VN of the Month November 1991 - Psychic Detective Series Vol. 5: Nightmare

Psychic Detective Series Vol. 5: Nightmare is the only masterpiece of November 1991.

1. Shinsengumi - Bakumatsu Genshikou 新撰組 ~幕末幻視行~ [911110] Wolf Team 1
An ordinary school girl experienced time slip to the Edo period while on a school trip. And since she resembled captain of Shinsengumi unit Okita Souji, she just pretended to be him.
Who likes Shinsengumi? Or should I better ask who does not like Shinsengumi? Those brutal men establishing justice in the Edo are a safe pick for a story, but a woman as their captain does not look much better than those dozens of woman Oda Nobunaga countless parodies, to be honest. Game was issued after another shinsengumi tv show the same year. Graphics and especially depiction of emotions is great. Action is good. So it's a fairly enjoyable show if you can adapt to this fiction setting. And it was also quite disturbing to see how noone really figured out their captain was a female... not in bath, not in hot springs...

2. Vision 2 VISION2 [911110] MIN 1
In this sequel, the player, who is now in a steady romantic relationship with love interest Arisa, finds himself falling for another girl named Yui. Naturally, Arisa is unhappy about this. You must help the protagonist make the right decisions, or he'll have nobody at all.
First part was mostly H oriented work, but this one becomes a story oriented love triangle story. Such serious stories weren't yet mainstream and a doujin company such as MIN was needed to raise the issue. Hero is indecisive and he is attracted to Yui mostly because he got in the same class with Yui and in a different class from Arisa. Game has few sounds, but those sounds are masterfully used like when players telephones Arisa to ask for pardon and she besides the phone and does not take it. Such nakige game does not lose its meaning even today, but at that time there were really few nakige.

3. Majokko Kumi 魔女っ子クミ [911114] Family Soft 1
Kumi is an ordinary Japanese teenage girl. At least she was ordinary until one day, walking back home, she spotted a shiny object falling from the sky into a nearby forest. Upon examining the object more closely, Kumi found a cute rabbit-like creature, who called himself Popp claimed to have come from a magical world. Popp granted Kumi the magical ability of shape-shifting: turning into an adult male of her choice... an ability Kumi will need in order to fulfill her mission: sexually satisfy female students and teachers from her high school...
Command selection turns into point-and-click for H scenes which are quite numerous since there are five sub-heroines whom we must help and also the main heroine. It can even be observed as just stories of five women. But the graphics are beautiful and animation level is high which along with the playful magical events create a bright atmosphere.

4. XIX! ギゼ! XIX [911123] Fairytale 1 2 3
Young treasure hunter Zion found an orb in the ancient ruins and a girl came out of it. She needed to confirm something in the labyrinth beneath the ruins and Zion could not leave her alone there.
First of all, Fairy Tail has given birth to several very solid RPGs by the end of 1991. So the field part of the game is very short and underground one is where the main game starts. So there are a lot of maze floor with enemies. Along the way, your companion Physis meets here acquaintances from perished 500 years ago civilization. It's an ok RPG. Slow, monotonous, but with a good old feel. But as a VN... plot is not exquisite, events aren't often and they are mostly about meeting sexy monsters or Physis getting tortured, wounded or just in need of attention. But if you've done with all Dragon Knight series and willing for more, XIX will fill its shoes allright.

5. Psychic Detective Series Vol. 5: Nightmare サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ Vol.5 ナイトメア [911127] DataWest 1
The psychic detective Katsuya Furuyagi is finally able to enjoy a peaceful life with his sweetheart Rieka. But a strange nightmare begins to haunt him. He sees an unknown young woman locked in a secluded castle, begging for help. One night, the nightmare takes a different shape - the woman turns into a miraculous creature as Furuyagi enters the castle. Knowing that his unique psychic skills allow him to communicate directly with people's minds, Furuyagi begins to wonder if the nightmare has anything to do with reality - which he will find out soon enough.
Another excellent game and it's not just a horror - there is enough investigation and plot twists. Alas, pc-98 and Win versions are very rare and FM Towns one can't be hooked.

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