VN of the Month May 1992 - Kurutta Kajitsu

Kurutta Kajitsu is the only masterpiece of May 1991.

1. Kurutta Kajitsu 狂った果実 [920501] Fairytale 1
Satoshi Kanou encountered a cheerful girl at professor party and it turned out that she's been cheerful for the first time in her life towards anyone, so Satoshi was invited as tutor in the house. However Satoshi witnesses an accident with professor's older sister and he soon finds himself into a whirlpool of events.
It's a classic depressing mystery novel - utsuge made by the same Fairytale company as Dead of the Brain and Lan-Mal last month. And it's the first utsuge, before that the genre did not exist. It has a suspense tv drama as the origin, but the theme was changed for the game and much more cruel scenes were incorporated. Year 1992 is known for a big number of depressing games, but Kurutta Kajitsu presides over them. Story might be not too original, but the perfect graphics and scenario left a lasting impact on the generation of players. One by one everyone around main hero starts to die in a most unnatural manner and you probably won't be able to look at some of the home appliances the same way after reading this VN. And as with most utsuge, there is no happy ending ... only jealousy, anger, hate, depression, pain and despair.

2. Minimum Guynarock みにまむがいなろっく [920508] Techno Brain
This is an alternative version of Ginsei Senshin Guynarock telling the shortened version of the story with chibi characters.
The playthrough is done withing some 7 minutes, for real. The second part of the game is issued in December 1992, so my best guess is that this game is to refresh the memories on the events of the prequel and produce some gags.

3. DOR Part 2 DOR Part 2 [920519] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The sequel to DOR is structured exactly the same way as the first game: play any of the three unrelated scenarios, accessible directly from the main menu.
The first scenario takes the player into France of 16th century, during a witch hunt. The playable character is a young girl who is falsely accused of being a which and is taken into a dungeon, interrogated, and tortured.
The second scenario follows the adventures of a young boy who has lost his way in a forest. Suddenly he meets a cute little female elf, who is willing to help him find the right way, in exchange for some other favors...
The third scenario is named "Armored Fighter Gyleban" and is in a way a parody on sci-fi anime movies. The player controls a commander of a unit of female fighters with enhanced abilities, that must stop an evil organization from conquering our world.
Since the English localized version included one story from DOR part 2 all the reviews apply here as well.

4. Réserve 2 [920501] MIN
The final chapter in the Reserve series once again stars Mio but this time the creatures from the diminsion she travelled to in the first game have come to her school and are haunting her classmates and teachers. She suspects there's something funny about the new girl in class - who turns out to be Koumori in human form and hiding out from Lucifer and his minions.
Game's very short and oriented on ero-scenes while losing to different monsters.

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