VN of the Month November 2004 - Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~

This month does not have masterpieces. I did not like the game and the anime, but there's nothing to choose from this month, so ok, Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ will pass for now. I will review the game with an interesting concept - Ano Sora no Mukougawa

1. Love Songs ♪ ADV: Futaba Riho 19-sai ~Fuyu~ LoveSongs♪アドベンチャー 双葉理保19歳〜冬〜 [041103] HuneX
Riho graduates from high school and lives a life of a progressive girl paying enough attention both to love and work. Currently she is a radio star presenting consultation program. She is asked to give lectures at a high school. Her heartful story of tears and laughs begins.
A foolish and absolutely story-less game based just on the looks and bright package of cute Riho. I'd call it a fandisk, to be honest.

2. The Suiri ~Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta~ THE推理 〜そして誰もいなくなった〜 [041103] Tomcat System
New cases along with a remake of the cases on the older games, now including voice acting.
Continuation of crappy detective excercise

3. Mutsuboshi Kirari 六ツ星きらり [041105] Chise
An ancient town in the alternative modern Japan. 
Main character is a sophomore student dating a girl. Both of them join the famous astronomy department. Protagonist is fascinated with the mysterious female head of the club who organizes night star-gazing trips frequently. He decides to date both girls, because it's youth time when everything's possible
Every astronomy game feels weak unless it's masterfully done. And this particular game is mediocre at best, so overall impression is poor. There some slapstic, some drama, some cheating, but nothing really memorable. An average youth comedy.

4. Phantomphobia ~Ikai~ Phantomphobia ~異界~ [041115] Nidhogg
A Fullmetal Alchemist fan-made game. It was intended to be the first part of a story which would be concluded in the second part: Phantomphobia Shinri. However, the latter ended up being a remake rather than a continuation. Though both games follow the same premise, the actual storylines are very different.
After a failed alchemy experiment, Edward wakes up in a parallel world where alchemy is forbidden and Al has still his human shape. He soon gets into trouble with the military and the new Fuhrer, and is forced to work for them, investigating a secret organization. At the same time, he must find a way to return to his world.
The game includes light BL romance between Ed and either Al, Roy or Envy.
Hating Fullmetal Alchemist franchise with all my heart. Guess you'll easily find English release reviews without me.

5. Gakuen Alice ~DokiDoki★Fushigi Taiken~ 学園アリス〜ドキドキ☆不思議たいけん〜 [041118] Kids Station
A game with an original story set in the Alice Festival.
No idea about the anime, so pass for this GBA exclusive.

6. Magical Tale まじかる☆ている [041119] Patissier
In this love simulation, you play as Lucian, a student at a magic school who's been transformed by a curse into younger form and must now attend classes with young girls. As you attend class, you'll get to know eight personable heroines.
Moege that would be blocked for lolicon reasons if not the ps2 release.

7. Ojamajo Adventure: Naisho no Mahou おジャ魔女あどべんちゃ~「ないしょのまほう」 [041119] Amada Printing Mfg. Co., Ltd
Spin-off that takes place in the setting of Ojamajo Doremi Dokkaan!
Majo Rhythm has come to the Human World to learn about the life there. While there she gets to know the Ojamajo and befriends them. 
A game for 3-year-old girls?

8. Katakamuna ~Ushinawareta Ingaritsu~ 片神名 ~喪われた因果律~ [041125] Alchemist 1
The story-line follows a high school student who is magically transported from his summer camp to ancient Japan. 
He will need to meet new friends and and solve the mystery of time jump.
Game with a decent story up to the middle, then the tempo increases suddenly to reach a forced ending. Length feels too short to be able to produce a great game.

9. Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven 天空断罪 スケルターヘブン [041125] Design Factory Co., Ltd. 1 2
Wet Prope is a military project to create artificially-enhanced super-soldiers, capable of piloting large, powerful mechs known as Skelters. The project has seen both success and failure -- early attempts to create male soldiers failed, while later attempts to create female subjects showed far more promise -- but in recent years, almost half a dozen successful subjects have been produced. In the year 2030, 15 years after the project was initiated, it has become time to prove its worth; hostile squid-like alien creatures have begun appearing, and there's nobody else capable of fighting them.
Tenkū Danzai Skelter Heaven is a sci-fi visual novel with very light rhythm game elements. The player takes the role of Otsuya, part of the Wet Prope project and the direct commander of the pilots. The game mostly proceeds as semi-voiced text and graphics, with occasional dialogue choices influencing the story and Otsuya's relationship with the pilots. Battle scenes play out from a first-person view from the cockpit; targets approach the center of the screen from different directions, and the player must press the correct buttons at the right time to "assist" the pilot. Performance in these sections also affects the outcome of the story.
Presentation is poor, and there's no depth.

10. Ano Sora no Mukougawa あの空の向こう側 [041126] High Soft
Main character starts to date his classmate Miho with the mediation of childhood friend Sayaka. Miho often looks at the sky and prays to it as if in ritual. After the first real date Miho disappears, and another girl Misa with the same surname takes her place. Misa claims that Miho died in a traffic accident while they were children. In this world only protagonist, Sayak and friend Yuki remember grown-up Miho. Is it possible to return to the original world with Miho alive?
I'm reviewing this game anyway, so will elaborate next time.

11. Death☆Meta です☆めた [041126] Sincere 1
Things just couldn’t get any worse for Kasuma Nao. All his life, he’s been cursed to experience pain and suffering: from the death of his mother, to the misery of being an absolute loser. Thus when he learns of a means to summon a demonic creature and bind it into granting a single wish, he seizes the opportunity. Unfortunately everything suddenly goes wrong, and he only gains a fraction of the powers he desired, but with all its limitations. Now cursed as a “demi-vampire”, he is forced to somehow use what abilities he has gained, and forge a means to survive in undeath… or face a second death of utter damnation.
There is an English review.

12. Kaze no Keishousha 風の継承者 [041126] Studio e.go!
Main character has an ability to see things not noticed by anyone like ghosts and monsters. Eventually he starts to work as a detective to be able to use his abilities for the benefit of other people. One day he meets a girl-like spirit who has no memory of her past. He can't send her to police since she's not a human. The two start to live together. At the same time, more and more spirits start to appear and trigger various incidents. What's the purpose of it all?
TRPG with 4+1 endings. One of the shortest rpg games out there absolutely doable in 10 hours. Almost everything is revealed in the first lap, so there's little motivation to go on. Main character's personality is pretty cool, looks much like Koijiro from EVE series. Game balance is pretty bad. Alas, there is no excitement in the story and the flow.

13. Kuutei Senki ~Tasogare ni Shizumu Kusabi~ 空帝戦騎~黄昏に沈む楔~ [041126] Eushully 1 2
Kuutei Senki is set in a world composed of floating islands, oppressive kingdoms and the air pirates that fight against them. The player gets to choose one of four different factions and follow that faction's story to the end. Along the way, we meet allies, enemies, and interesting rivals that make the journey easier or slightly more challenging. To top things off, the game also features a board game-based battle system that pits airships against each other, with mission objectives that must be fulfilled in order to move on.
We have four different pirate factions to choose from in KuuSen, each with a peculiar main cast. To start we have the crew of the Giltinia, that being Gaven, Anastasia and Shade. The player takes the role of Gaven. Our protagonist awakes after what seems to be a long sleep with no memory of his past. The only clues to who he is are revealed by a bandaged man named Shade. Along for the ride comes a cute little bat/cat thing named Anastasia, though Gaven and Shade decide to call her Nasta.
There are English reviews.

14. Miko Mai ~Tada Hitotsu no Negai~ 巫女舞~ただ一つの願い~ [041126] etude
The protagonist visits his hometown Miyagou Village for the first time in 10 years because the only rail line that connects to the village is about to be discontinued, when that happens, he will not be able to come back here again. So before that happens, he wants to go back to the place he was born one last time.
After he arrived, he called his friend who was supposed to let him borrow a place to stay, but was surprised to hear that he has moved to Nagoya. As he was walking around the village, he was reunited with his osananajimi Natsuki. After explaining his situation to her, she bought him to Kusakabe shrine where she worked as a miko and allowed him to stay there. 
And so starts his life living with mikos.
Relaxed summer atmosphere, four heroines full of troubles and one True character. Game is divided into two main parts - before the festival and after the festival, so the structure is easy to understand. Only the first part is somewhat interesting while the second one is a bore-fest with only main heroine having some intrigue. The true route is actually nice as it shares the endings of four people, but not sure many people will get motivation to reach it. Scenario lacking excitement kills the game.

15. Tenkuu no Symphonia 天空のシンフォニア [041126] Cocktail Soft
Main character returns after magical study to the house where his teacher and sister live. Somehow, teacher seems to be out and the man who stays at his place demands to be taught magic by the teacher's will.
One day an unknown monster appears in the garden. Heroes start practicing witch skills at defeating monsters. Soon the true meaning of nurturing witches become clear ...
A raising SIM from Cocktail Soft - why are'n I excited. Carlisle's afro head is the most exciting thing about this game, and that's wrong for a galge. 5 heroines. 6 month training. Events to raise favorability and battles. It's all terribly boring. The absence of voice makes this game a total fail.

16. Touji no Sato 杜氏の郷 [041126] HeartBring
You play as Shinya, who was feeling reluctant about his mothers remarriage, but it wasn’t like he had much choice in the matter (she’s always been an over-working career-woman). Your new father, who owns a brewing company/warehouse, decides that you shall take over the family business whether you like it or not--seeing since you’re the only son of the new family. Sure their intentions are good, but it’s still a hassle. At least your new step-sisters turn out to be cute twins, so we suppose it isn’t too bad. It seems that the only thing you’re in control of in this new setting is which girl to go out with; will it be the class-rep (who’s family runs a restaurant in town), or her best friend (who’s the daughter of another brewing company owner), or perhaps you’ll go for something even kinkier such as the twins?
Game reminds Yukizakura in a lot of ways. It's neither a comedy, a moege or a nakige. Instead, it's there just to enjoy conversations with girls. But there are so many SOL scenes that it all gets monotonous. Some heroine routes like Sanae's stand out for more elaborate scenario. The friendship theme is so nauseating that singing friendship hymn at the ending scenes looks just silly. It feels like a D.O. game, but fails to reach same quality.

17. Yakimochi Twin Bell やきもちツインベル [041126] Giga 1
Since the mutual death of their parents in a fatal accident, Souchi has lived with two beautiful twin sisters, maturing with them as the most cherished of friends. For years it has been an ideal platonic relationship, but things become incredibly complex when one of them admits her romantic feelings for Souchi, only to have the second do the same the next night. While unwilling to see anyone’s heartbroken, Souchi must now decide what is best for himself… no matter how difficult that decision might be.
There is an English review.

18. Planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ Planetarian ~ちいさなほしのゆめ~ [041129] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
"Why don't you come to the planetarium?
The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what.
All the stars in the sky are waiting for you."
It is thirty years after the failure of the Space Colonization Program.
Humanity is nearly extinct. A perpetual and deadly Rain falls on the Earth.
Men known as "Junkers" plunder goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization.
One such Junker sneaks alone into the most dangerous of all ruins -- a "Sarcophagus City".
In the center of this dead city, he discovers a pre-War planetarium.
And as he enters he is greeted by Hoshino Yumemi, a companion robot.
Without a single shred of doubt, she assumes he is the first customer she's had in 30 years.
She attempts to show him the stars at once, but the planetarium projector is broken.
Unable to make heads or tails of her conversation, he ends up agreeing to try and repair the projector... 
Game is localized and has English reviews.


1. Manatsu 魔夏~MANATSU~ [041101] YY Studio
A corpse is rolling on the floor. Its temperature makes blood freeze, and its facial expression is distorted with surprise and agony.
When truth is revealed, memories start to come back with the speed of a lightning.

What's waiting ahead - death or salvation?

2. Mesubuta Choukyou Monogatari 雌豚調教物語 [041102] Gyuunyuu Soft
Full-voice adventure game in which you are to train a girl who you met through a dating site, by hard sexual training.
Shaving underarm and mons pubis, outdoor exposure, outdoor urination, anal play, p*ssy stretcher, normal "sox".....
This item contains further maniac materials such as spanking, whipping etc.

3. Fanatica ファナティカ [041104] CORE
The protagonist of the game is Arshile, who has no memory of his past. He and his acquaintance Cartis travel and meed a man named Rodney who asks him has he already recalled anything. 
Arshile awakes in a palace on an island, apparently being kidnapped by the mysterious man. 
And so the mysteries and the painful truth start to unravell.
Boys Love

4. Futari wa Itsumo Issho Nari. ~Injuu Zecchou na Kankei~ ふたりはいつもいっしょなり。 ~淫汁絶頂な関係~ [041105] Valkyria
What if a dainty cute girl has a thing which is not supposed to be on her body....
A sex feast of cute girls!!!
How it could be so hentai by only featuring a little girl with cock!?

5. Hakui no Gohoushi 白衣のご奉仕 [041105] Ume Soft
One evening the protagonist visits a bar to drink away his sorrows after a messy break up with his girlfriend. He drinks himself so much into a drunken stupor that later that night he passes out in the middle of the road. At the same time a nurse and a doctor are driving along the road. They notice the main character passed out and do everything they can to help him out. The following morning he awakes in a hospital with another beautiful nurse at his side. The Doctor does a check-up and determines he must stay in this "unique" hospital with these gorgeous nurses attending to his "condition"...

6. Love Pota -Lovely Pop Tail- ラブぽた-Lovely Pop Tail- [041105] Hadashi Shoujo
There is a magical school in the capital city. Boy Slay somehow lives in the same girls' dormitory for the reason of boys dormitory capacity. Everyone opposed the idea at first, but somehow learned to coexist together without too many incidents happening. The test time approaches, so students challenge in conducting magical experiments. Slay has his grandmother as a witch, so everyone wants his help with the experiment. How far can the gratitude reach?

7. Nise Kyouso ニセ教祖 [041105] Nomad
Masahito is a uni student, living lazily. One day, he meets a group of two girls at shrine. They believe him as the reincarnate of the founder of their religious group because his name is the same. Masahito refuses to compromise but they confine him. At first, he is confused and frightened, but his life there is better than he expects... a life full of sex. He finally decides to be the successor.

8. Reason of Detective [041107] KaTana
A detective suddenly loses memory just before she calls out the name of the criminal. She does not remember anything about the case or the person, so she talks to the people and tries to solve the case by reasoning alone.

9. Have Relations With... 2 -Shinobu- have relations with…2 -しのぶ- [041110] Soft Circle Courreges 1
Shinobu is my lover -- 2 years older than me and cute as can be.
I've been going out with Shinobu for awhile, but the truth is we haven't done anything beyond a kiss...and we've only kissed twice!
And that first time was my first kiss even...
"This's just like dating someone in middle school all over again..."
I dreamt that I slept with her once...and I can't get the feeling of her skin out of my mind..
I just want to feel the real Shinobu one more time...just one more time...
Even though I was just fine with our platonic relationship really are just simple animals in the end.
After I had that dream about her, I called her up to ask her over without even thinking...
It was the first time I'd ever invited her into my room, and she looked really surprised, but she nodded her head and said "yes" to me...

10. Crusade 狂性奴~クルセイド~ [041112] Touchy 1
Everything changed the day after Tachikawa Kazuya died in an auto accident… or rather, he should have died. It was at the moment he was straddling between life and death, when Kazuya sealed a pact with a powerful demonic entity. He would be granted unimaginable strength, more than enough to cheat the Grim Reaper of its prize, with enough remaining to make his darkest fantazise come true. Yet the price would be “sharing” his mind and soul with the evil deal maker. Faced with the inevitable fate of oblivion, Kazuya accepted: and the Heavens lamented in sorrow.

11. Fifth Aile Fifth Aile~フィフスエイル~ [041112] Rune
The deterioration of environment conditions increases water coverage drastically leaving little space for humanity to occupy. A new “synthesis” technology resembling magic is developed to restore the former prowess. The spread of this tech is accompanied by the revival of "Tenma" legend as it's the power that can be used for for angel and devil purposes.
Main character is one of those adults who start to consider "Tenma" legend as a fairy-tale. One night he discovers a mysterious spring. Four girls wait for his there.

12. Himawari Oka Sougou Byouin e Youkoso ♥ ひまわりヶ丘総合病院へようこそ♥ [041112] Black Package
Despite being hospitalized, our hero is lucky enough to become the 10,000th person to enter the hospital. To commemorate the event, he will be treated (or rather pampered) by the best staff available. And he wasn’t even feeling that sick, but rather just wanted his temperature taken. Regardless, this is a welcome change to his rather lonely homelife.

13. Kegareta Neiro ~Taorareta Shimai~ 汚れた音色~手折られた姉妹~ [041112] Palette darkside
On a summer day a microbus runs on a country road. Starting idols going to shoot promotional video are inside. Instead of relaxed atmosphere of the mountains the suspicious Chinese men greet girls at the villa. "You girls were called here to entertain us" - says the head of the mafia.

14. Pink no Rou Maa ~Rin to Mai no Midare Kusuri~ PINKのろうまあ~リンとまいのみだれ薬~ [041112] Noise
In 2059 AD human population increases greatly, and Yuki Rin in her sexy costume is dispatched to the past to learn the reason. While working at a coffee shop for men she finds girl Mai who is drugged and forced to participate in creation of adult video. Rin opposes this underground lab members, but gets caught herself. The culprit manages to stick his poisonous fangs into Mai's body before escaping to the future. With the poison spread the future is doomed again, so Rin's battle for better tomorrow begins.

15. Tenshi de Akuma 天使deアクマ [041112] Cross Talk
Main character attends preparatory courses and rents a room. Landowner's daughter often comes to him to play. One day he comes home to find his roomed cleaned. The landowner's daughter cleaned it and found a lot of interesting material there to experiment on.

16. Seikon ~Boku to Meido to Kyouki no Yakata~ 聖痕 ~牙と贄と狂喜の館~ [041112] Supple Entertainment
Roan is a young man with amnesia. He lives quietly in the old castle in the eastern Romania with his maids. The older maid Rachel substitutes mother to him, and the younger Cartier adds vivid colors to the life.
Such peaceful life lasts till tortured mummies of parents are found in the basement. The gears of fate start rolling like crazy...

17. Injoku Iin 淫辱医院 [041113] Studio-Sakura
A practical insult game with pregnant women and nurses as targets. There are three sizes of stomach to choose from.
Doujin Nukige

18. K*A*O*R*I [041114] ATP Projects
Souji, the writer for an art magazine can't keep up with the mysterious Ghostwriter who publishes articles under his name. Can the Ghostwriter resolve your past? 

19. FeOlimpic! ~Eguchike no Kinai Jijou~ フェ○りんぴっく!~江口家の咥内事情~ [041119] Lucha!
A private nursery school in undergoing management difficulties. In order to return the debts it's decided to participate in an erotic competition - FeOlimpic. The first prize will cover all the expenses!

20. Hitozuma Cosplay Mousou 人妻コスプレ妄想 [041119] Raptor
Main character is a local civil servant who works at the city hall. His greatest desire is to enjoy his time to the fullest with a cosplaying married woman. One day he witnesses convenience store's door being open and a married woman urinating inside. His fantasies become reality at this moment. He threatens the next married woman who comes to the city hall. She is forced to play along while wearing indecent costumes.

21. Hunks Workshop! ハンクス・ワークショップ! [041119] Future Games
One day, the protagonist’s cell phone rings. His uncle, the manager of a chain shop that rents handymen, is on the other line. He has a proposition for his nephew, who spends his days living a life of self-indulgence and depravity.
He is to take on an apprenticeship at this handyman shop for one month with no explanation or guidance, watching over the four charming staff members that reside in and work at the shop.
He is to work as the handyman shop manager. He finds the management of and communicating with these peculiar staff members to be impossible at first…
After one month passes, the uncle will judge him by whether he achieved his quota… will he be able to do it? Or will he be tossed out?
You will soon find his new home, “BODY&SOUL”, to be the shop of your dreams…
Boys Love

22. Mrs. Junkie ミセス・ジャンキー [041119] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
The manager in an apartment complex begins servicing the wives of two men who tend to leave their women unsatisfied.

23. Ojoku Yuugi 汚辱遊戯 [041119] West Vision
A private house in a rural town inhabited by two siblings. One day three girl travelers seek a shelter from the rain there. Guests are allowed inside only for the crazy pleasure feast to begin.

24. Sensei Da-isuki 2 先生だーいすき2 [041119]
The protagonist is a college teacher who is tasked by the academy to investigate the current state of the junior girls dormitory. Four girls that are currently residing in the dorm are not happy about it, but they can't go against the directors wishes. While living together, the teacher and the girls get closer...

25. My Pet Sohee マイペットソヒー [041120] MOON GODDESS
7th episode in My pet Ragnarok series.
Dark merchants aim at pet-friendly Sophie. Can she escape from devils' hands?
Doujin Nukige

26. My Collection Miko マイ コレクション 巫女 [041120] Winglay Soft
Beautiful mother and daughter serve as shrine maidens. Main character observes them, grasps their weaknesses and then mercilessly insults both of them.

27. Jinrou Kitan ~Soshite Bokura wa Aoi Yoru no Uta o Kiku~ 人狼奇譚 ~そしてぼくらは蒼い夜のうたをきく~ [041121] Satsujin Koubou
A mediocre high school student is once killed by a werewolf and then revived as the same kind. He finds his killer who is a girl during daytime and a beast at night. She says that there is nothing to fear as they can together venture in the night now...

28. Endless Rain [041121] Green Tea Milk
In the never-ending rain girl waits for her master alone in the misty forest house.
Master sometimes comes capriciously, insults the girl and leaves again. But for the girl he is  everything in the world.
One day a strange boy and a niece appear before the waiting girl. Will the rain ever stop? 

29. Hoshi no Oujo 3 ~Ten Chi Hito no Souseiki~ 星の王女 3~天・地・人の創世記~ [041121] Mirai
One day the university student protagonist had a strange dream.
Somewhere she heard a voice, Somewhere she saw a face.
She started feeling a twinge of a subconscious memory.
A soundless voice led her to a hill of of cherry trees...
At that time a door of time opened.
The protagonist had waited to arrive at that world she caught a glimpse of in that dream...
She met Heavenly beings and Earthly beings, as well as existences that were in-between.
Were the meetings coincidence, or fate?
Why am I here?
Those questions piled up in her mind the more she connected with these men.
Heaven, Earth, People... Various hidden feelings and unsent thoughts caused a war to start.
In order to get closer to the feelings of the people she believed in, the protagonist got caught up in the fighting.
The thing that could be found at the end of the fight were the answers to those questions.
As well as...
A variety of ways of love are depicted in this old style romance tale mixed with a fantastical tale of the gods.
This story will softly ignite your heart.
Who will you walk with past the door of time?

30. Setsuna no Yume 刹那の夢 [041123] Gin no Ken
In a snow-covered northern country people always dream of Spring. But it's always winter outside, and wings of fate relentlessly steal everything. 
A girl runs to a traveler in a black coat and calls him a "wizard". Do you believe in magic?

31. Mojimoji Chibikko Mahou Gakuen ~Itaku Shicha Iyada yo~ もじもじちびっ子魔法学園~痛くしちゃイヤだヨ~ [041125] Carol
The tyrant king is overthrown by the rebellion of the slave nation. He uses past correction device to return to the childhood and correct the personality of rebellion leader to turn her into a loyal slave.

32. Mahou to H no Kankei. 魔法とHのカンケイ。 [041126] Windmill
Private Academy hosts a number of fancy departments with 30% of the cultural ones researching magic.
Main character is the secretary of a student council there. He is asked not to demote understaffed departments into clubs due to importance of their research. One such small department studies the connection between magic and sex. Three brave girls are chosen as test subjects and protagonist as a moderator.

33. Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono おまえのものは俺のもの [041126] Arkham Products
Main character is asked by his brother to substitute him as a girl school janitor for some time. Protagonist refuses the bothersome idea at first, but then takes up the opportunity to make twin sisters who attend this school his own.

34. Omoi, Tokihanatareta Toki 想い、解き放たれたとき [041126] Kiss
Main character is a sophomore student. His father remarries, and protagonist's classmate girl becomes his new sister. With new mother, new sister and a cute childhood friend his summer is approaching it height.

35. Onedari Milk Princess おねだりミルクプリンセス [041126] Ignition
A lot of girls contact a mysterious disease with only drinking semen as cure. For such girls semen becomes unbelievably delicious. Main character helps his childhood friend in the Milk Princess shop that supplies ill girls without boyfriends with the right amount of semen. Protagonist also participates in the "seating parties" where he gets not only blowjob, but also sex.

36. Pieta ~Shiawase no Aoi Tori~ ピエタ~幸せの青い鳥~ [041126] FlyingShine Black
Showa era. Two sisters coming from nearly extinct slave clan are desperately trying to survive in the adopted family. In this dark mansion only hatred and storms of life await them.

37. Pure Maid ~Kisekae Shite ne~ PURE MAID~着せかえしてね~ [041126] Petit Pajamas
Make your own maid wear your favourite costumes and make her more erotic!!!! Players can design their own costumes and costumes are more than 30 kinds. Enjoy "Maid" and "Oppai" at the same time!

38. Sennou Kanryou. ~Zetsubou o Koete~ 洗脳完了。~絶望を越えて~ [041126] Black Globe
Main character's acquaintance Asami disappears. When she shows up in some few days, she is a flesh slave with no own will. She only sees manhood in men and demands to do crazy things to her. Protagonist decides to return her back to normal. He, Asami and her younger sister start to live together on a long and painful way to rehabilitation.

39. Sister ~Daraku no Kokuin~ SISTER ~堕落の刻印~ [041126] Black Lilith
Alfred and Miria are brother and sister who want to protect the church left by their father. Corrupt clergyman Rodrigo arrive one day and takes steps to compromise Alfred. The siblings' life soon turn in a lustful abyss.

40. Suzuri-sensei to 26-ko no Ecchi na Oppai すずり先生と26個のエッチなオッパイ [041126] HeartBring
The former teacher takes maternity leave vacation, and young Suzuri sensei takes her place. One day main character stays alone with her in the room and gets seduced by her. She demands information about girls from him and asks him to make various photos of the girls. Virgins sell especially well. This way protagonist becomes a "rental host" fulfilling all kind of tasks for Suzuri sensei.

41. Teiruranpu ているらんぷ [041126] Gaia
On the way back from school main character feels some trigger upon seeing a girl. When he meets the same girl for another time by coincidence there are suddenly three girls around him. Three love stories start as a coincidence at the same place and the same time with the car running fatefully to this intersection.

42. Yoimachi Hime ~Taishou Inwai Kyuuketsu Kitan~ 宵待姫~大正淫猥吸血姫譚~ [041126] Nel
Taisho era. Main character comes from a Chinese family. With his mother dead and father travel around the world. protagonist spends most of his time together with the girl Yui picked up and adopted to the family at a young age. One day siblings find a chest at the mansion and open it, but there is nothing inside. The same night after incredible light splash Yui's eyes turn red and hair blonde. Protagonist loses consciousness because of blood being sucked from his neck. But he wakes up from the tremendous pleasures body receives.

43. Abundant [041127] Parthenon
Kyouko is a newly appointed school health physician. She uses aphrodisiac with the school's problem child to teach him a lesson. But as a result she herself gets abused in the health room every day with the act being shoot on a camera

44. Saimin no Kanade 催眠の奏 [041127] Marine Heart
Music box is a secret treasure that helps main character to relax and sleep soundly. He is suddenly transferred to an elite high school. It's difficult for him to communicate with the other students due to his low skill level. But one day his secret becomes revealed, and music box gets used as a means of hypnotize.
Boys Love

45. Mikoto MIKOTO-命- [041127] DEA DIA
Main character acquires special powers. He enters the world hidden behind the ordinary everyday life and encounters a mysterious girl there. 

46. Kaze no Rondo 風の輪舞 [041128] Studio Nightmare
In a militaristic nation main character completes the national education program. There is only one way forward for both boys and girls - to be separated from home and be sent to serve the nation. Only few days are left before the departure...

47. Braut -Konzen Kanin- braut -婚前姦淫- [041128] charme
Kind of a netori story situated within the European Middle Ages wherein the protagonist uses the ius prima noctis to have sex with his childhood friend who is about to be forced into marriage.

48. Henbou no Bansan 変貌の晩餐 [041128] Suiren
The devil Eris seduces the girl Miina and uses sex rituals on her. Will she resist?

49. Amayo ~Sougetsu Miko Zoushi~ 雨夜~蒼月巫女草紙~ [041130] Milk House
Captured by greasy tentacles, absorbed by explosive ecstasy, she reminded something...
An innocent girl in clean uniform of a shrine maiden is violated as she tries to escape.
Doujin Nukige

50. Manabe yo Otome! 学べよ乙女! [041130] Aya no Kuni
A friendship and learning SLG where the protagonist has two months to study for her final exams.

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