VN of the Month December 2000 - Never7 -The End of Infinity-

December 2000 is a total ripoff. I have zero interest in almost all its games except for Never7 -The End of Infinity- which ends up to be the VN of the Month. But for review I'd rather choose some nukige over Never7, and that game for review is Dorei Ichiba.

1. Effect ~Akuma no Ko~ effect~悪魔の仔~ [001201] Hadashi Shoujo

Nagi Izumi has a normal life... except for a couple of things. Sei, a bullied girl in his class, has telekinesis. And his girlfriend, Mayumi, has the power to cure any sickness or injury. One rainy day in June, Mayumi uses her power to save a woman who attempts suicide...
There are just two heroines with endings, but each of them has both good and bad ending, furthermore there are bonus scenarios after good ones. Story is quite dark with some unpleasant themes, like bullying. It's very uncommon to have one of heroines as lover already at the beginning of the game, and in that case it's very similar for first White Album. The drama itself is drawn well, but there's no feeling that drama is led by the characters - heroines have low appeal.

2. Julia JULIA~ジュリア~ [001201] Uran
Kazuya is a college student. During summer vacations he is invited by his classmate Aya to a pension house JULIA for part-time work. The pension is held by Atsushi with his wife. This summer story can be played from both Kazuya and Atsushi point of view.
Content is lively and romantic, but nothing special. The lack of content is substituted with two protagonists.

3. Raimusutazu Erosu らいむすたーず☆えろーす [001201] Archive

This is "Lamelo Land", a world full of magic and wonder. People lived peacefully there under the rule of a kind hearted goddess, but one day the sun suddenly grows dark, and the invasion of the Demon Army begins. Their purpose is to destroy the sun and open the gate to the Makai world. 
Now fairy with the blessing of the goddess descends to a courageous boy. Together they go on a journey to save the world.
Wow, why even prepare a plot for a puzzle game... Rules are somewhat fishy, but it's needed to prepare chains to destroy blocks below - very difficult, actually! There are a lot of hybrids as enemies with H scenes.

4. Sora no Takaku 空のたかく [001201] Uncanny!

A cold winter that speaks of the end of the year.
Rumours of girls living on the streets. For some reason, they cannot inhabit the regular world, but instead spend their lives on the streets. Though they may be in the same city, they did not live in the same world, and people had started calling them "Alice of the alleys".
How, why, did those girls become Alices? To answer this question, the protagonist, a freelance writer, disguises himself as homeless, and encounters three of these Alices.
Rana, a prostitute with an innocent soul.
Sayaka, a girl whose harsh aura seems to say that she hates everything around her.
And then, Miu, a girl who evokes a mysterious atmosphere.
Though our protagonist started off with mere curiosity in his mind, as he begins to learn of the girls' pasts, he soon starts harbouring feelings that go beyond the ones of a reporter.
And then...
Atmosphere of the underground part of the society is drawn really well. The heroines have very poor circumstances, so there's enough of drama in their roots. The development is good till heroes get in love with each other, but there's still constant itch that protagonist gets drawn just by the appearance. There are just two H scenes per character, one insult and one pure love. Overall the aftertaste is pleasant if you like sad human stories even though development is not quite realistic.

5. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 2.2 Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!!2.2 [001202] Cocktail Soft

2.2 begins where Pia Carrot 2 ends, but protagonist can not find himself a girlfriend. Through December and January he will have another chance with a new set of girls. 
It's GBA and DC exclusive, so for a limited auditory. Gameplay has some changes, but those are simplifications for the most part.

6. Blue Submarine No. 6 Saigetsu Fumahito -Time and Tide- 青の6号 歳月不待人 -TIME AND TIDE- [001207] Sega

A game adaptation based on the Gonzo OVA series, inspired on Ozawa Satoru's classic manga.
The story sets in the distant future, when the Earth's oceans have risen and flooded most of the sea-lying land on Earth.
The rogue scientist Zorndyke caused the flooding, which killed countless individuals, and most of humanity's remaining cities have been attacked or destroyed by Zorndyke's army of half-animal "hybrids". The remaining humans begin to wage war against Zorndyke's seagoing creations for survival. Humanity's best hope for a resolution to the conflict lies with its submarine forces, among which is the focus of the story, Blue Submarine #6. It is revealed that Zorndyke is attempting to decisively end the conflict in the favor of his hybrid children by artificially inducing a polar switch using geothermal energy at the South Pole.
DC exclusive, and I never liked anime original.

7. Tremolo [001207] Merlot

Main character has a painful experience of betrayal in the past. Now he returns to his hometown. There are girls around him with heart wounds and individual problems. Will he find a girl that won't betray him if he lifts the pain from girls' hearts and minds? 
There is one main heroine who was the only one to attend the alumni meeting among the 8 persons who made promise as children. But at the school fire started and girl got to a coma. The ultimate aim is to get her out of coma. Setting is quite good, and there are various village legends around. Each heroine story is different due to different background and problems. The flow of the game is torturing, but mostly because of text speed output.

8. Fragrance フレグランス [001208] Paprika

Main character's father dies suddenly after remarriage, and it was beginning of protagonists living on his own. How will his school life fare till graduation comes?
A typical charage. School map system. Story actually does not end after H which is enough to praise developers for the effort. Probably the good work of voice actors should be noted. Apart of that...

9. Heart de Network はぁとでネットワーク [001208] Euphony Production

Near future. Main character had to change schools often because of parents' work, so he has few friends. Artificial intelligence program kept him company at that time. But then hero moves back to home town where he had childhood friends. This story beings in the season when wind begins to soften.
There are five heroines each having two endings. It's actually a SIM to plan activities for each day and trigger events. The key to each scenario is information on the net, but all the important stuff is found in the beginning, and later on only garbage... it looks like game could not fully utilize its concept of future network society.

10. Hoshizora ☆ Planet 星空☆ぷらねっと [001208] D.O.  1

It's been seven years since you left your sweet hometown. You are back, and you meet up with old friends that have all grown up beautifully. Enjoying this reunion, something triggers your mind to recall a tragic memory that happened seven years ago...
It's another sentimental home town reunion story, but it's the next work of Kana ~Imouto~ creator Yamada Hajime, so it enjoyed immense attention at once. The writing is good as ever, but the everyday life scenes feel ordinary. Unlike Family Project there is no parody material in Hoshizora ☆ Planet, so it was a difficult task to breathe life in such a commonplace story. Period is quite long - from April to December - and for most of the time we just pick some heroine on a map once a week.  It's a work of overall good impression if you don't set expectations too high.

11. Tooryanse とおりゃんせ [001208] Crime

Main character travels with his girlfriend by car, but car breaks on the road. Heroes find shelter at a snowy mountain lodge. At that time a murder happens there.
Investigation is held by talking only. There are few events per heroine, so there's a feeling game's just for insult H scenes only. There are lots of instant death choices, but even with them game only takes one hour to beat. 

12. Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ とらいあんぐるハート3~Sweet Songs Forever~ [001208] Janis

A mysterious organization keeps sending intimidating letters to Fiasse Christella, the principal of British Christella Music Academy. The purpose is to find the whereabouts of Fiasse's inheritance.
Although Fiasse already has a bodyguard, Ellis McGaren, she asked her childhood friends, the siblings Takamachi Kyouya and Miyuki to help Ellis. This of course is received by Ellis, as a professional bodyguard, with a cold shoulder.
Kyouya remembered an incident that was happened several years ago, when he was about ten years old. This incident was actually aimed at Fiasse's father, senator Albert Christella. So, does Fiasse's fate and case related to this past incident?
This is a popular moege series. The second title had zero story and sense full devoting to girls of a dormitory. This time scenario is strengthened and the volume is good. But game happens to be full of bugs, and it's also difficult to sympathize with main character.

13. All One's Life [001208] BeF

Main character is a freelance writer for a magazine. He cohabits with a girl who is his ardent supporter, but who has not become his lover in several years. He decides to move on with other women he encounters. He needs to make an important choice - to decide who really cares for him and who he himself cares for.
I tried to play this game to the end, but failed at it. It is of choose your story type. Among four and a half heroines (one has only bad ending) three are only capturable with setting different emotion preferences. But I did not find the way to tune up emotions for heroines, only for life, work etc. The content is just realistic depiction of heroines and life - no humor or something like that. Usually there is both good and bad ending for each heroine. I really need to be offered a story, preferably with an integrative protagonist with a distinctive mindset. And there is also the need to notice special lamp effect and activate your emotion exactly at that time. I felt really bad choosing my views on many aspects myself. Developers tried to bring something original - ok, but I don't like it.   

14. Refrain -Mouichido, Sayonara o Iou- リフレイン -もう一度、さよならを言おう- [001214] Hiyoko Soft (old)

Main character can not understand why Rihoko has distanced from him. When an opportunity presents to be with Hatsune, he jumps at it, but relations stay at more than friends, less than lovers level. One day Rihoko visits protagonist for some minor reason, and feelings awaken anew. There is also a good friend Riko who he likes. Main character wants to be with all three girls... what a clumsy feeling.
There are good endings prepared only for two of three main heroines. Hero is very indecisive and that sometimes produces unusual situations.

15. Seishin Hakai 精神破壊 [001214] unknown

That bizarre incident occurred at 8 PM. Girl student was murdered with face distorted violently. Strange killings keep happening around the hero. When judgement and emotions disappear something is going to break...
Game is free, but it does not really help since its title is mental destruction. Anyway, only girls who confess to the hero keep dying. And eventually game really gets into a state of deep suspense and esoterics.

16. Happy Hotaru Sou Happyほたる荘 [001215] Waffle

Main character does not have self-confidence, because he always used to be defeated by his self-proclaimed rival Naruto since childhood. Now hero gets a job of apartment complex administrator by parents recommendation, but it somehow gets known to Naruto who also claims to be this complex administrator. Employer establishes a month test period to choose among two candidates. Will protagonist yield his pride and all the beautiful girls of the complex to his bitter offender?
A bakage with an ultimate failure as protagonist - a good choice if only the game was not a usual SIM. And you really compete with the rival who has the same stats at the start. And that kills the game.

17. Heian☆Love Wars 平安☆ラブウォーズ [001215] Sepia

Main character is born as the eldest son of the left minister during Heian era, so he can spent days in laziness freely. One day father comes home with bad news - his only daughter is called to the palace for a month. In order to keep twin sister out of temptations of the capital, protagonist dresses as a girl and goes in her stead. 
A work with a comedy touch. Despite of Heian era, protagonist sets up microphones and cameras. It's basically a SIM since there four actions given per day.

18. Mezuri ~Aa, Densetsu no Ningyo o Motomete~ 女づり ~あぁ、伝説の人魚を求めて~ [001215] Zenos

Main character buys a book at a secondhand bookstore. It dwelled on contemporary mermaid creatures and ways to capture them. From that day he starts to implement his mermaid capture plan.
Fishing action place in many places around Tokyo. This kusoge even cost 8.8k yen on Christmas sale.

19. Powder Snow ~Kono Basho de Issho ni~ POWDER SNOW ~この場所で一緒に~ [001215] Megami

Main character used to be a great warrior, but constant fight with evil eroded his flesh with only two weeks remaining to live. He is given a girl caretaker by his relatives to have some comfort at least in the end in his life.
Game is actually a comedy that takes place nowadays despite all the warrior fighting evil crap. There are three heroines each with a pure love and devil route. The overall impression is poor due to average production values and lack of actual drama of a doomed person.

20. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo ~Juutoshime no Shoutaijou~ 金田一少年の事件簿~10年目の招待状~ [001216] Banpresto 1 2

Akira Kawai, a first-year student of a Fudou high-school received a mysterious letter with ominous sketch and the text saying "I'll be waiting at the Shiomisou inn.", sender or reason for sending this letter is unknown. Upon reading this himself, Hajime Kindaichi, along with Miyuki Nanase decided to check if there's more to the meaning of the letter or if it's nothing but a prank of a sort. Upon arriving at the Shiomisou inn, which was in a rather secluded and silent place surrounded by mountain on one side, and a sea on the other, he noticed there are only three more guests besides them. Could one of them be the sender of this letter? The night came swiftly and the weather turned gloomy. There and then, Hajime runs into Kengo Akechi, a detective investigating a report of a supposed seeing of a killer in the area from a 10-year old case. With approaching storm, the scream echoes through the hallway and first in the series of murders engulfs this hotel in an aura of tension. Kindaichi and Akechi are now more than ever determined to get to the bottom of this and catch the murderer behind this.
There is an English review for this gameboy exclusive.

21. Never7 -The End of Infinity- [001221] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6

You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand. Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful than you have thought.
There are enough English reviews.

22. Boku no Mikogami-sama ぼくの巫女神さま [001222] Trabulance

Main character is a college student. He is not the eldest son, so he does not succeed his father as a shrine caretaker. One day father comes with a news that the neighboring shrine priest died without leaving male successor, and that position is offered to protagonist. Hero agrees since the three shrine maidens at that shrine make his heart throb faster.
There are six heroines to capture. The routes are quite alike, but every heroine has individual flags and there are also conditions of interacting with other girls, so difficulty is quite high. The first half has just everyday events, and second half has forced drama.

23. Kao no nai Tsuki 顔のない月 [001222] Root

Koichi Hayama has recently suffered the loss of his step-parent due to a traffic accident. Taking a break from college to join in the funeral proceedings, he is confronted by a strange-yet-familiar young woman. He keeps having these recurring dreams of her, but doesn’t hold any memory of who she really is. This is because he only remembers bits and pieces of his childhood. She, however, says she knows him. Soon they both strive to solve the mystery of his missing memories, and his true origins while staying at the Kuraki temple--which is inhabited by a few more lovely ladies.
Carnelian can make even a newcomer company game a treat with his skills. Story is classic and safe to play and thus boring to read. But there is a mystery that's possible to keep interest to the end.

24. Natural Zero+ ~Hajimari to Owari no Basho de~ NaturalZero+ ~はじまりと終わりの場所で~ [001222] Fairytale 1 2

Our main character is a young and hopeful novelist. He has been uselessly wasting his life away following the death of his younger sister, Yoshino. Our hero is forced to stay in an old decrepit apartment provided by his publishing company. Here, he meets Komano, who remarkably resembles his young sister. They begin living together in the apartment. Shortly after, our hero learns that Komano is the half-sister to Ayane, the chief editor of the magazine he writes for. Komano proves to be poor at housework, but she is completely devoted to our hero. Notwithstanding Komano's cheerfulness, our hero comes to find out that she holds a very dark and bitter memory she is unwilling to recall. Enjoy your short summer with Komano! Following the feature presentation, you will find a side-story about the girls from "Natural-Both Body and Heart" and "Natural 2-DUO-." You will find more information concerning Ayane's life, along with the characters Chitose and Sora. 
There is an English review.

25. Tobikkiri Ruin とびっきりRUIN [001222] Escu:de

Main character gets an invitation from a friend in archaeology department to search for ruins in order to find something interesting and prevent plans for dam construction this way. Will he be able to excavate and explore the ruins and save his village?
As if excavation alone is not enough, exploration part is very dubious. It's basically point-and-click puzzles clearing. And there are more and more ruins and more and more puzzles. Considered the number of girls, it gets really grindy.

26. Dorei Ichiba 奴隷市場 [001222] Daiginjou 1

During the 17th century, the Ronbaldia Alliance and the Holy Aimar are at war for power. Ronbaldia sends its ruler to the royal city of Constantinople for safety. Cathias Gire follows as a clerk. Not knowing anything about the royal capitol, Cathias decides to buy a slave. Cathias heads for the slave-grounds and is shocked to see how they are treated. Nevertheless, he buys a slave recommended by his friend. Cathias can do what ever he wants to do with his salve now. Will this all end when the war finally gets out of control? What will happen?
Game looks like a total nukige and it is one, but it has interesting enough story and atmosphere. There is a hentai anime based on one of the routes, and even by that game's charm can be evaluated. The story is actually even better than that.

27. Yume no Shoujo ~Dream Girl~ 夢の少女~DreamGirl~ [0012] Mizutani Miyuu

Main character is a sophomore in high school. He often sees a girl in his dreams. One day he meets her and remembers that she's his childhood friend and first love partner.
A free game with three heroines. It's surprising that game is voiced. Again a sentimental nostalgia work.


1. Cute Cute Dakishimete!! Cuteきゅっと抱きしめて!! [001201] For
Protagonist is a 3rd year high school student, but he is already engaged since the childhood. During summer holidays a cute girl suddenly visits his house and somehow they spend night together. He feels easy next to her, but he's also looking forward to his marriage with the engaged girl. This summer will be hot!
Nukige (Training)

2. Hakudakuhime 白濁姫 [001201] Sirius
In the remote countryside there is a small village. Although there is peace throughout the whole village, they got used to giving a sacrifice to a demon living in a nearby forest. This year they must sacrifice someone's daughter to the demon. The adults of the village embarrassingly ask for a volunteer, when Erishia appears.

3. Hotaru 炎多留 [001201] Tarutaru
In this love simulation game for gay men, the hero (you) encounters 8 men, meeting up and breaking up with each one as the story unfolds.

4. Mamagoto ま・ま・ゴ・ト [001201] Triangle
The protagonist is an ordinary student. Next door to him lives a younger girl who is his childhood friend. She loved to play with him and call him "onii-chan". Now that they're a little older, she gets lots of attention in school.
One day, her parents and the protagonist's parents had to go abroad together. For three weeks she and him will be alone. She says, "Until our parents get back, let's play house together and keep it a secret from everybody."
Thus begins their exciting three weeks of virtual marriage.

5. Mozu no Nie 百舌鳥ノ贄 [001201] Ankh
Taisho Era. Main character returns to Japan after getting education in Europe, but he does not receive a warm welcome. His father committed suicide after being driven to poverty and his sister suffers from a disease. Now is the hour of revenge - all the brokers and collaborators will be deprived of their most precious treasures - the innocent smiles of their daughters and wives. 

6. Sasayaki 囁 ~sasayaki~ [001201] Arieroof
Main character is good with studies, and for that is chosen as instructor to a girls' school. He is not taken seriously though as he does not have a proper teaching license and skills. The some voice sounds in his head "Do you want to change yourself". He welcomes the change and turns into a beast the next moment. Those ignorant girls will hit the rock bottom of humiliation soon.

7. Tabasa no Yakata タバサの館 [001201] Akila Soft
No info

8. Zero - Heureum eui won 제로 - 흐름의 원 [001205] Artlim Media
A RPG visual novel that was the first product in the "Zero Project" which consists of manhwas and light novels.

9. Chaos Baby Yoshimi ~Takase Haruna Hen~ カオスBaby義美 ~高瀬春奈編~ [001207] Scoop
Shinichi barely escaped from slavery of Queen Ryoko. Now he lives in the house of Ryoko's sister Misuzu and attends the school where Ryoko's nice Yoshimi is studying. And Yoshimi does have a difficult character as well.

10. Kore D.P.S.? これD.P.S.? [001207] Alice Soft
Pack of 4 short novels:
"Keep Out"
"Iron Maiden"
"Chou Densetsu Kodai Robo Red Thunder"
D.P.S. means "Dream Program System"

11. Gakkou Nanafushigi 2 学校七不思議2 [001207] Gin no Ken
Spring. Main character returns to the alma mater as an apprentice. High school was a memorable time, and the incident about two girls disappearance never got solved. Protagonist goes to explore night school...

12. Aisuru Koto ni Reizoku Suru Onna 愛することに隷属する女 [001208] Surf
Main character lives alone as he does not want to transfer to another school after his father who inherited family business. One day protagonist receives love confession letters from seven girls at the same time. Since each girl's feelings are strong, he decides to test the limit of their love with the amount of insult that each one can bear...

13. Hikagemono ~Ryoujoku no Torikago~ 日陰者~陵辱の鳥籠~ [001208] Chime
Main character works as a technician at "MIYABI" company that occupies a corner of a giant apartment complex "Garden Hills". He has a grudge over his female boss Kanzaki. He hacks "Garden Hills" security system to find Kanzaki daughters and have his revenge.

14. Mi da ra Mi・da・ra [001208] Mink
When a young man named Yuuto bumps into a stranger on the street, he discovers a dropped VHS tape and brings it home. His sister Yuumi isn't around, so he pops it in for a look. The video is a recording of Yuumi tied to a chair... and shockingly the man who tied her up turns out to be him!
It turns out the tape is a window into the secret desires of the viewer, and Yuuto's quickly addicted! Yuumi also discovers her own fantasies on the cassette, and her burning lust cannot be quelled by conventional means! Finally, when his sister's friend discovers the tape, she finds herself on her knees with Yuumi and attending to Master Yuuto's every need as his personal love slave.

15. Pure Partner Pure Partner ~ピュア・パートナー~ [001208] TinkerBell
Main character grows human-like android Aerith into human with emotions. 

16. Saint Master [001208] Bavi Soft
Main character needs to train three maids into slaves in two weeks.

17. Shirasagi no Naku Koro ni 白鷺の鳴く頃に [001208] Actress
Main character comes to distant relatives house in the mountains for the White day, but decides to stay and live there afterwards. What secrets does this hidden mansion hold? Will protagonist choose reason or desire?

18. White Christmas ~Yuki Furu Yoru No Koibito-tachi~ White Christmas ~雪降る夜の恋人達~ [001208] Fairytale
A collection of four short Christmas stories.
Christmas romance mood is poured in a stained city. On this holy night small miracles happen.

19. Canon II キャノン ツヴァイ [001209] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.

20. Oni 鬼 [001213] Interheart
Main character confesses to a girl he secretly loved, but she turns him down on public. As his pure feelings got trampled, he swore to have revenge on all girls who laughed at him at that moment.

21. Angel’s Lesson [001215] Cronus
Main character is a skilled physician and the only son of the director of the hospital. But director has to resign due to poor reputation and clients leaving the hospital. Hospital sisters are eager to give protagonist special lessons for two weeks to restore their workplace together.

22. Hiretsu 秘裂 [001215] Cadath
Main character likes in a room with his non-blood related sister. His sister is insatiable for lust, so he adds classmates to the roster.

23. Kurohime 黒姫 [001215] SPD
Six boys and girls go camping to deepen mutual friendship. They get attacked by nanpa guys and lose their way finding shelter at a Western mansion in the mountains. However, they instantly get trapped by an earthquake in this monsters infested building. Can heroes survive? 

24. Maison na Yatsura ~Yaru Koto wa Issho~ めぞんなやつら~やることはいっしょ~ [001215] Exserta
Main character happens to live with four girls at the same time. Will he only have lots of fun or take one of the girls to the altar?

25. Ryoujoku Sensei 凌辱せんせい [001215] Powered
Main character realizes his longtime dream to be appointed a teacher at a girls school in order to violate cute girls there.

26. Shadow [001215] Bell-Da
According to local fishermen, suspicious organization occupied the island that used to be a military base in the past. Main character responds to a job application placed by the organization and as a result gets a job to violate girls every day as a part of a human experiment to produce food that kills production values of sperm. Can protagonist escape the island safely and inform mass media about this gross plan?

27. Ryoujoku Santa 凌辱サンタ [001217] Beenyan
At Christmas gods and angels cause miracles. However without the balance of good and evil this world would collapse. Thus the worst and most villainous Santa Claus of all time is born.

28. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 3 Kai Kouen Matsuri no Yoru no Yume 電脳劇団ムー一座第3回公演 祭の夜の夢 [001221] Artifact
Main heroine lost her parents early and was brought up in a neighbor family that had a boy in it. The fresh siblings grow up and one day go to a festival there. There is a bad premonition about the kappa monster on the pond lurking here, but heroes still make their way there...

29. Abdiel アブディエル [001222] GAS 1
In a scientific establishment, a new form of android called the "Sexaroid" was created. The Sexaroid was created to be like the ultimate "living" sex toy, and the new male half-human, half-animal model is sure to be a success, though still in the testing phase.
The first two prototypes were Shiro, a cat-boy Sexaroid, and Kuro, a dog-boy Sexaroid, created by the Doctor with help from his assistant, Kashiwagi. Before they can be put on the market, the Doctor decides to test them himself, to see if they can be made into subserviant sex slaves.
To get the data needed, he needed a human to compare the results with, and he turned to Kashiwagi, who firmly refused the offer, even when the Doctor offered to double his pay to be the guinea pig for the testing. Not taking no for an answer, the Doctor knocked Kashiwagi out with an anesthetic and restrained him, and is now using him in his studies.
His first client wants a Sexaroid in two months, which the Doctor finds sufficient to do his testing. For the next sixty days, he will find out exactly what the Sexaroids are capable of.

30. Boku to Boku 僕とボク [001222] Ark
Hero lost his brother in a railroad accident. He lived with his sister since that time before she moved out as well. One day protagonist finds a videotape of his mother as sex slave. After that starts to look at his sister from a different point of view...

31. Cosmic Girls [001222] Gaia
'Cosmic Girls' is about a high school student named Yabuki Beniji, a member of 'The Heroine Squad.' This squad, along with a group of beautiful girls, rises against the enemy, who is trying to conquer space.
The girls heal your exhaustion with sexual services, so you'll be able to fight against the enemy even longer!

32. Gakuen Z ~Intou Onna Kyoushi no Inbou~ 学園Z~淫蕩女教師の陰謀~ [001222] Forester 1
Mika Ishiki attends Hako High School. She has finally gotten up the nerve to confess her love to classmate, Akira Tomiya. Just at the moment she is about to spill her feelings, Akira is kidnapped and taken away by an extremely lascivious teacher named Maria Yuuki. This lustful lady is an expert in black magic, and actually plans to revive Satan through Akira's body. 
Mika, along with her friend Yuki Kamishiro, plough through constant traps and puzzling deceptions in order to save Akira's life. Mika is an expert in Kung Fu fighting, whereas Yuki is an intern in magic. At significant points, you will face decisive battles you must overcome.

33. Hako Musume ~100cm Shihou no Ai~ 箱娘~100cm四方の愛~ [001222] Rex
Main character is a driver within a transport company. Once he is ordered to deliver a box, and a girl gets out of it. She does not mind being trained at all...

34. Samenai Yume 覚めない夢 [001222] G'z
Main character is obsessed with dying "fern" monsters. One day he follows three girls exploring fern ruins. There aren't monsters around, but fern spirit possesses protagonist and uses him like a doll to insult the girls...

35. Yakin Byoutou ~Tokubetsu-ban~ 夜勤病棟~特別盤~ [001222] Mink
Fandisk containing various short stories, two games, desktop theme, CG and bonus data.

36. Yume no Sugata 夢姿 ~ゆめのすがた~ [001222] Cage
Main character returns to his home town and is struck by an image of a girl in a hospital room. He decides to explore that hospital. What kind of experience will he encounter in this mad hospital where violation is used as the main means of treatment?

37. DiGiCharat Akiba Touitsu DiGiCharat 秋葉統一 [001228] Yamada Teikoku
The sales of the store have shrunk, and manager is hired to restructure and recover from crisis. As he communicates with other stores, he gets to hire cute girls from the nearby stores as staff members.

38. Innai Kansen Gozen 3 Ji no Shujutsushitsu 淫内感染 午前3時の手術室 [001229] ZyX
Main character is a physician working for a private medical facility. Through big changes in staff he obtains position of the president with an absolute power. Only beautiful women continue to work in the hospital as slaves while others get disposed of as crude materials...

39. Angelic Parfait エンジェリックパフェ [001230] Soft Circle Courreges
Cafeteria stands quietly in the suburbs of the city. It is opened by main character's grandfather as a means to heal hearts of people around, but he would be shocked by the amount of corruption this place accumulated under his grandson management...

40. Canon III キャノン ドライ [001230] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.

41. Jitsuyou Shinan 実用新案 [001230] Usagi Purin
This is a collection of animated sex stories with Love Hina heroines.
Doujin Nukige

42. Onii-chan Suki Desu ka お兄ちゃん好きですか [001230] Chinsoft
Brother and sister lead an ordinary life, but starting from a certain incident their relations suddenly start to change.

43. Dear.. [001230] Nirvana Soft
Main character has wet dreams about his childhood friend. But she also pays him much attention at school, then visits his room, and the dream comes true.

44. Shuuchakueki  終着驛[001230] Nekketsuya
There are three stories about departure and separation, each focusing on a different heroine of Air.

45. Air Carrot e Youkoso!!  Airキャロットへようこそ!![001230] Yamada Teikoku
Three Air heroines wear cute waitress uniforms and start working at a coffee store. Try all the 13 different uniforms and solve 15 unique puzzles.

46. Air Carrot e Youkoso!!  Airキャロットへようこそ!![001230] Yamada Teikoku
Three Air heroines wear cute waitress uniforms and start working at a coffee store. Try all the 13 different uniforms and solve 15 unique puzzles.

47. Hina Carrot e Youkoso♪  Airキャロットへようこそ!![001230] Vanilla★House
Love Hina characters are put in the stage of Pia Carrot to produce a romantic comedy.

48. Bokura wa Kokoro ni Netsu o Daku 僕らはこころに微熱を抱く [0012] Ritz software
The protagonist, Kazama, is a sophomore in high school. He feels nostalgic entering the classroom on the first day of the second semester. He's expecting to see familiar faces from the first semester, but there's a transfer student, Suzuka Akane... Somewhat sad school stories.

49. Hanabi 하나비 [0012] Team Device
Game focuses on imouto Noemi Ito who did not get own route in the original game. She is a kind and tender sibling who develops feelings for her brother as she observes his infatuations.
Non-English Doujin

50. Shiro to Kuro no Densetsu ~Shin Hyakki Hen~ [00] Soft Studio Wing
Black and white compete from the creation of the Universe.
One day a mysterious fire breaks out at a mental hospital. newspaper reporter tries to uncover the source of the incident and encounters the destruction god "Hyakki" who unleashes havoc on the Earth bringing humanity on the brink of survival. Later reporter has fateful meetings with special people who help to organize rebellion against the fallen God.

51. Futari no Eden 二人のエデン [00] Yaneura Koubou
Middle East at the end of the 19th century. Main character accompanies a caravan across the desert. However, the caravan is attacked by bandits and annihilated. Protagonist finds himself alone with survivor girl in the middle of the vast desert. They stumble upon a hidden oasis and settle there. This place becomes a garden of Eden for the couple.

52. Ruriruri ADV ルリルリADV [00] Pet Food Company
Ruri Hoshino from Martian Successor Nadesico anime craves for sex. Enjoy animated scenes by clicking on chest, nipples, ass and other parts of her body.

53. Omocha no Chachacha Hatsune Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ 初音編 [00] Hyper-Unit
Main character wakes up, and he is greeted by imouto Hatsune. She lets onii-chan decide what to do next.

54. Several girls walk the school road as usual. But it's not all about small talk, they are very interested in ghost stories. And ghost stories start to take more and more time of their lives.

Two short dates with Mai and Sayuri from Kanon.

56. Omocha no Chachacha Vol. 3: Noemi Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ Vol.3 乃絵美編 [00] Hyper-Unit
Main character has wet dreams about his sister Noemi. When he meets her in the empty classroom, he may choose to make love to her right there or wait until returning home.

57. Calcan 0080 [00] My Rascal
No info

58. Akari Teishoku あかり定食 [00] Masukusatei
Akari is called to the gym equipment room by Mr. Miracle. She is in for interactive touching adventure there.

59. Neko Ijiri 猫いじり [00] Iwa Myura
One day, a cat girl enters main character's room. Thus begins their cohabitation life.

60. Kan Oyaji no Ryoujoku Tengoku 姦 おやぢの凌辱天国 [00] System Ero
It's heaven for only one person. The non-stop insult spree.

61. Yodare 涎 ~よだれ~ [00] Babel
Heroines from ToHeart get to the world of Shizuku and are subject to insult.

62. True Heart Story トゥルー・ハート ストーリー [00] Babel
ToHeart and True Love Story games get in one mix! Full voicing and gif animation enhance the impression.

63. Multi Ijiri まるちいじり [00] Nyannyan Club
Multi from ToHeart does all kind of things like masturbation, SM, and takes different sex poses.

64. Cherricia [00] Loose Words
One day a mediocre college student Keiji picks up an abandoned kitten. However, at home kitten turns into a girl. The cohabitation with cat-girl becomes a mix of love and carnal desires.

65. MvsM 白と黒の伝説 ~真百鬼編~ [00] Apresto
Main heroine Minori is the only child of an upstream family. She is bright and positive at school, but becomes a spoiled child at home. Her parents are abroad, and maid Chiyoko does all the house chores. Minori and Chiyoko treat each other as sisters and have concealed feelings towards each other. 
One day Minori gets sexually assaulted by her female sempai from art club. Will Minori succumb to temptation or resist and cherish relations with Chiyoko instead? 

66. Efugura Vol.1 えふぐら Vol.1 [00] F・Graphics
Remy is a slightly naughty girl. She is making a dish for protagonist in naked apron.

67. Mayple Bunny めいぷる☆Bunny [00] Excellents
Maple Bunny is a sex shop run by protagonist acquaintance's older sister. Its selling phrase is "Why don't you play a trick on cute little rabbits?". It's possible to play with little bunnies, lick them or...

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