VN of the Month July 2001 - Cosmos no Sora ni

The only masterpiece of the month is Cosmos no Sora ni, and YES, I'm going to review a nakige!

1. Nakoruru ~Ano Hito kara no Okurimono~ ナコルル~あのひとからのおくりもの~ [010706] Inter-Let's 1
This game tells the story of one of the characters from SNK's popular fighting series Samurai Spirits: the girl Nakoruru. She comes from Kamuikotan, a small village on Japan's most northern island, Hokkaido, which is populated by Ainu, a nation with its own culture and traditions. The time of the game is set somewhere between the fighting tournaments where Nakoruru participates. She comes back to her home village, but the village elder sense evil, and her friends are worried about her. This is where you enter the picture - you play Mikato, a little girl who was told by the village elder to keep an eye on Nakoruru. The relationship between Mikato, Nakoruru, and other village inhabitants form the core of the game's story.
Lots of difficult mini-games. Ending does not change despite flags captured. 8 chapters only enough for 5-6 hours of playtime. OVA is pretty much the same story.

2. Pure ~Pure~ Pure ~ピュア~ [010706] Psycho
Main character receives a huge heritage after parents death. He finds a strange girl Yurika in the basement. Girl does not remember anything, and protagonist decides to keep her at his place for the time being.
Bakage with lots of parodies, but certain level of industry knowledge is needed to recognize those. Player needs to select map locations, but it's not show who's present where, so it's troublesome. Story is light and non-memorable.

3. Yoshia no Oka de Nekoronde... 吉亜の丘で寝ころんで… [010706] Mesa
Main character used to be a best-seller writer, but lost ability to write good stories after getting sexual disability. He decides to go to hot springs resort to find his hidden self and try to get rid of his deficiency.
Game is short, and is over after H event with one of seven heroines. What's weird is that heroines are absolutely disposable here, dying on parting afterwards. One route takes an hour, first time slightly more.

4. Echeross えちぇろす [10713] Puchiyu~mi
One day main character gets a request from a girl to defeat the alien parasite on the human brain. He initially refuses, but after seeing the effect with his own eyes agrees to save the Earth together.
Straightforward fighting game that's over in less than an hour. Gameplay is ok, text and H scenes not so good.

5. Heart Full Calendar はーとFULLカレンダー [10713] Selenade
Main character confesses at the time of the graduation ceremony. School bells have marked the beginning of a romance relationship.
Cheap game that lasts for a year to experience all the holidays in a relationship with a girl. Scedule of H events, the absence of story and the mediocrity of the gameplay don't leave this game any chances.

6. Nyante Chaton にゃんてCHATON [010719] Rune 1
You've been a doing nothing ever since graduating from high school. One summer day, your father, the owner of a famous restaurant, "Chanter Chaton," orders you to work there. You comply with his orders. "Chanter Chaton" is famous for its taste, the service, and the waitresses' uniforms. The first floor is a simple cafeteria and the second floor has a very strange feeling to it. This restaurant is so popular; it's hard to approach the girls. One way of approaching the girls is to help them out when they make mistakes. 
This is an adventure game in which you will meet cute girls in cute uniforms working in a restaurant cafe. This game involves using the "Tip" system. Depending on where you (the hero) are assigned to work, you will experience different events. Use the "Tip" system to choose the assignment you want. (Your favorite girl might be there!)
There are a total of six girls in this game: Honami Adachi, an idol in training, her friend, Yoshino Watase, the store manager's daughter, Momo Hikone, a college student, Midori Soya, your under-classmate, Riyo Mochizuki, and the head waitress, Futaba Kakegawa. You have a very short amount of time (until your training is over) to win the girl of your dreams.
Pia Carrot bad clone. Just a moege with this tips system. Period is only 20 days.

7. Sayonara no Hohoemi 2 ~Kioku no Tsubasa ni Miserarete~ さよならの微笑み2~記憶の翼に魅せられて~ [010719] K'Night!
Main characters takes part in a school circle to build a human-powered aircraft for the summer tournament in a month's time. Collision of minds, sour and sweet emotions fill their everyday life.
Game with unique atmosphere and lots of gags. There are 14 normal endings and 2 True endings.

8. Tadaima Shugyouchuu! ただいま修行中! [010719] Fish Cafe
Fantasy world filled with magic. Main character shares griefs and joys with village girls and aims to become a real wizard.
The actual SIM part is very simple here. You just choose contents of lesson and the girl to study with, and parameters grow equally. Game mostly focuses on everyday life scenes which gets quite annoying by the middle of it. There are 3 heroines + 2 hidden ones. Game period is 10 weeks.

9. Tenteko Onsen Jidaigeki ~Kameya~ てんてこ温泉時代劇 ~亀屋~ [010719] Lily Bell
Kenta is the third son who runs a shop in Edo. One day his parents become owners of a bankrupt hot-spring ryokan "Kameya" and insist that Kenta assists them here. Kenta only agrees to leave Edo on condition that he would return if can successfully restore the ryokan in a year's time. 
Management SIM part is the same in each route and quite simple. But there are as many as 16 (!) heroines, so it's a decisive victory of quantity over quality.

10. Himitsu ~Yui ga Ita Natsu~ 秘密 ~唯がいた夏~ [010726] Merlot 1
Childhood friends, a boy and a girl lose touch over their adolescent years, only to meet up once again as young adults. Similar to the broad storyline found in Love Hina, a vow was made in those early years to find each other as they grow older. Five anime maidens supply the romantic interaction and association in this dating adventure.
Wait a minute... it's exactly Tremolo, it even uses same CG. H scenes cut, but it does not make it any different.

11. Missing Blue [010726] Tonkin House 1
At Seiryou high school, second year student Masamura Kouji leads a stready, but busy life, alongside with humble and quiet childhood friend Ritsuki Saya and senior student Nishizuku Ruuna.
One day, a transfer student, Kasuga Mizuki, appears and hands over a mysterious crystal while uttering enigmatic words : "Please remember...".
While being certain the two of them never met, the main protagonist feels they somehow did. A peculiar connection ?
Spiritual successor of L no Kisetsu boasting of up to 100 hours requirement for full completion. But it's academic love story without much excitement or fancy in the plot department. And I wound not want to read the story where hardly anything happens for dozens of hours.

12. Only You -Re Cross- Only you -リ・クルス- [010726] Alice Soft 1
One day an evil mark appears on Magami Yuuji's right arm. To protect the earth from the ancient, world-destroying evil which is honing in on it, the governments send assassins after Yuuji.
To protect eight precious girls, and on advice from his Master Tiger Joe, he decides to fight - against the entire world, if necessary.
Not that much different from original game. There is an English article on changes.

13. Cosmos no Sora ni 秋桜の空に [010727] Marron 1
Time of school festival. While most students are eager to show their spirits, main character who lost his memory in the childhood pays all his attention to five girls with scars on their hearts. 
A classic nakige with first part being comical and second serious. But the problem here is that serious part dwells not that much on drama or trauma, but mostly just on memory. So it's not really a game that makes cry. Probably the most memorable feature of this game is awesome spoilt imouto.

14. Itoshi no Kotodama 愛しの言霊 [010727] Silky's
Koga Shigemaro is a young man with an extraordinary gift. He can see and talk to spirits. Most of those spirits are deceased people with regrets and because of that, they can't move on to the "after life". With the help of his grandfather, an exorcist, he helps them to fulfill their last desires...
Game difficulty is high as there are different conditions for heroines. Game is troublesome and fails to create an atmosphere. After all it's required to have some occult tolerance to try to enjoy this work.

15. My Fair Angel マイ・フェア・エンジェル [010727] Studio e.go! 1 2
There is an alchemist at a certain place. Great effort and talent are necessary to be an alchemist and there are only a few in one country. This alchemist has a disciple. He is young and talented so that there is nothing left to teach. Therefore, his master decides to make a Homunculus and make him raise it. He is tested not only an ability as an alchemist but also his ability to raise a child as a parent. How will he raise his child...?
There is an English review.


1. Omocha no Chachacha Vol. 4: Misaka Shimai Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ vol.4 美坂姉妹編 [010703] To Be
It's a love story with Misaka sisters from Kanon. Both sisters at once? Why not!

2. American Sexy Channel 3 アメリカンセクシーチャンネル3 [010706] To Be
The story takes place in near future, where the protagonist runs a highly popular TV show called the American Sexy Channel.
Hero of that show, Captain Freedom, chases women in various famous locations in America, while using a special gun that tears up their clothes but does no damage otherwise.
Earning capital by getting high ratings during that show, the protagonist produces three movies, each featuring a different heroine.
American Sexy Channel 3 is a side scrolling shooter with VN style H scenes. These scenes are unlocked by getting money in the shooting mode and spending them to unlock parts of the three stories, scene by scene.

3. Bougyaku Gakuen 暴虐学園 [010706] Guilty 1
Miyuki Hara is a beautiful 29-year-old music teacher. She comes to a small town to teach at Sobu High School.
Miyuki attracts the attention of a gang leader. His name is Taka. He and other gang members start to disrupt her class. 
She consults with her colleague, Keiko. Keiko invites her to a party that Taka will attend. Miyuki decides to go to create a good relationship with him. When she gets there, she finds out Keiko is actually Taka's mistress. Keiko invites her to become Taka's other mistress... 
Taka and other gang members take pictures of Miyuki when they rape her, and then use them for forcing her to have sex in classrooms, teach class naked, and do more extreme sexual plays. Through these assaults, Miyuki realizes that she's a masochist and starts to indulge in carnal desires. The vice-principal, who is a sadist, finds out about Miyuki and begins to use her as a masochist slave...

4. Kenkyuu Nisshi 研究日誌 [010706] Red Zone
University laboratory. Main character is a 25-year-old doctor who conducts sex psychology and does laboratory research on dreams and psychology of sex in the laboratory. 
He sets up an experiment sending various images to the dreams of two girls and observing result during daytime. 

5. Osen 汚染 [010706] Cross
Main character has a terrific special ability to dominate other person's body and mind. He walks on the streets and can have fun with any girl provided that there is no enemy around to disturb them.

6. Tottemo Pheromone とってもフェロモン [010706] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Sakuragi Takuya has recently moved to Tokyo in order to start his college studies. Conveniently, his cousin Takashi and Takashi's wife Ms. Silk live in the same area so Takuya has moved in with them while he is attending his classes. In exchange for free accommodation, Takuya started working as a part-time waiter at his cousin's cake shop.
One evening, while they were having dinner in the living room, a beautiful blond woman appeared before them out of nowhere. Soon, it was revealed that her name was Silk, the same name that Ms. Silk had, and that she was a trapped mage that was cursed to travel through alternate dimensions, never being able to return to her homeworld. Silk has informed Takuya and the couple that she needs a large amount of female elemental nature life energy to power up the spell that would return her to her own dimension, so she wants of Takuya to go out and seduce various women around him in order to gather the necessary sexual energy. To assist him in this task she has enchanted him with superhuman charism that will allow him to woo any women he desires.
And so Takuya's ordinary life became ordinary no more.

7. Uta ~歌~ [010706] Eno Yamamoto Ten 1
A piece about a lonely (and apparently unpopular) young musician and the quiet girl who listens to him sing every day.

8. Itsuwari no Kizuna 偽りの絆 [010713] Masys
Main character family adopts a girl who lost her family. Protagonist uses his position of older brother to teach the girl indecencies and play mild sexual pranks on her. Where will it take them?

9. Jii★Spot 自慰★すぽっと [010713] Candy Soft
Main character visits father's small clinic in a rural town during summer vacations. He will encounter different people and experience various situations there.

10. Maid de Oyuugi めいどdeおゆうぎ [010713] Tristar
Near future. Main character gets to test the final version of a new maid-roid. He will need to test its abilities in competition with the rival company model.

11. Petit Teens ~Junsui Shoujo Fetishism~ Petit teens~純粋少女フェティシズム~ [010713] Libido
Main character is a gym teacher with the small girls fetish. He invites girls to the health room to take their measurements.

12. Yuka-chan A-so-bo ゆかちゃんあ・そ・ぼ [010713] Studio Neko Punch
Main character lives with Yuka-chan who treats him like a brother. Depending on protagonist's approach different endings are possible.

13. Jangyaku ~Nerawareta Sadoubu~ 雀虐 ~狙われた茶道部~ [010713] Puchiyu~mi
The person who controls the square table controls everything ...
Power is justice!
The source of power is violence and money!
Gambling produces money... and mahjong is the best for it!
Agaru Yasuda enters Tekka Private School with the ambition to establish his control over this place. With mahjong as weapon he deprives tea club members of property and even friends. He gains ultimate power over these people - the power to rob, humiliate, and trample everything!

14. Toki no Furusato 時の故郷 [010713] Pleiades Company
Main character fails university exams and returns to his home town after long absence. He visits rural house where he used to play with a female childhood friend. He reunites with Sanada Yuriko who is a grown-up lady now. Protagonist is rejoiced, but the hidden truth gradually gets revealed... Can young people really be together?

15. Inki no Su 淫鬼の巣 [010719] Clione
Main character is a student who suddenly gets a personality of a rapist. The targets are girls around him. Will he keep this attitude or regain his real self?

16. Maid Final メイドふぁいなる [010719] Owl
Maid training simulation game.

17. Shin Gekka Bijin ~Hitori Shizuka 真月花美人 ~ひとりしづか [010719] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Taiki Uneme takes over his late stepfather's tea ceremony master position and sexual training job. One day, his uncle, Genzo, asks Taiki to train a girl. He goes to Genzo's house and meets Shiori Yachigusa, Taiki's childhood friend. Shiori tells him of the disappearance of her parents after they went bankrupt, and now she has to shoulder their debt. Her guardian directs her to meet Taiki.
Taiki is disgusted to hear this, yet he feels some weird, spiritual evolution at the same time. He starts to train Shiori with Hinano Kuramata, who lives with Taiki. 

18. Shuushuusha ~Collector~ 蒐集者~コレクター~ [010719] Mink 1 2
Yuji Kitada is an elite businessman who works for a leading stock brokerage firm. However, Yuji has another face beneath this. The real Yuji hates ugly things and is abnormally obsessed with beautiful things. One day, a mysterious man suggests that Yuji kidnap beautiful girls and enter them in an evaluation show for female slaves. The guy also offers Yuji a luxurious mansion in order to accomplish the task. Yuji accepts his offer and takes Yuki, his co-worker, Marine, a beautiful girl, and Emiko away. He confines them inside the mansion. He starts to create his best collection to satisfy his passionate desires...
Players will have one month to discipline the girls in order to receive the best evaluation at the show. You'll enjoy a variety of girls' costumes. Depending on your training, you will get to enjoy many sexual encounters. The training initially starts easy, but it obviously gets harder and harder. You'll take full advantage of the "Love system," which will enable you to make the girls scream, simply by moving your mouse. You'll enjoy every bit of sexual play with these girls!!

19. Tsuma x Tsuma 2 ~Motto! Hitozuma Paradise~ 人妻×人妻2 ~もっと!人妻ぱらだいす~ [010719] Discovery
Yamato Sendo is a single 26-year-old businessman who hates females. His mother is Mishio Sendo, a well-known actress. He has been with the company for 4 years, and he is now given the responsibility to rebuild and manage the "Royal Estate Seven Princes."
On his first day of the project, a female he has never met before awakens him. She says her name is Nana Sendo, and claims she is his wife. Yamato's mother has sent Nana to be his wife. 
Yamato has always hated his mom for mistreating him. Will he listen to his mother and remain married to Nana? Will he be successful in rebuilding the Royal Estate Seven Princes? What will happen?
Yamato's apartment (Royal Estate Seven Princes) will be given status on how well he manages it. (Good, Normal, Poor) Yamato will also meet many housewives in the apartment. It is now up to you, the player, to decide how to run the apartment and how to treat these housewives.

20. Tsume Ato 爪痕 [010719]  Kappadou
Main character lost his memory in a traffic accident. He now wakes up in a pavilion of a mysterious fantasy novelist active during Showa era. He is greeted by manager Misako who requests him to counsel two girls and recover memory this way. He spends more and more days here, but the memory does not return! One day a letter with threats arrives at the pavilion, followed by a phantom "golden mask" that causes mysterious disturbance. And at this point memories of his ugly past gradually start to return.

21. Ikunyuushu ~Genjuuya Advance Episode~ 育乳種 ~幻獣屋アドバンストエピソード~ [010721] Pinky Soft
Main character is a young man who lives in a mansion in the suburbs of the Highlandy Republic capital. The mansion used to be an enterprise to provide girl escorts from aquatic tribes, and protagonist starts to study aquatic culture. One day a hunter appears and asks protagonist to take care of a mermaid. That was the first encounter with Ryuka.

22. masher [010726] SilveredSteel
Heroine encounters chikan in the train for the first time in her life. Every next day her torments increase with new assaults.

23. Apocripha/0 Alex Disk Apocripha/0 アレクディスク [010727] STACK software 1
An angel falls from Heaven to the Abyss, and here he cultivates a kingdom, the kingdom of Hell (Naraku), becoming the King of Hell. He tries to build a beautiful land, but it can never reach the beauty of Heaven: the demons live in troubled times, being attacked by fallen angels who survive the fall to the Abyss, fearing the bloodshed caused by these insane former angels against them. The King starts to become weak and tired, and with his last power, he gave birth to two new hopes: a prince with golden hair born from his red right eye, and a price with silver hair born from his blue left eye.
The King decides that the two twin prices, Alex and Platina, are to fight each other, and the winner who proves his power will become the new king of Hell, while the loser will face death. As such, Alex and Platina, who never even knew each other, are thrust into a battle against each other, and the future will change depending on the outcome. And hiding in the background, another hand plays in to manipulating their fate...
Boys Love

24. Concerto. [010727] Succubus
Main character is a lyricist and a vocal trainer. His uncle leaves the mansion for his care for some time, and inside the mansion in the coffins lie cheerful girls. Protagonist becomes vocal trainer for girls to make the best idol out of them.

25. Hako no Naka no Etsuraku 2 匣の中の悦楽2 [010727] Gaia
Main character envies the fame of protagonist from the previous game. He intends to surpass his predecessor. 

26. Hana Yori Dango ~Another Love Story~ 花より男子~ANOTHER LOVE STORY~ [010727] Creative Core
Makino Tsukushi: a girl who comes from a poor family just wants to get through her 2 last years at Eitoku Gakuen, quietly. But once she makes herself known by standing up for her friend to the F4, the 4 most popular, powerful and rich boys at the school. She gets the red card: F4's way of a "Declaration of War". But when she doesnt let herself be beaten by them and is starting to fall for one of the F4; Hanazawa Rui. She starts to see that there is more than meets the eye...

27. Konna Atashi de mo... こんなアタシでも… [010727] Winters 1 2
Atsunori Toi falls in love with Mafuyu Shinonome; she's as pure as snow and as beautiful as a painting. He asks her out, but she tells him her secret. She has had countless sex. She doesn't even know the names of some of them. She asks our hero, "Can you still love me?" Will he or will he not fall in love with her? This is Winters' second masterpiece. It is an adventure game centered around a nymphomaniac girl.
However, there are more girls!! The girls in this game are; our nympho heroine, Mafuyu Shinonome, a tomboy friend, Yuka Hagawa, and a college girl afraid of sex, Yoko Kohoku. The situations in this game will really get you excited!

28. Mind Crush [010727] Studio Pandora
Europe in the early 1900s. Small poor country is sandwiched between three enemy states.
Main character is from such country. In order for his country to survive he decides to train women as sexual slaves and provide them to high-ranking officials of neighboring countries.

29. Suika 水夏~SUIKA~ [010727] Circus 1 2 3
Suika is a collection of mysterious love stories that occurred one summer in a silent and remote village of Tokiwa.

30. The Guts! 3 ~Yama de Guts!~ The ガッツ!3~山でガッツ!~ [010727] Authoring Heaven
The construction company workers have decided to go a mountain hots springs resort and they  forced main character who is a part-time worker to go there with them.

30. Chinpu Kitan 陳腐奇譚 [010727] Ohimesama Club
Demon king is sealed in the forest. A female sage with disciple protect this forest. There is also treasure in the ruins of the Demon King's castle. Main character goes to the depths of the forest to try his luck.

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