VN of the Month January 1992 - Himitsu no Hanazono

Himitsu no Hanazono is the most curious game of January 1991.

1. Green Oasis グリーンオアシス [920120] Ucom
Green Oasis is a system of rebuilding any undeveloped planet into an environment suitable for life over the course of several years. A development officer responsible for Oasis Plan on a certain star was attacked and injured with important documents stolen.
Relix is an investigator sent to the star to deal with the incident consequences.
So it's an SF investigation obscure game with no reviews in japanese.

2. Business Wars ビジネスウォーズ [920124] HECT 1
The game takes place during the 1980s in what would be called the Age of Consolidation. Companies were merging together to be conglomerates. All the consolidation among the corporations were starting to affect the U.S. economy in an unprecedented way. Even the Caribbean was affected by the corporate giants of the 1980s.
A lot of strategy is used when players have to make decisions and negotiate. Messages always arrive using the data feed style to make the game more business-like. The game can end with a loss if the wrong decision is made at the wrong time (similar to dying in an action game). The player will have to deal with loan sharks in the Caribbean, ruthless corporate executives from rival companies, arbitration sessions, and components that make the game look more like a strategy game at times. There are no items to use and very little action (with moving the guy around a virtual office building).
I'm not really going to discuss an economic simulator without a story and characters.

3. Gomenne Angel ~Yokohama Monogatari~ ごめんねエンジェル 〜横浜物語〜 [920131] JAST
One day the hero picks up a notebook and it turns out to be a possession of a girl student of St. Francis girls academy where his fiance is teaching. All three of them meet in a cafe, but girl looks very anxious. Her sister disappeared. And we'll help to find her.
First part of Angel's afternoon special series. Difficulty is high since you can't just bruteforce it - wrong actions can easily prevent further progress and result in bad end. You feel like on an Eastern Express - you need to be at exact place at exact order. You move from place to place and get information from beautiful girls, sometimes forcing a relationship to get it out. There are some 6 routes, so it looks much like charage.

4. Himitsu no Hanazono 秘密の花園 [920131] Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co. 1
One day a beautiful adult woman moves to live next to the main character. She turns out to be a new teacher, but she actually is a private detective investigating the case of school president granddaughter murder right at school. Hero gets to know about her true identity and decides to help the investigation.
Command selection varies from spot to spot. Hero can investigate alone or with one of three girls including main heroine. There is actually one ending but in order to get there you'll need to switch heroines to accompany you a lot. This kind of character design cannot be confused with anything else. Urasuhara-sensei is in charge of graphics and it's supercute. There is also eye and lip animation. Story is actually lacking and full of H-scenes. But later there was pc-engine version that had all characters voiced and had all the H-scenes cut. So it turned out to become a noteworthy charage.

5. Himitsu Chouhou Buin - 00Nanako-chan 秘密諜報部員00ななこちゃん [920101] Overture
Nanako comes from a spy family succeeding after her father and older sister. Finally she gets her first task...
A doujin game on a horrible visual basic 5 engine that I failed to launch. Still there are couple gameplay videos at niconico. This is basically a bakage with weird events happening around Nanako. There are quite a lot of beautiful illustrations in the game.

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