VN of the Month December 2002 - Popotan

There are no masterpieces this month. This is becoming a tradition! Guess Popotan can be called VN of the Month. I'm choosing Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ for review. Girls with swords not as cool as with guns, but will do.

1. Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ 玉繭 ~魅せられた蜜の糸~ [021206] Mireille

Mysterious girl Shoko suddenly transfers to main character's school. One day she confesses to protagonist, but gets rejected. She says she has an ability to control the darkness and is drawn to protagonist's inner darkness. But her attempts of mental control get blocked. At that point Shoko starts to involve people around protagonist. Will hero engulf in darkness or break free from it?
Game is rather story-oriented than H-oriented. There are a lot of overlapping parts in different routes. Occult part is thin. Basically only Shoko and Rei route stand out while others mimic Rei route. Not a masterpiece, but a fine choice for those grown tired of pure love stories.

2. Yotsuba no Clover ~Akane Sasu Tsukiyo ni Yakata Terasarete~ 四つ葉のクローバー~茜指す月夜に館照らされて~ [021206] Iridium 1
The protagonist, Kinoshita Kouichi, works for an insurance company and is sent to investigate the death of a famous painter. He goes to the painter's house and meets his four beautiful daughters. Can he solve the mystery without being killed himself?
A museum type game. Whatever you do, you get killed on initial run. There are too many places visit with few characters to see. Story is full of inconsistencies and it's not clear at all why sisters would wear maid uniform at home. Game is buggy and exhausting - a real kusoge.

3. Lime Iro Senkitan ~Meiji Nippon, Otome Sakimorisu.~ らいむいろ戦奇譚 ~明治日本、乙女防人ス。~ [021213] Elf 1 2 3
Around the the 37th year of the Meiji Era (1904) in the midst of the Russo-Japanese war, the small Japanese army, in need of assistance, uses its special flying (thanks to a benevolent demon) ship, the Amanohara, to attack Russia's major base at Port Arthur (Lushun).
Umakai Shintaro, a Russian diplomat originally from Japan, defects and goes to Sapporo to teach at a girls academy. However, that girls academy is not typical - it is on board the Amanohara, and the five girls Shintaro teaches are known as the Lime Unit - girls with the ability to summon powerful beings to fight for them.
There is an English review.

4. Mission of Murder [021213] Mink
The story took place in a city which never slept. A city of alcohol, drugs and sex. A city of pleasure and desire.
In that city lived an assassin called D, whose name or nationality were unknown. The underworld feared him, calling him "the Angel of Death".
One day, D received a request from a mysterious girl, Shinmei Tsubasa, who claimed to be the daughter of the Head of the Shinmei Ecology Lab. The lab was burnt down three days ago and everyone, Tsubasa included, was supposed to be dead. The girl said her life was in danger and wanted D to become her bodyguard.
Each of five regular chapters are devoted to individual requests. There is intermission before each chapter to advance the plot. ADV part is mostly to upgrade equipment. RPG part is quite simple. There are supernatural fantasy elements that ruin the whole hard-boiled sci-fi synopsis and make it what it really is - a kusoge.

5. Narikiri Princess ~Onna ni Natta Boku o Mite!~ なりきりプリンセス~女になったボクを見て!~ [021213] Zero
You are to join the school's drama club, but the high-handed club president dresses you up as a girl and introduces you to the other club members as a girl.
It's unexpected to see Zero making something other than nukige. Game has its share of H, but overall it's a low quality low price love comedy. Protagonist is barely shown and he acts so normally that it's really not clear why the whole trap thing needed to be done.

6. Popotan ぽぽたん [021213] Petit Ferret 1
The player assumes the role of Chris, the protagonist of Popotan. Chris is a high school dropout who dislikes the direction of society and refuses to get a job. He wanders the streets making a living as a guitar-playing busker. He feels he cannot play well without an audience, which is hard to find as a drifter. The other main characters include three sisters and their maid who live in a western-style mansion. Ai is the eldest of the three and communicates with plants. Mai is the middle sister; she is a tomboy and disapproves of Chris's behavior. Mii is the youngest and the most energetic; she often cosplays as "Magical Girl Mii" and helps people. Their maid Mea appears emotionless at first, but reveals hidden depth later in the story.
Popotan takes place in the distant future within the remnants of Tokyo, destroyed by a cataclysm and since altered by geological transformations. The disaster was caused by a giant dandelion structure resembling a spire that arose in the city atop a hill. The main location of the game is a European-style mansion, seen as completely out-of-place in the city. Much of the daytime is spent outside the mansion wandering around town meeting characters and triggering event sequences.
Popotan follows Chris's lifestyle changes, as well as the mysteries surrounding the spire-like object that caused the destruction of Tokyo in the past. The story opens as Chris desperately considers stealing food from a stand near a shrine entrance. His theft is unsuccessful, and he wanders around town looking for work. He finds a convenience store, where he gets directions leading him to the mansion. He enters without asking permission and runs into the three sisters and their lifelike android maid. Chris asks permission to stay because the rent is cheap and the girls are pretty; they consent, but force him to take a part-time job. The convenience store owner hires him, and as the story progresses, Chris opens up socially and begins caring about others as he interacts with the girls. He also meets new friends, including a classmate Konami, a local shrine maiden named Nono and a mysterious girl named Shizuku.
Game is not blocked by me as Lolicon only because it has an all-age PS2 version.

7. Sengoku If 戦国 if [021213] Rune
Sengoku era.  
Main character is born in the family of a powerful daimyo. During his ceremony of coming of age father gets killed putting protagonist in the head of the family. He is guided by his uncle, but there is no more time to waste. Chaos of war approaches this province. 
We can choose one of five provinces and aim for princesses of other provinces. Idea of sengoku card game is not bad, but here balance is terrible. It's easy to get stuck. Combo conditions are fulfilled rarely, so it's gets down to simple attacking most of the time. For some reason all the warriors have the same name even though pictures are different, that really kills immersion.

8. Piano Forte [021218] BeF
Main character is an aspiring pianist. He starts his career in a different province and now comes to visit his home town. His family has always lived heart-to-heart with the neighbor family. This is a story of protagonist cheerful time spent in both families during his visit.
Comedy is nice here, but game is just too short to take it seriously at all.

9. Erde ~Nezu no Ki no Shita de~ Erde ~ネズの樹の下で~ [021219] KID 1 2
One day, a motorcycle crashes into Takumi's house, an ordinary man living in a village. The driver of the motorcycle is Yoko, a traveller who wants to discover the world. As a payment, she wants to stay in Takumi's house for a while. During her stay, Takumi starts asking himself if he should also start discovering new things...
Game shines for slice-of-life scenes, but there's lack of explanation in many scenes which makes it difficult to grasp situation. Play time is just around 3 hours.

10. The Ren'ai Simulation ~Watashi ni Oma Cafe~ THE 恋愛シミュレーション ~私におまカフェ~ [021219]
Main character follows the will of deceased parents and becomes a manager in a coffee shop in his free from study time. He becomes famous in town as the only high school manager. Can he have both work and love with so many pretty waitresses around?
Classic dating SIM with parameters and schedule.

11. Triangle Again 2 [021219] Kiki Co., Ltd. 1
Triangle Again 2 continues where the story left off in the previous installment. In Triangle Again, a highly talented, young pop star had to fight her way back to the top, after her voice changed. The second game will begin after her comeback. 
All depends on prequel evaluation.

12. Aqua Blue [021220] Giga 1
Every year there is a nationwide high school girl contest. The winner will have a chance to make an idol debut backed by the event's sponsor. However this year's contest has a new sponsor and things are slightly different this time around...
There is an English review.

13. Double Mind だぶるまいんど [021220] F&C FC02
Main character moves to a port town apartment left from his grandmother.  He has many cute girls as neighbors. But two personalities dwell in the protagonist. Will angel or devil in him take over?
Game has very high capture difficulty level, but at the same time game system is made in such a way to make capture even more tormenting. Scenario is weak. Game can be played both as pure love and devil game, depending on chosen personality.

14. Innocent World [021220] Dress
Main character is sent to a university by her father. He finds no joy in study till the day his never encountered sister asks for a meeting at the antique shop. This place allows to meet the same girls in another world and understand them better in the real world. 
Scenario is long, but uneventful, so interest fades relatively fast. Still, enjoying the atmosphere in slow pace is possible. Initial route takes around 5 hours and covers 17 days.

15. Moldavite モルダヴァイト [021220] Clover
Meteorite falls from the sky. Its study boosts technology triggering multiple years of war.
Many years have passed since the fall. Main character is a boy with a dream to become the best summoner in the world. One day he overhears a story of powerful legendary cards. He travels to the foreign land to gather all these cards.
Conquer territories and meet beautiful girls. Battles aren't totally boring since conditions for winning vary. Capturing is difficult since a lot of conditions need to be fulfilled for each girl.

16. Platinum Wind ~Hoshi no Uta ga Kikoetara~ プラチナウインド~星の詩が聞こえたら~ [021220] Clover
Albeit tiny, the kingdom of Quartet is prosperous thanks to a mysterious magical light (known as "Platina") that envelops the region. In this bustling city, an alchemist returns home after his apprenticeship.
Moege with six heroines. Common route takes most of the time while heroines routes feel too short and forced.

17. Sayorana Etranger さよらなエトランジュ [021220] Clover
Main character is recovered from a frozen state after cure to his illness is discovered. As a result he loses his memories. He feels very lonely with no familiar face and being thrown 200 years in the future, but cheerful girl Haruka colors his world. Little by little he starts to open his heart to Haruka and with that acknowledges his position in this new world.
A decent nakige. Game is developed in three chapters - first atmospheric intro, then school common route and finally heroine routes without choices in them. All heroines are attractive, but Haruka route is definitely the main one which may make other routes look pale.

18. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 [021220] Root 1
Story begins with a girl from our world who's taken to a strange, magical realm by a dragon. She apparently was taken to the library where all past, present, and future realities are kept within the books. You play as a guy who has come from one of these books as well, but has forgotten his way back home. You are commissioned to find this girl by the denizens of the library, and you search by entering these tomes. Perhaps on your way you'll find your own origin as well .
Game that incorporates characters from several games to create metastory akin to Age Maniax. But this time it's middle price game, so first class product can't be expected. Same as Kao no nai Tsuki, Carnelian makes CG for the game, and the atmosphere is good here as well. But overall game lacks excitement and gets boring. There is anime version for those who want to sample it.

19. Getchu Ya★Getchu!! げっちゅ屋★げっちゅ!! [021220] Com Channel
Comu-chan worked with her rival to solve the case about the stolen prize, and her efforts were recognized by the Akiba Kingdom. Finally Comu-chan becomes manager of her own cute Getchu store! In order to win National Founding Festival and enliven this kingdom she must work hard with Mike and outpace all the rivals.
It's kind of SIM this time, so no-no

20. The Suiri ~Aratanaru 20 no Jikenbo~ THE推理 〜新たなる20の事件簿〜 [021226] Tomcat System 1
Player becomes a detective that has to unravel the mystery of incidents. There are 20 episodes each taking from 5 to 15 minutes. Collects tips by clicking on the screen and then answer the questions.
Some detective pulp fiction.

21. Cake x 3! -Ichigo Ichie- ケーキ×3!-苺いちえ- [021227] Frau
Main character hears about a cake contest with the first prize of ability to open his own shop. He does not even have a finalized recipe of the cake. Can he really win?
Pace and text are bad. It's difficult to find anything good in this game... maybe music?

22. Girigiri Love ぎりギリLOVE [021227] Hayashigumi
Main character's father remarries and brings new family to live together. But soon protagonist's childhood friend Kana dies, and he flees from this town to study abroad. A few years later he returns to his home town, familiar yet so different already.
Mother-in-law and sister-in-law get all the attention here rendering sub-character hardly noticeable. There are many endings, but they all are very similar. Game is short and over in just 2 hours.

23. Guren Tenshou -Rasetsu- 紅蓮天衝-羅刹- [021227] Zone 1
Guren Tenshou: Rasetsu directly continues the story that began in the first and was continued in Guren Tensho: Shura. After Lee Rekka and his all-female Guren squad have defeated the evil organization of Tetsu ("iron") in the previous game, they thought that there would be finally a chance for peace in the old Japan. But then came the assassination attempt on a commander of Guren. The trace leads to the assassin Naotaka. Rekka and his companions have to chase him down, but they aren't ready for another surprise: the remnants of the Tetsu clan raise their ugly heads again...
Rasetsu follows the non-RPG template of its predecessor, rather than returning to the RPG roots of the series. A large bulk of the gameplay is the same as in "Shura": listening to/reading dialogues, being automatically taken to locations and from time a time participate in pre-set turn-based battles. There is however an important gameplay mode that makes "Rasetsu" a strategy game: in dungeons, the player has to throw dice to navigate the hero over top-down corridors with grids. Depending on the number on the dice, the hero advances to different grids, which results in battles, poison traps, items, healing spots, or puzzle pieces that are needed to unravel anime-style pictures of the Guren girls.
There are several mini-games, but most irritating is that CG are picked up randomly like drop. As a game, it's really boring. Just as the prequel the only attraction point is CG.

24. Imouto de Ikou! 妹でいこう! [021227] 0verflow
Hisashi Yoshizumi lost his mother at a very young age, and has always lived with his father. One day after arriving from school, he finds out that he has a new mother and sister! A heartwarming family comedy ensues.
Unlike previous games of 0verflow this one is quite usual heartwarming comedy. There are a lot of heroines for capture, but none of them has drama, so all these light positive stories look quite alike. With so many heroines overall volume is lacking.

25. Men at Work! 3 ~Hunter-tachi no Seishun~ メンアットワーク!3~ハンター達の青春~ [021227] Studio e.go!
In the deep forest of Europe there is a school focused on natural sciences and mysticism. But its true purpose is to pass thousand-year old knowledge of monster hunting with the use of magic. 
Women have natural predisposition for this profession, so main character Ryle becomes the only male student here. He even gets to stay at girls' dormitory! This is world's paradise provided that he can find common language with the girl students.
Synopsis has not really changed since 2nd installment, but hey, it's not a game about the story. Capturing girls with all this study, quests and timetables is not a simple task. System is more advanced than in Izumo, but I really prefer story-driven games like Izumo to sandbox-oriented games like Men at Work.

26. One and Only [021227] Sirius
The protagonist is a popular guy. However, no-one has asked him out. When he was a child, an accident meant he had to move away. But he made a promise to a childhood friend. "I'll definitely return to this street." That was 10 years ago, and he has been waiting day after day to return to the girl...
Scenario is strange here since the promise is given only to main heroine, so it's unclear how protagonist can chase sub-heroines in this situation. Big number of heroines. Overall a pure love game, even though blood related sister is involved as well.

27. Melty Blood [021230] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 5
Tohno Shiki hears of a new series of murders in Misaki similar to the ones that took place in Tsukihime. Whilst searching for the murderer he meets Sion Eltnam Atlasia who initiates a fight with him, attempting to capture him. After the fight she reveals that her reason for attempting to capture him is to get in contact with the "True Ancestor" (referring to Arcueid) so that she may acquire information on the "cure for vampirism". Shiki then decides to help her with this task.
Melty Blood is a 2D fighting game. The first couple of PC releases had adventure style stories with branches and multiple number of endings and a secondary story in arcade mode. Later versions only have the arcade mode, but they have many more characters.
There are English reviews.


1. Gakkou Nanafushigi 3 学校七不思議 3 [021205] Gin no Ken
On sultry summer night five students gathered at school building to test their bravery. According to urban legend, one of the school wonders can be seen this night. After the horror story is told in the dark classroom, something begins to move...

2. Auau あうあう [021206] Silver Co., Ltd.
Near future. Main character works hard at part-time jobs and finally can afford to buy an android maid. However, she is defective and has much wider range of emotions and senses than usual. She begs protagonist not to exchange her immediately. There are two weeks of free exchange period to test her properly.

3. Cabaclub Time キャバクラたいむ [021206] Pirka
Main character works as a clerk at a cabaret shop. One day most popular host gets unavailable, and protagonist is asked by the manager to fill his position. Protagonist reluctantly agrees, but little by little starts to enjoy his position. However, he starts to feel rivalry for the chair of №1 host very soon.

4. Hitozuma Mahjong 2 人妻麻雀2 [021206] Rouge
6 years ago - the young student protagonist (while living with his parents?) had an unrequited love for a young OL - Sakurazawa Nanako - who lived alone in the next apartment. Sometimes he'd hear sounds of Nanako in her room separated from his by just the wall, especially the sounds of her showering. He indulged in masturbation every night while imagining her shower scene. He found that he could peep into her bathroom if he leaned out from his balcony. However, she also had had simple conversations with him, knew that the he had begun job hunting, and even given him a job guide book that she had used. To this end, he entered her apartment for the first time with a throbbing heart.
One day he crashed into her while she was taking out her trash. Things became awkward when used condoms spilled out, and he began to intensely masturbate every night imagining her sex life. Nanako eventually noticed the feelings of the young student, and promised him "I'll have sex with you once you've passed the employment test"! The student kicked it into gear and gave his all to studying, but then shortly afterwards, he found that Nanako had suddenly moved away. He became desperate, spent his savings on losing his virginity in the late-night city, and abandoned the employment test. Eventually he slipped unnoticed into the underworld of professional mahjong masters.
Still to this day, he seeks opponents for the game, aiming for money and older married women.
Nukige card game

5. Inmyouji 淫陽師 [021206] Fruit
Main character moves to a house left by his deceased grandfather. In the middle of the night he wakes up from a blowjob being given by a beautiful woman. Then she disappears without trace. It turns out that this land is full of unique shrines with shrine maidens advancing "spirits as friends" doctrine. While being swayed by such girls protagonists searches for truth behind the mysterious woman.

6. Magical Love Lesson まじかるLOVEレッスン [021206] Giant Panda
Childhood friend suddenly confesses to main character that she is actually a magical girl. They need to study for the exam, It's easier to memorize something if it's associated with something naughty, so they start special magical training sessions every night.

7. Mitsugetsu ~Secret Moon~ 密月 ~Secret Moon~ [021206] Eve
The noble vampire moves to an old castle and finds a "broken girl" in one rooms there. She turns out to be a souvenir of the former vampire castle lord. Girl calls protagonist a master and is absolutely obedient to him. Well, at least this hundred years won't be as boring as previous ones.

8. Neige [021206] Cherry Soft
Main character is an ordinary student, but with ability to see spirits. He lost parents early, so lives at his relatives house. There are two cute girls in the house, but he can not overcome his phobia to get close with them. One day girl Neige appears from a tree. She is a spirit who controls sexual desire. She raises sexual desire in the girls of the house, so the outcome approaches.

9. Tsukushite Agechau 4 ~Watashi-tachi no Mitsugetsu~ 尽くしてあげちゃう4 ~私たちの蜜月~ [021206] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6
My name is Aoyama Kouji. I'm an ordinary guy living an uneventful life as a university student. Because my parents are separated, my uncle, a somewhat strange man who runs a restaurant, has taken the role of being a father to me. Although it's hard work, I actually like helping out at the restaurant from time to time.
One day, while walking with Himeko, who I've been friends with since childhood, I was hit by a car and nearly died! Thanks to a miracle, I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed in America. After some bizarre adventures, I return to Japan and decide to move into my uncle's house where I can help him run his restaurant.
Imagine my surprise when several beautiful girls approach me to tell me how happy they are that we'll be working together. First, there's Himeko, who tells me she'll do anything for me, followed by Chizuru, a beautiful girl who lives in the neighborhood who wants to shower me with attention. Takano, a gorgeous girl from my class, also confesses her desire to do anything she can for me, as does Leo, the quiet girl who lives and works at the restaurant. At first I think they're just happy that I wasn't killed in the car accident, but gradually I realize that they've all fallen in love with me for some bizarre reason. The girls are spending every moment they can, taking care of me and giving me all their attention.
Am I the luckiest guy in the world, or what?

10. Asobi Juku あそび塾 [021210] An*tique
Main character is a university student who inherits father's private company. This summer vacation he meets a mysterious and attractive girl Ichigo.

11. A.A.A. [021213] Piyopiyo-Gumi
Angelic Android Company is world's largest company. Main character gets a job here as instructor to make androids more human-like.

12. D.C. ~Da Capo~ Seasons D.C. ~ダ・カーポ~ シーズンズ [021213] Circus 1
Da Capo Four Seasons & Da Capo After Seasons are compilations of the Da Capo fan disc after-stories. The White Season and Summer Vacation scenarios from the respective PC games are included, along with two brand new scenarios taking place in the Spring and Fall seasons.

13. Dokidoki Onii-chan どきドキ・お兄ちゃん [021213] Aqua House 1
One day, a distant relative arrives at our hero's house.
Her name is Rumiru. She's a cute girl with big eyes.
Our hero met her long ago, but he can't even remember how she looked back then.
Rumiru remembers him as a kind boy who played with her when she was little.
It seems she has just run away from home after fighting with her mom...
Our hero soon receives a phone call from her mother. 
He tries to persuade Rumiru to go home, but she just won't listen to him.
Her mom tells him Rumiru is very persistent.
Finally, Rumiru's mom gives up and asks our hero to let Rumiru stay a while...
This is how life with Rumiru begins.

14. Ikenai Oshigoto い・け・な・い♥お仕事 [021213] Black Package
Main character continues family business of a firm fulfilling any kinds of requests coming by email. This time a request comes from a woman who needs to ruin the omiai date prepared by her parents. Protagonist decides to hook up male partner with some girl to avert him from the girl in question.

15. Imouto Jiru 妹汁 [021213] Atelier Kaguya
Akira's father, an archeologist, has remarried, giving him a new stepmother and three stepsisters, Yuki, Nana and Miu. While on his honeymoon, Akira's father makes an archeological find and decides to stay on site in order to supervise and leaving Akira at home alone with his new family members. After being discovered in bed with Yukie, his stepmother, Akira finds a box containing a scroll and three bottles. Using the knowledge his father taught to him, he reads the Sumarian language on the scroll and finds himself in a contract with the goddess Inana, who tells him to collect the love juices of his sisters in the bottles before the next full moon or else a terrible horror will befall him.
Lolicon nukige

16. Imouto Kansatsu Nikki いもうと観察日記 [021213] Triangle
Main character discovers a hole in the wall leading to his sister's room. What he sees there is beyond his imagination - sister reads eroti books and gets unconsciously excited! Moreover, the erotic book is one from protagonist's own hidden stash. He can't hide his voice in exclamation, and his sister walks out to return him his book. From that day siblings relations can never be the same. 

17. Meshimase Idol 召しませアイドル [021213] Sekilala 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Life is pretty good when you get assigned to manage the careers of two superstar idols! You are put in place to countermand the rebellious tendencies of these stars' previous manager, and you have all the power!
Beautiful women surround you now, all at your beck and call! Do you feel like seducing your lovely assistant, or maybe the sexy ex-idol co-manager is more your style? And of course, don't forget your two superstars. Their careers are in your hands, and surely they are grateful for that! Now what could these gorgeous girls possibly do to repay you?

18. Seiai Chiryou ~Chijoku ni Nureru Hakui~ 性裁恥療 ~恥辱に濡れる白衣~ [021213] Tryset
Main character wanders in the dark till he remembers he is in the hospital undergoing a treatment against a heart disease. A girl appears before him. She introduces herself as a Grim Reaper coming to take his soul. Protagonist cries and demands more time to prove it's a medical error. He is given just  seven days. He swears to have his revenge in this hospital.

19. Shibarare Nurse 縛られ ナース [021213] hi-way
Main character is a guard at a hospital who protects nurses from suspicious persons. However, he has other side of personality - at night time he aims at late-shift nurses with the aim to tie them up and make photos of them.

20. Typing SM Muchiuchi タイピングSM 鞭打 [021214] PIL
Maid in Heaven, SEEK remastered and Gakuen Sodom are presented as three typing games with increasing difficulty level.

21. Aki no Miko 晩秋の巫女 [021216] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character is a ronin who has enough time till entrance exams to have some rest in the countryside. His girlfriend broke up with him lately. A pretty shrine maiden appears before him on the trip to the mountains. She perfectly fits his taste.
Doujin Nukige

22. Dark Illusions [021216] Vonwert
In this game the main character decides to get away from it all during his spring break and stay in the mountains. While staying in the mountains a massive storm causes the main character to faint. A mysterious woman saves him and uses sexual pleasure to keep him warm. It turns out that he is now in a strange old mansion. The woman who saved the main character is the mistress in charge of the place. The main character decides to explore and while there meets many women as the story unfolds...
Dark Illusions is a western remake of "Nocturnal Illusion" in RPG Maker for PS1. The game adds adventure game elements, like puzzles and obstacle courses, removes the presence of Kusayama and adds additional secret characters, one of them being Priss from developer's first game "Treasure Hunters".

23. DRAGEE ~Tenshi no Tamago~ DRAGEE~てんしのたまご~ [021217] Ritz software
Main character is an angel and the only son of the Heavens ruler. One day father summons him and asks him to look for life companion. There are five candidates to get to know. Who of them will be chosen by the birthday?
Boys Love Doujin

24. Shirotsume Souwa Bangai Hen "Tsunakawa-sanchi no Christmas" 白詰草話番外編 『津名川さん家のクリスマス』 [021217] Littlewitch
Short, stand-alone side-story available for free from Littlewitch's website.

25. Darling II: Backlash [021220] NEST
A racing themed love/relationship simulation game follows the exploits of a team of young male drivers, who compete for the racing group Team Angstrom. Since the (unseen) main character is a girl with the customizable name of Hitomi, gameplay consists of conversations with male drivers. Conversations lead to specific events and story twists, which in turn, lead to different types of endings.

26. Gap P ギャップ・P [021220] Harvest
Main character is a slightly weak boy. He can not confess to the girl he likes for a long time. But everything changes after meeting demoness Pumy who promises to help him confess after transforming to the girl he likes. At times practice sessions turn into sensual lessons. What will happen after confession to the real girl?

27. Hana no Kioku Dai 7 Shou 花の記憶 第7章 [021220] Foster
Five new short stories united by the concept of darkness.

28. Mahjong G-taste マージャン G-taste [021220] WINC
Meet Moe, Nana, Mai, Sayaka, Misuzu, Asuka and Yuna, the sexiest girls around, but they have a common problem to each other: They can't get enough sex and get satisfied. They will do anything they can to accomplish their dreams and desires.
Nukige card game

29. Make Love! + ~Plus~ メイクLOVE!+~ぷらす~ [021220] Kiss next
Extended version of Make Love! ~Slave Love~ including a lot of plugins for further customization.

30. M&M ~Torokeru Mahou to Amai Jumon~ M&M~とろける魔法と甘い呪文~ [021220] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
A magical ceramony gone wrong, an accident that caused Marie's body to stop growing. Now a little over ten years later Marie seeks out the one who holds the key to breaking her curse. A childhood friend named Yusuke, but with an overprotective yin-yang sorceress named Misaki who secretly has a crush on him. Breaking the curse won't be easy, just who will win in a battle between a witch of the west and a yin-yang sorceress of the east. No matter the outcome, Yusuke's peacefull days are coming to an end.

31. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! Heroines Fun Box Pia▼キャロットへようこそ!! ヒロインズ Fun Box [021220] Horon
A collection of typing mini-games featuring heroines from Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3

32. Reijou Caster 2 隷嬢キャスター2 [021220] Guilty
Three years after the first incident. GUIL-TV recovers from crisis and becomes a top-class broadcaster company. Five bright new casters have come to take the place of retiring star caster. 
Main character has a grudge over selfish casters. Now that he's promoted at the studio, he can finally put his revenge plan to action.

33. Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen 凌辱女子学園 [021220] GuiltyN
A strict prestigious girls school. There is even a rumor that even the examination of the underwear is done here in the name of guidance. There is a girl under suspicion who is ordered to pass underwear examination and virginity check.

34. Shikijou Zense Kanteishi 色情前世鑑定士 [021220] Pinky Soft
Main character is counselor with the ability to see past life of girls. Under his supervision phantom beast girls are trained.

35. Stitch -Kakechigaeta Button- Stitch -掛け違えたボタン- [021220] Aias
Main character is the owner of a clothes brand for teens. However, he is also pervert and sadist who insults girls wearing clothes of his design.

36. Suimitsutou no Namida 水蜜桃 の涙 [021220] hi-way
The other face of the companies is never shown to the public. In one of such companies woman is beaten and insulted. In order to protect her future she now has to comfort members of the company. 

37. Takuhai Ren'ai Kurabu Sapphire 宅配恋愛倶楽部サファイア [021220] Jewelry
Girl loves a boy, but can't confess her feelings. She even leaves him a love letter, but he fails to receive it. Girls asks her friends how she can approach her love in a natural way, and they come to an idea to pretend to be love service company and send her as a prostitute to his house as a new customer free trial.

38. Viper-M3-3.2 Viper-M3-3.2 [021220] Sogna
A love triangle develops between Kenji and the two women he's grown to love. Will he choose his childhood friend and cosplay-fanatic, Kaoru, or the beautiful and charming, Rika? And whomever he chooses, will the other be jealous?

39. Teripura テリぷら [021223] Terios
Short after-stories of Elysion ~Eien no Sanctuary~ and Ikinari Happy Bell heroines 

40. Momoiro Memory Azu ももいろメモリあず [021224] Studio-74
A simulated life of a 3rd grader. He enjoys school life, talks with girls and studies together with them. Decide his fate whether it's eternal life or a darker future that awaits him. 
Doujin Nukige

41. Otokoyu ni Haittekita Onna no Ko o Dou Suru ka 男湯に入ってきた女の子をどうするか [021226] Sol-fa-soft
Papa took his precious little girl to the bathhouse. The tanned, budding daughter gets teased!
Makeouts in the steamy water, mutual "playtime" washing, grappling bodies in the sauna. 
Doujin nukige

42. Teriru no Christmas BOX てりるのクリスマスBOX [021226] Witch
A fan disc featuring familiar characters from Milkyway and Ichigo-Da! They rampage in a block-breaking typing game while wearing cute uniforms.
An original story with content to make fans happy, such as mini-games and wallpaper sticks.
Familiar theme song, "UNDER17" and a must-have new song.

43. Vampire Hunter 2 [021226] Gin no Ken
Under the golden moon he saw a vampire. Boiled blood commanded to destroy the beast. Then the gear of destiny began to turn mercilessly.

44. ForB [021226] Nankinjyou
Boy plays during summer vacation to create memories. But holidays are over. New life and new encounters await him. And he meets that girl again. And they share memories. Under the same sky time flow stops and it's unclear anymore what is past and what is future.

45. Gakuen Banchou! 学園番長! [021227] Marine Heart
A new student, Ban Chouta, arrives on campus. He takes a seat next to the protagonist, Kozono Nanao. How will the gang leader change a school of bourgeois?
Boys Love

46. Kokuentouki Dark Shadow 黒炎闘鬼ダーク・シャドー [021227] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Evil organization "Eden" aims to conquer the world. It imbues main character with the ability to manipulate physical bodies and erases his memory. He boldly decides to fight "Eden" in order to recover his memories.

47. Magical Premium [021227] Magic Private Eye
A girl suddenly jumps out of the doujinshi picked up on the way back from Comiket! For some reason this busty girl loves you! Earn points in mini-games to get to know her better.

48. Perfect Prince [021227] Gimmick House
Scholar Nicolas receives a letter one day. It is an invitation to the southern seaside country, the Neiapolis Kingdom. The king of the country wants him to become a tutor for the royal prince.
Boys Love

49. Shi/Ko/Mi [021227] ZyX
Family restaurant "Petit Rabbit" in Tokyo has a reputation for cute waitress uniforms. Also, waitresses are selected based on appearance and manners. 
Main character works as a manager here. He gives out atmosphere of exquisite youth elite, but in fact he is a cruel person who threatens to intimidates women. He devises a plan to train three high-end waitresses.

50. Soyokaze no Okurimono -Wind Pleasurable Box- そよかぜのおくりもの -Wind Pleasurable Box- [021227] minori
This is a fandisc for Wind: A Breath of Heart.
It is divided into three parts. First part covers all the related magazine articles, posters, drawings and stories presented in the similar sources. Second part covers new stories to play including the ones written by fans and the developers. Third part is a movie chronicling the making of the game's famous video sequences.

51. Injoku no Kajitsu 淫辱ノ禍実 [021228] Chinsoft
Main character is a graduating student. He is ordered to investigate project of a professor. However, when he arrives to the laboratory, surroundings begin to gradually turn weird. What's awaiting him in this wrong place during wrong time?

52. Love Me Do [021228] team e-DaTe
"One Piece" Zoro x Sanji fanfiction.
Boys Love Doujin Fandisc

53. Tsuki Jan 月雀 [021228] Kagetsu Gumi/Fairytale
Strip mahjong with heroines drawn by more than 20 different illustrators.
Nukige card game

54. Angel ★ Pop [021229] Hanerom
Main character is appointed to educate an angel. But he does not think he can be a good teacher. Why not teach him something bothersome instead and turn him into fallen angel?
Boys Love Doujin

55. Countdown カウントダウン [021229] Strawberry Argyle
New Year's Eve. Today main character is about to confess to his partnter and move to physical relations.
Boys Love

56. E.G.G [021229] STPower
Akito, a young scientist, finds an abnormally large egg and is ordered by his boss to take care of/study it. A small, cute creature soon hatches out of it, and Akito slowly becomes attached to it. One day, the creature evolves into something resembling a young human boy...
Boys Love

57. Matenrou 摩天楼 [021229] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character "D" is a man who accepts different requests. What kind of request is waiting for him today? There are three chapters with multiple endings possible as a result.
Boys Love

58 Mimosa no Saku Koro ミモザの咲く頃 [021229] I-Raf-You
Miyazawa Shinji is a high school boy who fantasizes about being with giant women. One day, Shinji is late to science class, and as a punishment is given a drug that makes him shrink.
Nukige doujin

59. Blueberry Pie [021230] Tange Kentou Kurabu
One day main character receives a mysterious crystal ball on his journey. The hidden truth about reality is reflected in it. For example, it's shows how priest seals nun's purity just for her virginity to be taken by a tentacle monster.
Doujin Nukige

60. ERO Ragnarok Offline 2 [021230] PERCEPTRON
When Ako, Milka and Puri were called to the merchant Chris, they did not expect the danger that approached.
Doujin Nukige

61. Jitsuyou Shinan ~Re Pure~ 実用新案~リ ピュア~ [021230] Usagi Purin
Sister Princess heroines are ready to give all their sister love to their onii-chan.
Doujin Nukige

62. Ore no Natsuyasumi おれのなつやすみ [021230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
During your summer vacation you stay at your aunt's house for a week. Living there are two cute young girls, 10 year old Arisu and 7 year old Karin your younger cousins. A chance meeting with a classmate of Arisu, a boy who goes by the odd name of Gorizou finds you in possession of some of his collection of pornography; it's every young man's dream!
However Arisu finds the magazine you borrowed and shares it with Karin. Now the two believe it's only natural that two people in love have sex together and since they both love you they decide to start on an ecchi journey with you!
Lolicon Doujin

63. Strawberry Tarte [021230] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Modern time. There exists a magic group established during Heian period with the role to reconcile governmental institutions. Main character is its executive and special exterminationist with the  mission is to defeat the sorcerer and his tentacle monsters.
Doujin nukige

64. Dally Dash! [021230] Splatter Hour
An innocent store clerk is caught up in a robbery in the late hours of the night at the store. Will he make the right choices to keep himself alive? Is there more to this robber than a simple criminal?
Boys Love

65. Daraku Monogatari ~ Aru Jiyuujin no Hanashi ~ 堕落物語~ある自由人の話~ [021230] hi-way
Main character is a freeter who lives in Tokyo. As his sluggish life with eventual part-time jobs continues, he comes up with a plan. He does not want to fall alone, but wants a companion. He goes out in search for appropriate target. 

66. Kioku ~Kakashi ver~ 記憶〜カカシver〜 [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Little Lover story alternative version with memory loss and many possible endings.
Doujin Fandisk Boys Love

67. Little Lover [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
There are two visual novel pieces in the package:
One is Naruto story about getting a teacher
The other one is memory loss kinetic mini-novel.
Doujin Boys Love

68. Papyrus 紙莎草書 [021230] Yuta SoftTek
The protagonist is touring around a museum, admiring a particular ancient Egyptian painting & wondering why the girl in the painting looks just like her.... when suddenly, her spirit is called upon on by the past "her" & she is transported to the Egyptian era. She wakes up and finds herself in a foreign place with a totally different identity...a training priest! Apparently the past "her" has an identicalappearance to hers, & she requests for the protagonist to take her role in order to change history & save her loved ones... she has no choice but to accept. The protagonist gets to meet her not blood related "sibling", her "childhood friend", the Pharaoh, the harsh head priest, an invader of the city fulfilling a curse made long ago & the playful sibling of the Pharaoh... Of course the aim of this game is to chase after all those bishies! 

69. Sasuke no Love Mail Daisakusen! サスケのラブメール大作戦! [021230] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Sasuke x Iruka mini-game.
Doujin Fandisk Boys Love

70. Seiyoku no Toriko 性欲の虜 [021230] hi-way
Female teacher Mao has strong libido. Even in the new academy workplace she continues to conduct indecent acts provoking students and co-workers of the same gender.

71. Sinkha: Hyleyn Sinkha: Hyleyn [021230] Marco Patrito 1
Hyleyn has now become involved with the immortal Sinkha, the most advanced life form in the universe. Through a series of dramatic circumstances, she is no longer wholly human — now she is also one of them... Together with her new Sinkha friends Aker and Darshine, Hyleyn embarks on an adventure to save a world from an encroaching invasion.
As an added bonus, Hyleyn includes an abridged version of Sinkha which contains fewer but enhanced (although static) CG artworks, as well as an expanded description of the original events.

72. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! 3 -Rain- 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! 3 -RAIN- [021230] Interchannel
Up to advanced class and all things settled satisfactory...
No! No! No time taking rest! New troubles happened a lot.
"The campus tinkers" appeared!!!
It's our copy cat?
Come on! I'll debunk who they are! Let's go Fujimori!
Boys Love

73. Romancing Kanon ~Eien no Shoujo Densetsu~ Romancing Kanon ~永遠の少女伝説~ [021230] Hachimitsu Kumasan
Black clouds gather around the Kanon city. 88 saint warriors have gathered there to defend honor and show their world class special moves. In the meantime there is one girl who does not have such skills, but who trains diligently to protect this city from the power of Abyss.

74. Imouto Ijiri ~Sanninme~ Daikirai de Daisuki Yuuki-chan 妹いじり ~さんにんめ~ 大嫌いで大好き 優希ちゃん [021230] Marufuku Store
Sister is irritated with her brother. He gets in the way no matter what she does. She hates him and hits at any occasion. But on one occasion they get to spend night together. Sister does not hate her brother anymore...

75. Natsuiro no Sora no Shita de 夏色の空の下で [021230] Nirvana Soft
Main character's parents go abroad, so he stays at his cousin Reika's house. He spends days happily at school with friends. But once a mysterious transfer student enters the classroom, and things start to change rapidly.

76. Kagami 霞我身 [021230] Endless-BBS
Time has passed, and person appeared in this world.
He was brought to a small country across the sea.
He was taken by the greedy people who used him for satisfying own desires.
Then person heard a call and awakened from his long sleep.
A timeless serious story.
The thoughts of two people exist in eternity and realize in a never-ending chain of sadness…

77. Free Flower [021230] Milk Cafe
Main character graduates from high school in the city and returns to his hometown for the first time in three years. The landscape has not changed at all as if frozen in times. He is greeted by three childhood friends. Then he hears "welcome" and can't believe his eyes - there stands an important girl that should have died three years ago. And then the mysterious clock frozen three years ago starts to move again.

78. Akane no Sora ni Tsuki o Miru 茜の空に月をみる [021230] Tablet (doujin group)
A young man with the power of healing leaves his hometown and starts to live alone in the city. He occasionally reunites with the childhood friend there which revives nostalgic memories. But one day he is attacked by a woman with a sword. He manages to escape, but days get filled with anxiety. He soon notices a bruise that begins to spread throughout his body. Where does it all lead to?

79. Bois Hoshikuzu to Tetsukuzu no Niwa bois 星くずと鉄くずの箱庭 [0212] Karin Entertainment
Free short story available through Karin's website.
Boys Love

80. Kuro 黒 [02] dydy
Europe during Dark Middle Ages. Main character is a monk. A beautiful girl is accused of being a witch in the monastery. Protagonist makes various attempts to help her. What truth hides behind the strict Christian society? Is there only fear and despair ahead?

81. Yoiyami 宵闇 [02] My Rascal
No info

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