VN of the Month October 2004 - Akai Ito

Akai Ito is the only masterpiece of the month. I'll continue exploring earlier BaseSon works with a review of Yuuhi no Mukougawa

1. Angel Bullet [041001] Liar-soft
At the end of the 19th century, America, the wild west.
Her name is Serra, searching for her missing father. But the wild west she travels is filled with undead that bullets cannot kill.
One day, a man knelt before her, and asked her to abuse him with her beautiful voice.
His name is Klaus (protagonist). While being trained as priest with psychic powers he suffered a great shock surviving the slaughter of everyone in the church he belonged to, since then he can't use any of his powers unless he has an erection. But somehow his powers surface and save him when his life is in danger.
Thus they join together in this journey to the west. Serra searching for her father, Klaus lost without a cause... In their journey they face against vampires, werewolves, Billy the Kid and Jesse James who were supposed to be long dead. As they go further, things get even stranger and dangerous...
One Japanese review precisely describes genre as Prostrate Training Western. Scenario about bounty hunters searching for gold is very chaotic. There are battle parts with shooting and SIM parts with TRPG elements of training. Apart of training there are only insult scenes. Game is mostly about gags, unique charming characters and H events, but active gameplay elements like shooting sequences and SIM training prevent me from reviewing it myself.

2. China Chaime + チャイナ茶飴夢+ [041001] Innocence
Main character encounters an aggressive youkai one day. He is saved by the girl Chaime who confronts the monster. The young people join forces since protagonist has an ability to find youkai. The main goal of Chaime is to enter youkai realm and rescue her brother.
They manage to rescue another inspired girl from the attack of youkai, so the plan to kidnap inspired humans becomes evident.
Eventually protagonist gets into youkai prison and meets Chaime's brother, but the grand scale of monsters plan becomes clear now...
There is little known about this game apart of that it has battle scenes, that it's short and probably a kusoge.

3. Drill Shoujo Yui ドリル少女ユイ [041001] Hayashigumi
In the beginning of the 21st century large-scale terrorist activities are carried out by the remnants of the research team survived after the World War II.
Thanks to international special unit the activity of the group is put to an end. Protagonist is the retired member of this unit who travels around Japan 10 years after the incident. He is approached by a woman who proposes to create a new special unit to trace the new suspicious organizations. Protagonist refuses, but changes his mind after seeing member candidate - a young woman who lost relatives in the terrorist attack ten years ago. His life as instructor begins.
Scenario is convenient and abrupt. Each route only takes some 3 hours. There are 1-4 H events per heroine, but there is just one H scene while wearing a drill. Very mediocre work that can't be recommended even to players who liked Drill Shoujo Spiral Nami.

4. Duel Savior [041001] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5
There is a prophecy that every 1000 years, when the destruction draws near, the Messiah will come from a different world to the root world of Avatar and save them all.
Mia Touma, while returning home from school, finds an old but highly decorated book. When she shows it to her brother, Taiga, the book teleports them to another world - Avatar.
When they awaken, they find themselves in a world reminiscent of Medieval Europe. Before they understand what's happening, an energetic woman comes before them and tells them they have become Savior Candidates.
They must use the training they learn at the school to defeat the Lords of Ruin and Ruin itself to save Avatar and every other world along with their friends. However, Taiga finds he has become the Red Apostle, which complicates matters greatly. What is going on with the fight with Ruin? Will he actually be able to become the Messiah and save Avatar?
Game is localized and has English reviews.

5. Silhouette [041001] CDPA 1
Hiroshi (AKA the "Devil of Ice") is a high-ranking student at a private school. He's been living with his elder sister since their parents passed away in some accident. Due to this trauma, there's always been an underlying apprehension of meeting new people. This stand-offish attitude has helped his grades, but has limited him socially. One day an endearing girl he vaguely remembers from childhood comes stumbling into his life, and thus begins a chain of events that begins to melt this "Devil of Ice".
There is an English review.

6. Yuuhi no Mukougawa 夕緋ノ向コウ側 [041001] BaseSon
Moriguchi Kazuto is just the ordinary high school student who attends a private school. He spends his days relaxing, regularly attending school and also enjoying time and talking about urban legends and rumors at the school's occult group. Among the club members are the shy underclassman Sayuki, the serious classmate Shizuka, the beautiful temporary teacher Shinamo, and the club president Shintarou.
One day, Kazuto wakes up after seeing a strange dream - and his life changes completely, his world flips around when he meets the strange girl called Miaka, who just keeps giggling without a worry in the world. He started hearing and seeing things others couldn't, and what these phenomenona pointed to was the urban legend of his school.
"The girl of the sunset."
The old story and the curse of the girl who jumped off of the rooftop and entered the "other side". And so Kazuto gets sent to an unknown, another world.
"You're coming with me, you're coming with me, you're coming with me--" the "girl of the sunset" chants. His every day life changes completely, and turns into a horrible and miserable nightmare. The sound of the ringing bell. What will become of Kazuto as he and the people around him slowly become eroded by fear?
Can Kazuto find a way to break free from the curse's chains? Can he find the true meaning behind "the girl of the sunset?" And what exactly is the "final day?"
I'll save my observations till the review that's coming next time.

7. Final Approach Φなる・あぷろーち [041007] Princess Soft
The situation of Final Approach involves an experimental government operation ("R.T.P.") to oppose the declining birthrates of Japan, circa this period in time. The primary decision was to arrange a national project in which young citizens of opposite sexes are to be paired together in marriage, and therefore in parenthood.
While the economical and political gains are great, the social and emotional aspects of the "subjects" in the project are easily assumed adamant in defending the previous method of marriage. Thus, the Japanese government decided to test the project on an experimental level, i.e. with one couple at a time.
The Mizuhara siblings are the first to be chosen for the R.T.P. project. The brother and the sister, Ryo and Akane, have long been living together in the same apartment. Still in public school, the two have endured a difficult life after their parents' death some years back. Ryo, the main protagonist, has assured to himself that all is well; he and his sister are living on well-paid wages, and he only needs his sister. The vision of his future is soon to be shattered by the R.T.P. when his planned fiancée, Shizuka, enters his apartment one night with several government bodyguards. By some preliminary actions taken by the government (as precautions), Ryo is forced to house his new wife-to-be, despite his refusal.
We know Princess Soft as the ultimate producer of siscon games for consoles, and this one is no exception. Just another thematic work with its own auditory.

8. Home Maid ホームメイド -Homemaid- [041008] Circus Fetish
Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the game focuses on maids.
The story takes place at an academy situated in former Japanese territory (now British). The academy is an educational institution promoting special training for maids and their masters so they can form a proper master/servant bond.
The protagonist is a young man aiming succeed his grand-father's prestigious title.
I tried to block all Circus Fetish games so far, but they finally made a huge jump from fetish nukige to moege. Well done, Circus - selling such a ripoff for full price is insulting already.

9. Reminiscence Blue [041008] Mikanbako
Main character is a regular customer of the coffee shop Reminisense Blue. But its owner fascinates him much more than the taste of coffee. One day he is invited to stay overnight to help around the shop. Overcome with fantasies he jumps at this opportunity.
Game introduces fantasy elements and even investigation intrigue. There are several systems implemented to stand out, like timed answers and female perspective, but those can hardly imbue game with new qualities. Overall impression is mediocre.

10. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.2 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.2 [041011] Alice Soft
The earth is being targeted by many “invaders”. The humanity was defenseless to their assaults until magical girl Manana showed up. She claims to have come from a magical star. She can pierce monsters' defenses like light pierces darkness and despair, but her destructive magic equally damages everything around. Is humanity doomed?
There was a review for Vol.1

11. Natsu no Hitoshizuku 夏のひとしずく [041015] D.O.
The 7th of July, Tanabata Day. 
Every year around this time customers flood the pension house main character runs. Some have become regulars by now, some are new and mysterious.
Can protagonist create summer memories and get into real adult relations this year?
A fine piece of work to relax, but there is nothing particularly strong or weak here. It's definitely not Kana or Family Project, but the quality is on the level.

12. Virgin Snow ~Yuki Furu Oka de Anata to~ Virgin SNOW ~雪降る丘であなたと~ [041015] Runrun Soft
There is a legend in this private school that couples giving promises at an old chapel are watched over by the snow spirits and live happily forever.
This story begins when main character receives an anonymous conservative love letter not far from graduation. Is it just a prank or real love confession. He has three weeks before St. Valentine's Day to find out.
Game is slightly more than just a moege. For example, there are parts where a girl becomes protagonist. Girl's feelings are depicted well, so it can probably even be considered an otomege. It's a fresh non-abusive mix of galge and otomege.

13. Akai Ito アカイイト [041021] Success 1 2 3
To arrange the inheritance because of the loss of her mother, Kei Hatō heads for her fathers house in Hemizuka. In the train on the way there, Kei has a mysterious dream of a huge tree and a woman who seems to be lost in sadness. In the land of Hemizuka, Kei learns the secret concealed in her own blood through various meeting with an Oni Slayer, a friend of her late mother, a young girl accompanied by a white fox, and even the mysterious girl from her dreams.
There are English reviews

14. Ao no Mama de... 蒼のままで・・・ [041028] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
The third installment of Idea Factory's IF Mate love adventure series, Ao no Mama De follows its hero, Kazumasa Otsuki back to his hometown as he struggles to choose between six beautiful girls in his quest to find a girlfriend. 
As Kazumasa travels to school everyday, players will be able to converse with each of Otsuki's possible suitors through branching dialogue trees to influence hidden relationship meters that determine who he is most compatible with. A memory correction system collects past keywords so that you can elaborate on existing and past conversations, and multiple endings for each character can be uncovered based on your performance.
It's basically an escape game in the drifting classroom looking up to Ever17. But the insane difficulty (not possible without a guide) and the overall boredom prevent positive evaluation of this game. Can't blame those who rage quit after one or couple scenarios here.

15. Kita e. Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning. 北へ。Diamond Dust + Kiss is Beginning. [041028] Hudson Soft 1
Taking place directly after the events of the first Kita He: Diamond Dust, the sequel ships the protagonist to Hokkaido for a continuation of potential love. Over the period of seven summer days, players interact and commingle with the girls in order to get to know them better. Perhaps if one girl is more appealing than the others, true love and marriage will blossom.
A new conversation system is introduced in DD+ called the Communication Break System where conversations may go off in tangents (as they do in real-life) if the player interjects when keywords are spoken by the girl. New conversations may then lead to alternate events which draw the couple closer together or at least more congenial towards each other. Like previous Kita He games, photographs of actual locations in Hokkaido are used for the backgrounds as the protagonist roams the city in search of true love. 
Kita e only getting worse and worse with each time.

16. Sentimental Prelude [041028] Interchannel 1
You play as a student who resides in a town just off the coast. Your childhood sweetheart Ayumi Nishima has just returned home after seven years. The game's story paints the home coming and the events surrounding it as you and a group of nine other heroines get cuddly.
Pretty realistic game that takes place over a one year period. Brilliant play of voice actors. A decent end to Sentimental series.

17. Green Green 2 ~Koi no Special Summer~ グリーングリーン2 恋のスペシャルサマー [041029] Groover 1
This once-private-all-girls school has come across a new dilemma; the very people who forced the school to open its doors to coeducation with boys now is considering closing the school altogether. This divides the student body in half: those who fight to keep the school alive and those who fight to shut it down. You play, of course, as a student caught in the middle--however I believe his growing relationships with some of the girls would lead him to defend the school's existence.
There is an English review.

18. Inclusion Inclusion~インクルージョン~ [041029] Burston 1
A group of people got involved in a mysterious murder case, where everyone of them became either a victim or a culprit. Reading through each character's perspective, will answer what is that everyone hides behind the case.
There are routes from viewpoints of each of eight characters opening up with progress, but the routes themselves are short and overpacked. Such time is not enough to realize both investigation and romance parts.
Game will suit those who like suspense as other elements get scrapped.

19. Kanosora 夏ノ空-カノソラ- [041029] Milksoft
Naruse Kyouichi was a normal 2nd year student when he helps out a girl in the school hallway and gets thanked by Himemiya Sakurako - soon after this, all the students get called into the courtyard, where Sakurako announces that she found a new Student Council President - and calls out Kyouichi's name.
So begins Kyouichi's new life, with his childhood friend Chinatsu who joined the Council with him, Yuma, who wants become his imouto, Nao the shy girl whom he helped, Anzu, a young kitsune who is a shimapan maniac and Sakurako.
Unfortunately, this one is close to moege, with emphasis on H events. Game lacks depictions and big events. Naturally, imouto is supposed to be main heroine while others feel even weaker.

20. Konneko こんねこ [041029] Marmalade 1
You play as Yuu, an average Tarou Tanaka high school student. The game begins when Touka, a young girl who had been living with your family, gets released from a hospital. You get the chance to meet her after a two year absence, and also end up meeting a number of other charming girls.
There is attractiveness and charm, but also roughness. Some scenarios are complex and well done while others are paid much less attention. There are fantasy and miracle elements as well as strong curse theme elements.

21. Mama Love ままらぶ [041029] Hermit 1 2 3
The player takes the role of Sakuragi Kouji. Our protagonist is a senior in high school that at one point was the ace of his school's baseball team. An injury forced him into early retirement, crushing his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. For the last five years Kouji and his dad have been living in an apartment building where, as time passed, the tenants of his floor became something like a surrogate family. Kouji and his dad, wedding dress designer Ryouko and her daughter Koyuki, and university student/ero-literature author Kaori.
Much to Kouji's dismay, his dad has a bit of a reputation as a womanizer, and most expect him to be a chip off the old block. Proving them wrong, Kouji is more serious than his dad, and already has his heart set on someone. Of course, the person Kouji is set on is (true to the game's title) Ryouko, surrogate mother of the tenants on the fifth floor, and Koyuki's mom.
While the plot focuses on the affair between Ryouko and Kouji (and all the trouble our couple goes through to keep it a secret from others), the game has a total of five heroines for us to get to know in this strange romantic comedy.
There are English reviews.

22. Niji o Mitsuketara Oshiete. 虹を見つけたら教えて。 [041029] Actress
Main character is a medical student who wants to be a surgeon. As it rains, he meets an innocent girl Sui looking for a bridge across the rainbow in a group of five friends.
The five people gathered spontaneously have various relations problems. Is there a rainbow behind the clouds?
Story is crappy, and miserable protagonist make it uncomfortable rather that depressing as intended. Every Acress' work is kind of high erotic content, and this one is the same. There is even harem ending to empathize that.

23. Relict ~Toki no Wasuremono~ Relict~トキの忘れもの~ [041029] AniSeed
Once upon a time, there was a civilized world on a moon. People were living peacefully in harmony with nature. They could produce and use special magic energized by their emotions. However, they got extinct by their own special magic....
This SRPG is notorious for development of main character from totally useless to decent.
Game is more about relationship with heroines than the actual RPG.


1. Chichi Ninja ~Matenrou e Chichi Bomber~ 乳忍者~摩天楼へ乳ボンバー~ [041001]  Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft
During the day they work as innocent OL. But their true identity is ninja who protect peace of Japan. Tonight breast ninja defeat enemy spies with overwhelming strength again. Two ninja have their doubts and as if in return get a dangerous enemy - Amazon ninja. The story develops radically as more and more strong enemies show up.

2. Futanari Milk Seeki ふたなり♪ミルクセーぇキ [041001] Moe♂
Two futanari sister-in-law live peacefully together with a cute boy till the day he learns their secret in the bath. Their unusual fun and naughty life begins.

3. Hitozuma Dorei Kyoushi 2 人妻奴隷教師2 [041001] Team-Tanabe
2nd item in the series, adding a new female teacher. Two female teachers are reduced to be sex slaves of their student!

4. Jinmonkan 尋問姦 -じんもんかん- [041001] Deeper
Lingas is a country 5 years after defeat in the war. The population reluctantly accepts the defeat, but military police still sets raids deal with terrorism and riots. Main character is a head of one such unit. One day squad gets attacked by rebel organization leading to numerous casualties. Protagonist soon finds the leader - it's the journalist woman. He has three weeks to get evidence from her.

5. Roshutsu Renai Club 露出恋愛倶楽部 [041001] Ignition
Main character has a cute girlfriend to have fun around. But when he occasionally sees a girl taking off pants at the classroom he can't help from stealing the panties to see how she behaves in this situation. The sensation of an exposed body overflows him, and his sex life moves to experimental field.

6. Noon. ~Itsumo Yori Sukoshi Chou Katta Ano Natsu no Ichinichi~ NooN.~いつもより少し長かったあの夏の一日~ [041003] Capriccio Suite
Main character attends supplementary summer classes. Exhausted by the noon heat he falls asleep without realizing it. He meets a mysterious girl and feels the touch of love from her. It's summer heat when dreams and reality mix and feelings overlap.

7. Hard Scandal ~Inyoku no Onna Kyoushi~ ハードスキャンダル~淫欲の女教師~ [041008] Haoh Darkness
Main character reveals hard scandals at school - lustful female teachers! His greedy eyes will bring him to the world of madness and lust.

8. Ippai, Oshiete! ~Imouto Communication~ い~っぱい、お・し・え・てっ!~妹こみゅにけーしょん♪~ [041008] Silhouette
Tomohiro, the protagonist, is an university student and a particular teacher. On his birthday, he receives a call from his older brother Tsukasa, a scientist. 
Tsukasa says he can't visit him on his birthday so he has sent to him his present. And his present is... two cute girls! 
These girls are actually replicants, live androids imitating real girls. And Tsukasa wants Tomohiro to secretly test them for a while.

9. MinDeaD BlooD ~Mayu to Mana no Yuketsubako~ MinDeaD BlooD ~麻由と麻奈の輸血箱~ [041008] Black Cyc
An expansion/fandisk to MinDeaD BlooD.
Includes extra endings, CG's, and other features.

10. Nakanu nara Nakaseteyarou Seidorei 泣かぬなら 鳴かせてやろう 性奴隷 [041008] H Soft
The player must train a kidnapped girl to admit voluntary cohabitation at the police interrogation.

11. Tokidoki Pakucchao! ときどきパクッちゃお! [041008] Xanadu
Main character is a friend of Agawa family where three sisters reside. He is good at household activities, so he does the cooking, washing and cleaning there. When protagonist descends to a basement of the house he used to live, he finds strange paintings and treasures. He learns that he is supposed to be a phantom thief to protect the world peace. The Earth is in danger unless he realizes scenes from the paintings. He continues to do the chores during the day, but at night starts to practice harassment with the Agawa family sisters.

12. Meshimase Rouman Sabou 召しませ浪漫茶房 [041014] Vingt-et-un. Systems Corporation
The protagonist Amami Chitose wants to open her own tea-house someday.
Her parent's give her a condition, if she can run their family confectionery store for a year without it going bankrupt they will allow her to open her own shop.

13. Ryoujoku Jiken File -File. 1 Renzoku Fujo Shissou Jiken- 陵辱事件ファイル-File.1 連続婦女失踪事件- [041014] IXIA
There is a series of women disappearances in Tokyo. Investigator Yurina Tachibana is appointed to investigate repeating molester cases on the train that seems to be connected to kidnappings. TV newscaster Miho Shinohara also works on a molester train in pursuit of a scoop. The two girls occasionally meet together and start to unwind this case reaching the very bottom of sex cultist scandal.

14. Ero Cure Kuro えろきゅあ黒 [041014] Purutto Kikaku
Nagisa's daily life is hard. The turbulent youth days are full of sex encounters both as a normal student and as an ally of justice.
Doujin Nukige

15. Hidden 2 ~Abakareta Honshou~ Hidden2~暴かれた本性~ [041015] Unicorn-A
Main character Ichiro attends the Imperial Academy for three years and lives together with his sister. He is a promising soccer player who is interested in SM play after peeking after his parents in the childhood. His rival Koichi has strong revenge feelings towards deceased Ichiro's father, and is jealous of Ichiro popularity . Koichi starts to train Academy girls to run Ichiro life. Is it possible to save the girls from this fate?

16. Hitozuma Kasumi-san 2 ~Oku-sama - Miboujin Owner to Kyodou Seikatsu~ 人妻♪かすみさん2~奥様・未亡人オーナーと共同性活~ [041015] TinkerBell
Main character gets separated from his niece after their intimate relations uncover. One day younger sister of the niece introduces him to a part-time job in a pension at a summer resort. Protagonist jumps at the opportunity welcomed by the hospitable resort owner and inhabitants.

17. Imouto Kansatsu Nikki 2 いもうと観察日記2 [041015] Triangle
Main character observes his sisters masturbating every night before going to sleep. As a brother, he decides to guide them. But as he starts to use information observed at night sessions during daytime conversations, but the relations between the siblings start to change at this point...

18. Karakan 空缶 ~KaRaKaN~ [041015] RusK
- "Cosplay Ecchi": Sex scenes with six heroines featuring erotic dress-up.
- "Narumi! Fly High": Blow away Narumi in this one-button-click game.
- Wallpaper and "system voice" files
- "Cangnan Narumi Finding Legend": Narumi's body is in pieces and you have to collect them in this board game.

19. Kindan no Kazoku Kankei 禁断の家族関係 [041015] Amber
Main character's father remarries to a very young wife. Father is so passionate for his spouse that their relations start to have and impact on the whole family. Happy and peaceful home becomes a place where carnal desires go downhill.

20. Lost M [041015] 0verflow
Main character's father remarries after having a conflict with his first wife. Protagonist start to see women in both mother-in-law and new sister-in-law. As days in suppression continue, classmate somehow gets involved in the family affair.

21. A to 1 [041019] Nankinjyou
Main character's father after college went on a journey to record traditions. Protagonist visits one of the described lesser known towns with the book in hand. One day the legend buried in history becomes reality for him, and the journey begins again.

22. Love Fetish ~Tech Gian Hen~ らぶフェチ ~テックジャイアン編~ [041021] Erogos
Collection of heroines short stories published on Tech Gian magazine disks. 
They take place according to the following list: 
~ Chisato Hen ~ before the 1st volume 
~ Kaoru Hen ~ between 1st and 2nd volume 
~ Miku Hen ~ between 4th and 5th volume 
~ Kanade Hen ~, ~ Ayumu Hen ~ and ~ Suzuka Hen ~ between 3rd and 4th volume.

23. Naive [041022] Art
Main character works as a counselor at school. One day day he meets a seriously injured girl who collapses before him. Her life expectancy is just one week, and in order to save her a series of clinical trials must be conducted to improve the drug. He decides to try to save the girl which means insults for many other girls to attend this place.

24. Osananajimi na Miko-san to ~Saiji ni Koi ni... Shokushu!? Made~ 幼馴染な巫女さんと ~祭事に恋に…触手!?まで~ [041022] Yumesta
A shrine in the neighborhood organizes a festival every decade. The content is gathering shrine maidens and serving a boy favored by the Gods. If he is not satisfied properly, he can turn into a tentacle monster, so utmost diligence must be applied.

25. Ryoujoku Video Satsuei 凌辱ビデオ撮影 [041022] Black Lilith
he teacher Kusu Reiichi sells videos, taken by himself while raping girl students.
He attracts Hosokawa Erina, a grandchild of the school principal, by his comely appearance, and is allowed to marry her. But someone tipped off his true behavior and the engagement comes broken off. To take back the marriage, he begins to nail suspicious girls......!

26. Sixty Nine2 [041022] May-Be Soft
A collection of 69 mini-scenarios.
You are a player luckily picked to try out a brand new virtual reality system.

27. Soushinjutsu 操心術 [041022] Studio Jaren
Yuuto Kiryuu is a vindictive as***le still fuming over Miono, the girl who spurned his (perverted) advances years ago.
One day, he's contacted by a mysterious person (or group?), getting a little amount of a brainwashing drug he's supposed to test on Miono and her female relatives.
Wasting no time in useless doubts about the reasons and the nature of this evil experiment, Yuuto immediately begins his brainwashing rampage, but he will discover soon that his mysterious 'benefactor(s)' have withheld crucial information from him...

28. Vanquish [041022] Forst
Main character provides the best delivery service on his helicopter. He accepts all kinds of illegal requests. This time he transfers a girl to some forest for an unknown man. However, it's some woman that welcomes him on arrival. What's the meaning of this?

29. Rikkai Daiou 立海大王 [041024] Yumemigachi.
It's a preparation day for the school festival. Main heroine is a tennis club member appointed as a design director. During these four days she must organize work during daytime and patrol classes at the evenings. 
Doujin Otomege

30. My Pet Hisui マイペット翡翠 [041028] MOON GODDESS
Shiki couldn't protect the girl he had promised to protect after devil's spear attack. As he sees girl covered in blood he vows to have his revenge.
Doujin Nukige

31. Ane to Boin 姉とボイン [041029] G.J? 1 2
Keisuke (the player) lives with his ten step-sisters, however despite their amazing bodies and beauty, they are relatives, and should be considered "off limits".
But of course, rules are made to be broken...

32. Chikatetsu Fuusa Jiken "Naze Boku-tachi wa Koko ni Iru" 地下鉄封鎖事件「なぜ僕たちはここにいる」 [041029] Lune loves K
Main character is a normal university student. He goes to a part-time job before Christmas and gets in a subway crash. He wakes up in a closed space with another man and four women as survivors. They strive to escape this place, but somehow things get violent with many women insulted. Will protagonist help the girls or attack them?

33. Fukushuu no Ori ~OL Kankin Ryoujoku no Yakata~ 復讐の澱 ~OL監禁陵辱の館~ [041029] Tam's
Main character is a trading company employee. He accumulates great stress at work due to harassment of his female boss and pranks of female colleagues. These people are two-faced persons who worship money. One day protagonist wins in a lottery and swears revenge on these women.

34. Ginkouin ~Ochiyuku Onna-tachi~ 銀行淫 ~堕ちゆく女達~ [041029] Girl's Software
Main character spends days serving female vice branch manager. It has been great so far, but he demands more freedom. He brings another person to seduce her. Things become messy.

35. Ikenie Reijou 生贄令嬢 [041029] Cromwell
Main character is a popular student. He has an intense desire to humiliate, beat, insult and bully women. Together with bad friends he devises a plan to trap four school's most popular girls. This is the beginning of the Princess Slavery Project. 

36. Konna Koto mo Aru Kamo ne? こんなコトもあるかもね? [041029]
“I'm waiting at the beach at 17:00 tomorrow”. 
Such message suddenly arrives to main character. What actions will he take? 
Doujin Boys Love

37. Maid Shikou ~Chijoku no Yakata~ メイド嗜好 ~恥辱の館~ [041029] Magi black
Main character's rich father falls victim to an incurable disease. Protagonist is hastily prepared to inherit the company. Subordinates' and debtor's daughters gather at one place for the bride training. He is very confused, but a strict female butler makes sure that the father's will is implemented to the fullest. Protagonist can't understand why these humiliating trials are needed to find a suitable bride. But it turns out that the aim is to to train a female dog rather than get a decent bride.

38. Ne~Tsuma ~Happy Life & H Lesson~ ね~つま ~ハッピーライフ&Hレッスン~ [041029] FlyingShine
Main character is a student who gets engaged with a female teacher. They are denied intimacy till graduation. They don't have a place to date secretly since both live with relatives and there's no money for hotels. So they decide to find suitable spots right at school. He is led by more experienced partner, but he wants to polish his technique. To do that he starts to date his childhood friend in secret. A double life of practice begins.

39. Reijou Gakuen ~Rengoku no Gakusha~ 隷嬢学園~煉獄の学舎~ [041029] Psy-chs
Shuichi is a high school student. One day, he is kicked out of high school without advance notice. He doesn't know what's going on...? He gets mad and plans to take revenge on them. A few days later, he receives a video tape from someone unknown. "She's the ringleader." The video shows her having sex with someone. He immediately takes an action....

40. Shimai Ningyou 死妹人形 [041029] Kuzuryuu
A brother and his sister were madly in love with each other, but their love would not last forever. His sister suffering from an illness that could not be cured, the brother did everything he could to help her. Things were going well until one day when he met a girl. With her introduction, things quickly changed for him and suddenly his sister's illness took a turn for the worse and eventually led her to death.
However, his love for her was far too great for him to forget his memories of her. Feeling that god betrayed him, he went against his teachings and turned to a greater power: the demon! The demon agrees to help him out in exchange for the blood of a virgin girl - his new friend.

41. Shintaisou (Shin) 新体操(真) [041029] Panda House
There’s a secret competition called “dark rhythmic gymnastics”. The entrees complete their beauty and lewd by their technique more difficult than rhythmic gymnastics.
Haneoka Fubuki is a little brother-in-law of Haneoka Miku who’s been missing. While he is looking for his sister, he finds her at the house of Tomomi, Miku’s classmate. Acceding to Tomomi, she is trapped in the dark side of “dark rhythmic gymnastics”. In order to help her out, he resolves his mind to become a coach of “dark rhythmic gymnastics”, and he gets close to Fujimiya Koyuki who was chosen by Tomomi not knowing his fate…

42. Tsuma x Tsuma 4 ~Koko wa Hitozuma Fitness~ 人妻×人妻4~ここは人妻フィットネス~ [041029] Discovery
Kenta Tachibana, the protagonist, was a swimmer with great hope for the future during highschool.
But at one point, he suffered a serious injury protecting a strange child from a runaway car, and was forced to retire. 
One year later, Kenta finished the rehabilitation and decided to work in a certain sports club as a coach. Kenta is the hope of the people who say that recovery is hopeless, and do not want to stop swimming. 
In the first day of attendance, he is stunned that his appointed destination is a sport club full of women. The only female manager in the club that is operated by relaxation facilities and extensive a reputation for a reasonable fee, where he had become a place of recreation and relaxation of our Neighbor's Wives . 
It have been known to the people in the health club the coach is also a swimmer. But human health is not immune to the curious eyes of our uninhibited married woman ... even just pierce.
Kenta managed to finish the first day at work, and was floating in the pool, when someone has jumped into the pool too. It was his older sister figure he was separated for 10 years, Ai Narushima. 

43. Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative いんやん えっくすちぇんじ おるたなてぃぶ [041029] Crowd 1 2 3 4 5
Kaoru Sakurazuka is a normal Japanese young man, not unique in the least except for his oddly feminine facial features, which drive him crazy. His name doesn't thrill him either -- Kaoru is a common name for both girls and boys. He tries to make up for looking like a girl by wearing an extra coating of male bravado wherever he goes. He enjoys his time at school with his friends Touya and Renji.
Lately, Kaoru has been feeling under the weather, and getting dizzy spells. He goes to the school nurse -- who's also famous for inventing new concoctions in the name of science -- and accidentally drinks a vial marked "experimental medicine." Bad move, Kaoru-kun! The next day, Kaoru is shocked to wake up to find that he's been transformed into a girl! While he desperately tries to find a way to return to normal, he's forced to spend his days in his new female body.
Kaoru is surprised at the changes in his environment now that he's a girl. Everywhere he goes, he's the center of attention, and it seems that everyone is taking an interest in him now. What's more, Kaoru's body has an amazing secret that he has yet to discover. What strange adventures are in store for Kaoru in his new body?

44. Kimi to Issho ni Dekiru Koto 2 Elder Sister -Rie- キミといっしょにデキること2 Elder Sister -Rie- [041030] Haikara Kissa
Hot sex story of a young man and his beloved beautiful elder sister. "Hey, are you in love with someone?", he asks to her. "....why...why you wanna know it that much?" 

45. Mayhem [0410] Nightmare Syndrome
School life proceed as usual with the loneliness feeling flying in the air. Two persons gradually get closer in these circumstances, and it starts to affect human relationships around them.
Doujin Boys Love

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