VN of the Month June 2002 - Kanade

There are no masterpieces this month AGAIN. I hate D.C. ~Da Capo~ series so much that I'd prefer literally any game over those. It's time to pay credits to Purple Software and nominate Kanade as game of the month. For some reason I picked Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -Eternal Night- for review. Why? Oh, Why?

1. PINK PANZER [020607] Liar-soft
After decades of anarchy and dark times humanity regains its nation and civilization, but science, technology and cultural maturity return to basic levels. 
It's 50 years after the start of the "New World history", but Japan still has war with "Continental Union". Situation reaches stalemate after two years of active action, and only technological innovation can cause a breakthrough. 
Main character is appointed as platoon leader of the new weapons experimental unit. The subordinates are five amateur soldiers who are all women. The mission is to spread the new weapons technology with province regions, oppose guerilla forces and get the real picture of the battlefield spots. Protagonist has unlimited authority over his team, and it's up to him whether he brings up soldiers in spartan conditions or harasses his subordinates to satisfy own desires.
Scenario is quite fun in Liar-Soft way with multiple gags and serious moments, but bugs and horrible combat and strategy realization - it's basically a card game with parameters. Game idea remains unclear till the end, and the ending is forced.

2. Utakana うたかな [020607] Prima
Main character meets an unusual student who introduces herself as an angel.
After a while strange incidents involving girls start to happen at school. Then the angel girl comes to class as transfer student and joins the investigation. What's happening in this school...
It's a dark occult story. But protagonist awakens as spirit master and, to tell the truth, he becomes kinda OP. Period is relatively short, so it's surprising to see girls fall in love this fast. One playthrough is just 4 hours. There is cosplay and 3 H scenes for each heroine.

3. Yuki no Hana 雪の華 [020607] Raptor 1
During the sixteenth century, Japan is experiencing civil war. Even worse, monsters attack the Shimizu castle, where Seishiro Tachibana, a low ranking samurai warrior, serves. After barely escaping from one of these fiends, he hears that the princess of the castle, Natsu, has had a curse placed upon her. She is to become a sacrifice for reviving other monsters. Seishiro sets out on a journey to find a way to remove the princess's curse. During his trek, he encounters girls who help him find clues. He'll meet up with Shion, Rindou, and Kikumo. They learn that the ultimate monster, "Azami," is looting the entire country, in search for sacrifices to revive his fiendish clan.
The powerful daimyo "Tobusa" rises against the monsters to end the sacrifices causing all this turmoil.
Natsu has only two months to live. With the help of his comrades, will Seishiro be able to remove the curse and save her?
It's actually a story of fight against youkai with maximum of 4x4. Balance is ridiculous and luck-dependent, and losing main character is game over. There are four heroines and all bear flowers names. Story is orthodox and sober.

4. Bistro Cupid ビストロ・きゅーぴっと [020613] Success
The player takes control of a bistro in the Cinnamon Kingdom. During his job, he'll meet several girls.
Just some generic crappy SIM to fill the spot of the first XBOX visual novel.

5. Ama Tsumugu Norito 天紡ぐ祝詞 [020614] Hooksoft
People and gods live alongside each other, but gods start to lose their meaning. God hunters show up to destroy old gods.
Main character is born in such family and continues god hunting tradition even though the reason for it is drowned in time. One encounter with a girl makes him doubt his ideals.
Game is about main character questioning his society ideals and looking for answers independently by leaving the community. The scale of the story is limited to one usual person hesitations. The setting turns out to be much grander than realization, so game lacks impact.

6. Machine Maiden Next マシンメイデン・ネクスト [020621] Evolution
Development Company "Spiritual Enterprises".
Many android models have been created here, but research and development costs have risen enormously to go on on one's own. In such circumstances company receives a request from the military to produce battle robots.
If you had any doubts, military models are same good in sex as social models, so it's another pointless SIM-related development to beat around the same bush.

7. Yuibashi 結い橋 [020621] Windmill
A small town that has a legend about "angel coming down to this land" which serves as tourist attraction. This town is notorious for its stable climate. There is a festival here that happens once every 12 years. But as preparations get busy suddenly snow falls even though it is summer season. This year festival must be special...
Game takes place during the festival days. Twin sisters story is quite touching, but two remaining heroines stories are short and unimpressive.

8. Triangle Again トライアングル・アゲイン [020627] Kiki Co., Ltd. 1
Triangle Again games are often referred to as music adventures rather than typical visual novels in a way that when the branching in the story occurs, choices are presented in a way of notes rather than text. The game story is centered around young Akari Tateshina and her debut as a pop singer.
Some shoujo story, out of my league.

9. Metal Wolf メタルウルフ [020627] Princess Soft 1
In the distant future, the planet is dominated by a single corporation. One of the lowest ranked employees, a man in the "Complaint Handling Division" called Hojo Minagi, finds an amnesiac girl called Larissa. A mysterious cult is targetting her, and Hojo must discover the secret she hides in her past and memories...
Decent story, likable heroines and use of animation and voicing make it a rather entertaining work. But nothing too sophisticated.

10. Asa no Konai Yoru ni Dakarete -Eternal Night- 朝の来ない夜に抱かれて -ETERNAL NIGHT- [020628] DreamSoft
Main character dates his childhood friend. Days pass happily till a deformed body appears from the "gate of the other world" and kills childhood friend. Protagonists makes a contract with the evil god to revive her, but it's only beginning of the battle that approaches. Will night ever end?
Game follows anime pattern presenting five episodes each starting with an opening. First four episodes are individual stories linked with the fifth episode. Thanks to this composition, intrigue persists till the end. Overall game feels short.

11. Brave Hearts ~Yuusha no Tamago-tachi~ Brave Hearts~勇者の卵たち~ [020628] Asobell
Main character enjoyed his life as second royal prince in a small country, but devil's assault changed everything. Protagonist lost his whole family and avenged them in battle with demon king.
Since then he lives in solitude in a remote forest. One day his former companion persistently invites protagonist to become teacher in his adventurers school.
We bring up girls as heroes in multiple disciplines, and make them participate in RPG-like battles. But weekends are free for chasing and dating girls. Boring stuff.

12. D.C. ~Da Capo~ D.C.~ダ・カーポ~ [020628] Circus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The game is centered around the protagonist, Asakura Jun'ichi, who lives on a fictional japanese island named Hatsunejima peacefully attending the local Kazami Academy. His childhood friend and cousin, Yoshino Sakura, returns to the island Hatsunejima after moving to America several years ago. Most of the main stories revolve around the magical unwilting sakura tree, it's powers and mystical connection to the main characters.
Game is localized and has many reviews.

13. I-Doll [020628] Image Craft
Main character joins an idol producer company to realize his old dream to make his childhood friend an idol. However, that childhood friend dies in an accident. He promises himself to realize some other girl's dream of becoming an idol instead.
Game widely uses animation and for this reason does not have CG gallery, just as Viper games. Game is surprisingly long and includes both good and bad endings. There are three main heroines and several side-heroines.

14. Innocent Hearts -Hitotsu ni Naritai- innocent hearts -ひとつになりたい- [020628] Aquarium
Unknown sealed letter arrives. It only contains a travel ticket for one person with the destination being the place protagonist's only childhood friend went out for a trip. A rural town visited only once. What's the truth about this invitation?
Game does not have impressions, but according to opening it's just a rural love story with strong ties to traditional culture like kimono, festivals etc. Aquarium presents "unique" in its ugliness character design, as always.

15. Kanade 奏 ~カナデ~ [020628] Purple Software 1
Yukiya Tanigawa was born with a weak constitution, and his doctors said he wouldn't reach his twentieth birthday. After his parents died in a traffic accident, his relatives thought of him only as a burden and became estranged to him. Only his cousin Kanae Mizumura and her father stayed to support him.
When Yukiya reached his 10th birthday, his condition started to change, and within a year, he was able to walk outside the hospital room. He was sent to "Kisaragi Hospital" to undergo rehabilitation.
With a new doctor, Masami Kisaragi, and a new nurse, Haruka Fujisawa, he begins his ordeal. Kazumi is Masami's little sister and Yukiya's classmate. She really helps him out a lot.
With the support of these people, Yukiya gradually becomes healthy. It's spring now, and he bids farewell to his long hospital life and sets out for college. He wishes he could help someone now...
Heroines routes open one by one, and only the last one is really fun. The main attraction point here is characters and dialogues. A decent charage in a while.

16. Lost Passage [020628] Deep Blue
Kyoto, the ancient capital.
A heavily traditional Japanese city separed from modern society. Akira Misaki, the hero, is a fourth year university student who is homecoming for teaching practice.
In his old town he meets many familiar faces. After some meeting and reunion with girls from his past, a big story begins to move, quietly .......
Work is prominent for a kind touch to Japanese history and mythology. Game resembles Campus the most. Overall scenario does not feel complete even though it has unique appeal. Just don't expect "education practice adventure" as box suggests, only two routes have this theme. 

17. Milkyway 2 [020628] Witch
Three years have passed. Main character falls in love with a girl who happens to be a clerk in coffee shop "Milkyway". He gets chosen out of 1200 competitors as the first male part-time worker here.
Game progress is very much similar to the prequel. If you liked the prequel, will like this one as well.

18. Shinkirou 心輝桜 [020628] Carriere 1
A sleepy little town in a remote corner of Japan is actually the front for a secret society devoted to the protection of a Sacred Tree capable of granting wishes to special people.
The male protagonist, Yuuya Furusaka, is a member of this group but, although blessed by the Tree with a healing power, the side effect of this gift only worsened the suffering that plagued most of his life.
But maybe even Yuuya can hope for lifelong solace and love by sharing his hidden torment with another distressed soul, if his own power doesn't destroy him first....
Setting is unique enough. Each of three main heroines has completely different route. Main character is a donkan here. Common route takes 3 episodes out of 8. A light work with cooperation as one of main themes.

19. Sore wa Maichiru Sakura no Youni それは舞い散る桜のように [020628] BasiL 1
Maito came back to his hometown and started living alone one year ago. He had spent his childhood there and was back for the first time in several years. He enjoyed his school life with his friends and the story starts when his new school year begins.... He will get to know something, lose something, and find something.... 
Game is famous for gags, but reaction to its humor can be different from person to person. Game's good at showing its best size to appeal to big number of players. However, heroines routes development is almost the same. Not sure modern player would be able to enjoy such kind of game same as in 2002.

20. Spiritual Bind ~Rakuen no Gen'ei~ Spiritual Bind~楽園の幻影~ [020628] Tryset
Main character investigates old school building with his friend to find the source of "curse mail". He is joined by some other students who want to find lost dog. Together they encounter paranormal activity that they need to oppose somehow, and strangers help them to overcome the danger. However, on the way back from building they get engulfed in darkness and appear in another world inhabited by hostile demons.
Some kind of board game with card battles. It's usually possible to either escape the trap or defeat boss in it.

21. Trouble Captor! とらかぷっ! [020628] Pulltop
Yomoyama town is an old spa town and has been developed recently. There is a traditional festival called "Yomoyama Dai Taisai" taken place once every sixty years. However, this festival has another aspect called "Kuro Harai", it is said that the God comes to smash monsters called "Kuro". The protagonist has just moved to this town and he is chosen to play a role of God's partner at the festival. He doesn't know what is happening but is forced to take part in the festival...
AVG with "easy SIM" part. In fact it's easy only when you get to understand it already. Before that it's hella confusing - it's fighting battles on bigger and bigger maps with more and more enemies. First half is a comedy while latter half is serious.

22. Yu-u-e-n-chi ゆ・う・え・ん・ち [020628] Custom Software 1 2 3 4
In Amusement Park you play as the main character who is left to manage an amusement park after the late owner had passed away. The amusement park is unprofitable, and its your job along with a workforce consisting of highly motivated girls to bring the park, “Fantasy Gardens” back to its former glory.
Game is localized and has English reviews.


1. Haitoku 背徳 [020607] rúf 1 2 3
Koichi lost his mother as an infant, and his father remarried a woman with three daughters: Misaki, Haruka, and Ayano. Unfortunately, Koichi's stepmother is killed in a traffic accident, and because of his job, his father is constantly on the road. Koichi and his stepsisters help each other and build a relationship that is even stronger than if they had been real brother and sisters.
One summer day, Misaki suddenly disappears. Later, they receive a mysterious videotape. They play the tape and see Misaki being violated. The attached blackmail note says, "If you want to save Misaki, rape the other sisters." With nothing to lose, Koichi decides to train his sisters as sex slaves.
Now, their summer vacation turns into a sexual training camp. Who is threatening them? What does the person want? What will happen to this family?
Under the theme of 'immorality,' witness our hero raping his sisters. By raising parameters, such as 'affection,' 'sexual feelings,' and 'immorality,' the varieties of sexual training will increase dramatically.

2. Maids in Dream [020607] Lune featuring D
A young man wakes up in an unfamiliar room. He has no memory about anything and can’t even remember his own name.
When he first wakes up there are six maids waiting and worrying about him because he is their new master. One of them tells him his name is Akio. He then learns that he is in a special mansion and will be able to leave only after he manages to resolve his personal issues. The maids are supposed to help him do so, however with no memory he has no idea what personal “issues” he needs to resolve…

3. I’m ~Kokoro no Mukougawa ni~ I’m ~心の向こう側に~ [020612] Studio Tea-room
Main character is a shy high school student. One day he awakens at school because of the voice in his head. From this day he decides to make many memories with someone. Once he gets in peculiar encounter and starts to wonder which girl participated in it.

4. Triangle Heart Gaiden とらいあんぐるハート 外伝 [020614] Ivory
Contains three mini-scenarios
Anthology Fandisc

5. ERO Ragnarok Offline ERO Ragnarok Offline [020616] PERCEPTRON
Mini AVG containing girls of different professions in horny situations.

6. Tsuki no Sabaki 月ノ裁 [020616] PsG System Laboratory
A parody game using the characters from Tsukihime to tell a courtroom drama story in the style of Gyakuten Saiban. Most of the background is used only loosely, and no supernatural elements are involved at all.
Doujin Fandisc

7. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side [020620] Konami 1 2 3 4 5
The player is the main character, a new student at Habataki High, Habataki City. The goal of the game is to create a relationship with one of the ten males that are available to you, so that on the last day of your high school, you will receive his confession of love at the chapel in the school. 

8. Chijoku Kaigishitsu ~Onna Buchou ga Chi ni Ochiru Toki~ 恥辱会議室 ~女部長が地に堕ちる時~ [020621] Chiffon
Main character is a security company employee. One day he notices that his female director has exhibitionist habits. From this day work becomes more fun.

9. Chijoku Shinsatsushitsu 恥辱診察室 [020621] Atelier Kaguya
Dr. Shinji Ishida is a doctor working at a hospital on the brink of ruin. People have heard that this doctor has brought many hospitals back from financial ruin, however his methods are what you might say "unorthodox". After his sessions the patients can't seem to get enough of being treated by him which naturally causes the hospital to be full of money again.

10. Immoral Sister Reo Immoral Sister玲緒 [020621] Tristar
Main character is an extremely self-centered narcissist and a lewd guy who considers himself   "God's guardian deity". He has a habit of using "ultimate means of loving women". There's been rumor of a bewitching woman lately. Such evil should not remain unpunished. 

11. Shippo no Kimochi しっぽのきもち [020621] Cage
Main character is approached by a daughter of father's director. She claims that it makes her protagonist's boss as well and invites him to become her pet. There's no particular rejection of the idea, but what kind of life will now start for him?

12. Burumania ぶるまにあ [020625] Digital Aniki
A Gunparade March fan-fiction VN featuring the sub character Moe Ishizu.
Nukige Doujin

13. Fukuramikake ふくらみかけ [020628] Trabulance 1
Shutaro Shina has returned to Japan after a year as a foreign exchange student. In return for college funds, his father tells him he must go to work at his restaurant, Lavieen-Rose. Yukino Kiyose manages this restaurant. Shutaro actually told her that her was in love with her just before she got married.
Once he arrives, many familiar faces welcome him! Tsubomi Kiyose, Aika Izumi, Hiyori Takano, Chimari Shina. On top of everything, this is a lingerie restaurant!!
This is how his heavenly (?) time begins.

14. Immoral Emotion インモラル・エモーション [020628] Prima
Two main characters enjoying their sensual life with new mother-in-law and sisters-in-law from different viewpoints.

15. Innai Kansen Shinya ni Hibiku Pon Chin Kan 淫内感染 深夜に響くポン・ちん・カン [020628] ZyX 1
This game is a Mahjong tournament against girls (most of then doctors/nurses) from the games of the popular Innai Kansen series. This game has no big own story. Simply challenge one girl after the other and enjoy the graphics as well as their voice-acted embarrassment.
The game offers two modes of playing: 
1.) VS-MODE, that lets you each time challenge only one out of ten girls and play against her a one-on-one-mahjong with japanese rules. In addition to that, this game offers also a system of "magical (or rather medical)" items that could be bought at the beginning of each challenge. Those items could been used in game as "magic attacks", that modify the coincidental factors of the game to the players advantage.
2.) TRIAL MODE, that lets you select three out of twelve girls for a regular 4-players mahjong with japanese rules. By beating all 10 girls in the VS MODE, the TRIAL MODE becomes unlocked.
Card game

16. Ubawareta Yuugure ~Hamidashi Bukatsudou Ryoujokukei~ 奪われた夕暮れ~はみだし部活動・凌辱系 [020628] Toikiya
Main character is invited as adviser to "Petit Cross" club just before its abolishment. He tries to rebuild this small sport club, but he also has a habit of assaulting women secretly ....

17. Yami Choukyou Sin 闇調教SIN [020628] Merlot
Main character is a student who is secretly a "trainer" for nasty women. For him women are just tools to make money. However, one day he encounters a woman at school that he passionately lusts for...

18. Rakuyou 落陽 [0206] Ritz software
Kaoru, a university student, loses his father to suicide, although he feels suspicious about the circumstances. He is worried about living expenses, and he considers moving to an apartment and working part-time so he can continue studying. As a strange coincidence, an attorney from his dead mother's estate shows up and states that he inherited a house in the countryside. He is allowed to live off the estate and not worry about the expenses, but only if he changes his last name to his mother's last name. He agrees and moves there. People living in the village act very cold and scared towards him and he is asked to avoid the mountain and its temple. As he finds out more about the secrets of the mountain and his family line, something is just waiting to happen in this strange place......
Boys Love

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