VN of the Month May 2001 - Sapphism no Gensou

There aren't masterpieces this month, but I evaluate Sapphism no Gensou higher than any other game this month. Wanted to review it myself, but there are too many English reviews already from the yuri army. I'll be playing Femme Fatale since it's the prequel of Edelweiss that I have certain hopes about.

1. Sora no Fudousan 空の浮動産 [010504] Jitensha Sougyou
Near future. Magic has been invented a year ago, and law faculties now study magic. Magic has become an object of numerous regulations. This is a story of a freshman entering such faculty.
Game uses the same system as Ano, Subarashii o Mou Ichido that we saw in 1999. That roughly means countless restarts and reloads to find items and hints to bring them back to the saved game. It sounds like pain, and it IS pain.

2. Love Love Teatime らぶらぶティータイム [010511] Actress
Main character gets a part-time job at a coffee shop. There are really cute waitresses working there, but is it possible to go out with a girl met at work?
In two weeks it's needed to raise favorability rate with one of seven girls. Moege with 3-5 H scenes per heroine. Surprisingly, there's a quite decent route about time travel that opens only after all the girls are captured.

3. Silence ~Seinaru Yoru no Kane no Naka de...~ Silence~聖なる夜の鐘の中で・・・~ [010511] e-Erekiteru 1
Our hero has been working day and night on preparations for the school festival. He suddenly experiences a blinding headache and is taken to the hospital. He is diagnosed with a brain tumor and is admitted into the reputable Saint Nicola Hospital. There are eerie rumors that ghosts have been sighted. Just what is it with this hospital? Frightened by his worsening condition, our hero is comforted by the various girls he comes across in the hospital. Christmas swings around as death approaches. . .
Choices diverge into various paths as conversations with girls are taken up in this picture novel. As the player, you can decide how our hero's remaining days will be spent to face the approaching end: To leave without regrets. Even with such an overbearing theme, it really is a refreshing piece of work that we know you'll enjoy.
There are nine heroines to capture including secret one that appears after clearing all other good and bad endings. Scenario is thin. One route takes about 1.5 hours. Protagonist is cruel and selfish. No voicing. Game leaves a poor impression.

4. Trouble Witch!! とらぶるウィッチ~ズ!! [010511] For 1
An inexperienced magician has mistakenly sent our hero and Orihime to the dream world. They want to go back to the real world as soon as possible, but it looks like it will take more than a month just to prepare for the ceremony to send them back. Until then, they have to stay with Pastel, the inexperienced magician, who brought them here in the first place. 
This is an orthodox AVG with very cute characters. You will get to meet the following exciting characters: Orihime, Pastel, Milfiyu, Princess Acerola, Chocola, and Maroon. The disagreeable Cacao will also appear, as he tries to capture Orihime. 
Content is boring as there is no real aim in the game, just waiting. Good text and characters though.

5. Bunchasai ぶんちゃさい [010518] Jade
Main character somehow becomes a school festival executive committee member. He gets a task to find participants in cute girls competition as school mascots.
Period is 5 days pre-festival and 2 days during festival. One playthrough takes less than 2 hours, but some heroines have two endings. Since it's a charage, evaluation depends on affection towards the girls.

6. Sapphism no Gensou サフィズムの舷窓 [010518] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5
Story takes place on a fanciful, all-girl educational institution that floats along the oceans. Despite the complete absence of men, there have been incidents of rape among the passengers and crew. No one knows who it is just yet, but there are three candidates that carry the high probability of being the next target. Suspense and mystery await as the women suspect one another to be the perpetrator, and who will be next victim. You play as an idol--a female--of the student body who joins in the hunt for finding who did it. The rub lies in the fact that the ship will disembark in three weeks, and the culprit will have gotten away with it by then.
Game takes 3 weeks. On weekdays it's exploration and information gathering, on Saturday deduction work, and on Sunday date with main heroine -> repeat. The scenario is thin, so the main attraction is full yuri, atmosphere and characters.

7. Shinseiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン 綾波育成計画 [010518] Gainax 1 2 3
In Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku, the player takes on the role of a NERV officer who has just been assigned to Tokyo-3. Upon meeting with Commander Gendo Ikari, he is charged with taking care of the First Child, the mysterious Evangelion pilot Rei Ayanami. It is up to the player to decide Ayanami's weekly schedule, balancing between education, duties at NERV, and leisure. The game spans approximately one year, and includes the events of the entire anime series, as well as the movie The End of Evangelion.
Game is localized and has English reviews

8. Bounty Hunter Sara: Holly Mountain no Teiou バウンティハンターサラ ホーリーマウンテンの帝王 [010524] Capcom 1
In the year 2060, Neo Tokyo overflows with the criminal element and it's a thug life for many up 'n coming miscreants. The police force can't cope and resorts to doling out mercenary work to enterprising freelance contractors who have the resources to kneecap goons who are dignified only by the warrants on their heads.
As Sara Fitzgerald, you play the part of a bounty hunter who takes on high-risk assignments to earn the almighty dollar. The game focuses on your mission to take down the Lord of Holly Mountain, a feared gangster, by going through his ranks and making the right decisions when facing a dicey scenario.
Movie-ish game featuring lots of exotic vehicles and gunfire. Most of deaths come not from wrong decisions, but exactly from gunfire. Not much story value, as developers are more interested in HOW the justice is going to be done, not why etc.

9. Pokopoko Gunsho ~Tana kara Koboreta Story~ ぽこぽこ軍将 ~棚からこぼれたストーリー~ [010524] ainos
Main character found a strange UFO when cleaning his room. Inside were two aliens who came to this planet to spread military shogi game. Intimacy will be reward for winning. 
Not interested

10. 21-Two One- [010525] BasiL 1
Takuya Kirishima is a brilliant young surgeon who can save anyone with a disease. He spends his days working with his childhood friend Seri Sasaki, who is a nurse in the same hospital. One day, a murder is commited in the hospital and people starts suffering a strange disease not seen before. Takuya starts looking for the answer of these strange happenings so he can protect Seri.
7 heroines, plus one additional. Story focuses on the incident, but psychological description of heroines is missing, so they end up existing separately from the incident. In the end it's a perfectly fine charage, but plot feels not integral enough. Atmosphere is great, though. Additional scenario is actually more interesting than the main plot story.

11. Double DOUBLE~ダブル~ [010525] Cherry Soft
Near future. Winged descendants of angels and demons have appeared on the Earth. A series of crimes break out in the capital Chiba City. Main character is a student who attends Chiba Defense Academy ADAMAS. One day he meets an angelic girl at a crime scene...
Basically it's same setting as Kimon Youitan, and more or less same RPG system. Battles are same repeating and boring, but beautiful CG and same enough to keep going. Scenario is not intriguing enough for me to play this kind of story.

12. DT Lords of Genomes DTローズ・オブ・ゲノム [010525] GameStudio
You are a DT master. 
You can change the substance with the collected data and use it in fights. Governments, 
secret societies, religious organizations all aim to get that ability and attack it's owner. 
There are mysteries you need to understand - what's their purpose, why you became DT master, why each data was developed and what's the secret identity of DT. But first of all you need to survive.
Gameboy exclusive with card battles? Pass.

13. Femme Fatale ファム ファタール [010525] Inspire
Taisho era. Main character is a detective in Tokyo. He returns to hometown to dispose of his father's legacy. Local policeman tells him about a case of girl death from illness at a boarding school, but under suspicious conditions. Detective decides to investigate the incident as he needs to stay at the town for some time anyway.
One road with some bad endings on the way (that include most of H scenes). The most irritating factor is when you get to sleep without perfect investigation during the day - then you are looped backwards till you do it perfectly... System is with lots of little irritations. The atmosphere is inspirational. There are some very interesting mature heroines like your ex wife and daughter you temporarily live with, as long as foreign teacher Freya that seems to be a direct reference to Days Innocent game. So game is more interesting as a part of Inspire flow of works rather than an individual work.

14. Night Walker [010525] Arieroof 1
Monsters, called "Breed", threaten the people of Japan. Tatsuhiko Shibafuji, the proprietor and sole employee of the Shibafuji Detective Agency, possesses great powers that can be used against the "Breed." However, this guy only accepts those cases that attract him. Due to his nighttime activities, people within his industry call him the "Night Walker."
Tatsuhiko receives a request from a private sponsor, Yayoi Matsunaga, who is an inspector on the police force. Our hero sets out to inspect a suspiciously related incident at Saint Michael All-Girls Institute. He comes in contact with one of the friends of the victim, Kazumi Asano. Our hero and Riho Yamazaki find a secret underground room beneath the chapel. Here, they find a pendant, which had belonged to Kazumi. The situation is much more serious that he had expected. 
This AVG is an orthodox command-selection game. A player searches for clues by traveling to different places, meeting different people, and obtaining various items. Throughout this detective story, a player will come upon many obstructions that will have to be cleared in order to solve the case. 
Unfortunately the game is a poor remake of the original game. System remains same old-fashioned look/think/speak/investigate. Basically only graphics improved. Game is released to reap the light of anime adaptation... but isn't it better to watch anime version instead then.

15. Susukinohara no Yakusoku ススキノハラの約束 [010525] Kur-Mar-Ter
Main character attends high school and suffers from nightmares every night. The strange thing in the nightmares is that girls there are from the real life around protagonist. Then one day a girl appears before him asking forgiveness for sending him into these dreams, but also asking for his help...
Dream world and real life world are linked. At daytime hero chases girls in order to proceed the story of the dream world. Real world has more comical approach and dream world is rather serious. The connection between the worlds is thin. The theme of the work feels weak and routes fail to impress. No impact at all.

16. Tobi DVine とびでばいん [010525] Abogado Powers 1 2
Our heroine is an energetic girl named Sakura. For the past few days, she's been having problems being honest with herself and her feelings for her friend, Hide. The two of them are adventurers. Hide fought against the evil spirits at "Ruins 374," also known as The Aveil Ruins. At the request of Patty, deputy researcher at the ruins, Sakura and Hide return to Aveil. "This time, we want you two to check out "Ruins 267", nearly 50 miles from Ruins 374." When Sakura and Hide arrive in town, something happens. Pirates capture Mia, Manati, and Sumaki!
The two of them must go to Ruins 267 and save them!! D+Vine [LUV] has returned as a shooting game! The world and the game system itself follow its predecessor. In this shooting game, there are three different kinds of shots. We have also prepared a charge shot called "Rune Shot" and a bomb called "Rune Bomb." Attacks are extremely colorful. Once you save the fair maidens and return to town, heavenly bliss awaits you! With that in mind, destroy the pirates and return for the fun! Good luck!
There is an English review.

17. Univ ~Koi Hajimaru Yo~ univ ~恋・はじまるよっ~ [010525] Cocktail Soft
A story of college student and his life in the campus.
You have to study to make sure you pass the exam and graduate and find a part-time job to collect money to buy a gift for girls.
Pretty basic dating SIM with lots of efforts required and few events are presented in the form of reward. But the most important feature of the work is that it's possible to set required parameters and time will pass with activities selected automatically, so at least SIM part is simplified.

18. Vivre Kokoro kara no Egao Vivre 魂からの笑顔 [010525] Soup
A common male and female relationship. But she suddenly dies. Main character denies everything with grief and becomes despised. His lover continues to exist in this world as a ghost, and she wishes to see her former partner cheerful again. For that she is determined to get him a partner in school trip to Kyoto with the use of body possession.
Game takes 4 days and 3 nights, and one playthrough is as short as 1-2 hours. It's a zapping adventure, and as a ghost it's possible to possess various people. All this confusing synopsis is just a convenient way to bring upon lots of perverse situations with multiple people - don't really see any other meaning besides that in this camouflaged nukige.

19. Weakness Hero Torauman ウィークネスヒーロー トラウマン [010525] Fortyfive
Secret evil society Black Pheromone has started world conquest! Only one cyborg warrior has risen to oppose that ambition. And his name is Miracle Cyborg Double Nine!
Childish superhero all-age bakage with many gameplay elements! Pass.


1. Canon V キャノン GO! [010502] Digital Aniki
Another fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters.

2. Yuuwaku 誘惑 -ゆうわく- [010503] Scoop
Unable to resist his animal urges, a professor is caught red-handed having sex with one of his students! Now under blackmail, he must help his new partner in crime mentor the hottest girls in school... and capture their erotic training sessions on film!

3. EXodus [010505] Black "H" Box
How do you like the world of no-sex?
What if you and/or your partner would die after your making love?
It's the mysterious story of such a tragic world in the future.
Boys Love

4. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! 2 -Target + Nights- 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! 2 -TARGET + NIGHTS- [010505] Platinum Label
After spending some time in Shinichirou and Nanami's place, Sora and Sunao come across a mysterious cosplaying bandit known only by the number 416. He claims that he has come to take away something precious from Sora. Meanwhile, Sora and Sunao meet Chris, who works at the nearby church. While he seems harmless, he begins to spend more time with Sora. To top it all off, Sora begins to realize that there are times when he and Sunao are mysteriously in bed together. He already knows about Sunao's connection with his alternate personality Ran, but could that mean he has his own alternate personality as well? 
Boys Love

5. TameBoy [010505] Love Laboratory
Main character works with cat-boys Futaba and Wakaba. Protagonist may choose to pursue any of them. The ending will depend on the choices during night time changing "sensitivity" and "pleasure" parameters.

6. Itazura King 悪戯王 ~いたずらキング~ [010511] Interheart 1
Kanta Komori is the legitimate successor to "Hotto Surussho," a technique for causing mischief. He fails to pull a prank in a train properly and is chased by the mafia. He runs over a girl on his motorcycle while trying to escape from them. Konatsu Yumemura loses her eyesight because of the accident. Kanta realizes that it is his fault, so he seals up his mischievous techniques and starts to help her commute back and forth to the hospital.
A few years later, an assassin from the archrival "Nanto" murders his uncle. On his deathbed, he tells our hero that Konatsu's eyesight can be restored through secret techniques of Hotto. Our hero unseals the techniques to bring back her sight...

7. Now on sale! ~Kanbai Orei! Depart Hen~ NOW ON SALE! 〜感売御礼! デパート編〜 [010511] Airyu
Main character is being persistently recommended to buy goods by a cute department store selling girl. The reason is harsh selling norms demanded from workers. Hero does not have money, but agrees to use credit card to help the girl. She is so grateful that spends evening with him. Investigation of these strange norms brings hero to the truth that girls are being insulted there every night.

8. Sugata ―スガタ― [010511] May-Be Soft 1
Sakurako washed my underwears without hesitating. Azusa swore at me when she got drunk. I liked Tsubasa's cheerful voice. Until the day we were informed that we weren't related by blood. Nothing was changed but it was true. I was so shocked to hear that, and immersed in inventing a drug to forget it. Finally, I invented a liquid drug called "No.21". Once I drink it, I become invisible. I immediately drink it and go outside, and rape the girls at random including a female high school student, my ex-homeroom teacher and so on. I come back to my house later on, and start a new life with sisters again. Yes, a new life..

9. Jitsuyou Shin'an 2nd 実用新案2nd [010513] Usagi Purin
Click to take off! Click to insert! Practical work with new generation animation system that allows not just look, but also feel and co-participate.

Summer of 2020. Japan has started to deploy Mental Connect Network System as a new layer over Web. It allows human mind and senses to fly through the network and experience a more realistic virtual world .
Main character is a division chief in a major computer company. His everyday life gets disturbed by... soul liberation.

11. Dorodoro Tsuma x Musume no Himitsu どろどろ 妻×娘の秘密 [010518] Noise
Main character gets to know that a certain married woman owns a SM club and has curious fetishes. The daughter of that woman inherits mother's nymphomania and works on a part-time job in SM club. It's high time to visit this notorious enterprise...

12. Folklore ~Hontou wa Ecchi na Maerchen no Sekai~ フォークロア ~本当はエッチなメルヘンの世界~ [010518] Gaia 1
The prince was brought up on fairy tales about people living peacefully and happily ever after and he longed to live in such a country. Once the prince has reached a mature age, he sets out with his best friend to search for such a land. During their journey, these two will encounter hilarious situations, as well as scenes that will bring tears to your eyes.

13. Jinshin Yuugi ~Moteasobareru Kokoro to Karada~ 人心遊戯 ~弄ばれる心と身体~ [010518] Eve 1
Losing all goals in life, our hero has lead a dissipated life of constant gambling. Because of the tremendous debt he has accumulated, he accepts a job as a trainer for a love club managed by the mafia called "The Gentleman's Club." He trains the clientele with their varying tastes and hobbies. It is left up to our hero to choose which client to train.
Each and every one of the 4 girls our hero is in charge of has a very distinct personality: Sana Sakurazuki, who was sold because her father's business failed, Minfa, who was sold from a foreign country, Shirley with her murderous past, and Akina Saeki, who was tricked by a man. 
Now, can our hero train these girls as lovers by tormenting them as much as is possible, or will he sacrifice three of them to obtain the love of one; will he save them all? Will he sacrifice himself? Not only is this training sex game extremely popular, but you will also continue to be haunted with our hero's dilemma. You will stay glued to this story that will pull at your heartstrings! 

14. Kuro no Tsuki 蒼黒の月 [010518] Moon Parrot
Kuro no Tsuki tells the story of two royal brothers, Roland and Altraud. A sudden change in the once-kind Roland brings about the downfall of their kingdom and a hurt Altraud, having lost everything, begins the search to find out why. Could the Black Kingdom, having been vanquished centuries ago, be pulling the strings?
Boys Love

15. Shokuzai no Kyoushitsu Bad End 贖罪の教室 BAD END [010518] FlyingShine
Mikimoto has everything it takes to become a top-rank journalist, but a journalist can't go without a good scandal to write about. Developing his own personal underground newspaper, Mikimoto makes his fellow male students angry and lustful all towards one person: the voluptuous Nanase. When his classmates finally go after her to punish her for all of her "sins," Mikimoto records every depraved moment. As the popularity of the newspaper spreads, more and more girls become prey to the perverse desires of those influenced by it. Even Mikimoto is finding it hard to resist his own dark desires towards one specific well rounded beauty, Madoka.

16. 210 -Two One Zero- [010525] BasiL
An additional scenario included on a "special fan disc" only given out as a preorder bonus. Yanohara Makie and Nakahara Hideaki from Bless ~Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mind~ make appearances.

17. Chuushaki 2 注射器2 [010525] AyPio
Main character gets hospitalized with abdominal pain of unknown cause. He feels much better after a while and starts hitting after cute nurses when he meets his former girlfriend there. There's the need to set priorities here! 

18. Kyouiku Jisshuu Mania 狂育実習マニア [010525] Chiffon
Main character comes as an educational practitioner to a school where he wants to work as a teacher. He tries to seduce chief secretary, and it's taken on a digital camera. Now he is blackmailed into insulting a certain woman at school. After that case his wild senses go rampart.

19. Lingeries [010525] Mink 1
One day, the main character is sent to a famous underwear company and works there for three months. Of course, his mission is to make a profit and the support of his colleagues is necessary to achieve it. Luckily, there works a lot of beautiful girls. Will he be able to establish good relationships with them and complete his mission?

20. Plastic Honeymoon プラスチックハネムーン [010525] D.O. 1
Japan, 10 years from now...
The technology to make androids is here, but it's still too expensive for most people.
The protagonist is an ordinary businessman and cannot afford an android. But one day an old friend calls up and says he needs his help. The protagonist is asked to monitor an android maid named "Clarice" for a week.

21. Utsukushihime ~Mahou Choukyou Monogatari~ うつくしひめ ~魔法調教物語~ [010525] Rouge 1
The evil "Madou Empire" has beaten the last remaining country, "Grandis Kanan." As Leno sits in the ruins of the palace savoring this great victory, he uncovers a plot to kill him. Princess Farina of the fallen kingdom is behind this scheme. The emperor of the Madou Empire is impressed with the resistant and hostile attitude of this princess and orders Leno to train her as a sex slave, worthy of the emperor. 

22. Uzukihime 疼姫 [010525] Pochette 1
Our hero is lured up on to the roof by a beautiful upper-classman, where he ends up having sex with her. The next day, he is summoned to an old annex of the school. He is shown a videotape of the previous day. It has been edited to the point of looking as though he is raping the girl. The class president stands there wickedly laughing at him. The invitation yesterday was all a trap! Our hero must succumb to the perverted tastes of the class president. He is coerced into going after and raping all the immature-looking girls in the school...
During recesses and lunch breaks you decide which girl will be your target. After school, you decide which girl will be filmed. This game has been set up in a very simple and user-friendly system. There won't be any foul ups because you simply decide on the character, not the place. You can sit back and watch the exciting sex scenes simply by choosing the automatic play selection. This game will fulfill all your needs!

23. Boogiepop wa Warawanaku mo Nai ブギーポップは笑わなくもない [010527] One's
It is a dark parody on anime "Boogie-pop does not laugh". It features five different genres - battle simulation + adventure + sound novel + puzzle + mini game.

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