VN of the Month April 1991 - Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: Orgel

I put Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: Orgel above other games in April 1991 even though there are also such masterpieces as CAL II  and Nostalgia 1907.

1. Sadistic Gamers Part 5 Burusera Play サディスティック・ゲーマーズ PART-5 -ブルセラ・プレイ- [910401] Sixteens
Brucella issue of Sadistic Gamers doujin game.
Same lesbian sadists, but nothing else is known about this game.

2. Nostalgia 1907 ノスタルジア1907 [910402] Sur De Wave 1 2
Ship "Nostalgia" is crossing Atlantic Ocean when explosion breaks out. Playing as captain and passengers you need to find out who planted the bomb.
Game has an English review.

3. CAL II キャルツー [910410] Birdy Soft 1 2 3

You are Wataru Ishibashi, a high-school student in modern Japan. Up until recently you led a normal life, enjoying the relationship with your lovely girlfriend Mika. But short before the graduation ceremony, you had a strange vision that you first believe to be a dream. But when you are contacted by Venus, the goddess of love, you realise Mika was abducted by Aeon, the goddess of time, and transferred into the Realm of Time. You must now travel to the legendary dream world of beautiful goddesses and bring Mika back.
Game has English reviews. The most famous work of Birdy Soft and definitely a masterpiece.

4. Foxy 2 Foxy 2 [910412] Elf 1 2
Planet Charon has done its first steps in space exploration when mysterious organization "Giras" kidnapped senior space scientist and then his niece. Her friends are determined to save them and storm "Giras" strongholds.
Well, it's Foxy - what's to write about it? Same turn-based strategy, same half-naked girls rescue in between the battles. It's got several differences of course - it's no more blue vs red stupid confrontation. Units got more complex. Now there's limit for number of turns. So it can't be beaten without some love for the strategy games. The cool part is rpg elements - units receive xp and get transferred to next battles. At the same time it means that loss of even single unit is fatal, so repeating is expected.

5. D.P.S. SG Set 2 D.P.S. SG Set 2 [910415] Alice Soft 1 2
The scenarios in this game include:
A horror story entitled Antique House, in which a young couple is trapped at night in a secluded haunted mansion, possessed by monsters. The player can choose the personality of the female character before beginning, influencing the story with this choice.
A modern-day story without any supernatural elements, entitled Red Night. The protagonist is a man who finds himself in a hotel when a fire starts. Trying to escape, he enters a room occupied by a prostitute. The following events evolve slightly differently, depending on the personality choice made by the player before the start of the game.
A sequel to the second episode of the first D.P.S. game. Once again, the player chooses either the male doctor Katsuki or the female doctor Katsumi whose goal is to seduce the patient, the cute school girl Yumiko.
There is an English review on the game.

6. Imadoki Junjou Monogatari いまどき純情物語 [910425] Allot

Main character falls from a cliff and awakens at a hospital will amnesia. With the care of Chizuru nurse he regains physical strength gradually. The two fall in love with each other. However, one day Chizuru goes missing. Protagonist stands up to find her.
It's actually more of a suspense RPG than a love game. Enemies come out and attack, we gather experience, buy gear... Well, it's fresh to establish an RPG in a non-fantasy setting, but really...

7. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 4: Orgel サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.4 オルゴール [9104] DataWest 1
One day a mysterious woman clad in mourning dress appears in the office of Katsuya Furuyagi, a private investigator who possesses a unique ability to journey into the minds of people. The woman has a strange request that makes Furuyagi doubt her sanity. For generations, a beautiful doll has been in the possession of her family; however, recently it has disappeared, and the woman is convinced the culprit is the devil himself. Furuyagi travels to the countryside where he begins to investigate this unusual mystery, determined to find out the truth.
Command selection ADV. This work stands somewhat alone since we don't get to travel to other peoples' minds, but explore an ancient western mansion instead. Game's one of the highest masterpieces of the series with its horror atmosphere and great synthesis of animation and sound. Game has a huge number of guro scenes, but they aren't animated for the sake of readers health.

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