VN of the Month December 1991 - Gidyy

Gidyy is the only masterpiece of December 1991.

1. Ranma 1/2 - Toraware no Hanayome らんま1/2 とらわれの花嫁 [911206] Tenky 1 2 3 4 5 6
Each chapter focuses on separate theme in Ranma 1/2 universe.
There are English reviews.

2. Strush ストラッシュ [911206] Orange House
Hero is ninja detective on a request to investigate disappearances in a famous private school.
Mostly an average school mystery story. Characters are cute and moe enough with good animation of eyes and lips. Graphics is definitely above average. The feature of the game is that you have a partner following you and you can change that partner to another girl at will. There are H scenes, but they aren't abundant. But the story is rather weak.

3. Mirage ミラージュ [911210] Discovery 1 2
It happened long time ago, when mankind possessed the secrets of magic. One time, when a comet was approaching the Earth, a young woman gave birth to a baby. He was taken into the nearby village and grew up there. But he knew he was different from other children: he could not use magic, and on his hand there was a little star. He believed that he was cursed, and so did many people in his village. He learns that the ominous cave in the Northern Mountain might hold the answers to his questions. He embarks on this journey, determined to find out the identity of his father and his true role in the world.
It's a story driven RPG and it even incorporates talk between party members while in the dungeon, even though without much success. The fighting is done without stress and the game can be enjoyed as an RPG. A good quality work.

4. Birdy World バーディーワールド [911213] Birdy Soft
Birdy World is a collection of 3 games from Birdy Soft. None of them were released separate from this compilation. The three games are as follows:
Sugoroku Game
Pal 2
Joker Parody Demo
I tend to dislike fandisks, but tried the board game for a bit. It lacks everything including common sense, so parodies must be the salt of the package.

5. Gidyy ギディ [911213] Heart Soft
Main character here is left totally alone in this world with the death of his grandfather. But in grandpa's belongings he finds a time machine and gets back in time to conquer hearts of the most famous girls in world history.
Wow, setting is exciting just because it refers to world-wide known women. It's a point-and-click adventure, but you actually need to choose an action icon before clicking somewhere on a screen. But at least there are more screen exploration options. And here there's also an inventory to keep and utilize various items. Game's cool because of long spiritual conversations with the famous women. We help each of them this or that way too. There are H scenes as well which are good. There are some bad endings along the way. So good impression is achieved mostly thanks to emotional affinity to such characters as Cleopatra and Jeanne d'Arc and the game can be considered a minor masterpiece of its time.

6. Mai - MAI Funifuni Papyuun to Iwasecharu! 舞☆MAI ふにふにぱぴゅーんといわせちゃる! [911214] Fairytale 1 2 3
Mai has cat ears and studies magic. She can be unattentive at times. After she cast a spell on her classmates her life turned to action.
Dungeon crawl with cute pictures, but the system is quite serious. It's not just a gag story. There aren't real stats and battles are described by just text messages. Events are rare and most of the time we look at maze maps and brick walls. Nice retro dungeon crawl, but not exactly usual VN material.

7. D.P.S. SG Set 3 D.P.S. SG Set 3 [911215] Alice Soft 1 2
The scenarios in this game include:
A rather mundane depiction of a young couple's day directly after their wedding. The two return home and prepare for the "big event" in the night. The player can choose to control either the husband or the wife.
A story entitled Graduation, which begins with a rather standard premise of a shy high school boy trying to express his love to a pretty school mate. However, the events take an unexpected turn when a dragon appears and the girl is hurt. The player can determine the personality of the hero before the start of the episode.
A bizarre fantasy tale with the title Rabbit P4P. The protagonist follows a mysterious "bunny girl" into a fairy tale-like realm, where he has to figure out what to do in order to win the graces o
Game has an English review.

8. Ranma 1/2 - Hiryuu Densetsu らんま1/2 飛龍伝説 [911220] Bothtec 1 2 3
Game features an anime side-story focusing on relationships between series characters.
There's an English review.

9. Beast 2 ビースト 2 [911227] Birdy Soft
Events take a year after the prequel end. The relationships between the characters still remain uneasy after what had happened in the mansion. Main hero girlfriend Itoko's mother starts to behave strangely. Once again friends gather together and forward to Itoko house only to find out that a mysterious organization is involved.
Prequel gameplay was boring as hell and now it's even worse. Point-and-object clicking every pixel to move on. Same maze structures with infinite rooms. The number of H-scenes decreased at least.

10. Karei Naru Jinsei - Mina-san no Okage Desu 華麗なる人生 みなさんのおかげです [911227] Fairytale 1
It's a board game like Monopoly and adult dating sim in one set. Up to five players/AI make turns while encountering life events and girls.
Finally a really relaxing game without frustration and the need to brute force every option/pixel. There are three stages for every game match - high school, university and work and in the end whoever gets the more money wins. Maybe one match is not too long, but there are 55 girls available to get acquainted and even having H scene upon reaching certain stats levels. It's a mediocre game since gameplay does not change with number of matches and quantity definitely prevails over quality. There's only one thing I'd want to say to creators. Brilliant life! Thanks to everyone!

11. Momotarou Gaiden Momoko-chan Fight 桃太郎外伝ももこちゃんファイト [911230] Softhouse TODO
Story is based on Momotaro classic fairy-tale. Momokodokoro goes to fight demon marauders, but their leader princess Kokeshi easily seduces him.
A doujin fantasy with H-tilt.

12. Phantasy Star II Text Adventure: Nei no Bouken ファンタシースターII テキストアドベンチャーネイの冒険 [91] Sega 1 2 3
This chapter features Nei (Japanese: ネイ, Nei) - a Numan created through an experiment to breed humans with biomonsters. After her escape from Neifirst, she is rescued by Rolf and adopted as his little sister.
Game is localized and has enough information in English.

13. Mana [91] BMP
A short date with girl Mana.
It's not the same BMP that issued Mana'94, so better use japanese name for search. Needless to say, nothing is known about this weak doujin game.

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