VN of the Month April 1992 - The 4th Unit - Wyatt

The 4th Unit - Wyatt is the only masterpiece game of April 1992.

1. The 4th Unit - Wyatt 第4のユニット WYATT [920403] DataWest 1 2
Judge Badnack is restoring vicious criminal organization and for doing that he kidnapped Zero and took control of UN assault space satellite Wyatt. Bio-win and Dalzy must use any means necessary to oppose Badnack and rescue Zero.
This is the last episode in the story before company went bankrupt so the story is left unfinished. This 7th episode is the most technically advanced with timed choices left only for battle scenes so it finally can be run like a normal VN. BGM and voice sounding are also improved. Difficulty-wise it has become relatively less punishing with only one serious pitch moment to reload a lot.

2. Dr.Stop! Dr.STOP! [920415] Alice Soft 1
In Dr. Stop! you control Takumi, who works in a hospital and whose mind is mostly occupied with female patients, most of whom are young and pretty. One day, during a visit to a patient, an explosion occurs. Who caused it - one of the patients or an outsider, or maybe a staff member? It's up to you to investigate, and win the affection of your lovely patients.
An unusual work in that text takes from half of the screen here to the whole screen and the pictures change location all the time and are sometimes presented by just a modest square in the corner. It's a suspense game in the hospital, but also a charage. All the characters are weird, but funny enough. In the end the lack of backgrounds and graphics is a big hit on the impression.

3. Lam-Mal 蘭丸 [920424] Fairytale
Yagyu Jubei orders secret order ninja Ranmaru to investigate Yoshiwara murder case and you are an assistant of Ranmaru.
The story looks serious with the Edo period Joy resistance as a theme, but actually story is all messed up from youkai to the aliens. What's weird about the system is that upon command selection you need to click on the head part in right lower corner and clicking on bare brains is not too nice... While story moves in ordinary command selection pattern, battles are done in RPG manner and weapons can be bought. Some subtle aspects of the game leave a pretty sour aftertaste. So even if you're ready to listen to an unserious story, there's no guarantee that you'll enjoy it.

4. Dead of the Brain ~Day of the Living Dead~ DEAD OF THE BRAIN ~死霊の叫び~ [9204] Fairytale 1 2 3 4 5 6
Cole's friend Doctor Cooger invented a tissue that caused zombie infestation. Now Cole and assistant Sheila need to find a way to stop them.
There are English reviews on the game.

5. Lunatic Fantasy Lunatic Fantasy [9204] Studio Light Cross 1 2
The story starts with an amnesiac woman, who is only able to remember her name - Fab, waking up in the forest. With the help of local dryads Fab reaches a nearby town and stops at the tavern. Suddenly she is approached by a blind girl who proclaims: "Mommy, you finally returned"...
There is an English review.

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