VN of the Month March 2003 - Interlude

Interlude is the only masterpiece of the month. This month blocked novels surpassed normal ones over four times which is very scary considered that it's not a Comiket month.

1. Erinyes [030313] Pleiades Company
There is an island country similar to Japan. Memory of the great war that happened 50 years ago starts to wear off. But people who got hurt can never forget. There is a den where such people are gathered - underground prison. Now the time for settlement has come. Will protagonist escape from this place? What role will mysterious girl in the rain play?
A free puzzle-based adventure with the aim to escape prison through many different ways and enter one of 20 endings. Game is more about the process than the result.

2. Interlude インタールード [030313] Longshot 1
For a close-knit foursome of high school friends, life is all about sleeping in class, strawberry milk, and after-class karaoke. However, our unnamed main protagonist is troubled by nightmares of death and disaster. Only when he begins to realize that his memories of people and events are different from those of Tamaki Maiko (named "Tama-chan" by her friends, "Mai-chan" by herself), Chimu and Harusa, his three female friends, does he begin to wonder. Later, when the waking dreams start.... a short moment of him seeing something that noone else attractive young lady, who stares back at him in amazement from an empty subway station, does he begin to wonder about his sanity. That evening, the four encounter and follow a shadow with no person, only to encounter a gang of stumbling zombies. And then he wakes up that morning from yet another bad dream, but the threads of reality have become a bit too frayed, and he begins to see a way in which he can travel over to the reality of his nightmares.
There is an English review. I absolutely adore this game. Anime is an absolute must watch one. Visual novel has different, longer ending and is nice for those who liked the anime.

3. Angelium -Tokimeki Love God- ANGELIUM -ときめきLOVE GOD- [030314] Terios
Zeus was an omniscient and omnipotent god who ruled in Heaven where the gods lived. However, he was a pervert who had a wish to flirt with young angels, unbeknownst to his wife, Hera.
He came up with an idea to make use of the promotion examination which took place every three years. Three angels, Yu, Miki, and Chado-ko, came down to Earth to take the exams. When they began to work part-time jobs at the flower shop, the severe trials occurred one after another.
Zeus was taking care of them secretly. However, it's wasn't from his kindness, but from his perverted desires. But, his activities were known in the lower world...
Slapstick comedy. Anime actually follows story quite faithfully, just with less volume, naturally.

4. Colorful Kiss ~12 ko no Mune Kyun!~ カラフルキッス ~12コの胸キュン!~ [030314] Giga
Main character returns to his alma mater for teaching practice starting in the fall. According to facility rule he has to stay at student dormitory. His stay there is full of nostalgia. Oh, and there are so many events at school - sports festivals, culture festivals and school trips. He gets in touch with many juniors through these multiple occasions. 
It's Giga, so I did not expect anything above average moege. And it's exactly like that - generic moege with 12 characters, each having 2 H scenes.

5. Ai Yori Aoshi 藍より青し [030320] KID 1 2 3 4
The game comes with two different story segments, South Island and Winter Lake.
South Island Edition 
During winter vacation, Tina sees a TV program about the balmy southern islands and says that she wants to go to the ocean. Aoi proposes that they go visit her villa in the southern islands.
They immediately board a cruise ship to make the journey to the island as a group. However, on the way the weather turns nasty and the ship capsizes. Miyabi calls for help, but the radio is broken and proves of no use. They 
Winter Lake Edition 
During winter vacation, Tina sees a TV program about the warm southern islands and says that she wants to go to the ocean again. Kaoru points out that they just been to the ocean. With perfect timing, Mayu shows up to invite them to her vacation home for the holidays.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

6. Run [030320] Lip2 1
The story begins with Kouichi, the only son from a wealthy family. His mother died when was very little, and within that lapse of time, his father married a second time, and the stepmother brought her own daughter over, Serino, who would later become Kouichi’s little sister. His father used to ride a bike in his youth, on which he went on many trips to many places, meeting up with new people, and having different experiences. Kouichi liked to listen attentively to his father stories, no matter how plain, or simple they sounded. Both his admiration and love for his father grew with the pass of time, mostly due to these stories, and seeing how other people relied so much on his father. But after a couple of years, his father passed away. It’s normal, life comes to an end, he thought.
By then he was already a college student, and would soon inherit and administrate his father’s company. Reality kicks in, a reality far away from those stories he used to hear. He had to embrace it, until he stumbled upon that old bike once again. It was non-functional, rusty, long forgotten by time. That beaten up bike, left abandoned at the corner of the garage brought him to tears the moment he laid eyes on it, and decided to do a total restoration of it to go on a journey, just like his father did. Easier said than done, though. There’s school, responsibilities, and pretty soon, work. Somehow, he got permission, both from his father’s company and school to be absent for a while. And his stepmother helped him with the cost of the bike’s restoration. Okay, everything is moving smoothly. But he hasn’t done anything on his own, he is just the family’s pampered child. They answer to his whims. But that’s precisely why he wanted to go out to the world; to grow as a person, to gain experience in life, to stop being the family’s child, and become like his father, his life-long role model. To obtain that “something” his father had, but he actually hasn’t.
There is an English review.

7. Sister Princess 2 シスター・プリンセス2 [030320] STACK software
The story begins on the final day of school before summer vacation. Then the player chooses a sister who he wants to start with for a close relationship. Therefore, Sister Princess 2 is about spending the player's time with either one sister or all sisters at the same time as they spend their summer together. Especially in Sister Princess 2, the player can spend the summer with all the sisters, not just one, in a special ending where the sisters invite their brother to a summer party where the brother and the sisters would swear to be together forever.
Sister Princess 2 has four endings for each sister. The first two were the non-sibling relation and siblings-together ending and, if the player chooses one sister in the beginning but ends up with another sister, either of the other two endings for the first sister who the player does not choose appear ("non-blood relation" ending and "still brother and sister forever" ending also) but with a different story.
Prequel got quite famous. This sequel has different systems, but as for contents - it's almost the same. Summer vacation story - going on a trip with a sister. A solid sister experience.

8. Vampire Yui ~Sen'ya-shou~ 吸血姫夕維~千夜抄~ [030327] Generation X
Yui is the daughter of human and a Shi (another type of demon, also described as anti-shinma in some English translations). She is also part vampire as Miyu's blood runs in her veins, as Miyu fed on her mother while pregnant with Yui. Miyu describes Yui as both her sister, her daughter, and herself. Yui has long dark hair, and looks to be about twelve or thirteen years old. Like Miyu, Yui has a tragic past and friends she had to abandon upon her awakening. Yui has the additional issue of being both hunted and supported by rival factions of Shi, who do not approve of her existence.
Also like Miyu, Yui also has a blood bonded protector, a younger shinma named Nagi. Yui's personality is much more shy and timid than Miyu's, and she is still largely naive about the world at large. Nagi is very hot headed, but is a faithful companion, allowing Yui to feed on him as she refuses to feed on humans. Yui's weapon of choice are cherry blossoms, which she can bend to her will in a variety of ways. She passes this power to Miyu upon giving up her own blood for Miyu's rebirth.
Kyuuketsu Hime Yui Senyasyo is a visual novel based on the Vampire Princess Yui manga released for the Playstation 2 console. In the game the player can choose between 4 different main female characters (only 2 of them are availables at the beginning of the game), the game got a Life bar that will decrease depending of the player choices during the game. The game features different endings depending of the player choices during the game and unlockable pictures galleries.
Quite a confusing and unsatisfying work unless you're fan of the original.

8. Brown Doori Sanbanme ブラウン通り三番目 [030328] SofthouseChara
The setting is Middle Ages, a time where peace and war is jumbled together.
It is during this time that utility people called "Adventurers" came into existence.
Monster extermination, ruins exploration, getting back stolen goods, etc.
As long as you have rewards and policy, they're an extremely useful existence.
To those people, weapons and goods necessary for adventure are sold, requests are dispatched and wounded bodies are tended and nursed.
An extremely essential existence for them adventurers that is, "Adventurer's Bar".
SofthouseChara continues to make weird SIM games, as always.

9. Tsuki no Mori 月の守 [030328] Ark
Japan, feudal era. In this game, you are Tsukinomori, a samurai. After a very difficult battle, during a night of full moon, you are walking hurt and alone in the forest when you see a mysterious light emanating from inside an old sacred tree.
Investigating, you find inside a beautiful girl, naked. Her name is Hime, and she is the promised daughter of the moon who comes to the Earth every 50.000 years to change the story of the humanity.
Is she an angel or a devil? Will she bring salvation or destruction to the human race? It is up to you to decide by becoming her guardian, tutoring her and teaching her all she need to know in order to find her true destiny...
Basically heroine asks about different aspects of the world and, depending on answers, one of four hidden parameters raises or drops. Such conversation continues endlessly, and - since there's no story in the game - it becomes super monotonous. The number of events is very limited. Rare kusoge.


1. Moshi Moshi Milk Cocktail Debut もしもし みるくカクテル Debut [030304] Studio-74
Get acquainted with a girl by email and date her without making mistakes to get to know her for real.

2. Pita Netsu Lesson EX: Tadashii Sei no Mezamekata Sono Ni ぴた熱 Lesson EX 正しい性の目覚め方 その二 [030304] Iconoclasm
Main character excels in study and sports. But there is one thing he can't beat his best friend in for six years - sex.

3. Boku no Mesu Hisho wa Doukyuusei 僕の牝秘書は同級生 [030307] Liquid 1
The Kirishima family holds the long standing tradition that the head of the company must train and maintain a sex slave as an obedient partner. Young Masato must find and train a female slave to take over his father's position as CEO of the group.
Masato's father has left his slave (secretary) to help young Masato to find a suitable candidate. Masato turns to his classmates in hopes of finding a suitable female sex slave. Three girls rise to the occasion. He must put those girls through intense training so he can choose the best one. Your choices help Masato to find the best female sex slave.

4. Houkai Jokyoku 崩壊序曲 [030307] Rouge
Main character gets mistaken for a pervert on the train one day, but that incident helps him to get acquainted with Miyuki who goes to the same university. They start dating, but Miyuki has phobia of physical relations due to past trauma. However after one seminar titled "Respect for self" she starts to behave differently...

5. Rakuen Yuki 楽園行 -RAKUENYUKI- [030307] Alice Blue
Taisei spends his days working at a convenience store. Nothing ever changes--until the day a briefcase full of cash was dropped in front of him. Suddenly there are scary guys after him and the briefcase. Now, with the help of his friends, he is on the run to stay alive...
Boys Love

6. Soushitsukyou 喪失郷 [030307] Mu
Naoto and his lover Miyuki were going to ski resort. However, their bus was stalled in blizzard. The passengers were helped by Natsuyo, a landlady of a Japanese style hotel, and they decided to stay at the hotel for a while. At that night, Naoto and Miyuki made love at the hotel over and over, but he couldn't be satisfied, and finally he began to love Natsuyo. The situation was the same with other passengers. In this closed space, ritual and accidents continued... A bizarre and erotic story was just begun...

7. Toki no Tabibito 季節の旅人 [030307] Miryou Koubou
Main character is on the verge of marrying his lover, but one passionate night he loses consciousness and is awakened by his lover crying. The girl runs out and gets in a traffic incident. Protagonist's desire to revive his love is so strong that he gets warped in time.

8. Promised Land [030309] ANGEL/BLOOD
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side parody game. Main heroine has time till the final exam to find her love. 
Otome Doujin

9. Angelique Etoile アンジェリーク エトワール [030314] Koei 1
Fourth installment in the series. The main character is a girl from the cosmos ruled by Angelique Limoges named Ange, who must save the cosmos as the "Legendary Etoile". Includes all of the major characters from previous Angelique titles, plus three new "Holy Beast Cosmos" Guardians.

10. Ayakashizoushi ~Oumagatoki no Yume~ あやかし草子~逢魔が時の夢~ [030314] Mermaid
Main character is the successor of a shrine, but he does not believe in monsters, spirits etc. One day youkai begin to sing. Protagonist does not know how to handle youkai, but thanks to that inability he manages to handle them his way - by having intimacy with them. Luckily, all youkai have shape of little girls. Protagonist's revolution has begun!

11. Cosplay Tantei Nama Kigae♪ こすぷれ探偵ナマ着替え♪ [030314] Chiffon
Main character is an ordinary college student. One day he is taken to a cabaret by his sempai and falls in love with hostess Sakura at first sight. However, in reality she is a woman detective who loves cosplay. Protagonist decides to work as her assistant, and he has to squeeze into nurses, maids, shrine maidens etc costumes while she wears female police officer uniform. Depending on the content of requests, sex techniques need to be applied to successfully fulfill the cases. 

12. Mahou no Milk Tea ni Onegai 魔法のミルクティーにお願い [030314] Hadashi Shoujo
Main character becomes an owner of a tea shop, but he is not really interested in tea. He wants to have intimate relations with girls around. So he adds aphrodisiac to the tea and enjoys company of waitresses and cute clients.

13. Motto! Himitsu Taiken もっと!ヒミツたいけん [030314] Complet's
Takes place a year after "Boku no Himitsu Taiken".

14. Ura Kazoku Yuugi ~Oyako Choukyou Hanashi~ 裏家族遊戯~母娘調教譚~ [030314] Haoh
Father remarries a very young girl, and protagonist moves out to live alone. But as father gets into an accident, mother-in-law begs protagonist to return home. The scale of distortion at home is yet to become known.

15. Akaku Kagayaku Yuki 紅く輝く雪 [030314] Milk Cafe
Main character returns to snowy hometown after 15 years. There he finds nostalgic spots and reunites with two important childhood friends. He thinks that such happy quiet life will last forever, but there are traces of separation in the air.

16. Goukon Date! 合コンデート! [030319] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Atobe gets a date, but choices can lead to a crazy outcome like getting to Sengoku samurai and ninja.
Boys Love Doujin

17. Joi Okkusu 女医○っくす [030320] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
This spring main character enters private medical college. He is attached to a senior doctor. This doctor turns out to be his lovely neighbor Yukari who he admires for a long time. However, she behaves coldly unlike old times. Protagonist is told that her character has changed after being betrayed by a man. 
Yukari... let me heal you so that you could shine like before!

18. Sexfriend SEXFRIEND ~セックスフレンド~ [030320] CODEPINK
Sexfriend focuses on the protagonist, Takabe Tomohiro who just happened to have his first sexual encounter in the nurse's office after school with his classmate, Hayase Mina. Tomohiro and Mina had been just friends until that fateful day. But was surprised at her attitude, he started to become addicted to the woman's body, and he continued the relationship with Hayase and eventually desires a real romantic relationship, not just friends with "benefits and cookies". With the school nurse's help, they were able to have sexual practice everyday.

19. Tsuma x Tsuma 3 ~Koko wa Hitozuma Market!~ 人妻×人妻3~ここは人妻まーけっと!~ [030320] Discovery 1 
Sakuraba Koutarou has taken over the Sakura Mart since his father passed away due to a traffic accident. He now has to take over Sakura Mart's management and also take care of his young and beautiful mother in law Sakuraba Minato and his little sister Sakuraba Nagisa. The road before him wont be an easy one however since his evil older brother is demanding him to hand over Sakura mart since he has more lucrative plans for that place...
Koutarou has to make Sakura Mart successful as fast as he can...he should fear not as many hot wives will be more than happy to help him and give him some "motivation", including of course his mother and sister!.

20. Boku no Mushi Kago ぼくのむしかご [030321] Arkham Products
At school the protagonist is bullied, while at home he's forced to live with the gold-digger stepfamily of his absent father. He finds solace with his friends, which consist of pets such as reptiles and insects.
One day he discovers that one of his bullies is afraid of a spider. Shortly after, he discovers he can make any girl obedient with his "power": a fearful obedience instilled by waving one of his uncute pets in her face.
With the aid of a secret dungeon under his house and tons of bondage equipment, along with an aphrodisiac he developed from his friends' venoms and secretions, he begins to wield his power in an aggressive campaign of vengeance.

21. Fuyuiro Denshin 冬色伝心 [030321] Hanerom
Main character attends school on a boring winter day. But this day he encounters a mysterious person, and the world around protagonist starts to change rapidly. Will there be warmth of someone else by the end of winter vacations?
Boys Love

22. Magical Twirler Angel Rabbie まじかるトワラー・エンジェルラビィ [030321] Kuroneko-san Team
Humanity makes much progress through a combination of science and magic, until a large war breaks out.
Many years later, the magical city of Sosarium (constructed on the Moon) sends an agent down to Earth to make sure history does not repeat itself as civilisation starts to rebuild itself. That agent is known as an "Angel".

23. No Area NoAREA [030321] Fusyro
Two solitudes - doctor and company president secretary - meet at a beautiful bar named NoAREA. 
Boys Love Doujin

24. Utsurogami ウツロガミ [030321] Underground Campaign
The main protagonist is a boy who is working for the rich family. The game consists of two stories.
First story is about demon that is killing people and the main goal is to understand the mystery about that demon. Second story is about protagonists childhood friend and about his relationship with other people(this story has more sexual content and consist only of narrow path).
Boys Love Doujin

25. Wasurenagusa no Yoru 勿忘草の夜 [030322] Jewel Box
Makoto is on her way to the drama club’s spring retreat when she gets lost in the woods, so she’s pretty glad to meet up with another lost kid. Taking him under her wing, she heads for the old school where the retreat is going to take place, blissfully unaware of what lies in wait...

26. Wagaya ni Majo ga Yattekita! 我家に魔女がやって来た! [030326] Touchy
Black witch Kiri is defeated in a magic war and expelled to human world. She can not use magic there unless establishes a contract with a human being - and that human happens to be our protagonist. Kiri only desires to return to her primary world and conduct revenge at first, but her heart gradually softens. However, two white witches are soon sent to the human world to kill Kiri...

27. Akikaze Yozora ~Boy Meets UFO~ 秋風夜空 ~BOY MEETS UFO~ [030328] Glasses!
On an autumn night main character encounters a flying object and meets an alien girl who asks him to remember their common childhood recollections. Having finished playing the piano she says "I am the one who shot that person."

28. Daughter Maker ドーターメーカー [030328] Fortune♪
Suddenly main character's boss and lover Michiko dies from overwork. Protagonist decides to take care of Michiko's only daughter Mio. With time his attraction to Mio overgrows the one that foster father should have.

29. Eden IV [030328] Forester
Remnants of rockets drifting near Mars are discovered in 2070 AD. Investigation reveals that materials belong to the rocket from moon base attacked by aliens in 2067. Among the investigation team is planet geologist Ellen Marvell. Noone noticed Glen Collins lurking inside the recovered rocket...

30. Fushigi Densha ふしぎ電車 [030328] Digi Anime 1 2
The main character awoke at a bar in front of the station after getting drunk. There he saw a strange tram running through a strange city. A city filled with absurdity, a city lacking common sense. Our hero got on the tram and henceforth he was going to experience a lot of different stories and a lot of different sexual affairs as well. While getting himself involved in various strange happenings he arrives at the terminal station. Though, when he finally got there, the sun has already hidden itself behind the horizon, so he decided to wait for the dawn at the bar in front of the station. Once again drunk, he awakes and finds himself in a strange city with a strange tram running through it. Our hero, having lost all of his previous memories gets on the tram onсe again and sets on a journey through a mysterious town once more.
Will this seemingly indefinitely looping tramway trip continue for a long time? 
When will our hero finally get home?

31. Gekkou ni Nureru Kyoushitsu de, Boku wa. 月光に濡れる教室で、僕は。 [030328] Cherry Soft
Graduation ceremony is coming soon. Main characters writes a little novel where his classmates are insulted. He could never believe it when his classmate called him to meet in moonlight class. Her words were "Please insult me". 

32. Grope ~Yami no Naka no Kotori-tachi~ Grope ~闇の中の小鳥たち~ [030328] May-Be Soft
An earthquake causes the school campus to collapse living only 4 survivors—2 childhood friends, Fubuki & Shinichi with Takahaki and a Junior girl. Both Shinichi and Takahaki likes Fubuki, but Fubuki likes only Shinichi. Takahaki made false accusation on Shinichi having interest on the Junior, whom also likes Shinchi, in front of Fubuki to create a doubt between both childhood friends. And making use of the situation and raped the Junior and of course.... Fubuki. Leaving Shinichi in a mist of doubts.

33. Ichibatsu Hyakkai Special 一罰百快Special [030328] Herb Soft
A set of two works with full voice: Ichibatsu Hyakkai  and Ichibatsu Hyakkai 2.
Card game

34. Kingin☆Heart☆Succubus! きんぎん☆はぁと☆さっきゅばす! [030328] Megami  1
Partly against his own will, Ataru has been specially chosen for an unimaginably important task: aiding three promising succubus achieve demonic transcendence. To do this he must rigorously assess the sexual performance of his charges, and in the process temper their strengths while correcting weaknesses. The reward for success is beyond anything his mortal mind could ever comprehend, yet the the punishment for failure is equally as incomprehensible.

35. Marionette ~Ito Tsukai~ MARIONETTE~糸使い~ [030328] Carriere 1
The main character is Hiroki Mikage, apparently nothing more than a gifted but unremarkable high school student, although this facade hides an almost physical Darkness, a profound sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction menacing his own sanity.
However this is merely the prelude to even darker events, when Hiroki, while going to school, notices a strange violet light coming from the riverbank beside the road and finds a mysterious violet gem(?) scintillating with an eerie inner light...

36. Match Uri no Bishoujo マッチ売りの美少女 [030328] Gaia
A great war that divides the world in two, ends. One battle robot returns to New Edo...
The female protagonist is selling matches, but no one will buy them. One day she comes across the robot who is about to run out of energy, and she is able to communicate with it and help it by using her matches.

37. Menou-kun no Oshiete Oneechan-sensei 瑪瑙くんのおしえてお姉ちゃん先生 [030328] Jewelry
Main character is given summer vacations task to touch nature and describe experience in the notebook. But he lives in the city! So he comes to his relative's house and is greeted by pretty little girls. They happily agree to play in the nature together, but they are eager to learn a lot from this new onii-chan.

38. Nikushimi no Rosette 憎しみのRosette [030328] Marine Heart
City that never sleeps, Shinjuku. Cocktail bar "Rosette" dwells peacefully while most of neighboring establishments are crowded. Inside the store are three beautiful boys and a master with shade. They are the "revengers" who carry out the revenge tasks on request ... Become one of them in this fascinating occupation.
Boys Love

39. Ryoujoku Chikan Bus 凌辱痴漢バス [030328] Interheart
Hi, I'm Masashi. I'm a bus driver. I secretly installed some bug microphones into my bus and eavesdrop on my customers, especially young girls. I get their secrets and enjoy having sex with them. There are now five target girls.... Well, it's time to get down to work...

40. Sei Famiresu Gakuen 聖ファミレス学園 [030328] Black Light
Vocational schools are opened in a little distance from Tokyo in an attempt to revive family restaurant industry. The world's first family restaurant salesperson training school opens its doors! Main character is the store manager who is responsible for apprenticeship and evaluation of waitress girls. This year there is a contest to choose "Miss family". A fun and challenging weeks starts.

41. Tsumamigui 2 妻みぐい2 [030328] Alice Soft
Three years after the events of the first game, Kanae divorced of her late husband and married the protagonist from the 1st game. Now they are living happily together with their two kids.
The new protagonist is Naoto, an university student good natured but a little womanizer. One day he receives a letter from his old neighroor and sempai from highschool days, Haruka "nee-chan".
Her husband is traveling to Italia, leaving her alone at their restaurant for an entire month, so she needs help. 
You decide to help her, so you move to her block of apartments. Besides the new residents, there you meet your new neighroor Kanae (from the 1st game) too, who is feeling very alone because her beloved husband is traveling.
Now you have the chance to live with two beautiful wives during the time their husbands are away on business...

42. D.Zone [030329] Ritz software
The setting is a futuristic Japan in which the country is divided into the City and the lawless D.Zone. The citizens who live in the safe city have IDs and are implanted with chips that allow them access to everything (hence they're known as Chips). People who live in the slum-like D.Zone are either Lost (from the city but lost or sold their chip), Visitors (foreigners with no chips) or just plain unlucky enough to be born there (Next).
Teenagers Tsugumi and Dail are childhood friends. Both are orphans living in a city called Eden and have only each other to support.
Tsugumi works at a recycling plant. On his way home from work one night, Tsugumi found a sad-looking Dail in the park. He wanted to be left alone. "Tsugumi...I'm sorry.." were the last words he heard from Dail.
The next morning, the police are at their house and Dail is nowhere to be found. It turns out that Dail has been accused of killing his uncle and is currently missing. He can't be found anywhere in the city and was last seen near the boundaries of Eden and D.Zone.
Frantic to find Dail, Tsugumi leaves the safety of Eden behind and ventures into the dangerous D.Zone...
Boys Love 

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