VN of the Month October 2000 - Baldr Bullet

Baldr Bullet is the definite winner as VN of the Month, but I'm not up for a gameplay game. But then the question arises - what to review from October 2000? The obvious candidate is Bloomers 2000 , but it also has gameplay elements and its content is quite ambiguous for youtube. So my choice is Kaichuudokei - a lesser known school mystery horror.

1. Fuuma Jinja 封魔神社 [001006] TinkerBell

Youkai sealed for 1000 years is now released in the peaceful city. An ordianary high school student receives guidance from a shine maiden and takes a sword to fight the demon. 
A rare TinkerBell game that is not total crap right from the bat. But it does not mean it's not crap. There are three heroines, but the flow is the same, save for some midgame events and endings. With not enough content there's a constant impression of a lousy scenario. And even in this neutral setting TinkerBell managed to include darker themes like tentacles and... worse. Totally unsatisfactory.

2. J.A. Judge August J.A. ジャッジオーガスト [001006] Loze 1

An unbelievably giant enemy is trying to reach Earth. Unaware, most human
beings are leading peaceful lives. Yuzo Hiragi, a space physicist, quickly learns of this threat and begins to develop "the god of war (Illusion)". 
However, he is nearly killed by the mysterious enemy's attack, and Takeru, his grandson, takes charge of the research...
"The god of war (Illusion)" is a machine created by the energy generated from love and trust. However, it is only partially completed, and the pilots are not ready yet.
There's only one year till the enemy's attack... He has to complete the machine and find two pilots.
Will he complete the project in time? Can he save Earth...?
Story is full of weirdness and chunige craziness like aliens blowing up a complex or assassination by a secret evil society. And eventually comes realization that it's not a serious story, but some gag parody. We pick one of three candidates and watch a lined up story for some five hours. It plays like a normal SF bakage, just don't expect seriousness.

3. Koigokoro 恋ごころ [001006] Ram
The main character dropped in at a village on his way home from training camp. It was his first visit but it seemed he had known the place for a long time.... He decided to stay there for a while and he became a security guard for the village. But it was difficult to guard the village by himself so he started to train security guards. Disciples gathered soon as if it had been planned.... There were five girls. They were unique but trained hard. A little while later, the atmosphere around the village started to get uneasy... but nobody knew the meeting of five girls caused this....
Game has mostly positive reviews, because it's a fun polished fantasy comedy with eight animated scenes. Structure is quite simple - chase either of five girls and get either girl happy ending and bad ending without a girl. Ancient China setting can be not for everyone's taste. Overall a high quality game, but not individual enough, story is commonplace.

4. Koimusubi 恋結び [001006] spiel 1

Hero is a student who lives his life by inertia alone away from her parents. 
One night he dreams of living with a girl from his class. He had not special feelings for her till now, but things change from now on...
You are given one month to get attention of one girl, otherwise you lose.
There is an English review.

5. Kyouto ~Omoi wa Watatsukibashi o Koete~ 京都 ~想いは渡月橋をこえて~ [001006] eLia

In autumn thoughts change into love feeling. This is a love story between high school students who live in Kyoto. Where will autumn Kyoto atmosphere bring them?
Sentimental game with quite simple composition that includes heroine introduction - date in the park - return home with H scene - epilogue. The same composition repeats for each heroine. Game includes many Kyoto sightseeing places and can be used as a tour guide. Overall the content is not impressive for an average user. Maybe a sentimental woman would think otherwise.

6. Prism Heart プリズム・ハート [001006] Pajamas Soft 1 2
There is a tournament for knights at Windland once every three years, a kingdom named after its famous fragrant winds. Seven heroines stand out above everyone else in this years tournament with their fighting spirit. Swords clash, horses race and hearts beat against each other under the famous winds...
There is an English review.

7. Kaichuudokei 懐中時計 [001013] Free's
Some girl appears before main character and gives him pocket watch. The next day she meets hero once again, but she had no recollection of the yesterday encounter. Strange events start to pile up turning into bizarre incidents that are able to claim one's life. Can he protect the girls?
A confusing game utilizing pocket watch to move back and forth in the game time. Getting to the ending is easy, but it's naturally a bad ending, and from that time all the save and load time jumps begin. These time slips aren't really properly explained in the game. And the real ending is shocking, and not it a good way. So with all the concept novelty and mystery, it's a game that's very difficult to like.

8. Kami-sama Onegai!! 神サマお願い!! [001013] Bell-Da

Main character is an ordinary college student. One day he gets into a traffic incident, and his spirit flies to heavens. There goddess sends him to search for a person thinking of him, as this is the only way to resurrection. However, there are many obstacles on the way of the spirit, like intervention from the demon world. Will he be able to regain his life?
It's a simple gag comedy with several heroines. Scenario is thin. But it's a charage with quite lovely characters, so there's only meaning to play if like one of heroines. 

9. Me-ga-mi ~Megami-chan Get Daisenryaku!?~ ME・GA・MI ~女神ちゃんGET大戦略!?~ [001013] CHOCO
Long ago there was a battle between two races. 
White star race was looking alike humans, but with wings, and they wanted love and peace. The Black star race was with horns and black wings, and they desired fighting and power. The fight was fierce, and both mother stars got destroyed as a result. White race moved to the dark side of the moon and is now called angels. Black race moved to Mars, and they are called demons.
Angels can no longer be born, so to continue but chosen from the Earth girls, and of course demons would be in the way, so their conflict continued on Earth.
Protagonist is an angel who comes to the Earth in search of marriage partner to become and goddess and continue angelic line. 
Another lighthearted ero-tilt bakage. Can't really say much about it. Quite a short one, but at least story is not just about the girl, but also about the conflict.

10. Mugen no Kyoukai ~Kiseki no Umi~ 夢現の境界~奇跡の海~ [001013] Eve
Hero is an ordinary student. After getting in a traffic incident he starts to see events of his previous life in dreams. His previous life was warrior guardian of dream world where all the myths originate protecting it from nightmare monsters.
One day he gets to know that the seal of the dream world is broken, and nightmare monsters threaten to destroy real world next. He needs to regain his love reincarnated in this world and fight invasion with the power of love.
What a mess of a synopsis. But the game is even worse, it's basically a SIM with racial fetish. Battles are done with janken... System is poor. Something waaaay out of my league.

11. Osananajimi 幼なじみ [001013] Prima
At the end of a short spring break hero finds a childhood photo of him and five girls in the neighborhood. There is also a small key to the time capsule beside the photo. He chooses to use the time capsule to reunite with his memories of those days... 
Game is quite short in every of five heroines routes, but it has uniqueness for depicting mental state the environment poetically. A sentimental charage without any drama. 

12. Romance 浪漫珠~ろまんす~ [001013] Angel Smile
Meiji era. The main character is an ambitious novelist. His work is criticized at the redaction, and he is recommended to write romance novels popular with public instead. Hero agrees, but he does not have love experience at all. This is a story of romance birth.
It turned more into sensual novel than a romantic novel, but we aren't to judge here. The deployment is forced since the number of characters for romancing is 8. There is much poetry and sentiments in descriptions.

13. Sakura no Niwa 桜の庭 [001013] Tetratech
Shun Kubota died. His past friend Koji Hirose is sure that Shun could not commit a suicide. Koji starts his own investigation and gets deeper and deeper into Shun circumstances...
Tetratech immediately means it's a nukige for me already, and this game is more nukige than a detective story. During the course of the story we get to know girl acquaintances of Kubota and listen to their quirky stories. CG have old style feeling.

14. Suki no Katachi スキノカタチ [001013] Sarang
Two years ago protagonist's father died suddenly while working in United States leaving lots of money and house that is too huge to live alone. But one day father's American wife comes to Japan with her daughter to live together in this house! What should he do?
Game only takes 3 days and it's possible to chase either mother-in-law and sister-in-law or just any girls around. Childhood friend is the main heroine. H events are animated and have SM flavor. Happy end happens suddenly after three days, so it's a very hasty development.

15. Ao no Ballade 碧のバラード [001020] Gaia
Akira is an amateur musician aiming to become a professional. On a rainy day he meets a girl while working a part-time job. She turns out out to be a daughter of a famous musical producer. Her father becomes the biggest barrier on the way to love as he promises Akira to disqualify him from a musical contest if he continues to pursue producer's daughter. 
A bitter sad story about the clash with reality. Story follows a very depressing development, so leaves mostly negative emotions.

16. Bloomers 2000 ぶるまー2000 [001020] Liar-soft
Divine bloomers were found on the Moon. An evil group BB group "Big bloomer group" seeks a way to make the whole world into a bloomer, and the international MIB "Men in Bloomer" organization monitors the subtle bloomer balance in the world. Their conflict becomes inevitable.
Tokiwa Ai is an ordinary girl who becomes chosen as a goddess of bloomers, and from now on she's a bloomers justice warrior!
Liar-soft continues its crazy crusade to conquer the world. Unexpectedly easygoing and light bakage, but also with serious parts. Endings vary very much from abrupt ones to aggressive ones and happy ones. The balance of battles is very poor. Overall a bright game appealing to Akihabara and alike geeks.

17. Kikoku no Mori 鬼哭の森 [001020] Platinum Soft
A quiet town where future and past mix together. One day, a theft case happens there which would be soon forgotten if there were not strange incidents happening around it. The female teacher in the midst of the theft incident disappears, classmates start to behave strangely and mysterious woman shows up before Koichi. Gradually, but surely anomalities begin to penetrate the daily life of Koichi.
Game involves concept of time not only for movement, but also for talking... Only one of eight endings has something to do with the theft while other endings only uncover memories. The biggest complaint is that there is not enough explanation and here is thrown from one incident to another with semi-random H events.

18. Kono Mune no Naka Ikite... ~Find Love EX 2~ この胸の中 生きて… ~Find Love EX2~ [001020] Lyceen
In 194X Japan surrenders to the USA and gets occupied leaving only reservations for the Japanese. Forced labor became a commonplace. In addition, USA command center secretly conducts sexual experiments to nurture high psychic ability. One of such experiment subjects is girl Ruriko. 
Main character is rescued from forced labor camp in coal mine by the resistance. He now fights the occupational forces as well. But at the same time he gets deeply involved with Ruriko... 
What a nice setting. But sadly setting does not determine content this time. The story is long, but not so deep. Still recommended to fans of alternative history.

19. Baldr Bullet バルドバレット [001027] 1 2 3
Sometime in the near future, the South American rain forest serves as the backdrop of a war between two factions - those who support the Baldr governing technology and those who don't. To ensure that the skirmishes and conflicts don't expand, the BS-OSA or Baldr System - Observation Structure Army is set up to police the region. Inside the Army is a special unit known as SERR14 (Observation Structure Army South American Experimental Riot Regiment the 14th) which is comprised of elite soldiers and operatives such as Sergey Kirkland and Dullahan Cuningham.
There are English reviews.

20. Nanako2 [001027] Studio Pandora
A certain "family" lives since ancient times with the help of technology that prevents aging. But the price for immortality is full of fear and sorrow. 
A detective investigation leads to mysterious undersea temple...
There's not much information on the game. The scenario development is short and different in each branch, with lots of H scenes. Quite shocking non-integral work, but mostly pleasant to the eyes.

21. Omoide Album 思い出アルバム [001027] Trabulance
Just before hero's graduation it's decided to demolish the old wooden school building. Everyone in the class is largely indifferent to the teacher's proposal to make an album about the school building. However, main character wants to engrave the life in this wooden school building into something more than a memory. There are several classmates who share his point of view. They start making an album. And it's also the time when girl comes to his life.
The centuries shift gave a big push to the sentimental romance genre. This is one of such games with clever use of sepia tone and special coloring. The story is very simple and all three heroines routes feel quite alike. The shortness and lack of character background and development results in a so-so impression.

22. SuiSui Sweet すいすいSweet [001027] Tactics
Our third-year protagonist Kosuke is surrounded by unique girls.
His bright and cheerful childhood friend Makoto.
The stoic council president Kyoka.
The cool girl Chiaki.
The flirtatious first year Miho.
And the crazy about adivination Yuubi.
Where will Kosuke's affection lead to...?
Quite a typical school love story with five heroines. Game is dialogues driven, so description is often lacking. The tempo is very bad in the beginning and in the middle, but from the end to the climax it paces up well. Difficulty is not high since there are only two-three options to choose from each time, but it's still possible to get astray from the girl route. There's just one H scene at the end of each girl route, so game was able be painlessly transferred to consoles.


1. Love Call [001006] Mink
Protagonist as a college student. One day he receives a mistaken call from woman Cynthia, and that call brings numerous fears and mysteries to his life. She continues to call for the whole month drawing him into the world of dreams, magic and imagination. Hero uses psycho navigation to travel inside those dreams.

2. Ryoujokuki 凌辱鬼 [001006] Guilty
A serious change occurred to a pharmacy worker after taking part in test of a new medical drug. It turned out to have an effect of superb narcotics and aphrodisiacs making a big fuss within the staff... 

3. Yatsugaike ~Yatsugaike Kitan~ 八ヶ池 ~八ヶ池忌憚~ [001006] Pass Guard
Main character is born in a military officer family. He's a shy boy and currently lives alone due to family circumstances. One day he witnesses sexual assault in the park, tries to help and gets murdered as a result. He awakens as a spirit. He can't affect the world except for when in situation that caused his death. He can materialize only when insulting girls in the park...

4. Zoukeishi 造形師 [001006] Rave
Protagonist is an independent orthopedic surgeon. He specializes in shaping a woman's body into a work of art. 

5. Nurunuru Shiru Jigoku 6 Insui No Ningyo ぬるぬる汁地獄6 淫水の人魚 [001006] Soft Circle Courreges
Sixth installment of slimy series now also includes bukkake mode in addition to touch and scorch modes.
Doujin Nukige

6. Himitsu no Koi ひみつの恋 [001013] Studio Neko Punch
From when did we become lovers? Love comes unexpectedly as an unforgettable memory in a sweet and sour summer time. Just a week before the summer vacations end our secret love began.

7. Rainy Rhapsody [001014] Guerilla Corps
After hearing prostitute Jessica's case, John begins an investigation. For that he takes up the job of host.
Doujin Shounen Ai

8. Soko Dame! Nee-san そこダメ!姉さん [001014] Beenyan
Older sister took care of protagonist after their parents died. Then she disappeared for three years, and now suddenly comes back. But there is no trace of former gentle sister! She's selfish, dominating and does whatever she wants to do. 

9. Kojin Taxi 股人タクシー [001020] Xuse
Main character is a taxi driver. His only purpose is to play with bodies of pretty girls, looking at their face expression. He reveals girls secrets and blackmails them into having a ride with him.

10. Nakayoku Shimasho 仲良くシましょ [001020] Rocket
Main character lost his mother when he was very young, and was raised in his father's household since then. One day his father remarries female cousin. The problem is that all three new protagonist's sister-in-laws are the girls who he had relationship with. They get furious when this fact reveals, but in the end sympathy overcomes first shock and their weird cohabitation begins.

11. Dennou Gekidan Muu Ichiza Shokai Kouen Itsuka Mita Mermaid 電脳劇団ムー一座初回公演 いつか見たマーメイド [001021] Artifact
Main character is a millionaire son who is sure he was saved by a mermaid in his childhood. He escapes from his control-freak wife to the island of his memories where he encountered the mermaid.

12. Mahou Shoujo Hanasaki Hotaru 魔法少女 花咲ほたる [001022] Pandadanpa
A new magical girl has awoken! Hanasaki Hotaru fights to protect the peace of the city. But she is captured by the enemies who are anxious to play with her young body.

13. Bother Rhapsody [001024] Gin no Ken
A vampire named Kyle lives quietly in his house with a were-cat girl. But one day their peaceful everyday suddenly gets crushed.

14. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi Tadaima Gasshuku Chuu コートの中の天使達 ただいま合宿中 [001027] Pinpai
Night after practice day at the training camp. Defeat the team members in blackjack one by one and you can win a special entertainment...

15. MaeStro [001027] Soleil
Protagonist comes to a usual piano lesson where he is suddenly sexually assaulted by his female teacher. A whole new world of experiments and pleasure opens up before him since then.

16. Midara Gari 淫狩 [001027] Pochette
One day educational practitioners come to protagonist's school. One female college student out of them made a big fuss. Naturally, hero can't take his eyes from her beauty. And when the day of  practical training comes, teacher suddenly appears in his room offering private service. She turns out to be a devil who imbues protagonist with magical power to commit any girls he lusts for.

17. Mitsuryouku 2 密猟区2 [001027] Zero
Daniel Lambert is a mercenary of Spranell Kingdom. His troops currently carry out occupation of the Oak grain village in the enemy Republic of Bali. By a twist of fate this village is Daniel's birthplace. What's the purpose of occupying the village that only has women and children left? Everything depends on Daniel's actions. 

18. Shimaizuma 姉妹妻 [001027] 13cm
Misako is a widow who lost her husband at a young age. She works as a teacher at school. She and college second grader girl Miki get drowned into a whirlpool of lust by three men.
A multi-site adventure from the point of view of Misako, Miki and one of the males.

19. Sixty Nine [001027] May-Be Soft 1
A collection of 69 mini-scenarios.
You are a player luckily picked to try out a brand new virtual reality system.

20. Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~ 人妻×人妻 ~ここは人妻ぱらだいす!~ [001027] Discovery
Yusuke Oshima, the hero, has failed the college career, so his father made him to join "Tokito building services" as a Human Resources Director. 
Finishing the training of five months, he was dispatched to an apartment complex as a manager. One week has passed, and a pair of newlyweds have been moved, including Akira, his classmate from highschool days who was longing to meeting him again...

21. Watashi no Arika. わたしのありか。 [001027] Janis
During surgery to remove cancer under general anesthesia, Kunihiro encounters an angel girl Safar in the dream. Safar offers him power to seduce any girls in the city easily in exchange for keeping her spirit within his body as well

22. Youin no Yakata 妖淫の館 [001027] Black Package Try
Protagonist has an inherited power to subdue wills even of toughest politicians and bureaucrats. He uses this power to confine a number of women in his mansion and apply slavery training.

23. Sei Crain Gakuen 聖・CRAIN学園 [001029] Tennenouji 1
St. Crain School is an all boys' school where the sons of the rich and famous attend and live in the dorms. However, even though the students come from rich backgrounds, they also come from painful backgrounds, and now a lot of nasty things have been happening around the school, particuarly to the student Yuuya Takaki, who seems to be the chosen victim to several instances of rape.

24. Yume no Owari 夢の終わり [0010] Gin no Ken
There is a beautiful vampire named Lark who lives in the eternity. He hates boredom and stagnation, so he goes on a journey. He stays at a village at night. But there is someone waiting for him at the village...

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