VN of the Month September 1991 - Cosmic Psycho

Cosmic Psycho is the only masterpiece of September 1991.

1. Joker ジョーカー [910905] Birdy Soft 1 2
Wild is the nickname of protagonist. The setting is american Wild West. Years ago "The Great Disaster" happened to the village and Wild's father sacrificed his life to deal with it. On the anniversary of the event talented witch Laura was to see the future of the village, but for some reason she saw nothing. You are sent to a neighboring town to find out about the upcoming danger for the village and probably for the whole world as well.
There is an English review of the game.

2. Cosmic Psycho コズミックサイコ [910914] Cocktail Soft 1 2
High-school student Kazuki sees a dream where a girl asks for help. The next day after he receives a phone call he finds himself on board of space ship and the girl turns out to be special anti-alien squad member Marin. The phone call was for a different receiver, but it's of no help to Kazuki since he's not stuck on this ship.
There is a good review of the game here but it's written from viewpoint of a modern user. Game indeed had morally old 200-lines graphics even for the time of issue, but this game was actually a masterpiece of 1991 and should be given its dues. Lower graphics level allowed to game to be issued for as many as four gaming platforms of the time. First of all it's Cocktail Soft. The same Cocktail Soft that issued astonishing 400-lines Nike two months before. Psycho in title refers to the psycho portal through which the teleportation to another dimension occurred and to alien monster race Ex. The story is not too good, but thriller part is. Game's been called roller coaster adventure for a good reason. While being shorter than usual there is constant sense of urgency in any speech. Events happen one after another and tension keeps stacking. Story develops slowly due to these constant interruptions. This can be called a new method in telling a story. Music was so good that it was probably the first VN that had a separate VN music CD issued. But unlike even in quality Nike, Cosmic Psycho has enough weak sides. And it should be treated as an ambiguous game that was a masterpiece of its time.

3. Hacchake Ayayo-san 3 - Watashi, Icchattan Desu - Ayayo's Life After はっちゃけあやよさん3 私、逝っちゃったんです AYAYO'S LIFE AFTER [910920] Hard 1
Watashi, Icchatta n' desu is the third installment in the Hacchake Ayayo-san series. This time, Ayayo and her friend Tomoko are taking a stroll and encounter a mysterious creature. Eventually they realize that they are both dead. From that point on the plot focuses on their sexual experiences with demons and Buddhist deities in heaven and hell.
There should be no second thoughts what the third part of the series is about - only about H. And since it has realistic HCG, it got banned from selling after the Saori incident.

4. Vision VISION [91] MIN 1
When the hero goes to the shopping district it starts to rain. His classmate hides from the rain next to his house so he invites her to dry wet clothes.
MIN is a doujin circle from where famous Sogna company originated. The volume is not big, but every wrong selection brings a game over. Game does not have animation, but heroines are cute and graphics are good, so it's a very high level compared to commercial brands.

5. Réserve 1/2 レゼルブ1/2 [91] MIN 1 2 3 4 5
You play as one of the regular enemies from the first game, who, this time, must go and hunt humans. Lucifer (Satan in translation) has put out a reward for human girls, and it's up to you to bring them to him.
Game is localized and has enough information in English.

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