 

21. Room with Lina ルームウィズリナ [990624] Episode
Lina Kanzaki helped main hero when he was got drunk under the rain. She continues to live in his house with some purpose. By becoming friends he will know the secret of Lina.
Some innovative SIM that introduces lots of excessive instruments like all kinds of schedulers, address books, notepads etc.

22. Twins Story: Kimi ni Tsutaetakute... ツインズストーリー きみにつたえたくて・・・ [990624] Fujitsu
Sixteen years age is an unforgettable time of school life full of chatting with friends and searching for love. At such time hero has to start living with his annoying twin sister while parents stay abroad. The best year of life begins now!
System-wise quite a typical D-SIM, but with PS1 title animation charm. There are 12 heroines to capture which is a LOT. In addition to usual parameters there are internal parameters that change according to conversations. So clearing is very difficult. At least there is not BAD END and even if you fail miserably you're forced into ending with Nami girl. One playthrough is slightly over 10 hours. Twin sister is the main attraction of the game but her story is not really special.

23. Ren'ai Kouza Real Age 恋愛講座 Real Age [990624] Imagineer Co., Ltd. 1
Game is about going around the town to meet different girls and after that use the phone to date them. Reaction to each player choice is shown with a different sound - a small sound for the right choice, a stronger one for a so-so one, and loud sound for bad choice...
Nanpa SIM

24. Amai Kankei 甘い奸計 [990625] Logg
Hero is given an envelope by a mysterious woman in front of school. Inside is a handgun ... He is surprised and hides the gun for the time being. If there is a gun involved, it's destined to shoot sometime...
Basically this is further degraded variation of Heart Work Symphony of Destruction. Same gun involvement, same short scenarios with same multiple ends. The major difference is that Logg work is weaker in H department.

25. Chikan Kenkyuushitsu 痴漢研究室 [990625] Pinpai
4th year university student Takashi Okita is given a special task by professor to do at vacations. The task is to research the psychology of pervert and the method must be field work based on actual experience. Being a diligent student, with the help of internet main character narrowed down his targets to six virgins suffering from some sexual trauma. He steps into the labyrinth of distorted desire and can no longer turn back.
Finally a science project in visual novels... but a really bad topic is picked up.

26. Escalation ~Aoi Houyou~ ESCALATION ~蒼い抱擁~ [990625] Melody
Our girl is a student at a private girls school. Day dreaming about the girl she loves during class isn't too wise. During a special lesson, she found out that there are pets in this school and she is invited to be one. Well, if she gets friendly with the girl she loves and her room mate, she will be fine, maybe even be happy.
Ok... pass...

27. Genjuuya 幻獣屋 [990625] Pinky Soft
One year after events of Dragon no Tiara.
The Highlandy Republic is a democratic country blessed with mountains and forests and as such  desired by its neighbors. It managed to retain its form, but the chaos of phantom beasts outburts around its borders influenced it a lot. 
"Fighters" guilds spread to undertake various works for states and individuals. "Hunters" guilds specialize in hunting phantom beasts for bounties. And "Gentelmen's shop" trains phantom beasts to satisfy sexual needs of population. Main character becomes administrator of one of such shops.  
Why do this training SIMs need so elaborate synopsis? Anyway, there are 70 days to establish a prosperous enterprise. The feature of the work is that phantom beasts morph and evolve.

28. Hyakka Ryouran 百花繚乱 [990625] Nihon Plantech
Hero was about to live the last months before graduation peacefully when he was forced to transfer to all-girls school where his father was a chairman. What will happen to the only male student in all-girl school?
A hundred flowers... quite a shouting title. There are only four heroines though, each with 2-3 endings. This is a comedy with strange not really funny jokes. The characters are very eccentric. Hero is an imbecile whose hobby is to sleep and whose super ability is to sleep anywhere with any circumstances. Oh, and he's mega rich. Game's short - 2 hours for first playthrough.

29. Jii ~Nozoki no Houshuu~ 自慰 ~覗きの報酬~ [990625] Candy Soft
Junya Akechi is a student who tutors girls preparing for entrance exams. He invites five such girls to study at his uncle's cottage for a week. 
There are 28 rooms in the building. The gameplay is looking for girls, picking up items and triggering events.

30. Kana ~Imouto~ 加奈~いもうと~ [990625] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
You have a sister by the name of Kana, who is 2 years younger than you are. You are an important figure to her; you have always watched over her. You have always taken care of her and loved her.
Kana is also an important figure to you.
It's not love or like, but it's something special.
You care about her a lot and you feel that you have to protect her.
You wish for her eternal happiness, but you just don't know how you feel about Kana.
Yet. . .
Game is localized and it got a large number of reviews.

31. Love Works らぶ★わ~くす [990625] Sizz
Main character is in intimate relations with five girls at once. He needs a month to figure out which one satisfies him the most.
I know, it does not look like a nukige, but it its one. Prologue briefly introduces each girl and how she got acquainted to main character. Then it's just a straight month of choosing which girl to comfort each particular day. Some new modes open up occasionally. So it's game just for H, nothing else.

32. Maid Gari メイド狩り [990625] Evolution
Main character wins the main prize of "Maid mania" challenge and gets 100 hours together with cute maids in a mansion. is living in a mansion with four maids. But his attitude was so cruel that maids tried to escape the mansion. He caught them, locked in a room and continued his play.
The game is about insulting, beating and torturing maids. The main parameter to maintain is physical strength since if it expires there's game over. So frequent rests in his room are must have.

33. Seek 2 -Sadistic Babylon- SEEK2-SADISTIC BABYLON- [990625] PIL
Kitahara Masayuki is a photographer of a third-rate SM magazine. One day he got contacted by his sister-in-law Marion saying that his mother died. While attending the funeeral, Marion was kidnapped. Kidnappers demand either the masterpiece painting of his mother's deceased husband or 100 million yen. A woman calling herself Li Lang appears in front of him and promises to fund him 100 million yen if he agrees to train some women... 
Is it the last SEEK game already? Finally. There are five girls ... and lots of traditional perverted stuff.

34. Shanghai Gensoutan ~Teito Kitan Gaiden~ 上海幻想譚 ~帝都奇譚外伝~ [990625] Janis
Several months after events of Teito Kitan ~Doushi Tantei no Jiken Memo~. Kudo was staying at Iwasaki residence in Shanghai with Aya when they were assaulted and Aya kidnapped. Iwasaki tells Kudo that the attack was done by members of "The Legion Party", a secret society that appeared in Shanghai lately. Kudo takes maid Masha as assistant and starts investigation.
This work is same obscure as its prequel. There are three scenarios plus a bonus one after all cleared. Game system is same bad as of the prequel. Memory leak noticed. Game was made as a result of the call to create more beautiful works with beautiful music about Taisho era - aesthetic side dominates here. Story lacks excitement, but atmosphere of Shanghai before the Second World War is quite lovely depicted.

35. Shimai Ijiri ~Chiru Hana, Nirin~ 姉妹いじり ~散ル花、二輪~ [990625] Nikukyuu
Our guy is ordered to train two sisters for high price sale. Training them is easy as giving them experience, but will he fall in love with one or both while doing it?
Can't wait till the training SIM games period is over. Yes, another weird nukige SIM.

36. Teasobi 手戯 ~てあそび~ [990625] Mink
A collection of screensavers, CG, sound files, BGM and a mahjong game.
Mahjong game only technically can be considered a visual novel due to just several lines of dialogue between the matches. But for me it's absolutely not enough to be called a visual novel. Boo.

37. Warning! [990625] Telluru
Turning on pc as usual. Some strange man appears on the scree. "My name is Desktop Master. Please accept the challenge". The next thing I notice is that I'm at school at night and need to find the password parts to return to original world as soon as possible. Only three hours are given.
Seven girls run around the school and hero needs to catch and insult them so that they give away the  parts of a password. 

38. Soreike Majokko Serika  それいけまじょっこセリカ [990627] Multies
ToHeart doujin game focusing on one of its heroines Serika as if she were a full-scale witch.

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