VN of the Month November 2000 - Nijuuei

The main shock this month that the number of blocked games surpassed the number of passed games for the first time and instantly by 50%. The only masterpiece of the month is Nijuuei . I also made 1/4 playthrough of Parallel Harmony ... but it was absolutely senseless to go on.

1. Twins Rhapsody ~Kaedama Ren'ai Kyousoukyoku~ ツインズラプソディ ~替玉恋愛狂想曲~ [001102] Discovery

One morning main character can't find his school uniform upon waking up, but instead there's his twin sister's uniform. He decides to go to his sister's girls school and aim for pretty girls there. This is the day when siblings start to attend exchanged schools.
Trap bakage have become very common nowadays, but this is one of the pioneers. It sets up a bright comedy where even love interests of the main heroes and heroines intersect to add even more chaos. The tempo is good, but there's also a lot of repetition. Slutty comedy and les scenes are the main attractions here.

2. Wasurekaketa Kokoro no Kakera 忘れかけた心の欠片 [001110] Lune

Main character has his body exchanged with his sister-in-law as a result of a traffic accident. Now he understands that he has been missing something in his heart - there are paths to different emotions to regain.
It's an ADV with choices, but there is also parameter of favorability of the girl on the screen which can also be checked through the menu. There is also chart of the scenario, so it's easy to understand branching. There aren't any reviews, so can't evaluate end content.

3. Yuki Hotaru ~Nidome no Hatsukoi~ 雪ほたる~二度目の初恋~ [001110] Factor

Yosuke does not have a girlfriend in his twenties because of mistakes of the past. One day he learns about death of the girl he loved at school. Upon returning to hometown a strange phenomenon happens - he becomes able to move to past and correct his mistakes one by one.
Some wicked obscure kusoge.

4. 14 one & four 14 one&four(ワン&フォー) [001112] Studio Trips

One day main character wakes up with a stone in his hand. As he learns later, he died several days ago and now exists as a spirit that is bound to disappear 49 days after his death. He needs to get behind the mystery of his death and recover lost memories of four girls.
Game can not be completed since one of the four items is impossible to acquire even with the patch. Developer disbanded before could fix that.

5. Hand Maid はんど☆メイド [001117] Air Plants

Main character is an alchemist who needs to combine countless parts to create a maid type automatic doll. Afterwards the automata must practice, raise exp and earn money to become the best automata among the rival alchemists.
We also need to find new parts and cards to constantly upgrade the maid android... not my thing at all.

6. Men at Work! 2 ~Hunter Academy e Youkoso~ メンアットワーク!2~ハンターアカデミーへようこそ~ [001117] Studio e.go! 1 2

A Hunter Academy was established to teach Monster Hunters.
Cliff came to the academy to become a Hunter,
but the place turns out to be an old building unlike its name suggests,
and the great Hunter couple who was supposed to teach him leaves the Academy to go solve an incident in another town.
The Hunter candidates are all girls except for Cliff.
And after many turns of events, Cliff is placed in charge of the Academy and gets to stay with all the girls...
Game is localized and has some information in English. The full picture is only revealed with each heroine capture. Ideally it's possible to do with just two walkthroughs.

7. Oratorio ~Yakusoku~ Oratorio ~約束~ [001117] Pumpkin Bear

September before the cultural festival. Protagonist becomes responsible for his class preparation. There is a good number of pretty girls in the committee as well. Will he create nice memories with girls till the day of the festival on September 23rd?
Quite a typical charage. Girls are cute, but CG are often rough. There are only some 20 days given, so game length is short. Only one H event per heroine.

8. Wasurenagusa 忘れな草 [001117] Project-μ 1

After graduating from college, our hero in unable to obtain full-time employment and ends up working part-time. Sora receives an invitation from his high school alumni association. He was born and raised in a small village in the mountains, where the he population is now rapidly dwindling. His school has already closed down and the village itself has merged with the next village. According to the letter, the village will be stripped and completely rebuilt. The school will be demolished as well. The letter also says that a class reunion will be held at the school before it's torn down. The invitation hasn't been signed and there is no forwarding address. He has no idea who sent it, and the vagueness of the letter makes him a little wary. However, he decides to attend the reunion to see his old friends and visit his old village.
Game boasts to be originator of new genre - visual novel theater, but all I found is weird angles on character sprites and a strange manner of text to appear. The capture order is fixed and new stories and mysteries show up only after previous ones cleared. The theme is depression and craziness.

9. Tobira no Mukou wa 扉のむこうは [001120] Dollhouse

Main character is an ordinary boy who attends a vocational school. He is in relations with Saito Ume for a month already. Once she picks up some shiny seven colored crystal in the shape of a crescent, and more of such objects show up around the village. His classmates start to turn to strange nuns and mysterious gentlemen. With the help of the object protagonists successfully conquers several more girls, but situation develops in an unexpected direction.
The infamous kusoge maker Pumpie is back, now under cover of poor Dollhouse struggling in the industry since 1995. Game is pretty much a nukige since it starts with a H scene, and there are numerous H scenes afterwards. But with such crazy synopsis, I thought I'd need to dig further. Game has an old-school feeling. We run around the fillage in search for such talismans which are usually in places that are difficult to get to, like on a tree (and it's possible to get it with a fishing rod!). After finding a talismal, we need to place it to the hand of a girl, and if it's a right girl H scene ensues. But the place of power in the village is the local church that radiates evil. If we just come inside, there's a very crazy bad ending, so for a good ending we must gather all the talismans and unlock the seal with their help. Wow, it's a kusoge among kusoge.

10. Arcana ~Hikari to Yami no Ecstasys~ アルカナ~光と闇のエクスタシス~ [001123] Ciel

A young vagabond with a mysterious past named Caprese, down on his luck, meets an old man who tells him of Icons, the essence of a person's spirit and determiner of their destiny. Remarkably, Caprese has no Icon of his own, having instead the ability to copy the Icon of those he meets. With the fairy Primo at his side he goes on a journey, using his power to try to obtain the Four Great Icons, as the one who possesses them may become Lord of the World, and Caprese finds himself at the centre of the eternal war between the powers of Light and Darkness.
Game has a good middle ages fantasy atmosphere. There's also a cute fey character who is fun to talk to and who meddles in all hero's love affairs. The flow of the game is very simple - we stumble upon a girl in a difficult situation - win in the mini-game - H with girl - repeat. I got stuck on some 4th mini-game, but can say with authority that Tony's art is the best attraction in the game.

11. Yamato Nadeshiko o Sagase! 大和撫子を探せ! [001123] Chiffon

Main character is a university assistant immersed in Yamato Nadeshiko research. His former professor invents a time machine, and protagonist goes to the past to make Yamato Nadeshiko his girlfriend.
The setting and atmosphere are unexpectedly pleasant, but game is full of bugs. First we conquer heroine through the series of events, next we bring her to present time. Yamato Nadeshiko is not a proper name, but just an ideal of traditional Japanese woman, so there are more than one heroine. Simultaneous capture is difficult, but there are events that can happen only if two heroines are targeted.

12. Canvas ~Sepia-iro no Motif~ Canvas ~セピア色のモチーフ~ [001124] 1 2 3

Asou Daisuke is a high school student and a gifted artist - but he is currently suffering from a block, which keeps him from painting. His childhood friend, Tachibana Amane, who loves him deeply, persuades him to do a portrait of Kimikage Yurina, a girl with a heart condition, before Yurina undergoes surgery. In the process of rediscovering his art, Daisuke also realises the love that he and Amane feel for each other.
There is an English review.

13. Kaede Doori かえで通り [001124] Inspire

Main character studies at a university and works at a part-time job. It is possible to seek love from heroines of "Days Innocent" who have grown up, or from new girls.  
Structure-wise it's a normal plot-less game with each day divided into four parts to chase for girls. There are days only for university or only for part-time jobs, but there are also events limited to only university or only part-time job. But the word is drawn very attentively. The text and descriptions are superb among the games of 2000, but that's all wasted without a normal story. So it's a game with good atmosphere, text and characters, but that's it.

14. Liebe ~Omoide no Okurimono~ リーベ ~想い出の贈り物~ [001124] Custom Software

Main character has girls phobia because of traumatic past with his former girlfriend. One day he is caught in thoughts and gets to a traffic incident. When he wakes up, there's a girl Aya before him who claims that his life expectancy is just one week. In order to change his fate he must overcome his phobia of women and have a love affair...
Quite a typical charage. It's possible to chase either Aya or any other girl. Each route is short since it must be done in just a week. Drawing is very amateurish.

15. Luna Season ~150 Bun no 1 no Koibito~ るな・シーズン~150分の1の恋人~ [001124] Emu

Main character is a high school student who has bad luck with women, being turned down by 149 girls in three years. The relationship with the 150th girl finally lasts a whole month. On a helpless impulse he rapes her, and relations are on their way to disconnection. Is protagonist doomed?
It's a miracle that in the hero's town there are still girls unaware of him and available for capture after 150 girls failure. Five heroines have individual problems that require tending. Story is poorly organized and only rare laugh reliefs help a bit.

16. One's First Love [001124] Team Plus One

Main character is a salary-man who lives alone. One day he goes for work later than usual and bumps into a high school girl who vomits on him. Such unique encounters happen to him occasionally. Maybe such encounter is the way to his first love? 
Sneeze, sweat etc are in the center of other stories. There's a definite H tilt as well, but game is obscure.

17. Parallel Harmony ~Getsuyou no Tobira wa Suiyou no Mukou ni~ Parallel Harmony ~月曜の扉は水曜の向こうに~ [001124] C's Ware

Main character opens some strange door and appears at a girls school similar to Meiji era. The inhabitants are living spirits of fox and cats. Every time he tries to confess, his juniors get in the way. Will he ever be able to convey his feelings freely?
It's C's Ware. The rest is in the full review... or so I thought till reached 1/4 of the game. Those three hours were a pure torture for me. There is absolutely no aim in the game since the way back to the home world gets cut off right in the beginning and there's no attempts to somehow make it open. The rest is absurdist theater in 12 parts. Each part has some short unique ending like this chapher is fighting one, the next one is playing detectives searching for a can, next one is detecrive in the horror house, but the bulk of each chapter are some random talks about nothing, so dull "jokes" made on grimacing and voice play. I really tried to find a notable joke and could only mark one as an attempt - the only about school club introduced by three rules of the Fight Club movie (and yeah, I'm probably very old since I remember premiere of that movie). The H scenes are just random, at the end of each chapter some girl just passes by and that's it, H scene. So now I know for sure that humor is not C's Ware strong point. 

18. Primary Colours [001124] Extreme
By the sudden invasion of the Ishikari Empire, all the neighboring countries were destroyed. A year after that the people in the colonized countries were oppressed and put to forced labor. Cardinal Sepia Arush, the captain of the former secretary of the state, organized anti-empire resistant movement. The organization got name Sepia, and it consists only of women mages who dance at the battlefields to return the lost homeland.
It's a tactical strategy with the ability to capture any heroines of your mage squad. Battles have a fine mechanic, but are repetitive. Story lacks impact and heroines are surprisingly dull.

19. Love Hina ~Ai wa Kotoba no Naka ni~ ラブひな~愛は言葉の中に~ [001128] Konami 1 2 3

This adventure game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included.
There is some information in English, and I would not add anything useful in this case anyway.

20. Hana Goyomi 花暦 [001130] Cyc

When a child the protagonist used to play with someone at the flower garden of his grandfather, until the day his family moved to the city.
Many years later, the protagonist went to visit his grandfather who felt ill at the hospital. He asks him to take care and rebuild his flower garden, because he can't take care of it anymore.
When the protagonist went to visit the flower garden after a long time, he is stunned to see a desolated garden. 
And he becomes even more surprised to see in that strange place lives some flower fairies who needs that garden beautiful again in order to become healthy again...
This is SIM, but it's more of a garden SIM akin to Little Witch Parfait series than a real raising SIM. It may look complicated, but compared to all age garden simulators, content is very shallow. The adult scenes are two per heroine and hardly bring anything with them. There are three heroines, plus some sub-heroines.

21. Love Hina 2 ~Kotoba wa Konayuki no You ni~ ラブひな2~言葉は粉雪のように~ [001130] Konami 1 2

The game's main focus is on collecting words for one of the five heroines from the series. You are Keitarou Urashima, the protagonist from the series, living together in a huge mansion with Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara, Kaolla Su, Motoko Aoyama, and Mitsune Konno. You can go to any one of their rooms and check the words you have unlocked for each of the characters, and by combining them start the event scenes which are similar to a visual novel in style with full voice-acting, for player character included. This game also requires PocketStation without which you cannot gather words necessary to play the game.
There is a normal English review this time.

22. Ma・Ho・Ro・Ba ま・ほ・ろ・ば [001130] Soup

Main character is going to inherit a big trade business. His trial is to double 10 million yen in 13 months. Is it even possible to do with a shop, 10 million yen and while leading the same gigolo style life?
Some obscure trade SIM with adult scenes.

23. Nijuuei 二重影 [001130] KeroQ 1 2 3

This game that takes place in Japan in the year 1640. The main character is a samurai that got a sword with a blade with two shadows (one with a human shadow and another one from the world of darkness) that connect with him with the world of darkness. 
The game begins when the samurai travels to a strange island in which all the children are born twins, he hopes that in that island he can find a cure to his own curse. The adventure starts there, can he come back alive from the island and without his cure? 
Wow, I'm reviewing this game for sure even though there are couple reviews already.

24. Return リターン [001130] Aquarium

Main character is an ordinary graduate student. One day is called by a professor to test space transfer invention. As a result, protagonist is teleported to another world where he has to earn living as escort hunter while having to deal with a lot of girls.
Drawing and character design are very poor. Length is short and number of choices is small (and they are mostly meaningless). Story moves somehow pretty much without player interference, and ending with each heroine is the same. So there's hardly any appeal in the game.


1. Break Out Airline Break Out Airline [001102] Dall 1
Our stage is on an international flight going from New York City to Haneda Airport in Japan. Our main character is the co-pilot, who has had a very smooth flight up until now... Suddenly, a highjacking begins to take place. The highjacker sets off a poisonous gas that kills all the males on the plane except himself! Our hero has to take over this emergency situation because the captain has been incapacitated. But there's problem: He has changed into a sexual perverted demon from the side effects of the poisonous gas!

2. Mamahaha Choukyou 継母調教 [001102] Giant Panda
Main character's father remarries on the school teacher, the protagonist's first love. He can not forgive her, and thus develops her strict training.

3. Situation 3 しちゅえ~しょん3 [001109] Berserker 1
It's pleasure time with the girls in five stories. Following girls are available: maid, cosplay girl, security guard, high school student, animal girl.

4. Ayatsuri no Kyoushitsu 傀儡の教室 [001110] FlyingShine
Main character sneaks into his alma mater school as a half joke with friends, but he can't get out. If he escapes somehow, he gets killed. Eventually memories of old cases of hypnotism at their school revive in everyone's heads.

5. B.B. Oh, yes! Jonny! [001110] Fairytale
American rockabilly "Johnny" is a self-proclaimed remodeled person from the evil society. He comes to show his Japanese friend the "brilliant nature world" of girls. But in fact he just uses "small Johny" devices to peep and eavesdrop on girls. What kind of world does he have to offer?

6. Imitation ~Manatsu no Ai~ Imitation ~真夏の愛~ [001110] Deco1
Main character acquires right to test an android imitation from a famous company for one month. At first he does not take it seriously, but with time starts to feel sympathy towards Mizuki. With each day time limit draws near - is farewell inevitable?

7. Itadaki Jangarian いただきじゃんがりあん [001110] Studio Miris
Satou Kazumi, a big fan of Eroge and Mahjong, One day, his sister Suzune tells him the family restaurant "Jangarian", which their family runs, is close to a crisis. Kazumi decides to go to headhunting for show girls rival shops with his strong Mahjong...
Card game

8. Life ~Omoide no Hashi ni~ Life ~思い出の橋に~ [001110] Ange
This bridge has seen a lot of stories during its lifetime. Here are memories of some of its regulars - lovers, prostitutes, travelers, soldiers.

9. Luna Majogari ルナ 魔女狩り [001110] Noise
A beam of light suddenly falls to the center of the city. Inspector Kaira receives the imperial command to start hunting witches responsible for that. Kaira meets woman Nia - is she also a witch? What's the truth there?

10. Yasha ~Kakusareta Kyouki~ YASHA~隠された狂気~ [001110] AngelHearts
Main character's father remarries bringing new family to live together. But everything changes with father's overseas assignment. Stepmother starts to bully protagonist and his sister feeling jealousy. Hero stands up on the way of revenge.

11. Duette"A" Duette”A”~デュエット"A"~ [001111] Stage-nana
An Air doujin-soft by Tomo Kataoka.

12. Reversive Himitsu Nikki りばーしぶる ひみつ日記 [001115] Cute
Main character secretly dates his class teacher. Please enjoy the diary of the teacher that covers all kinds of erotic situations and encounters.

13. Sacrifice ~Uzuki no Kubiwa~ サクリファイス ~疼きの首輪~ [001115] Candle
Main character sneaks into a manor to help a girl captured by a demon. However, girl does not wish to return after being branded as a shame of the family. Hero decides to explore the mansion in search of ways to help out while avoiding the encounter with the demon.

14. Soutosai 奏社祭~そうとさい~ [001115] Nekotama
It's 10 days before the culture festival in a certain private academy. Lively atmosphere surrounds the preparations, and lovely girls in a playful mood don't mind new acquaintances.

15. Tsuukin Kairaku ~Chikan de Go!~ 通勤快楽~痴漢でGO!~ [001115] Haoh
Main character is a salaryman who molests every morning and evening. One day his victim congratulates him and wishes him best luck with the contest. It turns out that this train vagon is full of molesters aiming to be the best.

16. Harborland de Tsukamaete ハーバーランドでつかまえて [001115] Jam Koubou
Main character lives in Kobe and dislikes Kansai dialect. He is reluctantly sent there by the organization headquarters. But on the first day he meets a cute girl in this branch. Her charm starts to change Kansai prejudices.

17. Custom Sex Doll カスタムSEXDOLL [001117] ight
School president offers protagonist the position of the next school president with the full control over the school for participating in SEXDOLL contest between schools to train the best nymphomaniac.

18. Mesu Neko Yuugi 牝猫遊戯 [001117] Melody
Our guy finds employees for people. Today he has a new female partner and a mission to find a missing girl plus a secretary in a company. Their excuse for being there is that they are sexual harassment detectives. What a joke, soon the guy has harassed most of the girls that work there. Good thing for him too, because with those girls' help, he will find out the funny going ons of this company.

19. ~Miboujin~ Niku Dorei ~美亡人~ 肉奴隷 [001117] Guilty
Heroine lost her husband due to illness. The bosses of her deceased husband took advantage of the situation turning her into a sex slave.

20. Ryoujoku Dousoukai 凌辱同窓会 [001117] Zero
In order to fulfill what he wished to do at the age of students, protagonist invites former girl classmates to a false "alumni association". He is about to commit each girl one by one in accordance with his memories.

21. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Dai 2 Kai Kouen Rika Junbishitsu de Tsukamaete 電脳劇団ムー一座第2回公演 理科準備室でつかまえて [001121] Artifact
Ultra Mysterious Study Group has a clash among its members. The opposing faction decides to assault girl scientist in the science preparation room at night. Protagonist assists the girl at this time - will he be able to help her?

22. Angelique Trois アンジェリーク トロワ [001122] Koei
Third installment in the series. Angelique Collet now queen of a new cosmos, is drawn into a pocket cosmos, Arcadia, with the rest of the Angelique Special 2 cast. She develops the wilderness of Arcadia in order to free Elda, a strange being she finds there.

23. Island Resort -Kettou Okihimejima Bunkou- あいらんど・りぞーと-決闘沖姫島分校- [001122] Whirl Device
Main character transfers to a school on a resort island because of his father, who gets appointed at work to be responsible for island development. However, opposition campaign has burst out to prevent reconstruction of the island, and the protests wave reached the school as well. Supporting the the right to develop the island, protagonist enters a surrogate war at school where the battles are held through mahjong game.
Card game

24. Sala Ryoujoku no Cello Concours セーラ 陵辱のチェロコンクール [001122] Gondola
Main character is impressed with Sala wonderful musical performance. He suggests she should participate in a musical contest held in town. Sala is going to practice for competition for a month, and protagonist is going to help her with any means necessary.

25. X'mas Present [001122] Pinpai
Two semesters till Christmas. There is premonition that something new is bound to happen. There is a choice among three stories, each featuring a different narration with a different girl.

26. In'yoku 2 淫慾2 [001123] Benten
Main character is a salary-man in a food company. He has to work overtime and on holidays because of an incompetent director. He knows his director is a regular at a SM club. Protagonists joins this club to have his revenge on the director and get new acquaintances.

27. Ai-Sai 愛妻 ai-sai [001124] Prima
Main character is from a wealthy family. His classmate's family in in debts with protagonists' father, so classmate's mother agrees to clean the mansion to decrease the debt amount. Protagonist lusts for the woman, and she unexpectedly surrenders to his will. The everyday fun begins, and then it's classmate's and her sister's turn.

28. Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ Exile ~Blood Royal 2~ [001124] Cherry Soft
Main character is the prince of a certain country. He is cursed by a witch and is destined to become a devil when becoming 20 years old. The king confined him to a small island castle to live till becoming a beast. According to a fortune telling, prince must be sincerely loved to prevent turning into a demon, but no woman could love the cruel prince. Then one day two princesses arrive as a tribute to the kingdom. Prince entrusted the last hope to these two princesses ...

29. Inda 4 淫打4 [001124] Hyperspace
Sharpen typing skills to enjoy gasping voice and beautiful girls.

30. Korashime ~Kyouikuteki Shidou~ 懲らしめ ~狂育的指導~ [001124] Blue Gale
Main character is a Physics Teacher, 25 years old, single. He gets the news that he can go to teach at the university he was longing for from the start. At that time he occasionally eavesdrops girls giving scores to teachers in the dressing room. Then he is invited to a small farewell party where he gets drunk. The next day his embarrassing photos get spread in the class. The anger reaches its peak. Now the revenge is inevitable, but there's the need to plan steps carefully not to get framed.

31. Ryoujoku Toritate 凌辱取立 [001124] Snow
Main character is a debt collector specializing in women. Since it's a job to collect money with whatever means possible, he finds weak spots in body and mind and draws victims to the world of terror. When debtor can't pay himself, his relatives and friends get involved as well.You have to return what you borrow!

32. Salmon Pink さ~もんぴんく [001124] Trabulance
Main character finds a way to summon a devil from grandfather's papers. The devil gets the appearance of selected person, so protagonist selects his childhood friend Momo. The devil Pink is same cute as Momo and is absolutely obedient to the hero...

33. Shachiku 車畜 [001124] Arkham Products
Mika accidentally drives over a woman who dies as a consequence. The woman's now widowed husband loved his wife so much that he decides to live only for revenge. So he sells his apartment, buys a truck with a built-in cell, kidnaps Mika and starts extracting his revenge on her. As time goes by, the man's resolve for revenge starts to waver and his lust for Mika's body starts to grow.

34. SM no Susume -The Seeker ZERO- SMノススメ -The Seeker ZERO- [001124] Tenshindou 1
Satsuki finally confesses to her big brother Taiki that she is in love with him. However, Taiki is a full-fledged sadist! Notwithstanding, Satsuki refuses to let go of her feelings for her brother; with some confusion, she accepts his inclinations.
At about that time, Taiki's junior from high school, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Satsuki's senior, Taeka Yukimoto come to stay with them. All three these girls are infatuated with Taiki. They all offer to begin training to become his girl-slaves. And so, the training in their new profession begins...

35. Yokubou Shikkounin 欲望執行人 [001124] STONE HEADS
Pretty girl seeping innocently in the train with pants seen. A woman ascending the stairs with a super mini skirt. A nurse at a hospital where the protagonist is hospitalized with trauma of both hands. A girl selling ero doujinshi at the event booth. A waitress without a family. When main character meets such girls, a wide smile appears on his face covering his desire, and he starts to act.

36. Youfu 養父 [001124] Miyabi
Main character is a director of a nursing home, and 20 days before building demolition he confines the girls there and teaches them love.

37. Ryoujoku Ningyou 2 凌辱人形2 [001124] Gyakukaiten Yarou
Main character has desire of insult awoken in him. His beautiful sister will taste the full power of his determination.
Doujin Nukige

38. Rakuen 楽園 [001127] Kappadou
Main character has puppet mania. And the day the doll is finished the female teacher that doll was named after, appears before protagonist. He confines her and humiliates her each day. Where will it lead?

39. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series 2nd: Shiritsu Houou Gakuen: 1-nen Jun'ai-gumi 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ2nd 私立鳳凰学園 1年純愛組 [001128] J-Wing 1
In the story mode player controls a young boy who attends a private academy. There he meets different girls. During conversations with them he plays mahjong, and the endings depend on whether he wins or loses in the game.
Card game

40. Don’t Stop Mama?! Don’t Stop ママ?! [001130] Authoring Heaven 1
Main characters got divorced, and soon his father remarried. 
12 years later. Father starts to cheat on his wife, and protagonist is very sorry for his stepmother. Stepmother acts in a sane manner, but there is no more cheerfulness in her smile. So protagonist could not refuse her invitation to take a bath together for the first time in a while. And this turned out to be his first mistake...

41. Ore no Miko-san 俺の巫女さん [001130] Evolution
Main character loves shrine maidens, and he gets an ability to turn any girl into a shrine maiden. Now the only question is whether girls are better as they are now or as shrine maidens?

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you know the more you post, the more IM LIKE "HOLY MOLY" this hentai/anime was base on this visual novel back in 2000! man that such a long time and didnt know it was a visual novel at first hahaha also it been a while :) anything new in term of anime on the radar or no?

Mark1246 said...

OH my gosh, as we get closer to 2001, i spotted an familiar title: Momiji~ "Watashi... Ningyou ja Arimasen

I like those story where the female changes the heart of a mean rich kid into someone better. Yes it base of a H-visual novel but I like those plots....despite it being an hentai :).

PS: I found another channel like your that does similar to you but it all in Japanese but I know the show from the thumbnail :)

kivandopulus said...

I'm literally just finishing watching last season anime, but from Winter I look forward to Dororo since I watched the black and white anime of it and played the visual novel from the 80s about it . The must haves are Date a Live 3 and Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari . But I try about 20-30 series per season, so end up watching 10 or so each time.

Oh well, there are so many novels that hentai ones like Momiji get blocked instantly by me. I would not be able to explain what's so cool in such novels, so I don't even try to.

Haron youtube channel has been in my bookmarks for over a year now, I was among its first 10 subscribers. There's also Deep Blue channel that does roughly the same, but it's been dormant till lately

Mark1246 said...

few thing

1)Good luck with DAL 3, cause there were some production issue and some of the scene look very ugly. Shield Hero i read the manga so enjoy it, it good :). If it an anime base off a manga I already read, i skip it since i read the manga and know what happen....Except for JOJO

2) Oh didnt know there were some type of game you don't play :D hahaha. Well like a said, doesnt matter if there hentai )H-scene) in it, I watch it for the story or the laugh or just to see how the animation hold up after 20 years :). speaking of, any new video going to be uploaded to that private YT channel any time soon or no? thanks. I still laugh so hard for the hilarious dialogue for viper

3) since your not watching that much, here are some music that i recommend to hear
*) from the JOJO season, the MAIN THEME which has a freaking Chorus in it:
*) and this precure song cause is sound like a visual novel OP theme:

Until next post :)

kivandopulus said...

The other channel gets an update when there is actually the game I absolutely need to play, but that's very difficult to censor. I had to skip on Viper-GT1 ~Akira-kun to Issho~ since it was really a SIM-like experience. I'll skip typing Viper as well since it's based on older Viper games that I already know well. I'll definitely want to record Viper-M5, but it wont be till covering October 2001.

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