VN of the Month February 1992 - Joker II

Joker II is the only masterpiece game of February 1992.

1. Bacta Bacta [920204] Himeya Soft 1 2
Jinpachi looks out for demons and fights them. Since demons may hide as female humans, he has to use unorthodox physical techniques sometimes to reveal their true identity.
The protagonist really sticks out as a cool guy always wearing glasses and having affinity for guns. He has two important talents - ability to detect demons and ... he likes women. He's absolutely sure that upon reaching orgasm any demon would flee from possessed body. Demons have "Bacta" engraved on the body, but game's not really telling us what it is or maybe they don't know for sure themselves. And there's hardly any conclusive apart of blowing demons headquarters. It's a light game where hero actually rapes women on suspicion but does not feel bad about it. Game has a serious atmosphere, but actually it's a collection of gags. What makes it special is that it's first game of Himeya Soft, brand very well known in the West due to the fact that they officially released every VN in English since 1996 till breakup in 2003. And although it's not a serious game, the impression is brilliant for a new brand.

2. Joker II ジョーカーII [920214] Birdy Soft 1
The story picks up 6 months after prequel. But the job is not done. Laura keeps coming to him in dreams asking to rescue her and this time he has to get to the bottom of it.
The first part ended in devastation for Wild, so this time there's a more satisfying ending. Systems have not changed since the prequel, maybe with the exception of graphics. The number of girls is still big and vampire Blanca is still gorgeous. Unusual wild west setting in combination with fantastic atmosphere make Joker II very cosy. Prequel really seemed short and lacked impact. You literally came to town, gathered information, involved in relationship with a girl, confronted monsters and night and that's it. So few of the owners of Joker were motivated to try the sequel. This time the story gets darker, much longer and even more serious with an abundance of blood scenes. A masterpiece game, actually, but it was easily forgotten of in Windows era.

3. Uruma うるま [920227] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon
Takeshi went hiking with his girlfriend Mai. As they approached a strange monument it burst and Takeshi regained consciousness at the hospital. The local townspeople explained that it was a monument to Chinese humanoid god Uruma and hero who unlocked the seal now got the ki power to attract women. In order to save Mai Takeshi needs to cross the sea and seek advice from the shrine maiden on a Sun island.
First Bonbon work has a clunky interface and not really intriguing story.

4. DOR [920228] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
There is a door in front of you... A strange door, which has been created by the Devil. On the other side of it, three different worlds await you. Don't be scared, but don't get caught up in the realms of fantasy! The Devil is waiting to lead you along...
Kanako's Depression
You don't have a girlfriend, and you don't have any money either. You're moping around in your apartment, when a girl suddenly shows up at your door. Her name is Kanako; she's a timid little thing, but wait until you find out what she really is...!
The Telephone Scandal
You want to have a girlfriend. You call a dating service and guess what!? You get a girl and go out on a date. Wait a minute... Is this girl...?
The scenario depicts a meeting between the male protagonist and a mysterious young woman near a giant observatory telescope. The hero finds out about the woman's tragic past and proceeds to "console" her.
Game has enough English reviews.

5. J no Higeki Las Vegas Renzoku Satsujin Jiken Jの悲劇 ラスベガス連続殺人事件 [920201] Thinking Rabbit
You are a detective in Los Angeles and need to investigate a murder case with a more veteran policeman. Man was murdered in hotel room and had baseball chip in his pocket.
Basically it's remake of JACK VN back from 1988, now for pc-98 machines. And it was not officially released, more like published unofficially after company bankruptcy. And since we tackled on JACK story and appeal points previously, moving on.

6. Abunai Bunkasai Zen'ya あぶない文化祭前夜 [9202] Alice Soft
Bonus game included on Rance 3 Hint Disk
It's a mini-adventure with culture festival a the stage. Command selection is used to look around, talk with everyone and just be at the right place in the right time.

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