VN of the Month January 2003 - Moekan

Moekan is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. F no Fuuin Fの封印 [030124] Girl's Software
Main character is a university student who studies local history. As a part of his investigation he visits ancient shrine maiden island. There he finds and breaks a mirror, which is followed by a dream of a woman who lost her mind and wore girl clothes. Mysterious incidents start to happen from that point. What secret is sealed in maiden that came to his dream?
Main character needs to solve an incident in a month's time before the next lunar eclipse. Every heroine has the same development, so story gaps do not get filled with next playthroughs. Character relations are vaguely depicted. Graphics is probably the only attraction point.

2. Heart de Roommate はぁと de ルームメイト [030124] Angel Smile 1 2 3 4 5 6
During his transfer to a new school, Yusuke starts to think his luck couldn't get worse. Due to a series of inexplicable, unfortunate accidents, he is left in a strange city with nowhere to live. What is he supposed to do now?
Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, he runs into an old friend, whom he hasn't seen for years. The hyper-active Asumi decides that due to an old debt that she must repay (Yusuke can't even remember what she's talking about!), she will help him out with a place to live. She then drags him along to her dorm, where she announces to her two roommates that Yusuke will now be living with them! But it's an all-girl dorm!
Things continue to get more and more complicated. First, boys are forbidden in a girls' dorm, so Yusuke has to dress up like a girl each and every day in order to go to class. Also, he is apparently the new housekeeper and is made to do all the cleaning. And they make him sleep in the closet, of all places! Last but not least, he finds himself slowly but surely drawn to these girls, and begins to care for them….
Game is localized and has English reviews.

3. Komorebi no Namikimichi 木漏れ日の並木道 [030124] F&C FC01
You play as Kouichi, who lost his wife years ago. The game places you in a love story involving six girls.
The first visual novel based on life after main heroine dies (Clannad does not count). The atmosphere is bright and lovely. But thanks to impact on child raising, heroines are given relatively little time, and scenario feels sober overall.

4. Marginal マージ ~MARGINAL~ [030124] White Clarity
Shio lost his parents when he was young and lived with his grandfather since then. When he is at border of death, he gives Shio the key to a house located in a village and tells him that he has the right to choose if he wants to live there. Thus, he goes to the village thinking that the house is abandoned, but he finds that five maids live there. Soon, another maid who came from the woods joins them. Shio starts living with them at the house and thus, his new life begins...
Game is notable for having the same scenario writer who wrote Kuon no Kizuna, and he's the only thing that saves this game with a horrible synopsis. He tones down eroticism and develops relations extensively. There's a week for common route, then individual routes begin. All the mysteries are only revealed in the final Marge route.

5. Tenohira o, Taiyou ni てのひらを、たいように [030124] Clear 1 2
Haruno Akio lives his days without interest in anything, going to school for a vague reason he himself does not remember. One day a transfer student comes to his class, claiming she knows him and bringing with her the much needed wind of change that revitalizes his stale life and lets him rebuild his relationships with his estranged childhood friends.
First route is automatic bad end, then can make positive choices for one of heroines. Pure heart and friendship are main motives. If you can tolerate loli characters and nostalgic atmosphere, it can be enjoyable.

6. Moekan モエかん [030131] KeroQ 1
An anarchistic country that is said to dominate the world exists on a vast island known as Moekko Island. This is where the final works of AC Company's android combat maids (resembling beautiful young girls) are done, also where these maids get there communication training. A new maid is to come to the island to be trained, Rinia, she is a young looking girl, who has lost her all of her memories, she tries very hard to impress the owner at Moekko island, but just ends up making a lot of trouble around the mansion. Takahiro, the owner of Moekko island, a depressive young man who has also lost his memories is seen as a very unhappy person who thinks Rinia will only be trouble around the mansion. As time passes, Takahiro slowly grows attached to Rinia's attempted ways of helping and so starts a beautiful relationship among the quiet island.
There is an English review.

7. Separate Blue セパレイトブルー [030131] Frontwing 1
The game begins on June 14, Saturday, in the coffee restaurant Amica Cips. Here, the protagonist wakes up and introduces himself as a transfer student who moved from Tokyo to his uncle's home in town Mihatoya City about three months ago, in early March. His uncle and aunt are currently out of Japan.
There's no plot, so writers are given full freedom. Because of different writers approaches, routes vary in quality greatly. Might be the first attempt to produces such combiner visual novel.

8. Snow [030131] Studio Mebius 1 2
The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess.
There aren't many nakige up to this point, so nakige are being compared to main Key's works. And it that regard Snow looks like a degraded verson of Kanon/Air. The tear is squeezed by killing treasured for so long heroines, and even the True Snow scenario that's supposed to lift the sadness, does not really live up to expectations.

9. Tokidoki Sugar ときどきシュガー [030131] Xuse
There is a secluded town in the mountains which attracts tourists with its ski resort and lake. 
Main character fails university entrance exams and is commanded by parents to return to the town villa by the lake. He hates to inherit parents tea ceremony business, but just can't think of what else he can do. However, surrounding girls are able to inspire his heart. Sometimes sweet, sometimes clumsy pure love story unfolds in this quiet countryside.
Basically a game about solving five girls' problems. Atmosphere is good, but scenario is lacking. H events are rather frequent (at least 2 times per herone), long and dark for pure love story.


1. Subarashiki Usotsuki Yarou 素晴らしきウソツキ野郎 [030101] Liar-soft
Fandisc with characters from different Liar Soft games fighting each other over the chance to have a sequel of their game.  

2. Ichigo Milk 2 いちごみるく 2 [030101] Atelier Kurimami
The second bullet in bukkake series. Ichigo-chan is being gang-raped without hesitation.

3. Incest [030109] Puni666
My name is Mari. I have a brother.
A very kind brother. I love my brother very much.
He's the most loving brother in the world.
There is nothing I wouldn't do for him. Because I love my brother.
Lolicon Doujin

4. Rewinder リワインダー [030109] I-tea Koubou
Having gifted "power", Wakana Tokio reluctantly uses it to please his beautiful but selfish girlfriend, Chitose Miku. To not be dumped, Tokio keeps up the pathetic efforts, but turns involved in an inevitable destiny of sorrow...

5. Heavenly Blue [030112] Lycoris
It's summer time and Takamura is lazily passing the summer days, when suddenly he found out he could possibly inherit a certain island. 
The present master of the island had no child to inherit it, nor any close relatives. 
So he set up a tour over five days. 
However, Takamura will learn the truth behind the plan.
Boys Love Doujin

6. Hissatsu Panda Samurai 必殺パンダ侍 [030114] KEN and Beniiro
Once upon a time, there lived a panda samurai, brave and true.
The rest, dear reader, is up to you!

7. Hirameki Nuki Animation vol.3 閃 ヌキアニメーション Vol.3 [030117] Devil's Works
It's time to attend school and the city - from sex friends to fabulous city harlots. Find them based on clues and get your reward!

8. Power Pro Kun Pocket 5 パワプロクンポケット5 [030123] Konami
Main character becomes an absolute star in baseball world. However, one day he exchanges bodies with a newcomer player. He can't return former body, so needs to start from scratch with the new sluggish body.
Gameboy Exclusive

9. Mahou Shoujo Ai ~Mahou Senshi e no Chinkonka~ 魔法少女アイ~魔法戦士への鎮魂歌~ [030124] Palette Enterprise
Palette Enterprise presents a sexual violation story of a magical girl Ai. She is totally f**ed with tentacles!

10. Fukuramikake Returns ふくらみかけ りた~んず [030124] Trabulance
Main character is a second grader of high school. During this summer festival he is put in charge of two girls in the neighborhood. It feels nice to be called "onii-chan". But then they notice morning erection and get very curious, so protagonist has to teach them about love between boys and girls.

11. Hana Hiraku ~Ano Ko wa AV Jou~ 華開 ~あの娘はAV嬢~ [030124] Riddle Soft
Main character learns to be movie director after his father who is legendary AV director. Protagonist struggles with the funding of his independent films, so decides to shoot some AV movies to sell quickly thanks to his father's fame.

12. Mahou no Shippo na Dai San wa 魔法のしっぽな 第三話 [030124] Sith 1 
The third and final part of the Mahou no Shippona series. Emiru and company are onto the final two elemental fragments. It would seem that both of these magical items lie inside an enormous cave. They all begin exploring, but soon find themselves attacked and separated. Is this the end of their journey without the taste of triumph?

13. Momoiro Paradise -Sumikomi Baito Ren'ai-tsuki- ももいろパラダイス -住み込みバイト恋愛付- [030124] Yui Koubou
The protagonist is an university student who receives a call from an old friend, the owner of a pension at mountain. 
She needs help. So he began a part-time job as a resident of the pension. There he meets many different girls.

14. NA-RA-KU ~Geijutsuteki Ryoujoku Lesson~ NA-RA-KU〜芸術的陵辱レッスン〜 [030124] Marine Heart
Star Season Company with its musical performances plays a leading role in entertainment industry. 
Main character has to become the director of the play "The Demon of the Stage" and gather a cast of skillful actors. He exercises special "Oki" acting school that demands individual pride and shame destroyed to be perfect actors. To reach that perfection he sets up late-night private lessons with the members of the crew.
Boys Love

15. Okite no Shima 掟ノ島 [030124] TinkerBell
Main character follows his parents as demonist. There is a village with a belief that first sexual experience of girls must be with the evil spirit conductor. Main character comes to this village to initiate the ritual of coming of age with the girls. However, there is already a chained and bullied girl in this village. Can he save the girl from the demons?

16. Puni Mo E~ru! ~Sensei, Shimasho~ ぷにも☆え~る!~せんせぃ、しましょ♪~ [030124] Xai
Main character is a tutor hired to teach three girls during summer vacations. However, he is not an ordinary tutor who teaches maths or English. He rather helps to overcome students' weak points and get them interested in the study process. 

17. Refine [030124] Monoceros
Main character enrolls the the university thanks to his sport successes. He joins a basketball club and fosters relations with its members. However, his close friend betrays him...
Boys Love

18. Kooru Tsuki 凍る月 [030128] Amecyan
Melty Blood fan-fiction novel with the events happening in parallel with the original game.
Doujin Fandisc

19. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi 十二人の女教師 [030131] Deeper
Main character transfers to an elite boys' school where his uncle becomes a president. They decide to use women teachers as a bait to attract the best students. For that protagonist develops a plan to train teachers into slaves.

20. Angel Maker ~Hitotsu no Negai~ えんじぇるMAKER ~ひとつの願い~ [030131] Xyz
The battle between angels and demons goes on starting from prehistoric times.
In one of its episodes little devil steals an angel egg, but in the chase he has to drop the basket which falls on the head of main character. His brother puts the egg in the oven and pushes the switch, but soon the oven door blows up with a roar. A naked girl appears from the smoke. An angel and a devil join them to look over the newborn angel. So starts the strange five people co-habitation.

21. DA Pantsu!! DAパンツ!! [030131] Cadath
Aliens have sent flying panties that attach themselves to girl's panties, replaces them and inseminates them. A scientist discovers that the only way to prevent this is by already having some sperm inside their panties. So, suddenly five girls you know are demanding your services.

22. Shikkoku no Hana 漆黒の華 [030131] Black Package
England in the late 19th century. An estate is lost in the gamble. Main character is the winner's son who is given this estate as a present. All the things and people of the mansion become protagonist's possessions. Protagonist enters this mansion as a butler and starts to spread his poison.

23. Bijutsu Kyoushi Ryouko 美術教師・涼子 [030131] 13cm
Ryoko is a motivated casual art teacher. There's no particular why main character likes her, there's just the right atmosphere around her. But she is adult, so it's natural to develop romantic feelings over a beautiful woman. Well, probably it's not ordinary student-teacher relations...

19. Ura Bangumi ~Bijin Joshi Ana Yokubou Seichuukei~ 裏番組~美人女子アナ欲望生中継~ [030131] 13cm
In the world of color TV female caster occupation becomes as magnetic as idol. Each year a lot of young girl come to TV station with their dreams about amazing career and own program. However, they will soon find out that this television station is far from amazing.

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