VN of the Month April 2002 - D.U.O. ~Song for All~

D.U.O. ~Song for All~ is the VN of the Month Among masterpieces are One 2 ~Eien no Yakusoku~ , Suigetsu and Utawarerumono

1. Trans' ~Boku to Atashi no Kyoukaisen~ Trans’~僕とあたしの境界線~ [020404] Catear 1
Christmas Eve... it's a night when many couples confess feelings to each other and spend this time happily. This story starts on such a holy night.
Instead of happy time there is a sudden breakup on her part. Her clothes are left in the room. It was just a small urge. Until then, I never thought about anything like that; if I did, it might be easier. That was probably the case.
"I want to wear this clothes ..." But that alone did not stop the urge.
"I want to wear this clothes and go out." 
"I want more clothes that look good." 
"I want to be more beautiful."
The suffering from society condemnation. The cold gaze of people makes the small heart of the person between man and woman shake.
“Is it bad to be more beautiful?”
I have not invented a category to block Trans all-age games, but it does not mean I'm going to look into it because of that.

2. Ripple ~Blue Seal e Youkoso~ Ripple~ブルーシールへようこそっ~ [020405] Giga 1
Main character looses a job and applies for an internet ad vacancy to work at a huge leisure park "Blue Seal" with multiple facilities including restaurant. There are many curious girls working around.
A SIM game to raise protagonist's parameters and set dates. Combined to Giga failure as VN maker, game's a total crap.

3. Wish ~Owari Yuku Sekai de~ Wish~終わりゆく世界で~ [020405] Selfish 1
The year is 20xx... A new life form called a "Mamono" has suddenly appeared in Japan.
With great sacrifice, the Japanese government finally succeeds in retrieving a part of this "Mamono." Of course, it's kept secret from the general public and all evidence is eliminated...
Soon after, the government takes a few civilian scientists and begins a top-secret mission called "Project HI" (Project Human Infinity). The project's purpose is to somehow inject the unknown virus from the "Mamono," which will give the subjects super powers. The goal is to create a human that will withstand any kind of environment, which will then be used as a lethal weapon. Knowing the project might fail, the government simultaneously creates a militia known as the "Witch Hunters."
Minoru Yamanashi's father was one of the scientists involved in this project. He's so crazy that he submits not only himself but also Minoru's sister Chisa to the "Project HI" experiments. Unfortunately, the experiment on Chisa fails, and she falls ill with the virus. Not having the kind of money to save his sister, he decides to join the "Witch Hunters." He ends up killing his beloved sister. Losing the will to live, he wanders aimlessly around the streets and eventually crumbles with hunger. A girl named Yukari Arisa saves him from the streets...
Heroines are unique and lively. The first half is hero gradually healing his mind wounds with a touch of comedy, but in the second part there is serious development. There is only common scenario during first play. From the second play there are heroine scenarios that show up. Surprisingly well done scenario-oriented suspense adventure.

4. Koi Suru Science 恋するサイエンス [020412] Complet's 1
Hiroshi Koizumi is a student at Oshima Private School. One day, he receives an invitation to the science club from a girl named Sakura Sakura. Hiroshi's shy but falls madly in love with Sakura at first sight and visits the club, which is located on the outskirts of the school property. However, as soon as Hiroshi opens the door to the club, he loses consciousness...
When he comes to, Hiroshi finds himself on an operating table. He sees a small girl holding an old book. She's trying to experiment on him! What's going to happen on him!? 
You will witness mysterious experiments, battles over the old book, and expectations of love in this love comedy.
This game might look like a comedy... but in the end it's still a nukige with everything whirling around it. There are hardly any other advantages.

5. Maid Hunter Zero One ~Nora Maid~ メイドハンター零一~のらメイド~ [020412] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Reiichi Satsukido is a noncareer public employee, leading a peaceful life. One day, he is suddenly assigned to become a special national agent called 'Maid Hunter!' His mission is to hunt down and rehabilitate aliens called 'Nora Maids' (Stray Maids), in accordance with Special National Health Regulations.
However, a secret organization named 'Kampfgruppe Nora Maid' stands in his way. This organization is formed to free the Nora Maids, and they are willing to fight in order to accomplish their goals. 
The Special National Health Regulations are only in effect for the next thirty days. Reiichi must capture and rehabilitate four Nora Maid renegades within this time. Otherwise, he will be demoted and sent to an uninhabited island. Will he succeed in his mission and avoid spending the rest of his life on a deserted island...!?
Parody is the dominating feature of this game. But there are a lot of confusing systems in this bakage, including battle system. 

6. Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~ 忘レナ草~Forget-me-Not~ [020412] Unison Shift
A story about a boy that is destined to die, a shinigami that is given the task of taking his soul and the people he is connected...
Period is 2 weeks. During daytime we deepen relations with the chosen heroine, during night time we entertain the heroine. Period feels too small, relations develop untruthfully, with sudden climax.

7. Dennou Yousei Elfan 電脳妖精エルファン [020419] Noa 1
Elfans are cyber fairies, which live in the "Net World," which exists inside of the Internet. One day, our hero is sucked into this Net World and is forced to fight against evil monsters. With the help of Elfans, he must bring peace back to the Net World!!
The evil Net Kizer sends his monsters and Elfans to attack our hero. He must defeat these monsters and persuade the Elfans to join him. Some of the Elfans will change shapes during the journey! Our hero must gather 30 Elfans from all over the Net World and defeat the evil Net Kizer!!
This cyber battle adventure game consists of an adventure part and a battle part.
The player chooses one of three Elfans as a companion:
The gentle and kind Mei Nyuang
The strong-minded Fairy Ann
The energetic, yet sad Bloomer Rabbi
These Elfans occasionally change shapes. For example, Mei Nyuang sometimes becomes the martial artist, Mei China, or the fighting nurse called Mei Nurse. You'll really enjoy bringing them up! Not only that, but you'll also meet up with more than thirty different Elfans, who have been designed by a variety of artists. What does this all mean? You will definitely find an Elfan to suit your tastes!!
Befriend the Elfans and defeat the evil Net Kizer!
Quite a strange bakage with battles and lolis.

8. Hanketsu 2 ~Forget Me Not~ 判決2~Forget Me Not~ [020419] Noctovision 1
The case is not over yet...
A half naked woman is taken into protective custody at Jissoji Park around midnight. She has been assaulted and drugged. Her name is Tomomi Sawada, and she was participating in a 'Blue Aqua' ritual prior to the incident.
Blue Aqua is a cult seminar, led by Kirara Rendaiji. It is quickly spreading among the young female population at Jissoji. There is also a rumor that Blue Aqua uses drugs in their rituals, and Tomomi's case seems to back it up.
The drug is called 'Blue Seal,' a love potion that shines in blue. The town of Jissoji once suffered from a drug called 'Blue Misty,' but Blue Seal is taking over now. Yura Tojima is the man behind this case, and he tries to reach out to a young female singer, Chiaki Aikawa. 
Yuji Akagi is a district attorney at Jissoji. With help from his beautiful assistant Misa Sugasawa, he is about to try wiping this blue drug out of his town!!
This is a sequel to the real legal adventure "Hanketsu," and more realistic court trials are depicted than ever before.
The street musician from the first title, Chiaki Aikawa, is now a professional singer, but she is having problems with her career and with a band member who uses Blue Seal.
Aya Shirahama is a lovely girl, who happens to know Yuji, but she often causes trouble for Yuji. 
Misa Sugasawa is a sharp and beautiful legal officer, who has experience in foreign legal services.
Players will find many other beauties, along with many hot scenes. Get the bad guys and bring peace back to the town of Jissoji!!
Of course game is better than it predecessor 4 years ago, but it does not mean it's good. Main character and realism are praiseworthy, but concept, scenario and realization aren't.

9. Nanji, Sono Muku Naru Tamashii de Yoru o Samayou Nakare 汝、その無垢なる魂で夜を彷徨うなかれ [020419] NeoUme
If you walk alone on the moon night, you will meet the witch of the moon. 
Such city legend flows in the city of Mahoroba. 
Main character is a freelancer who also has part-time work at convenience store "New Life". One night he meets a witch...
There are a lot of heroines including moon witch. Each of them has some kind of problem to settle. Characters here are very weak.

10. Wind -A Breath of Heart- Wind -A Breath of Heart- [020419] minori 1 2 3 4 5 6
That summer day. Makoto Okano and his younger sister Hinata sit across from each other in the box seats of a local express heading to that town, underneath a blue sky that seems to stretch out to infinity. The town they are heading to is the very one that they were born in and were separated from long ago -- Kazune City. In the midst of the midsummer wind, bathed in the wind that rushes in from the train window, they head to that town, which they only have vague memories of.
"Say, let's promise to meet again."
"I'll keep playing this harmonica, okay? Because even if I can't reach you, the sound of the harmonica surely will."
The harmonica, which was handed over together with the promise to that girl.
And within the shaking cabin of the train, Makoto wakes up, dimly but surely recalling that memory ... 
Game is localized and has English reviews.

11. Yuki no Tokeru koro ni... 雪のとける頃に… [020419] Studio e.go! 1
Your character, Dr. Hoshino, iis transferred from central Japan to the New Hokkaido General Hospital, where he reunites with his underclassman, Mikage Ayumi, and academy days nemesis, Shinowara Tsukasa. As a doctor in the late 20's (he is 28 years old), he faces the trauma situations of the E.R. (Emergency Room) and treats his own clique of long-term patients.
Every successful man must have his woman behind him, and Masato's wife, Hoshino Mizuki, supports him in every way.
Life seems to be the usual...or is it? In this foreign part of Japan, covered in snow and ice, what will happen to Masato and his surroundings?
There is an English review.

12. Ouma Petit ☆ Kaitouden 逢魔ぷち☆怪討伝 [020424] Sakuraneko
Demons are actually real. They can take human form and infiltrate human society. 
Main character studies at a mission-based school in Yokohama that's rumored to contain hand of a legendary demon in its basement. There are various forces trying to revive the demon. Can protagonist prevent that?
School love bakage. Scenario is of not high quality, gags are rarely funny and heroines lack attractiveness.

13. My Merry May [020425] KID 1
This VN tells the story of Kyosuke, a high school student, who lives a normal student's life in a dormitory until one day he receives a strange device from abroad. Inside the device is a female replis, an artificial human being. Kyosuke decides to awaken her, but before her personality is fully loaded, a thunderstorm briefly cuts the energy in the dormitory, creating a bug in Leu's system. Instead of his own personal servant, Kyosuke now has to take care of a teenager with a childlike mind. The remaining cast of heroines include Hitoe Haruna, Yasusuke's childhood friend, Motomi Agatsuma, the girlfriend of Kyosuke's best friend, Ryo Hagimoto, 21-year old Tae Kizuki, and her friend, 13-year old high school student Misao Yuki.
Careful character depiction is the main attraction in this work. Even though it's love comedy, it's explained why and how each girl starts to love protagonist.

14. Shine ~Kotoba o Tsumuide~ SHINE~言葉を紡いで~ [020425] Vridge Inc. 1 2 3
One day, the protagonist decided to chase after the dream of becoming a cameraman. To become the student of his famous upperclassman (senpai) cameraman in his university, he headed towards an island in Okinawa area where his upperclassman cameraman lived. On the way to the island, the protagonist met his senpai luckily and was given a very hard assignment to complete. If he complete the assignment, then he could become his senpai's student. That assignment is taking a picture of all SIX girls who he met on the ship by chance. And for some reasons, all SIX girls hate camera. But, there is nothing he can do about it because if he doesn't take their photos, his road to become a cameraman is closed.
With that, the protagonist met and parted with those girls repeatedly at the island. And with each of them, conversations are being spinned into stories.
There is enough English information.

15. Azrael アズラエル [020426] Frontwing 1
After being saved by the god of death, our hero becomes a messenger of death for girls who are destined to die. Working as a messenger, he has to go through a lot of heart-rending experiences and anguish.
Most of us enjoy our lives and don't think about death until something happens to us. Through this game, you'll realize that death is always just a step away...
The best scenario out of three 426 works, but it suffers from the lack of volume, so it's difficult to empathize with characters that weren't given enough screen time. There are several endings. Game was sold for just 1/3 of normal price.

16. D.U.O. ~Song for All~ [020426] Panda House 1
It happened on December 25, 2001, right after the new century began.
It was the biggest and worst disaster in human history, "Apoptosis Crisis."
A virus called "apoptosis" begins to destroy human cells. 80% of the Earth's population is killed and the people who survive try their best to revive civilization. 
A century has passed, and it is now the year 2099 in Tokyo. Something is happening in this big city, where many kinds of ethnic groups reside. The network junkies, called "jugglers," suddenly die an unnatural death. The cause of death is still unclear. However, it is apparent they were all on computer networks when they died. 
Takuya Takahashi, who is a professional investigator, a "Runner," is asked to investigate the case, and he starts investigating this dangerous disease, without even knowing much about it?
Looks like my type of game. I'll review it myself.

17. Happy Breeding はっぴ~ぶり~でぃんぐ [020426] Purple Software 1
Our protagonist (Takashi) has taken the opportunity of working away from his parents home and started living by himself.
One day, a strange girl enters his house and eventually comes to stay with him since the house is too big for one person to live in. 
The girl seems to be searching the person who tended an injury of hers when she was a child, and the protagonist offers his help.
New girls gradually show up and starts living in the protagonist's house, each with their own purpose that he will try to help them fulfill.
Nice heartwarming story, but short - 5 hours is enough to clear. Only one heroine route is special, all the others are unnoticeable.

18. Kin no Hitomi x Gin no Hitomi 金の瞳*銀の瞳 [020426] Uncanny! 1
The latest title from UNCANNY! This is a fantasy adventure game, where the stage is set in a world of swords and magic.
The story unfolds following the war between humans and monsters. The humans are lead by a brave man with golden eyes. Eventually, they win the war against the monsters, but humanity is still far from peace. The player will become a boy named 'Cych.' He is a 'gladiator' with no memories of the past, and he will challenge the death tournament at the coliseum. 
The tournament will last two months. Going through many things, such as the training to survive and encounters with various heroines, a player will become strong and learn about love. Will you choose to pursue physical strength, or will you choose to go after girls? It's all up to you!
Self-training SIM with parameters. Period is 8 weeks. Every 1st and 7th day of the week there is event and every 4th day there is combat. The overall difficulty is low.

19. One 2 ~Eien no Yakusoku~ ONE2~永遠の約束~ [020426] BaseSon
I was away from home during the summer vacation, when I returned I found out that my father has moved away. No one in the school knew my name, not even my classmates. I started my new life like that.
I never expected those things, to miss the everyday life, going to school... and to love...
BaseSon had a difficult task to make a remake worthy of famous original, and they actually succeeded at it. There are 5 + 1 secret heroine routes, and each route has something to do with vanishing or loosing. The whole concept of eternal world is focused too much here and there are questions about length, but it's definitely a masterpiece as a pure love game with a good scenario.

20. Sekai no Subete 世界ノ全テ [020426] Tama-Soft 1
Hiroshi returned to his hometown after 8 years in Tokyo trying to attain his childhood dream and failing to do so. Feeling powerless and lacking support from his family, he could only think about giving up. He felt that a poor student like him was unneeded and there was no longer any place for him. That was before he met Tomoko at the light music club and realized that he was not the only one in the same situation.
Main features of this work is depressed protagonist, kansai dialect girls and great music. There are many heroines, but only Tomoko route is deep enough.

21. Suigetsu 水月 -すいげつ- [020426] F&C FC01 1 2
On a summer afternoon, I woke up in a hospital bed without any recollection of the past. I was suffering from severe amnesia, and the ones who saved me as I trembled with doubt and fear through the night were my friends and my maid, Yuki. Through their kindness, my life began once again. A new life filled with joy and happiness. 
However, the nightmare that haunted me ever since I woke up that day continued to torment me. In my dreams was a woman with pure white skin and black hair so lustrous it seemed to fade into the dark night. And within a few weeks, on the night of the Star Festival, I would meet this beautiful girl.
Makino Nanami...
The girl whom I killed with my arrow each and every night ...
There are English reviews.

22. Sweet Legacy スイートレガシー [020426] Frontwing 1
Satou Mamoru has always dreamt of becoming a famous patissier. However, the famous school he wanted to enter in... is actually an all-girls school! Mamoru will have to disguise himself as a girl in order to enter and starts meeting some interesting girls.
Game's short and of relatively low quality, that's why it's sold several times lower than normal price. Still as a charage or a game about shemale it's quite good.

23. Utawarerumono うたわれるもの [020426] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Hakuoro, a man who wakes up in a tiny backwoods village near the mountains with heavy injuries, no memory, and a mask he cannot remove. After being nursed back to health by Eruruw, the girl who found him lying at the point of death in the forest, he starts to view the village as his new home. But when an oppressive ruler threatens the peaceful life of Hakuoro and his newfound friends and family, they find themselves hurtled towards war, chaos, and a destiny far greater than any of them imagined.
Game's localized and has lots of reviews.


1. Fukushuu no Susume ~Gyakuten no Catharsis~ 復讐ノススメ~逆転のカタルシス~ [020405] Kamen Shoukai
Main character and his sister are adopted by Kamishiro family after loss of parents. Kamishiro family abuse siblings to the point that sister gets destroyed and brother gets daily humiliated and insulted. One day the head of Kamishiro family dies leaving huge debts. Now it's time for protagonist to have his revenge.

2. Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III アイドル雀士スーチーパイIII [020405] Harvest 1
The third arcade entry in the Suchie-Pai series, Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III brings more strip mahjong with Misaki Kyoko, better known as Suchie-Pai. But things get strange when a second Suchie-Pai appears. 
This game features some returning opponents and some new opponents. Graphics are vastly improved over those of its predecessors, released several years earlier.
Card game

3. Itaike na Tenshi-tachi ~Akumu no Byoutou~ いたいけな天使たち ~悪夢の病棟~ [020405] Megami
Hospital full of desires of rich and powerful people. Girs are being insulted here in exchange for promises of bright future or money. But playing with innocent girls proved not enough. The clients  started to catch and drug enthusiastic idol fans to make them dirty their paragons with their own hands.

4. Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai 女教師二十三歳 [020405] GuiltyN
English teacher is attacked by a molester on the way home from work. She cries for help, but molester has a menacing look and turns out to be from a powerful family, so no one dares to interfere. But that is only an overture to the tragedy ...

5. Suki Suki Onii-chan ~The Pretty Little Sister~ すきスキお兄ちゃん ~The Pretty Little Sister~ [020405] Aqua House 1
A girl named Miyuri lives near you. She looks so young that she can almost pass as your little sister. Miyuri seems like the strong type, but she is a super, shy girl, who is very naive. For some reason, Miyuri has total trust in you and calls you, "Brother." Even Miyuri's mother has total faith in you.
One day, Miyuri sneaks into your room, and you later find her taking a nap. You try to wake her up, but she tells you, "I love your blanket. Every time I wake up, I can see you." Miyuri tells you this and blushes.
Then you have dinner together and watch T.V. Well, this is what you guys go through on a normal, routine basis. What kind of relationship will this turn into? Since this is an 18 and over game, it's obvious where it's heading, if you get my hint...

6. Maimu まいむ [020411] Squadra D
Apparently, Tomoe Misaki is just another nerd mysteriously popular with beautiful women, in the true eroge tradition.
But maybe he's hiding something...

7. Deep 2 [020412]  Selen
Main character is dormitory supervisor of a girls academy. He makes one room a punishment room where he sends girls suspected of impure heterosexual exchange. 

8. Kyousou no Nie 狂想の肉宴 [020412] West Vision
One day protagonist receivers a letter from his sister-in-law inviting him to ryokan "Mykoshi".  
The encounter reminds him of forgotten past events, and gets overcome with lust. Black desire pushes him to make a feast of insult in this inn. 

9. Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono 魔世中ハ我ノ物 [020412] Touchy 1 2 3
Ogata Seishirou is a man whose power exceeds more than mere wealth or temporal holdings: his might and influence dominates the supernatural. Demon Lords bow before his presence, and it is even whispered the Devil himself fears Seishirou’s authority. Yet for all the power at his command, there remain threats deadly enough to unseat him. Nonetheless, Seishirou is not one to avoid danger, and the same individuals who would dare remove him from power, could easily serve as tools to cement it… but only if the opportunity is seized.

10. Pine House ~Onii-chan Oshiete!~ ぱいんハウス ~おにいちゃん教えて!~ [020412] Tomato 1
There is a dorm called "Pine House," filled with dropouts who need to be straightened out before they return to regular academic activities. Unlike previous years, the dorm is now filled with lots of cute girls! 
You are hired as a tutor for the students at Pine House. The girls start to call you "Bro" as you become close to them. Not only that, it seems they really like you a lot! Will you be able to hold out on these flirtatious babes?
This is an ADV+SIM game, in which you'll have to discipline girls who have taken wrong turns. First, you'll try to talk with them and make good impressions. Once they start calling you "Bro," take their virginity away and train them to become your sex slaves!

11. Ryoujoku Salesman ~Akutoku Shouhou Toranomaki~ 凌辱せぇるすまん~悪徳商法虎の巻~ [020412] Interheart
Main character gets experience at a trading company and then becomes a self-employed salesman. He gets excellent in skills to sell something even if it is not needed to the potential buyer. When confronting women, he uses their weaknesses and desires to come to a beneficial result.

12. Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~ Siesta ~すすき野原の夢物語~ [020412] Amedeo
Our protagonist is a mundane high school student, but suddenly she develops an uncontrollable habit of sleeping at random times... and it interrupts her daily life to a large extent. She lives in a fairytale in her dreams, sometimes she is a princess, at other times she is a magician or a nun. One common aspect that is always present in her dreams is that she encounters men of all kinds.
Furthermore, what's bizarre about this is that in reality, she knows men who are very similar to the ones she have met in her dreams, and if she arranges a date with one of them to a particular place in her dream, she will run into him at a similar dating spot that they had agreed on in reality.
Is this merely a dream?
Or is it a premonition?
Maybe, a memory from the past....
Although it seems extraordinary, the protagonist develops feelings for "him" in her dreams, and naturally starts to get closer with his counter-part in reality.. Eventually, she discovers that he shares her dreams....
One day, the protagonist and he enter the dream together, becoming one with their counter-part in the "dream" world...
What will their future be like in such a surreal world?

13. Toga ~Kegareta Shizuku~ 咎~ケガレタシズク~ [020412] Ankh
Main character's past of abuse by his father keeps pursuing him. One day a girl who claims to be his sister shows up, and they have a confrontation. Then his former tutor who is also his first sexual partner, shows up. Protagonist's heart gets violently disturbed - what will he do?

14. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 3 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD3 [020413] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:

15. Tamayura たまゆら-霊響- [020414] Studio Air
Main character lives with two cousins and their appointed teacher.
At school he is forced to join sorcery club to study occultism. There he undertakes a dark-hearted supernatural case pushing him in the middle of two forces.

16. Yukibana -Kira- 雪花 -きら- [020415] Tinsmith 1
A town covered in snow, a man, a mysterious little girl, and their entanglement.

17. Enrai 遠来 [020415] Team Nagikaze
It has been 30 years since human beings abandoned all conflicts on the Earth and advanced into outer space. With the membership in the Galactic Federation came universal peace. 

Time is year 353 by the space calendar.

It was a sudden event.
An accident that occurred in the deep space on an unknown planet.
We met.
On this star far from the Earth.
Infinitely under the blue sky.
We met.

17. Eguchi Kenkyuushitsu エ口研究室 [020419] Rasen
Main character is a volunteer to text a machine that makes dreams real. He will need to hold many experiments to help with the research.

18. Himekagura ~Kurutta Jouen~ 姫神楽~狂った情炎~ [020419] Chiffon 1
Takato wakes up in a female's room, and he has no recollections coming here. Why is he here? It seems he has lost his memory. He tries to remember about his past, but a voice keeps bothering him, saying, "Rape girls..." Not being able to resist this voice, he begins to rape a girl. As he is raping her, he suddenly remembers a piece of his past: a scene where he is brutally killing someone. He learns that he's from an assassin group called the Kagurazaka.
He remembers his past as he rapes girls... Who or what is the mysterious voice!? What will become of Takato?

19. Hitozuma Mahjong 人妻麻雀 [020419] Rouge
Main character participates in multiple mahjong tournaments to get money from men and get intimate with women. He's only interested in married women.

20. Kango Shichauzo 2 ~Joshi Ryou wa Moeteiru ka~ 看護しちゃうぞ2 ~女子寮は萌えているか~ [020419] Trabulance 1 2 3 
Eiji is a priest at a catholic school for young nurses. Well, he's not really a priest -- while traveling in Europe, he learned how easy it was to impersonate the clergy and what fun it could be. Ever since those days, he's enjoyed the unique life in the Church, even after returning to Japan.
When a panty thief helps himself to the underwear in the girls’ dorm at a school for young nurses-in-training, Maria asks him to help put a stop to it by moving into the dorm himself. Although he tries to be the best person he can be, the thought of living alongside all those young nurses-in-training is enough to really get his juices flowing.

21. ShiKing Kimusume no Chisui 失KING 生娘の恥水 [020419] Tamachi Yudou
Main character suffers from mysterious disease. He can only suppress these attacks with virgin pee. His daily quest for survival begins now.

22. Warudakumi Nugi Nugi Nen Shooting 悪だくみ ぬぎぬぎ念シューティング [020419] Arkham Products
Fan disc includes 24 games in variety genre and also a story mode.
In Story Mode girl clothes get stripped and “Evil” parts of body get cleansed with psychic power. 

23. 501 [020426] Frontwing 1
This is a violence adventure game made by the tag-team of "Frontwing" and "Soft House Dew."
"501" is the name of a popular darts game. In this title, the name refers to the murder game, which looks a lot like the "501" darts game. Three guys and one woman make a team, and to win, they have to capture a woman from another team. It sounds like a simple game, but what you will find is unbelievable! They can kill to catch a woman, and they can rape a woman they capture. Our hero happens to take part in the game. Is he going to choose to kill his enemy? Will he rape the girl after the victory? This game will shake a player's sense of ethics.

24. Hajimete no Oisha-san はじめてのおいしゃさん [020426] Zero
Main character has maid fetish, but he does not mind hospital examination of two twin girls as well.

25. Harumi Sou Monogatari はるみ荘物語 [020426] Studio Neko Punch
Main character takes a part-time job to get residents out of their homes prior to building demolishing. He pretends to be apartment keeper and uses any means possible to expel residents who are all pretty girls.

26. Kiss x 200 To Aru Bunkou no Hanashi KISS×200 とある分校の話 [020426] Winters
Main character is a new teacher who just graduated from college. He gets directed to a village with just 32 inhabitants and only 4 school students. These four students are all cute girls, and they don't even know what "kiss" means. But with protagonist arrival that's bound to change.

27. Make Love! ~Slave Love~ メイクLove!~SLAVE LOVE~ [020426] Kiss next 1
Our hero has always dreamed of becoming a high school teacher. With his internship[ close at hand, his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him. He heads to the high school buried in grief. The story begins as one of the female students confesses her infatuation with him
This is our newest title from the custom slave series. With our Make Up! System, you can customize the heroine, choosing her hairstyle, shape of eyes, her boob sizes, eyebrows, hair color, eye color, skin color, her personality, and even her profile. Have fun with your dream girl and fulfill all those desires you've been hiding!

28. Obbligato オブリガート [020426] Crowd
Main character falls in love with a girl and starts dating her. One day he hears an outrageous humor about her sleeping with anyone willing. Still... can protagonist love her and change her mind?

29. Onii-chan Yamete お兄ちゃんやめて [020426] Gaia
Main character lives with his female relative who calls him onii-chan. They live alone, because his parents travel a lot. Protagonist is an ordinary young skeptical man who has discovered a loli fetish in himself recently... 

30. Oni Isha 鬼医者 [020426] Saga Planets
Main character works in a large hospital with 22 females co-workers or patients. His distant uncle is the director of the hospital, so protagonist decides to act on his free will when personnel starts to criticize him. He searches for his next prey... 

31. Ouma no Mori ~Inouja no Gakuen~ 逢魔の森~異能者の学園~ [020426] Marine Heart
A boarding school for boys in secluded forest has an unusual committee. 
Main character in invited to participate in this committee by a bad friend and a mysterious transfer student. One day a request comes to investigate a rumor about disappearances in the dormitory
Boys Love

32. Shoka no Miko 初夏の巫女 [020427] Soft Circle Courreges
A revival of spending five perverted weeks with a shrine maiden, brought back to life again in this SLG novel. Doing things to the horny shrine maiden, becoming lovers, everything depends on your actions!
The status depends on your actions with the shrine maiden and others, and it goes up and down depending on how you go about your business and go out and play.
Purchase various items with your "money" earned from your job, and set all kinds of events into place with different items and by adjusting the status level.

33. Imbalance アンバランス [020428] Strawberry Argyle
Main character participates in occult school club. When rumors start to spread about strange events at night, he volunteers to investigate them.
Boys Love

34. Lolikko Ryoujoku Club ロリっ娘陵辱くらぶ [020430] Sol-fa-soft
A short novel collection focusing on rape.
■ Episode 1 "The price of forgetting"
Kawamura Natsuki forgot her homework, making her teacher angry. As a punishment, she has to stand naked in the classroom. After that, she's called to the teacher's room...
■ Episode 2 "145500 yen"
I lent 144500 yen to a man named Kijima Yohei. When demanded a repayment, he gave me his sister Yuuko instead of money. Well, what shall I do...
■ Episode 3 "Adventure is not over"
Aikawa Yuka has a exhibitionist habit. One day, when she came back from her "adventure", her brother Takashi was waiting at the front door with a a digital camera...

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