VN of the Month October 2002 - Rocket no Natsu

Rocket no Natsu is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Minami no Umi no Odyssey 南の海のオデッセイ [021003] Global A
Main character is 6th grader in elementary school. He comes to Guam island with his twin brothers fleeing from the plague. The uninhabited island gets flooded with time, and there's no other option but to try to flee the island.
GBA exclusive is of zero interest to me and pretty much everyone in English visual novel community.

2. Kanojo 彼女~Kano-jo~ [021004] Sophia 1
Our hero falls in love with Ayane Tsuzuki, but he can't tell her his feelings because he's afraid of ruining their friendship (She's secretly in love with him, as well!). His friend sets up a double date for him, but he clams up and still doesn't relay his true feelings to Ayane. What's worse, he ends up having sex with Rena Tozuka. One day, 'Mariko Kanazawa,' a member of the photography club, tells him she loves him. He's never been really attracted to her, but he accepts her because he doesn't know what to do about Ayane. He becomes Mariko's boyfriend, but he can't help feeling strange. Ayane starts acting awkward around him. However, the more he knows about Mariko, the more he's attracted to her. . .
Ayano finally realizes she can't hide her love for him anymore. . .Which girl will our hero choose: Ayano or Mariko? What will the future hold? How will people and their relationships change when a 'friend' becomes a 'lover?' How will the past affect the future? This story is based on psychological connections people really have. We're confident that playing this game will mentally heal any player!
Charage without emphasis on scenario. Poor system and obsession with H really averts me from this game. At least game tries to get as far away from conventional moe attributes as possible.

3. Kuroyuki Hime 黒雪姫 [021004] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Noal left his country when he was young, and now when he hears that it's invaded by occupation forces, he rushed to join the oppressor's side. Eight years have passed since occupation, but resistance is still breathing. Noal nicknamed as "Black Angel" is in the avant-guard of resistance submission. One day mysterious woman Sariel shows up before him and asks if he wants to become the king of this country. These words resonate in his mind, and his heart starts to change. 
Scenario is determined by the set of tarot cards, so progression is totally event-based. There are three heroine endings, and mystery of Sariel is revealed in the true ending. Main character is all about insulting, so it's more of a nukige, really.

4. Nejire ネジレ [021004] En
Unreal things start to happen in reality as effects of various emotions such as person's dreams and hopes. A boy interested in occult phenomena joins a girl conducting a scientific research in order to reveal the mystery of the twisted world. 
Same as previous game of the studio, there is great atmosphere here, but scenario lacks impact. There are five heroines to consult, and afterwards there is a true route revealing the source of mystery. During talks with heroines we collect keywords. We can choose among 6 places at school and near it, and heroine appearance is not fixed. There are also two conversation patterns allowing to collect all the keys. At night we try to combine keywords in correct order and that advances investigation leading to guessing the reason of troubles - right guess triggers heroine ending.

5. Osananajimi 幼馴染 [021004] TinkerBell
Main character is a student approaching graduation. One day he gets a message that all his family dies in a traffic accident. He returns to his home town for the funeral and reunites to many childhood friends. The rest of his school life he spends in this town.
I buried Tinkerbell so many times, but it still tries to produce pure love games once in a while. Scenario is heavy and with sudden 180 degree shifts. H element is surprisingly thin - just once-twice per heroine. 

6. Rocket no Natsu ロケットの夏 [021011] TerraLunar
There used to be a season called "Rocket summer"...
The Earth has become a member of the Galactic Federation and has accepted multiple emissaries from aliens.  Silver rockets are launched from the Earth on daily basis, but one day all inter-galaxy contacts cease and space port doors get shut. 
Main character has dreamt of space travel since childhood. One day he decides to help girl Chise to participate in self-made rocket competition "50 Miles Over". Together with princess from the other start they form a rocket club. Will their dreams come true? 
Game with surprisingly good atmosphere and pace. Game is equally strong in the beginning, in the middle and in the end which made it really popular in 2002. There are five heroines with endings and also a bad end without heroine. What makes this game special is that scenario is completely different in each route which is super-rare for 2002. There are couple particularly boring routes though. Can't call this game a masterpiece, but if you don't raise hopes too high, it's an enjoyable read.

7. R.P.M. ~Hitomi no Naka no Omoide~ r.p.m.~瞳の中の想い出~ [021011] e-Erekiteru
A popular robot contest "GIRLS" is being held for the 10th time on the TV. Main character attends the same school club as robot girls participating in the contest. The hot summer of his dreams begins now.
Scenario itself is a collapse, and there aren't attractive heroines. Tempo is the worst and H scenes look the same.

8. Umi no Megami Sora no Megami 海の女神 空の女神 [021011] Gazelle
In an training camp of folklore club, you visited a local island, a natural rich village in this island that is surrounded by the sea.
Away from the urban hustle and bustle, but it is you who leisurely to send every day by the encounter with a woman who lives in the village, to encounter the incidents that you never will forget.
But.... this is definitely an adventure that does not end like you want to.
Multiple viewpoint adventure that can be seen both from hero and heroine's eyes. First we open up a route as a protagonist, and later can view it as heroine. After all the heroines are cleared in both viewpoints a route of a certain new character shows up that reveals the mystery. Scenario feels too short with number of events and CG not enough.

9. Koukyuu Shoufu ~Cortigiana~ 高級娼婦 ~コルティジャーナ~ [021018] Maple 1
Our protagonist Ouran, is a prodigal musician in Renaissance Europe. He used to play for the royal courts: people would pay a great deal to hear him play. That was, until a foul plot left him unwelcome in the palace. And so to the streets he went, left with but the clothes on his back. A mysterious lady comes, the widow of a baron. She's seen him before, apparently, and offers to give him room and board, in exchange for teaching music to some of her subjects. He's more than happy to grab this chance. A few hours a day lets him squander the remaining drinking his devils away.
Then, one day the landlord shows him two girls, Elsa and Emilia. Their dance and song leave an impression on him.
As he belatedly learns, the Lady dealt in the pleasure sector. Why she was running such a shady business out of her own volition, he did not know.
At the start of novel he's presented with a choice. Having seen the potential in the two girls, the Lady wants Ouran to be instruct the two girls on prostitution and how to carry themselves among the opposite sex. She had them becoming, not a common whore but a courtesan in her sights. He was not particularly fond of the arrangement, but the Lady was correct in her assessment: as such a man of pursued skills, he could not so easily abandon potential talent. He would show them that much pity.
The two were more oblivious than most, he later glumly admitted. Perhaps that was to be expected. To say "whore" is but a single word, and yet the path towards being one is littered with feelings of confusion and torment, of emptiness and shame. But there was still something in each of the girls which drew him. Perhaps there was something else to be found within these two months, however insignificant and transient.
Through conversation, Ouran learn more about the two girls and the landlady(the baron's widow), and various going-on's of the world. The two girls Elsa and Emilia, meanwhile, follow the only path they have.
There is an English review

10. Rasetsu Xan [021018] Kogado Studio
Main character is the "head" of the mercenary guild. He maintains the organization while accepting various requests. Now with advanced game mechanics.
It's hardly a visual novel at all.

11. Gyakuten Saiban 2 逆転裁判 2 [021022] Capcom 1 2 3 4
The setting for the game takes place roughly one year after the events of the first game.Like the first game, the first trial is a tutorial one that guides the player, Phoenix Wright, into all of the elements of the Ace Attorney courtroom. This is established by having Phoenix receive amnesia due to a head trauma. The remaining three trials are united by the mysterious disappearance of prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.
Justice For All plays similarly to the first Ace Attorney game as a visual novel/adventure game. While the game has been adapted from the GBA version to use the DS touch screen, none of the special investigation techniques introduced in the "Rise from the Ashes" case from the first game reappear.
A small but significant change is that a player can now present the profiles of people involved with the case, in addition to the evidence in the Court Record. The player can present them either during the court room or investigative phases.
Justice for All features a new gameplay concept called Psyche-Lock. Phoenix Wright has to unlock several locks that have been placed over a witness' heart in order to reveal the truth.
There are English reviews.

12. Cross Hermit [021023] Enterbrain! 1
You are a teacher who has wandered for nine years, for some unknown desire, you feel the need to return to your hometown. Unfortunately upon arrival, you have bad news from a woman you knew, 9 years ago. Some enemy (I do not know how to translate the name) has attacked and successfully abducted some important person from your town. She is very sorry that she was unable to protect the person. Immediately, you visit your ex-teacher (some old man) to have a clearer detail on what has happened. After a long chat, you decide to organize an army to fight back and retrieve what is lost and rid of the evil which is infiltrating your land, your country. At the start, the woman which has talked to you, agrees to help you fight, and also two other students which you have taught, 9 years ago, before leaving.
Cross Hermit is a fantasy RTS game. As story unfolds characters grow stronger as they complete missions, learn skills and equip items between the missions. Battles are handled similar to Age of Empires series. Whether to launch and instant assault or prepare properly is always a tough choice. If the target of the mission is perfectly clear, it only means that considerable increase in difficulty will be involved. Each week one story event takes place.
There is enough English information.

13. Critical Bullet: 7th Target クリティカルバレット 7th Target [021024] Capcom
This is a sequel to the game Bounty Hunter Sara: Holy Mountain no Teiou. The stage is Neo Tokyo, a dark futuristic city where crime reigns and where no police force is strong and courageous enough to stop the criminals. This is where Sara Fitzgerald, a freelance bounty hunter, enters the picture. Your goal is to plunge into the crime world of Neo Tokyo and ultimately to defeat the greatest mafia bosses who are pulling its strings.
Scenario is twice longer and more diversified. But the core is the same - it's not about the story, but about the means to reach the same goal.

14. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Innocent Black 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Innocent Black [021024] WorkJam 1
Jingūji is asked to search for a missing daughter from the director of a hospital where he had received treatment. This small case gradually expands to revive a deep and complex mystery.
There is an English review.

15. Assault Armoroid Angelio ASSAULT ARMOROID Angelio エンジェリヲ [021025] Outgrow
Around 2500 AD. 
The development of science has given birth to a humanoid artificial life named "Methocera". Among them are special species with probability of one for many millions of those who can transcend humanity. 
The five superpowers live and peace and settle all their problems with space duels of such "Methocera irregulars" in exoskeleton suits "A2". Every superpower huts for talented warriors. This is a story about beautiful girls who are destined to keep fighting.
I have zero tolerance for scrollers.

16. Datte Suki Nandamon! ~Be With!~ だって好きなんだもん! ~Be With!~ [021025] Usagi Software
School setting. Main character fights and dates various girls, laughs and cries with them. Together they make their own adventure.
Game even more boring and commonplace than original Be With!

17. Hatsukoi 初恋 [021025] Rune 1 2 3 4 5
Hatsushima Minoru was a high school student, who goes to Seiou Kan Gakuen High school which located on the hill in a historical town. He spent a carefree campus lives with his friends. One day in spring, his boy and girl friends announced that they began to go out with each other. Until then, Minoru hadn't wanted to have a lover very much. But he found he yearned for their relations. After a while, when his little sister took him to the tennis mach, he met Sakurai Momoko who was his senior student.
Game is localized and has many English reviews.

18. Ikusa Megami 2 ~Ushinawareshi Kioku e no Chinkonka~ 戦女神2 ~失われし記憶への鎮魂歌~ [021025] Eushully 1 2 3 4 5
Protagonist is the reincarnation of the Goddess of War but fate has it it doesn't help him much being a guy. People who don't know of this call him girlish; but the ones who know of him and his earlier exploits call him the God Killer...
When an ancient fiend that has been sealed a long time ago begins to awaken water priestesses approach him and ask him to kill the fiend before the world is destroyed.
As his and the goddesses soul battle for the control of his body he is helped by the womans by his side, it seems as long as he is intimate with them the goddess cannot come forward...
There are English reviews.

19. Izanagi Denshou ~2010 Banki Tanjou~ イザナギ伝承~2010磐姫誕生~ [021025] Black Butterfly
In 2005 a man is found dead in the Tokyo park with the name of the village written on a note in his pocket. Main character is a researcher who combines pieces of information about the village and visits it, but villagers hate external visitors. It turns out that Imperial Army built the battleship "Darker Heavens" to turn the tides of the war. Now descendants of military families try to revive the idea and reconstruct the ship. The Prime Minister secretly orders to stop the growing revolt. Protagonist gets engulfed in the intertwined vortex of legends around the ship and those who seek it.
Last game of Black Butterfly was so complex that pretty much noone was able to perceive it. Izanagi Denshou inherits clunky system, but is able to offer a more logical composition of the story. Game has as many as seven heroines. Pace is very unstable with walls of text flowing endlessly at times.

20. Nanairo ~Koi no Tenkiyohou~ なないろ~恋の天気予報~ [021025] Film Software 1
Kyosuke Inaba loves girls more than anything! He really falls for girls who are honest and feminine. However, even a carefree hero like Kyosuke has hang-ups. He has one big problem he's never told anyone about!
His problem is, he has horrible luck with the weather! It's a sunny day, so Kyosuke decides to go out. As soon as he does, it starts pouring cats and dogs. He goes back inside, and the sun comes out again! What a poor guyc Oh, did we forget to mention that Kyosuke's family runs a cafe his grandfather started?
One day, Kyosuke wakes up and finds a letter from his grandfather on the table. It says, "Take care of the cafe for a month." As he lets out a sigh, he hears a loud noise. CLANK!! He heads toward the noise and finds 3 girls in strange clothes standing beside a statue. The statue claims to be God. The girls tell him they're the goddesses who control the weather. In return for messing up the cafe, Kyosuke asks them to give him the power to control weather. Unable to refuse, the girls unwillingly relinquish their power for a limited time.
This is how the 3 goddesses, God, and Kyosuke start living together.
Weather control system does not make much sense as it's only used for important events. Scenarios lack unity, clearly written by different authors. Lots of bugs in this debut work.

21. Natsukage なつかげ [021025] Sakuraneko
A group of friends rent a small cabin by a beach in a rural town and spend their summer there.
A kusoge with the worst stamps collected together.

22. Niji-iro Suishou 虹色水晶 [021025] Jewelry
One day main character buys an old box at a small antique shop. Inside is a transparent dice and a figure of a girl. Suddenly figure starts to talk. She turns out to be fairy Norn who is able to change the fate. From this day life fills with novelty and excitement.
Dice can be rolled only once a day, and it changes stuff, like all the girls start to speak Osaka dialect or all air conditioners break, but actually only one even during first week matters to choose one of the girls. The rest is just not to get bored. There are few events per heroine, and things still get boring.

23. Piano Strain PIANOSTRAIN [021025] Falstaff
The world 50 years past the tragedy.
Main character is a traveller who wanders around the Europe with a single bag. The girl he met along the way accompanies him to the Blinger Forest, where the sender of the love letter lives. She picked up the letter accidentally, but now wants to know the truth about this love letter. The Blinger Forest is full of mysteries that date back to pre-tragedy era.
Developers are same people who made Prime Girl, so there's some use of animation, even lip sync, but overall there's not much movement on the screen compared to previous work. The aim of the game is to escape the forest villa full of evil spirits. There is just one end, but many ways to reach it. Tactical battles aren't particularly sophisticated. Quite unusual high quality game, but not exactly a masterpiece.

24. Rance 5D - Hitoribocchi no Onna no Ko - ランス5D -ひとりぼっちの女の子- [021025] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Rance 5D, the seventh entry in the Rance series (since there were three "nr. 4" games), begins in an embarrassing way for the hero: he is lost in a huge dungeon, with only his loyal and lovely slave Sill to help him. Little does he know that escaping the dungeon will be just the first part of a new adventure, which will involve invoking ancient powers, meeting an old rival, and of course, having fun with various girls.
Rance 5D introduces new features to the standard gameplay formula of the series. The dungeon navigation is done from a "wheel screen"; the player has to spin the wheel, and as a result Rance and his party will advance to a new location. Even though the player can choose the speed of turning the wheel, and field representing different locations are displayed on it, landing on a new location depends mostly on luck. Rance can encounter a random enemy, find a treasure chest, trigger an event, etc. The battles are somewhat simplified, using a standard turn-based engine without the strategic element of moving on the battle field. As always in Rance, expect to see some hardcore erotic images.
Game is localized and has many reviews.

25. Revenir [021025] Tropical Soft
Due to an accident, the protagonist returns to the house of his parents that he has been away for a long time. Just before his return, he starts having dreams about a strange book and a ghost called Revenir. When he returned he found out that his parents turned his old house into a boarding house and they now had six female tenants. He starts living in the same house with those women and his thoughts about those strange dreams that he's having...
Same producers who made Atmosphere and text quality are notable, but character personalities and immersion level are weak. Play time for one character is just between 1 and 2 hours.

26. Sotsugyou☆Made in Love ~Okinawa Long Vacation~ 卒業☆MADE IN LOVE~沖縄ロングバケーション~ [021025] Splash
Main character Michiru attends a small school in Okinawa. He has five best friends at school. They have different personalities, but like to spend time together. With summer come fun activities outdoors, and feelings start to bloom.
Scenarios are almost the same for every heroine. A kusoge with no other merit than graphics.

27. TenAku ~Angel and Devil~ てんあく ANGEL and DEVIL [021025] Studio e.go!
Main character is a thief who is often put to custody by the police. On one of such returns from the custody he saves a girl from a running car, and falls unconscious afterwards. When he wakes up, he sees a grim reaper who explains that protagonist experienced a temporary death, and now he is given ten days to show whether he deserves to live on or should die. The boy, the girl and their supervisors - the devil girl and the angel girl - start to live under the same roof for ten days.
Don't expect a scenario here, so for ten days before the verdict is done there is nothing to do but to H. Game was sold for only half the normal price.


1. Ingoku Byoutou 2 ~Karamiau Wana~ 淫獄病棟2~絡みあう罠~ [021001] Girl's Software
Young and talented surgeon is a deputy director of the famous hospital. All the nurses here under his total control as slaves. One day protagonist is sent by the director to the rival hospital for nurse training exchange. With his specialty in insults he needs to enslave nurses of this rival hospital.

2. Dakara Doushitatte だからどうしたって [021002] A-10 no Yukue
Main characters are going to Osaka. However, incidents with the dead arising start to occur around them. What will they do in this messed up situation?
Boys Love Doujin

3. Angel Blade エンジェルブレイド [021004] Digi Anime
In the near future, the earth is covered in a chemical smog and Dark Mother, evil villainess, leads a secret organization devoted to world domination. But there is a masked heroine named Angel Blade, a beautiful woman who fights the evil of Dark Mother.

4. Gakuen Counselor 学園カウンセラー [021004] Puchi Ankh
Main character lives with his father, mother-in-law and sister-in-law. One day his father is asked to become a masked counselor at a prestigious school with his children allowed to study there in exchange. However, father has urgent business overseas leaving protagonist to play the role of masked counselor of all these cute school girls including his sister-in-law.

5. Inbaku Kazoku 淫縛家族 [021004] Cross
Main character leads a normal life of the eldest son. But behind the scenes he abuses his sister. One day letter arrives from his true parent claiming there are no ties between protagonist and the family he lives in. With that information last sibling ties with his sister-in-law get torn.

6. Konna Mahou Shoujo ... Watashi wa Remii こんな魔法少女…アタシはレミィ [021004] Winters
This spring you're just graduated from university, without a career, unemployed.
In vain you're hoping to get a job, and then suddenly a girl appears ''an magical girl?''.
She claims that she came from the TV screen... ''what is going on?!'', her appearance was indeed ''magical'' though.
But what is the purpose? why did she came out?
Is she going to....

7. Midara na Kangofu Monogatari 淫らな看護婦物語 [021004] Aqua House 1
Our hero begins work at a university hospital after graduating from medical college. 
He finds out just how ugly the medical world can be, and he slowly starts losing interest. He ends up making some grave medical mistakes. When such mistakes are made, one loses any trust invested in him. Such is the case with our hero; he also loses status among his peers and becomes extremely introverted. 
Our hero's former medical teacher hears about the situation. He feels responsible for referring our hero to the hospital and invites him to come and work at his own clinic. Our hero takes him up on the offer. The teacher's wife and three daughters also work at the clinic, and they gladly welcome him into their midst. 
Come and find out how different our hero's life is going to be!

8. Midara na Kangofu Monogatari 淫らな看護婦物語 [021004] Aqua House 1
Our hero begins work at a university hospital after graduating from medical college. 
He finds out just how ugly the medical world can be, and he slowly starts losing interest. He ends up making some grave medical mistakes. When such mistakes are made, one loses any trust invested in him. Such is the case with our hero; he also loses status among his peers and becomes extremely introverted. 
Our hero's former medical teacher hears about the situation. He feels responsible for referring our hero to the hospital and invites him to come and work at his own clinic. Our hero takes him up on the offer. The teacher's wife and three daughters also work at the clinic, and they gladly welcome him into their midst. 
Come and find out how different our hero's life is going to be!

8. Boku no Kareshi wa Juliet ボクの彼氏はジュリエット [021011] SandalDash
Tenma Hiromi moves in at a new school. He gets a letter from his girlfriend that she doesn't want to be in a long distance relationship.
He's surrounded by beautiful student council staff and selected to play the lead role for the play at the school festival, "Midnight Juliet", but he's only just moved in so he doesn't know the tradition that the person who plays the lead role and the role of the heroine in the play become a happy couple.
Boys Love

9. Miko wa Kyouen no Naka ni 巫女は狂宴の中に [021011] Touchy
Main character is a university professor who fails to motivate his students. But his new research is going to change everything. He goes to a certain island and insults and interrogates ladies of the island who are all shrine maidens to approach the core of the mystery.

10. GHQ ~Chihiro Gakuen Ura Gakuensai~ GHQ~千尋学園裏学園祭~ [021018] Luchs
A quiz-based game set in a secret school tournament where the winner gets her wish fulfilled. What the girls don't know, however, is that the losers of each round will have to pay with their body...
You can choose one of the 5 playable protagonists and try to get her to the ending. Each round you win you can see the "punishment" of one of the other girls (rape or other forms of sexual humiliation). Losing on the final round also grants you a "game over rape" scene with the girl you've chosen as protagonist.

11. Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai Fandisc アイドル雀士スーチーパイ ファンディスク [021018] Harvest 1
This is a fan disc for Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III. It includes the following features:
Suchie-Pai series dictionary
Suchie-Pai history gallery
'Paper doll' dressing game featuring Miyuri
Talking calculator featuring the voices of the characters

12. Momiji Happy Story もみじ Happy Story [021018] Lune
One year after events of prequel. By the time Kazuto graduates from school, he and Momiji get into love relationship. And the two get tied together... like on that day one year ago.

13. Nonfiction ~Daimei no nai Love Story~ Nonfiction ~題名のないラブストーリー~ [021018] Ripe 1
Kouki Inoue, the protagonist and the apprentice manager, is dating Manami Ayasaka (彩坂 愛美), an actress, but due to load of work they barely have time to spend with each other. Despite the lack of time, they feel jealous and overprotective of each other and have continued to feel of each other as irreplaceable partner and are wholeheartedly devoted to one another. But in such an unbalanced relationship the strong love they have for each other may take turn to unexpected as another people appear on the scene, Mitsuru Tsurugi (剣 充), a star actor and a womanizer, and Reina Oosaki (大崎 玲奈), Manami's manager who is experienced and also acts as your mentor.

14. Taishou Rouman Jikenbo 大正浪漫事件簿 [021018] Marine Heart
Taisho era. Western influence makes the empire bloom, but also has some mysterious consequences. 
Main character is an illustration artist who assist his interviewer partner on various incidents. One day his partner gets involved in a secret plot and disappears. Protagonist starts the search together with the editor. Will they rescue the partner and reveal the evil plot in the capital?
Boys Love

15. Watashi ni Konya Ai ni Kite 2 ~Oyome-san wa Hime Miko~ 私に今夜会いに来て2~お嫁さんは姫巫女~ [021018] Sekilala 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Kensuke Tsukikage, the son of a family that runs the famous Tsukigake Shinto Shrine. One day your grandfather, chief priest of the shrine, introduces you to a beautiful girl: Koruri Hanayashiki, a young shrine-maiden-in-training who will be studying here. It's quite an honor to be able to train at such an ancient and famous religeous site as your shrine. A party is held withyour childhood friends Nanao and Shiina to welcome Koruri-chan.
At the party, your grandfather makes an announcement: the upcoming harvest festival will be broadcast live on television, including the climax of the festival, the beautiful "dance of the shrine maidens." There's just one complication: it's the custom at this shrine that the shrine maidens have sex as part of their graceful festival dance. To make the special event a success, it's vital that you train all the girls in the erotic act of the dance in time for the festival, and choose your true love in the process. Because the girl who you take as your wife will help save the honor and tradition of the Tsukikage Shrine.

16. 1 -ichi- イチ-1- [021024] Tarutaru
Just make Ichi shut up by insulting him in a public toilet.
Boys Love Nukige

17. Glass no Mori 硝子の森 [021024] HuneX
Taking a request from a relative the protagonist moves to an out of the way village in the middle of a forest to take care of an old vacation house.
She spends a short summer vacation in this quiet, forgettable village.
But one day while going deep into the forest on a whim and finding a lake, plains, and a cafe she meets three mysterious guys who seem to be manifestations of the forest, and maybe she falls in love.

18. Confession ~Hajimete no Kokuhaku~ Confession ~初めての告白~ [021025] Crystal
An omnibus comic-style pure love adventure game with the theme "Let's be gentle to girls!" 
● First night 「初めての夜」
● Please, brother! 「お兄ちゃん・・・お願い」
● Morning packed train 「朝の満員電車」
● Two crossroads 「二人の岐路」

19. Dorei Hisho no Tori 奴隷秘書の島 [021025] Chiffon
Main character is approached by a mysterious person who offers instructor's job with very generous payment. The job contents is to train completely new type of secretary suitable for the company in the 21st century. 

20. Dormitory ドミトリー [021025] Passion
Main character is forced to study abroad. He somehow finds a place to stay, but it turns out to be a boarding house for shrine maidens. Only five girls know his secret that a man lives in a girl dormitory. Surrounded by attractive unique girls his days of joy are about to begin.

21. Jokei Kazoku 女系家族 [021025] Silky's
In order to revenge the Sannoji family that forced his brother to commit suicide, main character becomes family adviser to bring forth family's demise.

22. Ningyou no Yakata ~Inmu ni Dakereta Maid-tachi~ 人形の館~淫夢に抱かれたメイドたち~ [021025] Atelier Kaguya
Sou was working at the house of a millionaire, Katsuragi during the summer break. Though the house located deep in mountains far from the town, he enjoyed the days with a beautiful lady, her daughter, and charming maids. One day, he found a mysterious dollhouse in the attic. Inside it, there were dolls that looked like people in the house. He found that the doll had a magical power to manipulate the person at his will, and he made the women his sexual slaves one after another not knowing it is the way to lead to the ruin.

23. Shuuchuu Chiryoushitsu 羞中恥療室 [021025] rúf
Makoto Sugiura has studied his whole life to become a doctor. He's looking for revenge on the doctor with a scalpel scar across his left hand. It was that doctor who is responsible for his sister's death. After finally being assigned to the right hospital, Makoto finds that the entire staff is involved in something suspicious. He decides to sleep his way to the truth, squeezing a confession out of one nurse after another until he makes his way to the top.

24. Hotaru II 炎多留 II [021026] Tarutaru
Taiyou Suna is famous as an actor as well as a singer. However, his previous scandals are still known to everyone. The characters take advantage of this to increase the ratings on your TV show. However, after the truth is revealed, the TV men go out of their way to help him.
Boys Love

25. Chinbotsu ~Zetsubou no Shojo Koukai~ 沈没 ~絶望の処女航海~ [021026] Studio Sepia
Main character attends a college friend's wedding on a luxury cruise ship. The bride is a beautiful president's daughter. Suddenly a huge wave washes away most of the people. It becomes clear that next waves will be the death of everyone remaining on board. Why not enjoy yourself and abuse these girls if death comes anyway?

26. Reminiscence [0210] Team Device
That summer's wind carried with it warmth... I did not have much luck in entering a university and led an idle life. The only place in which I could find comfort in was "Cafe Reminiscence".
That certain encounter on that summer. The future became the present and the present became the past. Those memories protect us. 
And now our ordinary story which started from that place begins...
Non-JP Doujin

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